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    This is the offical SOA WRX web site...

    $23,500 MSRP base price :)
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    ...for a Special Event Chat: The 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX! at 5-6pm PT/8-9pm ET.

    Chat with Mike Whelan, Senior Manager, Product Public Relations at Subaru of America, Inc. about the unveiling of the 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX! Mike will be discussing the launch of this at the Detroit Auto Show and will be here to answer all your questions about this brand new vehicle. Join us and be one of the first "in the know" as the curtain lifts to showcase this brand new surprise from Subaru... the 2002 Impreza WRX!


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    .... i cant seem to get into the WRX chat, I guess my Firewall here at work wont allow it?

    Anyway I am ready to buy the sport wagon one, wonder how much over MSRP they will be?
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    If you think about it, what other under $30K sports sedan out there can outperform this new Subaru?

    All-wheel drive and 227hp, expected 0-60 performance of 6.1 sec (Car and Driver). This is faster than a 330xi and Audi 2.8 Quattro, both well over $35K. Also faster than the Maxima SE, Mercedes C320, Volvo S60 T5, and Saab 9-3 Viggen. And it probably will out handle most of these sedans, Car and Driver says the rear end is tossable, fairly hard to find at this price.

    I've actually been waiting for a 4-door under $30K, with a manual, strong engine and either rear wheel or 4-wheel drive. Still deciding about the new design, but I have to see it in person. I'm test driving this car when my Subura dealer has one.
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    Sign up now. Most dealers are selling AT MSRP... In fact, Subaru of America insists that dealers DO NOT sell over MSRP. (I know someone who ordered a WRX wagon for $400 over INVOICE already!)

    The only car that MIGHT match up with the WRX is the current Type-R... (Dont know about the new RS/Integra though) But its also stripped down, more expensive, and not a sedan/wagon, not to mention FWD...

    The closest "real" compeditor to the WRX is the Audi S4... $40k none the less. :)
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    Really, the only sporty 4-door import sedans that can compete with the new WRX are the Maxima SE (fwd limitations, no rear independent) and Audi 1.8T (way too slow). It also will compete well against the Celica GT-S and new Integra (only 200hp and fwd).

    There are only two drawbacks I have to get over though, the new Impreza design (have to see it in person) and the fact that I've never owned a Subaru, but friends who've owned one swear by them.

    Anyone know when dealers will get them and when official pricing is to be announced?
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    The just announced MSRP for a 2002 WRX is $23,995!!! In many ways, this is an incredible deal, and I am now seriously considering purchasing this car...
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    The S4 still looks a lot better to me but the value factor of the WRX Wagon will looks to be phenomenal. The WRX has not won me over yet but I'm going to keep an eye on it as I save my pennies.

    Of interest:
    -I noticed that Edmunds said the turbo lag was not that bad whereas C&D said it was pretty bad. Guess I'll have to drive it. Both agreed that the car was capable of 6sec range 0-60.
    -Over 14psi of boost! 227hp from 2L! Yikes, even with a compression ratio in the 8s I think I'll wait to see how they hold up from you guys pounding them a couple of years.

    My bold statement:
    The WRX is a muscle car for the AWD generation. I say this because it far more boy racer than GT car. What it lacks in refinement (probably -vs- the S4) and looks (in my opnion), it more than makes up for in performance. Think of it as a Trans Am Firehawk that you can drive in winter.
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    Grassroots Motorsports has published their test of the car. They got 0-60 in 5.7 ... 5.5 when they really beat on it.

    I agree with nematode's statement... "Think of it as a Trans Am Firehawk that you can drive in winter.

    This really is a whole different car then the Audi offerings... apples and oranges. The WRX is a pretty raw car full of performance, and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. The Audis have a level of luxury and refinement that the Scooby can't even come close too, but lacks the raw energy and frantic-ness fo the WRX.

    Both good cars, just different, that's all. :-)
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    What about a sunroof. I could not find anything about this being an option or standard.
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    No sunroof... I think they didnt include it cause of weight, cost, and safty reasons... Hopefully along the line it will become an option.

