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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • don't get the RS... get the XT6. That is the best Subaru ever made, and faster than any other car on earth. Ask Paisan - I think he once beat a Grandmother in a Geo Metro in a stoplight race with his XT6.
  • it was funny only the first it is stale
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The guy has autocross results to back up his claims, so what gives?

  • wrxguywrxguy Posts: 51
    talking some mean doo-doo
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The WRX has won top honors in the "Sport Sedan -- under $30,000" category. Follow the link on the left sidebar of this page to read the story.

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  • Just yanking his chain. He sure is in love with that XT6 though.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    if the WRX sedan wins best sports sedan under $30k than does it translate that the WRX wagon is the best sportswagon under $30k? :-) BTW, I know the answer as do most WRX wagon owners, LOL.

  • Anyone seen the Protege5 wagon? That car sure looks nice... but at 130 HP, it has no guts. I'd love to put the WRX engine in the Protege5 body.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    How true! That would be an ideal combo, indeed.

    However that car already handles incredibly well (better than the Impreza TS Wagon, AWD notwithstanding!) IMHO. And the engine is sweet, if a mite underpowered.

    The MP3 (which spanked all competitiors in a recent (albeit limited) handling comparison, including the WRX, in autoweek, I think) will return in a year as an MPS (Mazda Performance Series) with an engine that whistles (Mazda's 2 litre turbocharged engine?) and should be pretty interesting. Especially if they decide to put that engine into a P5 body, or give us the engine the Familia Sport 20 (what the Protege 5 is caled in other parts of the world) has - 165 or so HP.

    Hopefully they'll do away with the love-it/hate-it MP3 music system for something better looking/easier to use!
  • I'd seriously consider getting a Protege5 if I didn't worry about getting killed trying to merge onto the freeway with that wimpy engine. Just slap a turbo on that pup, and we're in biz. Or better yet, put in a six, and supercharge it :)
  • The RS has a 13mm rear sway bar as opposed to the WRX's 20mm bar and no rear Limited Slip differential. So ya, its pretty much the same as the WRX. Just get a used 20mm bar from someone (or from and pop that sucker on and your good to go! Theres also alot of aftermarket suspension stuff thats surprizingly easy to do yourself out there, and worth the money.
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    "...and no rear Limited Slip differential"

    Doesn't the lack of a Limited Slip differential (in the Impreza RS) also mean, that in cases when both the right wheels of the car, OR both the left wheels of the RS, does not have traction (eg. when one side of the car is on ice), the car, INSPITE OF HAVING AWD, is NOT GOING ANYWHERE ? Tires Spinning with the car not going forward ??!!! Unlike, the WRX, where due to the presence of the Limited Slip differential, the car would power out of such situations, due to the side to side power transfer in the above mentioned scenarios ?

  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    hunter001, that is what I understand is the advantage of the lsd. Too bad that the rs does not have it since the last 2 model years of the previous body style had it. Having said that, the 98 rs that my wife has does not have any problems in snow and neither did my 98 Forester. i replaced the Forester with a wrx wagon.
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    "the 98 rs that my wife has does not have any problems in snow and neither did my 98 Forester. i replaced the Forester with a wrx wagon."

    In fact, the situation mentioned is a very rare one, and one seldom faces it in real-world driving, even though we cannot totally rule it out. I think the RS should be good enough for almost anything....but the WRX goes even beyond that, in terms of acceleration, handling and foul weather capabilities. Also, the RS was definitely not an option for me, since I needed a wagon. The TS wagon unfortunately was ruled out, since it was equipped with rear wheel drum brakes, in addition to not having the rear Limited Slip Differential.

    IF the WRX wagon came with the H6, it would have been PERRRRFECT for me but rarely is this world "perfect" ;-| As it stands, I am thoroughly happy with what the WRX offers.

  • beygobeygo Posts: 9
    "The MP3 (which spanked all competitiors in a recent (albeit limited) handling comparison, including the WRX, in autoweek, I think)..."

    I think I read the same article. It wasn't the WRX, it was the RS. The MP3 placed 1st, and the RS placed second, ahead of the Jetta 1.8T, another car (can't remember), and the Neon.

  • Ya, it makes a difference, only at above 9/10ths driving.

    For example: I was riding with my cousin in his 02 RS, following a WRX and a 00 RS (that has LSD) on some twisties. We were REALLY pushing it! But the 02 RS was making more noise for some reason (both of them said we were making the noise, and we could tell too) and it took me awhile to realize it, but it was the open diff in the back as oposed to the rear LSD.

    So ya, it makes a difference. Find a wrecked WRX and swap out the rear axle if it means that much of a difference :P (Yes, I am also displeased they had it in the 00/01 RS and droped it in the 02 RS, but the 02 RS costs $500 less too)
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    "Ya, it makes a difference, only at above 9/10ths driving."

    I don't think any of us drive anywhere close to 9/10ths.....someone like Mario Andretti might push it to those levels... I would think extremely adventurous and skilled drivers among us might go upto about 7/10ths or so.

