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Chrysler 300M



  • yep--same one---great exterior style---couldnt sit it the car so no comment on the interior---the Chronos is a looker but not sure if it would be a good everyday driver---I would be afraid of all the fingerprints the window would attract and definitely wouldnt want to park it on the streets of Boston, expecially near the seedier areas--that car probably wont be very cheap either--I think its a replacement for the Prowler which I believe is being discontinued soon

    Did you see the patriot Prowler painted in American Flag design--talk about a "look-at-me" paint job!

    I thought the ES300's exterior was a major improvement over past years--expecially like the HID headlights (optional). The interior is top-notch--if it handles as good as it looks, I will be considering it for my next vehicle purchase.

    What did you guys think of the Caddilac CTS?
  • I also would be interested in the mats but they would have to be heavy duty wnter.Or if not I could run anyone you all decide on just for the summer. Has anyone put skirts on this vehicle?? I wonder how they would look.How about av??I would like to do what he is doing to his car sure looks good.Keep posting we are are watching!!Later
  • Okay gang, I just bought a TDK CD-RW 24x to install in my new Dell PC. I read on PC that this player is their highest rated 24x burner(btw it has a great software bundle Nero 5.5, Music Match Jukebox, Adobe Activeshare, MP-Frees).

    My question: Does our M's CD player play CD-Rs and CD-RWs? Or neither?

    I did not buy any blank CD dics with the Burner until I know which one the M plays.

    Also, what sites do I need to go to for download music?

    Fastdriver: The Krispy Kremes were great! I bought a leftover dozen off 300Michael to take back to Tucson for we do not have KKs in Tucson.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 358
    The stereo in the M definitely plays CD-R's. I haven't tried CD-RW's (CD-R's are just too cheap to bother with CD-RW's, IMHO), but probably plays them, too. You may get a few more skips over bumps than with pre-recorded CD's, but it's not bad. I've had better luck with Memorex Music CDR's than other brands.

    Someone here (Race?) recommended for downloading MP3's. I haven't tried it but my son thinks it's great.

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I did post some of the pictures at you need to go to page 2 to see them. I will post some pics of the Krispy Kreems for you to see later. yum yum :)
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    turned in my 1999 Candy Apple Red 300M with PHP, 360 Watt Stereo, and full size spare. Yesterday. The car was great. However air conditioning started leaking and the right rear window motor burned out right before the end of the lease.

    The Chrysler dealers around here were not very eager to make any deals. Plus many of them don't have PHP on their lots. And those who do, have the loaded with everything else and say "but this car is loaded with everything, I can't give you a good deal". Or if I want to lease - "but over the years the price has grown while the residual has dropped, I don't think I can give you a good lease deal". I don't understand these dealers - I have watched their inventory online and they had had the same cars on their lots for TWO months or longer. Do they EVER want to sell them?

    So all that was putting too much stress on me. I would have continued shopping for a 300M but I checked out this Acura dealer and he gave me a good lease deal on the TL Type-S. That was actually a few weeks ago and I turned it down, hoping to find another 300M. But he called again the other day and offered an even slightly better deal. And he really showed that he wanted my business.

    So I have a 48-month lease on Acura TL-S now. It is Aegean Blue with black interior. Very nice car, very nice ride, smooooooth transmission.

    But I already miss my 300M. I miss the Auto headlights. I miss the courtesy lights for rear passengers (TL only has a dome light). I miss the trip computer (TL only has two trip-o-meters). I miss 300M's turning ability and readiness to fishtail a bit. I miss the adjustable rear headrests.

    What I am going to miss the most is the 300M crowd in this forum. I think I am going to hang out here anyway.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    fold down rear seats.

    gas strut trunk hinges.

    key-hole in the trunk lid that was so convenient for closing the trunk.
  • but your heart is still in it and you still appreciate the aura of the car---we hope you visit often just like fastdriver and hopefully fuzzywuzzy---bet you'll be eying the 300N in a couple more years (or who knows, maybe the Chronos)---maybe we should rename this the acura and 300M owners forum---

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    300M is a VERY special car. I knew I wanted it when I first saw its pre-production unit at the NY Auto Show quite a few years ago. I got it, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope I will have another 300 in the future.

    300M is an amazing car. It is quite big yet it does not feel big. It accelerates well, especially with age. It handles really well, I would say unexpectedly well for its size. It pampers with luxury features. It has great visual style inside and out (I miss those gauges). And it is very practical with all that space, huge trunk, and folding rear seats.
  • When you want to laugh but can only cry--Dont give up, just downgrade to a vehicle within your means:

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Charger is great looking like the 300M, but......


    I was at that SAME Krispy Creme in Scottsdale when I was out there last year. I know right where you were. I had to go there because of all I had heard about them in this topic and in the early Zaino topic. We don't have any Krispy Cremes in CT either.


