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Chevrolet Volt Lease Questions



  • Hi zico2000. Ally's November base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Chevrolet Volt with 15,000 miles per year are 1.05% and 57%. This is for a model without navigation.

    General Motors is providing a $2,420 cash incentive on leases of this car through Ally.

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  • Good explanation tschai. With the $7,500 credit included this car's 36-month, 15k residual is 57%.

    One definitely should not buy a Volt at lease-end.

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  • General Motors is providing a $2,420 cash incentive on leases of the 2013 Volt through Ally. This incentive is slightly lower, $2,300, on leases through US Bank. The US Bank lease program is probably still more attractive though.

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  • Hi travispete. I just posted the Ally lease program a couple of messages ago. The residual value for a lease with 10,000 miles per year is 3% higher than the 15,000 mile per year residual.

    I haven't seen the US Bank lease program for this car, but I've heard that it's a little better than Ally's. I'll see what I can find out about it for you.

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  • Is that $2420 after negotiation or $2420 off MSRP?
  • If anyone has leased a loaded Volt in the last 2-3 weeks, please post the deal that you got.
  • jbro3jbro3 Posts: 2
    So I'm reading this to try and figure out what kind of deal I should negotiate on leasing a 2012 or 2013 chevy volt tonight and tommrow. The ally deals that are listed (for 5045 for 2012, and 2424 for 2013) seemed to have expired at the end of october?

    What should I expect to pay for a 2012 premium without nav leased for 30-36 months at 12000 miles per year?

    I live in San Diego California and have great credit (around 750). PLEASE HELP, any advise on lenders, deals, prices, or dealer's would be great!
  • I got an offer on one that was Premium, Nav, ES1, premium sound, and fancy wheels for about $460 per month, zero down, 15k mi. Not terrible, but not great either.
  • I got my lease in CA today. Can't say whether it is a good deal or not but I got a loaded 2013 Volt minus the sensors and the new rim design (everything else included). I paid $3250 down and $399 per month for 12k miles and 36 months. I think it may be possible for you to get the same deal for $3000 down. But you may have to be more adamant than I was!
    Good luck!
  • Good for you!
    I you are happy. that is all that matters.

    BTW I recieved my car pool stickers yesterday!!
    I may go drive today just to go in the car pool lane.
  • I am looking to lease a new 2013 "fully loaded" Volt. This particular Volt has every available option except no special metallic paint and no special polished wheels. But it has Bose sound, nav, safety 1 and 2, etc. The MSRP is $44,120 . I was offered a 36 month lease, 12K miles per year with $1,500 due at drive off (includes first payment) and then 35 payments of $379 per month plus tax (which comes to just over $414 per month including tax). Since I live in California, I would get the state rebate of $1,500, so my net drive off cost is zero. So is 35 payments of $414 for a 36 month lease on this particular Volt a good deal? I live in the Los Angeles area. I welcome all feedback and suggestions. Thank you!
  • Where did you get that offer??
  • jbro3jbro3 Posts: 2
    Ok- So I got my new 2013 Volt yesterday. Went with the base model since they are kind of hard to find around here and I didn't want to pay extra to have one delivered ect. Sticker price of 39,995- Paid 37,900. 5420.01$ in reductions (includes 2420 rebate, 1850 trade in, and 1150 down). 36 months, 12,000 miles per year. No security deposit, 1st payment taken out of reductions. Total with license, registration, lease fee's, and doc fee's = 38,575. Residual 23,597.05. Base payment of 320.44 plus tax= 346.88$.

