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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Katph062000,

    Thank you for responding with this information, and I’m sorry that this vehicle has disrupted your life to the degree that it has. I can set up a customer assistance case for you, but will not be able to continue assisting after legal proceedings have begun (at which point this case would be handled by a different department).

    I appreciate your desire to get this addressed and want to offer what help that I can, while respecting your decisions.

    If you are interested in continuing with customer assistance, please let me know.

    GM Customer Service
  • Jennifer123,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having concerns with your Equinox. If we can follow up with the dealership for you and further investigate, or look into warranty/recall information on your vehicle, please email us with your name, user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Thank you,
    GM Customer Service
  • Auntiep22,

    I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your Equinox. I have documented this thread in the forum for GM’s consideration – thank you (all!) for contributing to the discussion. If we can ever be of assistance, either helping work with a dealership towards a resolution or looking into warranty/recall information on your vehicle, we’re only an email away.

    GM Customer Service
  • Thank you Sarah for your response. I took the Nox in yesterday and the dealer is putting in another ECM and resetting it back to when it was new. The Nox took a dive when the ECM was updated with the recall. I had all kinds of problems but they mellowed out after a while except for the mileage. Hopefully, this will solve all the problems that it has. I will drive it for a few days and will let you know how it's doing.
  • Has anyone had this problem? After bragging about my car doing so good following the 11195 recall, I started to go out this morning, had come out of the garage to turn around and my engine sounded like a jet engine. I put it in drive and accelerated and the rpm went up to the 4 mark with that whirring sound. I took my foot off the gas pedal and the car jerked, Iput my foot back on the accelerator and again the rpm sped up to 4 rmp with the noise and again the jerk. I, thankfully, was just a up the street from the house. I have gotten into the car several times since and it is not happening again. Anyone??? I have a trip planned for this weekend to the mountains.
  • Thank you for this post. I am experiencing a ticking noise in my 2011 Equinox and I took the Nox in yesterday and a fuel cover was put on. I heard the noise again today and drove straight to the dealer and told them the noise was still there and the service manager sat with me in my car explaining to me that the noise is normal and because it has two fuel pumps the front fuel pump is loud and that Chevy has allowed this cover so the noise won't be as loud. I don't understand what this fuel insulator does--seems like it only muffles the noise but I am concerned about the noise. Also I have noticed a lag in exceleration, I almost had a head on collision because the car wasn't moving even though I was flooring the gas pedal and the service manager said he didn't want it to sound like that I needed him to teach me to drive but the 4 cylinder Nox is not a 6 cylinder Nox and I am just baffled and think it is riskly to drive a vehicle that will not accelerate.
    I am interested in what your dealer told you about the fuel insulator - I mean doesn't a ticking noise indicate something isn't right and the service manager insists there is nothing wrong and it isn't the timing mechanism. The service manager also wanted to provide me with GM literature regarding this fuel pump being loud -- I feel your pain and am just concerned and hope you post follow up regarding your experience. Thanks.
  • Bought new on 6/3/11, have been in for overnight repairs on 4 attempts, now they are telling me that this noise is NORMAL! After changing parts and working on it, I don't think they have a clue as to what to do. Has a metal grinding noise on start.... now he said it is 'teflon coating pistons and a heavy duty fuel pump" that is making the noise. Can't explain why he kept changing parts and working on it prior if it was a NORMAL noise, nor can he explain why it doesn't do it all the time. Beginning to think this CHEVY EQUINOX is a piece of crap and the service guy is too!!! He told me it was RECALL work when I asked for a service order, but I have never received a recall notice on this car.... had less than 4000 miles on it when this started and the last time I took it in, they didn't do anything to do, just told me they didn't hear anything and the noise I was hearing was normal!!! Had a guy friend drive it a couple of days and he said, nothing about that grinding noise was normal!!! At least there are witnesses to what it's doing.

