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    Only sedans will come in yellow. SOA has said that specifically.
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    wrxanswers, EVERYTHING I know about the WRX I learned on the internet, mostly by keeping up with the excellent site at as well as SOA's website. I've never claimed to know it all, but the chip on your shoulder must keep you from seeing clearly. I don't expect green salespeople to have all the answers, but I do expect the GM of the dealership to be intelligent and well-informed, and in my dealings (so far) with the GM at "my" dealership, I've been disappointed. The sad thing is, he's the best in town, as the other dealerships here are of the "what will it take to get you into this car today?" school of salesmanship. I'm glad you are a true professional and enthusiast, because I've found that to be the rare exception where car dealers are concerned. As far as getting good info, maybe your zone rep is in denial - why not go right to SOA headquarters? I just find it very suspicious when high placed officials from the US importer release info to the press and public, and then I have representatives from dealerships tell me that same info "has not been released". Who's right?
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    yeah i know
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    If these posts here are to be believed and test drives are going to be hard to get then that is pretty disappointing. I think dealers would do well to further "get the word out" about Subarus. How better to do that then first-hand testimonials from people who test drove the cars? I like the car quite a bit based solely on what I have read on the 'net but I'm not committing to buy a car without test driving it first. I hope that the "no test drive" policy does not become a bad habit with all Subie dealers.
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    We all know the WRX should rip the competition a new one when it comes to performance. But for me a new car also must be a great daily driver and should not annoy me with NVH issues. Are there any current Impreza RS owners who could comment here on this? I would expect the WRX to be equal or exceed the older model in refinement. How's the engine sound at freeway speed? How about general noise levels? Long distance comfort? I live in Texas, so any drive for me is LONG DISTANCE! I'm not expecting a Lexus here, but I don't want early 90's Saturn levels of NVH either. Thanks in advance...
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    In answer to your questions about the 2000 Impreza 2.5RS, I owned one for about 4 1/2 months and put 11,000 miles on the car. The engine was fairly quiet unless you got after it, then it growled and buzzed. General noise level, well, the car was very noisy, usually had to talk above the road noise, annoying. As for long distance comfort, well, that was the main reason I sold the car, it was terrible, I drove long distances all the time and the seats were like sitting on plywood, there was no leg room for the driver (I am 5'6") and after 300 miles of feeling every single bump in the road I was very tired. On the good side of the car, it was peppy around town, although lethargic on the highway (always had to downshift to pass anyone), I could usually beat almost anyone stoplight to stoplight. The AWD worked well, although with the limited slip rear diff the backend liked to come around. The car seemed plagued by little problems, squeaks and rattles, and a very inconsistant clutch. Other than that, the car was fun. I do hope that the new Imprezas are better, I am eyeing one now, I always felt if my RS had more power I would have kept it. Just my .02 about the Impreza RS.
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    Although I haven't driven a 2.5RS myself, I can attest that our '97 Impreza Outback Sport which we bought brand new in Nov of '96 (now has 45,000 miles) is still free of rattles and squeaks. The road noise is present at freeway speeds but not that annoying. We can hold a normal conversation without yelling or anything like that. Our only complaint is that the stereo is weak. The only other problems that we had was a scratch that formed in the inside-facing glass of the driver side window which the dealer fixed and replaced under warranty. And the clearcoat top paint on the fake hood air scoop (made of plastic?) is starting to peel. Paint on the rest of the car is in excellent condition though. The engine is quiet and smooth. Sometimes, I still make the mistake of trying to start the engine even when it's already idling. From what I've read in the reviews,NVH properties on the new 2002 WRX is much better than the previous generation.
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    I forgot to mention that we once drove it from Detroit to L.A. (took us three days/10 to 12 hours driving a day) and we enjoyed every minute of it. It was very comfortable. I didn't get tired driving and I still had a lot of energy left at the end of each day. We folded the rear seats and we filled the space behind the front seats up to the headliner with our stuff. We were pretty heavy but we only felt the weight on the way out of Denver in I-70 where we had a hard time maintaining 70mph. Otherwise, the engine was powerful enough to cruise at 75 to 90 without standing on the gas throughout the rest of the trip. We averaged between 400 to 450 miles each full tank of gas.
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    however I have never sat in an RS they may have stiffer "sports seats". Of course, different people like different seats.. I was also thinking that it might be less expensive to buy custom seats and have them installed, when compared to the depreciation expense that you go through selling a car in it's first year or so.

