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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. If you do not trust your dealers’ opinions and/or diagnosis I always recommend a second opinion. I would like to assist you in getting your concerns resolved. Please email me your VIN and contact information. I look forward to your response. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • triciag1triciag1 Posts: 6
    I am on my 2nd new Equinox (crossing my fingers this one is good) The first one a control module went out the 2nd day, after a month the transmission went out. My 2month old new car was in the shop a total of 23 days, after a lot of complaining and swearing I would never buy another GM product they replaced my vehicle with another one. I had made 2 payments on the first one, lost that, plus it cost me $900 more dollars to swap it out. What I'm still wondering is why it cost me for GM's problems. I didn't choose to trade my car in, I had no choice. I didn't want to be stuck with a lemon. However after reading all 128 post on this website, I would think that the GM customer service reps would let the big guys know there is a major problem with the Equinox, and quit apologizing and take care of the issues at hand. An apology is not what I wanted after spending $25,000+ C'mon GM step up to the plate and take care of your customers ! We are Americans and want to buy American products and support our Country but y'all are making it very hard to do so !!!
  • lazy_boneslazy_bones Posts: 27
    edited June 2011
    " We are Americans and want to buy American products and support our Country but y'all are making it very hard to do so !!! "

    Boy!-I bought mine instead of a Honda that I was looking at, just to support the US economy. Imagine my emotions when I opened the drivers door yesterday, and saw the sticker that said "Proudly Made in Canada by Canadian Workers".
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    I have recently had my oil and filter changed and the racket has come back after three starts following the second repair.I will now be going back in for the third time on Tuesday.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 128,067
    Ironically, the CR-V was probably assembled in the USA.. :)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    i just cant believe the equinox has so many problems...i helped my daughter get a 2010 4cy ls back in oct 2009. 25k miles on it now and its been perfect. guess i feel pretty lucky..
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    I'm so glad yours has worked out. If I were you, I'd keep an eye out for the loud noise on start-up issue, just in case. Seems there are a lot of people experiencing that. Mine was repaired and is doing fine right now, was repaired a week ago. Others have not had as much luck after the repair was done though. Doesn't bode well...
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    DITTO...I have only had a few minor issues with my 2010 NOX.....Dealer was great each time and the SUV has Never Let Me Down in 32,000 Miles. Only in the shop for 10 oil changes and to up-date some GM codes...I'm trying real hard to understand some of the other Nox owners issues I read on this forum ie: car rocking back and forth at a sudden stop; Drumming from under body; Wacking noises from under Hood and the rythmic list of bizarre noises goes on and on! I have probably owned 10 -12 new cars and always had some little quirks or glitches the first month or so...These consumer complaints are either the results of a competitor bashing comedian; or the owners are not very mechanically inclined and the lack mechanical common sense has created some owners to get crazy over reacting to every little strange noise the pick up on. Hey gals and guys; this is a mid size 25K Fuel sipping SUV with a raspy 4 banger; YES a 4cyl-banger they are not very quite. You guys & gals having these wild and scary Nox issues might need to trade up to a 35K or 40K gas guzzing V-8 and move forward.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    roykulp- I resent your statement. (to put it politely)

    I assure you that the noise on start-up is a real issue. Yes, there is a distinct ticking kind of noise to the regular engine noise, but listen to this youtube video of my engine start-up noise and tell me if you think it's normal.

    If you still feel like these "wild and scary" noises we're hearing are causing our un-warranted concern for our brand new vehicles, then good luck with your future automotive experiences. You might need it.
  • Christina,

    The dealership was unable to replicate the stalling out issue. They put a data recorder in my car for 30 days, so whenever I have an issue I can push a button to record it. Every thing was working fine, until the past few days. I'm starting to have issues with the cam phasers again. When I start the car it is making the loud knocking/banging noise again. So unfortunately I have to take it back the dealership.

    I will keep you updated.

    Thank you.
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    So what your "trying" to tell me (us with this problem)that is if this was happening to yours you would either just ignore it or "move up"?Now thats sound advise!
    Mine has been worked on twice now going back for a third time Tuesday so it seems my Dealership and their head mecahnic do not agree that it is "normal" and are working with GM to try and find the fix.

    Seems to me you are the one lacking common sense.

