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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • shapiro3shapiro3 Posts: 11
    Please do keep us updated about the plastic panel and gasket outcome. I luckily have a great dealer who is always willing to help. I just got my Envoy in Jan and haven't gotten around to dealing with the gasket issue yet (although I made the dealer aware before the purchase and they agreed to help me find a solution). If I can tell them exactly what to order then things will go that much smoother!

    PS...My Indigo Blue SLT just hit 3300 miles and so far none of the problems on this board execept the gasket issue!
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    I, too, had noticed the impression from the power plug cover when the rear seat is folded down. I've planned to insert a thin square of firm foam rubber between the seat and the console so that any impression will be on the foam rubber and not on the seat. When the seat is up, I'll keep the foam rubber underneath the rear seat or in one of those little cabinets near the tail.
    flopes, you mentioned you planned to insert a rear floormat between the seat and console. If you do, be sure and fold it. The nibs on one side could either leave many more impressions on your seat, or if reversed, could scratch your console. A rolled towel might work as well until you find some foam rubber or something.
  • flopesflopes Posts: 9
    Thanks pepper, I hadn't considered the effects of the backside of the mats. A folded towel should work fine.
  • vindog45vindog45 Posts: 35
    O.K. Check this out People.....I read envoyenvy1 post about checking all the door gasket seals......well...i also checked, and if you open either side front door, and facing inside hinge area....reach in (squeeze in)and you can touch very very thick rubber gasket that seals front quarter panel from door hinge area....JUST FLOPPING THERE!....glue came loose, and there doing nothing to keep wind noise out.....My Trailblazer has bulid date of 02/02 and so far i haven't had ANY problems....not even with rear gasket (checked very thorough too)..I couldn't believe they are just hanging there!
  • mcuppsmcupps Posts: 4
    I bought my 02 Envoy two weeks ago and I am impressed so far by the vehicle (no wind noise, thank God). My biggest complaint is with the stereo (non-Bose). The bass level indicator seems to reset itself to the maximum bass level when I switch to the next preset FM station, even when the indicator says it's set where I left it. I tested this by setting the bass to my desired level, and listening to the radio for a steady bass rhythm to gauge the bass level. Then I would immediately hit the preset button for the SAME station I was listening to, and most every time the bass level in the speakers increased. Then I went into the bass indicator on the stereo and when I turned the knob down (to the left) the indicator bar went clear to the right (one step below max). I saw an earlier post on this problem, but the discusion died quickly. I'm hoping to fan the flames on this issue before I drive off the road while adjusting the bass EVERY time I change FM stations.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Try re-saving each station with the bass & treble settings you want. Go to a station, set the bass where you want it, then hold in the appropriate button til you hear the two beeps. It should be saved that way. I know the AM and FM tone steeings will save different because I saved all my AMs with min bass and max treble, and saved all the FMs with the "POP" tone mode. ( I really miss the AM-Stereo in my old Delco radio- even on a mono station, if the radio was set to AM-ST I would get wide-band hi-fi AM with crisp treble. There are more AM-ST stations in D-FW than there are FMs with RDS- my gripe- why not BOTH?? but I digress..) If the bass was cranked up when you 1st saved the station presets then it is probably reverting back to the old saved settings. Anyway, try that.
  • flyguy7flyguy7 Posts: 22
    I am having noise when turning my steering when parked. When it is turned all the way to the stops it makes a rubbing sounding noise. It sound like rubber on rubber. The dealer has replaced all steering parts and the noise is still there. They checked other vehicles on the lot and they have the same problem. GM says that it is the way it is. Anyone else experienced this? I have a TB LS w/10000 miles. This noise has been there since day one. I am curious if it is common to all of the triplets?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Don't most PS units make a similar noise at full lock? I vaguely remember my '74 olds doing that and some other cars. I generally don't turn my wheels lock to lock too often so I'm not sure if my Trooper does it or not.

  • It took Chevrolet 10 days to update their web page for the April incentives. Since this is such a simple web change, I can only assume it is an issues of getting the approval down the chain of command to the appropriate person to post the change. I also tried to build a new trailblazer online a few days ago. I got a web page error. I tried today and it still doesn't work. Last week it worked fine. Chevrolet apparently made a change to their online build process that didn't work. I am in the computer application development business. When we roll something out to production and it doesn't work, we have a backup plan to rollback the change so there is little downtime notice by the customer. Chevrolet's computer staff obviously doesn't understand this process or how to provide good service. If I did this to my customers, I would be fired and replaced by someone else. I imagine Chevrolet has to many layers of management and no clear path to define and enforce accountability.

