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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra's w 8100/Allison



  • sf0383sf0383 Member Posts: 204
    I don't understand what you mean by remote
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    not part of the head unit.
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    The CD player in the Radio head unit as oby1 indicated. The Cassette player is down below in the face of the center console. (Show clearly in the 52pg brochure)

    The '00 model year was just reversed. I guess GM had some '00 CD units miss-identified as Cassette units in the wrong ben and obviously QA DOSEN'T check out the sound system for function.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    My 2K 2500 LT has the CD down low and crappette above....1.5 years and 30K later....I have yet to even see if the cass. works?!

    Above is a better place for the CD

    - Tim
  • elderdog1elderdog1 Member Posts: 10
    hello all ,i have just under 2000 miles on my HD 2500 w/ 8.1 , allison and 3.73, love it so far ,gas milage 9/10
  • 1i2cu1i2cu Member Posts: 32
    When you purchased your Cooper A/T's, did you consider Cooper L/T's ? Are your A/T's quiet or do they sing on the highway ? Being out west in 'Shake & Bake' country. I'm not that familar with Cooper tires, are they O.K ? Average ? or Good ? Since I don't have snow and only a little rain, I'm leaning towards the L/T's or should I reconsider and go with the A/T's ? The Cooper Tite Store does not stock them, he would have to order them, so I need to be sure which ones to get.
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    Guess your asking loyalgmcguy about the Coops.

    But in case not.

    I liked the Tread better on the A/T's. Not noisy at all.

    Coop tires have Excellent reputation here in the Mwest (Smaller companys have to have good product or can't compete with GY's GR's Mich's etc.) but if you don't have any need for the tread go with what you like better.

    Sorry if I steped in here where not wanted!!!

  • 1i2cu1i2cu Member Posts: 32
    Thank you for the info on Cooper Tires n75v111.
    The weatherman says it should be in the 80's out here in 'SHAKE & BAKE' this weekend.
  • owenm1owenm1 Member Posts: 29
    That's what the dealer is telling me. Just got finalized pricing today, after I added fog lites and snow plow prep after the initial order. So, my 8.1 2500HD GMC SLE 4wd ext cab long bed, 4:10 locking diff will have a VIN# next week. Color is Polo green, any comments on that color? I'm interested in the Allison transmission fluid change procedure. Anyone done one yet?
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    I personally love the color, that and the blue, GM has some really good truck colors for these Silverados, even a boring color like peweter just looks great.
  • eric2001eric2001 Member Posts: 482
    Any of you who ordered...Did you see the dealer's invoice pricing sheet? Did it match Edmunds (or KBB - same $)? My order still hasn't gone through, but I know the QIW on/off tires are the holdup. I am wondering if I should let the order be cancelled (get 2002) since I think the dealer screwed me with an invoice $350 higher than Edmunds... Anyone else find a difference in invoice pricing?
  • smart99smart99 Member Posts: 48
    Many dealers add an "advertising adjustment" to the invoice. Some add $100 or $200 as a dealer's allowance of some sort. You gotta watch these dealers they're really tricky. The problem is that everyone comes in there wanting invoice, well for GM, the invoice price still allows 3% "profit" to the dealer (about $1000) for your $30000 rig. With everyone wanting invoice the dealers have come up with the add ons for a few hundred more in order to trick the consumer out of a little more of his hard earned paycheck.
  • gulfguygulfguy Member Posts: 30
    Hye I know about the pain in the___ looking for boards. What did you find? I have a GMC 2500 HD CC SLT SB and would like to find cab & box boards, (not extruded alumimnum) preferably painted to match and around $500, not the $900 that Owees Products wants (incl sales tax) second hoice would be something that looks like the OEM boards for Suburbans.
  • dinosierradinosierra Member Posts: 14
    Hello All,
    Im new to edmunds(and using a computer). Just got a build date from the dealer of 9 april.Was told should arrive end of April.
    MC 2500 4x4 ad 8.1 allison. Is there a way I can keep track of where the truck is?. I placed the order 11/18/00