    (You also get more head room without it)
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    The WRX is boosting a heavy 14psi for a such a small displacement engine. Is anyone worried about long term reliability? That is my only concern for now because everything else about the car seems perfect. I am eagerly awaiting a test drive.
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    That is my concern as well. How long can a blown engine last?

    I tend to keep cars for at least 5 years. What will it be like with about 100,000 miles 6 or 7 years down the road?
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    I had the forum on my last computer but can't seem to find the site.

    Does anyone have the link?
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    The carconnecton stated the target group grew up with the '80s pocket rockets (I had an '89 CRX Si that was a blast to drive), attracting more men than women (last time I checked...), median age of 34 (I'll be 30 in March) and enthusiasts.

    Mr. Poplife, your '02 WRX wagon is ready.

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    Both the turbo 2.0 and the turbo 2.2 engines have been in use in Subarus around the world for 10 years. This is a very long lasting and solid engine.

    Most turbos, when well cared for, are good for 100k+ miles easy. A turbo rebuild can be had for around $400.

    Regular oil changes are the key to turbo longevity.
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    I really hope the dealers teach people about how to maintin turbo engine properly. If not then Subaru could get a bad name through no fault of their own.
    1) Warm up the car fully before letting the turbo spool up too much.
    2) If you tear around after your warm make sure you cool down before you shut the car off. OR if you cant remember get a turbo timer.
    3) Change that oil!!! Better yet, go with synthetic AND change that oil. 14+psi of boost and having to tap the 4-5k rpm range to get it is gonna generate some kinda heat.

    I have a friend with a GSX with about 100k miles that he got with 40k or so. It was probably making 225hp with all his mods from the DSM 2 liter. He hammered that thing all the time and it ran pretty well. Recently, he started running died.
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    I agree that at $24,000, the WRX is a great performanvce buy. It drives fast, handles great with AWD, and looks cool.
    But I do think there will be a competitor, and that will be the new Sentra SE-R. Now granted, the SE-R doesn't have AWD, and it doesn't have 227hp, but it does have nice numbers.
    The regular SE-R will have 170hp and 175lbs of torque, and the Spec V version will have 180hp coupled with a 6 speed manual. It also has a limitied slip differential, so it will be able to handle snow.
    Performance wise, it probably won't be as quick to 60, but Nissan pegged it at around 7 seconds, which is still pretty quick. And lets face it, how many people do you know that drive their car with a stopwatch every time they launch?
    And to top it all off, the SE-R will come in under $20g's. Now that's impressive.
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    that's a joke right? the WRX can easily be launched to do under 6 seconds. a lousy launch yields it low 6. It has fully independnent suspension. The sedan version has strong light aluminium control arms. All WRX comes with rear LSD. The car has 217lb-ft at 4000rpm. No torque steer when you mash the gas. For the price this car is a steal! Err...actually not quite. Yeah SOA! It's still too expensive! =)
    A simple exhaust and intake mod will have this Rex making well in excess of 260hp (my conservative estimate). That's over stock S4 territory. In UK and Aussieland, these WRXs are consistently modified to 280hp for a few hundred dollars.
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    After reading Edmunds' review, and after further research on the net, I came away very impressed with this car. I was so impressed I got a little carried away and actually "ordered" a 5 speed Sport wagon (in silver) through Subaru's web site. The dealer called today to take the order and my wife answered. She had no idea... Needless to say, I have some convincing to do. She drives a Sienna and we need (want) an all wheel drive for trips to Tahoe. She looked at an A4 last week and thought it was way too small. The WRX seems about the same size but it is so cheap... I am not worried, like others, about any Subaru engine. Subaru makes airplane (light aircraft) engines so I'm secure in Fuji's ability to engineer a small, high performance power plant. I had a 1982 GL and put many miles on it. Really, the only issue with this car is the small interior size, even for the sports wagon, maintenance requirements for the inter cooler and exterior styling. Mileage seems good, but premium is required. Does anyone know where I can locate invoice prices?
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    Anyone know if the WRX has the same interior demensions as the existing Impreza? That way, I can at least go down to the dealer and sit in one to see just how big it is. As I'm 6'3", I'm a little concerned ...
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    italstallion: My wife owns a 96 Impreza Wagon that I drive quite often. I am also 6'3" and the car is definitely tight for my dimensions. There is plenty of head room and leg room is ok if I slam the seat all the way back. I generally tilt the setback rearwards about 20 degrees from vertical to feel more comfortable when I drive. But, generally, the car feels a bit too small for me. My wife is 5'0" so she loves it. It has 90k on the odometer and not a single problem. I change the oil every 3k since it was new. I've been looking at buying a new 3 series BMW and really want the 330 but have had trouble justifying the additional $4-5k over the 325. Now I find a car that can outrun the 330 for $15k less. I don't particularly care for the aesthetics of the WRX. If I did, I might justify compromising my comfort in the little car just for the performance. If the WRX is a little larger than the current Impreza, I am definitely interested.
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    Longrider - thanks for the reply. That's one reason why I like the Lexus IS300 .... it's one of the few cars where I can actually move the car UP from its rear limit and still be comfortable.

