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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • ottosottos Posts: 80
    Rick, did you test your VW's engine on a dynamometer? Those are impressive numbers. If I can push the WRX's power up just 20% at the wheels (not that I will be able to measure directly. I'll have to do some calculating), I will be happy.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Don't let my post fool you, still very much interested in the WRX, especially since my current car is about as fast as the regular 2002 Impreza. One of the goals for my next car is to have it be noticeably faster (how trite I know, tehe).

    Another is for it to have AWD/RWD, sick and tired of FWD torque steer and the feedback I get powering out of corners. So far the WRX is doing fine, but I've been complaining about the low-end oomph in my car (slightly mod'ed Neon) for years now, and it appears the WRX will have an even more substancial on/off switch.

  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    What excites me most about the WRX is it's reputed stock handling abilities. Acceleration anywhere around 6 seconds is plenty fast enough for me, but as you say Beanboy, FWD torque steer can get tiresome, especially after you've tried out some better RWD handling cars. When I got my Maxima in 99 (GXE) it felt great on the road, especially when I got 16" tires put on it. I considered upgrading the suspension, especially adding an anti-sway bar and strut tower brace, but hesitated considering the condition of roads in NYC. Just the 16" wheels give a harsh ride here even with a soft suspension. Anyway, the more familiar I've become with the car, the more I realized the limits on it's handling. On twisty roads, you can't just glide into curves with a FWD car, it's like every thing has to be monitored. When I drive my mother's Benz E430 (I know, hardly a real comparison - typical way American car reviewers degrade Japanese cars - compare them to German cars costing $30k more) I nearly giggle like a schoolgirl at the ease I can navigate through narrow construction zones twisted like intestines at high speeds. Something that would be reckless to do in my Maxima. Now I understand the WRX will handle great with none of the "floating" steering of a luxury car. And AWD too!
  • Will a 215/55 R16 fit on the standard 6.5" rims, despite the fact that the WRX will come with 205/55?

  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I'd take those horsepower gains the aftermarket companies are feeding you with a grain of salt. At best a $1000 upgrade package on a 1.8T would give 160-170HP at the wheels. Would this translate to 225 HP on the motor? maybe using the standards they used before 1971. I'd bet the WRX puts well over 200HP to the wheels but htis would be difficult to measure needing a 4 wheel dyno. I'm sure the VW screams but I'd keep far away from any WRX's.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Thanks for replying re: options on interiors and tires. I visited the web site like everyone else but was hoping the actual brochure might have more info.'

    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    The chip upgrades to the VW 1.8T found in the Passat, Jetta, Golf, and Audi A4 do INDEED produce HUGE gains in power. This has been documented quite well with dyno-graphs to prove it. The tunability of that engine is becoming legendary with literally thousands of cars both here and in Europe chipped.

    Feel free to check out,, or any other enthusest site for an FACTS you might require.

    Heck, Car & Driver chipped thier long-term Passat with a relatively mild .8 bar Autothority chip and measured a nearly 2 second drop in the 0-60 times. Turbo engines are very different then normally aspirated engines in that they respond very well to ECU modifications.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I think this sentence off a review describes the WRX nicely :

    "The WRX succeeds where Lenin failed, it gave power to the people."

    'nuff said.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I don't mean to bash or critisize. But coming from a small K03 turbo off the standard 1.8T, it would be hard pressed to get 225hp. That's the TT's territory and that is equipped with a larger K04 blower. I cannot imaging the amount of heat leaving the small turbo. I would agree it's closed to 180hp which the base TT has (chipped K03). I summice that maybe u are reading information off the company's brochures or something.
  • ottosottos Posts: 80
    The British magazine CAR, has some words about the new WRX, comparing it to the outgoing one. It seems the car has a new trick to show off:

    "I lift off to tuck it all in neatly, and the WRX gives it all back, but then adds another 20 or 30 degrees for good measure... Such behavior can be replicated easily through either sudden lift-off or a really sharp twist of the wheel, even without throttle. And, if so minded, you could doubtless reapply welly and do some proper power-sliding. Whatever Subaru might have done to the exterior styling, the driving experience seems to have been ratcheted up.