    Anyone else having this problem? Guess it's time to find out about the LEMON LAW???
  • Sammy66 and rfs755,

    If Customer Assistance can be of service to you (following up with the dealership, setting up a Service Request case, looking into warranty/recall information on your vehicle), please don’t hesitate to email us with your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your preferred dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • I called the service department at Southtowne Motors in Newnan, I advised them of the problem. They are sending a wrecker to my house and I will go with my husband to pick up a car. I hope they find the problem. I am suppose to go to the mountains in N.C this weekend. Imagine the transmission problem on the mountains. So far Southtowne has been extremely helpful.
  • My wife has a 2011 Equinox we purchased new in January. Since August it has been in and out of the shop it makes a loud noise on start up 3 times the service people could not replicate it gave it back. They finally did and replaced the camshaft actuators since that we have had a gas smell in the vehicle coming through the exhaust vents and still the engine noise. The car has also stranded us on the side of the road with a bad battery so we are told. It has been nothing but a P.O.S. since buying it. It is now on its way back to the shop for the engine noise which we caught on a recorder finally and the gas smell. I myself traded my 2006 Equinox for a FORD thanks for building quality crap GM :lemon:
  • Brujah1375,
    I’m sorry to hear about the multiple concerns you’ve experienced with your Equinox. If you would like to work with Customer Assistance towards resolving these concerns, please email us your name/username, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your involved dealership.
    GM Customer Service
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    edited November 2011
    We also experienced the gas fumes through the air vents in our Terrain but only once and it was never duplicated at the dealership.Is this a common everyday problem with your Nox?
  • Our Chey Equinox 4 cylinder was causing us too many headaches to go into detail here. Our dealership's service department performed the recall camshift work and various other repairs but overall, the car's performance did not improve much. The sales manger and service department teamed together to solicit GM assistance to help us get into an Equinox 6 cylinder. Our dealership stepped up for us and made the trade up very, very reasonable. The engine upgrade is $1500 and we paid a very reasonable amount for the depreciation of our 2011 4 cylinder. The trade, however, up would not have happened without the GM assistance of $4,500 that our dealership rounded up for us. The 6 cylinder is a real SUV. There is no comparison in performance. I've read and heard that our gas mileage is better than many 4 cylinder Equinoxes. My wife says the 6 cylinder drives like a dream. That's alot better than the 4 cylinder nightmare we recently experienced. We were very patient, persistent, diligent, thoughtful, and diplomatic in our search for a solution to our Equinox problems. The 6 cylinder is not the car we intended to buy initially, but we are grateful to leave the problems of the 4 cylinder behind. Not only that, my marriage of one year is running much smoother since my wife and I do not have all the car related headaches of our past.
  • Johnnygl,

    Thank you for posting this – it’s always great to hear that a customer is helped by their dealership. I’m glad you’re happy in your new vehicle!

    GM Customer Service
  • Ours was once in a while after we had the repairs done and has become alot more frequent as of lately. Was bad enough to make my wife have a headache and feel sick today. It is back in the shop now after taking it out there several times over the last two weeks they finally smelled it.
  • I will try to get the vin info for you it is in the shop tonight so may be a couple days
  • My dealership called today and said they would not get to diagnose my car until Monday. They said they are backed up with transmission problems, hummmmm. I do have a loaner and was told to go ahead and take it on my, already planned, trip to Asheville, N.C.
  • I hope your trip went well and am looking forward to hearing how the appointment goes.

    GM Customer Service
  • The saga continues! I'm ticked!! The dealer can't put a new ECM in the Nox due to Federal Regulations with the recall on it. I have documentation of when I fueled up and the mileage and the mpg I got on a tank. Apparently, GM doesn't believe that I infact get bad mileage as they are sending out a tech to drive the car to see if they can get any better mileage out of it!! Just because I am a girl, they are not taking my word or documentation for that fact and a guy has to come out to test drive it and put more miles on it!! They don't trust my math? Is that the problem?? Is anyone having fluxuation in their mileage like I am? I'm ready to take a bath on this car and get something else. I would even take a 6cyl Nox as they really haven't had any problems. I asked about putting an additive in the gas and the dealer advised me don't even go there as it will really screw the ECM up! You all must be having problems or is it just me??
  • Hi Sarah:

