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Jaguar X-Type



  • Can somebody re-post radio setting change? I must've missed it.

    Also, I have a '02 X-Type 2.5 with manual transmission, and found the clutch to be way too springy and hurts my leg in a long drive. Does anyone know if this can be adjusted at the dealer?

    Thank you in advance.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    I find it hard to believe that a 192HP 2.5 Jag would be faster than a 240HP 3.0 Accord at any speed. Maybe if you had a manual Jag vs. an Auto Accord you would close the gap...

    I was seriously considering the 2.5 but it felt significantly slower then the 200HP 3.0 Accord I was used to - the 6 HP difference felt like a 30-40HP.

    I still like the Jag - maybe the 3.0 is faster.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    The 3.0 does not seem that much quicker to me? Neither model seems to be that fast. Who cares with the Jag's looks?

    All reviews say the 3.0 is better, but I am very happy with the 2.5. Just love it when the little "tricked-out" Honda Civics or BMW 3 Series try to race the Jag.

    Heard Jaguar is considering a super charged engine for the late '04/ early '05 models. Now that would be nice. By that time, I will be ready for the 390 hp. XK Sport Coupe given as a loaner. Now that is a rocket!!!!

    Yes, I did blow away the Honda at highway speeds and I was using the Jgate shifter and the sport tranny setting. As I Build and drive Chevy track cars for a hobby, I am used to getting the most out of a vehicle.

    Still, the Japanese cannot come close to the styling. The new Accord lacks exterior styling, but is nice on the interior. I think the Jag is beautiful. That is my story and I am sticking to it!
  • I posted this back in message 1399. Here's the radio setting info:

    I tried out changing my X-type's radio programming as I described a little ways back. It is super! The FM is totally clear now, and it doesn't get interrupted the way it used to.

    Since I've actually gone through the menues, I can describe how to work it a little more clearly now. To access the different programming which activates the FM boost, do the following:

    1) Turn on radio.
    2) Hold down the Cassette player EJECT button.
    3) While holding the EJECT button, press the AM/FM button.
    4) The radio display should now read "US".
    5) On the number pad, cycle through the different world regions using the 0 buttion. The regions are: US, Japan, Aust (Australia), Europe.
    6) Press the 0 button until the region "Europe" is displayed in the radio display.
    7) Select "Europe" by pressing the AM/FM button. Your radio will now be set to European software programming, and the FM radio boost will be activated. FM radio stations will be much more clear and the signal will be much stronger. AM stations will be divided into LW and MW.

    Although I warned that station number intervals might be slightly changed by undergoing this process, I have not experienced this so far and all radio station numbers have stayed the same (eg: 1530 is still 1530). You can switch back to other world regions by doing the same process but selecting another radio world region.

    It really makes a world of difference.

    Hope it helps you.
  • Hi again. From your posts, I realize that nobody really bought/wants to buy the X-type for the wonderful feature of AWD it has. Also that it pushes it to competition before even "training" sessions are completed. As I said in the beginning when I was hesitating at the to buy or not to buy this is the Question stage (and when Jagboyxtype helped me a lot, thanks), noise was bothering me too at the first look. Then I went again to the dealer to test a 3.0 but as another 2.5 was waiting in a lot's corner, I took that one. It was ANOTHER SAMPLE but with a little bit more luck than the first one that I had tested a week before, that ANOTHER car-driven-by-amateurs-to-buy-you-never-know-who-exactly-but-not-- the-caring-owners. I was extremely impressed with the light snoring of the motor and smooth drive at DIFFERENT speeds. A car is like a radio and nobody buys demo products even if they are on sale at PC Richard for a half price. "Each car is different" the dealer said. I was then very worried by the indirect obtaining of my baby (from 2 other dealers of two other states, CA & PA) but everything was okay. Despite indications of "no need for breaking in" I treated my little girl after the book of breaking, slowly slowly in the beginning, then medium speeds, then varying slow-medium-slow, then varying fast-medium-slow-fast. Finally she ran (almost always --I hope nobody would report me--) 80 mph. We had to do these trips NY-PA and there is no time to waste in trips via slow going. But the MIRACLE that made me buy it beside my old/classic/muscle car Firebird Formula was its AWD capabilities which not only a Firebird, but no other car (at least mentioned above) could beat. The private dirt road going in 35 degree angle with many 90 degree turns in that mountain location where private roads covered with ICE are never able to be snow-cleaned was a joke for my Snow White. During the first trip, as recalling the slipping of the Firebird into the ditch despite all my efforts, I made a little cross under the chin all the time until I got home, then, when the ice was shinning at the next trip, I just prayed that everything went okay, and since I just drive like on straight dull road my FBD. So I do not know what you bought your X-type for but for what I bought it, NO OTHER CAR BEATS IT, BOTH IN TALENT AND BEAUTY. But...

