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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I have been to the dealer twice now. Since they replaced the actuators for the hesitation the vehicle gets 21.8 to 24.5 mpg - it was getting before this fix (when it had about 3600 miles) about 27 to 28 mpg. I just drove it out of the parking lot and it is sluggish when you press on the gas. I agree - Chevy has created a piece of crap here. It does not do as advertized. I am very disapointed with this vehicle. I have 5600 plus miles on it and most of it are highway miles.
  • Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again.
  • A week and 700+ miles since I took the car in to the service center and no problems so far. I have used the low grade gasoline so far, what are others using? If the middle is better I will change. Also someone recommended that in starting your car to turn it on and let the computer reboot. I watch the lights on the dash go out and then crank the car.
  • My dash lights have done this since I bough my car last December not just during parts of the year but every day of the year, I just let them now about it two days ago after I got my car back from having the solenoids and ecm reprogramming done for the hesatation and drivability problem. My car decided to go a little crazy and I thought I should tell them. My car decided to tell me my front passenger tire was low on air 27 psi on my way to work. I checked it at lunch and it was not low. On my way home it continued to tell me it was low so I stopped by Goodyear and had them check all my tires and I was correct they were all ok I watched as he checked them. As soon as he finished the system cleared. Also I don't have the loud noise at start up but my engine is just loud period, it clacks when it runs. I believe my car is jinxed. Now I have to find time in my schedule to have someone from service to take a test drive with me to go over all the problems with my car per GM. You see my car is in the lemon status. Oh I guess they forget that some of us work too, when am I supposed to do this, without losing time from my job to pay for the car that is a lemon.
  • I really like my Equinox, but it's performance is terrible. I've got the L4 that is so underpowered that it's almost dangerous. I started out with bad mileage (about 20.0 mpg combined). It climbed to about 23 and then magically, it got all the way up to 28.2 on one trip. the dealer said that was common and that breaking in the engine was the reason (about 7000 miles). I got the recall on my camshaft actuators. I took it in, they commented I was the first one they were going to fix. I got the car back, headed out on a 1500 mile trip and barely got 25 mpg on the interstate at 70 mph. I got those 28.2 on mountain roads, steep grades, etc. I'm going to take the car back to my AZ dealer and see what he can do. Changing/fixing the actuators reduced my mileage. So, perhaps this AZ dealer can do it correctly. I don't have a problem with 28 mpg on the road and would like to be there again. The trouble is that in town mileage isn't even 20 any more. this is the first american made vehicle I have purchased in 15 years. I think I will stick with Toyota or Honda.
  • Me too I have the same problems with the lights with the dimming on and off for no apparent reason and it has nothing to do with outside with how bright or dark it is. Also my fuel economy is pathetic no where near to what is as advertised. The tell me at 12,000 miles or 20,000 kms it should break in and then I should see some results. I think by that time GM would of bought this vehicle back, because at the rate we are going at they cant figure out anything they say no codes then we cant do anything for you. But they experienced the stalling go figure that one. If this many people have posted here and in other sites and there is so many complaints imagine the ones who didnt post anything how many people are out there with these problems. This needs to be fixed and resolved once and for all or else GM is going to be like toyota 2 years ago with all those problems/recalls that they had with the braking system
  • I have a 2011 Equinox that I bought last December. This is also my first American car. I considered that when making my decision. I also considered the higher MPG rating they advertised as better than their competition. I do live in San Francisco, so I do not expect to get the upper end of the scale. However, my average MPG is about 16. I took it to the dealership today for a whole list of issues. They found some software update, but basically told me that there is not an issue, and I don't know how to work the control that measures it. I was told that I need to reset the gauge every time I fill up - Although that is what I did for the first few months. My last car was a 6 cylinder (I have the 4 cal Equinox) Honday Oddysey. It also got 16 mpg, when I measured it each fill up.

    I can also not fill the gas tank without having to apply a lot of pressure to the nozzle, and holding it up. If not, it shuts off. The dealerships answer to this was that I do not know how to work a gas pump.