    Thanks, dinoserria
  • perfogreperfogre Member Posts: 6
    Just picked up 2001 gmc cc 8100/allison 4x4 2 weeks ago (500 miles). AT 1500-1700 ram there is an engine vibration under a light load, just like a bad plug or wire. Dealer said everything checks out fine, But vibration still remains especially up a hill. Has anyone else had this problem or any ideas, thnx.
  • sir_colsir_col Member Posts: 25
    has anyone expierenced a launch shutter problem on take-off and especially pulling a load, on a 4x4 ext cab,sb.,8.1/alli? Thanks for a reply and the fix... Sir_col
  • woolybackwoolyback Member Posts: 45
    Hi guys, I'm back after finally getting my 2500, SB 8.1 Allison w/3.73 axle.
    Just got back after driving from California to Washington putting about 1000 miles on the truck.
    I experienced a real loud clunk while decelerating and later another one while I was accelerating not to be confused with the normal clunking going into first gear. These two clunks happened on different days and the last one was one the way back home.
    Got about as far as Bend, Oregon on the way back when after a very heavy clunk the gears froze up in 1st or 2nd gear and wouldn't change up. About the same time the check engine service light came on.
    I pulled off the road and checked the trans. oil etc. and let it cool off a bit then tried driving it again. Drove ok this time but I went to a GMC dealer in Bend where after a 4 hour wait they reset the codes for the Check Engine light and re-adjusted some switch in the transmission that they said was out of adjustment.
    Stayed over night in Bend and next morning soon after driving the truck the check engine light came on again. Decided to drive back to California and will take it in to my dealer tomorrow. Drove ok on the way back.
    Unfortunately none of the transmission techs. have any experience with the Allison trans so I don't have very high expectations that it will get fixed properly the first time.
    Would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    On lock-up situation.

    Watching for your update on what's going on.

    Have 1000 mi 50/50 in town/hwy on 8.1/3.73/alli/4x4/sb so far with no problem at this time.

  • cowboyjohn1cowboyjohn1 Member Posts: 125
    Definitely sorry to hear about your problem. But thanks for the post as it is something I will be watching for. I have 8.1,allison,Long bed, 4x4 and have no problem (so far) at all. I have less than 1000 miles on it. I do not get any clunks when putting it in gear, or any other time. Hope it stays that way. It is my understanding that the allison has been used for some time in school buses and smaller trucks, so a truck mechanic may have more knowledge that GM mechanics at this point in time. Hope you get it fixed, but then Bend is not a bad place to be stranded. Maybe you should have went skiing.
  • loyalgmcguyloyalgmcguy Member Posts: 64
    My brand is Goodrich not Cooper but I'm not sure if the manufacturer is the same. The A/T tires are noisier on the highway and not as smooth riding as the orginal Firestones. If I had it to do over, I would have left the original tires. The lower MPG and additional noise from larger, more aggressive tread outweigh the looks.

    Quick note to woolyback. Wooly, sorry to here you're having problems. Please keep us posted on your progress. Best regards and good luck.
  • robjbrobjb Member Posts: 1
    I noticed a few SB trucks with sliding hitches mentioned which I presume are used for towing. I have a 1998 7.4 l Vortec and I'm disappointed GM still has a dinky 26 gallon fuel tank in the SB. Transferflow still can't provide a midtank replacement for 7.4 Vortecs. I love the specs of the truck but I'm hesitant to buy it due to the VERY low range while towing. I have a large 5th wheel and only get about 6 mpg so I can only go about 125 miles between fills! With a large trailer that is a pain since the easy access pumps are usually diesel.

    Any mileage figures yet while towing? Did any of you consider this problem of a large engine with a 26 gal tank and want to comment on it? The LB has a bit more capacity, but it IS long with the Ext cab. I'm tempted to buy a diesel just for the mileage range, but it is very expensive. Thanks.
  • woolybackwoolyback Member Posts: 45
    Not much to report on the problem with the trans. When I got into it this morning to drive it in to the dealer I noticed that the check engine light no longer came on. The tech. called me late pm to tell me he wanted to keep it overnight to continue to work on it. He wasn't able to get the code to come in and wants to drive it some more. Will keep you posted.
    I have a question about the Firestone tires on the truck, the door sticker says to pressure them 50lbs for the front and 80 for the rear. Is this normal and does anyone have any comments or recommendations about what pressure to run them when not towing.
  • tmarchbankstmarchbanks Member Posts: 6
    In response to robjb, I have a 2500/8.1/allison/3.73/ext with 2500 miles (1600 of that towing a 7000 boat) and get 7.3-7.9 towing. I desperately want a larger tank also, but I bought the truck knowing this because the rest of it is so much better than the alternatives from the other makers.

