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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Yep! Sounds like we are having the same sort of issues. Although, I was lucky enough to have mine run for four days (after they "fixed" it) before it broke down, and mine is a 2011. Two times in four days they replaced my "camshaft actuators"....

    Well, I have had enough. This car has "broken down" 3 times in the year I have owned it.

    Looks like they are having the same issues with the 2012 model too.
  • Yes, I am the owner of a lemon as well. Kind of funnyhow many of the 2011 owners are having these "Camshaft actuator" problems (mine have been replaced twice in four days. The car has broken down 3 times since I purchased it. Now I see that someone who owns a 2012 posted with the same issues.

    If they are aware of this particular issue... FIX IT! Stop selling junk!

    I feel for you..... I am in the same boat. Very frustrating and disappointing!
  • Yes! Agreed. It is a very "crappy engine". Runs like a beater!

    GM boasts this as a top seller in crossovers.... Well, can't be too much longer before potential buyers start hearing all the problems this car is having. I plan on letting people know.
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    More information about the 2.4L: rce=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Giz

    It would be interesting to know why the 2.4L Equinox engine is so excessively noisy between 1000 and 1500 RPM that GM had to install noise cancellation technology inside the vehicle.
  • shari2011shari2011 Posts: 9
    edited September 2011
    I bought my Equinox December 1, 2010 and I have loved it. I get great gas mileage about 420 miles to a tank of gas. Then in May I noticed that it was idling rough. So I took it in to the dealership and they replaced something in the gas system. Then about within less than 30 days later it started doing it again and I also noticed that it was hesitating when I would put it in drive or reverse. I would actually have to wait a few seconds for it to go into gear. So I again took it to the dealership and they checked it out and the hesitation per the service guy was what he called normal for a 4 cylinder, which I don't agree with. I have owned to many cars and was married to a Mr Goodwrench before so I have some knowledge of mechanics. As per a GM bulletin they cleaned the fuel system and advised me to purchase my gas from High volume gas stations. As if I don't already. But needless to say I have made sure to follow exactly what they advised and now(mileage 11,700) I have had to take my vehicle back because along with the hesitation, and rough idle the car is skipping terribly while I drive everywhere I go and I can feel it changing gears at some speeds almost like it wants to stahl. So I dropped it off on Wednesday and today is Tuesday. They have now replaced the camshaft sensors per the GM bulletin and evidently that did not fix the problem. I don't know if it is bettor or worse as I don't have my car back yet. But know I have been told that they had to order a computer for my car. What this is, is a device that connects to my car while it is being driven that sends information directly to GM so GM can tell them what is wrong with my vehicle. I can only assume that I now have a GM case number as the dealer knows that this is a third time problem on my car for the same problem and that we have a lemon law in SC and they won't release my car until fixed or they told me that they would have to contact GM. Anyone else had a hook up to GM with a device like this. I am just curious. I love my Equinox but at this point I am really concerned about the validity of the GM engine or GM. I really hoping that I get treated fairly and that if they can't fix it right or to my satisfaction per our law that they follow the law and not try to get around it. I have owned several Chevy's and GM vehicles including others now, but it just takes one bad deal to make me turn away, please GM if your reading these do the right thing.
  • I purchased a 2011 Chevy Equinox a month ago the first 10 days it was fine but then it was all down hill from there I was driving one day and it decides to just shut down I was in a real shock with that. Of course I called the dealer and told them I was passing by but never told them what had happend. I get there the salesperson sees me and says how are you enjoying your new vehicle. So I said you tell me lets go for a ride. I told him you drive. We drove for about 20 minutes and I asked how do you think this vehicle is performing he says its great. I said are you sure because it just stalled on me 1 1/2 hours ago I think he thought I was just wasting his time but I was not. You know what he said to me, its my imagination I looked at him and said its not I should know since I drive the vehicle everyday. I ended up leaving going home and researching about this and that when Ive seen the same messages from others just like myself. Must be everyones imagination cause I think we are all crazy and just making this all up. I figure out a recall from this search called recall # 11195a and it was about the problems we were experiencing. I made an appointment with the dealer for a saturday, the friday before that day the dealer calls me not to bring in the vehicle telling me the parts were not in. I said ok but I was told it was a matter of just reprograming the computer (ecm) he said no parts would have to be changed I said fine. Tuesday the following week I get a call from the dealer telling me that a recall would have to be done on my vehicle I said I know. Can you bring it in as soon as possible I said oh..... the parts are in. Parts what parts Im like these people need to get there act together so I explained tells me I will call you back. 10 minutes later she calls me back said sorry your parts are not in. Ok fine whatever Friday I get a call again your parts are in, ok good finally I will bring it tomorrow. Saturday comes Im at the dealer, the advisor sees me and says are you here for the recall I say yes ok no problem we will take care of it right away. Wow this service I thought to myself. I go upstairs half hour later cause they had a cafeteria that opened at 8:30am
    so Im ordering my food I see my vehicle from the window still sitting outside. (yes take care of you right away) [non-permissible content removed] they are all liers. I get my vehicle back after 15 minutes the same problems are back. Now I get General Motors involved tell them my situation I said fix it or replace it. They say to me but you have to do a recall I said I did on saturday maybe its not updated yet. He says nothing was done. Today I opened the hood and looked under and not a single finger print was there just the building up of dust and dirt remember its only a month old.
    I cant believe this I call the dealer back and explained I believe nothing was done on saturday. Called General Motors today and told them I said if they cant fix my vehicle then replace the damn thing its nothing but a headache. So now Saturday I go back again to the dealer but something better be done or else legal action will have to be taken. I have driven GM all my life and this is my very first disappointment I have experienced this vehicle in my opinion its a lemon and a road hazzard.
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    Suggest you do a search of the "2010 Equinox Problems" threads for the word "ECO". You will find that some owners seem to have avoided the engine hesitation by not using the "ECO" setting which is designed to lower engine RPM for better fuel economy.