    "The steering is the big difference. The vagueness of the old car's helm is gone... Now the wheel feels unabiguous, even the smallest motions around the straight-ahead having a tangible effect on the direction you're heading in."
  • Rick, that mini is gonna cost you around 25 grand... The base models are already $18k with nothing on them, the supercharged, larger wheel, better suspension S is gonna be over-priced by BMW for sure!

    I hate FWD... I drive a FWD POS right now, and I cant stand it anymore... I get to sometimes drive my parents Legacy GT Limited Sedan, and the AWD and suspension on that thing is soooooo Beemerish that its almost too fun! I love the ability to Accelerate around turns and actually getting more grip cause of the AWD :) FWD you just start headed one way while your wheels are turned another... I HATE IT! ARG! :(
  • Guys - The horsepower gains I quote for the 1.8t are well documented, not only by the after market but also by magazines like Eurpean Car and Sport Compact car who back up their tests with dyno results. This engine is the darling of the tuner crowd - If I upgraded to a K04 turbo I'd have a little over 250 HP. There are no internal differences between my engine and the 225 HP 1.8t in the TT the only difference correctly noted above is the K04 turbo and an ECU software upgrade.

    I was as skeptical as you until I did my research before I purchased my 2000 Passat - these are not pie in the sky numbers. Technology has changed dramatically with the new turbo engines and the 1.8t has to be among the most advanced, the engine itself is over-engineered and can easily take on massive performance gains. Everything is controlled by the ECU - timing, fuel delivery, waste gate etc. even the throttle is fly by wire - no throttle cable. VW / Audi has an extremely conservative level of tune from the factory on the A4 and Passat 1.8t's.

    It's really simple to get 225 HP out of a 1.8t the first step is to make it breath better, turbo engines really respond to a low restriction intake and exhaust - that turbo needs as much cool air comming in and as little restriction as possible downstream (exhaust) to operate efficiently. I noticed an increadable improvement by adding a K&N air filter and removing some restrictions in the air box - VW already has an excellent cool air intake system. I added an Neuspeed ( cat back exhaust system - the catalytic converter is right after the turbo on the 1.8t so I basically replaced the entire exhaust with a 2.5" T34 stainless steel exhuast with a low restriction stainless muffler - two exhaust tips exit through the lower valence.
    These two modifications alone produced a noticable torque and HP gain - independent dyno tests confirm in the neighborhood of a 25 HP gain from better breathing alone.

    After I put 10k miles on the car I upgraded the ECU with Neuspeeds 1 bar VBL chip upgrade from This is what brought the HP up to 225 by remapping the fuel delivery, adding 1 bar of boost by reprogramming the waste gate and timing. This particular chip upgrade is one of the milder ones - this chip brings the extra HP online from around 1800 RPM, there are other, more aggressive chip upgrades that bring the power on earlier for the street racer types. Take a look at The KO4 turbo upgrade is actually old technology - a Garrett turbo upgrade is now the hot setup. You can even replace the 1.8t's turbo with a supercharger. These are just a few of the countless companies (European and American) that provide performance upgrades to this increadable engine. Any of these companies upgrade the 1.8t in stages mine is in a stage II level. 300 to 350 HP engines are possible if you have the $$$.

    The most interesting thing about my Passat is drivability has not suffered at all, it has the same smooth power delivery with non existant turbo lag that the factory tuned engine had, just A LOT more power and slightly better gas mileage (in normal driving). I have a friend with a 99 BMW 328 sport package 5 speed that I just smoke in a race, not even a contest.

    The A4/ Passat multilink front suspension cancels out torque steer, it simply does not exist in this FWD car. But I will not take my Passat beyond it's current performance level, anything above 225 HP requires all wheel drive IMO. The suspension (Eibachs, Neuspeed rear sway bar) and wheel and tire upgrades (225/45 18" Euro T/A's) I did were a must with this kind of performance upgrade to my Passat.

