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    Does anyone know whether the gauge package has to be ordered with the car, or can it be added at the dealership for a reasonable price? For that matter, what gauges are included? Is it the same package pictured in the current Impreza catalog?
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    sorry for repeating this post on the other wrx discussion, but...

    if anyone's doing a group buy in the santa clara/san jose, CA area,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. i'm very interested in
    picking up one of these beasts. : )


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    I think I'm gonna sit and wait for the 2003 WRX. I've read from a UK car magazine (can't remember which one) which just tested the UK version (215hp, 0-60 in 5.7, 14.5 quarter mile) that Subaru will be exporting a limited edition WRX STi model which will come with AVCS (Subaru's VTEC/8500rpm redline?/at least 280hp stock) next year. I'm hoping that we'll be getting it here in the US too. I think that if it's under $30K, it'll be worth it.(0-60 in 4.7 sec for a 4-door family sedan??? It's gotta be the ultimate sleeper.)
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    Some more details about the possible 2003 WRX STi Limited Edition...
    17-inch alloys, 225-width tires
    larger intercooler with water sprayer
    larger turbo (higher boost but more lag?)
    Forged pistons
    Stainless steel valves
    larger injectors
    4-piston front calipers, 2-piston rears
    Possibly bump the displacement to 2.2 liters and slightly higher compression ratio?
    Better flowing intake and exhaust
    Fog light covers with the STi logo
    and of course, AVCS (variable valve timing)

    The WRX STi has actually been available in the UK and Australian gray market for quite some time. But the word is, next year, Subaru will be exporting STi officially will full factory warranty. If the demand for the WRX proves to be high over here in the US, then Subaru will have no reason not to include the STi in their line up. That's more money in their pocket. The US is their largest export market with about 170,000 vehicles sold last year. Though most were locally made Legacies and Outbacks.

    my 2 cents
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    The possibility of a U.S. spec STI is very tempting, but I'll keep my order for a 2002 WRX, thanks all the same. As it is, the WRX's price tag is about as much as I can rationalize spending on a car - now imagine how much the insurance would be on the STI, plus the increase in the purchase price! Too rich for this boy. What I MIGHT to, however, is wait for some of the yummier STI bits to find their way to the parts department (ex: brakes) and do some upgrading at a later date. One of the things I like about the 2002 is its (relatively) understated styling... I'm a big fan of the "Q Ship" concept. No spoilers, decals, or coffee can sized exhausts, thanks. I'll bet the STI, once it gets here, will be available only with a full complement of "Hey, look at me!" doodads.
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    I am seriously into getting a 2002 WRX and then you have to go and tell me that there may be faster version next year! Patience is not one of my strong suits.
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    I doubt the STi models will arrive anytime soon. Besides, alot of owners can easily upgrade their turbow WRX to STi standards for less $ than to buy an STi WRX instead.
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    I partially agree with Ramon. It's not certain that the STi will even come. But there is high probably since Subaru will be exporting it to other markets. It means full factory warranty which is important to me personally. I don't doubt that any WRX can be upgraded to STi performance levels. Heck, I've heavily modified my '92 Talon Tsi AWD myself. But you risk losing the warranty. So, if I have a choice, I'd rather pay a little bit more upfront for more performance than modify it myself and risk losing the warranty. Besides, the STi has features that'll be hard or expensive to install on regular WRXs like forged pistons, stronger block, heavy duty 6-speed tranny, AVCS head(variable valve timing), modified ECU engine mapping, etc.
    Anyway, I really hope that you guys buy as many WRXs as you want and prove to Subaru that there is a demand here. They really just might decide to include the US in their STi market.
    I might even end up with a "regular" WRX too. If Subaru decides to send us the STi in two-door coupe form only, then I'm gonna pass. I want a four door sedan. :)
    Meanwhile, I guess I'll have to drive around in my little Talon Tsi AWD for now. :)