    The "Eco" setting may be ok if you use it as an "overdrive" setting for highway cruising.

    Worth a try anyway.
  • I just traded in my 2002 Ford Escape for the 2011 Equinox 6cyl. I just loved my Escape but thought I would give Chevy a try. I took ownership of the vehicle on Sat Sep 3rd. Drove it all day Sunday and just could not get comfortable in the vehicle. I spoke to my salesman on Monday (which was labor day) and told him I was not liking the vehicle. He said nothing. Tuesday I emailed him and asked what my options were. He told me I would have to get it appraised and I could trade it in but it would cost me more money. I brought the car to the Ford Dealer. Explained my dilemma, they gave me a great price on a fully loaded 2012 Escape but it was going to cost me almost $4,000. They Finance person was looking over all my paper work from the sale of the Equinox and there is NO VIN# on any of the papers that have my signature. I am told technically I do not own this vehicle. I still do not have a new registration so I am driving around with my old registration from my Escape and I have a purchase agreement with NO VIN#. The Odometer Form has NO odometer reading on it nor does it have the VIN#. I spoke with the dealer yet again and he said that it was fine and they they could provide me with the VIN# and the reason it was not on the paper work was because they hadn't secured the vehicle with the other dealership at the time I had signed all the papers! It gets better. This morning I am on my way to work. I was at a stop light, it turned green and I proceed to accelerate through the intersection when it felt like the car stalled but it didn't it then picked up speed very slowly. I was nearly rear ended! I was so scared. I have contacted my salesman but have yet to hear back from him. I am going to be calling an attorney to see if there is a legal issue regarding the paper work. I don't want to be going through the numerous trips to the service center as many of you have had to do. UGHHHHH I should have never left FORD, my very first car was a Ford and I always had Fords after that. :cry:
  • Please keep us all updated on your progress with the computer! My case is still pending with the attorney, we are the ones that have the 2011 with the all of the stalling and hesitation issues, too. GM had requested a final attempt to repair the vehicle and the service manager said they could not replicate the problem, but the email that beat me home said my vehicle needed engine repair......the GM drama continues. I have told the attorney to ask for a bumper to bumper 100K mile warranty and compensation for our zillion trips to the dealership, if GM thinks their vehicle is so great, they shouldn't be afraid to back it!
  • shari2011shari2011 Posts: 9
    edited September 2011
    9/22/11 I received a call today and all communications with Gm have show that when they replaced the camshaft sensors they failed to do the reprograming. As of today the reprogramming has been done and all testing is showing normal. The top mechanic has driven my vehicle and the service manager and all seems to be fine. We have had a lot of rain today so they are keeping it over night to do more testing and driving to make sure everything is ok. My dealer is great as far as service I could not ask for better. They like me are a middle man. They can only do what GM tells them since they could not find the problem themselves. When I get my vehicle back will be the true test to see if it is right to me and to make sure I have not lost my gas mileage either. I will keep everyone updated. I am hoping I have one of the vehicles like some of the post I have seen that everything turns out ok. Considering that I made it a lot further on mileage it seems I might have a better turn out. I have my fingers crossed.
  • Dear ALL -

