2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



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    Do you know if this condition can damage the engine? If it's just 2 seconds of noise on start up, it hardly matters.
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    GM has posted a bulletin about the start up noise. It came out on August 16th. My Knox is going back in to get the noise repaired for a second time. They already had replaced the same parts for the noise. So good luck with it.
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    My 2011 Equinox has been in the shop 4 times, they have replaced timing chain, timing tenser and the latest is the camshaft automaters. The gas mileage has sucked on this vehicle since day one, it has shifted rough, stalled out and had a horrible start up noise. We called GM, went through the puppet show of reps that do nothing but document your complaint....now it has "escalated" to being turned over to a district rep. That person is supposed to call Monday. We are asking for a replacement Equinox. The dealer wants to depreciate mine that is 8weeks old and has just turned 3000 miles, plus have us pay sales tax on the new one. I don't think we should be paying anything. Can anyone share their experience? I don't know what to expect from the district rep. We are so disgusted with GM right now.
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    I am not sure... I have been trying to figure that out on my own for a while now. GM really is not saying much one way or the other.

    I did save this link on Nissan's cam phasing since the system on the intake cams sounds similar to the GM design for both intake and exhaust.

    Mostly it sounds like a performance robbing kind of problem...

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    My 2011 Equinox was in the shop for 21 days and the dealer finally said they would have to rebuild my transmission because they could not get a new one from GM. All the new ones were spoken for (meaning for new vehicles) My vehicle was only a month old. I refused a rebuilt transmission. So say they got hold of a new one and replaced mine. I really didnt believe them and demanded a new Equinox. They told me they had done everything to protocol. I told them FINE GIVE ME MY KEYS AND ALL PAPER WORK OF EVERYTHING DONE, when I get home I plan to write across my back window ask me about my lemon. By the time I got home they had called me and said they would figure something out. I got a replacement $900 later and decided to purchase the extended warranty. The whole thing raised my note $35 more @month. I should have stuck it out and not paid a penny, and really at that point just wanted my money back. Ive had my new equinox a couple months with 2600 miles on it, so far so good. Every time I read a post it just makes me sick I bought this vehicle. I'm surprised there is not a class action law suit yet. Good luck with your situation. I hope all turns out in your favor !
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    I just went through the repurchasing mess with GM. I DIDN'T have to pay anything out of pocket! GM sucked up the $500 that they charge for repurchasing a LEMON and the dealer the same with their $200 charge for taking the LEMON back. Don't let them bully you around!! Stand your ground!! It took a month for all the paperwork to be done and I finally got the car. What I did was I took a demo that the owner had which had 1000 more miles on it than mine did. It also had nice chrome wheels on it and I had a sunroof so we even-traded across the table. This new one gave me trouble at first but they changed out the actuactors, oil and tuned up the ECM and it's been running (knock on wood) great. The only problem that I still encounter is the mileage. IT SUCKS!! The dealer has ordered another computer for the Nox to reset it back to the original settings that it was before they updated the software. It was getting great mileage before they messed with it. Good luck and don't let them bully you around!
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    There IS a possible fix right now. Solenoid replacement, Actuator replacement and ECM update. And for good measure, have your oil changed. Over at another forum, there are about 7 people that have had this repair done, and it has worked for them! (including me!) There are also 2 people I think, that have had the following recall performed, with success.

    There is not an official work order out right now about the start-up noise, but there IS a RECALL now. RECALL #11195A. The "A" is very important, and what makes it a recall, previously it was just a bulletin "11195", which was replaced by "RECALL 11195A". It consists of having the solenoids replaced and the ECM updated. Call your dealer to verify vehicle eligibility.

    In regards to pursuing a lemon law buyback, if that's what you choose, 1 or 2 others have gone through this, on the other forum. You do not have to lose ANY money on the deal. GM will pay all applicable taxes and lawyer fees as part of the settlement. It's essentially like they just give you a new vehicle and swap out the VIN#'s on your loan. Nothing changes. No money is lost.
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    The RECALL 11195A is meant to address poor driveability and rough idle, which can definitely affect mileage. So, if your vehicle is included in this recall, get it in for the work to be done. The solenoids will take a few days for the dealer to find, because they are in short supply right now, but they CAN find them. Poor driveability also includes the possibility of your vehicle stalling at a low throttle opening. Meaning, for most people that have experienced this (me included), you'll start the car, put it into drive, and as you press the gas to accelerate from a stop, the car will either stall or come close to stalling. Just a heads up.