    Now for the WRX - you guys have to check out March 2001 issue of Sport Compact Car magazine - the WRX is on the front cover it has an excellent article on the car and the engine design. They can't wait to get their hands on one to tweak it - they did a project Passat and A4 1.8t awhile back - I can already see that the same modifications that work for the 1.8t engine will probably be even more effective in the WRX. Here is a part of the article on the WRX engine:

    " The heart of the new WRX is Subaru's carry-over 2.0-liter turbocharged EJ20 powerplant that's been powering the WRX since its introduction in the early '90's. However, to meet emissions and earn the rare (for a turbocharged car) LEV status, Subaru has taken several power-robbing liberties with the classic flat four. The biggest change has to be the use of three catalytic converters.
    "Moving around to the intake tract, EJ20 fans will notice several other changes. The most conservative is the addition of swirl control valves or "tumble generators". The tumble generators are basically block-off plates placed just upstream of the fuel injectors."
    and - "Subaru is now getting soft in all markets or emissions are now so high priority that this kind of thing is simply a must. We suspect it's the latter."

    They loved the WRX by the way and can't wait to get their hands on one for a project car. I'm sure the first thing they'll do (as well as the aftermarket tuners for the WRX). Is have modifications for a less restrictive intake and exhaust - which will provide dramatic performance gains for the WRX. It sounds as though Subaru is choking this engine in factory tune.
  • Hi all i am about to take the WRX plunge as soon
    as the intitial frenzy subsides. Have to find a
    reasonable Dealer though in NY area. My Dealer
    had no idea what the car is and when i told him, he stated that they want $2,000 over sticker for that car. Staten Island NY Subaru. BIG Question
    on the Japanese Model I see a Huge Wing like on
    the Skyline GTR can that be bought anywhere in the US. Cant wait i am sure the aftermarket will come out with great mods for that car.
    Any comments appreciated.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Dennis: I know what you're talking about. I was in the same boat. I suggest you check out this site: . The guy that put this together has a nationwide listing of dealers that are taking orders for the WRX @ retail w/no mark-up. I got a hold of a dealer from his list in Seattle where I live. He's right. Long story short, I placed my order yesterday for a WRX sportswagon 5-spd. I paid $24,568. This includes dest. chg of $525 (base price is 23,495)and the following options:

    Auto dimming mirror w/compass: $183
    Center armrest extension: $140
    (this gives extra storgage in the console area)
    Security Pkg uprgrade: $225

    Hope this helps. BTW, most dealers have just or are about to send in their first allocation orders which will get the cars to the dealerships around the 3rd week of March. Hopefully my salesguy was able to squeeze mine in on this batch.

  • Beauty Vs. Beast

    ~RS 2.5 (2001) Vs. WRX (2002)~

    The fact of the matter is... I am a big fan of the Impreza cars. The old WRX, WRC, Impreza STi Type-R, 22B, and all of the STi Version from version one all the way to version SIX. The Japanese now came out with a band new 300plus HP Subaru name: S201 STi Version. The design of the S201 STi Version looks mean and aggressive indeed. In America, we are finally treated with a turbo version of the Impreza... what a dream come true. However, why did they change the badboy appearance (RS 2.5/WRX) to a pokemon front end appearance? The tail end of the original Impreza was nothing much to say the least. Now the band new WRX 2002 tail end has a minor improvement in the design. The front end of the WRX 2001 is just screaming to other that I am just a Cute little car. With spec like: DOHC 227hp turbocharged... this car WILL be one [non-permissible content removed] kicking beast indeed. With this cute car personality... one can almost feel that he/she is driving a body of a Dodge Neon. (No offense to Neon Owners.) What I am trying to express is... Why can't Subaru auto design team come up with a more aggressive design that will bring out the fighting machine of the new WRX 2002?

