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Jaguar X-Type



  • ...will be around for a long time.

    Europe was the only place where projected sales for Jag were down, and that was because 2/3 of all cars there are sold with a diesel, and Jaguar doesn't have one ready yet. There will be diesel X-types soon though. And the "estate" version, the sport wagon will come out soon, too. X-type exceeded demand in the US for 2002, with sales up 238% over 2001. Jaguar also had a worldwide sales record in 2002, thanks in much part to the X-type. They won't stop making thier best selling model. 2009 is the scheduled redesign - that's no time soon, and they are definitely keeping "X-type" in the lineup as a long lasting model.
  • Look for a new major add campaign to highlight the standard permenant AWD system of the X-type, which gives it claws in any weather conditions, on any road surfaces versus all of its competitors.

    Some other info of note in the article above:

    "Since its U.S. debut in September 2001, the X-TYPE has become Jaguar’s best-selling model ever, and continues to break sales records. Last year, 33,018 X-TYPEs were sold, accounting for an impressive 12 percent of the highly-competitive compact-luxury segment.

    The car has also been hugely successful in attracting new buyers to the Jaguar brand. For more than 90 percent of buyers, the X-TYPE was their first Jaguar. And of those, 47 percent were women – the highest percentage in this segment."


    "Technically, the X-TYPE’s Traction 4 system uses a planetary center differential with a viscous coupling. In poor weather, the viscous coupling automatically, and seamlessly, transfers power away from the slipping wheels to those with the best traction.

    The system sets the Jaguar apart from front- and rear-wheel-drive models in this segment. Also the viscous coupling technology provides more positive power transfer than various traction control systems that rely only on brake action to manage torque distribution."
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    that has a live-in cheerleader.

    That said, it's pleasant to note that actual other people have posted over the past couple of weeks.

    Thanks, all.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    you think his pompoms are british racing green?
  • Sorry, I thought I was helping discussions by posting recent news about the car... If you don't like it, I'll quit...

    Bye guys.
  • marchiemarchie Posts: 11
    I really do not understand the attacks on the most informed posts presented by Jagboyxtype. If it was something challenging his indeed helpful knowledge with similar knowledge on X-type Jaguar, I (and not only, because this is a public forum) would have similarly interested read these "attacks." But they say nothing but jealousy and immaturity which is not nice. Jagboyxtype, do not leave. Or if you do, please let me know your email address because there are still thousand things that I (like many other people not only NOT Jag owners like your attackers posting here) do not know and need to know. Thank you.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    I'm undecided between an Audi A4 and the Jaguar X-Type. Both are great cars and have AWD. I like the Jag's looks a little better.

    The Audis seem to have average reliability - My question is how's the reliability of the X-Type?

    I know the older 80s-90's Jaguars were unreliable, but hopefully the new X-Types are better. I don't expect it to be as reliable as my Accord, but on the other hand, I don't want to be running to the dealer every other month.

    Anyone out there with any mechanical problems?

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    I don't think calling an overly enthusiastic young X-type owner a cheerleader could be considered a "personal attack". I think it's an accurate description. I also don't see anything wrong with his posts. He's young and very excited about his car. If I had a X-type when I was his age I'd be excited too. It was not a personal attack. Get over it.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    The early X Types had some teething problems as most first year models do. From the recent reports I hav seen the 2003 model has been close to faultless. The earlier problems have been addressed. I have an early build 9/01 X Type and
    in the 10,500 miles I have driven it so far I have had no problems other than a weeping wind-
    shield washer jet. So you never know.
  • I've searched but cannot find any information on Jag-Net. I assume it's like GM's OnStar. Do all vehicles come with the necessary hardware? Why do you have to sign up for three years? Why doesn't Jaguar provide a shorter option? I think that On Star offers a free first year.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Come ON people -- we are here to talk about the vehicle, not each other.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    comments about topic management should be addressed to me in email. I'll be happy to discuss anyone's questions or thoughts off-line.

  • I just picked up my new manual BRG 2.5 with weather, sunroof and premium options. I'm coming out of a manual 2000 LS. I had a hands free post with charging holster installed in it for my portable Nokia, which was fine, but the X type is a smaller car. I know I have it wired up somewhat what with the premium package, and I am wondering whether anyone knows of an after market product which could take advantage of some of the installed phone buttons, with out getting into the high cost of the dealer Motorala accessory. I negotiated the phone transfer from the LS to the new car within my deal, but I'm wondering about the room constriction. Anyone have any thoughts ? Hands free is pretty much a must with the manual.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    Now option other than dealer motorolla in order to utilize the car's phone functions. Sad but true, it's completely proprietary. There are many hands free options though. I use a tecnozone product and it works really well (, and there are many others too like CCM. These "do-it-yourself" install products tend to cost about $50.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    Thanks for your comments Desertguy.

