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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • Silver Bullet brought up a good point. I think that demand will be high for the WRX. I mean, come on, awd, turbo, what else do you want. How much over MSRP do you think that dealers will charge? Will it be like honda s2000 situation?
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    u have to realise that not many ppl know about Subaru excellent offerings and still consider Subaru to be the maker of farm cars. =) So I doubt that it would get as high a price gouge as the S2000 or Integra Type R garner. Anyways it's all speculation. Edmunds' review thot it would be 25-28K and thot it was still worth it.
  • SpyponderSpyponder Posts: 128
    The performance numbers on this car seem fantastic. Performance aside however, any opinions on the looks of this thing? Based on the pictures I've seen, it reminds me of a Hyundai from the front, and a Corolla from the rear.

    Given the small dimensions of this car, I wonder if many will be willing to pay the price. That $24K MSRP someone mentioned is sure to be higher when options/accessories are added - Subaru is notorious for this.
  • Here's a site with some good info and pictures:

    Regarding option markup - there are very few options for the car. Only ones I'm aware of are a rear spoiler and possible security system.
  • I think the WRX sedan (without the spoiler, please!) is a very cool design! It looks very purposeful and is uniquely Japanese - in a good way. The fender flares are a nice touch, and the lights are terrific. You won't mistake this car for a Civic!
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    I think the dealers are going to gouge like no tomorrow. Production wise it is not that limited. But it will attract a lot of people due to the fantastic pricing. It is good tho, because now the likes of Celica, RS-X, eclipse will be priced lower because this price range is getting crowded with cars (which was non-existent from mid to late 90's) I am expecting a mark up of at least 2-3 grand. Maybe I will wait for the 2003 wrx..sigh.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323 lists yellow as a option for the first 3 months. This is very cool, anybody verified this as a possibility? I think the average Subaru dealer will stick to MSRP but does anybody know of a Subaru dealer that always does the $500 over invoice deal or something like that? They should have got this car here BEFORE winter, with all the poor driving conditions nationwide this year. Also I think the 2001 2.5 RS looks better then the 2002 WRX, oh well, it looks like a neon which is what I'm driving now. Does anyone know acceleration times for the automatic? I am more interested in 1/4 mile times, will it beat 14.7 sec a pre 98 Caddy STS can run? I'd get a 5-speed in a heartbeat but my wife says the neon replacement must be an automatic.
  • As verified by the OFFICIAL press release and OFFICIAL Subaru WRX web page: (

    $23,995 Sedan
    $23,495 Wagon

    Extra $1k for Auto on either one.

    And as for "Price Gouging":
    Only a couple of dealers have quoted ABOVE the official MSRP and have stuck to it. Most are saying MSRP exactly, but Maita Subaru here in Sacramento is quoting $500 bellow MSRP, and some people on the I-club got together a group-buy for the WRX at Diablo Canyon Subaru for $1000 under MSRP.
    Most subaru dealers are low volume, low hassle dealers (minus a few in largly populated areas) that are willing to sell cars reasonably. And if they arent williing to budge, SHOP AROUND AT OTHER DEALERS! Theres always another dealer near by, check your local papers to find 'em...
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    Got quoted sticker, no more or less, on the WRX at their local dealer here in PA. What a perfect replacement for their '91 Celica All-Trac Turbo.
  • The respected British journal "Car" has a review in it of the new Impreza WRX. (They previously named the WRX the Car of the Decade [for the 90's] over 10 other finalists including the BMW 3 series, and even a Ferrari 360 Modena.)

    They report 5.9 seconds to 60 mph, and say the redesigned version has more legroom and a heigth-adjustable driver's seat.
  • aflakeaflake Posts: 1
    The yellow color option definitely sounds exciting... and wild - just what you need for this bad Subie! However, when I stopped by a local dealer this morning, I was in for some surprise. They told me yellow was offered only in the Limited WRX, which supposedly has all the extra goodies like the 17", premium sound, leather, etc... for an outrageous $28K!!