    If your vehicle is experiencing a rough idle, or near stalling/complete stall-out at a low throttle opening (like accelerating from a stop, or right after you put the car into gear), then you need to look into the following repairs...This may or may not also set off your check engine light, with codes P0011 and/or P0014.

    This is a KNOWN issue. Unfortunately, many dealers still haven't had to deal with it yet, or they are just all around crappy dealers...

    If you own a 2011, with build dates approximately between 2/11 - 6/11 = CALL your dealer and ask them to look up your VIN number and see if your car qualifies for RECALL 11195. Under this recall, your problem WILL be fixed. They will replace the cam phase solenoid valves, most commonly called the solenoids (however, everyone seems to call them by a different name) AND they will update the ECM with new software. These two things MUST be done at the SAME TIME. The new solenoids can NOT be replaced and the ECM NOT be updated at the same time. The new software changes the way that the cam shaft operates, and without this new software, the new solenoids WILL definitely fail again. So, double check your work order before you leave to verify that they have performed both. The solenoids are on short supply, so they may have to order these parts and schedule the service appointment for a week or so later.

    IF your vehicle does NOT qualify for the recall - request that they try the recall repairs anyways, because they may help.

    IF you also have the start-up noise coming from your engine for the first 2-4 seconds right after you start the engine....they should replace the actuators and you should opt for an oil change. This replacement of the actuators for the start-up engine noise is dictated by service bulletin PI0562. The bulletin does NOT require an oil change, but an oil change (even if your engine only has 1,000 miles on it and doesn't *need* an oil change yet) done at the same time as replacement of the actuators is VITAL - long story short, the entire process of correcting the start-up noise began with the fact that as the engine gets broken in, the oil frequently collects debris from normal break-in, like metal shavings, these shavings can sometimes be visible inside the pleats of your oil filter and can get stuck in the actuators and cause problems.

    The RECALL 11195 also does not require an oil change, HOWEVER, because of the same above stated reasons, an oil change is HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended by me and other people that have gone through this process. The solenoids (included in the RECALL 11195) have a very fine screen on them that the oil travels through, if your oil is very dirty, like from normal engine break-in, then these screens can get clogged and thus cause problems. The reason the solenoids need to be replaced as dictated by the RECALL, is because they can become damaged and stick, causing an insufficient amount of oil to travel through the cam shaft.

    If your vehicle is experiencing these problems, and included in the recall, call your dealer ASAP to schedule your service. If your vehicle is NOT included in the recall, then use this information to discuss with your Service Manager the option of trying these same repairs. In my opinion, if your vehicle does not qualify for the recall, then you should be speaking directly to the Service MANAGER. NOT the Service Writers. You will get further in the process much quicker, and *should* get better results in the long run.

    If your dealership isn't taking your concerns seriously, then request to start a case with GM Customer Service. You can speak with a district rep that will help the communication between you and your dealer.

    I spent three months this summer dealing with these same issues, so that is why I know all of this information, I literally went through this process AS GM was making their decisions on issuing the recall, they unofficially learned from my and others vehicles. I, like you, have been through this. You can also go over to (same as and see the same information there, and you can also read through other people's experiences as well. Good luck, and keep everyone here updated with your progress so that you can help others in this situation as well. I NEVER would have gotten my vehicle back in proper working order if it had not been for the experiences that other people went through and shared.
  • Thank you! I appreciate the information. Sounds exactly like what my Nox is doing. I had the "Cam Shaft Actuators" replace twice.

    Just my opinion - I purchased a "new car", and I expected nothing less. I have had my car serviced for the engine light four times since I purchased it. This is the type of issue you might expect with a used car, but not a new car. I am really tired of wondering whether my car is going to "break down" everytime I drive it. Waiting for the engine light to come on.
    This car is unreliable. Not something a "new car" owner should be going through. If GM is aware of these issues, then FIX THEM before you sell anymore of these.