    On a different vein, the rear LSD is definitely working and makes a difference at all speeds, just that it does it seamlessly. The point I made is NOT about extreme driving. The point is that without a rear LSD, the car INSPITE OF BEING EQUIPPED WITH AWD, will not move an inch if EITHER SIDE of the car, whether THE RIGHT HAND SIDE or THE LEFT HAND SIDE, is on a surface where traction is un-available.

    There is no SIDE TO SIDE POWER TRANSFER in a vehicle that does not have the LSD. The RS would ONLY transfer power FRONT TO BACK (OR BACK TO FRONT), which should suffice in pretty much all conditions.

    For example, if BOTH THE WHEELS ON THE FRONT lose traction OR IF BOTH THE REAR WHEELS lose traction, the RS would be fine. It would power out of those situations.

    But if BOTH THE WHEELS ON THE LEFT or BOTH THE WHEELS ON THE RIGHT lose traction, the RS is like a helpless baby, while the WRX would smoothly power out of those situations.

  • pfifferpfiffer Posts: 47
    With winter coming there will be plenty of situations where the LSD comes into play when traction loss is common event. The WRX's capability of side to side, rear to front torque transfers will undoubtedly make it a fabulous winter car.

  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    I want to thank everyone for being so helpful. I am alittle nervous about spending the extra money on the subaru and wanted to make sure that the RS with AWD but no LSD (and other nice missing features) was still worth the money.
  • pfifferpfiffer Posts: 47
    How spirited is your driving? Do you like to run a car up to 100 mph quickly every now and then? Do you enjoy taking on ramps at double to posted speed? Would you like to chase down the odd BMW 3 series every now and then? Do you drive out to twisty roads for the sake of driving through them just to push yourself and a car to the limit? If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then I would seriously consider the WRX - it truly is a great performance machine. Having said that, the RS is a very competant performer for those who want AWD with handling/performance as good as or better than many other non-luxury 4-door sedans on the road.

    Apart from that - drive both, think/read for 1 week, drive them again - think/read another week. By then your answer should be cooked to perfection. For me, I drove the WRX once and was sold and have never regretted it since I'm afflicted with speed addiction even after 20 years of driving.

  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    I am not really too crazy a driver, though I would love to chase down a beemer! However, it is a toss up between the Nissan Sentra SE-R or the Impreza RS. I am on a relatively tight budget, but am hoping the AWD is worth the extra 2k (US). Thanks for the advice...I tend to do a lot of reading and test driving (to a fault some would say).
  • I'm in your boat too. I cannot afford a WRX (for a few more years at least) but definitely want a sporty ride. I've been disappointed with what I've read about the SE-R (mostly read stuff about the Spec-V). Have you had a chance to test drive it yet? If you have let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    is worth the difference. Go for the RS, not the Sentra. You won't regret it.

  • pfifferpfiffer Posts: 47
    If intense cornering athletics are not your cup of tea - you may not really notice the FWD/AWD difference. Having said that, if you live in a climate where snow or a great deal of rain is an issue, you may find that the AWD becomes a very important day-to-day benefit and worth the extra dollars.

    Good luck.

  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    I would love to get the WRX, trust me on that! I only drove the 2001 Sentra SE and for the price it handled beautifully and was better than anything else I had tested (including the Impreza Wagon, which had a HUGE blind spot and felt a tad dumpy). And I just read a review of a test drive for the SE-R (not the spec-v) and they liked it. The site is, and they have some really great road tests.
    I don't know if you know this, but the Sentra's just went on wholesale on the 15th, and Nissan told me they won't be at dealers for another month or so.
  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    I am in a snowy climate, which is why I am considering the Impreza. I admit that I haven't tested the sedan yet, only the wagon and was a bit disappointed. I have heard that the sedan is better for vision and ride though...I am planning on test driving this week to see if that is true.
  • I'd love the WRX too! One of these days, I'll finally graduate and be bringing in some more cash. I recently moved to an area where we get quite a bit of snow, so the RS would be the logical choice, but anything I'm looking at would be a better choice than my civic, at least from a performance perspective. Without driving an 02 RS or on SE-R, I think I'm leaning to the RS, but the SE-R would definitely be more friendly on my pocketbook. Thanks for the info on the arrival of the new Sentras, I had heard earlier but I think the dealer may have just been trying to unload an SE on me so he could get them off the lot.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    AWD is a 365 day a year feature. Besides snow, it's also much better in the rain than FWD. It just may keep you on the road, whereas FWD may not in certain conditions. I think it's a real safety feature.

  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    I don't doubt for a second that the AWD would be a great safety feature! I guess it all boils down to the money. It will be a bit of a stretch for my wallet to get the RS, and after hearing people say it wasn't that great (especially when compared to WRX) I started doubting the real value of the AWD.

    doormatt--I am trying to get a new job that will make my commute a trip through some mountains. From employees making that same commute, I have heard it can get really hairy in the winter months. Hence my leaning towards the RS
  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    power or AWD. RS or WRX, you are simply safer in an Impreza. I am waiting to see what the insurance industry offset test comes out for the new gen Impreza. Remember that the new gen legacy was the best score for a compact. They raved how every issue they had with the previous gen was addressed. If you have seen the ad booklet for the new Impreza you will see a picture of an Impreza crashed into an offset barrier. HMMMM....
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