    My 2 cents
    '92 Talon Tsi AWD
    Ported 16G Upgrade Turbo
    Ported exhaust manifold
    Ported oxygen sensor housing
    Griffin Front Mount Intercooler
    2.5' mandrel bent piping from downpipe to exhaust tip (larger cat converter intake and exit)
    K&N filter
    Modified MAF sensor (honey comb removed)
    550cc injectors
    Denso Fuel Pump Upgrade
    APEX SuperAFC
    ACT 2600lbs clutch
    Manual Boost Controller
    APEX EGT and Boost Gauge
    16X6.5 Alloys/Dunlop 8000 225/50ZR16
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    I've been thinking... or hoping that what Subaru is about to do (by selling the WRX here)starts trend among other manufacturers that market great cars that are not available here. If the WRX is a hit. Wouldn't that encourage the others to send the Lancer Evolution 7, Ford Cosworth, Skyline GTR etc. over to our soil? And I hope that it would also stimulate development by the US BIG 3(or 2?) for similar cars. I not saying that Z28s, Cobras, Vipers and Corvettes are slow. But we could use more cars that have better all around performance(all weather and surface/real world not track driving), functional utility(passenger and cargo space), fuel efficiency and reliability all combined in one vehicle. I mean all these features are available in different cars now. But rarely found in one package. Okay... except the Skyline GTR :)

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    Having had a chance to talk to the Subaru folks at the long lead press preview for the WRX last year, don't expect an STi version until they start to see sales slack off. I'd suspect 18 months at the earliest.
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    yep, I will bet that subaru is just waiting to see how popular the wrx will be in the US market. If everything goes well, they might offer something fall of 2003 the earliest.
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    Has anyone heard of this version of the WRX. Better or worse performance? Price? Coming to US? Any help would be great
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    did you order from 4-Seasons Subaru in Missoula? That is where my brother is going. They didn't have a definite answer on the yellow yet but subie's cuntomer support number said it was NOT available. My brother says he will not be ordering one unless he can get yellow, he'll just wait instead untill they are on the lot. I'd like to get one too but will just settle for rides in his for now.
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    I've tried to contact two dealers in NYC thru Subaru's WRX site, but got no responses at all. I then went upstate to a Subaru dealer in Brewster, NY. The salesman didn't even know what a WRX was! And the sales manager said he couldn't possibly take a deposit without knowing the prices or which WRX cars he would be getting. Has anyone had any luck trying to put a deposit down on a WRX in New York? Or New Jersey?
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    Personally I think that almost all Subaru dealers are idiots. I wanted to buy a Impreza RS 2.5 The salesman told me that they sold out and only arriving was 4 or 5 Imprezas a month. Then he told me and my friend he had except for one available which is locked up and guarded by security dogs only if we were going to buy it he would let us see it. What a MORON! Then we asked him if the turbo version was coming he said he can get us the turbo Impreza. I asked him the STI 22B Version? He looked puzzled and said "yeah". I asked him what was the horsepower rating and he just threw a number in the air "about 300 something HP". What a Jerk! Oh by the way that was 1 year ago. I ended up buying a 2000 Jetta VR6 Manual.

    Its a big shame Subaru has a great car but a stupid sales team!

    I think I'm going to clean my Jetta today, make it look shiny and go back to the same dealership and proclaim to the car sharks "you had me at hello"(from Jerry Mcquire, movie). Now lets talk about the WRX if they even know it existed or what it is.

    Anyone know of a Subaru webpage I can vent my frustrations?

    Oh by the way there are only about 3 Subaru dealers in the state of Florida. North Miami, Tampa, and Deerfield Beach. That means a long drive to each. Which is another shame, location sucks...
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    I'm 6' 6" and managed to squeeze into a UK WRX two years ago. My main problem was my knees running into the steering column, though I imagine if you drive heel and toe that shouldn't be an issue. It was a great car, but I definitely didn't flog it hard to enough to see what was available.

