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Jaguar X-Type

thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
This car seems like it will be really cool. I had a 95 Mystique which was also based on the Mondeo platform and it was a blast to drive.

Well, what does everyone think of the new X-type?


  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    From the pictures I've seen, it looks surprisingly good! I don't know what a "baby Jag" would like like on the road though. I think the fact that the Mondeo has been discontinued in the US may help their marketing efforts here. Also, I think it will be available in AWD.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    From what I've read, it will only be available in AWD.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    How do you think it will compare with:

    Acura TL
    Infiniti I30
    Lexus IS
    Audi A4
    BMW 3-series
    Dodge Neon (just to see if you noticed...)
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    It's hard to say how it would compare until it's out, but I would expect to compare most closely with the MB C-class. I don't think it will be as large as the Acura or Lexus.

    Another car you may want to add to that list is the Volvo S60. I just ordered one (the high performance T5 version), and it is an awesome ride! I chose it over the german cars since it is bigger and IMO better looking. It probably won't corner like the RWD/AWD cars, but it still handles extremely well and has a comfortable ride.
  • neekerneeker Posts: 10
    I spoke with a Jag dealer at the Detroit Auto Show concerning the -types and, quite frankly, he didn't seem to have a clue. What will be interesting is the reliability and maintenance costs. Since it'll be running the Ford engines is it safe to assume that things like oil changes can be handled fairly easily (and in expensively?). I know the warranty includes standard maintenance, but I drive a lot of miles and would like to get a feel, as best as could be gotten, what upkeep might be like. Given the snow, I like the AWD and might be willing to wait. The Volvo S60 had been at the top of my list, but their AWD (which I believe comes out later this year) sounds like it might be more expensive than the Jag. Anybody have any thoughts?
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    The Jaguar x-type site:

    Congratulations on the Volvo order. It sounds awesome.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    I think both will be fairly reliable (the Volvo and the Jaguar). Since the Jaguar is based on the Mondeo platform, reliability should be better than the Jaguars of old (pre Ford). As I mentioned earlier, I had a 95 Mystique. It had the V6/5sp and was a kick to drive and easy to maintain. The x will have considerably more power.

    I read once in a automotive magazine that the initial Mystiques/Contours had a negative profit margin in an attempt to have them catch on in the US. This was cool for folks like me who had a limited budget. The car was better than its price would have indicated. I certainly felt it was so.
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    1. Will the engine be mounted sideways (transverse)? Or will it be longitudinal?
    2. When is the street date? I can only hope a sample will be at the Dallas New Car Show in March.
  • neekerneeker Posts: 10
    They're keeping a very tight lid on any details (i.e. pricing etc...) until the Geneva Auto Show in March. Don't know about Dallas, but would not anticipate they would have a car there.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53

    Late summer/early fall ... 2001
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Bandleader, the Jag will literally blow the Neon out of the water. (I noticed)
    Then again, an Escort blows the Neon out of the water!
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    I put the Neon in the list to see if anyone was reading.

    hee hee
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    At last month's Omaha Auto Show the Jaguar dealer was passing out some informational material. Mainly just some very nice photographs, both interior and exterior. My wife fell in love with it and says she has to have one. (Would replace our '00 Lincoln LS8 Sport). Didn't have any specifications, though I do think it mentioned it being 4WD. When I asked the rep about it, he didn't have much to say. Other than they looked forward to getting it so they could compete with BMW 3-Series, Volvo S-40, Infiniti G20, Saab 9.3, etc. He was hoping it would sticker for well under $30K, but thought it might be like BMW 3-Series and have a large price range due to varying option packages and standalone options.
  • neekerneeker Posts: 10
    The February 13,2001 edition of AutoWorld Weekly has a new picture of the X-type on the cover with the caption 'Jaguar X-Type; New. Luxurious, Affordable. Only $32,000'. The two page article inside indicates the author did not get an opportunity to test drive, but did have access to the inside. Some of the comments which I thought were new info indicated; 1) In addition to AWD being standard, leather will be standard, 2) heated seats will be an option, 3) the truck has cargo space which will exceed anything Jag currently has (16 cubic feet), 4) 16 inch alloy wheels (Continentals) will be standard with 17-inch wheels on wider Pirellis or Continentals available on the 'Sports' package. Also the AWD is being patterned after Audi's Quattro system.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    Road and Track had an update article in their newest issue (March? ... It just arrived yesterday....).

    I am already falling in love with this car.
  • I really don't mean to be inflammatory, but I was hoping for something a little less conservatively styled, similar to an XK vs. and XJ.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    Check out the picture on the cover of AutoWorld. It is quite complimentary. The picture in Road and Track is not ... a poor portrait.

