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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • fuzzhead1fuzzhead1 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem! We were on vacation and I pulled into a gas station and filled up and when I turned on my vehicle and started to pull out my vehicle just died and I had alot of people slamming on breaks as I almost got rear eneded. This has happen at least 12 times in two days. At first in went into the repair shop for the loud noise when you first start it and they told me it was the timing chain and they replaced that not it just keeps on dying. I hope GM can do something!
  • fuzzhead1fuzzhead1 Posts: 3
    My 2011 Chev Equinox has had nothing but problems! It first started with the loud noise when you first started it and the dealership did not hear it. They I video the sound and schedule a appt and they came and picked it up and hear the sound finally. They had it for 3 days and they said it was the timing chain so they replaced it. I got it back and after 1 day it started with the noise again and it started to shut it self off now when driving slow. The first time it was after I run into the grogery store came out and started my vehicle and took off it just shut right down. The second time I was at a gas station, I filled up started my vehicle took off to get back on the highway and it shut off I almost caused an accident and just missed being read ended. I called the dealership as I was on vaction and they are taking it back in and hopefully they can get this corrected all under 4,000 miles not bad for a new vehicle....haha
  • The car also made a strange sound when we started (now that I am reading the boards, this seems to be common) and it jerked a few times, almost like it was shifting. Has anyone actually had their car fixed for good? For safety reasons, I am very uncomfortable keeping this car with two small children. This is ironic because one reason we purchased this was because it was "Safe."
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Posts: 29
    Bought my Nox in April, had it for about 3 weeks and started having problems. Went out one morning and attempted to start it and it made a awful noise and felt like it was running on about 2 cyls. It finally died and got it restarted and backed out of the driveway into the street. Put it in drive and it died again and again at the stop. Got out on the boulevard and it died again. Called the dealer and they came and got it with a loaner for me. They replaced the intake camshaft solenoid valve which didn't make any difference as it died again on the freeway while driving at 70mph! This is not cool. My guardian angels were working OT that day!! It was in the shop for a week and they found "debris" in the engine oil! In other words, metal shavings were found in the oil. One can only guess what kind of damage this has caused internally. It only had less than 2000 miles when this happened. Had the heated seats come on without touching the controls on the dash. Don't need heated seats in this kind of weather! Went to pick it up this morning and drove it off the lot and it quit on me again. Got it started and drove it back to service and it's there once again. Personally, I think that there are so many parts made here and there that nothing talks to the computers onboard. It's not like the old days that you could take bailing wire and a pair of plyers and fix a problem; now it's all computerized and big bucks. I think GM needs to go back to the good old days and leave the electronics behind!
    As for your rental/loaner problem: Call GM Customer Service. Talk to a rep and tell them your problem with the dealer and not having a loaner. I have never had a problem with getting a loaner car from any dealer that I have dealt with. This dealer must be a winner and really wants business - NOT! I'm sure GM Customer Service will help you resolve your problem. Good Luck!!
  • @auntiep, what are you going to do with your car? Sounds like a real lemon. That is my biggest fear, driving with a newborn and 3-year-old on I95 when the car decides to die. Yes, our dealer is a real winner. We found out today, the car failed at less than 100 miles when it was transferred from one dealer to another and they had to fix the engine. They never disclosed this issue to us or we would NEVER have bought this car. Who wants a brand new car that dies before it is sold?!! Crazy! We are so upset. GM has a file and is investigating. I am not holding my breath.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    Which engine are you refering too,4 or 6 cyl.?
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Posts: 29
    Hi 5079- WOW! I'm so sorry to hear your delimna. It sounds like a BIG lawsuit too me!! I don't understand how one dealer so calls "fixes" the problem and ponds the car to another dealer. Sounds like they are both crooks. How did you find out about the car? CARFAX? GM definitely doesn't need dealers like this representing them!
    I got a phone call this afternoon and Chevy agreed to buy back my Nox! I'm in shock. I had help from the Service Mgr and the owner of the dealer too. I think they are tired of seeing me and getting my phone calls. The owner drives a Nox and I've had it the last week plus - no problems with it so, I'm buying it in a straight trade. They get mine and I get his. Don't ask me how it works but I'm happy to have a car that runs and I don't have to worry everytime I get into it. I go tomorrow to do the paperwork.
    I still would phone GM Customer Service and see what they can do about the loaner and paying for the rental. I'm sure that someone there will see you are ligit and not trying to rip them off. Gee, you do have a "new"? car - you thought. That's terrible to do something like that to a family. Please keep me informed. Good Luck and stay safe!
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Posts: 29
    4 cyl. The 6 cyl hasn't had problems that I'm aware of. I think that the weight of the car is a major factor with the 4 cyl. Small engine with too much weight.
  • jade62973jade62973 Posts: 24
    I have read sooo many similar issues with the 2011 4 cyl Equinox LTZ and of customers getting the run around from either their dealer or GM (both in my case). I really think at some point it needs to be elevated and a case brought up against GM to either repurchase these vehicles or perhaps just recall the 4 cylinder's altogether.