    I am obviously looking for a different dealership, and assessing whether I want to trade it in, or suck it up.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    For the hesitation, replacing the actuators (part # 12621505) will do nothing. If you are having hesitation and poor driveability (which may also cause a lower mpg), then the recall work would help you, if your car qualifies for the Recall 11195. With this, they would replace the solenoid valves and update the ECM.

    Have you asked them or heard about this from them yet? They have to look up you VIN in the warranty system to see if the recall applies to your vehicle.

    Also, do you drive in ECO mode? I, and several others on another forum, have noticed that if you don't jack-rabbit start from a stop, that helps improve the mileage. City driving I get about 22, and highway at a speed of 70 I get about 26. If I go down to 60, I can easily get 30-31 mpg. Likewise, if at 55, I get up to about 34 mpg. I'm at about 12,000 miles right now, and my combined city/hwy mileage is usually around 23.5/24 mpg. I always drive in ECO mode, always, and use cruise control every chance I get, it really helps mileage, because it keeps a very steady speed. I also do my best to keep my rpm's under 2.5, it was pretty easy to get used to after about two weeks.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    As far as the gas tank filling goes... just clarifying - do you have to hold the nozzle weird like that even when the tank is empty? As in, not just when you're topping it off? If this is the case, then you probably have an issue with the sensor in your tank, I think something like an O2 sensor, I don't know the specifics about it, but it's fixable. I think you should find a new dealership.

    Also, about the mileage gauge...yes, you need to reset it every time you fill up. You just use the controls by the radio to go to that page, then press the "set/clear" button to reset it. If you do a lot of idling though, at red lights and drive-thrus, that kind of thing, your mpg will suffer a bit.

    ***have you had an oil change yet? This will REALLY help your mileage. The break-in oil gets pretty dirty very quickly. Even if you're not due for an oil change yet, I would recommend it. And also keep in mind, not sure what your current mileage is, but mpg will increase until about 15-20,000 miles, that is what many owners are saying on the site.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    The computer sets your "fuel distance" based on the mileage for your last tank. So, if you drive all highway and get good mpg in your first tank, then the reading for the fuel distance on your second tank will start out kind of high. And vice versa for city driving on the first tank with a lower mpg. It's designed that way, assuming you do similar driving on every tank, so that you can "guess" better, I guess. An oil change can help your mileage as well. If you haven't had one yet, disregard your oil life monitor this time (and I suggest every time, it's not really very reliable), go ahead and get an oil change. I saw a 3 or 4 mpg jump after my first oil change. The factory oil gets very dirty very quick from normal engine break-in. This has been reported by many others as well, on another forum. Many owners also report that your mpg will improve up until about 15-20,000 miles. I'm at about 12,000 and I'm still seeing a little improvement.

    For the auto lights - if you drive through tunnels, or through shadows of buildings or trees, the auto lights will change based on the change in light. This is normal. If you don't like this, you can just turn the Auto lights off and they will stay on/off all the time if that's what you'd like.

    Good luck! And I suggest getting an oil change if you haven't already!

    Oh, does your car qualify for the recall? The recall is not specific intended to address the start-up noise issue, it's meant to address emissions concerns and rough idle/poor driveability/stalling. If you had the recall work done, where they replaced the solenoid valves and updated the ECM, double check your work order from when you picked up the car - make absolutely SURE that they did the ECM update, this is the most important part of that repair. If they did not do this update, then the solenoids will only get damaged again.

    If you had the recall work done, and are still hearing the start-up noise, you can have them replace the actuators (part # 12621505) according to bulletin PI0562. This should take care of the start-up noise. It's recommended, but not required by the bulletin, to also get an oil change done at this time, it will improve the likelihood of success, but will have to be paid for by you, out of pocket, unfortunately.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    I use regular unleaded, I think most do. And it works just fine for me! I've heard that doing that with the computer reboot thing helps, but it doesn't seem to make a difference for me, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Very happy yours is still doing great!
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    Your dealer should be open on Saturdays as well...

    The "clacking"/ticking noise of the engine is normal. It's because of the way that the direct injection engine and high pressure fuel pump works. Someone compared it to the way a sewing machine sounds, and it kind of is like that. You can ask about installing a cover for the high pressure fuel pump, that can help quiet the noise a little bit, but you'll still hear it a little. And it's a normal noise, if this is the noise you are experiencing.