    On tire pressures, I run 50 front and 50 rear when not towing, and when towing and/or loaded, I up the rear appropriately (up to 80 in some cases). Seems to be working well so far.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    Running 45 and 40 when unloaded with my 2500HD LB CC.

    Draw a line across the tread with a piece of chalk. Drive down the road a mile or two. Look at the chalk wear. Adjust tire pressure so chalk wears uniformly with the load that you are most interested in....
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    50 front and 40 rear.....that way the steers (fronts) are at they take all the road abuse....and I only have to change rears when I haul loads

    - Tim
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    or w/34 gal long bed for that matter!!


    Couple ways to add extra fuel tank depending upon you perference and accepted risk factor.

    1) -- Some have simply had a rectangular tank fabricated to the gal. size space they thought they could do without , bolted it in the front of the bed and gravity feed it (with an inline solenoid valve_to open/shut from inside the cab) to the fuel return line to the standard 26gal tank.

    I have a Reese Kwik-Slide 5th wheel hitch and would kinda like to keep the rest of the SB bed available for other stuff plus like having the extra fuel down between the frame.

    2) -- I've measured the spare tire space under the frame and believe a rectangular tank (don't have exact dim. with me at work) approx 31"x19"x8.5" what ever the dim. is -- it calculated out to about 27 gal.
    Additionally if I remove the spare tire cable lift device a smaller rectangular shape could be welded on top of the lower section to fit up into that area to make an over all capacity around 40 to 45 gal. An inline electric fuel pump could be used for transfering the fuel to the return line of the standard 26gal tank. The filler neck could be positioned behind the license plate (as the bumber already has a large enough rectangular opening behind the license plate) which could be mounted on a fold down bracket like my (hate to tell my age) 1960 chev. impala had!!!

    Think I'm going the second route as to keep the fuel in the frame area. I don't like carrying the spare tire their anyway because the wheel just turns to rust over time and I only carry it when on trips anyway. Haven't had a flat in 20 years.

  • woolybackwoolyback Member Posts: 45
    Hi guys thanks for the support and good wishes.
    Picked up the truck today at the dealers but I'm no further forward as far as finding out why the service engine light came on. Techs. couldn't make the light come on again to trouble-shoot it. So there is an open work order on it and if the light comes on again I'm to take it in. Lot of good that will do me if I'm off in the boonies somewhere with my trailer. I'll keep you all posted if something worthwhile happens.
    Thanks for the info on the tires. Best mileage I got on my trip was 13mpg solo running around 65mph.

    To (n75v111) regarding the extra fuel tank modification how do you get around the emissions requirements or do you not have to worry about smogging where you are.
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    Woolyback -- Emissioin Issue.

    EITHER ---

    1) Don't worry about what vents to atmosphere from the Aux Tank. The Aux. has to be vented to avoid pressure build-up so people here just have used a vented cap.
    Note that this does not functionally change the pressurization of the standard fuel system because the shut-off valve is nomally closed except for the gravity transfer time (approx. 30min/1/2tank). The standard fuel system pressure apparently is quite low because the gravity transfer is sufficient for the transfer.

    2) One could determine the standard fuel system vent configuration and just connect a vent line from the Aux. Tank to the standard system to avoid vent to atmosphere --- I THINK!!!