    I thought I had done my homework on my Equinox and it's terrible! I don't know how it was "top rated." I do not want to put my family in my truck but like most people buying another vehicle (since I literally just bought this one) is not an option. A money tree does not grow in my back yard. It's sickening that GM is being allowed to give their customers the run around and that we are left with malfunctioning vehicles. It's very sad and frusterating! Good luck and keep complaining until they listen. They are in business because of us, the consumer. Keep the faith and keep us posted! :)
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    I'm just stunned eveytime i read about these Equinox engine issues, I have over 32000 Hwy / city miles on my nox and no engine issues; I like the way it performs and my average MPG is 22-28 overall.
  • Roykulp, you are so lucky! I was stunned having such significant problems after 2 weeks of owning the car!! I did research too, and everywhere we go, everyone says what a great car it is! I don't know if we are just the few unlucky ones...

    btw, I have a 4cyl. I am praying that GM will do something to help us. We feel cheated that the car broke down before we even purchased it (with 100 miles) and the dealer did not disclose this information. But, I am not holding my breath.
  • I am happy to hear they will buy your car back. I hope the new one works perfectly. Yes, this was in the carfax, but we didn't ask for one. I didn't realize I needed a carfax for a brand new car!! Lesson learned the hard way.
    A dealer traded the car and the one we purchased it from did not disclose its history. I am not sure when it died (at the original dealer or the one we got it from). Then, it broke down twice more. GM confirmed that the dealer we purchsed the car from was aware of the problem before we bought it.
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
    I thought I researched it backwards and forewords... I was out to buy a used small SUV with low miles but the more I research the Equinox the better the idea of buying a new Equinox sounded. MPG close to a hybrid, interior room close to a midsize, decent issuance rates and more... I had already driven a 2010 as a rental, I rent a lot of cars for work travel. I had also driven Ford, Kia, Mazda, Honda, and Toyota small SUVs in the last year. So I remembered it as a pleasant driving vehicle and decent up against it's competitors.

    I have had two diagnostic trips to the dealer and now I am waiting for parts to come in and them schedule another trip to the dealer for the work to be done. I am crossing my fingers that I am one of the lucky ones to get a permanent fix.
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    Yes, it's been a fantastic vehicle for me too. I'm really sorry to hear that so many people are having problems. After two years of ownership, I notice there are now four more in my neighborhood. I talk to my neighbors and listen to their engines and can't for the life of me verify what's being discussed on this board in the real world. It's not that I doubt that there are real world problems, but GM has sold tens of thousands of these vehicles and there seems to be less than 50 complaints on this board. I am concerned about the problems, because I want another one in another color for 2012 and don't want to get saddled with the kind of problems I'm reading about here.
  • mseramsera NJPosts: 25
    With Gm instaling thse Ecotec's in Malibu's for several years, Buick lacrosse, GMC terrain Chevy cruze, etc i wonder how bad the engine coule be. I am seriously looking into the GMC terrain and other than the loud ticking from high pressure direct fuel injection, I would like to know what the issue is with the engines. Thanks
  • I'm new to this forum and after reading this thread, let me say that I truly empathize with those who have posted their many ongoing problems with the Equinox engine.

