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  • paula24paula24 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue do you knew what was wrong?
  • markviimarkvii Member Posts: 10
    I had a 3.0L, 2002, manual transmission that did the same under very heavy acceleration or deceleration off a four lane. Amber light would come on, no power , missing etc... I turn it off , set for 30 seconds, start up and run fine..Only did this once in a blue moon. Mostly when warmed up and hot.. Jaguar never found it.. My hunch is that it is a leaking seal on the intake manifold some where, map sensor etc.. one of the electronic air and fuel mixture controlers ( this situation creaes a very strong vaccum that cauese the leak).. it's the computer reacting to the change in this that
    "confuses" the engine til you turn it off , at which time the computer resets and adjust to the mixture.. I'd say when they change the spark plugs, removing the manifold to do this..that this condition will be fixed.. I'd bet money.. Good luck, I loved proud owner of a LR3 Rover..
  • shay35shay35 Member Posts: 8
    My air was not blowing real cool and then it just went out all together. Can I just put coolant in or do you think something else could have happened?
  • ewysockiewysocki Member Posts: 14
    Hi, this is most likely a litle late in response to your problem. The fix is in the drive shaft. They call it the prop shaft. It needs to be replaced. The vibration will go away once that is done.
  • carguy1381carguy1381 Member Posts: 1
    hey man check your transmission mount it sounds alot like thats your problem
  • manjar59manjar59 Member Posts: 1
    The local dealer told me that my one of the O2 sensors is not working properly but with out leaving it at the dealer and paying $150 to diagonse which one. Does anyone know how to locate any of these in the engine.


    Daniel :(
  • bad_tranniesbad_trannies Member Posts: 11
    I would recommend you register at There is a wealth of information there as well as here. And for parts you can try Gaudin for parts. Just wait until you get the dreaded "cruise not available".
  • phil_in_vaphil_in_va Member Posts: 2
    Good grief. It's now 2013, and you couldn't buy a 2002 X-type with 38K miles for under 17k.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,127
    I'm confused by your message. I did a quick search and I'm seeing all sorts of x-types for under 10K. Of course they don't have 38k miles, but the person you responded to bought it almost 8 years ago, so not many around. However, there's one for $8k that only has 56,000 miles - close comparison, and not near $17,000.


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  • jktacyjktacy Member Posts: 1
    Mine did the same and it was the transmission was slipping. It kept jerking when it would be a gear change.
  • jeaniedeljeaniedel Member Posts: 3
    I am looking at a 2003 Jaquar X with 145,000 miles. It has a clean CarFax and was a one owner vehicle. Looks great but am not sure if this mileage is too high. They are asking $5,500. Haven't test driven it yet, just looked at it. Any suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • bad_tranniesbad_trannies Member Posts: 11
    My 03 x has 136k and still runs great. Have had no major probs. 30-32mpg hwy using Michigan gas (much better than Illinois, Indiana or Iowa due to the blend - no ethanol). 5500 might a bit much in my opinion. I hope you have someone that can check it out for you - ask all the right questions, what to check for visual inspection, etc. Test all the bells and whistles, lights, seat heater, a/c, electric seats, turn signals, everything. Look at exhaust when you are following behind for signs of smoke, tire wear, work the transmission by shifting, etc etc etc.

    I plan on keeping mine for many years to come.

    Hope that helps.
  • jeaniedeljeaniedel Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my distress call! I ended up purchasing the same model Jag from a different dealer. It had 111,000 miles and included a 6 mo warranty. I hope I made a good decision...didn't get your response in time to include the info in my decision. I did check what I could since both the dealer and I weren't sure how to work all the bells and whistles. I'll post again after I pick it up on the 7th! Again, thanks for the info!!!
  • bad_tranniesbad_trannies Member Posts: 11
    Well, today is the big day!
    I find that the controls are very well positioned for ease of use on steering wheel - cruise control at right hand, radio left hand.

    Setting the clock is a little kludgey and not intuitively obvious. I have to figure it out every time. My clock gains a minute in about a month.

    The cruise control is the best I've seen, car gets to that speed gradually instead of downshifting. When it approaches speed it eases up so it does not go over more than maybe 1-2mph. It is very consistent. The cancel is like hitting the brake. Resume just gets you back. I am on my second set of brakes at 134k, will probably renew soon to my third set.

    At your miles it is not inconceivable for your engine light to come on at some point. It is a common thing with these cars. It is generally not an emergency, most times indicating an air leak of some sort in the intake system. It could be a hose or requiring renewal of upper/lower intake gaskets, about $600 at the dealer. You may also see "cruise not available". That happens because of the intake business. When that happens you cannot get the engine to rev beyond 3000rpm. Just keep it below that and you can drive to wherever. It's happened to me and went away after I sprayed an manifold air pressure sensor with CRC, a very simple operation, 5 minutes.

    Have fun with your car.
  • jeaniedeljeaniedel Member Posts: 3
    Wow,thanks for remembering my "big day". I actually ended up picking her up on the 9th and have been happily driving around since. It really is a beautiful car and handles like no other vehicle I have owned to date. I am having her oil changed in the morning and it all gone over at that time..then hopefully off to Cape Cod,Mass. To see my sister and niece skydive for the first time. Again,thanks for being there for this stage of my Jag journey!!
  • occupant1occupant1 Member Posts: 412
    I'm looking at a couple X-types for sale. I'm interested in finding out the cost of catalytic converter replacement on a 2002 2.5/auto model, cost of heater core replacement on a 2002 3.0/auto model, and the cost of water pump replacement on a 2004 2.5/manual model. These cars are all priced within the $1200-2000 range and have between 120k and 150k miles. My budget is $2800 to include car, repairs, titlework, and tags. I'm also considering a 2000 BMW 528i, several 02-05 Audi A4's, a 2001 Lexus GS300 and one very clean 88k mile 1995 Mercedes E320, all priced closer to $2500-3000'
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