    Do people know if this WRX is on a different/newer Impreza chasis as the one I would have driven? Given a few more inches (that a couple of people mentioned versus the older 2.5RS) it would be an interesting choice.

    It is truly amazing to me all the great vehicles that can't be had in the States---Lancer Evos, Galant VR-4s, Skyline GT-R, the fast Pugeuots, heck, even the Land Rover Defender. With the WRX coming, we'll have the first of the Japanese cheap supercars at least.

    As for turbo longevity, I drive a 1987 Volvo 745 Turbo with 170k miles, original turbo, K&N, freer exhaust, and a raised boost level. It's been driven hard with regular oil (but strict 5k changes) and some spool-down time on every drive. No turbo problems at all. If it did need a turbo rebuild, one would be looking at $700 or so. The older Subaru turbos (GL-10s and the like) sold in the States have done okay with good handling and TLC.

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    The new WRX is built off an all new Impreza platform that will also cary the rest of the Impreza line.

    It is lsightly longer, and wider and 250% "stiffer" according to press releases.
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    You might want to call the guy who sent me a message in post#67 - he is at a dealership in Victor, NY, near Rochester. Might be a good deal, but it is too far away from me to make sense.
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    Subaru's Active Valve Control System (variable valve timing) is only available on the Japanese market. Does anyone know the details on this system? Is it continuous variable or stage variable? Is it lift variable? I've heard that AVCS leads to higher emission level that exceeds U.S. standard. It sounds unlikely that we'll ever get variable timing in the WRX (at least in the near future). Any thoughts on the above?
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    Everyone seem to have completely forgotten how nice the SVX was.... it was in a class by itself, but mag editors usually compare it to the vettes, Supras... I suppose the front lights of the WRX are so big and ugly because they won't have to modify much to be in race rally form. Big bright lights are great for night time racing, eh?

    As for which cars might be in the same price/performance, don't forget the future rotary 2+2 Mazda. I'd consider that so that I don't have to wonder about turbo reliability. It would have been nicer if Subaru had the SVX in turbo form... imagine a horizontal six with turbo?!

    In any case, Subaru still has a weak image as compared to Toyota, Honda or Nissan. That's why you don't see people rushing to get GMs (supercharged six) that can get almost the same performance as the WRX.
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    I knew the current Impreza 2.5RS rear seats are not foldable. I hope the WRX has foldavle rear seats because I like the extra storage room.

    Someone say AWD may not be able to have foldable seats (like Passat 4motion and 2.5RS) but A4 quattro got them....

    P.S. I won't pay $30k for a V6 Subaru.
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    Just placed an order with Pat Gleason - no deposit, first come first served. Very little fuss and very straightforward. You can even decide not to buy after test driving it!
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    According to everything I've read, the sedans will have fixed rear seat backs with a trunk pass through behind the armrest (for skis, or long pipes/lumber, etc.). Maybe a Sport Wagon is a better choice if you need to haul cargo - quickly :)

    bedabi - good for you! Hope you are able to get the car you want.
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    also includes some good wagon shots ...
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    Just a reminder--Subaru does not have a V-6. The engine is a "flat" or H-6.

    And, you CAN buy an H6 for less than $30,000. If interested, I can give you the name of a dealer about an hour and a half from you. The engine, BTW, is really a great improvement over the 2.5.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    yesterday. I ordered one from the Subaru site. It has a lot of great pictures of both the sedan and wagon (I ordered a silver wagon to haul my trusty sidekick -- a pit bull) and all the information on specifications and dimensions. To answer some above questions (in inches): sedan headroom is 38.6 (front) / 36.7 (rear); wagon headroom is 39.7 (front) / 37.3 (rear); sedan leg room is 42.9 (front) / 33.0 (rear); wagon leg room is 42.9 (front) / 33.7 (rear); sedan shoulder room is 52.7 (front) / 52.9 (rear); and wagon shoulder room is the same.
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    What do the 17" wheels look like? How much are they? If I were to order one today, how long will it take to get it?