    But I have a BIG problem just discovered: both mufflers (& a little bit from shocks) are covered with RUST. Jagboy, you, who know everything about eliminating any upsetting problem with the X-type, WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS RUST? They say that as long as it is not perforating, it is not corroded. But it is OUTRAGEOUS. Just because it is a brand new car. My husband (also Formula) Firebird, 7 years old has its mufflers (and shocks) shining clean. Please help. Thanks
  • On the muffler rust, I have the same thing: little areas of rust mainly around the edges and welded areas of the mufflers.

    Don't worry about it :-) All current Jaguar mufflers get that way. Our XJ8 Vanden Plas and S-type both have it too. The rust doesn't seem to be getting any worse on any of the cars though. It just appears in little areas that seem to have always been rusted, so it does not appear to spread.

    I was researching rust (back when I first saw it on the VDP's mufflers) and came across information that it is sometimes used to actually protect against itself! (I know that sounds like a paradox, let me finish ;-D ) Some things, such as the mufflers, can be designed to have only their first layer become rusted, and after that, stop rusting anywhere else. The "protective" outside layer of rust prevents any rusting from occuring underneith, and thus the part that was designed to have that first layer of rust is now rust-proof in its other areas and will last a long time.

    I'm not totally sure that the Jaguar mufflers are designed that way, but their rust doesn't seem to spread past being little spots of rust in tiny areas.

    I just sprayed my mufflers with chrome/silver rustoleum paint, and now they look real nice too (and no more rust). It took just 5 minutes, and was easy since the car has a long and beautiful upward pointing tail. That's how I solved the issue on my own car, and I hope it works for you if you try it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    P.S. - Everything else on the car (like body panels, etc.) is double-sided zinc galvanized, so rust is pretty much impossible on the car. Jaguars are now more rust-proof than most any other cars on the road today, which is ironic considering the history of rust-problems than old Jaguars have. I've mentioned it before, but even areas like the roof of modern Jaguars are galvanized so that they don't rust, but other manufacturers still don't do those areas (like Lexus, for example).
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Here's a review of the X-type that was done by the Syracuse Post Standard, NY. It's hot off the press (only 11 hours young right now!): iness-0/10453018325260.xml

  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Marchie - My new Jag exhaust is also rusting. Jagboyxtype is right. You have nothing to worry about. You have more worry with rust in a Japanese car than with the X.

    There is also a red "puddy" you can buy from an auto parts store that removes the rust in addition to the paint Jagboyxtype refers to. I do not remember the specific puddy name, but am sure they will know what it is when you ask at the counter.
  • Hello everyone. I have watched this discussion (without participating) for over a year and I am finally getting around to posting a message. I am an early buyer of an X-Type 3.0 with Premium package and sound. My build date was 9/01 and it was purchased in December of '01. I did experience almost every problem posted on this site and used this information to assist my dealer in solving them. The only issue which they had problems solving was a headlight that would mysteriously turn on and off. It turned out to be a fuse relay that would trip off.

    I am very happy to say that my local Jag dealer always took care of my issues and my car has been in perfect running condition for some time now. My local dealership is now giving out loner X-Types which makes the trip to the dealer much less painful.

    Living in the Midwest I noticed the rusting muffler issue several months ago and asked my dealer about them at my 20K service. They told me not to worry that this is normal for Jag mufflers. I asked if I can paint them and they indicated that a heat resistant paint would be fine. I haven't gotten around to painting them yet but I would think that Rustoleum would work well.