    The other AWD I was considering is the Audi A4. I just got back from the A4 "Repairs & Reliabilty" forum, and could not believe all of the major problems Audi owners are experiencing. Most problems are serious and revolve around ignition coil failure (both 4 & 6 cylinder models including '03s). I knew the A6 was a mechanical nightmare (look at all the "black" dots in Consumers Reports), but I thought the A4 would be OK.

    The problems listed on the board here on the earlier X-Types are minor compared to Audi. (leaking windsheild washer, etc). JagboyXtype is right - the Jag is a better car than the Audi.

    Now that the A4 is off my list, I'm looking at the X-Type, BMW 3 Series AWD (most likely way out of my price range like the M-Benz), Infiniti G35 AWD Sedan (coming in the Fall 2003), or maybe pass on the AWD and get a reliable FWD, 260 HP Acura Type-S (even though some of the '01 & '02 trannys have grenaded).

    Please keep us posted on your Jag. Thanks.
  • Okay, now I that I've allowed everyone to cool down in my absence and stop being sick of me, I can post again...

    This review is from kind of a weird site, but the guy is honest and seems to represent what an everyday average person sees in a car.

    There are also reviews of other cars there too, if you enjoy this guy's writing.

    I just had a birthday, so perhaps I'll be more mature. Sadly, on my way home from an outing with my friends for my b-day, I hit a deep pot-hole with rocks around it at night, and it chipped my front, left wheel. The chip left a jagged piece of metal sticking out, which in turn slashed my tire, causing my car to bottom out over some rocks. I can say that the full spare came in very handy and works well. Damage to the car from bottoming out on the rather large rocks was restricted to scratching the little plastic rim around the edge of the bottom of the bumper - no damage to the painted part, a black shield over part of the transmission, the left black "arm" next to the left front wheel, the plastic mud-guard, and the chip in the rim. The car goes in Monday to be totally fixed and to get a new tire. Continental (it was a Continental ContiTouring Contact)will refund the value of the tire (around 90%), and Jaguar will replace the damaged parts for free (I was prepared to pay, but they said they'd do it under the warranty). I'm glad the car was not hurt otherwise, and am thinking of purchasing new wheels for it (the five spoke ones with the "Y" shaped spokes in between). The guy who fitted on my spare for me examined the area where the "incident" happened, and was surprised that my car did not break its suspension components and much more. I was sure I had snapped an axle when I hit everything, as the sound was horrible and terribly frightening. The only damage was the superficial stuff I described above though. For once, I'm very glad that Jaguars are "built Ford tough" - and I mean that in the best of ways. I got home safe, and the car did not let me down.
  • _code=longtermtests&loc_code=index&content_code=05632929

    "From its hood-mounted leaper to its arched back and tucked tail, there’s no doubt this is a Jag."

    "The perfect paint job, which alleges to be green but appears blue and sometimes even black under certain lighting, draws kudos from staffers as well as unsolicited bystanders." <-- perhaps they finally noticed that Jags come with twice as much paint as other cars.

    "Inside, the enveloping leather seats and tight interior confines (especially in the back seat) are all Jag, even if the interior&#146;s cream color gets dirty in a hurry."

    "We&#146;ve found a lot to like about the strong 3.0-liter V6 and the great traction provided by the all-wheel-drive system."
  • pmhtvpmhtv Posts: 33
    Does anyone know if Jaguar is offering a Ford Employee Discount on the X-type?
  • If you are talking about the X Plan for Ford ees,
    all I have ever seen mentioned is a $500 discount from the final price.
  • X-Plan is a $500 rebate. No other special pricing or rates.
  • ian18ian18 Posts: 133
    Hello everyone, I have been checking out this forum for the past two weeks as I am considering getting a X-Type. I have some observations and questions that I would appreciate feedback on:
    1) Autoweek comments on difficulty in keeping the light colored interior clean. Anybody else have this problem and what do you use to clean it?
    2) Clutch takes some getting used too. It seems very springy to me, does it get better with age?
    3) Engine noise from the 2.5 seems a little rough, I thought it would have more of a refined quality. Is the 3.0 any different in this respect?
    4) Resale value seems very poor, however this should work to my advantage if I buy a used one.
  • Some answers I hope may help you:

    1) Autoweek has the "Sand" (tan) interior scheme to their X-type. I have the "Ivory" color, which is much lighter, close to white, in my own car, and which should be harder to keep clean. Surprisingly, the car actually stays quite clean inside, and any marks are pretty easily removed with a damp rag or better yet, leather cleaner/conditioner. Sometimes a rear passenger (if there are 3) will have his or her shoe rub off a scuff on the back of the center console/armrest, but it comes off relatively easily. Our S-type, also w/ Ivory, is almost 3 years old now, but the interior is still brand-new looking (depite spilling food in it once). They hold up really well, though I'd imagine a darker interior would generally be easier to keep clean looking than any light interior.