    Anyone (perhaps outside the U.S.) on this board actually driven a WRX, and can enlighten us to the interior dimensions?
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    I think the SE-R V-spec will be a great car, but it is a completely DIFFERNT thing then the WRX. The SE-R will be an Integra/Focus-R/Civic Si/etc competitor. Fast, nimble, FWD cars.

    The WRX has more power, much higer price, a turbo, and above all... AWD. Two completely different beasts, both excellent in their respective classes though.

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    sporin hit it right.

    the new Imprezas should be a bit larger interior wise than the current generation of Imprezas. The current gen's interior is ok for me. 5'8"... I do agree it doesn't have alot of legroom however it has alot of headroom. The rears are good enough for tiny person. Hehehe....
    We have a 330Ci at home which we just took delivery a month ago. Very roomy inside. way better than out old Ford Probe. It's the biggest car in our stable right now. Not sure if you want an auto or manual. The 330's manual is weird! I find hte clutch to be very finicky. It's like some kinda on/off switch. Maybe we're not used to it. However for the price and if you don't mind a little bit less luxury in the car, the WRX is amazing. I have no problem believing it that it could run around our 330Ci at home. Oh well....
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    I can't think of a single US market sedan that can compete with the WRX in this price range. The new Sentra SE-R sounds like a great car, but no front wheel drive sedan with 170hp can compete with a 4wd 227hp unless maybe there's a huge weight advantage.

    I'm also a bit worried about the roominess, I'm looking to get the new Toyota Highlander for practicality and need a second car that I can have some fun with. This WRX is perfect, it's under $25K (still a bit shocked at the low price), and with 4 doors it will probably have more room than say the new Integra (200hp fwd) or Celica (180hp fwd).

    The only car that I think will be able to compete with the WRX performance wise under $30K will be the upcoming 2003 Nissan Z, which has rear wheel drive and is offered with a V-6 at 260hp, starting hopefully under $30K. Another competitor which I test drove recently is the Mustang GT. For only $23K, you get a V-8 at 260hp, rear wheel drive and a 5 speed manual. The clutch pedal had a really high travel, but it just tears from the stoplight. But I'm a bit wary of Ford's reliability and not the biggest fan of the Mustang.