    So I have finally gotten around to doing a post and probably have as much behind the wheel experience as anyone on this site. I love my car and would never consider replacing it for another unless a supercharged version came along...
  • Welcome to the discussion! Rustoleum seems to work well, in my experience.
  • The Car Place's "The Car Family" just conducted a full length review of a new 2003 X-type 3.0 litre:

    "...if you want to get into a Jaguar, this is the one to own."
                        - from "The Car Family" Big Picture

    The guy named "Bob," who interrupts the review at one point to talk about how "Women love these cars. Lust after these cars." also has notes on a 2002 X-type Sport here:

    (X-type notes are the second ones on the page.)
  • My build date is the same as yours and I bought my car about the same time you did. The difference is that I have had none of the problems most have had except the weeping washers
    that started on my way home from the dealer. I bought my car in California where I was living and I really liked the dealer there. I have moved to the midwest and the closest dealer is 75
    miles away. Not a good situation IMO. I love my car but when the lease is up I doubt that I will consider another Jag because of the dealer situation.
  • A lack of a vast dealer network has been an issue for Jaguar. They only have something around 150 dealers in the United States. All of Mexico has only around 3 (which are shared with other high-end cars). That's why Ford wanted Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships to combine, in order to strengthen the dealer newtwork. Chevrolet has something like 3,000+ dealers in the U.S., and German competitors to Jag have about 350 dealerships.

    Survey: Jaguar sells more 2.5's than 3.0's, but I'm wondering what the demographics are here. Also, I've heard Topaz is the best-selling color - let's see how that works out here:

    Hey, what color is everyone's X-type? And what is the engine size you chose?

    1) Carnival Red
    2) 3.0 litre
  • Well jagboyxtype, you already know that our cars are twins. Topaz, silver, and black are the most prominent that I see. Part of this is dealer stocking policy. You go on a lot, you don't usually see the reds, or BRG.
  • I guess my car and Marchie's car are twins. I own white x-type 2.5L. I personally prefer black, but there wasn't any black car that met my specifications (manual, premimum, weather, & xenon) in the lot.

    Also, thank you for the instruction on radio setting. It really did make a world of difference.
  • Living in Chicago at least I have a fairly good choice of Dealers. In my case my local dealer is literally around the block from my house. Pretty sweet! I know a friend who moved in North Carolina and had to sell his car because the closest dealer was too far away. I agree that a better dealer network would help sell more cars.

    As far as the problems with my car I had a few odd issues with the rain sensing wipers and key chiming not working that was a challenge to the dealer. They had to get another identical car and use that computer to re-program my car. Every other issue has been well discussed on this board. It is weird how cars made at the same time would not have at least some of the same issues.

    Also the radio setting may not have any effect in a city setting when the FM signal is strong. In fact too many radio stations may cause a problem with multipath distortion if the boost is on. It really depends on where you live. If most of your stations are 10+ miles away then the signal boost would help. Otherwise I would recommend you keep the settings on US.

    My car is Topaz/Sand with 3.0
    Premium package
    Premium sound
  • I recently have had the opportunity to drive the 2.5 and compare it to my own 3.0 engine. My dealer gives out loaner X-type's when my car is in for service and they are 2.5's. My comparison is based on both cars being automatics. I can say without any doubt that the 3.0 is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than the 2.5. The 2.5 has to be pushed to keep up with faster traffic in stop and go driving. The transmission on the '03 that I have been driving also hunts around much more looking for the right gear. It seems to downshift without much pedal effort.

