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    I bough the two tone black/grey and was very surprised and extremely happy the interior was black. White looked great too and may be my next color of choice next time around. :blush:
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    I feel ya camdoll. I fell in love with the sport when I first it too....lucky it came in at the right moment...I was so close to buying a Veloster until I heard it had the accent engine and then saw it at the auto show. After driving and owning an Impreza, I can't see myself in anything else.
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    That was the total price paid for the car without taxes/registration/title fees. Those fees are fixed and required by the state so I don't feel its fair to count it into the price of the vehicle IMO. There was a $75 title and registration processing fee "paid to the dealer". Is that what you are referring to? I'm a Washington resident but I bought the car in Portland. Not sure what Washington would charge for that.

    I did consider the tire cost. It was a painful decision but ultimately, I was set on buying the car that absolutely wanted without any compromise. And the 17"s are beautiful! Considering I drove a Protege around for years and am graduating with my BS in Biology this year, I figured I deserved it ;)

    When buying the car, I didn't have to haggle at all. I proved from the moment I walked on the lot that I knew what I was talking about, knew what I wanted, and did my research. I think the salesman knew I wasn't going to take any crap. Funny thing is, I always thought I would have to haggle and play the "I don't trust you or believe a word you say" role when I went to a dealership but, I was relaxed and actually had a decent time. The whole deal only took maybe an hour.

    It was at Wentworth Subaru City and my salesman's name is Matthew Zimmer. He has been with that dealership for 18 years and was very pleasant.
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    Now that I know what "love at first sight" actually feels like, I gotta find it in a man! ha! :D

    Honestly, I almost looked at a civic hybrid. The mpg was nearly impossible to pass up. I even test drove a 2005 BMW 325ix (I have always loved the body style of that car), but I just couldn't deny my love for the Subaru. I would've been disappointed. On top of that, I am so happy to have a brand new car! Mine from the very beginning!
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    You'll find it, a young lady with a BS degree and a hot new car....what's not to love ;) at this stage in life, wait till your career starts, then you can look at the BMW....but watch out, a WRX or STI can be even more tempting :blush:
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    they said they were selling the hatches practically as soon as they came in.

    But...but...Americans don't buy hatches, GM said so! :shades:
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    seems like hatches are synonymous with Subaru in the Northwest.
    Its so obvious all the local dealers WAY over ordered sedans in my neck of the woods. (or were forced to buy a certain percentage of sedans from Subaru?)
    Checking out the dealers' on-line inventories, there seem to be few to none hatches and a pile of sedans. In fact you could probably cut a pretty good deal on a sedan right now. ;)
    This is going to be my wife's car and I was all psyched for getting a sedan, but she insisted on the hatch, much to my surprise. I think the sedan is a nice looking car and the huge trunk combined with folding rear seats actually gives it some very useable hauling space.
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    Hi camdoll,

    Am thinking of the same color combination, and the same options.
    Wish they had the ultrasonic backup/reverse assist system as well - may have to look for some aftermarket installation.
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    Awesome to hear you fell in love with the Sport, and that you can't see yourself in anything else, as I am waiting for my Sport Limited to come in shortly. Can't wait!

    ps hope to be among the spirited drivers too.
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    ordered my limited hatch a couple of weeks ago.. who told you about .9% financing ? and free maintenance? want to email my sales guy but want to have the right info.
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    doesn't sport come with fog lights standard?
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    Yep, the sport premiums and sport limited do come with fog lights.
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    the 2 year frree maintenance may only apply to my dealer but here is a link to the offer: http://www.subarushermanoaks.com/newspaper_ad.htm

    as for the 0.9% financing offer, it is regional and can be found on the Subaru web site: http://www.subaru.com/special-offers/index.html

    Both offers expire at the end of this month but I am hoping they will be extended. If not, 1.9% financing may be available and you can ask you salesman if he can throw in the first maintenance as a goodwill gesture. I bet he will at least do that.

