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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • gam2gam2 Posts: 316
    I recall Car and Driver saying the same thing about ECAS in one of their first reviews. It was too soft and affected the handling. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • as u know the slt has 2 different remotes for driver 1 and driver 2 for memory of seats mirrors ect. was anyone able to get remote start programed into the GM key fob? i was told they were unable to do it . So now i have 2 remotes for each driver. the Viper remote just starts the truck and the GM key fob stayed the same. not a real big deal but was just wondering what others were told.
  • I'm looking into either Envoy or TB seven seaters. Could anyone give info. on gas mileage, acceleration, manueverability for parking, etc? Thanks so much!

    Also, are any new buyers getting close to invoice on XL's?
  • the fix.replaced module under backseat.also looking at 2003 TB had 12 on the lot,7 had roof racks loop facing rear 5 had loops facing front.salesman had no idea why,said he had never noticed.
  • I ended up ordering my TB in July 01 because the dealers couldn't find anything spec'd out the way I wanted it. (if I was going to spend 30k, I would get EXACTLY) what I wanted).
    At the time when I ordered it, there were incentives offered as well. The dealer said I could get in on the incentives effective at the time if I was willing to start making the payments as if I had driven off the lot that day.
    I decided to wait and see what the incentives would be when I picked it rather than start making payments for a vehicle I didn't have yet. Luckily for me, the same incentives were still being offered when my truck came in.
    I am not saying you should start paying for something you don't have yet, but it may be an option if the incentives are really good and you don't want to take a chance if ordering a truck.

    I have 18,000 miles on it and had only a couple of problems: 4x4 transfer case module failed - no 4 wheel drive - this was fixed, and the front axle squeal - replaced the seals.
  • I checked with the GM ownerlink site, can anyone tell me what they recommend on changing oil for the 2003 LS Trailblazer. I know the standard 3000 miles, but If I do not have to change it I wont @ 3000. GM Owner Link says 7500 or at least two times a yr, or when the oil change light comes on...?? Any suggestions. Also, what is the maintenance schedule like? And, what do you really have to get main. on or replaced.
  • Dorene1 - My wife and I have been driving the Envoy XL. We just put a deposit down on one today, but it's about 200 miles away. I feel it manuevers pretty well actually. My wife was able to back it up into a parking spot on the first try with no problems. Acceleration is pretty decent too, I think the numbers I read were 0-60 in about 9 seconds. The standard Envoy gets there in about 8 seconds. Gas mileage is supposed to be 15/20 with the 3.42 rear axle, not sure about the 3.73 or 4.10. I hope you aren't looking for 4WD or V8, because there are none, at least not in the Dallas area. I can't comment on pricing as I'm purchasing under the GM employee plan (a fixed price). Good luck with your search. Our Envoy XL SLT 2WD will be equipped as follows:

    Magnetic Red Metallic
    Dark Pewter leather
    comfort and convenience package (didn't want, almost impossible to find sunroof without this package)
    polished alloy wheels
    locking differential
    traction control
    3.73 rear axle
    side impact air bags
    running boards

    It's pretty much fully-loaded except for ECAS and 6-CD player. Our experience with the air suspension and the XL was bad. The car was very floaty and the body roll seemed more pronounced. Unless you plan on towing some heavy stuff I probably wouldn't get it.
  • I appreciate the info, but that maint. seems a little off. It seems overly inaccurate compared to the GM website. Change tranny fluid @ 15K. I think in the GM site says @ 50K. I wanted to hear from actual owners, instead of edmunds site which I am not sure where they get their info.
  • I have been looking for the maintenance schedule on the GMC web site, but I could not find it. Can anyone provide a link?
  • Engine Oil and Filter Change
    Change engine oil and filter
    Interval: As indicated by Engine Oil Life Monitor or every 12 months whichever occurs first. or 7500 miles

    Rear/ Front Axle Fluid Level Inspection
    Inspect rear/front axle fluid level and add fluid as needed. Check constant velocity joints and axle seals for leaking.
    Interval: Every 7500 miles

    Tire Rotation
    Rotate tires. Check tires for uneven wear or damage. If irregular or premature wear is apparent, check wheel alignment
    Interval: Every 7500 miles

    Engine Air Cleaner Filter Inspection
    Inspect engine air cleaner filter and replace if necessary.
    Interval: Every 15000 miles if driving in dusty conditions.

    Fuel Filter Replacement
    Replace fuel filter
    Interval: Every 30000 miles.

    Engine Air Cleaner Filter Replacement
    Replace engine air cleaner filter.
    Interval: Every 30000 miles.

