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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    1. Be civil in your dealings with GM personnel. Yelling and screaming won't get you very far.
    2. Document everything. Make sure the GM service advisor documents all your concerns on the work orders. Keep the work orders.
    3. Find out about the lemon laws in your state, in particular the laws regarding vehicle repurchase or refund.
    4. Contact a lawyer that specializes in auto lemon laws.

    Good luck.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    Good Job Missy...I also own a 2010 4cyl Nox and follow this site to keep informed for possible mechanical issues I could experience @ 40.000 + miles. .Dealer has changed oil around 3500 miles and serviced Nox since new; glad I have gm 100k protection plan in the event things go south!
  • cindiola03cindiola03 Posts: 5
    edited January 2012
    I finally bit the bullet and got rid of my 2011 EQ. Our service guy talked to the owner of the dealership... they worked out a sweet deal and took back my 2011 EQ in trade for a 2012 EQ 6 cyl top of the line model. I had to pay a little extra - going from a 1LT to a 2LT (fully loaded, leather and all) but it was worth the extra couple thousand. I had put 15k on my one year old Eq so you have to expect a little depreciation. They gave me 21k for my 1LT, not bad. I am a happy camper now, let's hope the 6cyl is better than the 4. So far, much faster, I don't call it the "putt putt" any longer! The gas mileage is the same as the 4 - mostly because the 4 was so crummy.
  • Same thing I dealt with. As far as it goes, ask for your case to become a GM cas and have a rep call you. If you decide to do the Lemon Law, most likely, the dealer and GM will not help you and you will have to pay out of pocket for the atty and it can take up to a year. Nothing like getting screwed on that deal too. It is the biggest inconvenience that I have ever experienced and as soon as I pay mine off, it's gone! I had it to the dealer so many times and got rental cars and shut down my entire life for the past 10 months and it still has problems. I was able to get the dealership to pay a month paymt for me for all this, not like that is any money out of their pockets, but it helps a little. Just watch the mileage when you drop it off and when you pick it back up. I had mine used as someones personal shuttle and they racked up 278 miles that will go against me when I trade it. GM Rep did work with me and would check in with me. I still hesitate at closing the case but I can reopen one again at any time with them. Keep documentation of every time it was in the shop and everything that goes wrong and has been replace and calls made. Yup, more of your personal time that is effected. So much for dependable. I have electronic start, sometimes, it won't start. Pretty soon, my beautiful Equinox will become another dealers headache. Love the looks but the workings have failed. Ask GM to open a case. Stay on top of it and they will work with you. The only complaint I have with it is that I bought it new and I am driving a rebuilt. Not what I am paying for or intended on paying for. I am buying ford or Honda next time...
  • Well they did nothing at all this time. The tech said he can not replicate the issue...which one? lol They compared it to the 2011 and 2012 with the same results? If you didnt see an issue, why attempt to fix it the first 3 times? Our case is now open with GM. Thanks for your comments. I will take them under advisement when speaking to GM. Funny you say your remore start works sometimes, mine does that too. I thought I was just doing something wrong lol. My Nox is the LT1 with an additional backup camera. I've starting looking at other cars and possible upgrading to the 6 cyl if I have to stay in the same model. The traverse isnt as sharp looking or I might consider the upgrade. Maybe I can get a lifetime supply of tylenol for my trouble?
  • Just a mention about the remote start - I can stand about 100 to 200 feet away, with the car in plain view - unlock and lock the doors, but the remote start won't work. Next time it might (but probably not). And when they "upgraded " the bluetooth phone function, they disabled some voice functions without notice. Now all new cars also have the same problem, so they say "there's no problem - all the cars work that way" (now they do, but they didn't before the "upgrade").
  • Good luck!
  • Anyone had a problem with the emergency brake freezing if the temperature is below 10 degrees? Has happen both times the temp has dropped that low. I park on an incline, so I use the brake.
  • kantookantoo Posts: 9
    I agree with 2 and 3 but as for 1 and 4.... You don't need a lawyer, call and hastle your GM rep as much as you possibly can! Call the number in the back of your owners manual and get a case started with GM.
    We had our 2011 nox replaced with a 2012 nox with about a $5k higher sticker by filing a case with the BBB autoline and continous calls to the regional GM rep. I had to be a complete a-hole and yell and [non-permissible content removed] to get anything accomplished. After months of agrivation, high blood pressure and frustration we got a new 2012 nox. 2k on the 2012 and no problems so far....
  • Hey there! Sorry about your issues! I have been having an ongoing "gas smell" in my 2011 since I bought it last April among other things. I contacted everyone in creation at the BBB and GM, including someone in their corporate headquarters because no one would do anything! I was told they could not "duplicate" the issue therefore could not "fix" it hence all my visits don't count towards the lemon law. If you want to call the person at GM corporate that I spoke with perhaps we can both (all) get somewhere! While he was not able to assist me in the end, he also had never heard of my problem. Perhaps, now that there is another person (or many persons) GM will FINALLY listen. A new car is an investment and I don't think it's right that I (we) would have take a loss by trading it in when it's still new! Shave at least 8,000 or more off trade in value. I've considered it but just can't suck that up that kind of loss in value so soon and frankly do not feel I should. Try calling GM Corporate Office directly. Good luck!
  • I have had the same problem, in addition to the rattling noise at start up. The service dept. did correct the rattling problem. The shifting jerking/clunking may have been corrected. I have only had it back from the shop for a couple of days therefore I can't say for certain. They made some adjustments and the Gas mileage is averaging 27.4 mpg at present. It was only 25.3 when we returned it to the shop. I am hoping that it holds because in the past, after they re-calibrated everything the MPG was fine for a day or two and reverted to poor MPG again. The service dept. at Jimmy Britt Chevrolet is great and working hard to make me happy. I am unhappy with GM, since I spent $30,000.00 for a vehicle that was rated at 32 MPG HWY driving and I can't get 29 MPG. I had a 2006 Impala six cyl. that gave me 32-34 MPG.

