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    for some fairly in-depth driving impressions of the US-spec WRX. You needn't worry....just some natural buyers remorse creeping in...but unfounded nonetheless. :-)

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    Thanks for your input bedabi!! What a great price from Vanbortel Subaru! I am living in California which has emission control. I am wonder if I buy the car from NY, would it pass the smog check.
    I might order it from Vanbortel Subaru and I'll take the fly to NY and drive back my
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    I know a place that will discount a WRX considerably if it is an ordered unit. I don't know about a WRX that is for allocation. Go to, and look under dealers. The dealer is in Evansville IN. Send him an email. He will quote prices through email, and take orders through email. Good luck in the purchase of your new WRX.
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    As far as I know, any car that passes New York emissions standards passes California as well. Now a trip across the country in a WRX.......!
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    At Santa Cruz Subaru, someone from I-club just backed out of a order for a white 5-Speed WRX Wagon in the first shipment for $750 over invoice ($1225 under MSRP)... Call them up and see if its still availible quick!
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    Wow, thanks again for all the input guys. I'll call Santa Cruz Subaru this Weekend to see if I can make any deals. If not, I'll give Evansville IN Subaru dealer a call. If nothings works, NY would be my last move..........I know it's a long a WRX :)
    ...BTW- I have ever been to NY.may be I should take a vacation.

    I'll get back to this forum in about a month.
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    Hi. I just recently decided to seriously consider getting an Impreza now that a WRX version is coming stateside.

    My question is this:

    I keep reading some people telling others to wait for the STi version.

    So, currently there is no plans to ship it stateside... are there contradictory plans?
    Are they reconsidering?

    Any information would be great.. thanks.
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    One of my concerns about any kind of long distance purchase is break in. Do you really want to put anywhere from 1000-3000 miles on a brand new car for break in? Seems like the savings in money wouldn't be worth the excessive initial wear and tear. I mean you could vary the speed and everything, but seems like a rather extreme and unfavorable way to break in a vehicle. Wouldn't be worth it to trailer it that far either IMHO.

    Everybody likes to save money, but when you are talking about a $25K+ vehicle, even $1000 is a relatively small amount whether you pay cash or finance (especially if you finance). Another thing to think about is when you buy a car from a particular dealer, you are building a relationship for not only future purchases, but for service as well. Even though any dealer is suppose to happily do warranty and other service on the car, they sometimes don't look at it the same way when it wasn't bought from them. I've seen it happen. They end up thinking, "they weren't willing to buy the car from us, but now they want us to service his car/help them with this problem?" I know it shouldn't matter, but that is a reality in some cases in my experience. Just my $0.02.

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    Both points are quite valid. A cross-country roadtrip is not how I'd want to break in my new car either. I, too, have gotten the "you didn't buy it here" cold shoulder from dealers when taking cars in for warranty work. For most dealers, loyalty matters, and they tend to reward loyal customers with better treatment, a loaner vehicle, etc. All this is why I decided not to go crazy on a long distance deal half way across the country, just to save $1K or so.
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    These dealers give you the cold shoulder? Are they making that much money that they can turn away whoever they please?

    You should either make a scene, or if that's not your style, politely tell them to go to hell. When I am trying to get jipped, I tend give them a few stinging words (without cursing).

    They are taking your money, they should be waiting on you hand and foot. It not only shouldn't matter, it doesn't matter whether or not you bought a car from them. You should go somewhere else. Specialty shops can also provide good service.
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    After driving WV's for the past 24 years, I have decided to make a change. The Impreza WAX just reached off the page and grabbed me when I read a review of it.

    I did my research and then did it again. Then, this past weekend, drove up to Lewisville, Texas and put a deposit on a silver WAX sedan. The options that come with the car are key less entry, alarm and the upgraded rear-view mirror. I guess it auto-dims and has a compass built into it. What it really needs to have is a message bar that says "Slow Down NOW. Police Car Approaching."

    The dealership is asking (and getting) MSRP. They admit that they have heard of some dealers taking less and many taking more. They invite buyers to find dealers that take less and shop there.

    They are also afflicted with Cob Engineering, which specializes in Subaru performance upgrades. I was impressed that they sell new cars on the showroom that have already been given the upgrades (suspension, short shift, improved intake, etc.). They come with full warranties.

    Mine should be available in two weeks. Can't wait. Now, if I can just sell the VW GTI VR6 in time.