    I did pickup my new trailblazer the other day. The build quality does seem high. All the body panels line up well. Interior fit and finish is also good. Hopefully long term reliability will be just as good.

    There are a few minor design issues that could have easily been avoided such as the rear seats can't be folded down with the front seats all the way back. This wouldn't be an issue if I weren't 6'2" and need to have the drivers seat all the way back. The steering wheel stereo controls for my premium bose system are limited compared to my Jeep Liberty. AM and FM are the only sources that can be switched from the steering wheel and not the cd player. I have a factory bose cd changer. The steering wheel control can only switch between cd's and not between the songs on each cd. It is little design issues like these that make chevrolet seem inferior to its competition. It is unfortunate since these are no-brainer common sense issues that should have been solved during the design phase. If this technology was leading edge, I would be more understanding. However, they are not leading edge and the other manufacturers are doing it better. Chevrolet engineers must suffer from tunnel vision.

    Overall I am happy with my new purchase. However, if some of these little design flaws did not exists, I would be much happier. This is my third blazer. I loved my 89 s-10 blazer, wasn't crazy about my 98 s-10 blazer and I hope my experience with my 02 trailblazer with be the best yet.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    paisan is correct, that is the noise it makes at full lock. I strongly recommend not to do this too often. Any power steering system will do this to some degree, some louder than others.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    I'm seriously considering getting one of the longer twins and keep seeing sightings on this message board. If any one has seen these on the lots, could they please post geographic locations?
  • jeppingjepping Posts: 30
    Congratulations on your new purchase richardcoulson. I also had to get used to limited steering wheel controls after my Grand Cherokee. However, compared to the Jeep the CD track controls are fairly close to the steering wheel and now I don’t have to open the trunk every time I need to change a CD. Overall a great sound system with some neat features.
  • flyguy7flyguy7 Posts: 22
    The noise actually happens about 1 to 1/2 a turn before you get to the full lock position. I am aware of the noise when caused by being at the stops, but this is different. The only times it happens is when I am backing out of or into a parking spot. If I am stopped I can make it by turning the steering. GM thinks it may have something to do with the pump design. But for now they can't fix it. The steering vibrates when it does this BTW.
    Thanks for your inputs.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    We live in southern Delaware and First State Chevy in Georgetown has a loaded new white Trailblazer EXT sitting out by the road that says "1st EXT!" in the windshield. If we have one in this small state, I'm assuming they should be pretty widespread soon.

    Another thing I've noticed is that the first ones people are seeing seem to be more loaded with options. Just an observation.

    Good luck!
  • flyguy7flyguy7 Posts: 22
    The noise actually happens about 1 to 1/2 a turn before you get to the full lock position. I am aware of the noise when caused by being at the stops, but this is different. The only times it happens is when I am backing out of or into a parking spot. If I am stopped I can make it by turning the steering. GM thinks it may have something to do with the pump design. But for now they can't fix it. The steering vibrates when it does this BTW.
    Thanks for your inputs.
  • mraumrau Posts: 50
    ....The extended Tb and Envoys I saw were at the Al Serra dealer in Grand Blanc, Mi. (just s. of Flint) All the Envoys (4 of them) were white and fully loaded. I posted a photo of one a few days ago.

  • johntrjohntr Posts: 71
    I live in Lansdale, PA & bought my Trailblazer from Bergey's Chevrolet. They have one LT white on the lot. It looks roomy & defiantly taller than the standard TB. I do like the heavy top rack, but it still looks like a freezer ;-) Would love to see a Black one!!

    BTW: I also talked to my service manager about the rear paint scrape issues on the tailgate. Surprisingly he said he has not heard or seen this issue before. He is going to write it up & research on the fix. About half of the TBs on the lot have the new design of the gasket & he is going to check it out as see what can be retrofitted to my TB. I'll post an update when I get one...
  • mraumrau Posts: 50
    .. Thanks for the feedback on the rear seat/cigarette lighter crush. At least I know my console is not mounted to far back. We all should be aware of this to avoid a tear.

    Also flopes, you are correct, the larger side of the split rear seat is on the driver side. Not sure what I was thinking.

    .. Mike

    Hey ! It's 70 degrees in Michigan today. A great day for an Envoy drive.
  • Actually, I drove from Michigan to Columbus yesterday and I decided to cruise through the local Chevy dealership lot to find that Capital Chevrolet here in Columbus has several TB LTZ EXT's loaded with sunroof, etc. The salesperson mentioned that the EXT's are only being offered in White and Pewter right now? Has anyone heard the same? Also, several ext's and regular models had the new gasket on the back.