    Also, the 17 inch tires make the '03 handle better but are more harsh when hitting Midwest potholes this time of year. I actually prefer the slightly smother ride on my '02. I also wonder why Jaguar moved away from the lighted LED computer display to an LCD back lit version. The LCD version can't be seen in bright light with sunglasses on. Did Jaguar have a problem with the LED version?
  • Hello, nice to see you again after my PA recent snowstormy trip. Thanks for your answers. No, the rust is not just at the edges but all over and so are the exhaust pipes. Snow-White likes the snow, of course even heavy, on the roads, but I believe not the snow or even condensation covered her mufflers with chicken pox stuff, but the harsh semi-(caustic) salt, semi- (coal) ash they use in PA to cover roads when it snows. And God, it was 3 ft --to shovel 300 yds driveway--, twice) lots of occasions to drive on those, not snowy roads, but harsh simply scratching anything passing over, 3 inch coats of crystals. My heart was cramping while hearing those scratching sounds hitting under as I was hurt myself. As my other baby is a 31 year old ...unexhausted runner, of course I used the trick with the heat-resistant paint on her pipes (the muffler itself does not seem to care about wetness/salt/etc for at least 13 years since I bought it). But this situation refers to brand new cars, in WARRANTY, when any personal modification voids this warranty. So I cannot do anything for about what? ... 50k miles, but to suffer this uggliness, if I do not want to interfer with the warranty policy.

    PS. Of course, on the way home, I was still in the flattery to see a Mustang trying to see my baby's face (by passing it) but did not have a chance (again, please do not report) while she was running 100 mph.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Painting the exhaust should not void the warranty on the rest of the car. The only thing it might not cover is damage to the parts you paint but unless it was caused by the paint it should not be an issue. Alternatively you could put on a stainless steel cat-back exhaust (assuming one is available). It won't void the warranty either.
  • - _code=motorsportsnews&loc_code=index&content_code=0165867- - 6

    Both of these articles about Jaguar's new engine for their racing XKR's also makes note of the X-type being the official safety car for 2003!

    <<EXCERPT>>"And since 2001, Jaguar North America has increased its ties to Trans-Am by providing a contingency sponsorship to the series -- comprising a pole award that offers a two-year lease on a Jaguar XK sports car, and prize money to drivers finishing in the top three positions.

    For the 2003 season, which kicks off with the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, in Florida February 23, Jaguar North America will also supply an all-wheel-drive X-TYPE compact sports sedan for the series' safety car.

    From its beginning as a manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars, Jaguar Cars has grown to become one of the world's premier manufacturers of prestigious automobiles. The Jaguar marque continues to stand for an unparalleled heritage and a tradition of elegant style, luxurious comfort, and refined performance.

    Today, Jaguar delivers the "art of performance" to customers by offering a four-model range of luxury sedans and sports cars. The 2002 Jaguar X-TYPE now makes the marque accessible to a new segment of customers and is the company's first all-wheel drive model. The X-TYPE sport sedan combines a fresh performance spirit with the luxury, craftsmanship and refinement for which Jaguar is renowned.

    I wonder if it will be one like that "modded" X-type racing concept since Rocket Sports is involved in this too.
  • I am buying a new 2.5 manual X-type-this car looks great! My question: I have an Alpine CD changer from my previous BMW that looks the same in the picture with Jaguar's. Dealer told me that Jaguar has fiberoptic cables and there may be an aftermarket kit that can be used to connect my CD changer to the Jag. Please, please let me know if you have more details. I am not exactly looking to spend 1,250 for the Jag's CD changer. Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, the X-type was Jaguar's testbed for a number of new technologies for the company, including fiberoptic electronics. The common knowlege is that there are not aftermarket CD-players compatible with the X-type yet because of its new electrical system, but the Sony X-plode system, I've read, has a compatible hookup for the fiberoptic electricals in the X-type. The basic system costs around $200, and the high-end version with fold-away television screen goes for over $1000. I've not tested this out myself, but I've read reports that it works with the X-type.

    Perhaps there is a way to use the hookup from the X-plode system with the BMW Alpine unit?

    Also, if you can live with it, you can always get an X-type with the in-dash CD player for $200 (in the 2.5, it's standard on the 3.0 but you've probably alread discovered this and I'm just wasting your time - sorry).