    Am not surprised that hatches are (finally) starting to sell well. Many Americans are downsizing from suv's and larger cars to fuel-efficient but smaller vehicles. Hatches allow people to "recapture" some of the volume sacrificed as part of downsizing. We still need room for luggage and pet, kid's, and home depot stuff. I think we are just getting more practical as we adjust to smaller vehicles.
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    Nice set of options that you added. Also recommend the side sill plates ($91 invoice) and rear cargo tray ($46 invoice). Side sill plates look sharp, add a nice touch, and keep the sills from getting scuffed up. You'll appreciate them every time you open the door. Same with the rear tray, it looks good, contains the dirt, and it is easy to clean (just remove and shake or wash with a rag).
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    Thanks....got the cargo tray...i'll see how hard it is to install side sill plates myself. I chose the DGM over the Camilla Red, but it was a tough choice.
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    my salesman say's yes 0.9% is available and can finance a minimum of 10k so I think I'll go for financing 12k $75 penalty for paying off early. Still cheap money. Won't be receiving mine till March so assume they will extend financing.
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    Anyone purchase the two tone models? I thought it was actually painted but it feels like the lower second color is a sticker or something. I can feel the edge where the paints meet. Is this how normal two tone paint is?
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    For those looking for pictures, following is a link to shots I took of my 5-door Limited in Marine Blue with the following accessories:
    1. Homelink/compass/autodim mirror
    2. Side sill plates
    3. Rubber mats, including seat back protector
    4. Sliding console (standard on Limited)
    5. Center arm rest in rear seat (standard on Limited)
    6. Cargo cover (standard on Limited)
    7. Roof rack rails
    8. Ventureshield clear film protection (hood, fenders, front bumper, side mirrors, and under splash guards)
    9. Color matched splash guards
    10. Wheel locks

    Subaru Impreza Pics

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    Is that the oil filter in the engine picture? I love it!
  • Sure is, and I love it, too. The air filter box, oil filter, drive belt, and fluids are a breeze to access. Even the plugs are easy to reach for a Subaru. Obviously not as easy as a typical straight-4, but easier than my old Legacy and much easier than the back bank on a transverse V6.
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    I think the location of the oil filter clinched the deal on my buying the car. :shades:
    I prefer to do my own oil changes. Even in a good shop, they never put the good mechanics on the oil changes. That cost us an engine once and that left me gun shy of leaving it to grease monkeys.

    So my wife's outgoing Honda oil filter access requires jacking the car completely up, getting under it and reaching blindly at arms length around a bunch of stuff, midships in the car up against the fire wall.

    I popped the hood on the Impreza, and was leaning in, looking for the oil filter location, when I finally noticed I was leaning on it. That is AWESOME, and to me hints that maybe they actually gave some thought to the engineering of this car. Sold!

    And good pics. Thats our color choice.
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    Cool, thanks for the pics!!
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    Here is a picture from the Philadelphia Auto Show. Funny that had the Sport Limited up on the platform where you couldn't get in it, but has a regular 5-door Limited on the floor. (sorry about the blurrynness, my camera was having a few moments)


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    sides sills are easy to instal...3M tape to attach...and templates to position them...I honestly only used the templates for the drives and passenger side...but they arent really needed....just line them on centered on the sill and all is good...and they do look good, especially on the dark colors...Deep Cherry Pearl hatch here....love it....first oil change at the dealer at 3300 miles....freebie.......had the car 6 weeks now.....

    for accessories, added the rear seat protector, hood protector, center console tray, and rear net.....also change the interior lights to red LEDS to match theinterior gauge lighting...
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    Is there a BRZ there?

    DC Auto Show has one, I'm going on Wed.
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    Nice pic odie. I have he two tone model, but wondering if the grey was actually paint.
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    Very nice pics! I really like the grey leather but that is not available here in the states - only Black or Ivory. Where are you located?
  • Thanks, debbadoo2. My goal was to help shoppers with options and colors, and hopefully it'll prove worthwhile for some.

    I'm located in Utah, so that leather is actually the US spec black. I've found it to appear black in low-light conditions like my garage or on cloudy days, but in the direct sun, like the day I took those photos, it appears more charcoal or dark grey. It's very comfortable and high quality. I looked at quite a few options in the compact category and found the Subie seats to be the best for the long haul.
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    Thanks for the CR video, glad they liked it. That should help with sales.
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    Anyone do an oil change yet? If so, how much did it cost? I'd like to do it myself, but was wondering if i'd really save that much.
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    For those of us waiting for our special order Imprezas to come in...
    Looks like we missed th .9% loan rate. :cry:
    But they are offering 1.9% loan rate for the month of February.
    No other incentives listed for the month.
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    my dealership offers the first one for free...otherwise looks like its $70.....for the change including materials and labor.....you can DIY for less..the issue is finding the 0-20w full synthetic in the stores apparently.....I have only seen it in one place here in MD....Mobil 1 apparently makes it for the moment......it takes 5.3 qts....and insure the filter you use has a back flow check valve in it......unless you use the subie filter....
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    Is there a good site showing how to change the oil? I've never changed my own oil but I have watched it done a number of times on other cars and would like to learn. I consider myself pretty mechanically adept. Especially if the oil filter is super easy to get to.
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    I don't have an Impreza yet...or the manual. Does anyone have access to the car to tell us if the crankcase oil plug is easy access for removal for draining? (extra points for a photo. :)
    I assumed the plug would be easy access, after seeing how handy the oil filter was.
    Looks like it would take less time than waiting for an appointment at the dealer, and driving there and back.
    But maybe I assume to much. This is a new type of engine for me.
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    the oil filter sets to the right front top of the engine. you can literally lean on the filter to inspect the rest of the engine........its the easiest filter I have ever seen to change....