    This video is my Terrain on a starup......still think it's normal and if so has yours ever done this?
  • avg823avg823 Posts: 9
    In response to your well thought out comment, I'll say this. When a new car runs well for 6 months and then starts making noises after stalling on a major road, it isn't my "lack of mechanical common sense" that concerns me. Have a great day.
  • avg823avg823 Posts: 9
    Thank you so much for posting this video. I've tried to record mine, but the car wasn't cooperating. Awesome.
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    Hey no problem.If you go to this link there are many posts regarding this.
  • mt123mt123 Posts: 1
    I have had to repair my car twice already for a leak when it rains into the car. It causes a puddle underneath the carpet which cannot exit. Both times they found mold and had to completely bleach to remove the mold. My dog has been sick w/allergy related issues since the last repair (I didn't have him with the first issue). You can smell the stall water in the car. The carpets have been cleaned when repaired. This was 2 years ago and we have had very little rain. It finally poured 3 days ago and the problem started again. I need some immediate assistant, I have only the car to get around and can no longer pay for this repair (both times it was over $700). How can I get a case opened with GM or have someone contact me with what can be done. Since this is the 3rd time, I'll will be pursuing the lemon law and contacting my state officials for results. Please advise a course of action. Thank you.
  • Like everyone else here, I bought my Equinox based on milage and size of the X-over. It should be the perfect car for us! This is my first american built car in more than 20 years. I thought it would be good to help out the american car industry and buy american this time.

    So far, all had been fine, until last Saturday. At 11,000 miles, the transmission stopped working in Drive. What this means is that the car would only go up to 10 Miles per hour, then grind to an immediate halt - chirping the tires to a stop. Of course, this was Saturday afternoon, and the dealerships were closed.

    After about 4 hours, we were able to get a rental, and drove the Equinox 4 miles to the nearest dealership in low gear. We left the keys in the night box and went home...which is 60 miles away.

    I called the dealership on Monday morning, and they told me they couldn't look at it until noon. They called in the afternoon and said..."Yeah, there is something wrong with the transmission" (no kidding dude) and they can't look at that until Wednesday. Today is Tuesday, and I am looking forward to hearing what the dealership says tomorrow. If they can't get it fixed by Friday, we'll need a rental/loaner.

    I'm really hopeful that this repair goes well. I am even more hopeful that it will be a reliable car. I am having my doubts. If it happens again, I guarantee you I'll dump it and get a Toyota the day I drive it home from the repairs. I'll provide updates tomorrow as I get them.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Thank you for your update. I hope this recorder is able to help with your concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • nacarr2001nacarr2001 Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    OK...The dealership says they got the transmission out of the vehicle, but they need a tool to do the diagnostics. :confuse: They have to get the tool from another dealership and they are waiting for it. :( The service technician says they should know something this afternoon. Gee...I hope so!!

    I am perplexed why a dealer wouldn't have the tools they need to perform a dianosis on the transmission, and I'm feeling pretty confidence that they won't have this repair finished by tomorrow (Friday).

    So I need a loaner car. Does anyone know if I need to call My Chevrolet Service 1-800-243-8872 to get the arrangements for the loaner?

    I live about 60 miles from the dealer.

