Chevy Equinox - Too many issues with a "new" car

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So since my last posting (radio static and loud motor), I have taken my 2010 equinox in a number of times. Last time was because the car wanted to continue running when I shut it off (fuel pump). Now, it is in the shop because there is a loud clunking noise coming from the front end (which I have taken it there for this before but was told nothing was wrong). It is so bad now that the car feels like it is shifting sideways when I turn corners. I am at my wits end with this car. I have never had so many issues. My radio is still staticing (taken it in 4 times for it) and now they are saying GM knows this is a issue but there is no fix for it yet. WTH no fix? How about you give me money back or pay for my XM radio that I have to pay for because my FM doesn't work. I need help. I cannot take this anymore. My husband and I were going to purchase a Camaro soon but I am hesitant because obviously GM does not manufacture good cars!


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    By chance have you contacted GM Customer Assistance?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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    No I haven't. I have tried to find a number and haven't been able too.
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    This time it had to go BACK to the shop because the tech didn't do his job, when I said the stabilizer link light came on I guess they just assumed it was because the check engine light was on. Needless to say my car was kept ANOTHER 5 days because the links and the shafft (stabilizer) were broken. They sent me back on the road with a unsafe car! GM has really proven to be worthless to me at this point. I am sure I can call the customer assistance but really will it do any good or will it just waste my time? I am sick of being fed lines of BS. Like "O it is normal for the stabilizer link light to come on when your check engine light is on"... My response was "Hmmm that's strange because it has been on for a week and the stabilizer link JUST came on". My radio is still not fixed and I am still told it is normal... I have a video of it. It isn't normal for your radio to not pick up ANY stations. Here I am forking over 17$ a month for satilite radio so I can have music...
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    Yes! I agree - I have had two engine light issues with my "New" Equinox...

    Wanted to share my post:

    :lemon: I own a 2011 Equinox.

    Loved the look of the car... just wondering if I made a bad choice.

    Two times since I bought this car, it has been in the shop. I know some may crucify me for saying this... but, I owned a Kia prior to this, and I loved that car. But, I felt bad for not buying "American"..... so, I bought the Chevy (though my Equinox was actually made in Canada - go figure).

    1st time - running rough for a week or so, engine light comes on, stalls, and then to the shop it goes. The dealership blames me for not checking my oil at every fuel up. The car was almost two quarts low. So, when I tell them that you should not have to check oil in a NEW car, they come back with "well, this car might burn more oil than other vehicles" Right! I told them I have owned several new vehicles, and NEVER have I had to add oil between oil changes to a NEW car.... They finally admitted the prep people might not have checked the oil prior to me picking it up... who knows?

    2nd time - running rough for a week or so, making a grinding noise (sometimes) when I start it, engine light comes on, stalls. Dealership gets an ear full......

    Is the "Camshaft regulator"......

    Honestly, IMO when you purchase a new car, you expect it to be RELIABLE. I am very disappointed in this car.

    Nice looking car, bad interior (mesh seats).... wish I would have gotten the leather, runs rough all the time, loud knocking engine (sounds like an old beater), bad gas mileage (I drove mostly city), and TERRIBLE in the winter!

    If I could trade this crate in and not take a beating I would do it... But, I am at the mercy of the dealership. Seems like they market the heck out of this car, and yet they slap it together...

    Any thoughts?
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    You should really look into the lemon law for your state. Usually, taking the car four times for the same problem will get the manufacturer to buy back your car. You should also contact GM customer service so they have a record of your concerns. It is also necessary for you to call them to let them know there is a problem if you want to pursue a buy back. My Equinox is in the process of being bought back. It does take some time and effort, but it is worth it. Don't get stuck with a defective car. There is no reason for you to have paid so much money for a "brand new" car if its going to give you so many problems.

