Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra's w 8100/Allison



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    about the good things to those who wait. MIne was built 1/29, shipped that week and supposedly due at the dealer last Wednesday, then Friday, then Saturday, then yesterday. I was told that it had left the rail yard on a truck on Thursday evening. Best the dealer can do this morning is say they'll put another trace on it if it doesn't show up today.
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    My rear window is a R H Laurence ( I think that's the name)Manual Sliding Deep Tint. The dealer had it installed for me before I even saw the truck.The day after I took delivery it rained hard, and I noticed some water inside the track the glass slides in. I was just about to start screaming when I noticed that the installers had not latched the window completely. I couldn't see any more coming in after that. It's going to rain again tommorrow so I check it out. It's been too cold to spray it with a hose until today.
    I am glad that I got the 8100/Allison/4.10 it really has alot of power and the mileage so far doesn't seem any worse than my Dodge 250. I'll do an accurate test after I get 1000 miles or so.
    Good luck with your truck I know your going to love it.

    Scott Graupner
    Marthas Vineyard ,MA
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    My 8.1, 3.73, 4x4, Crew has the Allison tranny. While it shifts smoothly and runs fine, I noticed it seems to have a slight vibration in first gear. Not bad enough where I find it an irritant but it is there. I'm curious if any of the other Allison owners have noticed anything similar. Is this characteristic of these trannys much like the whine is?
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    ...dealers were given a video on just that....clunks on start up/shift into drive and whines while cold especially are normal

    it's a truck tranny for heavens sake!

    - Tim
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    I haven't been around for awhile got tired of reading about you guys getting your trucks while I keep getting the same old (nothing yet) from the dealer.
    Good news I've finally got a build date Feb.19th and shipped on the 23rd. I ordered it on Dec.1st.
    That would be the 2500 Sierra w/8.1 allison and 3.73 trans.
    I have a Vehicle Order number is there any way to track it with that number, I noticed a few others asking the same question ?????
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    that you are getiing it that quick. I ordered mine the last week of October and picked it up yesterday. 15 weeks. They entered the order on November 2. I got a TPW of 1/29 around the middle of January. Truck was built and shipped week of January 29. Dealer called yesterday and said he finally got it. I should say that mine is a Crew Cab with the 6.0 w/automatic ( I know, I'm trespassing here )so I don't know if that made a difference in the delivery time or not. You can call Chevy customer service at 800-222-1020 and they can track your vehicle with the order number up until the point that it ships. Then you can get the VIN from your dealer and may be able to track it at I never could find my truck on that site but others have had success. Hope this helps. Good luck
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    Gents, any idea how I can learn when my UP will be built. The dealer cant give me any more info than "the order has been received by the factory but not yet accepted" that is the standard answer I get from the GMC customer service center also. I ordered my 3500, 8100, Ali, 4x4, ST Set. 21, the order was received 10/10/00. I have missed 3 hunting trips I had planned for the new PU, I am in jepordy of missing a fourth in April. Any help out there would be appreciated.

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    Type up WHEELS.COM they show all mfr.hold up,
    deletions, etc..
    Im still waiting..8.1 ally, 4/4, 4 door 373 LS.BLk,
    hope this helps .....Geo
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    I just got a 2500HD 8.1L/Allison tarns./ 4.10 axle. It gets up and goes like you wouldn't believe. The cranny whines when cold and in 1st and 2nd gears but is fine in the upper gears. The dealer told me this was normal. It seems a little less noisy after a couple of hundred miles. How much better does this get with break-in? I also notice an extra click when shifting into park. Is this just a heavier duty park on the bigger truck?
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    ....not supposed to be quiet

    clunk when going in and out of park is supposed to be normal as well

    - Tim
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    I feel a bit better now having seen how long you and others are having to wait. I appreciate the info on the tracking etc.
    I don't know if anyone has ordered the trailer type mirrors instead of the regular electric mirrors. I had ordered them but switched them back to the original ones after a friend got his and didn't like them for towing. He missed being able to see his trailer wheels when turning a corner. You could either adjust them for looking at the wheels or for looking at the other lane but not both. With slide on extension mirrors you can have one set up for the lane and the other for the wheels. It's not a bad set up once you get used to it.
    Would be interested in other opinions of others who tow.
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    A friend and I ordered 3 of the He's around Oct. 10th. We still haven't heard a build date. Two were 3500's and one 2500, all I/ 8.1 and Allison. I ordered the 3.73's and was wondering if it will significantly sacrifice power to add 285's to that combo ?? Any experience I/ 4.10's and 285's ?
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    8.1 has enough power for 305's with 3:73's....

    but I would go 4:10' it is what I have planned with an 8.1 CC Ali...