  • srkubelsrkubel Member Posts: 1
    I have on order a CC 8.1/Allison 4.10 3500 LB. I am on the West coast. I am being told by the dealer that transport by the rail system is currently not being used to transport the truck from Michigan or where ever due to getting bogged down at the delivery site in Milpitas due to reportedly economic reasons. Therefore they can not track the transport with the VIN information. The truck was supposed to be delivered to the dealer on 3/12/01 but now
    I am being told 3/26/01 or later. Does anyone have any knowledge regarding this transport snafu. Thanks.
  • 1i2cu1i2cu Member Posts: 32
    Called GM to verify TPW of 03/26/01 and was told that the date has been changed to 04/09/01 - their excuse is 'QUALITY CONTROL'.
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    8100/alli/3.73/SB/4x4 -- Love this truck !!

    Just fininished making cardboard Template to mark exact drill points thru the floor and bolt in Reese 15K that I converted over to the Kwik Slide - Nice conversion if you don't already have it.

    Will allow the 'Pull' position to be 43" from back window glass centered over axel which allows for a 61 degree angle turn. Slide goes back 10" to allow full 90 degree turn.


  • noobie1noobie1 Member Posts: 326
    Thanks to Edmunds and all for the great info here.

    A query for our host or others: I can't help but notice the huge difference in price for the Allison option on this site (MSRP-$2295, Invoice-$1973) when compared to others ($1200 and 1032 respectively). I've priced this option with dealers three times in the last ten days and all reflect the lower price. What up? Does Edmunds know something the dealers don't, or am I just a babe in the woods? Thanks.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    you are looking at LT VS LS?

    in an have paid for the auto tranny...and it's $1200 extra....

    in an's $2400....due to a manual being standard

    - Tim
  • noobie1noobie1 Member Posts: 326
    Thanks Tim.
    No, the price quoted on this site is for a 2001 Cheverolet Silverado, 2500HD, 4dr Extended Cab LT, 4WD LB w/Onstar.

    Very peculiarsome.

    - Dave
  • elderdog1elderdog1 Member Posts: 10
    I now have 2500 miles on my gmc everyhing a ok , i have been reading all of the posts and have not heard any one mention as stated in owners man not to let your allision trans idle for more than 5 min in drive , this wouldn't be a prob for me where i live, but for someone who lives in a heavy traffic area this is something to keep your eye on
  • gmcgtgmcgt Member Posts: 15
    The $2300 price tag is for an allison in a Chevrolet, the $1200 price is for an Allison in a GMC. The base price of the Chevy is significantly lower than the base price of the GMC. Overall most Chevy options are higher than GMC options.
    We Just picked up 1 of 3 8100/Allisons (Chevy) on 3/24. Two more (GMC 2500HD and 3500 SLT's) are being built this week. Been waiting on them since 9/21/00
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    similar equipped Chevy's and GMC's are almost identical in price. GMC has more base options I believe?

    - Tim
  • gmcslehdgmcslehd Member Posts: 3
    This is my first post so bear with me. I priced an '01-GMC-SLE-2500-HD-Crew Cab-Long Bed, with an 8.1/Allison at the dealer today. It's completely loaded--basically an SLT minus the leather. Anyway, the final price with tax will be $35,785. I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I'll ask it again. Does this pricing sound right/comparible to those of you with similar trucks? Any input is appreciated.

  • gmcgtgmcgt Member Posts: 15

    It sounds a little high, We just took delivery of a 3500, LS, 4x4, loaded with all the goodies available to the LS, less the snow plow springs and toneau cover.
    $32,678 (33,592 w/ttl)
    We have a GMC SLT 3500, 4x4 8100/Allison, Leather, 1SD, and all other options available less snow plow, and toneau cover for $35,093 ($36266 w/ttl)
  • falknorfalknor Member Posts: 27
    You can bring up the truck and check the price with the options to see what a fair price is per Edmunds. My truck is a LT 2500HD ext cab with 8.1 allison 4.10 loaded and I paid $29939.00 plus TT&L. The CC is about $1500.00-2000.00 more than a ext cab. Some dealers will deal and other will not deal depends on how bad they want to sell you a truck. The end of the month helps with deals also. Happy trails to you. Dave
  • nelson22nelson22 Member Posts: 3
    I saw a post from n75v11 on sliding fifth wheel placement on the short bed. I am going to do this also. I am told that proper fifth wheel placement is anywhere from directly over the axle to 10 inches in front of it. How crucial is this placement and what are the effects of moving it within these ranges?