    As far as the tire pressure monitor goes - had they rotated your tires during that service visit? Sometimes the pressure monitors can get messed up during that, and they can be replaced/fixed under warranty. Or, you can have them reset the location of the pressure monitors using the sensor learning tool at the dealership, they'll know what you mean when you say that, that might kind of "reset" or "reboot" the sensor. They have to do that every time the tires are rotated, and I guess if they didn't rotate them at the time it's possible that it just had a weird glitch and freaked out or something. If that doesn't help, then just have them take a look at it.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    replacing the solenoids and updating the ECM, per the recall, SHOULD have HELPED your mileage. Double check your work order and make absolutely sure that they performed the ECM update. If they didn't, then your solenoids will only get damaged again.

    For what it's worth, I get about 26ish mpg at 70 mph. And your mpg will continue to improve until about 15,000 miles, so I'd give it a little more time. I get higher mileage if I slow down to just 65 where I can. It adds up to about 28 mpg at that speed.
  • I bought my 2011 Equinox on March 23, 2011. Had it 6 days and the battery was dead. I have had it in for numerous issues and now, it stalls and the check engine light stays on and they told me that it is the camshaft actuator. After reading all of the problems, it makes me question: Is there actually a recall 11195 for this car of mine? I have not gotten to keep it in my drive for more then a month at a time without having to take it in for something. I never get recalls in the mail. Here I am paying for this vehicle and at times I wonder if it is going to be dependable. It only has 7400 miles on it and it had 500 when I bought it. Who is there to help us with these problems. I get stranded somewhere and if the dealership is closed, i am left with nothing and still pay $300/.month for it after paying $15,000.00 cash as a down payment! I love my Equinox but this is getting to be a real problem!
  • Have you pursued a buy back on a your Equinox? If you have not, I think you definitely should, you may have read some of my posts on here previously. Mine started having issues in August, we were fed up after 3 times in the shop and the problems getting worse, we got no help from our dealer and filed a complaint with GM customer service. They are useless, we just heard GM is moving their customer service back to the United States, that is a step in the right direction, maybe we will be able to understand the people we are forced to talk to! But, we ended up getting an attorney through our Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint under the Lemon Law. We are now in the process of getting ours bought back and getting a new vehicle. It is a long process, this has been 2 months already, but it is worth it to get what you are entitled to.
  • kantookantoo Posts: 9
    I believe we are pretty close to the buy back phase... Had all the recall work done and it still runs like crap! It has seen the shop 4 times, but GM and BBB only consider it 3 (in bed with each other). GM legal contacted me today and said they will be back in touch Tuesday to let me know what they are going to offer me or propose what needs to be done to our nox.
  • Here is my update, I am tired of dealing with GM, they I guess did not authorize the redo work to be done. At this point it really doesn't matter because I don't trust the vehicle, I would get rid of it even if they did get it fixed because I don't trust that it would stay fixed if they could figure what is wrong with it so, my answer was I traded it in today. I no how to haggle. I walked out with a brand new car fully loaded with more options than I had sold well under the sticker price and got my car paid off. I am happy as long as I financed less than the sticker price my new vehicle by $2000.00. The car I bought cost a little more but I did research and there are no complaints out there. Good luck to everyone! I am done.
  • tonydeciantistonydeciantis Posts: 9
    edited October 2011
    Ok this is the scoop finally I tried a different dealer because Im tired of dealing with the other dealership. Ive been dealing with Lisa Marie from GM Canada and shes been very helpful and full of positive feed back I was informed by the new dealership (service manager) that this is the way the 6 speed automatic runs they call it searching which means that its searching for the proper gear the down shifting is normal its to keep the rpm low for better fuel economy. He sounds like he knows what hes talking about, which makes me feel positive about my vehicle again. For the fuel economy 2 days ago I put it on the hi-way for 2 hours back and forth to see my average fuel reading and I was very impressed I actually had a reading of 44.4 mpg which is very good or about 4.9 litres for 100km, considering this is way above their average for the advertised information. Today I filled up and also noticed my fuel range was at 673 kms so its improving used to be 580 kms, so its gone up about 100kms I believe that this issue is coming to an end finally. A word of advice Ive had all these problems stalling, lack of power, poor fuel economy, and whatever else there was. Bottom line is Ive driven GM all my life and never had a problem so why am I making a problem from something that I see thats being resolved slowly. Its what they call change just like the service manager said. Hope it works out for everyone but for me it looks like my problems are finally over, its been a six week battle for me I know what its like but Im finally getting out of these issues. I still love my Chevy Equinox. Good Luck to all you people with this battle hopefully this information was helpfull it helped me maybe it will help you also.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    Yes, if you are having stalling, and a check engine light with codes P0011 and/or P0014, they should be performing bulletin PI0469. The repair in this bulletin is the EXACT SAME as RECALL 11195. So, if they tell you they did one or the other, they are the exact same repairs- the actuator solenoid valves will be replaced and the ECM will be updated. When you pick up your car, BEFORE YOU LEAVE, double check your work order that they do BOTH of these steps. DO NOT leave with your car unless both are completed.