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    Thanks for the responses...

    I'm not too encouraged by your reports though! Though I like a sporty car, I value the feel of quality and NVH is pretty important to me. My dad's '92 ES300 is a benchmark that I invariably compare other cars to.

    I hope the WRX resolves those NVH issues over the previous generation. Power wise I'm not concerned since now there are 227 ponies. Downshifting to pass quickly is something that I don't like about 4s as compared to V6s. I suppose this is one of the more torquey four cylinders out there.
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    This is a response to the one who posted a question about Subaru's AVCS (Advanced Variable Cam System?). I just read this from the current issue of Sport Compart Car. I do not have any independent confirmation on this so... Apparently, Subaru's AVCS varies the valve timing of the intake valves only unlike Toyota's VVTi or Honda's VTEC or Mitsubishi's MIVEC, etc. The article didn't mention whether the system is infinitely variable or two-stage. The article also mentioned that another difference between the US WRX and the Japan WRX NB is a larger compressor wheel in the turbo and a higher boost of 17psi as opposed to "just" 14.2psi(or is it 13.5psi?) for our version. Otherwise, it claims that the rest of the engine internals are the same. Which means that eventhough our version's redline is set at 7000rpm, the valvetrain can actually safely handle up to 7500rpm. Although revving the engine that high will probably be pointless without other upgrades. Another article that I read somewhere (again, this is unconfirmed) claims that later in the year, Subaru will offer a chip upgrade for the ECU that would reprogram it to let the engine make up to 270hp. Although I suspect that to achieve that, you'd have to buy other bolt-on upgrades for the intake and exhaust.
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    Ive test drivin the RS a couple of times and I found it to be perfect for my tastes. I thought the seats were very comfortable and supportive (5'10") and that they wraped around my frame. The steering wheel is perfect for feel and the car has an exellent viewing position.
    The ride is stiff but its not sports-car stiff, the legacy is quite a bit more compliant if you need to compair. There is some nagging wind noise from the front left corner of the window but I dont notice stuff like that when im driving. I also enjoyed the ride height for daily stuff... why? Cause I didnt have to worry about sharp curbs or steep angled driveways, IE scraping the bottom of the car on anything.
    The interior is nothing to whoop about, and its kinda flimsy, but it holds up very well over time aparently. I find the interior design to be perfect in terms of practabilty and design (minus the cup holder).
    The new line will greatly improve the interior quality and solididity wise, and the ride will be more compliant and more quiet (No performance compromise though!) so you might want to wait and check them out.

    BUT, on the other hand, I drove a new civic as everyone has always praised civics on their comfort, quality, etc. I liked the stiff and solid interior, but it was square and annoying. The steering wheel was uncomfortable as well. The sound level in that car is about 2 times as bad as the impreza if you want to know, and the ride is too soft and bouncy. It will help you to check out how that car drives after or before checking the Impreza... so you can see the difference :)
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    Subaru's are allocated to dealers. In other words,a Subaru dealer cannot just order the cars they want to have on their lot. The more Subaru's a dealer sells the more SOA allocates for them. So if your dealer sells 30 Subaru's a month SOA will allocate that dealer another 30. Bigger dealers will be allocated with new cars like the WRX, while smaller dealers will typically have to have one ordered and delivered before SOA will allocate one to them. If you live in an area that has a good market penitration of Subaru's there will be a WRX on the lot to test drive. If the dealer is hesitant to let you test drive it tell them to ride with you. If your local dealer does not have a WRX on the lot it sounds like a good excuse to take a road trip to a bigger dealer. If you test drive one and decide to buy, order from your local dealer if they are reputable, and they will then be allocated one for other people like you, and myself, who would rather drive a car before you buy it.
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    Is there anyone out there who has ordered a WRX who has a CONFIRMED date the car is to arrive?
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    I sell Subaru's in Texas. A growing market, but certainly not Subaru's most fertile ground. Also, for those of you who want to test drive before buying I fully understand. I am going to be reluctant to let people drive them when we (if) we get a stock unit. Nobody wants to buy a new sports sedan that someone else just went "joy riding" in. How do you balance people's need to know what they are getting with keeping an idiot from messing up a new car that they aren't going to buy?
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    wrxanswers, my dealership has no idea when "my" car is supposed to arrive, so I guess we both get to enjoy the surprise when it shows up. Interesting info about the allocation process - thanks. It more or less jibes with what my dealer told me, that the only cars they would get would be those ordered with a deposit. I was also disappointed to learn my dealer was correct on one other point - the WRX did not make an appearance at the Houston Auto Show. The Subaru Product Information Specialist at the show said very few show appearances were scheduled - mostly just the main venues, like LA and Detroit. She was very enthusiastic about the WRX, saying it would appeal to a more "mature" crowd, since it was going to be possible to get one without all the boy racer wings and decals.