    I talked with Ed at Chevy. Very sweet. I love those guys. He wrote me a check for one months car pymt for all my inconvenience. He also informed me that complaints come to his desk in the end and what they could offer is me trading in the car for a V6, which has no known issues and also gets better gas mileage. Not an option for me. I would be upside down on payments. I just bought mine in march this year. No since in dealing with GM any longer as the options are not feasible. I am now on medication for stress. My job is at risk for the time I have taken off to get the car to the shop which is not close to me. Chevy has now offered to come get my car but told me they do not know how to fix it as GM has not gotten the correct fix in yet. They are doing everything they can. I got my car back Friday and right away it was acting strange when I drove off. It died on me twice in my driveway while in reverse... and while i was accelerating. It started right back up again then died again. i parked it and left it. Drove it to work today ( i just work 5 min up the road) and it is driving horribly. Sounds like it is going to die any minute and the A/C is now making a roaring noise that goes up and down.
  • I get horrible gas mileage. Always have.
  • What have you been averaging? I average about 15-18mpg out on the highway and around town. It's a far cry from the 22-32mpg!
  • Ok, now what are they going to do to fix mine, died after I had it 6 days - replaced battery, still never fixed the scratch in the paint that was there when I bought it, was stalling-replaced the cam shaft crap, shifts hard- told them already and it still does it and has lots of hesitation and sometimes acts like it is stuck in neutral when it is shifing automatically. If I take it in, they give me a crappy rental car and I still pay on this car. I paid $15,000.00 down and financed the rest, has 8000+ on it and I never really have it problem free for even a week without it doing something. It ends up being such an inconvienence to take it to the dealer and then get a car that is not completely full of gas but I have to bring it back full! Single mom, working with no family and no one to really help me with this and cannot be late to work for reasons like this! When are they going to figure this out and make this worth the money that I am paying? This is the first new car I have bought since 1989 when I bought a chevy s-10 and loved it but went round and round about the master cylinder. GM, what is going on with this? :cry:
  • Thank you for posting, lizf2011,

    I'm very sorry to hear about the multiple concerns you've encountered with your Equinox. Can we look further into your situation, please, to see how we may be of assistance? If you like, send us an email with your name/username, contact information, the last 8 of your VIN, and your involved dealership.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah, I will need your email or where I can find the correct email address to go to and yes, that would be a good thing. They did happen to call me this morning and I will be taking it in on Saturday but I still think that keeping GM in the loop of the issues is more security for me. I read that one couple actually got the V-6 replacement and it has no problem, the V-4 is the one with these issues. I love my equinox but don't feel secure for the winter with it and these problems.
  • My email information is available under my profile here.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    GM Customer Service
  • Just emailed you the info. It has my work number which is where I am usually.
  • aunteip22 I have also had CRAP mileage from my 2011 4 cyl Equinox. Not as bad as yours... I average about 20 in local driving and 25 on highway... I tried to get them to buy it back - but they did not. GM headquarters provided a 24 month 24 thousand mile (additional car care package) that basically provides for free oil changes and tire rotations. I had other multiple issues with the dashboard lights getting dim or bright - whenever the mood strikes the car to do so - still does - basically I was told it was normal and to live with it. I took their free care package as a consolation - because I was tired, disgusted and felt like a fool that I purchased the vehicle. Hang in there - at some point maybe the government will have another clunkers program and we will have some satisfaction
  • Thanks for all the info! We bought our Equinox in Aug. 2010 and have not received any recalls so far. We have not had any issues so far, either, with the 4 cyl.
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
    So far two weeks and no sign of the startup noise. This is the longest it has gone after a fix. Maybe it is resolved? Crossing my fingers.
  • dhoff457dhoff457 Posts: 8
    edited November 2011
    I was very happy with my 2011 Equinox that I purchased in June and raved about it to everyone; I thought Chevrolet had gotten it sooo right. This changed dramatically when it died while driving 55mph on the highway earlier this week. Same problem as others are pointing out; a defective ECM. It's at the dealer now but the issue required 4 days to finally diagnose.