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    I will be very sad if you get your car in two weeks, because I ordered mine in mid-February and won't be getting it until mid-April.
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    Just wanted to make sure that you were aware of a couple of things. First of all, the keyless entry is std but the alarm is part of the sec pkg upgrade (car is pre-wired for this). Second of all, SOA does not warrant any of the aftermarket items offered through STI and, in fact, won't allow Subaru dealers to install. I read the actual notification to dealers from SOA. I think that this is actually posted on I'm sure SOA doesn't warrant anything from Cobb either. The only warranties would be that offered by tuner or parts mfg. Certain modifications may void your SOA warranty if it's proven that they caused or contributed to the malfunction in question.

    I have the auto dimming mirror w/compass on my 00' OB Ltd and have come to really appreciate it. I am getting this along w/extended center armrest (check out std armrest, it's really shallow and low), and sec pkg upgrade on my silver WRX sportwagon due in the first allocation.

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    hi everyone,
    i'm debating to get a WRX but do not know about subarus or any other cars in general. i first wanted to get a jeep wrangler sahara for the fun college student in me. but then decided on a honda accord ex v-6 for the soon to graduate wanting a comfortable ride engineer in me. in trying to find a middle ground between the two, the only one i could find was the WRX. practical yet powerful and not all luxurious where i would be afraid to take it to the snow. however, what i want to know and this doesn't necessarily deal with WRX's but subarus in general, is are they long lasting/reliable like hondas or toyotas? any insight anyone? also, in debating between the automatic or stick, the lazy person in me wants to get an automatic since bay area traffic can get ugly, but some of my friends have said that it would be a waste to get such a car in an automatic. anyone know if performance wise is it close to the stick or ...... ? lastly, i've heard the size of the WRX is comparable to the honda civic. i'm 6'3" and would like to have some room and then some for the person sitting behind me. will it be a tight squeeze? any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Congratulations on your new Subie! One word of warning about the Edmunds spell checker; it hacks things up pretty badly. WRX became WAX, VW became WV, affiliated became afflicted. Speaking for myself I leave my own personal typos in there and the heck with you folks ;-) But if you really want to use it you can customize the spell checker by clicking on the Preferences Link.

    Welcome aboard,
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    Yes, Subaru's are durable.

    With a gasoline turbo switch to synthetic
    oil right away, My 1986 Toyota 4x4 Turbo ate it's turbo probably because of this. Took it a while though. You're supposed to allow the engine to cool down so that the oil in the Turbo doesn't crack from the heat.

    My 1993 Legacy has 171,000 miles on it and still gets up to 80 or 85 (AT, it was loaded). It's amazing in snow, especially when my wife is driving it, we got it stuck twice, once was when I piled snow up at the start of the driveway to prevent her from comming up while I plowed down. She took it as a challenge. The only sad parts were the air suspention which was something like $400 per shock - we replaced it with a non air suspention (used). The most major expense was the steering rack.
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    The automatic is not as fast. Besides that, any automatic is very annoying to use. With a manual transmission, you can always select the gear that you want to be in. This is especially important when you are ready to pass a car. You downshift to get prepared, then hit the gas when you want to pass.

    The funnest part is learning to heel-and-toe and to double clutch.

    As for back seat room, it will probably be a tight fit for people sitting behind you. But you can always move up.

    I just finished reading a couple of reviews of the US-spec car. It looks like this car is easy to oversteer. The first thing I'm going to do when I break-in the car is execute a few spins.
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    The sportwagon has more rear seat legroom. You give up very little in the way of performance, something like a couple tenths of a second in 0to60 acceleration. Figure that the sedan w/5spd should be able to do this run in under 6 secs, the sportwagon @ about 6.1. Still a smoker w/extra room to spare. Just a thought if the rear seat legroom is a deal buster for some.

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    All of the WRX's get the smae emissions treatment weather they are going to California or here to Montana, this is one thing that sucks about the WRX and why it is not as good as the version in Japan. I realize it is not California's fault (this time) but Subie's for not wanting to worry about multiple setups.
    Nobody has tested the automatic's performance yet, but it is sure to be a bit slower then the manual if your are willing to really launch the stick hard. Otherwise I don't think you'd be missing much.
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    The new chasis on the Impreza WRX is 150% stiffer than the last generation, and the last gen could really take a beating... This car is going to be one of the most rugged and reliable cars on the road, easily on par with Honda in terms of reliablity (rated #2 out of all manufacturers by JD Power I believe)
    There are alot of people over at who are 6 feet Plus getting WRX's... And everyone whose been in one has said they fit, including some folks over 6'5"
    The Automatic in the WRX has VTD (Variable Torque Distribution) as well as a 45/55 power distribution (front/back)... The manual trans does not have VTD and its a 50/50 split power wise. So you might actually get better handling out of the Automatic... No one knows quite yet.

