2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



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    Have you had any check engine lights come on yet? Some people on another forum have also had this problem. Some were fixed with software updates, some weren't. One car in particular WOULD stall out at high speeds, like on the highway, and they proceeded to file for lemon law buyback. However, it seems like the cars that stall out at slower speeds, like in a parking lot, have had much more success. In most cases, it seems to be when you start car and put it either into drive or reverse, it seems to stall as you accelerate to pull out of the parking spot. Seems like it could be two different situations, high speed stalling vs low speed stalling. If the software update ends up not working, I would ask them to look into changing the solenoids. Let us know if you have more issues, I can refer some more information your way, but hopefully this software update WILL help you and take care of the problem. It has worked for others.
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    I'm starting to have a "dry start" with my second Nox! I can't believe this. I'm keeping a record of when I have problems. This mainly happens when I go out in the morning to start it. It was 70 degrees this morning and it didn't do it. Yesterday, it was cooler and really knocked bad. Yes, where does the oil go?? I would love to know. Have you found out anything about this problem from the service department? Please keep me informed with any info you get on the problem.
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    I can't believe your second nox is having problems already!! Anyway, it is time for me to say goodbye to these boards because we just purchased our 2nd new car this summer and the nox is gone. I am so disappointed but our new car drives great so far and is getting way better mileage!! I am not longer scared to take my kids in the car. Good luck to everyone..I hope they figure out all the problems this car has.
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    Thanks for the info....we have not had any check engine lights come on when it would shut down.

    Per your response, each of the three times it stalled out, it was at low speeds, once in reverse and twice when driving forward from a stopping position. We picked up the car today from the dealership and they could not "duplicate" the problem after driving it about 100 miles after they "reprogrammed" the computer software....although the computer software said everything was correct and up to date; but the Service Manager thought that updating it should still probably fix the problem. He said three other Equinoxes came in recently with the same problems and supposedly they corrected them with the computer update.

    Thanks again!
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    Good to hear. Hopefully it holds up. Post here again if it doesn't and I can try to help a little.
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    I have posted on this site about a month ago with my 2011 Equinox problems. So it was in the shop 3 times in June/July with stalling issues, radio lock and loud noises upon startup. I picked up the car the Friday after the 4th and the car has been running fine minus the radio lock up. The car now stalled again at about 2:30 this afternoon and it has a gargling noise when started.

    Has anyone heard of this? The start up sound is worse than ever and a care with approximately 7000 miles on it should not have had this many problems.
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    I don't know anything about the radio lock, haven't heard it mentioned yet. As far as the stalling and engine noise....what repairs have they done so far? At the very least, according to bulletin PIP4716b, they should be changing the oil and filter if the noise has returned, could take a couple of oil changes. Does the engine stalling occur at low speed or high speed(on the highway)?

    If it's low speed stalling...Either while driving at a low speed (like <20ish) or while accelerating from a stop... Many of us have had this issue with the engine start-up noise. Be as persistent as you can to have them change the actuators, solenoids, and do a software update. This has worked so far for others, including me, and for those that have had this specific repair, we are all still problem free, one of us is going on 4 weeks now with no problems. I'm on week 3. You can also refer them to PI0496- this refers to an intermittent check engine light with poor driveability issues. (rough idle, possible stalling) this bulletin covers a very specific build date range, however, it would be a reference point for the solenoids and software update.

    IMPORTANT: if they are not willing to try the actuators, solenoids, and software update, I would request that they have a GM engineer come out to look at it and that you will settle for nothing less. Odds are, you qualify to file lemon law now, and the way it sounds for your car, this repair would help a lot.

    Oil pump might be a suggestion from your dealer, it will NOT help unless your tested oil pressure is way off.