    The GM rep keeps encouraging me to take the car to the dealer as it it still running rough. Sorry, I don't have the time to keep running this thing to the dealer every week so they can tell me there is nothing wrong with it. They asked me what I wanted the outcome to be - my reply - "A new car". I am sure they are going to fight me tooth and nail.

    So, anyway...... I am very disappointed in this car. Guess I am leaning toward chalking this up as a loss, and remembering what automaker NOT to buy a car from next time.
  • Thanks so much for your post. My 2011 Equinox has 3000 miles and I've had the noisy start from the begining (occasionally). The stalling just started. It's now at the dealer for the third time in a week. They claim to not have had any more cases like it. However, they did change the cam shaft solenoid valves on the first visit but, it still stalls. I now feel a little better informed to talk to them about it. Thanks again.
  • 9/23/2011 Picked up my car this afternoon. So far seems to be ok. Will be driving it a lot this weekend and this coming week. My ticket is still open until I report back to them as to my satisfaction. I will post again on Monday.
  • First I have to correct you, it has nothing to do with cars built between 2/11 thru 6/11 I bought my 2011 Equinox on Sept 2010. It also is happening in the GMC Terrain and some 2010 model Equinox's so this has been going on for a while. This is a problem that GM has known about and should have taken care of well before now. I bought my care from a very well know dealership so the dealer is not where the problem lies. My dealer is excellent and has done everything you listed above and took extra steps to find out what was wrong with my car. It is with GM's failure to get the information to the dealers to fix the problem or put out a recall before these cars are sold. Instead they have procrastinated and hoped that we would not had problems or noticed and just ignored the situations. I suggest no one back down in dealing with GM the government is cracking down on these companies and how they do business. Please follow through if you do not get a full solution there are agency's out there that will help you.
  • What were the part numbers on what they replaced? And did they update the ECM? Your vehicle absolutely will NOT perform better if they do NOT update the ECM at the SAME TIME as the solenoids are replaced.

    If you've had check engine lights and the rough idle and poor driveability issues, they should have replaced the solenoids, part numbers 12628347 and 12628348. At the SAME time that they replace these parts, they should be updating the ECM, as dictated by bulletin PI0496.

    Your issue absolutely CAN be corrected! Unfortunately, you have to be your OWN advocate on this. I had to demand that my service manager print out that bulletin and read it, as soon as he did, he said, "huh, you know, that does sound like it applies to your car. I should've looked at this sooner." (imagine my frustration)

    PI0496- I can provide you with a copy if you'd like, but you can go into your dealership, ask to speak with the Service MANAGER, and have him print out this bulletin and read it, and perform the work. If the codes that are showing on your car are P0011 and/or P0014, then this bulletin should apply to you. Again, it's vital that they replace the solenoids and update the ECM at the same time. If they do not update the computer at the same time, then the solenoids will be damaged as you drive - the computer update they have to do changes the way that the solenoids operate, for durability concerns.

    Stay in touch with me, I want to know that you speak with your dealer again, and I really hope you can get it worked out.
  • The direct injection noise is supposed to be noisier. It's normal. The same noise cancellation technology that is used in the Equinox is also used in the Ford Explorer. It's just to cut down on road noise and engine noise.
  • Request for them to replace the solenoids and update the ECM. You can refer them to PI0469 for the proper ECM update and solenoid parts. Replacing the solenoids and updating the ECM should address the rough driving and possible stalling at a low throttle opening. I really think that the solenoid replacement AND ECM update can help you.
  • I'm glad I can help spread some info on this stuff - trust me, I completely sympathize with how frustrating this all is. I dealt with it for three months this summer, and now my car is PROBLEM FREE!! :)

    I dealt with the start-up engine noise, and the rough idle/poor driveability/stalling and hesitation at low throttle openings (which also got bad enough to trigger my check engine light)....

    In total - my car has had the Actuators replaced (part #12621505), solenoids replaced (part # 12628347 and 12628348), ECM update, and oil changes.

    Problems first began at 1500 miles, they performed the first repair at about 4500 miles when it became a very regular and consistent problem, and my last repair work was done at 8300 miles. I'm now sitting at about 11,600 miles and am completely problem free at this point!

