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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506
    ...I ordered a silver wagon too because it was a sleeper. But I'm going to ruin the sleeper look when I put on 17 inch OZ's next spring in the quest for better handling. Silver sedans are a dime a dozen these I'm not overly worried I'll attract too much attention until I drive it.
  • I rented a Neon once. What a heap of junk.
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    I owned a Neon once. What a heap of junk. (is there an echo in here? :-p)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Silver rocks. It's nice and non-cop magnet. It can go for 6 months w/o being washed and still looks good. How can you beat it?


    PS: yes neons are crappolio
  • How about white... Also keeps cops away and looks even better unwashed than silver.
  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    Hey cupholder 1, I had no doubt I wanted one. Wife has a '98 Impreza 2.5 RS and I owned a '98 Forester until this summer. I liked the Forester alot. Good reliable car, more fun than previous "mini ute" (Sidekick) and no the windows don't break when you shut the doors. In fact I love a 4 door with frameless glass (hint, park on a hill and open one of those light weight doors and you will see why). Anyway I was jealous of the wife's RS. Very fast and stuck to the road like glue. When the WRX was announced I jumped at the chance. Needed a wagon for utility and got the performance to go with. At 5000 miles absolutly no problems. Car is solid quiet and feels very high quality built. Now even the gas mileage is OK. I am getting EPA 20/27 on just about every tank now.

    Buy it.

    PS, Ever owned a cult car?
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    What do you folks feel about the 1st oil change ? In my Acura, they recommended leaving the original oil in the car till about 7500 miles before changing it, since it was supposed to be a "break-in" oil, filled in the factory. Is there something like that in the WRX ? Also, I guess changing to synthetic at 3000 miles (assuming I do the 1st oil change at 3000 miles), may be a bit pre-mature right ? I was told that changing to synthetic before 10,000 miles was not a good idea, since it would, supposedly, not allow the engine to break-in well. In the Acura, I changed to synthetic after 10,000 miles, after having done the 1st oil change at 7500 miles (and every 3000 miles thereafter)....

    Any thoughts on the above ?

    Thanks in advance,

  • What have people been replacing WRX's with? I keep reading people gush about how fast it is and how great it handles. But if you are replacing a Ford Escort, you'd expect that.

    I'm used to an MR2 turbo which is almost as fast as the WRX and probably handles considerably better on dry pavement. I know from my test drive of the WRX that the MR2 has nicer seats and a better sound system also, but I'd be willing to give those up for a fun car that I can drive year round.

    There's also the recognition factor. I like having a car that looks like it just came off the track at LeMans. I doubt I'd get the same looks in a WRX wagon.

    So the 2nd question is, has anyone replaced a real sportscar with a WRX, and what are your impressions.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I was going to rent a Neon in February for a wedding. I've only driven the older ones. I think the redesign went backwards because it lost it's cuteness and the "Hi" face.

    AH: we queried an SoA rep and a dealer supplier I know, and both agreed there are no break-in additives in the oil Subaru uses. IIRC it was Havoline, nothing special, just SJ rated dino oil.

    I'd do the first change at 3000 miles, perhaps even earlier, to get rid of any metal shavings. I wouldn't go synthetic until it's well broken in, perhaps 15k miles or so.

  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    Thanks for the heads-up.

    I guess I will do the first change as soon as my "break-in" is over. I plan to "break-in" my car for 1500 miles, even though the manual only suggests that we do it for 1000 miles. That should hopefully ensure the longevity of the car. Personally, in my estimation, the car is not truly broken-in until about 10,000 miles of "smooth" driving is over (including smoothly and progressively raising the car's RPM to redline, every now and then, after the initial 1500 miles).

  • I dont know what i should get.. Subaru Impreza WRX Waggon, VW Jetta, or Honda Accord


  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506
    Yes, the WRX is much faster than what I am used to driving. But it isn't *that* much faster than the fastest cars I've owned. So the beauty of the WRX is that it does it all, decent handling, and a good dose of speed, in all conditions. Maybe I should stick that Nike apparel sticker on it ("ACG") meaning all-conditions-gear. Too bad Nike thought of it.

    The WRX does NOT replace my summer car, a Miata. The Miata runs circles around the WRX when it comes to fun and limits in the twisties, but the WRX does quite well thank you and does it almost as well with much less drama (assuming better tires). That's the beauty of AWD and the balanced design of the car. It's got a decent dose of thrill in everything it does any day...rain/sun/snow. Sometimes you want the drama, and that's why MR2's and Miatas exist, but sometimes you just want to get there quickly with a decent sense of fun and security...that's what the WRX is about.