    I will be taking a trip at the end of the month and I will let you know how it ran.
  • Could you share with us what work was done....
    Based on what is on the actual service order ?
    I've considered getting the memory flashed...
    but I'm afraid the mileage might get worse rather than better.
    Add in 'winter effect' and now I have no idea what mpg should be?
  • ddf158ddf158 Posts: 2
    After reading some of these forums thought it a good idea to reply. We bought a 2011 Equinox 2LT back in April. After looking and test driving lots of different vehicles this was the one. Had the dealer look for exactly what we wanted. For gas mileage we decided on a four cylinder. First problem started after a month, when as in cat317 forum, was accelerating when the car jolted forward and I also thought I had been hit from behind. No car was behind me. Told my husband about it and he said to let him know if it happened again. Three to four week later, it did the same thing. My husband said he would call the dealership in our town, (not where we purchased the vehicle) but before he called, something different happened. I was going on to state route 24, a truck route, when I got into the intersection, the vehicle wouldn’t go. It hesitated at least 3 seconds before it would move. It didn’t stall, no rough idle, engine didn’t rev up. Finally went but scared the hell out of me. Trucks were coming around the curve about 200 yards away. We took it to the dealership and of course no codes and they couldn’t duplicate the problem, so they said there was no problem. About a month later, it did it in another intersection same thing but in the country, not as scary. There was a recall to replace a module that could cause rough idling, (which we didn’t have a problem with). So when we took it in we told them it hesitated in an intersection again. Again no codes, couldn’t duplicate the problem so they said the vehicle was fine. In November my husband and a few of his friends were going down 75 to a football game. He said he was behind a semi going 60, so he went into the left lane to go around the truck and the vehicle wouldn’t accelerate. He started to go back into the right lane when finally it took off. Now just the other day on 01/09/12, I met my husband at work to eat, and on my way home, at another bad intersection, route 295, with a blind curve, the vehicle hesitated again in the middle of the intersection. Again at least 3 seconds before it would move. Took it back again to the dealership, again no codes, nothing wrong, except this time he told my husband that it is a characteristic of this transmission to hesitate sometimes while shifting between gears. My husband was furious, and said so chevy knows it hesitates and it could be a major safety issue. The service manager just said there was nothing more they could do. So the next day my husband called chevy’s customer assistance, got a case number, and when the district manager called, and to quote sade1on1, really pissed him off. My husband said this guy was like talking to a robot, he was programmed on what to say. But he also said that it is a characteristic of this transmission to hesitate. Wow, what a safety issue! The vehicle is now parked in my garage because I’m not ready to get caught in the middle of an intersection and get ran over. I have to drive onto route 24 everyday to get to work. My husband has no called and asked for a buy back…waiting for a response before going further. Meanwhile, I am back to driving my 2000 Astro. Also, for a 4 cylinder, I got no better than 22 mpg with the equinox.
  • Sher85260,
    I am sorry that I did not see your post sooner, and apologize for the frustrating experiences you have had so far with your vehicle and with us. How has your recent visit about the stalling turned out?

