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Chevrolet Volt Lease Questions



  • I didn't realize all 2013 are HOV compliant.

    For me the big one was MyLink. It comes standard on MY2013 but was a $100 option on MY2012. Problem is didn't become available until late in production of 2012's and then the plant shut down.

    The other feature on 2013 I like is the Hold mode. Right now I don't see using it much but when I move next year I can see starting my commute on highway and ending on city streets. Will be nice to use hold mode to reserve the battery until I'm back on the city streets.
  • Just leased a 2012 Volt thru Ally from Bob Stall Chevrolet in La Mesa, CA.
    Audio System w/ Navigation, Primium Trim PKG, Rear Camera & Park Assist, Bose Speaker System, Front Window Shade, & Cargo Net.
    MSRP $44,745.00. Agreed price of $40995.27. 39 month lease / 12,000 miles per year. Down payment of $1,522.60. Residual value is $26,399.55. Monthly payment is $327.86 including taxes.

    I also got a quote on a 2013 base model with an MSRP of $39,145. It was approx $450/month.
  • dunno2dunno2 Posts: 1
    I just got a quote on a 2012 with all the trimmings...

    Msrp 45,630, 57% residual (26,009), 1%, 36mo. The selling price is 44,048, capped fees of 875. The rebate of 5,045 reduces the price to 39,878. Drive off of 1705. This lease has 15,000 miles, the monthly rate is $450 inc tax ( Orange County, CA).

    An 18k mile option is $490/mo.

    What do you think?
  • alonzov1alonzov1 Posts: 7
    edited August 2012
    Ran away as fast as you can :-)... Yo could get close to $100/month less than the payments you are posting. Check this forum, lots of good info on pricing/deals .
  • The dealer can do way better than that.

    With the fed tax credit they can kick the residual up above 60% easy. The fact that they need to get rid of the 2012 model should be motivation for them to go down on the monthly payments even more.

    Hope you're getting the HOV-lane qualifying model.

  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    Seeing the $249 lease deal up here in Seattle area. I have never leased before but that is attractive deal. Although I know the payment does not include license or tax. Isnit reasonable to get a lease for $350/mo or less? Would like to put less than $2000 down and get 15k a year with miles. 24 mos is fine but would also go as long as 36.

    Is the $5045 rebate only apply in California? I know there is the $7500 govt tax break.

    Any insight from people that have leased in this area of the country would be appreciated!
  • dinomandinoman Posts: 56
    Local chicago dealer offered $7000 one pay for 24 months/ 10k miles per year. Is this a good deal?
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    So I just left a local dealer.
    On a base model, no options, price was right around $39,500.
    Payment with $1000 down for 24 months and 12k miles/year was $389 including all taxes, etc.

    Residual was around $26,700....but they also added $552 tax on the lease cash. What does that mean? The lease rebate is $5700 and the salesman said I would have to pay tax on that! I thought the lease rebate just was applied to the selling price of the car...just like if I was purchasing it? Why would I have to pay tax?

    That would lower the payment at least $25 a month without having to pay the additional $552 over the course of 24 months.

    And they also had the doc fee of $150 included, which I have never, ever paid when buying a vehicle...that just extra cash for the dealer.

    I told them if they could get to $330 a month with $1000 out of my pocket I would sign up. Still have another dealer to shop to see what they can do.
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    Went to another dealer. Base 2012 with backup camera and chrome wheels. Best quote so far is $337 a month, $1000 down, and 27 month term. 12k miles a year.

    How does that compare to others out there?
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    Well, I went for it. Best offer by my local dealer was $325 a month including all taxes, etc. for 12k miles a year and 27 mos. I reconfigured how much I drive and called him back and asked how much extra 15k miles a year would be. Only $16 extra per month!!!! So $341 for 15k miles and 27 mos. Only $1000 out of my pocket. Felt like that was pretty good deal.

    It's only a base model. I didn't need nav or leather.