    Mazda RX-8, The new "Z" car from Nissan and Skyline GTR V35 just to name a few are designing the body to be more futuristic. Auto Maker (Designer) are trying something new perhaps. Let see what happens in the future of Auto Design.

    Please make suggestion or comments about what you think of the new WRX appearance. In my opinion, beauty goes with RS 2.5. The beast award goes to WRX.

    Concept Artist/Designer
  • Peter, I'm going to be a first-time buyer of a Subaru when my WRX arrives, largely due to the fact that Subaru has finally learned how to say "when" in the styling dept. - I think the new Impreza is a very interesting design. The current 2.5RS is way too much of a boy racermobile for me - I detest decals and tail spoilers. I'm looking forward to driving my stealthy silver sedan, sans trunk mounted wing.
  • Nice to get a respond from you SilverBullet. The RS does indeed portray the racermobile looks. The WRX will be a fine piece of automobile when it arrives to the U.S. market. As for decals and tail spoilers, those items are mark for sporty presentation. Why else would they have them on the old WRX, 22B, Supra, Lancer EVO 6, RX-7 Aspec, Skyline GTR Vspec34, and many other sport cars. There are many different types of people in the market and I believe that you're the type who is conservative, don't want attention (Silver color), and need a sedan with great power. Most people choose to order the WR Blue color for the WRX. Choosing Silver is an excellent choice because about 75% of the buyer order the WR Blue. Thanks for your respond Silver Bullet. As for me, I am in the market for Impreza as well. As for which one I would buy? Hmmm... RS appearance is for my taste (along with my other friends), WRX has such a great advantage in power. By the way, do you know that WRX has daytime running lights as well?

    Please make suggestion or comments about what you think of the new WRX appearance.
  • Yes, I noticed that the WRX has them - must be the GM influence. My fiancee had a 2000 Passat with DRLs, and I didn't much care for them, but you soon adjust to having to remember to turn your lights on at night. I think the WR Blue is a neat color, and I debated ordering it, but the silver will draw less attention, and I think it suits the lines of the car well.
  • I ordered my WRX sportswagon in silver this Saturday. I liked the blue but couldn't see myself living w/the color for as long as I plan on keeping the car. The white was....well "white". I briefly thought about the Sedona Red but I had an 87'Nissan p/u in this color and didn't want a repeat. The will be a limited run of yellow-only sedans but I'm getting the wagon. My choices came down to the black which has a bluish metallic to it or the silver. I talked to my salesguy and he said the black color on the Impreza's (from his experience)have a propensity for chipping. I currently have the black (granite pearl) on my 00' OB and decided no repeat here either. The silver really shows off the lines of the new Impreza (good and bad?) and is definitely a "sleeper" color for those stealthy blow-by's.
    I even think the Neon-esque front end is deceptively cute and lends itself to the Q-ship mentality. Just my 2 1/2 cents.

  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    Could you tell me just what the extra security package entails?

    And yeah, I ordered mine in silver too. We're all probably going to be vying for the same car! :-}

    Speaking of the WRX's appearance, have you seen the headlights on the STi model? On the WRC one, there are these black plastic fillers, leaving only the two bulbs exposed, giving it a slightly more austere and purposeful appearance. If it's available later in the aftermarket, count me in! Although, I don't know how good it'd look in a silver WRX sedan. OK, maybe not.
  • Soo-young: The security pkg upgrade gives you the alarm which is then incorporated in the keyless entry remotes. I have this upgrade on my OB but I don't use the horn feature that lets you know it's armed because the horn is REALLY loud and there's no way to modulate the sound. Instead I just let the lights on the car blink to let me know if it's armed or not. The horn will still go off if somebody is messing w/the car once it's armed though. My neighbors appreciate my consideration to be sure. :-) Yeah, I think you're right about vying for the same cars. Here's hoping to all of us getting lucky!! Yeah, I saw the headlights on the STI. They definitely look menacing especially compared to stock. I think there are going to be a lot of aftermarket parts for WRX. I can feel my pocketbook rapidly shrinking as I write this! :-)

  • Ill say it here again...