    Outbackguru - If it were my store, I'd earmark one car for a demo and let it take all the abuse - unless, of course, you weren't going to get more than a trickle of cars. If that's the case, I'd say "no test drives" until the demand tapers off. I certainly wouldn't buy a WRX with demo miles.
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    I was following this msg board for long time,
    searched web for every bit of info on this car.
    First when I saw this car I didn't like it, but it
    grew up on me eventually, and I sort of like it now...
    Untill this weekend I was sure I will get it.
    Now Canadian prices are announced .... I did't
    exect the price to be so high.
    Yes I know performance and so on...
    But my estimation was at 32 as a maximum (my cut off price)
    Subaru estimated at 35000can, plus options...
    It's the same as Maxima SE, Audi 1.8T Quatro, Acura CL3.5 and very close to BMW325 at 36.700can
    I know this car is better performer, bu Audi had
    turbo and AWD too, and admit it - much better built car!...
    I still like this car and see if I can make it to get it at 35, but now I look more at
    Golf GTI 1.8t (at 26.000can - 9.000 cheaper)
    and Prelude (at 28.000can - 7.000can cheaper)
    Any other canadians here on this board?
    What do you have to say? I am from Toronto.
    Cant wait to see this car at the show here on
    Feb 16.
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    For the price - $34995, u're getting a deal. There is no competition. This car will own all other cars in it's price class and those who are above. Do not even compare it with an audi a4 1.8t. The nearest performance comparison is an audi S4. That car MSRP at $56,000. So for more than 20k, u're getting one heckuva car.
    The GTi and Prelude which you mention are good cars. For regular driving you will not feel much of a difference. But are a joke compared to the WRX. Seriously how can you even put FWD cars in the same league as a turbocharegd AWD?
    My advice to you is to get the WRX while the price is still decent. Rumors has it that it that the price may go up on subsequent years.
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    should i get this car or not? It has all the numbers, no question. But it doesn't look good! I feel this is more than opinion. For comparison, the Volvo s60, bmw m3 (e36, e46), most ferraris, opel speedster, they are all really good looking cars. Why can't the Subaru have the same level of art?

    oh well, perhaps if it did look as good, it would command a higher price. I'm getting no options except the 17" wheels if they aren't too expensive (don't tell me what the rumor is, i know already).

    i've read the article in CAR magazine on it, and they say the steering is spot-on, meaning no play at all, and the it is easy to oversteer! Holy crap, but i doubt Subaru will let that suspension tuning arrive here. The brits are also paying quite a bit more for the car (21500 GBP).
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    I put my $1000 deposit down for a silver sedan (manual of course) on Saturday. The dealer here in Chicagoland says he has taken deposits on 4 and sold them all for sticker, no more no less. The dealer did a commendable job trying to provide information but was by no means an expert, I felt I new more about the vehicle than he did.
    He indicated I should have my car in 8 to 10 weeks. He did not offer any information regarding the allocation process, he just implied that he would send my order in and it would be built accordingly.
    Does anyone have more accurate information on the delivery schedule or allocation process?
    Has anyone been given a IN for the order you've placed?
    What is the best source for more info on order processing and vehicle allocation?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I didn't like the WRX's looks either until I saw the "gallery" on the British Subaru site.

    Even the wagon looks good.