    Good luck and keep us posted. It seems to be a problem that GM is "currently investigating."
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    There are 2 actuators that have screens on them that collect debris from the oil. This is where they find the debris in the oil and than they change the oil. It's not in the oil filter persay. This is microscopic matter that is found - very fine metal shavings "debris". Good luck!
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    Will, the saga continues...Friday took the second one in for service as it's been experiencing some starting problems. They "fixed" the problem by updating the software on the computer and changed out the camshaft solenoids (intake and exhaust) and changed the oil (no debris found). Saturday morning, I go out to start the car and it will hardly run. The whole car is shaking for about 3-5 minutes and it finally started to smooth out. Instead of getting around 25+mpg on the freeway, I'm down to 15-19mpg with the cruise on. This is the car that I'm in the process of purchasing as Chevy bought back my first Equinox for major problems. Does anyone know anything about the 6cyl. engine that is available. I'm going to inquire about it when I go back to get this one again. My first had less than 2000 miles on it when it started experiencing problems and this one has a little over 5000. What do I have to look forward too between now and 10,000 miles, if it gets there? I know that some people are having trouble with the 6 too but nothing like us 4 cylinders have been experiencing. Any help is appreciated!
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    They should probably also change out the actuators. At the very least, they should be doing another oil change and test drive and then check for debris again. Pip4716b states that if the noise returns after an oil change, they should change the oil again. I believe they should also change the actuators, as GM is debating they may have had a bad supplier for the actuators during build. How long had you had the car between repair and noise returning? If it hadn't been long, tell them that they need to keep the car longer this time and do more teat drives, probably one teat drive every day for several days. Remind them that you are in the middle of a buyback and if they can't fix it, and soon, then you aren't taking it. As far as 6 cyl go, only the 4cyl are having the startup noise problem. After my repair, they kept the car for a week, did 100 miles of test drives before I picked it up.
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    Just giving you a heads up, some of the metal shavings CAN be seen by the naked eye in the oil filter. One person has even posted a picture of their oil filter, if you look in between the pleats you may be able to see some of the metal shavings.
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    The car does not stall on the highway it stalls after driving it for any amount of time. You then park the car and go into the grocery store and then start the car again. As soon as you put your foot on the gas, it stalls.

    They replaced two actuated solenoid valves during one service call. They reprogrammed the computer during 2 service calls. This was to fix the stalling problem.

    The replaced the timing chain and water pump to fix the ratcheting noise at start up.

    My radio will also lock up with no functionality. When Bluetooth is activated and the end call button is pushed the radio works again.

    The dash compartment is also broken, that is an easy fix because it is not linked up to the stupid computer system.

    I am having these reoccuring issues because the dealer can never verify the issue onsite. August 8th markes the 4th time the car as been in for service. After all of the repairs the car still stalls, makes a ratcheting sound when started and has a bad radio.

    I have 7500 miles on the thing and it only gets 22MPG. I have all highway miles. It is supposed to get 32 MPG or around that. I would be happy with 27 or 28, but 22? Come on!

    I'm being persistant and am sending a letter to GM officers Mary Barra. Can anyone say LEMON!!!
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    My wife and I bought her 2011 Equinox in March of 2011. We decided to buy a new one, because she works out of town alot and I didn't want to worry about the reliability of her vehicle; so much for that. She said the car had been losing power more and more since we purchased it. To reassure her she was just getting used to a new vehicle I drove it to work for a week. Then, leaving work one night I started the car, put it in reverse and it stalled. Repeated this about four more times before I could get it home. Took it to the shop the next morning and they said it was a calibration issue with the ECM/ TCM. Then, it happened again, along with the tranny shifting harder and a terrible noise when started. Took it back to the shop and thgey said since they couldn't find a code, they couldn't do anything about it. Told the tech that he would be hearing from GM, so I called customer service and they,ve got in the shop now. After reading how many issues people are having, this will be her last Domestic car; we are also in communication with an attorney about possible litigation. Sorry we're all going through this, but it does make me feel a little better knowing its not just us alone. If we have it corrected or any other info I'll be sure to post. Thanks to all that take the time to do so.
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    Talked to the service mgr a while ago and they have been in contact with Chevy Engineering again and indeed they think that it is one or both of the actuators that is not opening/closing properly therefore causing the timing to be off. They will run tests on it in the morning to confirm. I just had the car in this past Friday for the first time for the engine noise and it's been downhill from there. I don't care how long they test drive it, I just pray that they can fix the problem.
    I informed them this morning that I notified GM Repurchasing of the problems I'm incurring and may not buy this car if it can't get fixed. All I want is to be able to get into a car and drive without a worry. I haven't had that pleasure since April of this year. How long have you had your Nox? Thanks for your reply. It has reassured me that they are on the right track.
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    Mine is in the shop right know.When they changed the oil,I had them save the oil filter,I checked it,and it was full of metal. I"am waiting to here from them.Thanks for info,did the actuators cleaning work on yours?
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    Thanks for that info. I was only told about the microscopic metal shavings but figured that there must be larger shavings in the filter itself. Just think of the damage that this is doing internally, if not caught.
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    Yes, it did help but for how long is the question.
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    just an update all!