    Also, if for some reason the recall doesn't apply to you, or even if it DOES apply to you...if you have these same problems and are also getting a check engine light with codes P0011 and/or P0014, refer your dealer to PI0496, which is for vehicles within a specific date range and includes a solenoid replacement and ECM update.
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    I purchase a fully loaded 2011 Equinox on June 21st. The car had 2571 miles on it when the transmission went out. (This is in addition to periodic electrical issues.) I was driving home from work going 35 miles an hour went it started stopping and lunging in traffic. The hazard light would not work. The experience was very frightening. Having driven Volkswagons for many years with no major mechanical problems, it was a hard decision to purchase an American made vehicle. I did fall in love with the Equinox and was happy with my decision to make the switch. Now I'm sorry I made the choice. I've been without the car for almost a week, with no idea when it will be repaired. While I realize that this may be a rare occasion, from reading the posts here, it appears that the vehicle is not all it's cracked up to be. I plan to get rid of the vehicle as soon as it is repaired.
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    I'm sorry that happened, certainly doesn't sound enjoyable. Quick note though - did the hazard lights for sure not work? I have noticed (and thought it was odd) that you have to kind of hold down the hazard light button to get them to turn on. I assume they did that so you wouldn't accidentally bump the button while messing with the radio, but still seemed odd to me. So, I guess my question is, where you holding the button down or just pressing it? Again, sorry you had to deal with any of that to begin with.
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    My 2011 Equinox has been in the shop at the dealership 2 times for the engine light coming on and the loud engine noise on cold start up. The first time they just reset the computer. Within a month, the engine light was on again. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the camshaft actuators solenoid valves and told me this would fix my problems. That was last Thursday. Friday morning, it made the same loud noise when I started the engine. After reading many posts, I realized they should have changed the oil. I went out an hour ago to smell the oil like someone suggested and it smells just like gasoline. For those of you still having this problem after the camshaft fix, I would check your oil. I will be calling my dealership first thing tomorrow to have the oil changed.
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    Hope this info will help you - If the codes for your engine light were P0011 and/or P0014, refer them to PI0496. This bulletin says to update the software on the ECM and replace the solenoids. You said they DID replace the solenoids, but did they also update the software? This is very important as well.

    There is also a RECALL #11195, ask your dealer if this applies to your vehicle. This recall is pretty much the exact same repair as the PI0496 - ECM update and solenoid replacement.

    One more bulletin - PIP4716b discussed replacing the actuators in regards to the start-up noise, and also checking for debris in the solenoid screens and changing the oil. If the noise returns, the oil is to be changed again. HOWEVER, this bulletin has since been replaced by PIP4716c, which removes the 2011 model years from the affected vehicles list. I presume that they are working on a new bulletin/fix for the 2011 model year. Or maybe that is why they issued the RECALL 11195. Not sure.

    Point being, the computer update is VITAL in conjunction with the solenoid replacement. And yes, you should also do an oil & filter change pronto. It seems the 4 cylinders have an issue with the oil during engine break-in.

    If you are still having the start-up noise after all of the above has been done, they should probably replace the Actuators. I had the engine start-up noise (think PIP4716b) and intermittent check engine light (think PI0496), and after about 6 weeks of back and forth to the dealer, my car is (currently) problem free. In all, repairs completed include:
    -replaced actuators
    -ECM software update
    -replaced solenoids
    -oil changed (total of 4 times, but I think only 2 really mattered, after actuator replacement and after solenoid replacement)