    If you were to send us your case number in an email, along with your Edmunds username, and any further information you would like to include, we would be happy to look into your Service Request to make sure that everything was handled appropriately.

    GM Customer Service
  • Missydubo,
    I am sorry to not have seen your post sooner - sometimes the search tool we use overlooks entries, and they are caught when we go through manually.

    How did your recent dealership visit turn out? If we can assist you further, please send us an email with more information (your name/Edmunds username, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, current phone and address for you, and the name of your preferred dealership) and we'd be happy to move forward.

    GM Customer Service
  • I hadn't seen this update when I first wrote my original post. Sorry - now I see that you have already opened a case with us. How is this progressing? If you were to get us your number, we could look into it and see if there are any updates for you.

    GM Customer Service
  • Please let us know if you decide to work with your dealership towards diagnosing this. I realize that this may not always be an option, but we're available to assist if you do go in.

    GM Customer Service
  • It's great to hear that your service department has been of such great service to you, sonnyh777. Looking forward to hearing how your Equinox performs on your upcoming trip.
    Safe travels,
    GM Customer Service
  • Hello All,

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be documenting this thread for GM, particularly for the 2011 "hesitation" concern that has been surfacing so frequently.

    If we can assist with anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through email.

    GM Customer Service
  • dougggdouggg Posts: 7
    Your story sounds very similar to mine. The engine in your car is now ruined and needs to be replaced. It took 9 months before GM confessed there was a defect in the engine replaced ours and provided us with a free rental car for the two plus weeks it took to replace the engine.