    What happens in your case, is that the solenoid valves in the cam shaft "stick" and that causes hesitation, rough idle, and stalling. The first two times my check engine light came on, only code P0011 showed. The third time it came on, it showed P0011 AND P0014 - I got a copy of the bulletin from someone on another forum,, and showed it to my dealer, and he agreed that it was the right service bulletin for my car - picked it up the next week and it runs better than when I bought it! I'm at about 12k miles now, and my mileage is still slowly improving, I'm very happy with it overall.

    Don't worry, this is what I went through with my vehicle in July, and it's running better than ever now. I bought mine 3/31, so ours are about the same build dates probably. As long as your build date is between 2/17/11 and 6/6/11, your car will qualify for PI0496, and we *think* this is the same build range that is being used for the Recall as well. Call up your dealer and ask if the recall applies to your car, they will have to look up your VIN in the warranty system. While you've got them on the phone, ask them what code showed on the computer, if it's P0011, or P0014, then you know you're in a reasonably good position (all things considered) and that you have the knowledge of the problem. It is highly recommended by many other owners to go ahead and get your oil changed at the same time, if you have no had your first oil change yet, even if you don't think it's required at this point. It will only improve the efficiency of your vehicle, the break-in oil gets very dirty very quickly.

    If you also have the start-up engine noise, you can get that fixed with bulletin PI0562 - they would replace the actuators. Easy repair, done in about 1 or 2 hrs. The recall work only takes about 2 and a half hours to do, but they may have to order the parts if they do not have them in stock.

    Good luck! Let me know if you would like anymore information!
  • We bought our Equinox 6-1-11 with only 9 miles on it. We started having problems with it right away, with engine start up noise, stalling, and it has even died while driving. Over the past four months my car has been in the shop 4 times. They have replaced solenoids three times now. They've also replaced the chain and the oil pump. Overall it has been in the shop 26 days. I have already spoke the GM and I have a claim started with BBB, hoping they will repurchase the car.
  • Just curious, I have had all the things happen with my 2011 Equinox. What did you do that made the mileage improve? Before you answer here are the issues I have had, the AC was not cooling enough - they added more freon - it seems to have helped. I had a scratching metal/platic noise when the car started and a severe hesitation problem. The scratching metal/plastic noise has gone away and the hesitation problem "seems" less severe. What they did was based on campaign 11195 ECM V2444.7 They reprogrammed ECM and replaced camshaft position actuator. In addition I had the oil changed at 3,800 miles. I have since been back because the dash board/instrument lights go dim and bright and dim again - whenever the mood strikes to happen (and turning off the auto light feature did not make that problem go away). This last time I had the oil changed again (nearly 7,000 miles) and I have used the high-end synthetic oil. I did this because from the posts I have read - it seems the way to improve the mileage. But I am very curious on what you have done that makes you feel like you are finally getting it resolved.