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    Small dealerships like mine, will not be allocated any cars from the start. Subaru spends a lot of money learning the market areas for their automobiles. Those of you in a market area where they (SOA) predicts good sells, will be allocated some WRX'S. In the future if sells are good, allocations will be better. If you have ordered a WRX the order will be sent in and yours will be built immediatly. If you stay in touch with your dealer they will be able to tell you when the week it is to be built and the projected week it is to arrive. Subaru will send them that info eventually. Silver-Bullet, your dealership, like mine must be small enough to only get ordered units. But with ordered sales they should get one or two allocated to them. For those of you who are upset with the fact that you know more than your dealer about the WRX or Subarus in general, don't be. You are what we call Subaru junkies. 9 times out of 10 you are better informed and more knowledeable then the people you buy the car from. Don't be upset. The typical Subaru buyer is well informed and internet savy. I like it when a Subaru junkie comes in. I always learn something new. Subaru dealers spend more time learning about things like the safety ratings, or the fact that you can shake the whole car with the hood, or the fact that you can put full body weight on the doors and it will not hurt the car. The purpose of that is to help encourage first time buyers of the quality of Subarus. For those of you who are Subaru junkies you already have good reasons to own a subaru and don't need some silly salesperson to tell you why. I got an insurance quote from someone who has ordered a WRX. His price was 400 something per year, not bad. As I learn more I will let you know, I would appreciate the same.
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    I just wanted to say that I am glad that we have input from one of the people "on the front lines". People like you are one of the reasons that these forum's are so informative..

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    I just ordered my AR Blue 5-speed Wagon yesterday and I wanted to tell everyone a little about my buying experience.

    I live in the Washington DC area and we have several (6 or so) Subaru dealers to choose from. The first two dealers I visited knew very little about the car and had no information beyond the MSRP press release. One did not know his allocation and the other told me they were sold out of their first allocation and that I could not have a car until April at the earliest. They both initially quoted me MSRP. When I told them I was going to buy a WAX and order it on Monday, I got both to agree to knock $500 off the MSRP. However, their lack of knowledge was a bit disconcerting to me. I also got the "I'll have to ask my manager" line from one of them, which I can not stand!

    I than visited Stohlmans WV/Subaru in VA and met with a sales re who was not the most knowledgeable in the WAX details, but who immediately got me 2 people that were, including the Sales Manager. The Sales manager was extremely knowledgeable of the car and had already ordered his own WAX Wagon. We talked for awhile about the car and than he got out the new WAX Sales Brochure. I actually watched him tear off the wrapper and I was the first one to look at it! They actually gave me the WAX book to take home with me for the rest of the weekend, along with a copy of the options list, since I told them I was going to order the WAX from them on Monday. Not the best negotiating tactic, I know, but after the experience of the first two dealers, I knew I was buying from them after talking with them for 30 minutes or so. In the end we agreed to a sub-MSRP price with a $500 refundable deposit and I could not be happier. I don't know if I got the best price I could have since I did not visit the other 3 dealers in the area, but I know that I actually enjoyed the buying experience and that's worth a couple hundred bucks at least!

    I hate to make this sound too much like a commercial for the dealer, but having read some of the horror stories some people have gone through trying to order a WRX (and experiencing the mediocrity of other dealers in the area) I wanted to both commend a good dealer and maybe save others some time and some grief.
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    Geico gave me a preliminary quote that is not much more than I'm paying for either of my other two cars, so the insurance issue doesn't seem like it is going to be a problem. Thanks for taking part in this forum and letting us in on any "inside" news.
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    Yeow! Subaru has released preliminary pricing on WRX options - are you sitting down? The 17" forged BBS wheels list for $3035.00 WITHOUT tires! Sure glad I didn't order them! The gauge pack (if you have to have it) is $638.00, a short shift kit for the 5-speed is a reasonable $260.00, and a rear differential protector is a paltry $92.00. Check out the rest of the list at
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    I'm not sure if the British WRX get the same BBS wheels, but if so, that sure explains the far greater price across the Atlantic, not to mention the larger brake drums. Well, 17" wheels aren't really an option for me in New York City, where the roads are so lousy that even 16" wheels feel extremely harsh.
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    The European WRX does come with 17's, but they aren't the BBS wheels available as an option to us. I've heard that the larger brakes (discs, not drums :-0) will likely fit cars with the 16" wheels, as the Japan market WRX has the larger brakes AND comes with 16x7 wheels (US cars come with 16x6.5 wheels). I'm with you - the potholes around here eat up 17's with their 45 series tires.
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    I am glad you got to a dealer you enjoyed. The buying experience should be fun. If you bought the car for anything below MSRP you did fine. Especially if you liked the dealer. Do yourself and the dealer a favor if at all possible, go to them for service!!! I hope you enjoy your car. Let us know when you get a confirmed date of delivery.
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    I have heard lots of prices on the wheels. All have been very high. It is true they don't come with tires. My suggestion is that unless you just feel the need for the Subaru rims, GET YOUR 17'S ELSEWHERE. Maybe Subaru will get the message and will lower the price later. Also for those of you who are not told by your dealer, there is a # in the front of your owners manuel to call Subaru about things you like or dislike about the Subaru. When they get a certain amount of calls they begin to change things for future cars. I promise you Subaru wants to know.
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    Whether or not I go to the dealer for service will depend on a few things such as good follow through now that they have my order, use of a car during service, etc. It will also depend heavily on their attitude towards aftermarket modifications and whether or not they will void my warranty. I plan on doing some fairly extensive modifications to the car and I don't want to void my warranty because the dealer noted some aftermarket items during a routine service. I'm not exactly sure how to broach this subject with my dealer. I'd like to be up front with him about it and just ask. Your a dealer. What's your stance on this subject and how would you suggest I broach the subject with my dealer?
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    After seeing those prices, maybe those are in Canadian dollars???
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    I've heard the completely upgraded stereo in the old 2.5RS, and it doesn't sound as good as I want. It needs a new head unit at least. So does anyone know if that 6-disc changer in the WRX is compatible with a new head unit?
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    ottos: The 6-disc changer in the wrx is in the factory installed, double din head unit. Obviously if you want a new head unit, you're going to lose your changer.