    Check out they have some pictures of wagons. has some as well in the gallery section.
    BTW, 90% of the people who hate the pictures of it turn out to really like it when they see it in real life. Perhaps you should wait until you see it in person before you judge it, no?
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    Steve: Right on. I've heard the same thing about the WRX looking better in person, especially the controversial headlights. I also read somewhere in my mad web surfing that the driver's seat can accommodate someone up to 6'7" because of the height adjustment feature of the seat. Of course, it really depends on one's body configuration. By that, I mean do they have a longer torso than legs, etc.

    Czarina: Great name! Anyhow, I've ordered a silver 5-spd wagon. I like the added versatility of the wagon, plus the rear seat is roomier. I too preferred this wagon over getting a 6cyl OB. I currently own a 00'OB Ltd w/auto so I'm looking forward to some ACCELERATION! I second what Steve said about checking out for pictures of the wagon. You'll need to go into the US/CA tab then the Detroit2001 pictures of the WRX. They have a black wagon on display. There are also pics under the Archive tab, Area 51. Hope this helps.

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    Other than the turbo engine, hood scoop, and front fog lights, does anyone know what you DON'T get when you save $5K by buying a 2.5RS? Do the same seats come with the RS?
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    Hi Ottos,

    I have some questions to you because you mentioned about "heel-and-toe" and "double clutch". I once owned Carola GT (RWD + 1.6 DOHC) and learned how to handle RWD cars. I also learned those things you mentioned. I definitely agree "heel-and-toe" is a must, but I was always wondering whether the double cluch was really necessary (I was doing it anyway). These days, I got little older and I am not using the double cluch anymore with my Jettar VR6. I often experience my shift stuck between 3 and 2nd gear. I thought this is due to the damn VW geat box. So, could you tell me why I still should use the double clutch?

    BTW, I have Impreza wagon and once I brought it to a big empty space when it was snowing (There is no chance that the 2.2L can win the awsome AWD traction under dry condition). I found that the Subaru AWD behaves very similar to RWD but I thought it was not exactly the same. I am not sure why I felt in that way, but probably the turning circle when it is under oversteer seemded little larger... Since then, I was a little bit scared to push the car anymore under slippery conditions. Does anyone have any experience of sport driving with AWD?
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    silver bullet, I might be wrong..but I think WRX has different suspension settings..
    as well as different hmm I read it somewhere that WRX has different piston or piston setting....or something like that...:) I forgot what exactly it is..

    does the tailpipe also different? maybe...

    well, hopefully anyone can have more accurate list of the difference :)
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    does not get the super duper seats from the WRX. of course no turbo too. But it get's .5l more displacemet. So the wrx will be slower when off boost. hahahaha.... but who drives below 3000rpm anyways right?
    Not sure about suspension. It has smaller brakes too. err... no rear LSD.
    I dunno what else. Oh yes, no leather MOMO steering wheel. In the case of CDN RS, no leather steering at all. =(
    No free SCCA membership.
    Head over to to see the full list of features b/t the models.

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    O.K. guys here is the standard equipment upgrade list from AS to WRX:

    2.0 DOHC Turbo engine
    aerodynamics side ground effects molding-black
    aluminum alloy hood
    6 disc CD changer and 6 speakers
    fog lights
    side air bags
    hood scoop
    keyless entry system
    limited slip rear differential
    map lights
    momo steering wheel
    sport tail pipe, dual outlet
    WRX floor mats
    VTD all wheel drive on automatics
    aluminum pedal covers on manual transmissions