    Also, I have to agree with vindog.. I thoroughly checked my rear tailgate and I am not experiencing the paint chipping around the license plate housing either? I know that my SLT Envoy was built in October 2001 and has pretty much been a garaged baby and not subject to the beatings of daily sunlight which according to past post may affect the expansion and contraction of the license plate housing causing it to scratch the paint? On the other hand, from looking at the TB's on the dealership lot, the design of the gasket looks as if it will cover up any scrapes or scratches that some of you may have?

    My advise.... take a stroll out to your local triplet dealer and take a "looksy" for yourself.. pretty neat if we can get our hands on one.

  • allenrallenr Posts: 83
    I use a square of closed cell foam. You can go to wallmart and pick up a sleeping bag pad made of this foam, it's like 4 or 5 dollars. I use that stuff anywhere I need to pad something. Like between our child's car seat and the leather seat bottom. You should see the dent's in the foam after the car seat been there a few days. Be aware you will still have a small dent even with a 3/8" foam pad. It still bugs me the seat back doesn't fold flat!

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    we missed each other again!

    I just got back from my trip to Michigan from Columbus. No doubting Detroit is the king of the Triplets. I saw more of them there than I've seen anywhere else during my travels for work.

    I would say the white and pewter production limitation is true as I saw three on the road and all were pewter. All were Envoys too. One in Flint, the other downtown and one in Livonia.

  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    It is possible that a lot of trucks will not experience this problem because of lower ambient temps in various regions of the country. The difference in expansion rates of the insert vs tailgate is causing the conditon.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Any idea about this and why:

    GMC Envoy
    Envoy XL
    8-10 Est. final order due date 5/3/02
    (G67) Load-leveling suspension production delayed until late-June-02
  • baredoggbaredogg Posts: 32
    I also read the manual re 3rd gear towing however on level ground and towing stated weights with service manager and a techII scanner there was no shifting no miss no nothing except this jerking so the mystery continues gm tech centre involved hoping to hear next week surly a 5500 lb limit is sufficient when only towing 3500 lbs I have towed this same trailer and weight with a Tracker (90hp) with less problems so 270 should be a breeze But seriously were thinking viscous clutch in the awd doing fore aft transfers which should not happen as it does not do it on awd safaris
  • pauleulpauleul Posts: 116
    I don't think lower ambient temps is the key to the paint chipping. I live in the Portland Oregon area and temps here are pretty moderate compared to most of the US. Not a very big swing and not either extreme (just lots of rain). My Envoy also lives in the garage. Almost every triplet I've seen on the road and still on the lots here have the problem. I believe the problem will not occur if the 10mm nuts holding the plastic pocket on are not over tightened. My guess, any triplet owners who are not having the problem would find the pocket is not bolted on as tight. I saw a just in Envoy late last week with the pocket so loose I could actually move it around by hand (no gasket on it). Someone posted earlier they had loosened the nuts to avoid further (or any?) damage to their truck. Then the question becomes, will the nuts continue to loosen over time. There isn't a lock washer being used.

    If anyone wants to try this preventive fix, you will need a 10mm deep socket.
  • crj1crj1 Posts: 70
    They are not limited to white and pewter, I work at Dittrich GMC in Waterford MI. and we have White, pewter, burgundy, and black right now.
  • mdeymdey Posts: 90
    On warm days, particularly when the sun is behind the car, I hear this wonderful popping sound coming from the rear of the car. I live South Carolina where we have two seasons: sauna and summer.

    When I first heard it the sound bothered me. Now I have put it together with the chipped paint on the tailgate. That license plate insert expands when it heats up and pops against the metal surface (and paint) of the tailgate. I can't imagine GM didn't see this problem coming in testing. This is the only problem I have with the truck, so I am otherwise very happy. I plan to wait a while to deal with it. Hopefully by the time I do, the dealer will know what to do.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    #10 Oldsmobile Bravada

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  • fletch45fletch45 Posts: 72
    When I was shopping for my TB a year ago, I remember reading somewhere that the sound settings for each preset station would be stored, and the stored settings would return with the station. Re-programming each station, as "tblazed" said, should take care of your problem. This is kind of a neat feature, if you ask me.
    jim f
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hey guys question on the air-suspension. Does it replace the standard coils and shocks or is it supplumental?

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