    Hope that helps.
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    On my Nox, you definitely have to hold down the hazzard light button otherwise the lights do not come on. This is another problem that I think Chevy ought to be aware of because we, as the consumer, don't know these things and just take for granted that all you have to do is push the button and things work - NOT! I had to push down on the button for several seconds before the lights came on. I don't know about all of our fellow Nox owners but, when purchasing the vehicle, did the dealer go over all things with you when you purchased the car? When I purchased my first Nox, the only thing shown was how to pair the phone. Nothing else was explained or shown where things were located. I too am a former VW owner and really miss my Jetta Diesel. It was a plain-Jane, no A/C, no power anything and I got on the average 63mpg!! Yes, I could go almost a month on a tank of fuel. Chevy advertises that the Nox gets 32mpg - what a laugh!! I only got that once and the mileage now is down to about 20mpg, if that. I'm running this tank down to empty (which I'm scared to death to do). My first Nox would die on me if it got down past half tank. I've been averaging about 15-19mpg most of the time freeway and around town. That's a far cry from 32mpg as advertised! What kind of mileage are you all getting. I drive in moderate to heavy traffic most of the time. I hardly can put the cruise on which doesn't help the mileage. Would love to know what kind of mileage is out there.
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    :sick: Wish I looked here before I bought my nox! I am shocked at the amount of issues and lack of help.!!! I purchased my gold mist 2011 Nox on June 15, 2011. It wasn't till I had 2487 miles on it that it made the loud noise everyone talks about at start, which we at that point shut the car off and checked the oil as it sounded like it would if it needed some, it didn't. About an hour later we started for home as we were a state away camping. Well, we made it about 1/2 hour, stopped for gas and the car wouldn't shift without stalling thank god we already got gas or else it would have been worse as it was extremely hot so we at least could use the ac. It was a Sunday afternoon, all I know is I hope I never am stuck again on a Sunday that far from home you see no service departments are open, therefore, no help!!!!!!!!.
    Thankfully my brother came the 2 hour drive to bring the AAA gold card so we could tow it to the dealer that I bought it from and not one a state away. Took over a week but they replaced the cam actuators and valve actuators, solenoids etc… then ran the new program through the car. The service manager brought it home and all was well, until he went to test drive and found it stalling again so that kept it an additional day. I didn't mind them keeping it all as to this day I am nervous to drive the car, I have a 7 year old child and am hoping I never get stuck again within the car again with him, never mind on a 95 degree day as it was when we stalled. GM offered service for 2 years or to pay a payment or two (which was kind of vague--never told me how many payments?). I told them wasn't satisfactory and I wanted another one same thing as I didn’t buy a vehicle 2 months ago to have this happen. I had just mailed payment #2 , I have my son with me 95% of the time, I was pretty much hysterical with panic on the phone with GM begging to have this issue escalated, the only thing I have to this date is the same LEMON of a vehicle which I don’t trust and a bad taste in my mouth from this whole experience.
    My gas mileage is 19.4 according to the dash, funny I have the sticker that was on the window when I bought it……….and was the reason I bought the car saying 32 hwy, most of my driving is highway!!!!!!!!!!!!! I traded in my Tahoe for this…………..I think the mileage in my husband’s Dodge Ram duley is better than this. Last I talked to GM and was told of the offer they would make me, we called the dealership regarding the mileage and are currently waiting for a call. I am so upset, first new car I have ever owned. I wish I went for the KIA but no…………had to stay with domestic……They asked me what would make me happy, I told them an extended warranty on the car. I understand my warranty it was sold with but if they stand behind this car that they have already started ripping apart at 3 months old...........they will make happy and extend the warranty.
    Bottom line I don’t feel safe and I don’t know when I will again………….I think my first call in the am will be to the BBB and then possibly the Attorney General’s office……
    The car is “LEMON MATERIAL”
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    Lol. Same here. They showed me how to pair my phone, and then they set me with directions home through OnStar so I could "test it out." (eh, it was alright, would rather use my google maps on my phone) Then he said, "ok, comfortable with everything now and ready to head home with your new car?" I was like, "yea, I guess so. Wait, where are the hazard lights, just in case." He reached over, pointed, and then pushed the button to turn them on. *awkward pause* Pushed the button again. Pushed it again. Opened manual in confusion. I pushed the button. I held the button down. "Oh, there we go. Ok, bye." lol
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    My salesman, (his lips were moving, so I should have been on my guard) enrolled me in Onstar, and showed me a few features of the car. I asked about a button on the dash, and he didn't know - I had to look it up (instrument lights dimmer). He pointed out all the buttons on the middle of the dash, and explained some of them, and said that the menu program would let me make personalized settings for some things - somewhat vague. I was coming from a Caddy CTS with full computerization, so I wasn't concerned. Others might not find it so easy.
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    Yeah, I forgot about OnStar. I can't believe that he couldn't get the hazzard lights on. What an embarrassment!! That's pretty bad that the manual had to appear.
    What kind of mileage are you getting? I just got past half tank and have 205 miles on the Nox. I would say I'm going to be getting about 15-19mpg off this tank.
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    Unfortunately, we are having the exact same issue with our new 2011 Equinox LTZ. Has 3100 miles on it, has died in the middle of an intersection twice. Has had all of the recall repairs and is still not driving correctly. They have it again today for the 3rd time. My fuel efficiency is awful...averaging 19 hwy. They have one more chance to fix it or we are begining the process to file as a "lemon". GM specialist has been helpful, but we aren't getting anywhere. The service manageer admitted today that there are some issues that they are struggling to figure out...not what I paid for!! Should have stuck with Toyota!
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    Thank You, that does help. Still making the noise after the oil change. I'm going to call today and see if the software update was done.
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    I reconize that my 2.4L isn't the powerhouse of the 3.6 and 3.8 of old, and so I accellerate slowly from a stop. Maybe, if I pushed it a little more, I'd also be seeing the stalling. My mileage runs around 26-27 actual. I keep a spreadsheet of fill-ups, as I think that the computerized display is overly optimistic.
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    Don't give up. We bought a 2011 Equinox in Aug. 2010 and have had only one problem with the car( a sagging headliner that has been fixed 3 times ). We now have 13K on it and it is still a great car! Our dealer here in Wichita is Joe Self and has been great!
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    "Don't give up."?! You sound like so many MI friends and co-workers who think this is normal. They are all loyal American car buyers of course. This is my first American car in 25 years of driving and I don't consider entering the Lemon Lottery to be a normal part of the car buying experience. The Lemon Laws are stilted in the car manufacturer's favor not the consumer's; if my Equinox was a Toaster I could go exchange it for a new one if it showed a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase.
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    ALL - In regards to mileage, it DOES improve as you put more miles on the car. I am now at almost 10,000 miles on my '11 Nox, and my mileage is still improving over time. Please note that there is a big difference in hwy mileage, between 55 mph and 70 mph. If you drive 55-65mph, you'll see much better mpg, At about 60 mph cruising speed, I can get about 31 mpg. In typical city driving, I average around 21 or 22 mpg. I have noticed it IS pretty sensitive to how fast you accelerate. A good way to kind of keep yourself in check, try to keep the rpms below 2.5 as you accelerate. If you can that is, I know occasionally if you're jumping into traffic you kind of have to jump on it, but most of the time I have no problem with limiting my rate of acceleration.