    I have a european magazine article with pics of the euro version. Those wheels look real nice, like bigger sized stock wheels.

    That guage pack has a boost gauge, voltmeter, and oil temp. right? No oil pressure? If not, guess I'll pass on the gauge set.
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    Refer to Glenn Wallace's excellent WRX enthusiast's site. The 17's are forged BBS cross-spoke style, not larger versions of the stock alloys. They will be a dealer installed option, and supposedly are going to cost about $2500.00 per set (!), plus tires. The gauge pack has a boost gauge, volt meter, and oil temp gauge - no pressure. Glenn's site has a good pic - the pack looks very "add-on", and does not integrate with the rest of the interior very well. I'm going to pass on the gauge pack, and see what the aftermarket comes up with.
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    The Legacy has AWD and rear fold-down seats, so the two are not mutually exclusive
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    WHOA! Are the 17" wheels really $2500? I'd better call the dealer and cancel that option on mine ASAP!!!! If I really want the performance boost of 17" after driving the 16", I'll get some less pricey ones. I figured $600-800 for the option, not $2.5K!

    I also am disappointed by the lack of oil pressure in the gauge pack. Bag the voltmeter, give me oil pressure. Or better, give me both.

    I can answer definitively based on the brochure I received yesterday, that the rear seat in the sedan does NOT fold. There is an armrest/passthru. The wagon gets 60/40 split folding rear seats. The wagon does get a small spoiler at the top of the rear window, the spoiler on the sedan is optional.
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    From the Subaru dealer in Chatanooga, TN

    "Thanks for your inquiry. We are very well aware of the WRX, and understand your disgust with the dealers in your area. I can't say it makes me proud to be a Subaru dealer, but I'll happily take the business that they choose to ignore.

    Our pricing policy is currently $5 under sticker- not trying to be cute, but we want to be able to let people preserve some pride, while recognizing that we could sell the cars well above sticker if we chose to do so. We currently have five sold orders in, and the deadline for the first allocation is January 26th. We expect our first cars to arrive mid-March.

    I just returned from Detroit where I was able to see the car firsthand, and I'm very excited about it. There are many people who are understandably reticent about buying a car they have never seen, so our Subaru rep is bringing a WRX up here on February 8th. You are welcome to come up then and have a look (though you'll miss the first round of ordering, if that matters to you).

    If you have any further questions, please let me know. If you'd like to talk, call me at 1-800-242-1562.

    If you'd like, I can also add you to my WRX "mailserv" list, which will give you regular updates on the WRX.


    Tim Kelly
    Kelly Cadillac/SAAB/Subaru
    Chattanooga, TN
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    "Unfortunately, the car will be here Feb 8th only, and then for a grand total of...drum roll please...two hours. I know that's not great, but it's better than nothing, I guess. In all honesty, there will be a stop in Birmingham (Jim Burke) on Feb 2nd at 10am if that suits you better, though also for only two hours."
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    I just ordered a silver 5-speed sedan from Tony Moore Subaru in Decatur, Alabama. 1 (800) 844-1984. They gave me a great price, and the sales staff was very responsive.
  • dexterrdexterr Member Posts: 1
    very reasonable to deal with. gave me enough time to make smart buying choice. anyone in Ohio should call him collect at 216-226-6433. great service. a true professional
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    Again, Glenn Wallace's web site lists some great pics of the Detroit show display, and features a close-up of the 17" BBS wheel option. Maybe you could email Glenn from the site and ask about where he got that wheel price. I've owned over 20 cars, many purchased from highline dealers. IMHO, you can always do better ordering a wheel/tire package from the Tire Rack when you are ready to upgrade. You'll get expert mounting and balancing, and a wide choice of tires as well - and you'll likely save money. I've done this several times, and sold my stock wheels locally or on Ebay.
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    I currently have a refundable deposit with my local dealer, and a signed order stating they will sell me a car, as ordered, for MSRP + TT&L. The order was sent to SOA on 1/16/01, so I may be lucky enough to receive one of the early allocation cars. I'm sure there are some dealers around the U.S. willing to sell a WRX under MSRP, but I wonder why? Once the initial rush dies down a bit, I'd guess there will be some bargaining room, but it seems to me that a dealer willing to sell an early allocation WRX for less than MSRP is just leaving money on the table. I won't pay more than list, but I realize demand drives the market, so I feel that MSRP from a local dealer for an early delivery is an okay deal. Comments?
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    Yes, I saw the pictures of the wheels on the website. They look great, but not to the tune of $2500, especially when you factor in the trade in of the 16" wheels. I'll need some winter wheels, so I had planned on getting a set of studded 16" wheels after the car arrived with 17". Now I'm definitely going the other direction. I'll take the 16" wheels stock, live with the tires for winter use until they wear out, and get my own 17" wheels/tires in the summer. If I get the car in March I have at least two more months of mountain snows to deal with anyway, so I'd rather be on the 16" all seasons when I get the car. I've got to call the dealer tomorrow and see if they have the option prices yet.