    How does this sound to you guys? A Limited WRX? Is there even such a thing? And that price? How much more can you load into this already loaded Subie to jack up the price by 4K? (Obviously the under-informed salesman couldn't give me any precise details or price break-downs, and complained their dealer network,, was down.) Anyway, the feeling I got was they're scared of ordering a yellow car, and in case I don't buy it after ordering it, they are stuck with it, and no one around here seems to be bold enough to own a yellow car! (I live in Seattle :) But does this justify the price hike? Does anyone know the MSRP for the limited ed WRX, or for any of the options like the wheels and the spoiler... or any info whatsoever on the Limited WRX? They quoted the sticker price of $24K for the standard trim and colors. I know the yellow will be in short supply, and I don't want to miss it... if I can justify the price.
  • havochavoc Posts: 27
    Okay, once I got past the initial urge wretch at the thought of my buying a Subie for my first car, I have to say...the specs. on this machine are IMPRESSIVE! 227horses for a 3K lb car. It should be a blast to drive. The flat-four looks to be torquey enough to satisfy me (a person used to light truck V8s and sedan V6s)

    I'm a bit wary of the turbo reliability issue, but Subarus are very reliable, no doubt.

    If I can get a good deal on this car I might look into it.
  • My local dealer was fairly knowledgeable about the WRX, and has starting taking refundable deposits. I placed an order for a silver 5-speed sedan, with only the differential protector as a factory option - most of the other items listed on the WRX web page are dealer installable (such as the short shift kit, 17" wheels, and gauge package). I think I can live with the car as it is - it should be a terrific package. There was some question about the spoiler - the dealer seemed to think it was standard, and I told him it looked like it was going to be an optional accessory. I detest spoilers, so I hope he's wrong! Pricing? MSRP plus freight and TT&L, no more, no less. I sat in a 2.5 RS sedan to gauge the legroom - no problem for my long legs, but not a bunch to spare, either. If the WRX has an inch or two more than the 2.5 RS, I'm home free.
    Regarding the yellow, my dealer confirmed VERY limited availability, and a markup over MSRP due to the demand. That's okay with me - a nice subtle silver won't attract the patrol cars nearly as much.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    congratulations. I can only sit and envy you...
    However the stock tires MUST be replaced to get the most of the WRX. They are 16" RE92s all seasons. They SUCK big time even on the current gent Imprezas' relative "lowly" performance. Put on a good set of summer rubber and the WRX will tear a 3 series a new one! ;-)
  • Spoilers are an option.
    New Imprezas have 2 or 3 more inches of leg room I believe.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I got on the imprezawrx site and was unable to find any pictures of the wagon. Does anybody know what it will look like?

    Previous posts have talked about a lack of leg room in the older impreza, do you think at 6'8"
    I could fit in the new one?

    I currently drive a '87 camaro and a '99 Intrigue.
  • There is one picture of the WRZ Wagon on the Detriot Auto Web site - dark wagon from the rear. Click the small image to get the larger jpg.

    I downloaded it, but don't see anyway to upload to this forum ....
  • Ramon, I agree. I'm not planning on driving on those RE92s for very long. I'm considering a set of V rated Pirelli P6000 Summer Compound tires, as I have been very impressed with them on two other cars I've owned. Glad I like the design of the 16" alloys, though. For the kind of roads I drive on, 17's don't make much sense. My friend bends his M3's wheels all the time on our potholes, and that is an expense I don't need.
  • rally1rally1 Posts: 6
    My dealer quotes MSRP, plus $525 delivery, and then $595 for the gauge package. He's not sure on the price of the gauge pack, so he's using the price from current models.
    BTW do not buy a turbo car without an oil and boost gauge, or be ready to install one. Normally I would put my own one in, but i'll let them do it, and keep my warranty.

    So my deposit is down $500. $24,615 total.
    Silver, 5-speed wagon.
    Ordered it in Montana, so no sales tax :) . Now will Subaru still have the 6.9% financing by then?

    gauge package price?
  • rally1rally1 Posts: 6
    these pages will link to most of the articles out there.
  • Does anyone know whether the gauge package has to be ordered with the car, or can it be added at the dealership for a reasonable price? For that matter, what gauges are included? Is it the same package pictured in the current Impreza catalog?
  • sorry for repeating this post on the other wrx discussion, but...

    if anyone's doing a group buy in the santa clara/san jose, CA area,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. i'm very interested in
    picking up one of these beasts. : )


  • rbladerrblader Posts: 28
    I think I'm gonna sit and wait for the 2003 WRX. I've read from a UK car magazine (can't remember which one) which just tested the UK version (215hp, 0-60 in 5.7, 14.5 quarter mile) that Subaru will be exporting a limited edition WRX STi model which will come with AVCS (Subaru's VTEC/8500rpm redline?/at least 280hp stock) next year. I'm hoping that we'll be getting it here in the US too. I think that if it's under $30K, it'll be worth it.(0-60 in 4.7 sec for a 4-door family sedan??? It's gotta be the ultimate sleeper.)
    '92 Talon Tsi AWD
    '97 Impreza Outback Sport
  • rbladerrblader Posts: 28
    Some more details about the possible 2003 WRX STi Limited Edition...
    17-inch alloys, 225-width tires
    larger intercooler with water sprayer
    larger turbo (higher boost but more lag?)
    Forged pistons
    Stainless steel valves
    larger injectors
    4-piston front calipers, 2-piston rears
    Possibly bump the displacement to 2.2 liters and slightly higher compression ratio?
    Better flowing intake and exhaust
    Fog light covers with the STi logo
    and of course, AVCS (variable valve timing)