    I can't wait to test drive the WRX in mid-March. I really don't know anyone personally who's driven a WRX, I guess up until now, all WRX have had the steering wheel on the right side and were only available in Japan, England, etc...
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    I've sent an advance order to my local dealer through the WRX web site. Has anyone actually been able to verify the MSRP for a five-speed sedan? How about pricing on options such as the short shifter and gauge cluster? An S4 has been an unattainable dream for me, but I just might be able to justify the stretch for a WRX -- if the dealers don't gouge! Any comments from current Subie owners out there on whether a leggy, 6'5" driver will fit into a WRX?
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    6'5" is pretty darn tall. Are you mostly legs? Cus as I've posted earlier the current gen Imprezas have short legroom. =(
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    At lunch, I trucked down to the Subaru dealer and checked out the interior space on the current Impreza. My 6'3" frame fit more comfortably than I thought it would. Plenty of headroom, and legroom was sufficient. If the WRX has anymore legroom than that, whatsoever, it will be a comfortable fit.
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    The new Impreza body is supposed to be a bit bigger so if you git in teh current one, you should be ok in the new one. Plus, there is no sunroof in the WRX, a plus for the tall.
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    Silver Bullet brought up a good point. I think that demand will be high for the WRX. I mean, come on, awd, turbo, what else do you want. How much over MSRP do you think that dealers will charge? Will it be like honda s2000 situation?
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    u have to realise that not many ppl know about Subaru excellent offerings and still consider Subaru to be the maker of farm cars. =) So I doubt that it would get as high a price gouge as the S2000 or Integra Type R garner. Anyways it's all speculation. Edmunds' review thot it would be 25-28K and thot it was still worth it.
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    The performance numbers on this car seem fantastic. Performance aside however, any opinions on the looks of this thing? Based on the pictures I've seen, it reminds me of a Hyundai from the front, and a Corolla from the rear.

    Given the small dimensions of this car, I wonder if many will be willing to pay the price. That $24K MSRP someone mentioned is sure to be higher when options/accessories are added - Subaru is notorious for this.
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    Here's a site with some good info and pictures:

    Regarding option markup - there are very few options for the car. Only ones I'm aware of are a rear spoiler and possible security system.
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    I think the WRX sedan (without the spoiler, please!) is a very cool design! It looks very purposeful and is uniquely Japanese - in a good way. The fender flares are a nice touch, and the lights are terrific. You won't mistake this car for a Civic!
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    I think the dealers are going to gouge like no tomorrow. Production wise it is not that limited. But it will attract a lot of people due to the fantastic pricing. It is good tho, because now the likes of Celica, RS-X, eclipse will be priced lower because this price range is getting crowded with cars (which was non-existent from mid to late 90's) I am expecting a mark up of at least 2-3 grand. Maybe I will wait for the 2003 wrx..sigh.
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323 lists yellow as a option for the first 3 months. This is very cool, anybody verified this as a possibility? I think the average Subaru dealer will stick to MSRP but does anybody know of a Subaru dealer that always does the $500 over invoice deal or something like that? They should have got this car here BEFORE winter, with all the poor driving conditions nationwide this year. Also I think the 2001 2.5 RS looks better then the 2002 WRX, oh well, it looks like a neon which is what I'm driving now. Does anyone know acceleration times for the automatic? I am more interested in 1/4 mile times, will it beat 14.7 sec a pre 98 Caddy STS can run? I'd get a 5-speed in a heartbeat but my wife says the neon replacement must be an automatic.
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    As verified by the OFFICIAL press release and OFFICIAL Subaru WRX web page: (

    $23,995 Sedan
    $23,495 Wagon

    Extra $1k for Auto on either one.

    And as for "Price Gouging":
    Only a couple of dealers have quoted ABOVE the official MSRP and have stuck to it. Most are saying MSRP exactly, but Maita Subaru here in Sacramento is quoting $500 bellow MSRP, and some people on the I-club got together a group-buy for the WRX at Diablo Canyon Subaru for $1000 under MSRP.
    Most subaru dealers are low volume, low hassle dealers (minus a few in largly populated areas) that are willing to sell cars reasonably. And if they arent williing to budge, SHOP AROUND AT OTHER DEALERS! Theres always another dealer near by, check your local papers to find 'em...
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    Got quoted sticker, no more or less, on the WRX at their local dealer here in PA. What a perfect replacement for their '91 Celica All-Trac Turbo.
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    The respected British journal "Car" has a review in it of the new Impreza WRX. (They previously named the WRX the Car of the Decade [for the 90's] over 10 other finalists including the BMW 3 series, and even a Ferrari 360 Modena.)

    They report 5.9 seconds to 60 mph, and say the redesigned version has more legroom and a heigth-adjustable driver's seat.
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    The yellow color option definitely sounds exciting... and wild - just what you need for this bad Subie! However, when I stopped by a local dealer this morning, I was in for some surprise. They told me yellow was offered only in the Limited WRX, which supposedly has all the extra goodies like the 17", premium sound, leather, etc... for an outrageous $28K!!

