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Chevrolet Volt Lease Questions



  • icemanbryan,
    You don't get the federal tax credit on leases, only on purchase.
  • Hey all -

    Looking to lease a leftover 2012, loaded. I am located in Kane County, IL. What are the MF and Residuals (as well as any cash back) for these cars for a 3 year 15K a year lease?

    I am hoping to be under $380 a month, but I don't know how the leases are shaking out.

    - Matt
  • Ally bank gave 1.1% on the lease.
    You should be able to get 5-6000 dealer incentive
    as well as a 2000.00 or so discount off MSRP.
    My 2012 loaded 45740.00 MSRP. I leased for 3500 cash down
    220 mo 2 year lease 10,000 per year
    I am happy with my deal and love the car.
    Some can do better on the lease I would guess, I was fine with the price
    I got.
    I am in Southern CA bought at
    Connell Chevrolet, Costa Mesa CA.
  • I am trying to do a 3 year lease and no dealers are participating in the National Volt Chevy Leasing program. Does anyone know of a dealer in/around the SF Bay Area that is participating?

    I am willing to travel outside to get the good deal.

    Thank you~
  • Thank you...dealers in NORCAL are not very generous with the leasing. Might be worth a trip to LA area.
  • Hello Matt. Ally's September base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Chevrolet Volt without navigation with 15,000 miles per year are 1.05% and 61%, respectively.

    GM is currently providing a $2,500 cash incentive on 36-month leases of this car through Ally.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Go to la...i believe it is keyes that specializes in volt deals

    I love these edmunds boards but i also love the forum at the gm volt site. Google "gm volt forums" and it will come up...make sure you find the fleet guy from keyes. They get rave reviews. On the east coast, i cant say enough nice things about criswell in suburban dc

    Love my volt. Got a money down...two years...15k and leather package for 360 a month. 2013 model no less. I got pretty lucky i think
  • Can you tell us the dealer that gave you this lease - was it recent? You can PM me the sales person's info as well if you don't mind.
  • icemanbryanicemanbryan Posts: 16
    edited September 2012
    I got a great deal (I beleive)
    at Connell Chevrolet Costa Mesa CA
    Eddie Cuartra and his son Joey.
    Really good guys there
    I purchased mine 9/5 so about 3 weeks ago
  • Mine was from criswell chevrolet in maryland. I will msg u with sales name. Great experience. It was right before the special lease incentives ended tho
  • Not sure how to send you pm

    Hope i am mot violating protocol

    Stefan kube was my sales guy

    Great experience
  • Car_man

    For September, what is the money factor, residual and Alley Lease cash on 2012 Volt, 24 months, 12,000 annual miles.

    Volt has leather, navigation and backup camera.

  • I know this is for leases. The best price for 2013 I have secured is $4000 off sticker and 0% another dealer as called and offered $6000 off sticker which I think is total BS.

    There is nothing anywhere on GM site about extent of rebates, incentives to dealer or consumer but clearly they are out there. How would dealer give $4000 or $6000 off??
  • After reading about some wonderful Volt lease deals on Edmunds and GM Volt forum, I thought of trying my luck with Chicagoland dealers. Not just been quoted way far from the numbers I've been reading here but none of the dealership by far have shown real interest in getting me their business. Are the dealers in Chicago even interested getting Volt in the market, I wonder:

    Zeigler Schaumburg - $560/month for 2013 with Premium - no down, inclusive of t/t/l

    Castle Villa Park - $360/month + $5,000 down for 2013 with Premium, inclusive of t/t/l

    Bill Kay Lisle - $299/month + $2,000 down for 2013 base model, t/t/l extra

    None of the dealers have tried to offer a deal, none have shown interest to offer a 2012 model instead (which I have been showing interest in if it comes cheaper, as they say that 2012 stock have higher sticker price and they are more keen to get 2013 models off, really??).

    To all the experts of this forum - am I missing something or is it my bad luck with the dealerships?

    Also, I am a newbie in car leasing so am learning few things hard way (like IL along with few other states will make you pay full sales tax even on leasing the car, unlike other states where you can pay on your monthly lease, which for 8.5% for Cook County is substantial).

  • Hi

    Just had a bit of a brainstorm for those thinking of leases on Volts. May be a bit of a stretch but could appeal to some of you. I am a member of Pentagon Federal Credit Union and they offer a balloon payment option -- similar to a lease but you own the car. I am not sure how difficult it is to join Penfed but I imagine other credit unions could offer similar programs. I have not looked into it yet. At any rate, Penfed offers 1.74% interest on these balloon deals. Here is my math

    As a price proxy, I used who is offering a 2013 Volt for $39282 (MSRP of $40,845). I rounded this up to $40,500 to cover the taxes. Assume with purchase, you will get a $7500 tax credit as a down payment (that is, you would likely have to come up with $7500 down at purchase but assume you will get it back in taxes). No other money down required

    Given this, Penfed monthly payments would be

    $401/Month for a 36 month balloon (Balloon balance of $20,351)
    $416/Month for a 24 month balloon (Balloon balance of $24,416)

    Of course there are many advantages/disadvantages relative to a lease. this might appeal to those who get a state credit for purchase. This might also appeal to those who dont want to worry about miles. On the flip side, you dont just to get to turn it back in if you dont like it - you would have to sell it and hope you can cover the balance or you would have to refinance the balance.