    We were lied to by the dealer who told us “muffler” noise was normal for months. We found they knew all along this was a problem. While GM eventually took care of us, they certainly haven’t done any to correct the problem with their dealers telling lies to their customers. I had a Toyota too, never felt like they were lying to me. With the GM dealer it felt like they were lying as soon as I walked in the door. I’m shopping for another car and now that I’ve been to other non-GM dealers I know realize GM dealers just feel creepy.
  • It may help a lot if ALL of us Nox Owners with persistant, unresolved, brushed off issues complain as a block. Individually, most of us are not getting anywhere. We're just being left aggravated with problem vehicles that we JUST purchased! Perhaps, a group petition, or having the lack of regard highlighted on a "shame on you" report or something to make GM listen and buy back these vehicles. I don't know. There has to be a way...:(
  • The e-mail address is no longer listed as "private", the screen name on my posts is a hyper link my edmunds public profile. :)
  • Thanks for your acknowledgement of these issues Sarah. That is already more than I am receiving from my service department. I have sent you an email with more concerns and look forward from hearing from you.
  • ddf158ddf158 Posts: 2
    the upper execs. don't seem to be too concerned with some of these problems. we are suppose to grade the dealership on how well they did on selling the car then we fill out another form on how well they serviced your car when you take it in but how about a grade for chevrolet execs. on how well they take care of you with some of these major problems? how about piss poor!!!!!! they got there money.
  • Thought I would pass this along....
    I got a 6 month 'follow up' call from my salesman today...
    He told me he had never heard of anyone having trouble with the Onstar phone not recognizing names, etc. Then he told me how his girl friend owns a Equinox and gets 28+ miles per gallon all the time on the road. Actually the 2nd follow up I have had from the dealer. The first was a "you need service" reminder addressed to my wife. Filled with misspellings, the reminder told my wife she needed oil change & tire change. Oil life at the time had barely crossed under 50%! BTW I'm expecting my oil change to be at least $75 because of the need for the GM DEXOS approved oil...
    Emailed my Vin# to GM Sarah who posts here after she said could check for any recalls & service bulletins. So far, no reply.
    I wanted to support GM and my local dealer. But now I am sorry I didn't pursue other deals.
    Still I feel I got ripped off by GM card when they wouldn't honor rebate top off. I cancelled that card and yet they still sent me another top off offer recently. GM just doesn't get it.
    First problems I have with my Equinox... it is gone!
  • After seeing the posts from Gm customer service Sarah, I thought help might be on the way. hasn't happened. I haven't even received a reply to my emails. The service department had opened the claim..still no calls from GM or the svc dept. My husband called GM today and got another claim #, not sure how many I need. All the rep could say was that the engineers are working hard to fix the issues. So now our "issues" are acknowledged, sort of? The rep proceeds to ask my husband what he wants..Hello a $28K car that works perhaps. My husband threw out the idea of a buy back, trade without losing my [non-permissible content removed], or a refund so we can purchase a vehicle with less problems. The only answer he received was a GM rep will return your call in 48 hours. GM, please understand that people are busy with work and family, they do not have time for the run around. Today on my way home from work, the Equinox continued to act up. Go to pull out, bogs down and pauses before moving. Then after driving for about 8 minutes going up a hill, I pressed the gas to accellerate and nothing! The engine sounded like it was running faster and reving up but no accelleration. The car paused then jerked and went forward. This is a danger. Will GM wait until someone dies in a crash and they get sued? I don't want to forget to mention the occassional smell of gas and or oil that fills the car. All of us can't be crazy! This is the worst purchase I have ever made. :mad:
  • I need to mention that I don't even get 20 mpg. :sick:
  • Sorry to hear! To date, I haven't made any "real" progress with GM and the rep who had "contacted" me on here was of NO assistance either. Trust me, I've even been in contact with GM corporate! My vehicle is at the dealer, yet again (albeit, a different dealer) since yesterday. Don't be discouraged! You have to try, try, try to succeed. My case is still going (9 months later) and I won't give in and concede defeat. There are so many people here getting nowhere with their dealers and GM (including myself) that I really think if we complained as a block as opposed to indivually we'd make more headway. I'm not sure the best way to as to how to bring one big case but since we're all kind of in limbo or at seemingly dead ends it's at least something new to try. My e-mail here is no longer private, if you or anyone else wants to try to a group effort. Good luck!
  • Not sure if there has been a "class action" suit started but it sure seems to me that one may very well be needed. Anyone?
  • I'm sorry that you haven't heard back. As there are so many emails that come in from Edmunds, I came in to help the original Customer Service Representative Christina by responding to the public posts, and she answers the emails. I confirmed with her that she has your email, and she said that she will be back in touch with you by 4:30 EST this afternoon.