    Transfer Case Fluid Replacement (Automatic Transfer Case Only)
    Change transfer case fluid
    Interval: Every 50000 miles

    Spark Plug Wire Inspection (V8 engine only)
    Inspect spark plug wires.
    Interval: Every 100000 miles.

    Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve Inspection (V8 engine only)
    Inspect Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve
    Interval: Every 100000 miles.

    Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement
    Change automatic transmission fluid and filter
    Interval: Every 100000 miles

    Spark Plug Replacement
    Replace spark plugs
    Interval: Every 100000 miles.

    Cooling System Service
    Drain, flush and refill cooling system. Inspect hoses. Clean radiator, condenser, pressure cap and neck. Pressure test the cooling system and pressure cap.
    Interval: Every 150000 miles or every 60 months whichever occurs first.

    Engine Accessory Drive Belt Inspection
    Inspect engine accessory drive belt
    Interval: Every 150000 miles.
  • Just what I was hoping for, another low maintenance vehicle from GM. Thanks!

    I don't think I'd go 150K miles on a drive belt though...
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    I know it says 100,000 miles spark plugs. But does anyone really plan to go that long? My mechanic told me once that he had seen spark plugs that had been left in that long, and one had essentially become "welded" to the engine block. While it was not one of the GMC triplets, it was some vehicle with a recommended 100,000 mile change. I know if you can't get a sparkplug out, it's bad news. It would be interesting to know what others of you think about this recommended interval.
  • 2003 Are the bugs worked out yet. Is this a good time to buy one? Is there a list of common problems for all three?
  • yatesdyatesd Posts: 60
    I have a 98 Olds Cutlass with the 100K rated plugs. Everything lasts so long on these new vehicles that you end up doing everything at the same time (Coolant, Plugs, Transmission Fluid). Anyway, so I could spread out the pain I thought I would replace my plugs and wires early (about 92k). I almost felt like I wasted my money, the plugs looked like new.

    On the oil changes, this is my first car with an oil change sensor that counts RPM's, etc. I usually change my oil every 3-5K, but I want to take advantage of this new technology, plus our trucks have a huge 7 quart capacity. On my Bravada, I'm scheduling oil changes around 50% life. That should be around 6K for my kind of driving. I'm not quite ready to go all the way to 12K, but I don't like to be wasteful (with my money or the unnecessary oil usage).

  • I have been driving a TB EXT since Sept and logged over 4K miles.
    Truck is fully loaded (tips the scale over 5k#)and 4X4.
    Decent weather with a 65/35 split town vs expressway 4.2L engine yields about 18.5 MPG
    Using A4WD with cold weather and snow maybe 20% of the time, mileage is low 17's.
    Driving style will impact this significantly.
    My performance is based on cruising around 65-70 but taking my time getting there
    Truck has a tight turning radius and easy to put where ever needed.
    I consider myself fairly demanding and have been satisfied with the truck.
    Actually chose it over the Envoy as the TB has more leg room in the front passenger area
  • The tach in my TB has no high rev redline marked.
    Anyone know what it is?
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of computers. No stated redline as the truck's computer will cut it off for you.
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I was told to "break" loosen the spark plugs every 15 to 20k. You don't have to take them out just break the seal and then retighten them and you wont have any problems when it comes time to change them. Really not that hard of job to do.

  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    A service writer for a local GM dealer told me they are seeing many vehicles with spark plugs stuck in the heads.

    I would recommend pulling the plugs out and adding some anti-seaze to the threads.

    I did this to my Silverado with a 5.3 engine at 3 years /33k miles on it. 3 of the plugs needed some WD-40 sprayed on them as I worked the plugs back & forth to thread them out easily.

  • It helps so much to get the inside story from owners!

    There's some great incentives on until Jan. 1 - 6,000 off MSRP on TB with 3 yrs 0 financing, and I'm finding invoice plus $500 on Envoy with 5 years at 0, and 3 mos. no payment.

    We're probably going to focus on Envoy, as we're looking to trade a Rendevouz, and the GM dealer we've used for service has been great, as is the vehicle, but the RDV turned out to be way too small in the third row for full size high schoolers I transport.

    The one feature that RDV's have that is missing from Envoy/TB is the built in sensor for parking. Has anyone installed these aftermarket? It's a great feature, more useful than I imagined - takes all the stress out of parallel park.

    Redline65 - there's alot of 4wd Envoy's out here - don't know if you can dealer trade from Northern CA to Texas - if so, you'll have your choice with the features you mentioned -

    Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone!
  • which is a compromise between the "old-school" 3000 miles and the newer technology of improved oils and filters and oil life monitors that purport to tell you how hard you're using the oil.