    - Tim
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    Ordered my LT 8100/Allison Ex-Cab on Nov 22 and still don't have a built date. All dealer saids is to check next Friday. I hope to get it before the 02 start coming out as they will cost more. Happy trucking to those that have gotten their.
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    I ordered my GMC 2500 H/D SLT 8.1 w/Allison, 4.1,
    trailer towing package on 11/13/00.The dealer informed me a week later that the order was accepted and a built date was from the middle to late February. And delivery date to dealer would be the middle of March of this year. People have stated that they are getting, on the average, about 12 mpg. That's not bad. My 86 Sub. w/454, Doug Thorley headers and free flowing mufflers, get 7.3 mpg. Hauls asp. Neighbors love the rumble, when I start it up. Just a kid at heart.
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    My company has a 8100/Allison/4:10 with 3000 miles. Took delivery at the end of October. It's in the shop with no reverse. It started with not being in gear when down shifting between 2nd and 1st. The factory told the dealership to take the pan off and make a visual inspection, change the fluid and filter. Under no cricumtances do anything else. After they did this no reverse.
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    Local dealership in NY just told me he has a window this week to order a crew-cab for me, and that it would be built in about 30 days. Is he yanking my chain? Is $500 over invoice a good deal? Has anyone seen the Dark Toreaudor Red up close? Anyways, I need to order one this week, as my 99 X-C 1500 was wrecked last week. Should I just wait and order this summer and get a 2002? I want the 8.1/3.73 combo, how long are the delays?
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    you have 3.5 months until you can order a 2002.....I'd wait..

    perhaps they will have or a power slider or moonroof by then?

    - Tim
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    I was imformed today that the new production date is March 12. Should arrive at the dealer around the end of March. Hope it won't be here on April 1. Then the dealer could say APRIL FOOL !
    Test drove a 8.1 w/Allison, 4.1 rear end. Thought my 86 Sub. 454 w/Thorley headers was faster. Allison trans was very smooth and shifted quickly, just like a close ratio gear box in a Vet. Wonder how it will perform with our 30' travel trailer connected.
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    Ordered my 2500 SLE extended cab 8.1 w 3.73 just before christmas and it is due to arrive Feb 26th.It has been confirmed that it was built and shipped.My dealer told me he has orders GM has not accepted going back to October.They must be for the diesel. I was also told that there is a delay if you ordered leather. I changed my mind at the last minute and ordered the cloth. I quess I ordered the right combination at the right time.
    The HD's I see on the lots only have cloth seats. Two months ago they all had leather seats.
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    I ordered my 2500 LT ex/cab LB, 8.1/alli Oct. 6.It's Scheduled to be built this week[Feb. 19]. Last year I ordered a 2500 GMC 1st week in Jan. Never did get it.
    It seems that the higher the volume of trucks the dealer sells the less trouble they have getting the special ordered ones. Next time I order one I'm going to check out the "big boys uptown" 1st. Also check out You can click in any zip code and scan the inventory of all the dealers in that area. The waiting time not only depends on the dealers "pecking order" but also availability of options etc. has good info. on factory holds etc. Last but not least take it with a grain of salt,if the dealer tells you 8 to 10 weeks. Most take 3-4 mo. Lots of luck.
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    Just a quick note to advise I replaced the black flares on my white HD with a new set of white flares from GM. Unlike previous models where the flares are attached to the inside of the fender, the flares in the 2001 HD attach with a handful of buttons and some double face tape. The flares were easy to change, the fit is excellent and the color match is perfect. Those of you who, like me, believe the black fares detract from the truck should consider replacing rather than painting. I'm very pleased. I have a set of new black flares for sale if anyone is interested.

    I also added a set of BFG All Terrain T/A's in 265/75. The new treads are approximately 1" taller than the 245's but I can't detect any difference in power. My tire dealer suggests the speedometer will be off by 2 miles per hour. Appearance alone is worth the investment. Also added a color matched hard tonneau cover and tinted windows.
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    My GMC dealer informed me on Saturday that the White HD's are now coming with 'white wheel flares'. I won't know until April when mine should be here. Maybe you could get your money back.
    Why the bigger tires ? Is it to just fill the wheel well ?
    Wonder how a 8.1 would perform with headers ?
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    1. Better tires than factory
    2. Longer lasting than factory.
    3. Better Wet and Snow traction
    4. Better off road traction
    5. Look Better
    6. Look like they were made for the vehicle
    7. A slightly higher overall OD ratio for improved milage with big motors.