    GM Customer Service
  • cmarqcmarq Posts: 3
    I began working with Manuel from GM in November , he informed me the dealer would contact me and work with me on getting a replacement car . Three times a week Manuel would call to check if they had found a replacement car for me. I would tell him there had been no contact from the dealer , then he would give them extra time to come up with something. I had asked to replace the Equinox with a Camaro and had found several within the correct price range. The dealer told Manuel there was nothing available , Then why did these vehicles come directly from the dealers advertised website ? In the mean time I still have the Equinox and nothing has been done . The dealer has never contacted me . All the prices have gone up . I explained at the time my husband is in the last stage of heart failure , I am disabled , I need a car. (Lots of doctors appointments ). I was told by Henry my new rep that my problem had escalated and they were going to do a re-purchase,in addition I would be charged 800 dollars for the use of the car and the 4000 miles that had been put on the car when problems first arose. I know longer trust GM or the dealer to take care of me . This dealers slogan is " At Moss Your the Boss"? I think I should charge them for the run around and stall tactics? ( I will not bash the service department they do their job .And provide excellent customer service)
  • I know this post is old. I just had my car in the shop and at 100 miles my car did the same thing. Everytime I started it, a loud noise would happen but, when I took it down there nothing. So finally it was happening all the time. When I took it down there it stalled on the guy when he drove it in the shop (thankfully).. It turns out it was a metal belt inside the water pump causing the loud noise and a cylinoide caused the stalling..
  • I took my car in recently because it would not go to my cell phone phone book, which it used to do. I had to start using the commands "bluetooth" and "voice" to get it to look in my cell phone for the number. This started in mid-December, which is the exact same time that they issued a "silent upgrade" to all bluetooth cars. This update changed some of the voice actions, but they don't admit it. They say the update was for some people having dropped calls.
  • cmarqcmarq Posts: 3
    I was told by GM rep that the buyback department would contact me by the end of last week . Didn't happen, . I was contacted on Monday and told they needed me to fax another copy of my title to them , to prove there wasn't a lien holder. This is unnecessary as they have a receipt stating the car was bought and paid for cash. A class action suit should be filed , this is ridiculous
  • While the paperwork is redundant and unecessary, hopefully the second time is a charm and you can be done with your vehicle nightmare. I agree, that a class action suit should be filed, shame one them for all they've ignored and all the hoops they are making the customers they supposedly care about so much jump though.

    I hope a class action suit is filed because I think all "owners" on file have to legally notified. Once notification happens a lot more people will come forward! Good luck!
  • Is anyone else having the following problem: 4 cyl LTZ purchased new Aug 2011 Oregon. At 7,000 miles a noise developed while steering at slow speeds. Especially, when turning corners; ie. pulling in/out of parking spaces, turning corners at slower speeds. The sound reminds me of a power steering pump low on oil, like in the cars of the 60's and 70's. However, this vehicle has electric steering???

    Had vehicle to dealership 3 times in a month and a half, they said they found nothing even though they heard the noise. (The first 2 visits they lubed the boot, which did not do any good) January 30th visit, dealership tech called GM tech service and was told to "turn the radio up and the fan on and if you can't hear the noise with them on, then it is a characteristic of this particular steering"