    Well, I hope this little bit of info could be of help to you somehow. In case you decide to go with it, the Alpine system in the X-type - though expensive - has been rated very highly and is well worth the money to the most dedicated of audiophiles. It adds a subwoofer and boosts the number of speakers in the car to 10 plus the extra "tweaters" (what one dealer called them) in the door handles. And don't forget to switch the radio to the European settings for best reception. Good luck with your CD-player hookup search.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I enjoy reading your posts and you are right, this is a gorgeous car. Also, my 2.5 manual is very reasonably priced. This is my plan: I will try to buy the car with the single CD player and later on try to see if it is possible to install the BMW Alpine. I drove the ebony/sand, looks great but no single CD so I have to look around. Unfortunately, there are not many 2.5 manuals out there. I have not seen the british racing green on the X-type, how does it look? There is a phoenix red manual in another dealer (that has the single CD) but that dealer is 150 miles away and do not really want to drive there just to look at the color. Is that a pretty color on this gorgeous car? What is your first and second choice among the four non-mettalic colors? Thanks again.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I have the '03, 2.5, automatic, single CD with the Jaguar Racing Green and sand interior. It looks fantastic and will make due until I can afford the XK coupe! At night under the street lights, it can appear to look blue or even black. During a bright day, it looks lighter then on a cloudy day. I really like how the color seems to change constantly. This color is wonderful.

    Warning: do not wear a dark leather jacket when you sit in the car (sand interior) as it stains the leather seats. My dealer told me and I did not listen. Luckily, leather cleaner took it off..phew!

    Eyemd1 - I drove an '02 pre-owned where the previous owner installed an Alpine changer in the trunk. The face plate did not fit well in the X-Type's dash. It looked UGLY and flew all over the place when making a turn!

    I do have a little remorse that I did not get the 3.0 with the sport package, but am all-around very happy with this wonderful vehicle and the great service Jaguar is known for providing. People complain of the 2.5 engine noise. I just think of it as my cat purring! What noise is a Jaguar supposed to make?

    Have a picture of an XK Coupe on the wall and trying to figure out how to save enough to purchase it in the next year :-)
  • I called the Jaguar dealer in Southern California previously mentioned here and the racing green was not available. But they do have other manual 2.5 cars WITH single in-dash CD so I am buying this week. In terms of the "noise", I love it! There is no fun in my 3.0 Accord coupe...plain boring and is SO cheap inside with ALL plastics making a rattle just after 15,000 miles. Never again a Honda for me...thank you. I love the manula 2.5, much faster than the auto, I guess I missed driving my previous manual car, a 2.8 Z3. The 2.5 manual is a gorgeous car for a great price (just my opinion).
  • Glad you found cars with your option choices. I think the car looks great in almost any color, and the shades seem to be able to give the car everythihg from a stealthy athletic look to a bright flashy one to a refined regal one. Color is all up to you, so get one that you really like on the car - they all look pretty good.

    If you want to re-live the whole open-air driving experience, get a car with the sunroof and then open it and all the windows. It turns into a convertible (almost) with roll bars around the door frames! Lot's of fun on winding roads and sunny days.
  • Just in case you might be struggling with locating reverse gear (like I have been for first couple of months....) In order to put the gear in reverse, you need to lift up the stainless ring underneath the knob & then place it in reverse.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Glad you made your choice! Too bad they cannot find a Jaguar Racing Green? There are plenty available on the east coast. Can they deliver?

    The sunroof is a must as jagboyxtype states. Settle for no less!

    Please let us know when the "cat" is in your driveway and how you like it! Most of your neighbors will comment, trust me.
  • Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. I will pick-up the car next few days. White/sand. This car looks great on the driveway but especially pretty on the road. At night, the X-type is among the most distinctive cars out there...just a gorgeous car.
  • Oh that's exciting! I love the light patterns the car has, too. The jewel-effect lights are great.

    Of course, the car's quite distinctive during the day as well :-) Great color BTW.
  • Hi all
    I just bought a 2002 2.5 sport X-Type
    Black with everything BUT navagation system & Xenon headlights.
    I have to admit it looks GREAT!
    Also i'm pretty sure i'm the only one in my town that has one :)
    It's truly a head turner
    I really like it
    If anyone has any advice for me and my new jag please share it with me....thanks
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