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    Just got my 8.1 L 5sp Allison man this truck rocks.. If you like seat of the pants power buy the gas 8100. bad part about 11 mpg but it only has 300 miles on it.. 3.73 gear and massive Tq I love it CHEVYS rule.........
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    I agree with you, the black textured flares are butt ugly. They were the deciding factor in me ordering a black truck but I still don't like the cheap tacky look. Do you mind telling us what the shiny ones cost...... even though the color is the same I'm seriously considering switching.

    Or...... taking them off and going without. Is that a viable option or will the button holes look even worse?
  • loyalgmcguyloyalgmcguy Member Posts: 64
    Dealer list for a set of two flares is $171.73; wholesale (which I paid) is $145.71 and cost is $120.00. You can price out a set at Part numbers for white are 12495834 and 12495835. Other colors are available. Without the flares the truck looks unfinished due to a lack of wheel mouldings. If you plan to remove the flares you may want to figure in the cost of mouldings.
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    ordered my GMC 8.1 SLE ext cab LB 4wd last month.
    Got the snow plow prep package, but can't get an answer on what the beefier front suspension is rated at. Anyone know? Also, where are GMC's built? Hope to have mine in May.
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    Ref Post 123, 127 & 128--

    My LT 8100/alli is in shipment and will probably be in around 26th to 28th.

    I have requested dealer to remove the 'Ugly Black Flairs' as soon as it gets in for the same reason you all have stated.

    Question on what the fender is shaped like when the flairs are REMOVED?????

    I have been looking at units without Flairs and I have ASSUMED that the fenders are standard shape for example like the 1500's.
    They have a nice 'formed into the metal die' flaired shape which doesn't look tacky and added on.
    Can you tell me if this is correct or what if not??
    Also where is the 'doulbe faced tape' atachment at exactly??
    I'm planning to just re-install the Black attachment Buttons back in the holes they came out of when the FLAIRS are removed. Will that work??

    I know there will me no molding now around the wheel well but neither do the 1500's as far as i can tell. Also on my older F150 that had chrome molding it was just a place for COROSSION to set in.

    Help anyone with advise on this because I probably wont see this thing while the flairs are being removed to change my mind.

    Thanks in advance-- 75v
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    Hey Hunter98, did you have any rubbing or clearance issues with the 265's? I agree that for visual aesthetics alone, the larger tires pay for themselves, but are you experiencing any problems (clearance, short shifting or excessive RPM on the allison, or any thing else)? Thanks
    - Eric
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    I only glanced at my truck when my dealer was installing the flares. You are right that most of the newer GM don't have moldings. I thought the truck looked like it was missing something without the flares, which is what prompted my comment about needing moldings. I didn't watch my dealer install the flares, but the shop foreman told me they were simple to install and the process used double faced tape. You could always remove the ugly black flares, then add moldings or painted flares if the bare look didn't suit your taste.

    With regard to tires, my 265's fit without any changes to the rims, shifting, or clearance. If anyone wants to see what the flares, 265 tires, hard tonneau cover, tinted windows or Bed Rug look like, give me an address and I'll forward pictures.
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    How is everyone making out? Are the aftermarket parts there yet for this bodystyle? I am looking for (when truck arrives) a bug guard, window vents, nerf bars...etc. Have all these parts surfaced yet? What about hypertech? Thanks for any replies.
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    Trying to get an idea of the difference in mileage between the 8.1 and the 6.0 (Extended cab, SB, 4X4, 3.73 gears, dry) any input would be appreciated.
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    the same shape as what the 1500's look like (without flairs)???

    Have I made the correct assumption that they are??

    I just want to get back to the metal formed fender shape like the 1500's.

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    I couldn't get the truck I ordered so went to the internet and found LT 2500HD truck like the one I had ordered except it has a 4.10 in place of the 3.73 and remote mirrors in place of the camper mirrors. Will be paying $500 over invoice. Truck will be in town tomorrow. Will be glad to get behind the wheel of that 8.1 w/allison. Will post MPG in the near future. Happy motoring to you. Dave
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    Sorry, but I can't help. I didn't pay enough attention to note shape of the fender openings when my flares were off. Good luck
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    Surely you don't think Chevy or GM would short change you on the sheetmetal, do you? Like leave a big gaping hole in place of the plastic flares....
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    Gents, any idea how I can learn when my PICK UP will be built. The dealer cant give me any more info than "the order has been received by the factory but not yet accepted" that is the standard answer I get from the GMC customer service center also. I ordered my 3500, 8100, Alli, 4x4, SLT Sept. 21, the order was received 10/10/00. Who would know if and when the PU will be built. Any help out there would be appreciated.
  • smart99smart99 Member Posts: 48
    Are the premium wheels on constraint?
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    Short change -- Naw!!