    2011 EQX 6000ish miles purchased off the truck 3 months ago. Engine rattle, stalling, sway whining when turning. Took it in yesterday, got it back today and repairs were Computer Error code #PO11 Intake Cam position performance, updated and programmed new calibrations for ECM. Also cam actuator and solenoid had debris ans was cleaned.

    So far so good...
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    YES! This is kind of stalling I experienced as well.

    Timing chain and water pump will probably not fix the start-up noise. (sorry) Have not heard of the water pump fix though. But others have had the timing chain replaced and it did not work. For those of us on another forum, equinoxforum.net, that have had the start-up noise....for one or two of us it has also progressed to the stalling problem where you start the car, put it into gear, start pressing the gas and the car stalls. There are now THREE of us that have all had the same repair (after countless failed repair attempts) and it has worked for all three of us going on four weeks now. This is VERY SUBSTANTIAL, considering how many people have gone through so many failed repair attempts thus far.

    This repair that we've all had- solenoids replaced (intake and exhaust), actuators replaced, software updated, and oil change. It may or may not require more than one oil change. I can not stress enough that all 4 of those things are vital. There have been people that have had 3 of those done and it didn't work.

    The dealer can't verify- record the start-up noise on your phone, as a video. That will catch their attention. And whatever you do, don't delete that video, keep it handy, just in case.

    Get your car up to speed of about 65, then reset the average mileage on the dash. Set the cruise to 65 for about 5 miles, then tell me what the average mileage is. This is how I get my numbers, I do not factor in the mileage of getting up to speed.

    As for the radio, they might have to replace the whole unit, but I've heard of it being done for a different kind of problem, it's covered under warranty at least.

    The dash compartment- unfortunately it seems that the spring is weak and sometimes breaks. There have been several people posting about this, but it's an easy repair, only takes a few minutes. Also covered under warranty, of course. Definitely the least of your worries.

    I'm sorry it's been such a pain for you. If they haven't done all 4 things in the repair, I would have them do it ASAP. And I would demand that they have a GM Engineer come out and look at your car. They can do that, you know. Tell them you're considering filing for lemon law and that you demand a GM Engineer come out and work on it. And a reminder: replace solenoids, replace actuators, oil and filter change, computer update. And make them keep it for several test drives. My dealer did 130 miles total of test drives, just as a reference for you I guess. Good luck.
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    Speaking from experience, if actuators and solenoids had debris, they should also be changing the oil, at a bare minimum. That means that there is debris in oil. If you pull off your oil filter, look in between the pleats, and you may or may not be able to find some metal shavings in there somewhere.

    Do you happen to know your build date? There is a bulletin, PI0496, for an intermittent check engine light with codes P0011 and P0014. My light came on 3 different times before my repair. The first two times, only the P0011 code showed, and the third time it was both P0011 and P0014. This bulletin applies specifically to build dates between 2/17/2011 and 6/6/2011. (My light would turn off by itself after a few hours, or the next day) These codes are related to poor driveability (stalling) and rough idle. I only noticed a rough idle when the light was on. BUT, the bulletin states that there are certain software updates that need to be done, and if the car has over 250 miles (yours is well past that), then they should also replace the solenoids.

    Since you also have the start-up engine noise, I would say you get the following repair. This is what was done to my car and it's been smooth sailing for 3+ weeks now. At first, they just replaced the actuators and the noise came back 3 weeks later.

    The "good" repair- replace solenoids, replace actuators, update software, oil and filter change. All four should be done.