    http://s1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj564/trainerty/2012%20Subaru%20Impreza%20Li- mited%205-door/?action=view&current=EngineCompartment.jpg

    note black filter to the left of the yellow cap
  • Hi thom52. I'll try and get you a photo of the plug tonight and post it up in that album pao linked to. Personally, since the filter is on top of the engine and so easy to access, I'm considering suctioning the oil through the dipstick tube.
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    Is doing your own oil change warranty approved?
  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    Yes, but to be on the safe side I keep the receipts for the oil and filter.
  • It's illegal to deny the general warranty for maintenance properly performed outside the dealership. Record keeping is critical, though. Record the date and mileage the service was performed, and as mentioned, keep all receipts.
  • Here's the crankcase drain plug:

    Crankcase Drain Plug Easy Access

    Note the window cut for easy access. This will be the simplest oil change I've encountered on any vehicle, past Subaru ownership included.

    If you want to see additional maintenance items, go to my album and view page 2 where I've photographed the CVT, front differential, and rear differential. It's all very simple to access.

    Page 2 for Maintenance

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    TYguy - Thanks for the pics. How often (time / miles) do the fluids need to be changed for those CVT, Front Diff, and Back Diff?

    I kind of can't tell which is the plug in the pic for those.... any chance you can circle them in the pic?

    After getting the CVT Hatch Premium, I also plan to start changing the oil and other easy stuff. I look forward to not having to always go to a shop and wait all afternoon, then get the car back with all sorts of scratches.
  • thom52thom52 Member Posts: 30
    WOW! I am lovin' this car more every day!
    And I don't even have it yet.
    It appears they REALLY thought out maintenance on this new engine, which is exceedingly rare in ANY car these days.

    Which especially bodes well for those of us that like to hang onto a car a LONG time and prefer to do the BASIC maintenance ourselves, to be SURE its getting done.

    Thanks for the pics of the fluid drainage points! Sure looks like EASY access. :shades:
  • Happy to help, thom52. In my profession I work with an engineering staff to design products for ease of maintenance, something we call, "design for service." It's clear that Subaru had something similar occurring between their engineering and the field in regards to the basic maintenance. It's refreshing to see :)
  • The manual calls out inspections at every 30,000 miles and no replacement interval in normal driving conditions. But in severe driving conditions, the diffs have a 15,000-mile and the CVT a 24,855-mile (yep, that's correct) fluid replacement interval.

    I'm a maintenance freak, so I'm planning to drain the diffs every 15,000 miles and the CVT every 30,000 miles. If the diffs look perfectly clean at 30,000 miles, then I'll move to a 30,000-mile drain schedule.

    I can probably work on ID arrows for those pics tomorrow. I have Photoshop open right now, but I've got a work project in process that I need to wrap up first. Speaking of which, break time is over :)
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    Tyguy.... thanks for sneeking in all that helpful info during your break!

    Kind of strange the CVT fluid interval isn't just rounded up to say 25K.
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    Imagine if they built enough to meet demand....

    AWD + Fuel Sipper = wait lists!
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    just as a side note..folks need to be patient with the MPG on this car...it does take a break in period...roughly 3k for the engine and drive train to fully break in ....my experience with the car.....and beleive it or not..after the first oil change.....I even gained another 1-2 MPG.....Im averaging 30-31 MPG per tank now on my commute.....very happy with the car after 6 weeks....
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    CVT or manual?

    C&D only managed 29mpg with a Kia Rio automatic. The manual Accent got 33mpg. Of course they drive it like they stole it...YMMV.
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