    What does everyone think? I haggled all day- took in the consumer review showing what they paid. I'm sure I could have gotten it a little lower but after 4 hours I just didn't have it in me anymore to argue. I'm happy with it :shades:
  • As long as you are happy
    It all good
    Enjoy your Volt!
  • icemanbryan, enjoy the car.
    good luck!
  • Hi, Bromion,
    I got the offer from Keyes Chevy in Van Nuys, CA. I actually picked up a new Volt yesterday. It is fully loaded, including the metallic paint and black rims, and has an MSRP of just over $45,000. They wouldn't go any lower than their original offer (the one I originally quoted in my first post), but no other dealer would match their offer. So I took what they offered me. I paid $1,500 in total drive off at time of signing. This included the first month's payment. It is a 36 month lease, 12K per year. So I have 35 payments of $379 plus tax per month. And in CA, I will get the $1,500 back from the CA state rebate.
    I highly recommend Keyes. They were very professional, with no hard sale tactics.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    Putting $3K down on a lease goes against everything I have ever read or thought about leasing a car.

    Just saying.
  • Amazing. I was also dealing with Keyes. I went in this weekend and tried to lease the identical car. We negotiated around and got to $457 per month (inc tax) with $2100 drive-off, 15kmi, 36 months. 12kmi makes a difference, but I don't think a $50/month difference.

    Actually, I was close to getting around $430/month inc tax, which was in the range of reasonable for me, but then they tanked my trade-in. So that killed the deal.
  • Actually, I may have a good option for you that can save your deal. There is a Carmax used car dealership in Burbank. You can take the car you wanted to trade in to Carmax. They will buy it off you, even if you do not buy a car from them. When I sold my wife's Subaru, the guy buying it didn't know how to get rid of his old car. A dealer offered him about $3,500 for his car. He went to Carmax and they offered him $8,000. He actually gave me an extra $500 just to thank me for suggesting Carmax.
    BTW, I eventually sold my wife's Subaru for $21,500. Carmax had offered me $20,000 for it, so what they offer is actually pretty fair. It's definitely a lot better than what the dealer will offer you on a trade in.
  • Thanks. I'll try Carmax, but I am doubtful I'll get close to what I owe on it. I'm looking to take no more than a $2000 loss. Can't hurt to try tho!
  • Good luck with Carmax. Let us know what they offered you. I am curious if they are still giving decent offers.
  • Hey bromion. Negotiate the lowest possible pre-incentive selling price that you can for the Volt and then have the dealer subtract the $2,420 from that. The incentive is completely funded by General Motors, not dealers.

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  • Gotcha. I did notice this $2420 in the lease write-ups I looked at recently. Alas, still not enough to bring down lease prices to where they were a month or two ago.
  • Got deal in northern cal

    Loaded 44k msrp 1095 oop
    420 per month incl tax 12k per year 36 mo

    Decent not best but had the car I wanted
  • Hi Travispete,

    Would you mind sharing the dealership name.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Not trying to take anything away.
    Here in SO CA (Costa Mesa, CA)
    I had a great leasing experience with Connell Chevrolet.
    I dealt with Eddie and his son Joey.
    Eddie has been there for years 20+.
    His son maybe 6 years.
    Anyway, we have bought from them several times, always a good experience.
    Again, not trying to take away, just posting my opinion.
  • Check out George Chevrolet in Bellflower. Ask for Alejandro.

    I got my 2013 Chevy Volt leased in September.

    $44k msrp without navigation. Don't need navigation when you get 3 years Onstar with turn-by-turn navigation download to your vehicle.

    $1200 drive off including 1st month.
    $325/month for 35 months....12,000 miles per year. ($325 is the total monthly payment with tax and everything.)

    I got $1500 rebate for the clean air incentive program.

    I used to pay more than $300 for gas every month. Now, i pay around $40-$50 a month to charge my car. So far, i only used up 3 gallons of gas from the same tank when i leased the car. Don't see myself filling up any time soon.
  • Can you tell us the residual on your lease? I have a feeling September was before they dropped the residuals and good luck getting that deal now.
  • The residual is $28,248. I had told a few of my friends and they got exactly the same deal, but that was in October. Doesn't hurt to try.

    I had a good experience. Negotiated the price over the phone the day before, went in the next day to test drive, pick the color i wanted then completed the paperwork....all in about an hour.
  • Thanks. Indeed, residuals are lower. For the same car, I'm getting residuals of about $26300 instead of $28300. Makes quite a difference.
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