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    So for those who have ordered their cars, when will you get them?
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    Supply and demand. A car with an inflated MSRP will require substantial incentives to move it and can usually be bought at very close to invoice. Examples: Isuzu's, 95% of all Chrysler products, etc. The market decides what is fair. I think the MSRP for the WRX is pretty close on the mark and I doubt they will sell for much, if any, of a discount. I live in Colorado, a state with just over 4 million people, a state with lots of high altitude (perfect for turbo's) and snow (perfect for all wheel drive). $23.5 MSRP for a wagon seems like a fair price, considering that we will probably get only several hundred out of the 10,000 that are supposed to get here.

    ps--if you live in Denver and are considering an Audi, VW, or Volvo--stay away from McDonald! They are awful, both pre-sale and after-sale! Go to Prestige for Audi, they're way cool.
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    Wow, you guys arent even trying... Ive seen deals ranging from $500 under MSRP, $1000 under MSRP, to $450 over invoice... Keep trying, they will budge. Subaru is always glad to sell cars (unless your talkint to a crapy high-volume high-pressure dealer)

    Keep trying, dont fall into their grasp.
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    When? My dealer thinks he'll be seeing cars from the first allocation sometime in mid-March. Regarding pricing, I guess it all comes down to what the market will bear. My dealer is one of three in a large metropolitan area (Houston), and is the low volume, non-sleazy alternative to the other two. One of the sleazeball dealers had the nerve to tell me that "the price is gonna be whatever people are willing to pay", so unless I start travelling to look for a $500 saving, my deal at MSRP for a first allocation car looks okay to me. An alternative would be to wait until the rush subsides, but that could take some time on a car like the WRX. Using Edmunds' pricing on the current 2.5RS, it looks like there is about 8% between invoice and MSRP. If this ratio is close to the margin on the WRX, the dealer is making a nice profit, for sure. I plan on reminding my dealer what a "good customer" I was if I ever need to bring the car in for service. What goes around comes around - I'll make them work for that profit :)
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    You can get a deal on a WRX order with a little legwork. My local dealer in Nashville (who at first knew nothing about how to order the car) refused any discount. Chattanooga would come down a princely $100 from sticker. So I moved out of state. Some guy in Huntsville, Alabama, tried to dick around with me. But then I went to little Decatur. I got the same sort of price you would expect bargaining over a car in a lot. Decatur's a hundred miles from here, but since I save more than $1,000, it's definitely worth the drive.
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    I see Edmunds took down the post from Pat Gleason, a salesman from a dealership smack dab in the center of New York state. As long as we're discussing terms of our respective orders, here are mine: $400 over invoice, whatever that might come out to be. No down payment, first come first served (over 30 orders when I placed mine for a wagon 3 days ago) when the shipment comes, they will fill the first matching orders. Otherwise you'd wait for the next shipment of cars. Accordingly, this dealer would not offer market value on a trade in on my 99 Maxima, and told me straight out that I'm better off selling it on my own. He also said that since these will be the first WRX on the road, I could take a test drive and decide not to buy it without any kind of penalty. It seems that this dealer is able to guarantee total sales of it's supply this way, win over loyal customers, and stay in line with its own sales philosophy, which you can read about on its website:

    I just wish the dealership weren't in the middle of nowhere.