    2) Have an auto, so I can't say anything here from long-term experience with the manual. I've heard and read comments that it is everything from "soft and quite easy to use" to "it's too hard and travel to too far". I'm sure using it a bit would wear it into condition, as well as get the driver used to it.

    3) I believe 3.0's sound "deeper" than 2.5's. The few people who don't care for the sound of the 2.5 usually like the 3.0. Drive both for a while and see what you like best. I wouldn't call the 3.0 "rough" sounding, but it is all how it sounds to each person, so it may be different for you.

    4) Resale is artificially poor because of the incentives Jaguar used to launch the car. However, for 2003, Jaguar has stopped the incentives on all of its cars, as well as promoted purchases instead of leases in order to boost resale back to where it should be. Resale also varies depending on who you talk to. All Jags have pretty poor resale, but it has been rising steadily since Jaguars have become more popular recently.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    Thanks for all of the information. I find it quite useful. Sometime this year I'm planning on buying an AWD car. You helped me eliminate the A4. It looks like the Jag's a better car than the unreliable Audis/Passats. The A4s do look neat (except for the ugly flat black paint 2 inches from the bottom), but the Jag is even a better looking car.

    I looked at your link to the hollywoodextra article, and hope they don't make the sporty Jag into a station wagon. What's with all these station wagons and "cross over vehicles" all these auto manufacturers are pushing?
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    What are you guys paying for your Jag?
  • anetaaneta Posts: 4
    I am considering buying an AWD sedan. Looked at Audi A4, liked it, then got shocked by comments in these forums and from friends. Mind-boggling problems for the kind of money the little car costs.
    I would appreciate any comments on reliability on the X-type, despite being a relatively new car. Outside color or quality of speakers.
    Many thanks in advance.
  • mjc440-

    At least Jaguar isn't making an SUV! Actually, one of the weak points in Jaguar's lineup is a lack of a lot of diversity: Jaguar sells 3 beautiful luxury sedans and one "sports car" that is really more of a GT. Of the 3 sedans, only the X-type has AWD, and they all have about the same interior dimensions and trimming/luxury. One of the things that competitors have an advantage in over Jaguar as a company is many more types of vehicles and variants of vehicles. In order to compete in this highly competitive market, Jaguar has to have vehicles to bring in buyers that would have bought from a competitor had Jaguar not offered them the vehicle type that they wanted (like the wagon). Believe it or not, the "Jag wag" is actually quite attractive to a lot of people, and if that's what they like, who am I to argue with them? The sport wagons are still Jaguars, and they are still X-types, so to those owners I say welcome to the exclusive club! More variants can only be a good thing. (There were actually non-factory XJS wagons made, and the E-type coupes were hatchbacks to the point of almost being wagons, so the X-type Estate wouldn't be the first Jaguar sport wagon. And don't worry, Jaguar is not going to start making an SUV - they still plan on being more exclusive and refined than the competition.)

    Good luck finding the AWD car of your dreams! And I'm glad my blabbering was helpful to you to some degree.


    I didn't lease, but the latest advertisment for the X-type (the "Claws" ad where it tears up a bridge - the car looks good in the ad) said that X-types could be leased for $400 a month for 39 months. The incentive leases at the car's launch were $349 per month, which was later raised to $369 per month, and now they are up to an even $400 per month. I think the price raised since Jaguar has stopped incentives, which in turn boosts resale value back up to where it should be.


    There were some problems with the earliest X-types with things like annoying sounds coming from the propshaft to little things like rocking seats and dripping windshield wiper jets. However, Jaguar took notice quickly and fixed everything by redesigning the problematic parts for the new cars, and Jaguar replaced any of the problematic parts on early cars free under the warranty. There are no more problems with the X-types coming from the factory, and most all of the early ones are now fixed. My own car (purchased in March of 2002) only had the dripping windshield wiper jets, which the dealer fixed in under 5 minutes before the car came home. No problems since then.

    As for paint (I assumed that's what outside color meant), Jaguar is known for using something like a 12-layer 4-step paint process, which is double the amount used by other cars, to give the cars an ultra smooth, ultra deep looking color. All body panels are double-side, zinc-coat galvanized to make rust almost impossible as well (including the roof, where most manufacurers do not galvanize).