    These problems ARE KNOWN ISSUES. However, some dealers haven't dealt with it yet, effectively at least, and many dealers just don't know the information that is available in the service bulletins. (and they should be ashamed of that, they should at least read through them as they are issued)

    The most important thing to remember, especially for your car, is that the ECM update MUST be performed at the SAME time that they replace the solenoids. The reason for this is that part of the ECM update changes the way that the solenoids operate "for durability concerns." (quotes emphasize the terms taken directly from the service bulletins) So, essentially, if they give you new solenoids without an ECM update, the new solenoids will just get damaged again over time. Know what I mean? They have the full capability of fixing this problem, sometimes you just have to pester them about it to make sure they do it properly.

    And, for good measure, get an oil change. It's not required by any of the service bulletins out right now, but it is a very wise thing to do right now, with the problems that have been rising with these engines. It's a "better safe than sorry" kind of thing.
  • You are correct, these problems have reared their heads in many model years of the Equinox. The specific build date range I referred to is a qualifying factor for the RECALL only. There are other service bulletins that cover other build date ranges.

    PIP4716 covers the start-up noise for 2010 model years. It used to include the 2011, but they removed it from that bulletin and created PI0496 with specific build dates of 2/18/11-6/6/11, and the RECALL 11195 is for a very specific build date as well, if you call your dealer and ask them to look up your VIN they will be able to tell if there is an open recall that applies to your vehicle.

    Just wanted to post this for a little more clarification.

    If you are having issues with the start up noise, you can refer them to PIP4716 and PI0562. If you are having problems with stalling/hesitation and poor driveability, you can request that they do an ECM update and have them look into the integrity of your solenoids, as indicated in PI0469 and the RECALL 11195 repair work. Hopefully they've already done this.
  • I will let you now, but I am pretty sure they did, because they told me that they had to reprogram it.
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    Congratulations on your excellent synopsis of 2.4L engine problems and solutions which will help a lot of people get to grips with GM's communication shortcomings on the issue.

    Reference your comment on noise attenuation I'd refer you to the link associated with my previous post. rce=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Giz

    Draw your own conclusions but regardless of the perceived benefit, I'd be asking if normal engineering practice wouldn't avoid running an engine at speeds where there is notable vibration (and consequent noise).
  • I completely understand your point of view, I'm not discounting it, by any means.

    I mean, historically, people used to always by quality items because they knew they'd be durable, and they lasted forever. Now, it's "well, it should last me about 10 yrs before it'll break and I'll have to buy another one.."

    Sometimes greed gets in the way of quality/efficiency/durability/whatever you call it.
  • shari2011shari2011 Posts: 9
    edited September 2011
    I spoke with my service manager today as I still feel some slight driveability issue the same as before, it is much much better. But I do know that the parts were changed on Thursday and my car was driven on Friday and Monday and then they were advised of the reprogramming on Monday afternoon. So I have asked that they replace the parts and reprogram at the same time. So there will be no damage to the parts (selenoids). The manager has read the many statements on this forum from those who have stated no further problems and has heard my voiced concerns and my concern with the issue still at hand and is going to contact GM to get permission to redo the job under warranty. He feels there should not be any problem. So I hope to hear from them tomorrow. My car is at the lemon stage so I don't think I will have a problem I think it would be cheaper than buying my car back. So I will keep you informed. I hope that will take care of it. It is almost back to normal.
  • Wonderful! They should be able to gain approval for the "recall-redo." I don't see why not, especially since you're in lemon stage. It is normal to have a little bit of a sluggish feel to it though, so keep that in mind, I know it's not ideal, but also remember that it's still a heavy car with a small engine in the grand scheme of things. But, with regards to the hesitation/possible stalling, this should absolutely be taken care of by the recall work.

    I can't remember if you had the problems with the start-up engine noise (if you did, you would know it, trust me). Anyways, if the start-up engine noise comes back, you can have them replace the Actuators (part #12621505) under bulletin PI0562...just something to kind of file in the back of your mind in case you need the info, but most people have seen the start-up noise disappear completely with the recall work (even though that's not the stated intention of the recall work).