    I suppose if you are some sort of electrical engineer, you could find a way to connect it to another head unit... but that's a different discussion.
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    kostamojen2, the rest of the prices on the list match with another source I've seen, so I'd conclude that the price for the BBS option is in US$ as well. I've purchased several sets of BBS wheels from the Tire Rack for other cars I've owned, and they've never been cheap, but $758+ per wheel is nuts. Wrxanswers is right - if everyone says "no thanks", maybe SOA will get the message and rethink their pricing strategy.

    I'm inviting all kinds of flames here, but regarding the sound of the factory stereo... well, who cares? Music isn't the point of buying a WRX - if great sound is really important to you, maybe a Lexus with the Mark Levinson option should be on your shopping list. Different car, different mission. I doubt I'll ever turn mine on once I get the car, but that's just me :-)
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    I don't know alot about aftermarket products. I do know this. Most will void your warranty. This can even include stereos. Whether or not the dealer says anything depends on the dealer. Most dealers will not tell. Keep in mind though, if a problem comes up where a Subaru rep is needed and they find out about the aftermarket things the dealership will be responible for all repairs already charged to the car and you will be charged all the rest from that date forward. Here is my suggestion, talk to the service manager. See where you get with them. You are right, be honest. Also you might find some aftermarket companies will work with car companies to keep the warranty in place. These products always cost more but in my opinion are worth it. Just be careful. Talk to the local dealers and remember that if you void your warranty you will be on your own. Let me know your findings.
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    turboxs, you have specific legal rights with respect to aftermarket mods - as does your dealer. Go to the SEMA website and read up on the law. In general, if the part you installed causes the failure of another part on the car, the manufacturer has no obligation to warrant the repair. If, however, you install aftermarket shocks, and you have a problem with your car's A/C, the manufacturer cannot deny warranty coverage. Dealers are independent businesses (for the most part), and are free to do what they think is right - realizing that the parent company may not agree to reimburse them.
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    Since it seems the discussion about wheels has resurfaced, I am reposting my earlier post (I promise, no affiliation with the website: You can get very similar wheels- with tires- for right around $1,000 from numerous aftermarket wheel dealers. Unless you are a stickler for OEM parts, look at the MAS Callisto 17" KONIG Rush 17", ENKEI TBS11 or ENKEI RMR's:

    I plunked my $500 down for right of first refusal with Lou Fusz Subaru in St. Louis. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and ironically relying on the same Subaru homepage the rest of us have been using to determine pricing (at $23.9k for sedan 5spd); they too were aghast at rumors that 17" BBS wheels may turn out to be a $3000 option.

    Heres a suggestion: BBS lookalikes: Do the Impreza RS test at and check out the "Wheels" page "Interactive Wheel System (requires shockwave)", Go to: "Subaru/Impreza/Sedan" (You get to see somebody else's wheels on your car before you steal them).
    Look at the following models starting at $949 including performance tires: MAS Callisto 17" KONIG Rush 17" ENKEI TBS11 or ENKEI RMR (I believe the ENKEI's are ringers for the BBS's).