    I just didn't want to go to 100% (about 11,500 miles for me). I change it myself and if I watch for sales it only costs about $12 for a change. Awfully small compared to the price of an engine.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    7 quarts of oil and a filter for $12???
    What are you using?
  • May be a series of dumb questions here so apologies if that's the case. Oil change over the weekend and the oil (Mobil 1) was pretty dirty. 5500 miles in between last change (did not intend for it to be that long). Oil sensor light had just come on but it was still pretty black. Only have 11000 miles on it. I did the CAI revisision referenced here and elsewhere... do you think opening up the front of the air box (literally scooped out the guts and cut out the front of the box letting air flow in directly) and exposing the KN air filter contributed to this (if so I'll be getting a new box and just scooping out the 'innerds').

    The other thing is that I know we are to use 7 quarts. The Walmart folks swear they put in 6 and that it was full on the dipstick. Perhaps they miscounted the quarts they put in because as I look at the dipstick it is past the stamped F and almost into the little dimple above the F mark. Is it possible that they did only put in 6 and that it registers that high on the stick?
  • Perhaps in the interest of time the Wal-Mart folks didn't completely drain all of your old oil.
  • The title sounds ominous - really not that bad, just interested in your opinion.

    SAFETY INSPECTION: Inspector "buzzed" over the car in just a few minutes, then announced to me that it failed because of headlight alignment. He said, "this is common in new cars (they don't check it) and I can fix it for 6 bucks". No thanks, I'll take it to the dealer. Has anyone else experienced this? Of course, he stated 2 or 3 times what a nice truck it is! and it is!

    STEERING: My Envoy has 13,000 miles on it. I've noticed recently that there is a "rubbing" feeling in the front end (steering). Makes you think of a bearing or misalignment of some sort. It is on the driver's side. Has anyone else experienced this? Doesn't seem as smooth straight-away as it did; also noticed a pronounced "bind" when turning.

    SUSPENSION: Each time I start the car, the "load leveling suspension" does it's thing (you can hear it and actually see the rear of the car raising). Yes, I know, that's what it's for and it makes for a great ride. But, is this normal (to happen with every start and periodically while I'm driving....conditions unchanged)?

    Very happy with my Envoy!
  • "7 quarts of oil and a filter for $12???
    What are you using?"

    Another thing I decided long ago and have stuck to is to buy the cheapest oil I can find that meets the latest SAE standard. I would rather have less expensive oil and relatively frequent changes than vice versa. My theory is that blow-by, mechanical particles and other "additions" to the oil occur regardless what oil you're using and a change takes care of that.
    You can get into days-long discussions about what oil is best, including the my brother-in-law's cousin's wife's uncle used to work for xyz who found brand x sludging after just y miles, etc. I prefer an objective standard and test such as the SAE rating.

    Last quite a few changes (across 4 vehicles) have been Wal-Mart Fram filters at $2.49 and Wal-Mart house brand oil at approximately $11.00 for a half-case of 12. My theory is that Wal-Mart (or other house brands) obviously isn't refining oil so the oil is produced by one of the large oil companies, meets the same standard, and is sold cheaply due to no advertising, volume, etc.
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    Well guys, a year and 14K Miles later, I'm happy to report that I'm still very pleased with the Bravada. Besides the initial TSB stuff... I've had little to no problems with it! I do see they have the fix for the electrical outlit lip on the center console interfering with the folded rear seat though, so I'm going to have them fix that!

    For Oil changes, I've been going about 5000 miles, and I switched to Mobil 1 on the first change (2700 miles). Oil takes exactly 7 quarts, doesn't burn any noticeable amount in 5K, and is dark amber (still transparent) upon drain.

    I also swapped out the rear diff. fluid for Mobil 1 when I did my 2nd oil change (8K)to clean out the original metal shavings from the gears settling.

    I did the K&N filter mod as well, running a semi modded airbox, similar to what tlauro did, and it definitely makes a difference!

    I plan on keeping this vehicle for at least the 5yr/60K bumper to bumper warranty period, but if she holds up as well as she's been doing, I may keep her a lot longer than that!
  • "I did the K&N filter mod as well, running a semi modded airbox, similar to what tlauro did, and it definitely makes a difference!"

    Do you notice any increase in noise (air induction) running the K&N filter with the modified box? The full kit (open filter) supposedly is quite a bit louder.
  • I watch them change my oil and filter every time I go in there. I go out and visit with the "lads" as they change everything and we talk shop! Regards.
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