    Solid deal?
  • A huge congratulations to you, kartdad! Welcome to Chevrolet and we wish you many happy, green miles ahead!
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Had mine 11 weeks and just love it. Well built, very comfortable, fast and fun. Gets lot of attention. And think of the time you save not stopping, filling up and no oil changes for 2 years. Over 2000 miles and used only 1.1 gal of gas. If you drive 50 miles or less a day, you could go forever without buying gas. One of the best cars I've ever owned and Ive had quite a few.
  • sounds like a good deal -- $291 per month -- I am interested -- who is the dealer?
  • Darwish at Phillips Chevrolet in Frankfort, IL. I have not bought it yet. Planning to go in this week.
  • jpaupjpaup Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    I am also working with a quote from Phillips. First quote via email to me was $7312.80 on a 24 mos lease, $44620 MSRP. This was for 15k miles, so I'm guessing you can do better. I'm buying this next week as well so let's continue to compare notes.

    This did not include Tax title license.

    Also, if you could let me know if you're getting comptitive quotes from other dealers, this information would be helpful also.
  • icemanbryanicemanbryan Posts: 16
    edited September 2012
    2012 Volt loaded in White
    Leather ( Jet Blk), Nav, Back up camera, Chrome wheels sticker 45170.00
    3500 down
    24 months
    10,000 a year
    220.00 month!
    9 4 12 last day of sale?
    (What I was told)

    Bought today at Connell Chevrolet
    Costa Mesa CA 92628

    BTW, Love the car!
  • jpaupjpaup Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    There are better prices to be had, apparently.

    After some work, this is my lowest quote in Chicago land area, based off of a quote for a well-configured Volt with an MSRP of $44,169 with 15kmiles/yr.

    36 months X $239.80 or $8632.80 (57% residual)

    24 months X $249.16 or $5979.84(63% residual)

    This includes destination, but not t/t/l. No money at signing.

    Hard to beat.
  • jaup

    Was your quote on 2012 or 2013? What dealership did you get your quote from?

  • what is the tax amount ? you have to pay that separately, correct? so the all in total would be over 10K?
  • 2012 the dealership was Connell Chevrolet here in Costa Mesa CA
  • Because it is a lease it is a monthly rate for the tax.
    It is included into the 220 per month lease
  • In Canada (Ontario), leasing with GM:

    5dr Hatchback
    1SA Package
    MSRP* $44,825
    Cash Credit^ - $2,000
    Destination + $1,450
    Down Payment1 - $0
    Trade-in Value - $0
    Other Credits2 - $8,500
    BALANCE $35,775
    36 Months Term | 8.29% (8.29% APR) | $17,623 Guaranteed Option to Purchase Price
    Estimated Monthly Payment $690

    Ontario throws in rebate of $8,500

    8% lease rate, residual of only $17K.
    Is it possible for a Canadian to lease a vehicle from GM in the US?
    I think Ontario will still throw in the rebate, but that would need to be confirmed.
  • so you pay only 220 per month including tax?
  • What is a good lease deal on a 2013 with leather, 0 down?
  • I went to a local dealer yesterday local for a Volt with nav. They quoted me $599/month with $2000 down on a 24 months lease with 12,000 miles . Needless to say, I left.

    Where can I get one in the $220 - $300 range with 0 - $1000 down like others are getting in this forum ?
  • icemanbryanicemanbryan Posts: 16
    edited September 2012
    I got mine from Conell Chevrolet in Costa Mese CA,
    I put done 3500 and mine is 220 month
    just about loaded, leather, Nav, Bose speakers, back up camera, polished wheels!
    Might be worth a trip but you would need to decide
  • Thanks, icemanbryan !
    How long ago was that ?
    Was it $3500 down including all license fees?
    2 or 3 year lease with how many miles ?
    2012 or 2013 ?
  • Rogers Chevy in Chicago
  • I have a like kind trade that exceeds the value of the lease, so no use tax here in Indiana.
  • Yes 220 per month 2 years 3500 cash down
    I still get the 7500 tax rebate!
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