    As I'm in the market for a new vehicle and have been looking seriously at the Equinox, could a few of you reply to let me know whether these issues (startup noise, stalling, metal debris in the oil, etc.) are occurring only with the 4 cyl engines?

    Has anyone with a 2011 6 cyl Equinox has experienced any issues as well?

    All replies greatly appreciated!
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    I have had a Terrain with the 6 since mid Febuary. Just over 7K miles and no issues thus far.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    I'm glad to hear some other positive comments regarding this SUV; I read these forums and wonder if this is brand bashing, un-realistic expectations for this vehical or real GM issues I should be concerned with!

    This SUV has saved me money on fuel expenses and I have not had to put one dime in it since driving off the GM dealers lot nearly 2 years ago. I have 32000 miles on Nox today and still very happy with the performance and reliability.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited July 2011
    Some of it is because this is a "Problems" thread and 'nox owners who are simply enjoying their ride don't see the need to post in here.

    If you'll nose around the forum, you'll find "Problems" threads for every make and model. And every brand has full service bays at their dealers, and those cars aren't all getting oil changes.

    There's not enough "I love my ride" discussions, but that's human nature I think. You can find some of the happy camper posts in the 2011 Chevy Equinox discussion.
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    I have both a 2011 Nox and Terrain, each identically equipped with 4 cyl, sunroof, power tailgate and am extremely happy with each. I keep very close watch on these threads here and other sites to discover real problems that are cropping up and potential ones that could affect my vehicles.

    At the current time, engine wise, I have heard the clatter noise once in each car but could not get it repeated for the dealer, both are serviced by the same dealership, but I feel the case is on file should something severe happen.

    Never would I disrespect or flame those who are having myriad issues with thier vehicles but I do feel that for the price and value in these cars, they are a good choice and should be looked at with a serious eye by would be purcharses.