    Thanks, Nelson
  • gmcslehdgmcslehd Member Posts: 3
    gmcgt; falknor,

    Thanks for the input. I 'specd out the truck at edmunds(helpful site) and it showed dealer invoice as $33,800. So invoice and tax($1,276) comes out to $35,076. So I guess I'm getting the truck for $709 over invoice. I think I can live with that.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157 they are usually more accurate.

    - Tim
  • bobo32bobo32 Member Posts: 1
    I am interested in hearing what kind of fuel mileage current owners are experiencing, towing or otherwise. Plan to buy soon & don't want to be shocked. Thanks in advance.
  • sjyokelsjyokel Member Posts: 3
    I placed an order at a Chevy dealer on 2-15 for a 2500HD LT 4x4 Allison and almost every option-the dealer told me that GM accepts the orders right away. I called the 1-800# for Chevy cust. svc. yesterday and they said the order has not yet been accepted. Anyone have any idea about when
    GM accepts orders. It's been about 6wks. Is this typical?
  • falknorfalknor Member Posts: 27
    I placed an order for an LT 2500HD loaded on Nov 22 and finally canceled the order on Feb 27 as GM has not picked-up the order and bought one off of the lot that I could live with. I think about 12- 16 weeks is about norm. Good luck on getting it any faster than that. Happy trails to you. Dave
  • n75v111n75v111 Member Posts: 243
    Sept. 5th to March 1st. (should be down to 20wks or so by now) The tpw won't assign until about 4wks before delivery--
    8.1 alli 4x4 LT SB & most of the options.
    Hang in there guys - Usually it's better to wait and get exactly what options you want than taking something the dealer has on the lot.

    5th whl position--
    Was kinda waiting to see if anyone else would give you their view on the 5th wh loc.
    1) Recommendation from reese is around 2" in front of the axel But -------
    with the SB that gets a little tough with the standard (non-slider) hitch. You have to move behind the axel about 4" to get close to 75 degree turn.
    I know several that have done that and have no problem with control and get along just fine (one even with 98 chev. 1/2 ton and 28ft unit)-- You just have to watch it if you get tight parking etc.

    Just finished making all the frame to axel measuremets --
    With the Reese slider (Reese has a slider conversion for the standard 'A' frame 15K model)-if you locate the front 'L' brackets 'rear edge' flush with outer welded frame member 'rear edge' (easily seen behind the wheel and slightly forward)and match the 'L' bracket front centered sloted hole to the rails #1 row (the rows are numbered 1 & 2 in the front rail and 3 & 4 in the rear rail in Reese IM) outer square hole, that will position the front rail such that the Hitch Pin in the 'Towing' position with be 15/16 behind the Axel. Moving it more forward than that will most likely require droping the fuel tank to allow drilling the hole and to get at the 'L' bracket mounting bolts.

    Will drill the holes and install mine this weekend -- Pull older 32' Hitchhiker.

  • podchevyownerpodchevyowner Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 2500 HD with the 8.1 with 900 miles on it. I changed the Oil to Mobil 1 5W-30 at 700 miles. Now when I start it up cold, the engine has a knocking sound (like a diesel's lifters). It also has very high oil pressure, approx. 65 PSI when cold and at hwy speeds. Both the noise and the oil pressure seem to go away after about 5 minutes and the engine warms up. The oil pressure at idle after warm up is approx. 45 PSI. I have written to Chevy and talked to the local dealer and they have been more than worthless. Has anyone else experienced these any of these problems and would synthetic cause the knocking?.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    sounds like the typical knock many 5.3's and 6.0's have.....I had hoped it didn't carry over to the 8.1's!

    ..high pressure oil...and firmer shifts (I know you didn't mention) are just typical of any car until it's warmed up.

    - Tim
  • cowboyjohn1cowboyjohn1 Member Posts: 125
    I have no knock on startup even when the wx is cold. Oil pressure cold is about 70 to 75 psi, drops to about 60-65 when warm and on the road, warm idle about 40 to 45. 1100 miles.
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