    But, point being, mpg continues to improve as you put more miles on the car. Someone on another forum said they noticed theirs slowly improved up until they had about 20,000 miles. In the very least, give it a solid 5,000-7,000 miles before you make too big of a judgment on it.

    HOWEVER, if you're getting 19 mpg HWY at a speed of 55, there IS, in fact, a problem that should be worked on....see following post....
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    Tracyo2 - You say that yours has had all of the recall repairs done...there has been a lot of confusion between owners and dealers though, about exactly what is included in the actual RECALL. This is because there was a "campaign 11195", which has now been replaced by "RECALL 11195a." RECALL 11195A requires that your solenoids are replaced and the ECM is updated. BOTH OF THESE are VITAL. (the former campaign required only the ECM update, which does not work by itself)

    With that being said, have you had an oil change recently? Or at all since you've owned the vehicle? If not, I would recommend that you get one ASAP, even if you have to pay for it out of pocket. I actually did see an improvement after an oil change when they replaced the actuators on my car. The idea behind the recall and the start-up noise and the stalling, a "possible cause" was debris in the oil from normal engine break-in. Metal shavings could clog the solenoids or make the actuators malfunction, and one person even posted a picture of the metal shavings they found in the pleats of their oil filter....so, with that being said, I would get an oil change for good measure. See how your mpg is affected by that. When my start-up engine noise was at it's worst, my hwy mpg at a cruising speed was down to about 22 (from about 34 before). They replaced the actuators and I paid out of pocket for my oil change that same day, and my mileage returned to normal, what was expected... 22 city, 32 hwy.

    Also, in addition to the solenoid replacement and ECM update, you might inquire about having the Actuators replaced, this might also help. It's worth trying if you still have problems.
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    My wife and I purchased a 2011 Equinox on June 7, 2011. While we have not necessarily experienced the stalling out, we have experienced the loud engine start up. I guess you would call this a "cold" start up; however, sometimes it still does it even if we have driven to multiple places throughout the same day. I have not addressed this issue with a dealership so far, because the vehicle has not left us stranded anywhere (knock on wood). We currently have less than 2,000 miles on it.

    Does our 2011 Equinox qualify for any of the bulletins or recalls that I have read on this blog? What do I say to the dealership if I take the vehicle in to be serviced concerning this loud start up issue? Do I say, "according to this service bulletin or recall blah blah blah?" If we have the vehicle serviced to try and eliminate this noise, am I going to experience more issues/problems with the vehicle from attempting to have the noise eliminated?? We have also began to sometimes experience a "high pitch" noise when we exit the vehicle. It usually lasts only seconds, but I have began to wonder if there is some type of issue I should have addressed. Has anyone else addressed this type of concern with you??