    There are now 3 people that have had this same repair and we have all been back to normal for 3-4 weeks now, which is HUGE compared to the past failed repairs that have been tried.
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    I've only had mine since 3/31. Stalled once after 3 weeks, and then in May the engine noise began. It took two months for them to do a repair that has worked, and been successful for 3 weeks now. Would be great if GM would spread the message which repairs work, and which don't. This would DEFINITELY save a LOT of trouble on their part AND ours. They may need to replace the actuators all together. Rumor is that they may have had a bad part supplier, but they have yet to acknowledge much of anything.
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    Do you happen to know your build date? There is a bulletin, PI0496, for an intermittent check engine light with codes P0011 and P0014. My light came on 3 different times before my repair. The first two times, only the P0011 code showed, and the third time it was both P0011 and P0014. This bulletin applies specifically to build dates between 2/17/2011 and 6/6/2011. (My light would turn off by itself after a few hours, or the next day) These codes are related to poor driveability (stalling) and rough idle. I only noticed a rough idle when the light was on. BUT, the bulletin states that there are certain software updates that need to be done, and if the car has over 250 miles, then they should also replace the solenoids. (I bought mine 3/31, the build date was 2/23, the dealer can look up the specific DAY of your build in the warranty system, you can find the month on the silver sticker in the door frame of the drivers door)

    I don't know if you also have the start-up engine noise, but I would say you get the following repair if you can. This is what was done to my car and it's been smooth sailing for 3+ weeks now. At first, they just replaced the actuators and the noise came back 3 weeks later.

    The "good" repair- replace solenoids, replace actuators, update software, oil and filter change. All four should be done.

    There are now 3 people that have had this same repair and we have all been back to normal for 3-4 weeks now, which is HUGE compared to the past failed repairs that have been tried. I had the engine noise and intermittent check engine light with stalling and rough idle. Someone else had the start-up noise and stalling, but no check engine light, and they did the same repair as the "good" one I listed above. It's probably your best bet, to be honest. The stalling is the same, start car, put into gear, apply gas, and that's when it stalls.
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    We bought ours on February 28. It's in shop now, and we've contacted an attorney. I have to submit some documents today and GM has escalated the issue. I live in GA, and we do have lemon laws. What state are you from? I would like for anyone reading this to respond, I believe that, with the amount of people having these similar even identical problems: we could have a class action lawsuit. Furthermore, beyond being reimbursed fro vehicle price, we could receive compensation in addition to punitive damages. I will post my attorney's info as soon as I get a response from their office. I, for one, don't want them to fix it now. I purchased a new vehicle, supposedly free of defects, and after all we've gone through I just want to go with an entirely different suv. I own a 2010 1500 silverado, but I won't be a Chevy person after this. We've been looking at the VW Tiguan, its lighter and has a smaller motor, but due to a turbo has more horsepower; smaller motor and lighter should equal better fuel economy, because a turbo increases power by supplying cooled exhaust, forced into the intake. Sorry it took so long to reply. I really appreciate everyone's feedback, and I will remain in contact via this forum. I will do my best to update you daily, if not twice a day, as I receive new info.
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    We have the start-up noise in addition to the stalling upon shifting the car into reverse. I have told the service dept about the cam phasers, actuators, solenoids, and software updates posted. They keep telling me they have this info and are trying to duplicate the issue. Its my belief that GM is aware of these specific issues and are trying to avoid acknowledgment, for fear of a recall. Also, the loaner car they gave us is the exact same make and model, and it has alot more power and shifts smoother than ours. I will not accept another that does not drive as well as this loaner. As I stated before I rather GM just pay us for the vehicle, plus a cash settlement for our trouble, and invest in a different automobile. In addition to litigation we're considering running an ad in our local paper to advise other consumers to beware.
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    I feel that given GM's lack of attention or concern for the customers driving their truly unsafe Equinox, a lawsuit may be necessary. When my car stalled, I was turning left into a driveway from a major road. Luckily, it was Sunday morning and traffic was light. Had it been one day later, I almost certainly would have been hit.
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    Talked With GM today, and they gave me a number to call to seek restitution. Left a message with them, but I'll post the number and keep updating any new info. GM number: 800-231- 1841
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    I experienced all the above in my first Nox. All was replaced and it still didn't help. They just replaced the camshaft solenoids (intake and exhaust) and updated the software in the second Nox on Friday. Saturday it ran awful and was getting rotten mileage. Took it in Monday and it's running much better today but still the mileage is way down. They put a "heart monitor" on the car so that I could record anything unusual while driving. Too much technology on these cars and they all need to go back to the basics! Looking for a 1932 Chevy Confederate 5 window.
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    The best of luck to you with GM! So far I've had great service with the rep that I've been dealing with in repurchasing. It's a long, long process and it's been over a month so hang in there! Great things happen when you wait, so they say - lol. Much luck too you!!
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    Rep no longer wants to escalate the problem any further. As soon as I started talking about replacement they gave me another number, which led to an answering machine. Sent docs to attorneys office today. Thanks for the reply. Has anyone else noticed there is an ad for a chevy equinox on this site. WOW, talk about missing your target audience. Hate to say it but after this I will never buy another GM, possibly never an American vehicle again. This is one of the reasons the economy ins in the toilet, because American products aren't made with quality anymore. Even if this were an isolated incident, there isn't any feeling of reassurance from the manufacturer. If you have the contact number of the GM rep you used, I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps I can try to reason with someone before this actually goes to litigation. By the way today ids day 3 in the shop and no one knows "what's wrong". Thanks again for the post.
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    Spoke with someone else @ GM, this time someone that could offer direction not just a glorified puppet. Rep advised me that she could do nothing until a claim had been filed with the Better Business Bureau. So that's the latest. Be back when I get more, sure hope I'm helping someone navigate this the way everyone has helped me. Thanks to all who post here.
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    They did the cam phaser repair... But not all four things that people are saying here have worked for them. None-the-less I am hopeful because of the MPG difference I saw on the drive home.