  • Holy Cow! Yes, i would have done the same! Mine has been overall, a great vehicle but 6 days after owning it, battery was dead. It has been in the shop off and on and since I got the silonoids done last week, it has been fine, however, I have had it back now for only 6 days. The dealership jumps to attention when they pull up my account. Small town, word of mouth travels fast so they really do take care of me now. I am concerned about how the winter is going to go but I will give them a chance to prove that GM has made it right. I keep a record online of alllll visits with dates and problems. Paper trail is always good. I hope they replace yours, I think at this point, they need to.
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
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    Well back to the dealer again for the other actuator to be replaced. :mad: After more than a month without the startup noise it is back just about every other time I start the engine. So far the story goes: Boight the 4cyl LT end of May, took it in three times in July before they figured out what was going on. Replaced one of the two Cam Actuators in early August. It still made the noise so I changed the oil myself and the noise went away. At the end of August they did the software part of the recall and I was good with no startup noise until last week. Still wondering if two of those three times in July with no diagnosis no repair count as an attempt?
  • I have had my Nox a little over a month. Within the first few days of having it, I noticed the sluggish start and that became more frequent. We were leaving the house one evening and my husband asked why the engine light was on when it hadn't been on all day. Ran a diagnostic and it came back with P0011 and they said to get it to the dealership immediately then while they are telling us the diagnostic codes the vehicle dies... not once but 4 times. Dealership says a recall was issued on 9/20 for this very problem... replace the solenoid actuators and reprogram it and it should be fixed. We immediately contacted GM customer service who assigned a regional specialist. Picked it up last Thursday, within 24 hours it started dying again. Saturday morning back to the dealership, at first nothing but then they get a visit from a GM regional rep who kindly put the dealership in perspective about our case and to FIX it. The camshaft actuator needs to be replaced too. I will be picking up the vehicle this afternoon we'll see. The service manager, technician and the GM rep has been very nice. They are making a payment for us and are trying to get the XM extended since I haven't really been able to enjoy that. The service manager took it upon himself to drive the vehicle home last night just to see how it runs and he is giving it a thumbs up. We'll see
  • I have been dealing with problems concerning my 2011 Chevy Equinox since 5/11/2011. It has been in the shop for repairs 6 times and it has had all of the necessary repairs. All recalls have been completed on my vehicle and it continues to stall and idle very poorly every single day. It is very unsafe but I cannot afford to continue to take it back and forth to the shop for repairs. I filed a claim with GM and that did not help. I hired an attorney and GM explained that they would not refund my money or replace the vehicle but would offer me $3,500 to go away. That offer will not allow me to get into another vehicle without me having to put forth my own money that I do not have. GM told my attorney that they are not willing to raise the offer. I then filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau to see if that will get me anywhere. I do not plan on settling with GM until I feel that I have been taken care of. I have been dealing with GM since the beginning of August 2011 and my attorney explained to me that the next step is to move into arbitration which could take up to 2 years. I cannot afford to keep an unsafe vehicle that long and most likely in the end, lose a great deal of money. GM is the worst business in the world when dealing with customer satisfactory. I will NEVER purchase another GM product! I am planning on waiting on the Better Business Bureau's response and see how far I get with them.