    Please STOP posting the same post in several forums.

    Thank you.

    And theres nothing "neon-esque" about it. Wait until you see it in person before you judge it! :P
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    That is the question!

  • Brian: I know what you mean. They are both attractive, less "in face" (nothing wrong w/that) colors than the Rally Blue.

  • I like the blue/black myself... Im gonna get Blue Ridge Pearl or the blue/black on my 2002+ RS whenever I get it :P
  • Steve: The blue is a cool color. It will also be easier to find you through all of the silver WRX's being ordered! :-)

  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can always argue about the styling subjectively. But you cannot argue raw facts.
    alias you mentioned some excellent examples where cars loke the EVOs, WRX, Skylines look raw and hard. The big wing that comes with those cars were required to hold the rear down as they are so powerful. But on a 165hp car which weighs 200lbs more than the WRX (old trim weighs 2600lbs!) it is rather silly looking. Not to mention the non functional scoop. You know how embarrass I get when ppl asked me what the scoop is for? I have nothing to say except to cook up some cockmamee story about the turbo is no legal here, therefore Subaru took away the turbo for my car leaving a useless scoop on my hood! =)
    On the homologated cars you mentioned, every single ducts, grilles, scoop found on the car were useful to their performance. If they don't have to put it, I am sure they won't. I highly doubt Prodrive (Subaru's Rally team tuner) would add a spoiler or somekinda scoop in the name of styling. It's function over form. Take care.
  • The only dealership I know of who is at MSRP with no hassle and able to provide cars quickly, after a lot of research for a friend, is Irvine Subaru ( ) in Southern California. They are re-doing their website WRX area and their General Manager is Desiree Farey, who's reach-able at their website email area as well. I sure hope that helps with WRX or 2002 Impreza seekers.

  • is Carter Subaru in Seattle. This is where I ordered my WRX wagon on Sat 2/3. They only require a $500 deposit unlike some dealers that are asking up to a $2000 deposit (right!). The salesperson to contact is Joe Spitz, 206-542-1166 or check out his website He was very professional, no pressure, and fair. Hope this helps folks in the NW region.

  • Ahhhh~... It is good to be back home once again from a long stressful day at the job site. Wow, It's Ramon! Hi Ramon! Thanks for expressing your opinion on this subject. You are totally right about the eye of the beholder talk. Speaking about Lan EVO, back when I was in H.K. I hang out with a few EVO kids. Their EVOs has huge wings but their cars are incredibility light weighted. All Lancers are build much lighter then Impreza. A stock EVO 6 in H.K. where 300lbs lighter then the Impreza GC-8. Just want to make you wonder why EVO has such a big wing for? The car is very light as it is.... those kids (friends) did some mods to it and it is 150lbs lighter. As for the FD3S (RX-7 '95) Which I once own... that car is light as feather. My ex-speedemon has a big wing ;) I don't think I can agree with your in the big wing theory. Some cars like Supra, Skyline, and GTO definitely needs them... and perhaps it accelerate the appearance as well for those cars. The H.K. and Japan version of the Impreza has much more Hp, so therefore it make sense to have a Big WRX wing right? (^_~)

    As for the version we get here which is the 2.5RS... well, I can only accept the appearance of it due to the fact that it looks just like the one I saw in my mother land so~. The hood scoop and other non functional parts is such a shame indeed. What if Subaru decided to bring the Impreza equipped with turbocharged outputting 250hp STi version 7 out in America with the raceboy looks... How do you think people will react? Hmmm? (^_~) (Move over Mustang) hehe~

    For the people who still likes the meanboy looks... they can indeed install a turbo STi kit at Stage 1 and get an output of 300hp which only cost $4000 with labor. That brings the total of $25k just like the WRX with more hp. Which also making the hood scoop usable as well! (^_*)

    Inclosing, thank you so much for inputting your opinion on this subject. This has been fun indeed. I am looking forward to hearing more responses on this WRX design from everyone one of you. Much thanks to you Ramon. Take care likewise~
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