    Just was hoping some one had already 'Been Their/Done That' and would be able to say for certain.

    I'll find out in due time i guess!!



  • falknorfalknor Member Posts: 27
    Yesterday I posted that I had found a truck that I wanted and it was $500.00 over invoice. Guess what 2 dealers started battleing over selling me the same truck and the dealer that had the truck said that he would sell it to me for invoice. Guess who got my business? You are right if your answer was for invoice. Will pick it up tomorrow morning. Happy trails until we meet again. Dave
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    well, the truck finally arrived.Ordered it in brefore christmas and received it Feb 27. Not bad. Problem is the truck must have been damaged in transit as the driver door was repainted and it was a bad repair job. Now I have to take it to a body shop to be repaired which will take a while.The dealer was very upset about the condition it was in after I pointed out the problem. GM will take care of it but the work someone did should never have left the shop in the condition it was in. Door looked like it was in a wreck and had a cheap repair job done on it.The dealer I bought it from did not do the damage as I was informed the minute it was unloaded from the truck. I immediately went to the dealer and found the problem.When I was in college, I use to accept cars for a dealer and knew what to look for.I never thought that expierence would ever pay off.I tell you this story as we all expect a new truck to be perfect and this was not the case.You have to take a close look at what is delivered and let the dealer know right away if there are problems.Other than that, the truck was in good shape and am looking forward to driving it before I turn it over to my wife so she can drive it to work everday.

    I will report back on the mileage after I have driven a while.
  • owenm1owenm1 Member Posts: 29
    Accept no bondo! Demand a new door, and paint much match exactly! Also, check for hidden damages. Refuse delivery if they want to haggle. Who would have paid to fix it "in transit"?
    Smells fishy?
    My GMC 8.1 2500HD 4wd will be shipped in April, all the way to So. Korea, and I plan to be firm on any damages. Have seen some vehicles arrive "totaled", as they drop the containers 50-100 feet sometimes!
    Good luck.

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    Yes Eric there are bug & vent shields, floor mats (identical to Suburban/Yukon if you're looking at a crew cab) Owens is now shipping new fiberglass running boards with functianal box boards as well...... called GlaStep. THey don't sell retail, only to their distributors but Kathy at or owens will answer all your questions, fax you explanatory instructions and hok you up with a dealer. Very helpful lady. Westin has step/nerf bars. Roll & Lock (my choice), Pace Edwards and RETRAX all have retractable covers. There seems to be no shortage of covers in all types and styles. Running boards are still scarce but coming along almost weekly with more and more styles being made available. My GMC dealer still has no word on running boards other than the length of the Yukon boards is right but the brackets are not.
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    and the Indigo Blu looks SUPER without the 'UGLY BLACK FLAIRS'. They are OFFFFFFFF!!!!

    Ordered Sept. 5 came in February 26th.

    Many thanks to all of you for the great information over the last three years.

    I have been following this forum since the '99s cameout with GM's stupid 3-door Marketing decission. Refused to buy the 3-dr especially when Ford and Dodge already had 4-drs on the road.

    This forum has helped really pass the time cause I could at least appreciate when others received their units and share with those of us waiting on units or trying to decide which to order.

    From the Humor by some, the PUT DOWNS by others and the overall just good information.

    Thanks - So I'm hooked and will keep following and help with info when its desired.

    Poco -- Thanks to you and those before you for keeping things going in a polite, friendly and 'PG' rated atmosphere.

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    We all look forward to hearing about your ownership experience.... Happy motoring!


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    Thanks for the reply. I went with the factory tonneau as my quad will sit in the back often so a hardtop is not an option. I like the Westin bars, but my friend has them on his 2k 2500 (old style) and they don't stick out far enough to make them useful. Does anyone have nerf bars on their HD- and how useful are they?

    On another note, my '99 Classic 350, Z-71 Extended w/ 3.42 only got 11.5 mpg constantly, so I guess I will be extremely happy with my 8.1/3.73 combo...
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    I have Tech Tube nerf bars on my 2500HD ext cab and they seem to stick out far enough. If they were out any farther they would be in the way. The edge of the nerf bar is about even with the front fender flair.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    but first fillup was around 14mpg taking it really easy. 2500HD CC LB 6L 5speed. Love the truck!!!
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    Congratulations! You will love it. I sure like mine, and it is a good thing that it has an owners manual or I wouldn't be able to run about half of it. My gas mileage since I got it has averaged 9.67 mpg which is a lot better than the F250 8.3mpg
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