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    WRX and pre-2000 Eclipse GSX are quiet similar. What do you think about these 2 cars ?

    The GSX has 210hp and AWD too. GSX is probably slower but it has better look. It is so bad Mit. gave up the turbo/AWD version.

    Mit., do you have any plan to bring Lancer Evo. to the US ? Probably not....
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    Hey, don't encourage dealers to bump up the price! A deal is reached when both side agree with the price. It seems that you agree with MSRP, which is fine, but many people would like to do a little better than that and it seems you can get it below MSRP on the WRX.
    Also, I used to believe in the 'good customer' approach, hoping that I'd be treated better when I go back. But in MOST dealership, the sales and service departments are not so closely connected. Very often the service dept. couldn't care less where you bought the car from! (No argument, please, this is just my experience.)
    The quality of Subaru dealers varies a LOT. Here is the asking price of a 2001 Legacy GT Wagon from two dealers 15 miles apart:
    A: $3000 above MSRP + "Are you buying the car today or not?"
    B: 2.5% above invoice + "Here is the key, enjoy the test drive."
    Guess where I would go if I am buying the WRX?
    By the way, dealer B is taking deposit for WRX. At this point, they ask for 8% over invoice. If you look at the price of Legacy GT (about same price range), their WRX price would be $400-500 below MSRP. This seems like a reasonable asking price to me.
    I just moved here and I realize that there are many rich people in Silicon Valley, but I think dealer A and people go to dealer A should be slapped hard until they can think clearly.
    Off the topic: The VW dealer here is just as bad. On the 2001 Passat wagon, I got $3000 over MSRP and the "I will not discuss the price with you unless you are ready to buy." crap. I'd rather fly to LA and get the same car for a no haggle $700 above invoice.
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    The problem with the Mitsu is no real back seat let alone any way to get in it, the 3000GT would be a better choice but still not much of a seat to talk of. The WRX is small but an adult can actually ride back there and get in and out.

    My brother ordered a yellow, automatic, sedan. The subie support line said there was no yellow coming, it was just on a prototype car. the NW headquarters for subie thought the same but said they would call Japan just to be sure. Japan says order away on the yellow, they are on their way. He also ordered the rear wing which I think is about $350 and it is installed at the destination dock when it comes off the ship, they are prepainted so I hope they can't mess that up. The 17" wheel option could be duplicated cheeper just by going to about any tire shop, I really don't think they will sell many of this option. My brother put a $50 deposit and is paying MSRP (no tax at least here in Montana so that really is going to be a better deal then $1000 under invoice.) I can't wait to see it, they haven't gotten any firm dates in yet, but he is the first to put deposit down on a yellow, at the dealer that has consistantly been on of the top volume dealers in the NW, so it looks good.
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    Subaru WRX for 25's done!!

    Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi had better run for the drawing boards. The WRX will just obliterate the sport compact class!! I have a Prelude VTEC and I certainly don't want to see that thing in my rear view.

    Subaru has just hit a home run. If they can hold their dealer to sell at MSRP (and not a "market adjusted value markup of 10grand or whatever the hell they charge) then Subaru had better keep those factories open all night to produce it. I'm really thinking of placing an order now!!!
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    not sure about home run. alot of ppl still think its "But it's a Subaru...". Alot off ppl still prefer their Lexus or bimmers over an AWD Impreza turbo. It's America here guys. Prestige and image is numero uno. Oh well more for us then eh?
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