    Thanks for the pics. WOW! That must have been some sight! Seven beauties for sure! Did you attract a lot of attention from passers-by? Did they all have a Zaino shine? ;-))


    CONGRATULATIONS!! Great color for Zaino! I knew that if you drove one, you'd love it! You'll get used to all the missing gadgets like I did. I always did my gas mileage on a calculator anyway. As for the headlights, I leave mine on all the time. That way they will go on when you unlock the doors and go off when the key is out of the ignition for 30 seconds. You can snake the phone cord from the outlet in the console through the cupholder opening for the telephone or just use the one on the dash.

    As for the lack of a trunk keyhole, I never used the key on the 300 anyway. On the Acura, I just reach in where the emergency handle is and close the trunk from that to avoid any fingerprints on the trunk. It's easy. I never really used the fold down seats anyway, so I don't miss that. There is another emergency trunk release behind the foldown armrest. The trunk hinges are kind of "old fashioned" these days, but the trunk is a little "bouncier" and not like dead weight.

    I hope you have as good a time with that car as I'm having with mine. 10,300+ miles since 3/28/01 and loving every minute of it. Still always getting in the 20's for gas mileage since day one. Rarely got that with the 300. I don't drive 55 or I'd probably get closer to 30MPG.

    You're going to love the 5-speed tranny and the TL's pep! Just break her in easy even though it's very difficult. When you do, let me know if you think it's as smooth and quiet as the Riv when you floor it. You'll love the slight "roar" from the duals.

    Start taking some pics! Check out

  • Hi,

    Just got back from the Az meet. Mike did a wonderful job of pulling this together and was a wonderful host.

    I meandered back through Salt Creek Canyon and the VLA. So I took nine hours for a seven and a half hour drive. Trying to make up time at the end I picked up a ticket (77 in a 55 zone). I sure didn't see the 55 sign. Small towns still arrange to have speed traps. The trip was more than worth it.

    I learned a lot and will start making the mods, Air Intake, plugs, and Duals. I recived word from Roger that I was choosen to do the Dyno runs while making the mods. I'll send all information to the club so look at the club pages. Roger and the board laid out a nice testing program as I step through the mods that should teach us a lot.

  • Was able to buy a 2001 for 7,OOO off sticker.....and got the champaign color I always loved. My two questions are about the auto stick. Can I go to autostick when I am already at freeway speeds so that I can downshift for passing, or do I have to stop the car before switching into autostick? Also, when starting in autostick from a stop, I find the switching from 1-2 and 2-3 to be jarring, not able to make it smooth regardless of revs. Is there a secret to this? Thanks, Lance
  • Lance,

    Welcome to the world of the 300M. You'll be in love soon if not already. :)

    As for autostick. You can switch in and out at any speed. It will show you current gear, usually 4th if you're moving along at any significant speed, and you can downshift accordingly for passing. When in autostick mode, the shift are firmer. My car shifts 2nd to 3rd much firmer than 1st to 2nd. It's programmed to be like in a sport mode so shift is quicker and more jerky. It will shift a little smoother if you're soft pedaling it, but who does that? :D

    Other Autostick "features":
    Autostick also prevents the downshifting when using cruise control, that is the downshifts it will do to hold speed when you are going DOWNHILL (Great in hilly areas). If you put enough load on the engine, the car will downshift from 4th to 3rd on occasion automatically, but will not shift back. As you come to a stop of slow down to preprogrammed speeds, the car will downshift back towards first automatically. It will also automatically upshift around 6500 rpm. If you are in the throttle too much, it will not shift into 4th gear from 3rd. Last one I can think of, it will not let you downshift to a gear it thinks you are driving to fast and would result in RPMs being too high.

    Hope that helps.
  • See, that's how I was treated back in 99 when I bought my 2000 M. No deals! I guess it's location? Congrats on the TL-S. I'm sure you will be happy. As for me, nothing at the moment. I'm not getting anything untill at least January. Good luck.
  • Ok, I'm going to NYC for Thanksgiving. I'm also going on a road trip with some friends, I need to rent a car. Since I'm 300M-less, I would like to rent one. Which rental place rents them? Anyone know how much they run? I need one for like 4 days.
  • My 2000 played CD-R's fine. It did not play CD-RW's though. I tried.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Sorry I missed you calls, and about the ticket. Some of those small towns put the signs in the strangest places. I am glad to hear about the testing (club sponsored) and that you made it back safely. I will let you know, if we have any more meets, besides the one in January at the Barrett-Jackson show in Scottdale.
  • mykemmykem Posts: 203
    please check in. thanks.