    that is all the upgrades right out of the ordering guide. Hope that helps. That means the RS has the same suspention and seats I guess. I think it is just easier to build them that way. The fog lights and the keyless you can get as options on the RS but none of the rest of it.
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    the 2.5 RS does have a leather wrapped wheel just not a MOMO. the specification book also shows a slightly smaller front disc brake size in the RS, rears are the same. Suspension and seats appear to be the same.
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    VERY informative post! So, one could buy a 2.5RS and add the optional foglights and remote keyless entry, then wait and upgrade the brakes later (if it turns out to be necessary). I'd bet the rear limited slip will turn up in a salvage yard soon enough (thanks to over-exuberant WRX drivers). Personally, I can live without the other items on the list. For $5K, I'm starting to think the 2.5RS is a better choice for me -- that's real money.
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    I'd be sure and drive a 2.5 RS to see how it performs. I tried a 2001 model and was unimpressed. My neon was much quicker, handled just as good (except maybe on snow and ice, where the neon is not as good but still better then most cars), was roomier, and oh yeah... cost amost 1/2 as much when it was new ($11000 compared to $20500) The 2002 RS is a little less but it is missing things the old RS came standard with. I do think the WRX is a good deal, a wagon with no options is not $5000 more then the 2.5RS and the motor alone in the WRX is worth the extra, everything else they added is just gravy.
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    Scott: Be sure to drive both a RS and WRX. There is a world of performance difference (easily $5k worthy). Whether or not you could live with or w/o is the decision. Remember, the RS is w/the same motor (w/no performanc revisions) as the 01'RS but the car itself is heavier so it's not going to as quick as the older model. The RS is a capable, well put together vehicle but the WRX is the performance value of the new century!

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    Just received my new issue of C&D in the mail and there it was, all blue and ready to fly. Here are the down and dirty numbers!

    weight- 3124pds
    0-60- 5.8
    0-100- 17.5
    1/4 mile 14.7 sec 93mph
    Top Speed- 5th gear 140mph 5600 rpm
    5-60- rolling start 6.8 ugh!
    skid pad 0.82 they said it was the tires! 16"
    gas mileage- as if it matters! 24mpg

    Really runs out of gas after 60mph with a rather slow et in the quarter. They loved everything about it except the turbo lag, under 3000 rpm, and its looks. Maybe and STI is worth the wait cause I can't afford one now!
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    Just been reading April's automobile, there is an interesting item on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII. Seems this car is coming to the US for the 2003 model year (mid 2002?) and is aimed at competing directly with the WRX. A brief summary is AWD, 2 liter turbo, 276 HP, 283 lb-ft, 0-60 in 5.4, Curb Weight 3087 pounds.
    From the pictures it looks similar in size to the Subie and is not quite as aesthetically challenged. The current price in Japan is $25K
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    Silverjetta, I think you answered your own question, hehe. My truck does the same thing when I do not double clutch, it gets stuck between 3rd and 2nd, and especially from 2nd to 1st. If I force the gearshifter, it goes into 2nd (or 1st). I think this is because I am forcing the synchromesh.

    But when I double clutch, downshifting into any gear is much easier. If I get it exactly right, there is no resistance at all. I am sure that I am extending the life of my truck's old synchros when I double clutch. So I think double clutching will help your Jetta to downshift easier. I do know why this works, do you want me to tell you?

    I also wondered if double clutching is as harmful as helpful. So I thought about it, and I figured that even though you are using the clutch more, you are not slipping it much (not like when you start from a stop sign), so it is also not extra harmful to the clutch. The thrust bearing will get more wear by double clutching, but it is durable enough to last until you replace the clutch.

    But whether or not it is necessary to do it with the WRX depends on Subaru. They may have designed the synchromeshes to take the abuse of not double-clutching. But until I know for sure, I think double-clutching will extend the synchros' life while downshifting. It is obvious my truck's synchros were not designed for it.
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    I think the AWD feels like RWD in snow because all the wheels are spinning. So the rear wheels can slide sideways, just like a RWD car. Maybe it feels slightly different because the front wheels are also pulling and sliding as well, unlike a RWD car.

    I can't wait to double clutch my way into a corner!
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    I don't think the US will see that good an Evo if it really does make it here. It is more like the WRX STI and by the time it gets past emissions and crash testing (the intercooler and bumper will need reworked, I doubt it will manage the power the WRX has while weighing more. Then add to the price (as the WRX costs more here then the better version in Japan does) and I bet you're talking almost $30,000 for no better performance then the WRX has. I do like it's looks but would have to see it in person to get a true feeling of just how big or small it is.
    Competition is always a good thing and can only stand to make the marketplace better.
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    I am 99% sure that the 2002 RS has an identicle suspension set up to the WRX.
    I am also 99% sure that the seats are different. (No blue color stuff, its black I believe, and theres no Side Impact air bags)

    That poor skidpad number is cause of the RE92 tires on the WRX... Same sucky tires on the current RS! SOA is insane to put such totally crappy tires on such a good car! ARG!
    I suggest anyone who gets the WRX replace these tires as soon as your break in period is over... It will make a world of difference.
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    I want to know if anyone in here get a new 2002 Impreza WRX, and if you do, how's the car, and how much do you pay for the car. by the way is it hard to find one in CA-Los Angels? if not plz tell me where i can find one thx.
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    I spoke to a local dealer yesterday (Glen Burnie, MD), and he said they were getting their first shipment this coming Tuesday.