    Due to certain disabilities, I no longer possess the luxury of driving or riding in a typical car. We purchased the Equinox because my mobility was greatly increased in regards to entering and exiting the vehicle. Physically I can not afford the luxury of being without the Equinox if the dearlership keeps the vehicle for a number of days, which is why I am asking if trying to correct the issue would leave us without the Equinox for an extended period of time. I am aware that a dealership would most likely provide alternate transportation should they need my vehicle for more than one day; however, I am afraid that a dealership may try to replace the Equinox with some type of car.

    I really guess my bottom line question is whether or not this noise causes harm to the engine or any other components? If it were your personal vehicle (take in to consideration that I have a permanent handicap placard) would you try and resolve this issue?


    Chris S...=)
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    You can simply call your dealer and provide them with your VIN and they will look up of the recall applies to your vehicle. It is very possible that yours would be included in the recall. They will probably have to order the parts (solenoids) and once they have those in you can schedule a time to take your car in, the repairs can be completed same day. In all, the process will be easy.

    However, if you ever have to take your car in and leave it overnight for service, your warranty will cover the cost of a rental car. If your dealer doesn't have a loaner for you that would be the height that you need, like equinox, for ease of entry/exit, the dealer will set you up with a rental through enterprise, and there you can let them know of your situation and they should be able to accomadate you. You don't have to take a small car if you don't want it or if you can't drive it comfortably.