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    during my last year with 300M, I was in Autostick 95% of the time. It is great in traffic - just leave it in 2nd all the time and avoid the tranny trying to guess which gear it should be in. As the speeds pick up, leave it in 3rd.

    Autostick is also great when you need to quickly downshift and whoop someone.
  • Is this a sign....... It's a little scary for sure. I'm flying American air up to NYC for Thanksgiving next week! To JFK too! Not sure if I'm flying it anymore though! I guess I'll see what turns out to be the cause.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    I just heard about the ny crash :( :( Can't believe it. So far, no news really...

    On a different front - Tuscangil - the cd player will play CDR but not CDRW. Already tried it. I burn cd's all the time to make mixes I like. I got 200 cdrs for a little under $3 so it really doesn't matter :D As for where to d/l music, I'm not sure people should say here as it is illegal. you can email me if you'd like :)

    Autostick - I use it frequently to downshift instead of breaking. It doesn't really have any benefit other than nothaving to move my feet off the gas. It does shift harder, but if you notice in D it will shift to 2nd and 3rd gear at very low rpm under normal driving ;)
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    The M plays CDRs, or CDRWs recorded like CDRs (although that would be a waste of money). The player won't read CDRWs that are formatted as CDRWs where you can delete and add files. The disk must be fully burned and the session closed out.
  • Greetings,

    I purchased a 2001 300M about 1 month ago. It has given my nothing but problems, and the local dealers cannot figure out what is going on.

    Every once in a while the car will start, run for 2 seconds, then die. After this the starter motor will not even turn over. After waiting about 1 day, the car will start and be fine for several days. The problem will then repeat itself.

    Trip 1 to the dealer
    Dealer: You have a dead battery
    Me: How can I have a dead battery if it starts fine then dies after several seconds..
    Dealer: You have a dead battery. We will charge it overnight.

    The car did start fine the next day.

    Trip 2 to a different dealer:
    Dealer: You have a bad chip in your key:
    Me: Ok lets replace it

    The car did not start the next day (with several clients in the back seat...luckily one of them was able to drive me to the dealer after the tow truck came)

    Trip 3 to the dealer:
    Dealer: We could not get the car to act up, so we can't fix it.
    Me: (Time to start researching my local lemon laws)

    Has anyone dealt with this? Perhaps you know what is causing this so I can tell the dealer what they need to know to fix this car. It fails to start about 1 out of every 5 times, when you wait a day, it probably will be able to start....only to fail later.

    I really wanted to try to give an American-made sedan a chance. Unfortunately, things are not working out too well.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Dollar rents DC products. The compact is a Neon, the "standard" is a Stratus, the full size is an Intrepid, and the "Premium" is a 300M. I've been able to get deep discounts on everything up to an little as $23 per day...but the M is always around $60 per day. However, I've been able to upgrade at the counter for under $10 per day. My advice is to get your best price on a standard or full size car and then upgrade at the counter. The risk is that they don't have an M to upgrade you to, but that's normally not a problem. It will save you some serious $
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Check the battery connections. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a loose wire (although they all LOOKED tight) on the positive battery post that sits up at the front of the engine. That post makes it easier for you to get at the battery/electrical when you need to jump the car. It has some wires running to it, like some computer control stuff and a wire to your starter solenoid. Your dealer should take that post apart and clean everything before putting it back together. Good luck! Once you get this problem licked I bet you'll love your car.

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909 is a mixed blessing. I went to pick up my Intrepid at Dollar in San Jose last night and they were out of full sized cars. Instead of offering me a 300M like before, they offered me a new Sebring convertible for the same price ($23 per day!) Cool, right? Well, this morning it's cold and POURING down rain. lol! Personally I don't like driving convertibles with the top up. They make the car smaller than it already is, and the visibility out the back (and the front because of the clips and handles) really stinks. Overall the Sebring is pretty comfortable though. Too small for me, but it's got a driving feel that I'm used to with my M. Nice pickup with the V6 too.
  • Have the dealer run a code scan. Scan the computer for codes. It could be a faulty SKIMS modual. It stand for Sentry key immoblizer system. It's the brain of the security system. Also reads the computer encoded key. On my 2000, I had a short in a wire which caused a simlar problem in which the car would start, then a few seconds later die. They fixed the open wire, & all was good. From your experience, I would go to another dealer, Suggest this to them, & then wait there untill they can prove to you it's not the problem. If it was a dead battery, I'm sure they have a battery tester. That would tell them if the battery was good. A computer scan should be the first thing any dealer does.
  • Well...So much for that. All the location in, or around NY are sold out for Thanksgiving. Oh well.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Who has installed the KVR rotors and who has the best price? My fronts are starting to exhibit signs of warpage and I may just go for the gusto and put on some good rotors rather than messing around with turning them.
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