  • $3500 must be their standard go away offer, we were offered the same thing, but our attorney was relentless, he would not go away and now we are supposed to be getting a new vehicle. It has been a long drawn out ordeal and I feel your pain because your situation is a mirror image of ours. We are waiting on the paperwork to be completed and we are praying this 2012 that we are getting will not be a lemon like the 2011 we have now. There is no reason they should not be offering you a buy back.
  • I wish I had your attorney! Mine told me that GM automatically told him that they would not offer a refund or a buy back without going through arbitration. I thought that was kind of funny but I didn't know what to expect as I've never had to attempt something like this. Then GM's offer was $2,000 and of course I laughed and then my attorney called me with the $3,500 offer and told me that he probably couldn't get anymore out of them and the next step would be arbitration and that could take forever and that he may not be willing to take my case any further. I think that if GM offered the buy back, I would be very reluctant to get another Equinox. I feel pretty helpless! So I contacted the BBB and I told my attorney that I wouldn't take anything less than $5,000. We shall see what tomorrow holds. It's funny, I wake up every morning thinking what will happen next.
  • I wish you the best of luck, I was lucky, I have a great relationship with my dealership. They traded me and I got a great deal on a new vehicle. One I checked on first. Actually its better fully loaded and got it several thousand less than sticker price. So They will deal with GM in my place. I am very satisfied with my dealer. And I am not upside down in the deal either, they wanted to keep a satisfied customer because I send them business. I suggest you talk with your dealer, let them know you will go to another dealer if they are not interested in dealing on a trade with you, Consider visiting another dealer on a trade just as a verification to see what they would offer you, if you know how to talk trade you can get a deal.
  • I have a 2011 Equinox. I purchased it new and less than 2 weeks after my purchase my vehicle started developing intermittent stalling issues as well as a 'death rattle' on startup. I cant reach anyone at GM who can do anything- customer care ambassadors blame my dealership, and my dealership blames GM engineers. I have been in and out of my dealership five, six or seven times. This is getting ridiculous. Does anyone know what I can do to get this problem fixed?
  • I know how you feel. I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau first and see how far that gets you. If you cannot get anything done with the BBB, you may have to hire an attorney to get it resolved. GM should be responsible for these issues and personally I would love to sue GM but it would be pretty costly. They have not owned up to the issues that I've been having with my 2011 Equinox and they are trying to pay me a small amount in order to get me to go away. The minute I have the money to do it, I'm trading this piece of junk and getting something that is not a GM product.
  • kantookantoo Posts: 9
    File with the BBB Autoline and the Consumer Protection Agency. Also constantly hassle your regional GM after sales rep. After four attempts to fix the stalling and rattle, my 2011 1LT is being replaced with a 2012 LTZ. $6200 upgrade for free! Good luck with it.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    GM's bread and butter 4 and 6 cylinder engines are now the 2.4 and 3.6 liters respectively. They are prevalent in most compact to midsize vehicles, cars to sport utilities. The problem is GM is having horrendous problems with both of them. The 2.4 has problems with the actuators and the 3.6 with its 3 timing chains. The results are malfunctioning vehicles with stalling problems, high oil consumption or engines that need major repair work. It's best to stay away from any GM vehicle with either the 2.4 or 3.6 liter engine. If you want proof just check out some of the discussion boards under the Cadillac CTS, Chevy Equinox, GMC Acadia, etc. Just look under engine problems for the particular car. I just don't understand why GM is totalling abandoning its OHV engines (e.g. 3.5, 3.8, and 3.9 liters) that were easy to service, fairly reliable, and durable. The OHV engines may not have been the most advanced but they got the job done with a lot less headaches to the car owners.
  • I'd could really use everyone's help and am asking for all the feedback I can get on this:

    Has anyone had ANY problems with the 6 cylinder version of the Equinox -- and beyond the engine too?

    Please post as much detail on model year, problems, fixes, frequency, etc. for the 6 cyl version.

    I've been seriously looking to buy the 6cyl 2012 Equinox. Mainly because I found this thread back in the summer, and all the horror stories.

    However, it's very hard to tell if all the problems posted here are related to only the 4cyl engine (only some of the posts state the engine size).

    So that I don't buy into car hell (I feel really bad for all of you who GM has put through it), I would really, really like to hear if anyone has had any problems with the 3.0 6 cyl engine.

    Thanks! I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question, so I thought I'd ask to help others too.

    P.S. A dealership salesman just told me yesterday that the 2.4L 4cyl engine came from or was developed from GM's acquisition of Saab, and that the 3.0L 6 cyl is the smaller version of the 3.6L Cadillac engine.
  • Besides the engine being a P.O.S. the tranny shifts and jumps around. The headliners are falling just like they did in the 70's and the 80's. Same old GM, same old junk.
  • I have a 2011 Equinox with tho 3.0 6 cyl. I have not had any problems at all,and I get good millage also. average 18-19 around town and I get 26-27 hwy with AWD. I am glad I never considered 4 cyl in the Equinox.
  • Finally, after everything we've been through with this stupid car, the crappy dealership, the BBB, and GM, I have been offered a repurchase of my Equinox following the Oklahoma State Lemon Law. They have been very resistant to doing this. About a week after making my claim I spoke with my BBB rep and told her I'd like to get the process started as soon as possible. We had a 3-way mediation call between myself, the BBB rep, and the GM rep. The purpose of the call was to state our positions and possibly agree on a settlement and avoid going to arbitration. On the first phone call GM insisted on having a field engineer from GM come out to the dealership to pick up and take to the plant, claiming it was fixable. I told the rep from GM that we feel we have already given them plenty of time to fix the issue and at this point I do not even want the car anymore. (I'm sick of my car being an 'experiment' for them to find a fix for the problem!) So GM said, ok "well, we will go to arbitration then." 30 minutes later GM called me back offering to replace my car with another Equinox. I rejected that offer and stated that I am seeking my rights to have the vehicle repurchased and that I want to be back at square one. I had to wait the weekend to see if they would offer to repurchase, I got the call this afternoon, and they did. I am SO relieved and ready to put this problem behind me!! If you are having these problems, don't let them give you the run around....follow the steps in the back of your manual to contacting Chevy customer assistance, then GM, and BBB. Also, write a letter to GM telling them you are wanting your car repurchased BEFORE you take it into the shop again. Keep really good records and don't lose hope!
  • I have a 2011 Terrain SLT-2 with the 6 cylinder engine delivered in Jan of this year. I look at the Equinox forum since either no one is buying the Terrain or they aren't having problems.
    I live in Ottawa,Ontario and have gone through one winter with the Terrain.
    Aside from the poor mileage and hesitation when I tramp the acclerator in low
    gear, the only mechanical problems I have had are a short in the power seat
    wiring and a swap of a battery that went dead due to the module needing
    to be reprogrammed.
    I have had no other problems and my wife and I are happy with the car.
  • What do you need to do to make these people understand Ive told the dealerships the 2 that Ive been to and they just dont seem they want to help I told them about this site so that it might help them out and they tell me we dont rely on the internet with these comments because they say they are biased comments and not to listen to them. I told them well all these people seem to have the same problems I have as well. So I tell them well what about what they put on the internet about the equinox great fuel economy.........yeah right its a piece of crap. My vehicle has no power keeps hesitating in low speeds poor fuel economy like what do people have to do with this problem to get through to this company. Does anyone know if this problem is the 4 cylinder only and is the 2012 have the same problem. Im wondering if this problem is linked to the paddle shifting (the plus and minus button on the side of the gear shift) shift to "M" Manuel mode which is below the "D" for Drive and you can change gears up and down. If you dont know how to shift properly your vehicle will jerk just like when its in drive. Well in Canada we dont have the lemon law unfortunately so it sucks over here for us canadians. Im still working on it for them to buy back my vehicle and switch to 2012 Equinox. Only thing will I get back into the same crap all over again.
  • Our repurchase has been dragging on for over a month! Can anyone else give me a time frame on how long their repurchase took? We are now at the 3 month mark from when we first made our initial complaint to GM customer service! I got an email from the GM person in Saginaw Michigan today that said she needs more paperwork from the dealership, the replacement vehicle has been there over 3 weeks and they are so ready to get it off their lot. I would appreciate any insight from anyone that has been through this already! I hate GM!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I am glad to hear you are happy with your Terrain. If you experience concerns with the vehicle or dealer there is a telephone number to GM of Canada in your owners manual. Enjoy your new Terrain! Thank you for taking your time to post your experience!
    GM Customer Service
  • Thanks for sharing. I'm also not thrilled with the 3.0's mpg. But I'll take reliability and performance over saving a few mpg's every time. As some professional reviews have noted, though, the 3.0 doesn't provide a huge difference in performance. I will say that the 3.0 just seems to drive and shift in a noticeably more refined way than the 2.4L. Just my opinion after test driving two 4cyl and two 6cyl Noxes.