    I hope it all works out in your favor. A quick call to the dealer service department will get you started with the recall. Just say, "I've heard there may be a recall for my vehicle." They'll look up your VIN and it'll show if the recall does apply to yours. Good luck!
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    My wife and i have a 2011 equinox and the front wheel well liner on the passenger side is all shredded and broken. We have been long time gm customers owning gm vehicles for years and we have only had this vehicle since February of this year, just 6 months. We have only driven on city streets, highways that are paved and in good condition. The dealer says it will cost us $190 dollars to replace and it is not covered under and warranty. The liner looks kinda cheap especially with the plastic rivots holding it in. If i pay $190 dollars now , i don't want to have to pay another $190 dollars 6 months later. It is not the money, it is the fact that a new car should be mad better than that. Anyone else with similar issues or advice?
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    We have a 2011 equinox with 3000 miles, been in shop 6 times in 3 weeks....we have been through the timing chain, timing tensioner, cam shaft automaters, solenoids, transmission reprogramming.....it keeps acting like it is going to stall on me. Has anyone else gone through this?
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    Thank you sumr616. =)
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    CMESMILE32, I know exactly how you feel. I purchased my NOX on April 6, 2011. I have just under 8000 miles on it right now and it has been in the shop every other week since June 23rd. I have had the exact same parts replaced that you are referencing. The stalling part of the problem has been fixed as far as I can tell, but there is an aweful noise when I start the car. This is an intermittent problem. I have opened a case with GM regarding this issue. I encourage you to do the same. My car does this on occasion when I start it, www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7vTgib-lt0. See the link. I also filed claims with the BBB and wrote letters to several top executives within GM, posted a nasty message on their Facebook page and sent a letter to the General Manager of the dealership I purchased the car from. I'm finally getting some progress going.
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    Something is not right with the EPA's mpg calculation for the 2.4L Equinox. By comparison, a Kia Sportage, also equipped with a 2.4L, 176HP engine, is also rated @ 22MPG city, 32 highway. However, the Sportage has a better drag coefficient than the Equinox, and weighs 643 FEWER pounds (3186 vs. 3829). And they supposedly get the same mileage? I don't think so. My advice would be for the "buyer beware" if you're counting on the Equinox to deliver the stated MPG! And the ethical thing for GM to do would be to have the vehicle retested by the EPA, using "real world driving" parameters. It's appalling that customers are buying this vehicle, with fuel economy being a top priority, and being let down in this way-not a recipe for winning repeat business. To say nothing about the host of other problems buyers posting to this forum are experiencing! I'm glad I made this discovery while I'm still evaluating vehicles for purchase.
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    NICK082579-Thank you for writing back, I feel like I am stuck in GM hell and can not get out, I am getting the run around from GM customer service so bad, they keep telling me they have escalated my case to be evaluated for a buy back and I they need the district service manager to look at my vehicle. But, the DSM has been nowhere to be found since last Monday! In the mean time, my vehicle is unsafe to drive and the dealership I bought it from will not give me a rental because they need the DSM to approve it! I got so disgusted with the dealership and service dept, I consulted an atty and he said it qualified under the Lemon Law. But, that could drag out 45 days, I need a reliable vehicle. I have tried so hard to be nice about this and asked the dealer about trading, he wanted $2500 to trade (mine has 3000 miles). I am so disgusted with GM. Will you please let me know how your case progresses? GM needs to take responsibility for these defective vehicles.
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    I would love to know the outcome of your situation with GM because it is a mirror image of what I am experiencing right now in NC. The GM customer service has been horrible and I feel like I am getting nowhere, I also want my vehicle replaced and want to be credited for my payments. If you have any advice, please share. GM needs to step up and be responsible, this stalling issue is going to cause someone to be seriously hurt. Thank you!
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    Tracy02-I am having the same issues with my 2011 Equinox and am getting nowhere with GM. I have been through all of the replacement parts and updates, the vehicle has 3000 miles on it and has stalled on me twice with my 2 young children in it. I am so scared we are going to get in a serious accident from this defective vehicle. It qualifies under the Lemon Law and I guess we are going to have to pursue that since GM will not step up and take responsibility. Have you had any luck on a buy back with GM? I would appreciate any insight you have from your dealings with GM, our dealer and service dept have been horrible.
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    grassk-Have you made any progress with GM? I am having the same problems with the vehicle stalling and noone can figure it out, all of the major engine parts have been changed and the vehicle only has 3000 miles. I am beyond fed up with GM customer service. The case was "escalated" to initiate a buy back over a week ago and noone can find the district service manager to get the ball rolling. I have talked to an atty and of course this qualifies under the Lemon Law, but I was hoping GM would step up and be responsible. I would love to know if you have made any progress.
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    After making the noise 3 times right after the last fix, I went and got an oil change. It has not made the noise in about 2 weeks. I have decided to take a wait and see position on this since it has not done it agin since the oil change.
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    Thank you sumr616 for reply.. I finally got my 1st recall letter from GM Chevie yesterday. Called dealer told him recall stated to replace valves. He said he would call GM Tues (holiday Mon.) still questioning whether he needs to replace valves & then I read sentence to him again. Then I called 800# on letter and talked to Nino for an hour. He called dealership while I waited on hold. Nino said someone from GM-Chevie will be calling me on Tues.(holiday Mon.) also. I now have a file and he gave me file # and mentioned a possible trade for a 6 cycl. Eq. adding that my car was now considered a "used" car "if" they did do what he suggested. I quickly told him I considered my car a "new car" (I wish I had said a "lemon car"). I have not even started questioning some of other things that I read on here(ie: metal shreds in oil filter etc) I am not even sure if I want another Eq. now. I am 60 and usually keep a car til it dies of old age. I still have my 03 Tahoe 300,000 m.- my husband bought me bfore he died that yr., but bought Eq. because it is hard to climb up in Tahoe now and minor problms--AND I thought Eq. would be better for gas m.-boy was i wrong. In 2005 popo threw out stopsticks behind me and guy they were chasing (on I40) hit me at 130mph. my neck was not even sore the next day. (I had slowed to 40mph when he hit me)-he stopped in frt. of me & popo shot him. They had been chasing him on I40 for an hour. He had no ins. and stolen car and dead. My no fault ins. fixed my Tahoe. -maybe i will just start driving my ole safe Tahoe instead of worrying about stall-outs in my new Eq. -lol. Just thought I would add that because not ALL Chevies are bad. !!! My 1st car was a 68 camaro-still have it and drive it some. I will keep ya'll posted on my Eq. THANK u Edmonds again! and Thank u God for computers!
  • cmesmile32cmesmile32 Member Posts: 14
    Please be weary of the latest recall, we have been dealing with ongoing Equinox issues on our 2011 for the past month, the "recall" was done to my vehicle before I ever had the paper in the mail and it only made my vehicle run worse, it stalled on me in the middle of intersection the very next day! We have had the timing tensioner, timing chain, cam shaft automaters, valves and solenoids all replaced on a vehicle with 3000 miles! It has been in the shop more than on the road, after being so disgusted with GM customer service and a service dept that could care less, we have had no choice but to get an attorney to file a lemon law case. After the stall out the day after the "recall", the service department "reprogrammed" the transmission, the fuel mileage has dropped drastically since they did that, every time they touch it, the performance is worse. We are waiting to see what action they take now that we have an official lemon!
  • denise444denise444 Member Posts: 2
    We picked up our vehicle on 6/2/2011. From the time we took delivery we have had problems with hesitation and very poor gas mileage. We were told by our sales person that the hestitation was normal. Starting at about 4800 miles we began experiencing stalling. We now have our vehicle in for the 4th time for repair. It was in 2 wks prior in which they performed the most recent recall for this problem. We will now be going through the process of persuing the lemon law. My question is does anyone know if the 6 cylinder engine has had similiar problems or has this been an issue with just the 4 cylinder?
  • jujudjujud Member Posts: 9
    Good question Denise! I would like to know about 6 cyl. also because Chev. rep. and dealer talking about trading my 4 for a 6., but implied I would have to add some $ to trade because mine is "used" car. No way...had a no win conversation with Chev rep. yesterday-they called & said they had done all they were required which is only updated computer on car. Said my 15 mpg. was in "range" with what i should be getting. *^%*!!!! Going back to dealer today with my recall letter! Calling lawyer if i get nowhere. Engine really hesitating bad and stalled again in Reverse. P.S ...hearing that high pitched noise for about 1 min. after I cut car off....like some people have posted. Think that is least of worries right now.
  • jonoxjonox Member Posts: 100
    I've been watching these threads for about a year now looking for any compelling reasons to consider a 2010/11/12 Equinox purchase. From the information posted here the 2.4L seems has valve timing issues which don't seem prevalent on the 3.0L V6.