    My return trip from work is about 12 miles of mixed driving and previously I had gotten an average of 25 mpg this time after the repair it was 29.
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    They the cam phasers (technically the "actuators") on mine as well, and I saw the same increase in mileage. Three weeks later, I had the intermittent check engine light with codes P0011 and P0014, and the noise came back. This is when they replaced the solenoids and did computer updates. It's now been almost 4 weeks, and I haven't had any problems.
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    I live in Texas, by the way. And yes, to pursue lemon law, you should also file with BBB. I've heard that if you want to file for any kind "emotional distress" or "punitive damages", then the process will take much longer, maybe several months to a year. However, that also could just be something they say to make you just take the buyback. However, I know people that have gone through lemon law proceedings, and you CAN come out the other end without having spent a single dime. They will pay you for any modifications you've done to the car after buying, such as window tinting. I would make absolutely sure that you keep a very very good record of everything that has happened, and every person you speak to, and everything they say to you.
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    I had mine in the shop for three days,for start up rattle,metal in the oil, they think timing chain or tensioner problems.GM says if it gets worse bring it back. What a poor quality engine.My first and last 4 cyl.chevy.
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    5/11 purchased- stalled out 2nd week on busy 6 lne in town. checked out this sight that night, took it back to dealer. They played dumb, said computer showed no stall out-not heard of any stall out prob. Took it back end of July with 2 more stalls (in reverse these times), gas mileage 15 mpg best! Check and doc. everytime fill up. Sales mgr. drove it down straight road 5 miles (no hills),set cruise on55 and got 33 mpg. smiled and said must be driver-goodbye. Called me yesterday and said "recall". Took it this a.m. -computer needed recall "update". I noticed a "Product Emission Recall Bulletin 1195A" on his desk and asked if I could read it while I waited for them to update computer. Read about "replace camshaft position actuator solenoid valves. It said "On these vehicles, the camshaft position actuator solenoid may stick resulting in the illumination of the malfunction indicator light, rough idle, poor driveability, and/or possible stalling at low throttle opening." I questioned mechanic and he said updating computer may solve problem. Me-"shouldn't you replace valves also" Him- " I called everywhere yesterday and no one has them." When I left he tried to replace the Bulletin 11195A (that i now had in my possession) dated Aug 2011. with a Bulletin#11195 dated June 24, 2011. I kept both! Tonight read them both and the Aug. one said "Please discard all copies of Bulletin 11195, issued June 2011." I think I have "bulletins" that only dealers get because it has 'service procedure about how re-program computer.' I am going out of state for a week in 2 days and scared to drive this car now. Think I am going to call him tomorrow & ask for loaner car (Tahoe!) for trip till he gets parts in! AND remind him of paragraph in bulletin (the one he tried to take back) on "Courtesy Transportation" I will not include that as it is long. It includes a letter that will be sent out to all GM customers that I have not received yet in snail mail! LOL -wish me luck! I think I am getting in this ballgame in about the 6th inning from the looks of all posts in forum-been reading them since my car first stalled in June, and decided to finally jump into game too after today at dealership. Thank you to Edmonds for this site!!! Hope my car gets fixed and I am not in this ballgame til 9th inning like some seem to be already! Time will tell, eh? By the way, have there been any bad accidents as a result of any stall outs?
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    Three weeks ago, I finally got some action from GM... They replaced the cam phasers, oil control valves and reprogrammed the PCM (didn't change the oil???). This seems to have made the start-up noise much quieter (not gone). Unfortunately, gas mileage has dropped and the engine seems to be running rougher. Engine seems down on power and transmission is shifting weird. Took the Nox back in this week and was told there is nothing wrong with it. I was told not to use ECO mode unless driving on the highway and that is the problem with the shifting and lack of power... Now being offered some payments, Smart Care and free OnStar to end my case with BBB and GM Legal. GM is considering the problem fixed, I am not so sure... I feel long-term damage was done, GM denies this....
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    Oh well screw hope. It did it again today just one day out of the shop. I guess I need to get some more videos of it doing it and take it back in.