    The WRX STi has actually been available in the UK and Australian gray market for quite some time. But the word is, next year, Subaru will be exporting STi officially will full factory warranty. If the demand for the WRX proves to be high over here in the US, then Subaru will have no reason not to include the STi in their line up. That's more money in their pocket. The US is their largest export market with about 170,000 vehicles sold last year. Though most were locally made Legacies and Outbacks.

    my 2 cents
  • The possibility of a U.S. spec STI is very tempting, but I'll keep my order for a 2002 WRX, thanks all the same. As it is, the WRX's price tag is about as much as I can rationalize spending on a car - now imagine how much the insurance would be on the STI, plus the increase in the purchase price! Too rich for this boy. What I MIGHT to, however, is wait for some of the yummier STI bits to find their way to the parts department (ex: brakes) and do some upgrading at a later date. One of the things I like about the 2002 is its (relatively) understated styling... I'm a big fan of the "Q Ship" concept. No spoilers, decals, or coffee can sized exhausts, thanks. I'll bet the STI, once it gets here, will be available only with a full complement of "Hey, look at me!" doodads.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I am seriously into getting a 2002 WRX and then you have to go and tell me that there may be faster version next year! Patience is not one of my strong suits.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I doubt the STi models will arrive anytime soon. Besides, alot of owners can easily upgrade their turbow WRX to STi standards for less $ than to buy an STi WRX instead.
  • rbladerrblader Posts: 28
    I partially agree with Ramon. It's not certain that the STi will even come. But there is high probably since Subaru will be exporting it to other markets. It means full factory warranty which is important to me personally. I don't doubt that any WRX can be upgraded to STi performance levels. Heck, I've heavily modified my '92 Talon Tsi AWD myself. But you risk losing the warranty. So, if I have a choice, I'd rather pay a little bit more upfront for more performance than modify it myself and risk losing the warranty. Besides, the STi has features that'll be hard or expensive to install on regular WRXs like forged pistons, stronger block, heavy duty 6-speed tranny, AVCS head(variable valve timing), modified ECU engine mapping, etc.
    Anyway, I really hope that you guys buy as many WRXs as you want and prove to Subaru that there is a demand here. They really just might decide to include the US in their STi market.
    I might even end up with a "regular" WRX too. If Subaru decides to send us the STi in two-door coupe form only, then I'm gonna pass. I want a four door sedan. :)
    Meanwhile, I guess I'll have to drive around in my little Talon Tsi AWD for now. :)

    My 2 cents
    '92 Talon Tsi AWD
    Ported 16G Upgrade Turbo
    Ported exhaust manifold
    Ported oxygen sensor housing
    Griffin Front Mount Intercooler
    2.5' mandrel bent piping from downpipe to exhaust tip (larger cat converter intake and exit)
    K&N filter
    Modified MAF sensor (honey comb removed)
    550cc injectors
    Denso Fuel Pump Upgrade
    APEX SuperAFC
    ACT 2600lbs clutch
    Manual Boost Controller
    APEX EGT and Boost Gauge
    16X6.5 Alloys/Dunlop 8000 225/50ZR16
  • rbladerrblader Posts: 28
    I've been thinking... or hoping that what Subaru is about to do (by selling the WRX here)starts trend among other manufacturers that market great cars that are not available here. If the WRX is a hit. Wouldn't that encourage the others to send the Lancer Evolution 7, Ford Cosworth, Skyline GTR etc. over to our soil? And I hope that it would also stimulate development by the US BIG 3(or 2?) for similar cars. I not saying that Z28s, Cobras, Vipers and Corvettes are slow. But we could use more cars that have better all around performance(all weather and surface/real world not track driving), functional utility(passenger and cargo space), fuel efficiency and reliability all combined in one vehicle. I mean all these features are available in different cars now. But rarely found in one package. Okay... except the Skyline GTR :)

  • Having had a chance to talk to the Subaru folks at the long lead press preview for the WRX last year, don't expect an STi version until they start to see sales slack off. I'd suspect 18 months at the earliest.
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