    Engine design details are not easy to find but the following quotes from available internet sources gives background information which you may find helpful:-

    Equinox2.4L DI details
    The new 2.4L DI engine delivers an estimated 180 horsepower (134 kW) @ 6700 rpm and 172 lb.-ft. of torque (232 Nm) @4900 rpm. It uses technology based on GM's other four-cylinder direct injection applications, but with unique features designed for its specific application. This includes an 11.4:1 compression ratio that helps build power, slightly dished pistons that increase combustion efficiency and injectors with an application-specific flow rate.

    GM benchmarked the best fuel system and noise attenuation products to provide customers with quiet operation.

    3.0L DI details
    The new 3.0L DI engine is a variant of GM's family of high-feature DOHC V-6 engines that also includes GM's 3.6L DI engine in the Cadillac CTS – an engine named to Ward's AutoWorld's 2009 "Ten Best Engines" list for North America, for the second consecutive year.

    The 3.0L is rated at an estimated 255 horsepower (187 kW) and 214 lb.-ft. of torque (290 Nm), for an impressive power-to-displacement ratio of 85 hp per liter. (Output will vary by model.) The 3.0L DI features an isolated fuel injector system that reduces the direct injection high-pressure fuel system pulses for quieter operation. Rubber isolators are used with the fuel rail to eliminate metal-to-metal contact that would otherwise transmit noise and vibration from the high-pressure fuel system.

    Along with direct injection technology, both the 3.0L DI and 2.4L DI engines use variable valve timing to optimize power and fuel efficiency across the rpm band, as well as reduce emissions.

    There was a little problem with the 3.0-liter V6 that was the base-level engine for the 2010 LaCrosse, at the model's launch. The 3.0-liter, which is simply a smaller-displacement version of the 3.6-liter V6 that was also available, provided slightly worse highway fuel economy than the much-more satisfyingly torquey 3.6.

    That left us wondering what exactly was the point to the exercise. GM was apparently thinking the same thing, so for 2011, the 3.0-liter will be stripped from the LaCrosse's spec sheet. The new entry-level motor which begins production soon is the 182-horsepower 2.4-liter four cylinder (look for a drive story on that version soon). That engine brings 19 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway compared to the 3.0-liter LaCrosse's 17/26 mpg fuel efficiency. But it will clearly make the base LaCrosse a slower car than before. The LaCrosse will still be available with the 3.6-liter.

    But the under-performing 3.0-liter isn't completely dead. The Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain will still offer the small V6 as their upgrade motors and the Cadillac CTS line will still use it as its base motor.
  • vwalburnvwalburn Member Posts: 23
    We now have 13500 on our 2011 Equinox 4 cyl. and have not had any issues with the engine. Is there a common thread about these issues? What type of oil or gas is used?
  • equity_ownerequity_owner Member Posts: 13
    Yes!! I purchased mine in Sept. 2011 - this has happened twice!

    I just got it back and they tell me it is the "Camshaft regulator".
  • equity_ownerequity_owner Member Posts: 13
    :lemon: I own a 2011 Equinox.

    Loved the look of the car... just wondering if I made a bad choice.

    Two times since I bought this car, it has been in the shop. I know some may crucify me for saying this... but, I owned a Kia prior to this, and I loved that car. But, I felt bad for not buying "American"..... so, I bought the Chevy (though my Equinox was actually made in Canada - go figure).