    A couple of things have made me question Chevy's commitment and my purchase; after calling the problem in to OnStar, while on the side of a highway, they informed us that WE would have to call the dealership it was getting towed to and give them a heads up (shouldn't OnStar do this??) . Also, OnStar immediately diagnosed a transmission problem but would not share the info with the dealership - we convinced OnStar to give us the error message number to help expedite the diagnosis.

    Then we had to wait 24 hours to get a loaner - we were told this is the required waiting period before Chevrolet would approve it (pretty inconvenient considering the car was 5 months old).

    It's my wife's car; now she's afraid of it dying again on a highway. After hearing of my incident, my friend who was seriously considering a Traverse on my recommendation is likely going with a Honda Pilot.
  • Maybe not the same problem, but . . . My 2011 Nox has just over 9,000 miles. On the interstate last week, it suddenly lost drive to the wheels. The engine revs remained the same, but no drive, and no response to the accelerator-engine speed didn't increase with pressing the pedal. After about six seconds of sweating (the other traffic was moving at around 70 mph, and I was slowing down because of this), it "reconnected" and I was able to resume my original speed. Scary.
  • Very scary. I'm sure any car model may have issues but I swore off American cars approx. 15 years ago after my Ford was an ongoing pain. We've bought Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans since - without a hitch. We really like(d?) the Equinox and compared it to just about every SUV in it's class. The reviews and comments were consistently solid so we gave it shot... losing money will stink but I'll cut my losses sooner rather than later if we have to.
  • vwalburnvwalburn Posts: 23
    edited November 2011
    Has anyone had an issue with connecting to the BlueTooth in the Equinox? It worked when we got the car but has been acting up for several months; will not connect.
  • lizf2011lizf2011 Posts: 13
    edited November 2011
    Mine, I have had it since March 2011 and not one week without a glitch. I should of bought the Honda..... Let's see what GM and the dealership come up with this weekend. another weekend with plans down the toilet. What a life... Maybe they should 86 all the V-4 and give us all V-6, I hear the V-6 doesn't have these problems. :lemon:
  • Dhoff457 and Lazy_bones,
    Please post an update on how things go once you get the vehicle back from the dealership! We're available if you need any assistance.

    GM Customer Service
  • Vwalburn,

    Sorry you're having trouble with this. What Model year is your Equinox and what carrier/phone model are you using? I can look into my resources to see if there are any troubleshooting guides or notices.

    GM Customer Service
  • Let me begin: this is not a complaint and my car runs great.

    I just received recall 11195 for my 2011 CH EQ in th email. I picked up the car 6/2011. I am reading in this post that there was an additional recall: 11195A. I've already made my appointment at the dealer. Does the dealer know to use the procedire of 11195A if they have to or are they only going to go off of the recall notice I bring in?
    I'm going to have them look at the spring loaded storage area on top of the dashboard which broke on 4k miles, too.
    Anyway, the car RUNS FINE! I love the car and my boss loves the gas mileage!

    And to the Suburu Outback buyer: enjoy your station wagon. Did it come with wood panels? haha.
  • Thrilled with my dealership service center - my Nox is running like herself again. I am just over the moon that the service center took really good care of my Nox and of me. I am just so happy and thankful to be back in love with my Equinox -- Here is the email I have sent GM Customer Service because they have been in contact with me but I really want them to know that my service center did an outstanding job! Copy of email below:

    Thank you all so very much for your follow up via email. I have just arrived back home from Jack Schmitt service center and I am over the moon pleased and I am so refreshed to say that I am once again in love with my Equinox. I feel like I am driving the same Equinox that I drove off the showroom floor, smooth and quiet. The service center worked on the start up noise today. The noise arises from a cold start so in a few hours or tomorrow morning, I am confident that I will no longer hear that loud three second noise, as a matter of fact, the Nox seems super quiet and smooth. I am very pleased with the Jack Schmitt servicemen who assisted me today, Rich Hood and my shuttle driver. Rich Hood took very good care of me and wanted to make sure my issues with the Equinox were resolved and he explained everything to me in a manner that I could understand. I went on ahead and had my oil changed and tires rotated and Rich Hood advised me about the two types of oils and I am so glad he told me about the A Mobil 1 synthetic oil - my "Nox" is purring - I haven't had my Nox run like this in a long while and it is so refreshing to have the vehicle I know and love back up to her old self. Rich Hood also had my Nox running so I could get my daughter off to school - I told him what time I needed to have my daughter to her appointment at school and he had my vehicle ready 10 minutes sooner than anticipated - Rich Hood and my shuttle driver took outstanding care of not only me but my vehicle.

    I am more than proud to be back in love with my Nox and to have her running smoothly. I am even more happier at the fact that I can continue to trust Jack Schmitt service center and dealership. This is my second Nox and when we got the 2011 Equinox, I did research and knew that in 2014, I would want to upgrade to the 2014 Equinox. I guess when not all the noise issues were resolved, I was not only discouraged about my Nox not running right, I was also a bit disheartened that I may have to look elsewhere for a dealership and service center and I had been a die hard Chevy/GMC fan almost all my life and I had always trusted Jack Schmitt - my husband picked up a truck from there, we have bought two Equinox vehicles and our vehicles are serviced at Jack Schmitt and I am just so glad the service center took extra TLC time with me and my vehicle today. I couldn't imagine buying my future vehicles from anywhere else or having some other servicemen service my vehicles - You just don't know how happy I am and if I could give my shuttle driver and Rich Hood a token of my appreciation, I would and I hope that me taking the time to write this email will serve as a token of my appreciation. Because in the end, it is not only about the vehicle, it is about trusting a dealership and service center and the trust in the dealership and service center is priceless and is something I value and I will continue to keep Jack Schmitt as my trusted dealership and the Equinox my choice of vehicles. Thank you! Thank you all so much for your help - I am in love with my Nox and my dealership service center.
  • I feel for you. I just traded a fully loaded 2007 yukon denali for this for the same reason. I am a single mom and needed something more reliable and better on fuel mileage. Mine would not start 3 times...thank goodness for onstar. But it was cold and I had a client with me and it took a half hour to get to me. I did not call the first time because I thought it was a fluke. The car they gave me had no gas in it...gas light came on when I pulled in my driveway which I am only 20 miles from the dealer. They had it 2 days. Said it was my software not telling my engine to start so they re programed it. It has been a week and I went to go to work today and it would not start. I called them and told them and they said they have never heard of this happening it is my fault or something...though they did not say that. When you are a single need something reliable...I think the lemon law should be taking affect soon...Good luck!!
  • I know where you are coming from! I am so stressed about this! Mine is a 4 cylinder also. I have missed 3 days of work because of this. The day I had to call onstar I had just arrived at my clients house to pick her up....shut the car off for 15 would not start up when we went to leave. My clients are MR and winter is coming and we can not be sitting in a car broken down for 15 minutes in the cold..... I worry every day if it is going to start when I go to take my kids to school. Or f I will have to call off to work or call in late to have a neighbor or onstar come to jump me. It is only 6 months old and I have a hefty payment (I was 6,000 under on my yukon denali I traded in...even though they said it was in excellent condition.) I do not blame the dealership.....they actually have been wonderful...except I feel like they do not beleive me. Anyways if this happens again I am going to go to my state representatives office and let them know the same problem keeps happening and I have clients and kids who are getting stuck in the car with me...winter is coming and this is getting scary!
  • We have an 2011 Equinox and we use Sprint with an Samsung phone.
  • I purchased my Chevy Equinox in July 2011. My bluetooth worked perfect. Then stopped. I just took it back to the dealer and had them reprogram my phone to it, it worked for two days and now has quit working again. Grrrrrrr. I have a Droid and my carrier is Verizon.
  • Bought my wife a 2011 Nox in June and had problems from day 1.