    This site breaks down the buy back process Check it out. It is possible to beat the GM corporation. They don't care if youre in a defective car, as long as they got your money.
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    Ok - brand new 2012 Equinox LS 4 cyl - Dealer delivers it 5 miles to my home. As he turns off on to a local road the transmission loses Drive and feels like ion neutral. The tranny will engage reverse and more D - Dealer tows it back to the shop - thinks there is an internal problem?? Any thoughts.....I'm debating whether to accept delivery or request another Equinox....Again - Any thoughts as to what could cause the problem - Minor ? Major ? Don't want future problems or a prolonged wait to fix.
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    Uh... No way in heck would I take that car.. An internal transmission problem before it's even delivered? Just say no.


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    just aheads up the low oil condition happened to me.. my crankcase was almost empty 3 weeks after an oil change.. this is caused by a faulty high pressure fuel pump excess gas is getting into your crankcase and then dissolving your oil, the gas is then burnt and it takes the remnants of your oil with it.. i had my hPFP replaced and the issue is over ..
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    Bought a 2011 LT in March. Don't drive much, just several short trips around town each week. Have less than 3000 miles. Was scheduled for oil change next week.

    Have noticed in the last week or so that it started shifting feels like the car sort of lurches. Other times, it's like it won't go. I press the accelerator and it just hesitates. Was going to get dealer to look at this, too. Happens on inclines a lot.

    Then last night, the Check Engine Light came on 3 miles into a 9 mile trip home. I pulled over and checked the manual, checked the gas cap, turned it off and on several times, then decided to try and make it the 6 miles home. Nope. A block later, there is this burning smell kinda like burnt oil and rubber...really putrid. I pulled over and called the dealer, who referred me to Roadside Assist. They told me not to drive and turn it off. It was towed.

    NOW...after reading all the posts on hard shifting, check engine light, then stalling, I'm very worried. This is a brand new car! It should NOT have these issues.

    I will call the dealer tomorrow and get on this, but it sounds like this is the beginning of a nightmare. Sigh.
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    That my car's engine light was on still Monday morning, and it was reading as a misfire, but they couldn't find anything that was causing it. Said they reset the computer and it is showing ok now, but they want to hook it up to a mobile diagnostic and drive it tomorrow to be sure. Said the lights in cabin and headlights dimming at random was normal and caused by the voltage regulator. Seriously? What if I am going down the road at full dark and they dim to the point I cannot see? So am I being fed a line of bull? No explanation for the hesitation and rough shifting. only 3K miles on this thing. Input welcome.
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    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: After taking my car in four times for spark plug misfires, numerous times for the cheap visors breaking, water in the tire well, replacing the front bearings, after three years of super low mpg, and reduced speed, GM bought it back. They refunded the purchase price ( not the financed amount), less any aftermarket items (alarm, lojack, {although lojack in CA will transfer the lojack from that car to another if its a lemon} tinted windows, etc.).

    1. Call GM and tell them that you have taken the car in X amount of times
    2. Do not accept anything less than a buyback
    3. Contact the Better Business Bureau to get GM's attention. (they will call promptly to say the car doesn't qualify for lemon law buyback and they can offer oil change coupons or one monthly payment)
    4. Fill out all BBB forms and make copies of all your service orders and bill of sale.
    5. Stand your ground, do not accept no for an answer.
    6. Continue to make your payments
    7. Accept either a buy back or a replacement. ( make sure that you know exactly what you will be paying if you get a replacement. They will want to give you a later model that is more expensive, so you will pay the difference.)
    go over all the numbers ( check the lemon law for your state to know exactly what you are owed).
    8. Turn the car in to a dealer where they will inspect the car, have you sign papers, and give you your check.
    9. Go car shopping, and buy something that is not GM :)

    *** You can also contact a lemon law lawyer that handles everything for you and in CA, the lawyer fees are paid by the manufacturer. (CA lemon law lawyer: Norman Taylor)

    Don't wait, there is a statute of limitations, usually 4years. :lemon:
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