    For me, I like the styling ques, but that is always one's own opinion. Someone, somewhere, might even like the new Aztec...

    I prefer the x-type's lines to the 3-series BMWs, but I am sure someone out there would disagree...
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    The new Car & Driver issue had a nice preview in its March issue.
  • I currently have a 98 Contour SE V6/5sp and have been curiously following the development of the X-type. I logged onto the Jaguar site yesterday and viewed a short video that described their all wheel drive system: 60/40 power distribution Rear/Front that varies based on traction. I am looking forward to AWD since I live in the Northeast.

    Does anyone have any idea what kind of hp and torque ratings this car will have with the 3.0 liter engine? Since I am indirectly asking about acceleration I would also like to know what kind of braking ability this car has. If the opportunity to accelerate quickly is designed into the car I would also like to see the ability to decelerate quickly. Go Jaguar!
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    R&T article claims both 2.5L and 3.0L are DOHC 60 deg V-6s. 2.5L putting out 194 hp and 180 lb-ft. 3.0L putting out 231 hp and 210 lb-ft. Can be had with 5-speed manual. Doesn't give weight estimate.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I love the styling of the new X-Type. It looks like a scaled down XJ, albeit updated. The interior shots I have seen have this fake, dark, cheesy wood. I hope that they throw that away before launch.

    I can't wait for it to come out- a baby jaguar is what they need. I think they should of come out with the X-Type and then the S-Type. Jaguar predicts it will increase sales at least 50%. They now have a line to compete in every market with their competition.
  • neekerneeker Posts: 10
    The AutoWorld article states that the x-type will have four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes (vented in front, solid in back) They indicated that the brakes seem sufficient to stop the car which will weigh an estimated 3400-3550 lbs.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    2.5 L V6: 194 HP, 180lb.ft torque, curb wt. 3,428 (manual) 3,516 (auto) 0-60 7.9 man. 8.5 auto

    3.0 L V6: 231HP, 210lb.ft torque, curb wt. same, 0-60 6.6 man. 7.1 auto

    Dark Wood is not fake, rather it is the same dark stained wood used in the limited edition silverstone model, and will only be available with the sport pkg. So if you don't like it get the non-sport model with traditional bird's eye maple trim.

    Leather and all wheel dirve will be standard equipment unlike Audi and BMW
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    Oh I have no doubt that the wood is real- Jaguar has not stolen THAT from Ford yet, I just think it looks hideous.

    I was mortified that the new model would be based upon the FWD mondeo platform, and early reports said it would be a FWD car. Thank you Jaguar for using the AWD and making it a RWD bias. If it was FWD, it would make the fact that it was based on a Ford that more real.
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    Being based on the Mondeo platform is a good thing. It is one of the best setups produced today. Jaguar alone could not have produced anything close to it, especially in the projected price range. In the US market, the Contour/Mystique were two of the best sedans, easily the best in their price range. (the Stratus outsold it only because of its larger back seat ... in quality, dynamics and performance, it wasn't even close)
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Check out the March issue of Car & Driver. Have a 2-page preview of X-type on pages 96-97. They report that the X-type's basic layout is essentially front-wheel drive. Most of the transverse engine's weight is forward of the front-axle centerline. Plus there is a 60/40 forward weight bias. Better news is that the front-to-rear torque split is 40/60. Too bad it has open differentials and no limited slip. C&D speculates that Jag may eventual offer a more affordable FWD base X-type. The basic architecture is already there for it.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I'm sorry to here that it behaves like a FWD car. I hate it when cars that are classically RWD convert. It is such a shame. FWD is fine for the average idiot who doesn't care about those lovely country drives on the weekend when you have the chance, although not legally, to wring out your car. It is probably safer for the average driver, especially in the snow.

    But for a company like Jaguar, it should stay RWD because it is first and foremost a sports car company. Oh sure, the XJ's are big, luxury cruisers, but when pushed, they still respond.

    I hate it when global planning gets in the way of these historic companies. I couldn't care less if Lexus decided to go to FWD, but companies like Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes should always be RWD.

  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    mabye when hell freezes over and pigs fly. The base 2.5L 5-speed will most likely come in under $30,000 there is no need for a jag to be less expensive than that. A front wheel drive Jag is about as probable as a Jag SUV(god forbid). Besides C&D is just mad that they were not allowed to drive the car.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    No one, outside Jaguar, has been allowed to drive the car yet, and with 60% of the power going to the rear wheels it will probably handle more like a rear wheel drive.

    One other thing, if you think the dark wood is ugly buy the regular model.
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