    Transmission down shifts so hard it will kick your head back on the headrest. At one point my wife screamed cause she thought someone had run into us. It happens when you are accelerating and let your foot off the accelerator. The harder you are accelerating the harder the “kick”. I took it to the dealer and they said it was “performing within spec”. No evidence they test drove it so not sure of their conclusion. Have talked to the service mgr. and he said he never heard of the problem but went on to tell me how the design of the 6 speed is not “optimal”. Since I see at least 1 other hard shift issue here, it appears as something that is out there. He said he would look into it with engineering but have not heard back from him yet. This has to be corrected as I am disabled and have medical issues. The downshift "kick" is hard enough to cause medical problems or increase them. I do not want to ride in the car!

    Second problem – mileage. Got 24 around town on the first tank and thought this was good. Haven’t been back there again. Highway as low as 18 and around town averaging 20 – 21. I really wanted a 6 cylinder but went with the 4 since it was rated so good and mileage was really touted by Chev. Big mistake! Again , service said it was "performing within spec". The salesperson, the service rep and the service manager all said “yeah – we hear that problem a lot”. So, if Chev. Knows it’s a widespread problem how can they still advertise 32 highway and 24 city? What happened to truth in advertising requirement?

    Anyone who asks how I like the Nox – I tell them to stay away and look at something more reliable.

    Wish I had read this forum before I bought! For now it looks like I’m stuck

    Any help/suggestions out there?
  • Two weeks ago I had the identical problem. The dealership kept my car for about a week trying to duplicate it or get a code and they could not. I know they did all that they were allowed to do without those two things. I went under the NHTSA board and filed my complaint. This organization will investigate posted, and called in complaints, and if necessary have the auto maker recall, after an investigation. It is the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. You can call or file the complaint online. I filed mine on line. You can also pull up your particular make, model, car and it will show you all complaints on that car. There were several already filed on this problem when I made my complaint. I, also bought my car in June, 2011. The manufacturing date is March 2011. I hope this helps.
  • Thanks. I went to the web site and saw you listed the problem as unknown or other. I also found exact item filed in June under power train/auto transmission. I will file under this category. You may want to refile under here so they can look at the same complaints
  • Thank you so much for that information. I just filed with them also. I will let the dealership know that when I take it in tomorrow. I would like to verify I am not upset with the dealership....they can not fix a problem they do not know how to fix. I just want a vehicle I do not have to worry about starting every day. My fiancee said he would get me something to carry so if it does happen I can jump it myself just encase it is cold and I have my little ones in the car with me. I told him I should not have to even worry about that with a new car! I just want it fixed. :sick:
  • I can't help with a solution, but I have the same problems with Bluetooth. It constantly quits. Honestly, at this point, I am not even sure quite *how* it is supposed to work, since every time I use it I seem to need to use a different sequence of commands and buttons to place a call. I usually end up having to call using the phone button on the dash these days.
  • This weekend I was driving thru town when the check tire monitoring system alarm came on. I checked the tire pressure page and no pressure readings. I then noticed my speedometer and other gauges were not working either. I got home and shut off the car. It would not let me turn the key far enough to take it out. The transmission was locked, and the car would not start. Had to get it towed to the dealer. This is a little over a year old with 12,000 miles. I am curious to see if this has happened to any one else.
  • I too purchased a new Chevy Equinox in April of this year and I'm truly disappointed! I have had it in the shop three separate times and the last time they had it for three weeks! They replaced the actuators and the solenoid sensor on it's last visit and it has ran rough ever since, sounds like a thrashing machine! And now, the same problems are starting all over again, almost stalling out, noise when starting, rough idle. I paid nearly $40,000 for this vehicle and I am not going to be crapped on this time. I have a call in to the dealership and if I don't get some satisfaction then I am going to be forced to contact an attorney and get a Lemon Law suit going. :cry:
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