    However, I think most people know that the WRX cannot replace a true sportscar (like my Miata, or S2000, or any of the other raw feeling sports cars), but then again, most people buy the WRX because it just feels capable without demanding the world out of the driver. With AWD and a fairly tuned suspension, it can hang with and even beat some more dedicated cars measurement wise. As far as the looks, some people like sleepers, there's something to be said about a car that hangs with more exotic stuff with a baby seat in back and a non-cop attracting package.

    For those who want the pinnacle of sportscar handling/performance, the Impreza can get them there too thanks to STi parts and the fact there are ultra hot Imprezas called P1's and 22B which don't apologize to ANY sportscars. The fact that the Impreza is a race proven package (see N-group rally cars) adds to its desirability.
  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506
    Decide what kind of car you want first.

    Accord is a reliable workhorse family sedan.
    Jetta is a comparatively unreliable, expensive (to buy and upkeep) compact sedan that feels posh and well detailed.
    WRX is reliable sedan that sacrifices luxury features for performance and has AWD for traction in any conditions.

    No doubt, at least in this forum, the WRX is the best choice!
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    I thought about getting Accord EX V6 coupe, but I don't have a family. So I throw that out of the window.
    Too many college students own Jettas around here. It is good looking, but I heard horrific problems with them. Not to mention their warranty sucks (until next year that is.)
    WRX is good all around, I can't wait until it snows. I couldn't move a thing last year here in jersey.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Also can't get a 5-speed in a V6 Honda. If that is an issue, I'm not sure.

  • wrxguywrxguy Posts: 51
    The posts earlier summed it up well
    the WRX has theraputic value it will put a
    smile on your face. Im not real familiar with'
    a Jetta as far as knowing anybody close who has owned one but I sure have read more than 30 remarks about the "iffy" general reliability of these cars. Accord is like Velveeta cheese
    its soo plain ......does the job...established reputable long shelf life.....cost is nice.....nobody complains..
  • The Accord is a ham & egger car. Point A to Point B, and will never break down. Decent power. If they offered it in stick, the V6 could go under 7 seconds in 60.

    The Jetta has a nice solid interior. Very comfortable and feels upscale inside. As people have mentioned, reliability is more suspect. For a couple of grand more, you can get a Passat -- same engine, but the car is bigger and made in Germany, while the Jetta is made in Mexico. The truly fun VW is the GTI, but it is on the small side. Like the Jetta, the GTI seems like a kid's car.

    The WRX... what is there to say about the WRX? Drive one, and you'll see. When I first test drove one, I was smiling ear to ear and ready to buy it on the spot... but the dealer didn't have the color I wanted in stock... and I have been tire kicking ever since. My main reservations about the WRX: 1. Less than smooth shifter that could be a pain to drive in the city, 2. Cheesey interior, 3. Feel very vulnerable in the car. Car feels like a tin can, and half the cars on the road these days are being driven by 5 foot tall women in 5000 lb SUVs that are putting on makeup while driving. 4. Poor gas mileage, and requires premium. I am told that "sprited driving" will lead to a sub-20 mpg average. 5. Insurance rates.. they're already high, and I am not optimistic about the rates in the future. Go read People are wrecking these WRXes left and right (dumb kids driving out of control, thinking AWD will save them).

    So, if you use your head, you probably won't get a WRX. If you follow your heart, say "hell, I only live once", and just want a big sh-- eating grin on your face when you drive, you know what to do...
  • Go do some test driving!!!

    Thats all I have to say about it ;)
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    Cupholder - I'm gonna take you to task on most of your issues.
    1. Less than smooth shifter that could be a pain to drive in the city - It smooths out considerably after some mileage.
    2. Cheesey interior - Ahhh .. that one is subjective but I kinda like it.
    3. Feel very vulnerable in the car. - Again subjective but there is no reason to feel vulnerable. The frequently touted frame rigidity is in large part due to the "Ring Shaped Reinforcement Frames" which disperse energy around the passenger compartment. Also, the boxer engine is designed to go down and under in a front end collision. "Feeling" is very subjective but your "feeling" is just that. The car is extremely safe in comparison to other cars in the price range.
    4. Poor gas mileage, and requires premium. I am told that "sprited driving" will lead to a sub-20 mpg average - I've been averaging 26+. Do you call that bad? Sure if you wanna keep your foot on the floor there is a price to pay but who drives like that all the time. Not even Paisian!
    5. Insurance rates.. they're already high - Well, I might have to give you this one. GEICO raised my premium 30% with a "performance surcharge". I've changed to Progressive and was able to beat my old GEICO rate. So, if you shop around rates are acceptable.
    - Hutch
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    I think this was asked before, but what's the auto trans like? If I got a WRX, it would have to be auto for my wife.