    Let's keep the feedback coming on the 6 cyl Equinox! For instance, has anyone noticed a burning smell in the passenger compartment? Both my wife and I smelled this on an hour-long test drive of a new 2012 3.0L Nox this past weekend.
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    I filed a lemon Law case on 7-6-11 and was in the new Terrain on 8-23-11.The new Terrain was located at another dealership around 7-22-11 and I took ownership on 8-23-11.Your story is alot like mine as mine also sat on the Dealerships lot for about a month before all was complete.From 7-21-11 to 8-23-11 GM footed the bill for a rental car so wasted money is NOT an issue for them.Good Luck.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. I would recommend contacting GM of Canada. The number should be in your owners manual. Has you dealer involved Technical Assistance? If not, I would recommend asking them to do so. I hope this information helps.
    GM Customer Service
  • kantookantoo Posts: 9
    Wow, you were given a rental? I filed Lemon Law case 6/27/2011 and was offered the Replacement 2012 Equinox on 10/12/2011. I have heard from GM once and the dealership once but nothing in over a week. The replacement sits at the dealership and the 2011 is still in our hands. I guess it'll be a couple more weeks from what I am reading on here.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me with your case number and VIN? I look forward to your email.
    GM Customer Service
  • Ok so I went back to the dealer today actually a different dealership and the service manager is telling me the hesitating that Im experiencing is normal its called gear hunting or searching and its on the Equinox, Terrain, and Cruze. When we went for a test drive he told me he will show me how to make it happen (the hesitating down shifting) and it did now is this something that anyone has heard of. Ive searched this online and did find it but does anyone know about this or is this guy taking me for the fool. Now if it is true how come when I was dealing with the head office they never mentioned this to me. Feedback would be appreciated if anyone knows something.
  • cindiola03cindiola03 Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    I bought my 2011 EQ last Nov. I've had it in twice due to it running rough and have asked repeatedly about the poor gas mileage. I drive 70 miles a day and get 21mpg. I am very disappointed, but love the car otherwise. The other day, it died, started, died... so I took it to the dealer. Check engine light was on - something to do with a solenoid. Seems to be a common problem. But, they also found oil in the cooling system. GM told them to drain the oil and antifreeze and re-fill. They did this 3 times, drove it around and each time, oil ended up in the cooling system. GM told our service guy to take the head off and look for a leak. Our service guy said no way, and asked them to send a new engine. So, I'm getting a brand new engine. I only had 14,000 miles on my car. I have never had to get a new engine, especially on a new car. Thank goodness our service rep is very proactive and helpful and won't mess around with bull... I didn't even have to ask for a new engine, or argue for one, our rep just did it. He also offered a rental. Has anyone else needed a new engine on a new EQ?
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    edited October 2011
    I picked up the Terrain(original one) on 3/23/11 it was taken into the Dealership(first time)for the start up racket on 5/23/11 with 1247 miles on the OD, 3 months later on 8/23/11 with 2212 milkes on the OD I was put into a new Terrain.In total I had 5 work orders with 65 days at the Dealership and 65 rental days.So in 5 months 2 of them were spent at he Dealership.

    It seems for you most of the delay was in getting GM to approve it where with me it took one day after my car stalled on the highway and was flatbedded back to the Dealership.It did take a month for me to take possesion once GM accepted my terms and I accepted theirs.

    You were not given a rental during the times your car was in the shop?If I were you I would be asking my Lawyer to get that money back from GM as they are required to give you one for any warranty work I believe that takes over one buissness day.
  • My Equinox is still running very smooth since the 11195 recall. I had an oil change, and tires rotated at the same time. The recall was done at 5,100 miles and now I have 7,000 miles on OD.
    My concern, I am going to the mountains and to reach the house where I will be a guest is very curvy and straight up. I am very leary of doing this and actually don't know how to do it. Do I just put it in M drive and go for it. I am a senior citizen and it does terrify me.
  • I'm having difficulty getting a straight answer on the maintenance schedule for a 2011 Nox. I looked in the manual and it seems like the first maintenance should be at 7500 miles. I called one dealer and they said at 4000 miles I should have an oil change and tire rotation. Another dealer told me it should be at 5000! Confusing. Also, I'm now having an issue with a tire holding air and have scheduled an appointment to have the tire checked.

    Does anyone know the correct schedule for this vehicle???
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