    I find this answer very frustrating as we have paid over $31,000 and only had this vehicle for six months. Cannot accept just live with it answer!!!! Please if anyone else has had anything like this respond as soon as you can. Thank you
  • Have you already worked with Customer Service on this? If we can look into this further with you, please send us an email with more information (including your name/Edmunds username, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and the name of your dealership).
    GM Customer Service
  • I am finding it hard to believe they are doing ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been the shop 8 TIMES and currently have a lawyer. GM is doing NOTHING..THEY DON'T CARE that my life is at risk. My own family will not ride in this car on long road trips. It has died on me, lost power in the middle of traffic...makes a horrible clicking noise, the transmission jerks, the heater squeaks, tire pressure is ALWAYS OFF, the brakes grind..all less than a year old, the car started having issues at 3000 miles, we are now at 8000 miles...more never ends. My dealer says they don't know how to fix it, they cannot make it stop on them but I have even recorded it and sent to them but they still say they cannot make it do it. GM is basically trying to throw small sums of money at me, like saying, "here, take the money for your problems" and when you die from being hit in that car, we won't have a care in the world. GM DOES NOT CARE about their customers..they will NOT buy my car back, they will not even trade it because they wont be able to resell it. once, it died on me in 5 PM traffic.I managed to throw on my Hazzard and did not get hit..this time..what about the next and then the next? I am in fear for my safety and they could care less. I am a mother and a full time caregiver to my elderly mother, and I cannot even take her to the DR because I don't want to risk her life or my daughter's but this is my primary vehicle. As I sit here and cry as I write this, My life has been so affected by this. My entire family and friends see it. I worry every time I get in it and only drive it to work and back. They have replaced the selenoids, the Arg. the blower, the oil, the gaskets, they have performed every service bulletin that has come out..the car is still bad. I can only thank the good lord that I am still here and not dead yet. This is my first and last Chevy..I don't trust them at all. I DETEST THEM RIGHT NOW, they are not taking care of me or my family. I think the issue is that I have a close relationship with my dealer service dept as it is not their fault and they have been very good to me with providing rentals and such. Now, I am just plain mad and will start the process of spreading the word about them. I am calling my buddy at the new station as well to see if they can do a story on it. I took my nice coat off today. Apparently, being nice gets you no where. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you all.
  • Oh and Sarah, bless your heart for trying to take care of all these issues. I got a phone call from someone a while back asking about my experience with my new car as they wanted my feedback. I called back after work and left a message telling anyone who would listen about my issues, they never called me back. How's that for Customer Service?
  • I have a lawyer and am prepared to see it to the end. I was told by the dealership that they do NOT know how to fix it. They have replaced everything from every bulletin, still more issues. I DETEST GM!!!!!!!!!!!! i really thought they were good people and would take care of me and feel my pain. No such luck. They are not taking anyone's safety into consideration. I will spread the word...every which way I can to let people know what to expect from their CS if they ever have issues.
  • OMG sounds like ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same issues here. I have had everything fixed and lucky to be talking to you right now as I was almost killed the last time it stopped on me in traffic. The dealer does not know how to fix it. They only fix the issues that come across on the bulletin and tells them how to fix it. I too was told, those cars just sound that way. It's all just crap. I miss my TOYOTA...............I miss TOYOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They took care of their people and the issues. I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I have an attorney and am pre pared to tell my story to a full jury. I hope it comes down to it. I want others to see my pain.
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
    I saw another Equinox stopped by the side of the road today and I pulled over to see if they were OK. It ended up being a co-worker in my building who has been having the same engine startup noise and now stalling. They purchased their LTZ 4 cyl a week before I bought my LT 4 cyl. We should compare build dates.
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
    This may point a path forward on the MPG issue:

    Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Douglas Carnahan awarded Heather Peters $9,867 on Wednesday, saying Honda did mislead her about the expected mileage.

    Read more: da-hybrid-mpg/#ixzz1lBqDfhmS
  • I too have been told everything i am experiencing is NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Normal Characteristics of the car...WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess GM is telling them to say it all....
  • An Attorney is the ONLY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HA! I got one survey on my first oil change. Since these issues started with my EQUISH***, NO Surveys have come to me. Go Figure.
  • Contact an Attorney that is reliable and use the BBB to check them out. If you want the name of my attorney, you can email me at [email protected] I will provide it to you.
  • Update to my saga, took car for a second opinion per GM representative to a different dealer on Thursday 2/2/2012. This dealer has a "Master" Technician on staff and he found 2 bulletins, 1 on the electric steering motor and one on the steering gear. They have ordered the parts for both and will call me when they come in.
    I will post after this is done. Hopefully this will fix the problem!

  • Update to my saga, took car for a second opinion per GM representative to a different dealer on Thursday 2/2/2012. This dealer has a "Master" Technician on staff and he found 2 bulletins, 1 on the electric steering motor and one on the steering gear. They have ordered the parts for both and will call me when they come in.
    I will post after this is done. Hopefully this will fix the problem!

    gfrustrated P.S. Sent reply to wrong person originally!
  • bubbzbubbz Posts: 1
    So, I was getting ready to purchase a new Equinox. I was going to trade in my truck. Well after reading this thread, I have opted not to purchase this vehicle. Blame the problems and the poor customer service I have read about on here. Personally it's not so much the car, it's more about the piss poor service people are receiving. Congrats GM, you lost a potential customer.
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