  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    A loaner or rental will need to be set up through the dealer you car is with. Call the service department and let them know you need one and they will (and MUST, according to warranty) set you up with one. Good luck!
  • kantookantoo Posts: 9
    I had the same problem with my 2011 with 2766 miles. I took the car to the dealership and they confirmed the problem to be related to PIP4716A and ordered some parts. Yesterday morning I was told the Equinox wouldn't be ready until Monday or Tuesday. A couple hours later, the service manager told me the parts were in and it would be done late this Friday. 2:30 PM yesterday I received a call telling me to pick up the Equinox. They told me that Chevy released a new bulletin telling dealers not to perform the repairs on the previous bulletin because they will not fix the problem... So now I have back my unfixed vehicle 4 days later and no solution in sight. I have a long vacation planned starting July 1, so I'll be putting over 1000 miles on a malfunctioning Equinox. I too wonder what internal damage is being caused.
  • avg823avg823 Posts: 9
    I was going through the Terrain Message Board. What is this that I'm reading about the cam phaser and cam solenoids? Have you had any luck with yours? Thanks
  • islaguyislaguy Posts: 19
    Interesting......That is the first I have heard of that.So how are they going about a fix?
  • dsb216dsb216 Posts: 2
    Did they ever find out what caused the gasoline smell? I bought my car 2 days ago, and I smelled the gasoline smell tonight. The car also lags in power and the upshifting makes the ride jerky at times-almost like being in a manually driven truck. I'm really disappointed as the first Equinox I test drove was smooth.
  • arveejayarveejay Posts: 9
    Instead of seeing doom and gloom look at the bright side. When the word gets out that the engines are defective and even GM can't fix them the 4 cylinder :lemon: Equinoxes will have so little actual value you can start collecting them much like boxtops, marbles and postage stamps.
  • kantookantoo Posts: 9
    So far they are telling me there is currently no fix... I am just supposed to drive my :lemon:'s and pretend all is good while I wait on GM... No one seems to be willing to tell me if this is doing long term damage to the engine... I guess I need to talk to a lawyer and the Better Business Bureau while I wait on GM/Chevy...
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90
    Kantoo- that's prob a wise decision to look for more help from other agencies. I find it odd that they put a hold on the repairs. In my case, they replace the cam phasers and I paid out of pocket for an oil change the next day and it has actually been successful, for 2 weeks now. However, of all the people on this forum AND the terrain forum linked above, there seems to be about 20 people that have posted in the last month with this problem, maybe 8 have had the repairs according to the bulletin PIP4716a, and mine seems to be the only one that has been successful so far. Seems very odd. Everyone on the other forum is posting their build date now, the earliest build date so far is 10/2010, so their must have been something in production that changes around that time.

    ***Best thing we can do at this point is to keep each other posted of GM's moves, and report if a new person is experiencing this problem, it may help GM see a pattern of vehicles, or at least seethat it is widespread. Like you, NOBODY has gotten a definitive answer as to whether or not the startup noise can be causing permanent damage.
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
    It looks like I need to video my Equinox starting in the morning too and take it to the dealer.

    Grr... It only has 2300 miles on it! My 2001 Nissan Altima I traded in for it had 187,000 miles on it and needed only one rather cheap unscheduled repair at 110,000 miles. I hope I don't regret buying American for the first time ever.
  • sumr616sumr616 Posts: 90

    As you will see on the other thread, posted above, (also, another bulletin has been released by GM, telling the repair techs not to complete the cam phase replacement/repair because it may not fix the problem.

    We've heard (from other customers, who have heard from THEIR dealership) that GM believes it may be an issue with some of the software on the cars, and they might need to configure an update to correct the problem. As of now, the only thing we can do is wait. They (GM Engineers) are saying that this will not cause permanent damage to the engine, the noise we hear is only made while the computer gets the signal that the cam phasers are working incorrectly, and the noise ends once the computer makes the proper corrections to the cam phasers. They are supposedly actively working on a fix, because they now realize how common this problem is right now.

    I will update again on this thread whenever any news is put out by GM.
  • In April my wife and I purchased a the 2011 NOX and were very satisfied. We are expecting a our first child in September and since my 2001 Impala had 175,000 miles on it, we decided it was time to step into a larger and more reliable vehicle. We choose the NOX due to its styling and the 4-cylinder 32MPG. My wife is the primary driver and she travels 35 miles 1 way to work.

    Everything was great until last Thursday when the car stalled when attempting to drive forward. There was also a ratcheting noise upon startup every 5-6 times. The vehicle was towed to a Chevrolet dealership in Park Ridge, IL (not where the car was purchased) and they said that the computer needed to be reset and that if there were other issues there were other items that could be replaced. Odd answer, but OK and we go the car back on Friday. On Saturday the car stalled again under the same circumstances. This time we towed the car back to the dealership that we purchased the car from in Lake Bluff, IL. I just got the car back yesterday, and it was supposed to be fixed.

    I went to Des Plaines with the car and it stalled AGAIN under the exact same circumstances. I immediately called the dealer and said the car was having issue again, same problems and that I was going to take it in. I actually made it to the dealship.

    I called this morning and they said that GM was in to look at the car. I also complained about the 23.5 MPG is was getting, well under 32 MPG. I should have just purchased the V6. I really don't want this car anymore. I think GM should take this car back and give me a V6 in exchange for all of these problems.
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