    Hard news: There are 175 vehicles scheduled to deliver to Midwestern stores and 161 have been sold. The dealers apparently don't get the car delivered without a buyer commitment. Best Regards.
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    Thanks for the tips on wheels. There are a number of great alternatives to the OEM BBS option.

    More importantly, where is the "hard news" coming from? I would like to verify it with my dealer and confirm my order is scheduled or allocated in the 1st group, any suggestions?
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    If I got a lexus, I couldn't do 0-60 in 6 seconds with sportscar steering and handling for under $25k. But I also like my music a lot, and I am kind of an audiophile, so when I'm not practicing heel-and-toeing, I want some real nice sound out of the car. I'll be playing Rage against the machine or DJ Shadow or Tori Amos.
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    Plus, with the Lexus, you'd have to figure out how to keep from falling asleep ;-) I drove my friend's IS300 recently - yawn. I didn't notice the stereo in that car, either. I guess I'm getting too old to properly do more than one thing at a time. I think the WRX is going to be plenty entertaining with or without Tori :)
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    I heard a commercial from a company where you can rent tires and wheels - 1-877-RENT-A-TIRE or something like that...
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    Although not previously concerned, all of this talk of wheels, BBS, Potenza, etc., has me worried.

    For those in the know, will the standard 16 x 6.5" wheels make the WRX look like a man with a beer belly and stick legs, or will the width be appropriate for those flared fenders?

    What is the widest wheel that would safely fit on this car? Would it take an 8" wide rim?

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    The $750 each 17" BBS that are the dealer options are a high end BBS wheel, everybody is not used to buying a racing wheel that would actually stand up to a rally race, let alone potholes. BBS makes a very similar wheel for much less and many other manufactures make similar wheel also for even more savings. I'd stay away from the dealer 17" unless you planned on running the Paris to Dakkar on your vacation.
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    Hersbird makes a good point. Forged wheels like the optional BBS's are very strong and light, but can be very pricey. However, a 17" El Cheapo cast alloy wheel is not going to seem like much of a bargain if you bend one every time you hit a pothole. I'd recommend staying away from bargain priced 17s, but you might want to consider a quality wheel like the SSR, a non-forged BBS, or something similar. Look for wheels that have been TUV and JIL approved, and you can't go too far wrong.
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    Does anybody know if the wagon (which doesn't have the fender flares) will accept the 215 X 45 X 17 option. I'm thinking about an alternative to the expensive BBS SOA option and considering Pirelli P7000 Supersport tires on an as yet to be determined set of rims. Anybody have any experience with them? Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the $1500 optional suspension kit will be worth it?

    Thanks to all for your contributions.
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    You might want to go to and check out the owner's survey and customer comments for the Pirelli P7000. I ran these tires on my BMW 3 series and was very impressed with their performance - you also might want to do some comparisons with the Bridgestone S02, Michelin Pilot Sport and the better Dunlop models (SP8000?). From what I've read, the offset of the 17x7 BBS wheels will allow them to be fitted to either the sedan or the wagon.
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    Yes, this is available on the WRX wagon as far as any info that's been released. Actually, the standard wheel style in the 17" style w/215 series tires is standard on the UK WRX wagon. Go to the UK Subaru site and take a look.

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    Only 175 cars? Is that what is supposed to be delivered to dealers not including orders? Where did this info come from? I work at a dealer and we do not yet know if we have been alloted any of the famed WRX yet. I will call some other dealers tommorow and see if they have been allocated any yet. For those of you who want to order a WRX, don't be afraid, I am sure that Subaru will fill your order, but I could be wrong. I will dig around tommorow and see what I can find out.
    Let me know if anyone has any info about this. By the way, I have a brochure in front of me if anyone has any questions that can be answered by the brochure you can't find elsewhere on the net.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Member Posts: 1,339
    wrxanswers, I received a brochure from SOA last week after requesting one from the web site. It contains 12 numbered pages plus the color chart and back cover. I've heard this is a "preliminary" brochure, and that a more comprehensive WRX brochure will be arriving at dealers soon. Which one do you have? Does it picture any of the accessories like other Subie brochures normally do?
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