    How does this sound to you guys? A Limited WRX? Is there even such a thing? And that price? How much more can you load into this already loaded Subie to jack up the price by 4K? (Obviously the under-informed salesman couldn't give me any precise details or price break-downs, and complained their dealer network,, was down.) Anyway, the feeling I got was they're scared of ordering a yellow car, and in case I don't buy it after ordering it, they are stuck with it, and no one around here seems to be bold enough to own a yellow car! (I live in Seattle :) But does this justify the price hike? Does anyone know the MSRP for the limited ed WRX, or for any of the options like the wheels and the spoiler... or any info whatsoever on the Limited WRX? They quoted the sticker price of $24K for the standard trim and colors. I know the yellow will be in short supply, and I don't want to miss it... if I can justify the price.
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    Okay, once I got past the initial urge wretch at the thought of my buying a Subie for my first car, I have to say...the specs. on this machine are IMPRESSIVE! 227horses for a 3K lb car. It should be a blast to drive. The flat-four looks to be torquey enough to satisfy me (a person used to light truck V8s and sedan V6s)

    I'm a bit wary of the turbo reliability issue, but Subarus are very reliable, no doubt.

    If I can get a good deal on this car I might look into it.
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    My local dealer was fairly knowledgeable about the WRX, and has starting taking refundable deposits. I placed an order for a silver 5-speed sedan, with only the differential protector as a factory option - most of the other items listed on the WRX web page are dealer installable (such as the short shift kit, 17" wheels, and gauge package). I think I can live with the car as it is - it should be a terrific package. There was some question about the spoiler - the dealer seemed to think it was standard, and I told him it looked like it was going to be an optional accessory. I detest spoilers, so I hope he's wrong! Pricing? MSRP plus freight and TT&L, no more, no less. I sat in a 2.5 RS sedan to gauge the legroom - no problem for my long legs, but not a bunch to spare, either. If the WRX has an inch or two more than the 2.5 RS, I'm home free.
    Regarding the yellow, my dealer confirmed VERY limited availability, and a markup over MSRP due to the demand. That's okay with me - a nice subtle silver won't attract the patrol cars nearly as much.
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    congratulations. I can only sit and envy you...
    However the stock tires MUST be replaced to get the most of the WRX. They are 16" RE92s all seasons. They SUCK big time even on the current gent Imprezas' relative "lowly" performance. Put on a good set of summer rubber and the WRX will tear a 3 series a new one! ;-)
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    Spoilers are an option.
    New Imprezas have 2 or 3 more inches of leg room I believe.
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    I got on the imprezawrx site and was unable to find any pictures of the wagon. Does anybody know what it will look like?

    Previous posts have talked about a lack of leg room in the older impreza, do you think at 6'8"
    I could fit in the new one?

    I currently drive a '87 camaro and a '99 Intrigue.
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    There is one picture of the WRZ Wagon on the Detriot Auto Web site - dark wagon from the rear. Click the small image to get the larger jpg.

    I downloaded it, but don't see anyway to upload to this forum ....
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    Ramon, I agree. I'm not planning on driving on those RE92s for very long. I'm considering a set of V rated Pirelli P6000 Summer Compound tires, as I have been very impressed with them on two other cars I've owned. Glad I like the design of the 16" alloys, though. For the kind of roads I drive on, 17's don't make much sense. My friend bends his M3's wheels all the time on our potholes, and that is an expense I don't need.
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    My dealer quotes MSRP, plus $525 delivery, and then $595 for the gauge package. He's not sure on the price of the gauge pack, so he's using the price from current models.
    BTW do not buy a turbo car without an oil and boost gauge, or be ready to install one. Normally I would put my own one in, but i'll let them do it, and keep my warranty.

    So my deposit is down $500. $24,615 total.
    Silver, 5-speed wagon.
    Ordered it in Montana, so no sales tax :) . Now will Subaru still have the 6.9% financing by then?

    gauge package price?
  • rally1rally1 Member Posts: 6
    these pages will link to most of the articles out there.
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