    Thanks for your time.
  • I purchased my new 4 cyl 2011 Equinox LT in June which now has 2975 Kms or 1848 miles on it. At about 800 Kms I began hearing this diesel engine noise at start up. This noise is load enough that it turns heads. I took it to the dealer but they said they could not get it to occur. I have been reading this forum hoping someone would report a fix. Now it is happening every day at start up so I have made another appointment so I can leave it overnight. Hopefully they will be hear it this time. The service manager said he had one other making this noise and they replaced the "cam phase actuators". but that was short time ago. I gave him GM Bulletin PIP4716a but he said this was for some kind of belt replacement and could not see this causing the noise. I am not bashing I just want my Equinox fixed!!!
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    is it something that was changed for 2011 or have 2010s done this also.??? havnt heard of 2010s with this problem and wonder if they changed something.
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Posts: 29
    Received a phone call today from GM Repurchasing Department but wasn't home. Phoned back but they have gone for the day.
    The Equinox I have now is really nice to drive. It's nothing like the original one that I had - not even close.
    Have you talked to GM Customer Service yet? If not, please talk to them. I'm sure that someone will be willing to help in your situation. I talked with the Service Mgr yesterday and he stated that there is a lot of paperwork to be done on both sides (GM's and the dealer's) so, I guess that's why the lady called today.
    Have you heard anything from GM yet? Keep on their backs! The squeaky wheel gets the grease!! I think that your dealer is useless and I wouldn't talk with them about anything as they were not upfront with you in the first place.
    Keep me informed as too what's going on with your Nox. Thank God I had some good people backing me otherwise I'd be in your shoes!
    Good Luck!
  • i have had mine a month and one day and it is going in the shop for the second time. i had the loud noise and they said it was debris in the cam phaser solinoids and cleaned it out. i am taking it now bc it keeps dying on me when i go in reverse, the engine light has now come one and i called onstar and the ran a diagnostics and it said it was the engine control module not working properly!! we will see if it fixes it this time. I am really upset at this point, I only have 1840 miles on it.
  • silverbackmikesilverbackmike Posts: 3
    edited July 2011
    We bought our 2011 4 cyl Chevy Equinox in March brand new from the factory as the dealer didn't have the exact specs we were looking for. Within two weeks we experience engine shutdown while driving. Electric power stil worked, but we had to pull over to the side of the road and restart the engine. After this occurred 4 or 5 times we took it in to the dealer. They could not replicate the problem so they reset the computer and gave us back the vehicle. Two weeks later same problems. We took it back in, this time they kept the vehicle and again could not replicate the problem - so they told us there might be an air bubble in the oil from the manufacturer. They flushed the oil and gave us the vehicle back. Yesterday, the same issue occurred. We have less than 2000 miles on the vehicle - and now are faced with taking it in a third time. It is a blatant safety issue as I cannot afford to have the car stall out when my wife and 5 kids are in the vehicle only to have it t-boned by a semi (sorry for the dramatics). The service department swears there are no bulletins, yet the NHTSA site has multiple bulletins. What is my recourse? When is it considered a lemon? Am I stuck with a $30 K + vehicle that works just fine as long as you aren't driving it? Not being negative as we intentionally decided to buy a domestic vehicle - but my allegiance to Chevy won't last long if it means I am putting the lives of my wife and kids in jeopardy. Let alone the idea that you make the significant financial investment in a vehicle that falters right out of the gate. How much confidence am I supposed to have in that investment going forward?
  • Hi Silverback mike,
    We are in the same boat. See my previous messages. Our car keeps dying, as well. It's been in the shop 3 times. I don't want to drive it with my kids because now it is shaking and I am scared the engine will shutdown again. We have a file open with Gm, you could try doing that. So far, they haven't done anything but we are on the 3rd person who is attempting to resolve the situation. We started a file with the attorney general, who also seems to not be interested. They suggested filing a complaint against the dealer with the DMV ,who knowingly sold us a car that was broken before we bought it. What state are you in? In Florida, after the 3rd time for the same problem, you can start the lemon law process. They have one more chance to fix it and have to respond to a letter w/in 10 days.Look up lemon laws in your state. We are thinking of just dumping the car at carmax, losing 1000 dollars, and getting something else.
    Good luck.
  • auntiepie, no we haven't heard anything. We've moved up past the district supervisor at GM and are waiting to hear. The car is now shaking and heading back to the shop. I just want to dump it at this point..not comfortable driving it for fear it will die.
  • wow sorry to hear someone else is going through the same thing. I am checking in to lemon laws for the state of Nebraska. Thing is we love the dealership, but no way should a $30K investment fail within days of driving it home - then repeatedly fail despite service. Worse yet, they swear there are no GM bulletins on the problem....REALLY? NHTSA bulletins are out there for the vehicle - but no GM bulletins? The manufacturer of the vehicle in question? Sad.
  • I appreciate the replies so far to my question. Say, could a few more of you with the engine problems reply and also state whether you have the 4 cyl or 6 cyl engine?

    Sorry, I just can't tell from some of the responses. I'm trying to see if the 6 cyl has been free of the issues reported about the 4 cyl.

    Boy, I have to tell you, I was pretty excited about the Nox, but I'm having 2nd, 3rd, and 4th thoughts. Either play Russian roulette with the 4 cyl, or pay even more for a 3.0 6 cyl that doesn't give that much more noticeable power, and has really poor gas mileage in the AWD version. Why don't they just put in a 3.5 or 3.6L 6 cyl? If gas mileage is going to suck, at least let's get some performance out of it.

    Not bashing GM (I have had many GM's), but I don't think they've quite figured out the Nox engine line just yet. The Buick Lacrosse engine article posted here pretty much summed that up. The Nox has a lot of other great things going for it, but I'm very concerned about rolling the dice on the engine for this kind of money. (GM, are you listening? I'm also very seriously considering the Ford Taurus now, and I'm not a Ford fan. Wake up!)

    Thanks, and please let me know if anyone has experienced or heard any issues with the 6 cyl engine.
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