    Also, do the rear seats on the sedan fold down, or is there only a pass-through? I guess there's always the wagon option.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Even with my lead foot on the H6 2.7l 13 year old XT6, I get 19-20mpg in/around the city. On the highway I get 26mpg @ 77mph.


    PS: I have an auto.
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    mirth - The auto will be slower from a start because of a) waiting for the turbo to spool up and b) the delay of the torque converter. I believe there is an auto wagon owner here and he's happy. Break-in, a better flowing intake filter/exhaust will probably help with some of the lag. The auto will probably last longer unless you're doing brake stand launches.

    You'd really have to get used to it and anticipate the delay in traffic. Once the turbo gets spooled up though, you are firmly planted into the seat with a big surge of power. :-) The rear seats only have a pass through.

  • Drove my XT6 off a cliff last week. For a few moments it was actually accelerating faster than a new Ferrari. It also showed a new top speed of well over 200mph. Stopping distance was also exceptional. 240-0 in just 2 feet. (The depth of the crater.) I was getting no less than 10,000mpg too because it was coasting with the engine shut off before it went off the cliff.

    That really showed me what a safe car it is too. I watched it fly all the way down from the top of the cliff. It didn't explode and none of the debris hit me. Safest car to to push of a cliff while unoccupied I've ever seen.

    Anybody know where I can get some uses struts for an XT6? Mine are shot now. (Among other things.)

    What does this have to do with the WRX forum? I don't know, but the names both have 3 characters, so I thought at least one person would find it interesting.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    If you weren't a new WRX owner, the new generation of subaru owners that doesn't care about history, you'd understand that the XT6 is a rare old subaru, that is extremely hard to get parts for. But the newer generations (yes there was in fact subaru performance cars before the WRX and before the RS) have the same front suspension components. A lot of WRX owners upgrade their suspensions, and I am looking for one of said owners who has their old stock OEM struts, springs and top-mounts laying around their garage and would be willing to sell/give them to me for my XT6. So come down off your high horse!

  • Lay off his XT6. I think he posted a couple of weeks ago that his XT6 recently dusted a grandmother driving a Toyota Camry.
  • My XT6 would have dusted the Camry in the drive it off a cliff comparison test because of it's superior drag coefficient. It's one of the most aerodynamic cars of the late 80's. It put Chyrsler K cars to shame in it's day.
  • Well, Lets just say this has been an interesting week. 2 weeks ago, I purchased a nice WRX wagon. I couldn't wait for the snow to fly to see if this thing was just as much of a treat to drive in the white stuff as it is on the dry twisty road. The Snow finally came here in ND yesterday. The WRX is absolutely horrible in the snow. Couldn't even pull itself up a gently incline with 3 inches of snow on it. It was pathetic. Driving down an unplowed road with about the same amount of snow on it proved to be suicidal. I've had Mustangs that handled the snow better than that. SO, after about 2,000 miles,, and one snow fall that left me utterly disgusted, I no longer have my WRX. I traded it in this morning for an X5. As for the question posted earlier by someone wanting to know how the WRX compares to a real sports car. What do you consider a "Real" Sports car? I have a 2000 Z3, a 1999 Z28, a 1995 Impala SS, and a 70 Chevelle with a LS6 engine. Does the WRX compare to any of these? Not a chance in hell. I've drivin the MR2's and they are nice cars. One of the best handling,, and well balanced cars. I think you will be disappointed with the WRX if you are comparing it to the MR2.
    Comparing the WRX to my above mentioned cars,,is like comparing a 1974 Gremlin to a Viper. If you haven't bought it yet,,, don't buy it. You'd be better off with a Real SUV and your MR2. Good Luck.
  • you picked a good one (the X5)..see this link

    I think it beat the Ford Escape's record

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Yikes! jackyl must have money to burn! It also appears that he owns half the cars in North Dakota (not that that would be hard to do). It's just too bad he didn't offer it to get rid of it here first, I for one would have gladly taken it off his hands.

    -Frank P.
  • Well, you have to look at people's opinions and weigh them for what you think they are worth. Maybe jackyl's normal winter vehicle is a hummer, in which case, I'm sure the WRX would be a let down, though I imagine and X5 would be too.

    I think I'll keep my MR2 for another year. I can afford to keep it and the WRX. The WRX is already ordered and will replace my Civic. I know that AWD doesn't assure good snow handling, but I just can't see the WRX being as bad as jackyl says. I guess I'll get to try it for myself and see how it is. I don't expect to get beaten by many Mustangs when the snow flies though. It's hard to take that one seriously.
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