    1st time - running rough for a week or so, engine light comes on, stalls, and then to the shop it goes. The dealership blames me for not checking my oil at every fuel up. The car was almost two quarts low. So, when I tell them that you should not have to check oil in a NEW car, they come back with "well, this car might burn more oil than other vehicles" Right! I told them I have owned several new vehicles, and NEVER have I had to add oil between oil changes to a NEW car.... They finally admitted the prep people might not have checked the oil prior to me picking it up... who knows?

    2nd time - running rough for a week or so, making a grinding noise (sometimes) when I start it, engine light comes on, stalls. Dealership gets an ear full......

    Is the "Camshaft regulator"......

    Honestly, IMO when you purchase a new car, you expect it to be RELIABLE. I am very disappointed in this car.

    Nice looking car, bad interior (mesh seats).... wish I would have gotten the leather, runs rough all the time, loud knocking engine (sounds like an old beater), bad gas mileage (I drove mostly city), and TERRIBLE in the winter!

    If I could trade this crate in and not take a beating I would do it... But, I am at the mercy of the dealership. Seems like they market the heck out of this car, and yet they slap it together...

    Any thoughts?
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Member Posts: 29
    Don't know what happened but here's my message:
    Hope this will help in startinig your Noxs! Don't just get in and start the vehicle. First off, get in turn the key and WAIT for all the dash lights to go out (engine light will stay on). After they all go out, start the car. This has reset the computer. This has eliminated the knocking and noise when I've started my Nox. I've been doing this for over two weeks now and it has helped! This is just like having a diesel and waiting for the glow plugs to heat before starting the vehicle. I hope this helps you all! I was given this info by a brother who got it from a Harley mechanic. The new Harleys have to be started this way to reset the computers. Makes since. Like I said, I haven't experienced any problems in the last two weeks.
    As for the mileage, it still sucks! I was down to 12.1mpg on my last tank. I don't get it. I use 76 gas and from the same station most of the time. I was told that Chevron is the best of the best now. I will get rid of this tank and fill up with Chevron to see if it helps any. Will keep you informed. Let me know if this helps anyone. Good luck everyone!!
  • shelleyhshelleyh Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problems with my 2011 equinox. I had a lot of stuff replaced and it no longer stalls or check engine light come on. But it was hell. Then after I get it back, I get a recall notice in the mail about the same issues. If you haven't gotten the recall notice, you need to contact a local dealer. They need to replace several items to correct this problem. The downshifting still happens, it is just a crappy engine. Mine actually slows down when going DOWN hill!
  • roykulproykulp Member Posts: 52
    The drive line is engineered to down shift as the car slows on a down grade while reducing speed; this is an excellent feature that assits slowing the vehical; similar to the engine brake on commercial trucks.
  • cmesmile32cmesmile32 Member Posts: 14
    We are the owners of a 2011 Equinox that is a major LEMON! Ours has 3500 miles on it and we are in the midst of trying to get a buyback through our attorney. This vehicle has been a nightmare, we have posted several times about our summer of hell with the Equinox. It started with the loud start up noise, went on to need a heat shield cover, timing chain, timing tensioner, cam shaft automaters, solenoids, transmission reprogramming and then........it started to stall. We got nowhere with GM customer service and nowhere with the sorry dealership/service dept, so we had no choice but to contact an attorney, the vehicle is not safe. The gas mileage has sucked from day 1 and the dealer kept telling us it was because of the amount of ethanol in the gas....premium Shell gas did not make a difference. This has got to be the sorriest engine GM has ever made. My husbands GMC 2500 diesel truck is getting better fuel mileage.
  • equinox5079equinox5079 Member Posts: 18
    I am still BITTER about our Equinox. I previously posted all of our problems over the summer. Our brand new car first died about 10 days after we owned it!! The problems continued .....
    I could not drive it with my infant and toddler without fear of getting into a crash with the crazy drivers where I live.

    GM was useless, full of lies, and clearly not interested in helping. A lawyer wanted the case to pursue the lemon law but we did not want to wait however long it would have taken to pursue it and then lose money anyway (they would have deducted the mileage off of it) and I was NOT taking another equinox.

    How old is your car, what is the mileage. We only had a couple hundred miles and were able to trade it in. We were very fortunate that we only lost a little more than 500.00. ..it's crap that we had to do it but it was the right decision for us. What were we thinking buying a Chevy after they were bailed out? Hell, they probably put in a refurbished engine.

    We are thrilled with our new car. The only thing I miss about the nox is the space and Onstar.

    Good luck.
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