    Again, keep us posted here! You're experience will help others as well! Good luck!
  • So I have been dealing with the issues that you have stated above. My vehicle is making the start up noise and doesnt seem to be going away. The dealership replacedthe solenoid and did the computer update. Then we also have had the actuator replaced with out an oil change. Can I have the mechanic do an oil change now even though the actuator was replaced weeks ago and still expect that to fix the problem? Or will they have to re-replace the actuator and do an oil change at the same time to have the problem fixed. Any help with these questions will be appreciated.
  • I think it helps to have the oil change done at the same time. However, if this will be the first oil change done on the car, then yes, do it now. The sooner the better, for these cars apparently. To help more specifically with your car, it'll be helpful if you give a little more detail on what they have done.

    I'm assuming you have a long ago did they replace the solenoids? Was it done as part of the recall?
    Do you know the build date for your car? (month/year)
    Ok, what date did they replace the solenoids and update the computer, and what was the date that they replaced the actuators?
    Did they update the computer on the SAME DAY, at the SAME TIME, as when they replaced the solenoids?

    These answers will help me figure out what they may have done wrong, or what else you might want to try (like an oil change).

    Regardless of these answers, if you have not had an oil change at all yet, or have not had the oil changed since the time you noticed the problems begin, then it would be wise to go ahead and get one down now. The oil change will probably have to be paid out of pocket. Let me know the above info and I can help you out some more. Thanks!
  • I've been periodically checking into this thread since we first noticed the god awful engine noise on start-up. Ironically, there was a recall letter mailed to us a few days later, after trying to explain to the dealership what we were experiencing. The engine noise made our brand new (couple months old) equinox sound like a POS old clunker.

    The recall was taken care of and we were still having problems with the engine noise. We never did experience the car stalling on us, but I can say the 2.4L is not getting the fuel efficiency it speaks of online and in commercials. If anything and at best, we've been getting around 24 mpg, never topping 30 mpg. I've seen some of you post you've had it drop down into the teens.

    Called the dealership back and they explained there was a new PI indicating some problems with these 2.4L engines that may help fix what we were hearing. This is what they did, and we have not heard the horrible sounds at start up anymore (keeping fingers crossed there will be no more problems):
    *Heavy Line Engine Dept checked it out
    Noise due to PI0562 Faulty Camshaft Actuators. Upon replacing Actuators found water pump chain tensioner not holding tension and chain to be excessively loose. As per PI0202A Also replaced water pump drive chain and tensioner due to already into timing chain repair and lower chain loose due to faulty tensioner. Replaced Water pump/balance shaft timing chain and tensioner and replaced both camshaft actuators for startup noise.
    Part #'s:
    90537300 - Tensioner 1.060
    12645237 - Chain 1.109
    24435052 - Gasket 0.207
    12609291 - Seal 0.423
    12345610 - Oil 8.800 x 5
    12605565 - Filter 1.836
    12621505 - Actuator 0.736 x 2

    Hope this helps.
  • I've also been monitoring this issue since my Equinox started making the noise in April. GM has the engine apart as we speak and is repairing the timing chain. The mechanic told me about the recall notification, but said that my specific car was NOT recalled based on the VIN number. Therefore, he isn't addressing it. What really bothers me is that GM is aware of the issue and is continues to sell the model.
  • My equinox had the engine noise, plus hesitation. 5,100 miles on it. Friday when picking up our grandson at school, the car died while waiting in line. I came home and googled Equinox complaints and found this forum. Thank goodness. I started at the beginning and read half way through and was frightened. I got up Saturday morning the 24th and decided to go to the last posting, hence I saw the posting of sumr616.
    I called my dealer and talked to my salesman who told me that he too had problems with his and that he would call over to the service department for me. They told me to bring it in immediately, I did with suggestions from this forum, and they ask me to leave it for about 3 hours. My husband told them he wanted the oil change which sumr616 suggested, they agreed to do that. Now I was to drive to N.C Sunday morning and some were depending on me for transportation.

    Here is what they did at the service department.

    recall v2444 reprogram ECM and replace camshaft position actuator solenoid. 12646783/4 valve. they also rotated the tires and did the oil change. I drove the 525 miles to and from N.C with no problems what so ever. It drove like the new car I bought. So far so good. I am a senior citizen and have a horrible fear of breaking down while out of state or town.
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