    Paired shaft phasing off of a common drive should not be so tough to get right. I am an engineer who works in manufacturing and there are plenty of machines I work with every day that are mechanically similar. Maybe it is beyond GM's current engineering expertise to get this right.
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    I just went Friday and signed papers to transfer over the old to the new Nox. I've been driving it for a month and have had trouble with it too but the only thing that it hasn't done is quit on me while driving. The dealer has replaced the actuators, oil and updated the ECM and the mileage fell off the gauge. The next few days, mileage increased and the darn thing has been running great since. I hope this is a permenant fix as I've been going to the dealer since May with my other Nox at least twice a week and every week. Chevy did indeed repurchase the first Nox only because the owner of the dealership and the service manager went to bat for me along with an engineer from Chevy. Being a girl, you need all the help you can get! I told them that I didn't want to become a statistic on the road after the first Nox quit on the freeway! I think that helped. The GM rep that I worked with was great and very helpful. There are nice people out there, you just have to find them, be nice and patient. This past Monday, I took the new Nox in for service after it's episode on Saturday with fallen mileage and startup problems. They did put a "heart monitor" on it and nothing recorded! Again, I hope this is a fix and I don't encounter anymore problems. It's pretty bad as everyone at the dealership knows me by my name and I don't know theirs - yes, I've been there that many times! Good Luck everyone and I'll be checking in to update you on any continuing sagas of my new LTZ :D.
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    2nd time in the shop GM replaced some type of cam shaft sensor & that seems to have solved the problem.
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    Yes, the solenoids are hard to find right, for ANY dealer. But they CAN find them. Make them keep your car until they complete ALL repairs listed in the bulletin. Yes, 11195 is known, and the dealer will give you a copy of any bulletin you specifically request. NOBODY has reported getting ONLY the computer update, and the problems have been fixed. You need to also have the solenoids replaced. Just make sure to let them know you are holding them to every word in that bulletin. They'll do it. If they say no, then ask to speak to someone from GM on the phone. Be persistent, they'll get a rep from GM Customer Service.

    From what I know, there haven't been any accidents with the stalling, but there HAVE been close calls. If you're pulling into traffic when it stalls, it is definitely a safety hazard. They need to acknowledge this and recall sooner than later.

    For loaner/rentals- if they keep your car overnight at ALL, YES, you ARE covered by warranty to have a rental or loaner. It seems t hat many dealers are being stubborn about that, which makes no sense. I believe somewhere in the warranty it even says that if they are keeping your car longer than TWO HOURS, you are covered for a rental. Not totally sure on that though.
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    They DIDN'T CHANGE THE OIL!?!?!? GO BACK, and demand that they change the oil. That is outlined, word for word, in the service bulletins as a requirement!! PIP 4716b specifies that an oil change is required. However, they reissued PIP4716c to remove the 2011 model years. Regardless of that fact, PI0496 also requires an oil change. They should ABSOLUTELY have changed your oil.