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    If you believe the SOA WRX web site, the 13th is the magic day - WRXs will begin arriving at dealerships then. I'm looking forward to reading the posts of those of you getting the first cars - I've opted to hold off and let others take the plunge first. I may regret my decision when the price escalates, but I can't justify the expense right now since my current vehicle still has lots of life left in it.
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    Got an e-mail from my salesguy yesterday. He said that my silver 5spd wagon should be here in couple of days. FYI, I live in Seattle and am in the first allocation. I can't wait. So, it seems that the 13th may indeed by the magic number.

    On another note, the Car & Driver article on the WRX was great. They also have a test between the OB VDC, Audi Avant 1.8T, BMW 325 AWD wagon, & Passat GLX 4-motion wagon. At the end of the article they mention the need for a re-match w/the WRX sportwagon, hinting that it may dethrone the Audi Advant 1.8T (the #1 pick of the group).

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    I work for a company that is a vendor to Subaru, thus allowing me to get in on the "VIP" program Subaru offers. Has anyone used this to get a discount on a WRX??? According to the information I received regarding this program, I should be able to get a discount (under MSRP, close to invoice). Anyone???
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    I have the '02 Impreza brochure in front of me.

    Turning circle (feet): 35.4 - (2.5 RS, OB, WRX); 33.5 - (2.5 TS)
    Anybody knows why the difference?

    Brakes: Front - 10.7 disks (2.5 RS, 2.5 TS, OB)
    11.4 disks (WRX)
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    Wow, getting yours in a couple days, congrats!

    BTW, I'm in Seattle too and ordered in 1st allocation... who's your dealer? I'm purchasing from Melody Subaru in Kirkland (despite overwhelming praise of Joe at Carter Sube) and I'm wondering if all dealerships in Wstrn WA can expect 1st allocation at around the same time? I haven't heard from the dealer regarding a VIN yet either.
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    Anybody want a yellow WRX???????????????????? I guess people will sell anything

    (P.S this is not my ebay ad)

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    is smaller for the TS prolly due to smaller wheels.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Smaller wheels, or less track width. Though that would put the RS and WRX together, but not the OBS.

  • barresa62barresa62 Member Posts: 1,379

    Hey, yeah I think that they should all be coming in around the same time in Seattle for first allocation. I ordered mine through Joe Spitz @ Carter Subaru. He's a real car guy and knows his product (can't be said for most salespeople I've encountered). I bought my 00'OB Ltd from Melody's when it was still Kirkland/Nissan (back in Feb 00'). I got a good price but, honestly, the svc dept sucks! Plus the additional drive for me from Greenwood/Phinney where I live is a little much. Additionally, they're only open Sat. on the weekends. You really have to book early if you want to get in then or you're stuck on the weekdays. Carter is just up the road from me. They have been selling Soobs since 76' and their svc dept is open 7 days a week plus free loaner cars. I was told by reliable sources that the customer satisfaction index is really low @ Melody's. In fact, SOA was toying w/the idea of holding back their matching adv funds until the index # showed improvement. Anyhow, I don't want to rain on your parade. Besides, you can take your new WRX to any Soob dealer for svc. Let me know what you ordered (color, options, etc) and when you get it. Check my profile for my home e-mail.

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    Or across the river in Vancover, WA needs to go look at the Subie dock and check the status. I'm sure there are cars down there and as soon as they start loading trucks you should expect them at the Seattle dealers later that day or the next.
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    I used the VIP program to order my Blue WRX Sedan w/ spoiler, short shifter and guage pack. I checked into it as soon as they unveiled the car at the auto show and was told yes the WRX was covered under VIP. The VIP plan entitles you to dealer cost (at least that's what my company's internal posting says.)Invoice for the sedan is $22,048. Mine should be in the week of 3/17. Just have to test drive and check into a sunroof...and get rid of a car or two I'm currently paying on!

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