    Still this might appeal to a select few of you

    Just a thought

  • PS Just looked at Penfed and it is pretty easy to join. There are plenty of ways in in terms of affiliated groups--and if you dont meet one of those criteria, you can pay $15 to join a group that gets you membership...
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    Is that for the base model or a fully loaded model? did you move forward with the deal then? wich state are you in? thx
  • Sorry, I still get the SCE power rebate.
  • jcflawjcflaw Posts: 3
    I was trying to verify 10k off..dealers are being very deceptive in my area. Some won't even admit that there is 2500 dealer incentive. They are telling me that 2500 + 7500 tax credit is what that story was about. I bought one at $4000 off from dealer who was straight up from start. Though I was offered $6000 off from sleaze ball dealer over phone after he had told me I needed to "lease the vehicle then buy it after a month to get 7500 tax credit". I told him no thks I've got 4k off from another dealer...
  • We purchased our 2012 Volt at Castle in Villa Park, they quoted $345 for 10K miles, 36 months, for almost loaded car, I didn't need the nav but got everything else even the upgraded wheels. Talk to Mike Wolinsky. We purchased ours on 6/16 of this year.
  • plus11plus11 Posts: 6
    I want to do a 24 month low milage lease on a Volt. What should I expect. thanks.
  • savy13savy13 Posts: 2
    Thanks abtlady.

    Was the $345 incl of t/t/l? Did they discount the MSRP when you decided to purchase? Even I don't need a nav, but wasn't aware that you can opt a premium package without nav.
  • Yes the $345 was including everything, but we were underwater on our trade so we had to figure that in. We're actually paying $412 per month. We traded a Hyundai Entourage at 16 mpg! I just did a google search for the items that I wanted on the car and this one came up. There was another one at Rogers Group (I think that's the name) in Chicago but I didn't want to go that far. Hope this helps!
  • For the last decade, I've owned or leased a Honda. When the company I work for decided to put in EV stations, it definitely got my attention. Once I heard the HOV stickers would be available, I started thinking seriously about an EV! So I shot over an email to Capitol Chevy to see what kind of deal I could get. I kept getting email after email, with different info, pictures, and I'm thinking, what the heck is up with this guy!? I never told him to stop, and in a couple weeks after I got back from vacation, I was like, hey, what was his #??? Then I was happy I had emails at my fingertips :)

    After setting up an appt to meet with Paul Duran, I was still having second thoughts. I had just paid off my Honda, but every time I pulled into a gas station (even with my great MPG car!), and every time I was in stop & go traffic for an hour to go 20 miles, I would think about the Volt. Sure there were other EV's on the market, and they could get the HOV stickers also, but lets face it. The Volt is just hands down the best looking one. Hey, that is always a factor, right!?

    So I go and meet Paul, find out the deal is exactly in the range I was looking for (and no haggle, hassling, GREAT experience) and signed the papers right then. Woo Hoo! What an awesome car. The first ride home was an eye opener. Test drives are just not a good way to "really" check out if the car is right for you. Yep, put that sucker in Sport Mode, blasted the Bose speakers, and fell in love on the spot!

    I've never loved a car before, it is quite an interesting experience. I pat it in the garage "don't worry, we'll go driving tomorrow", actually READ the manual for the first time ever for any car, and get excited every time I drive to work. Whats up with THAT!!??

    Never mind the check I just got for the Clean Energy rebate, or the ONStar service free for 3 years (which I love love love) or the 30 gig hard drive that I packed all my music on and still have 70% left, I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN TO A GAS STATION YET! 2 months, 2000 miles, 3.9 gals of gas. Oh, how I so do NOT miss the gas station. Hey, does anyone even know how you put gas in this thing??

    Oh yea, and my commute now is a sweet 25-30 mins each way, no matter what time of day. If I had more thumbs, they would all be UP! :)
  • I have had my Volt for two weeks and really love the car. I have only used 1.5 gallons of gas. I am so impressed with the price I received on a 3 year lease. I purchased it in Gilroy (Northern California). My first lease and they made the process very simple.

    I am very impressed with how the car works and the engineering on the exterior and interior. The car is way ahead of time. I only have the base model, but honestly it is very loaded.

    I have teenage kids and they love to ride in the Volt as it is a "cool car".

    The OnStar charging Iphone app is also very cool.

    I did look at the plug in Prius and there is no comparison.

    I am bummed the Volt gets a bad rap for the cost and taxpayer subsidy, but it really is a great car.

    Keep up the great work Volt Team. I love my Volt~!~
  • richa0richa0 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    Hi, I'm also thinking about buying from Gilroy Chevy.

    Can you please share details on your 36 month lease: how much down, mileage allowed per year, monthly payment, any manufacturer rebates etc..
  • Looking to lease a 2013 Volt for 36 months, 12K miles/year. The car I'm looking at has Premium trim, safety 1 and premium Bose. The MSRP is 42520 with an invoice of 40652. Tax is 8.625%. I'd like to roll everything except for the first payment and DMV into the Lease. I'm currently coming off an Ally lease. What are the curent money factors and residual values for this car? Are there any promotions or incentives I can take advantage of? How does one figure the $7500 rebate to the lease company in the price of the car, does it get subtracted as part of the negotiated price or is it reflected in the residual value? What type of payment should I try to get to? Also any good or bad experiences with dealers in this area?
  • kangpinkangpin Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    Good morning, I am looking to lease a 2013 Volt (not concerned about extra options). Primarily want the carpool sticker and looking for 15k/year, preferably zero down.

    What is considered a "good" deal in your guys' opinion? In terms of monthly payment, is $350/month foolish to expect?
  • I am working with the same dealership, can you pls share the price you paid.

  • Ended up getting a Silver 2013 Volt for 36 months, 12K miles/year with Premium trim, safety 1 and premium Bose. The MSRP was 42520. I'm paying $389/month. Total out of pocket was 1st month($389) + $60 DMV. I rolled in bank fee($695) and tax (8.625%). I've had it for a couple of days now and am enjoying it!
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