    NEVER accept payments/onstar, ANYTHING to end your case with BBB. They are trying to buy you out, and if problems arise later down the line, even next month, this may hurt you. TURN DOWN all of their offers. Demand an oil change. If they won't give you one, I would pay for one yourself.
  • sumr616sumr616 Member Posts: 90
    Ha, yea, that's what happened to me too. I'd walk past people I've never even seen before and they would say hi and call me by name. I was like, "uh-oh, I've been here WAY too much if everybody knows my name. You should NOT be happy about that." lol
  • grasskgrassk Member Posts: 3
    I bought my equinox in June and it started making the horrible noise at start up a month later at 3000 miles. I was laughed out of the dealership and told to get an oil change even though oil life was 73%. I returned with my husband weeks later when the noise continued to get worse. It stalled out for the mechanic who said he had already fixed one. After a fight for a rental car, I was finally given a 1996 Malibu replacement. They replaced the untake cam actuator valve and sent me on my way. 2 days later it starts with the noise again and I am noticing rough idles as well. I called GM customer service who informed me there is a recall (which I have still not received notice of) and that the dealership should know about it. After taking it in again today, they said they did actually meet the recall requirements of updating the software and that it's fine. When asked what do we do about the noise, the damage that may be happening in the engine, and about the possibility of more stalling, I was told my only option was to leave it there until they could hear it and that there are no rental reimbursements on recalls. It has to be in the shop for at least 8 hours before they'll give me a loaner if at all (and the loaner was not equivalent to the car I'm still making payments on that is in their shop again!) The head mechanic did let me know that mine was one of four that he worked on last week so this is a very widespread issue and the proper fix is either unknown or not being communicated to customers and service centers... What's my next step?
  • avg823avg823 Member Posts: 9
    I was laughed at too when I brought my Equinox in at 3,000 miles. The mechanics do know about the issue, but GM has no resolution. I think that several forum contributors are in a holding pattern. Several of us have opened cases with GM through letters or phone calls, though I do not believe that anyone has had the problem addressed. From what I've read, even those who have received replacements have experienced the same problem with their 2nd Equinox. It is very frustrating. I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It may not lead anywhere, but we need to get GM's attention.
  • acridcolaacridcola Member Posts: 3
    Bought a 2011 this month, someone at the non local dealership had broken that sunglasses bin on the dash, tried to fix it and just hid the parts under the rubber mat.

    I didn't notice this until I tried to open it at home and the entire unit almost came out of the dash.

    I email and they tell me to take it to the local dealership and get it fixed.

    Local dealership orders the part and tells me to come back today.

    I go in and find out this part is on backorder and could take weeks. WTF a brand new car and simple interior parts are stuck on backorder!!! I am now pissed.
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Member Posts: 29
    No, I'm not very happy that it's come to everyone knowing my name at the dealership! It should be the other way around. I just hope and pray that I made the right decision in getting another Nox. So far, so good and I hope it stays that way.
  • grasskgrassk Member Posts: 3
    Now today while on the phone with gm customer service it stalled while idling at a red light. It stallled out 3 more times on the road before i could pull off. Its been towed to a different dealership who gave me a brand newcruze rental on the spot-hoping for better results... Still feeling like i need a lawyer!
  • islaguyislaguy Member Posts: 19
    If they are not seriously trying to fix your problems...YES you will need a Lawyer...if they are and cannot...The Lemon Law was made for people like you.....take advantage of that if you have met the needed requirements.....time will go by with no resolution while you could be bringing it to an end.Trust me they do not care and will tag you along as long as you let them.
  • zeenzeen Member Posts: 401
    I have a 2011 Buick Regal with the same engine and I have the start up noise issue as well. I'm tempted not to have them fix it since it only lasts a couple of seconds on start up. I wonder if it can damage the engine.
  • 11nox11nox Member Posts: 4
    You have that noise b/c the regal has the same engine as the equinox. So there is no fix for your problem either. :( :sick:
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