    As for the speakers, they are adequate (and good compared to the competition), but if you are an audiophile, the premium sound system is recommended. The radio reception (set for the U.S.) is not that great either, and that transfers through to the speakers. However, activating the "Europe" radio setting activates the transmission signal boost and makes reception much better (I can repost how to do this, you just have to push a few buttons on the radio controls to do this - it's quite nifty.) So, if you like very good music, the premium sound system is a very good buy, and in my local newspaper was rated one of the best car stereo systems on the market (it even beat the Lexus ML system). As for the reliability of the speakers (versus their sound quality), they are very very good.

    On reliability, the X-type has also had no recalls, and Jaguar constantly updates little bits and pieces of the cars on regular scheduled maintenence under the warranty. Recently, Jag has been reprogramming the transmission and engine management codes for the cars to make them smoother, increase fuel economy, and increase performance by a noticeable degree.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I hope I helped you all by giving useful information, sometimes I over-do it and end up offending people. Sorry if I did, and you are very welcome if I didn't.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    On Saturday, I test drove a beautiful metallic blue X-Type 2.5 Automatic (with Sport Package & 17 inch rims).

    Unfortunately I was very disappointed. What I noticed immediately is the total lack of both torque and horsepower the engine had. Even at lower highway speeds (40 MPH), if you wanted to just slighly increase your speed, the 2.5 would downshift and scream, but nothing happened! The car would slowly increase in speed and then upshift. I think I only drove 5 miles on the highway, and it must have upshifted and dowshifted 10 times. I have no idea how this engine could be rated at 194HP when my 83,000 mile 200HP '99 Accord V6 Coupe is rated at only 6 more HP. The Accord (my only benchmark on which I could compare the Jag) feels like it has at least 40 more HP on the Jag and seems like it would run rings around the Jag. When you floor the 2.5, the engine just made a lot of noise but the power rush never really came; when the Accord's V6 is floored, the VTEC kicks in the power rushes in and doesn't slow down until it pegs the redline(there may be a rev limiter on the VTEC - but I'm not really sure)

    Now I know there's a weight difference between the two (and also the Accord's V6 is broken in and the Jag's isn't yet), but I'm still baffled about the lack of power in this car. Maybe more people buy the 2.5 with the manual...

    Also the handling on the Sport Jag was also very disappointing. Again the old Accord feels like a much tighter handling package (sorry to keep talking about the Accord, but it was the only comparison reference I had).

    Now the Jag did have a better ride than the Accord, which is a little too harsh on rough roads (unless you're doing at least 80, and then it feels just right)

    Also, maybe it's my imagination, but the fit and finish (opening and closing the doors, interior switch gear, etc) seemed a little inferior to the Accord.

    Now the overall appearance of the X-Type, both inside and out was excellent. In my opinion, it's probably one of the best looking cars on the road.

    Overall I was very disappointed. I didn't get a chance to test drive the 3.0, which I'm sure will be faster, because I wanted to test the Infiniti G35 Sedan. Going from the 2.5 Jag to the 3.5 260HP G35 Sedan was like night and day. The G35 had an obscene amount of power. I also couldn't believe the super-tight handling and braking of the G35. Also the G35's fit and finish was top notch. It's probaly the closest thing to BMW handling that you could buy.

    I still havn't given up on the X-Type however, I need to go back and test drive the 3.0

    I'll keep everyone posted on the results...
  • Well, as I had posted, my X-type took some underbody damage when I hit some really bad road that managed to slash my tire after chipping one of my rims - if no one else can hit it, I can...

    Anyway, the damage, as it turns out, was primarily restricted to a shield/pan under the car that protected mechanical components very well. As this was my first schedualed service, the Jag people found that they needed to add weight to my car's driveshaft so that it would not get "the whine," but the funny thing is that it never had a problem with that - in fact, besides the welcome roaring song of the engine upon acceleration, the car was and still is very quiet. They also said they'd replace the tire for free, which I though I'd have to pay for since it was used, but they almost refused to let me pay for it. So, as it turns out, the X is going to be better than before, and it cost me absolutely nothing to get the car repaired. I'll get to bring her home later today as they had to order a part for her yesterday. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience - as far as damaging one's beautiful car and getting it repaired goes.

    On a final note, I had to take a Ford Escort loaner, but as I wasn't paying for anything I wasn't going to complain. Anyone who calls Jaguar simply a Ford is going to get a smack in the head from me though, 'cause I've experienced the Fords now, and they ain't nothing like any Jags. Can't wait to get my car back. The Escort did have a surprisingly large amount of headroom, however.
  • I posted this a few hundred posts ago, but thought it might be of interest again...

    I talked to a colleague in Jaguar's Paint group in order to clear up the confusion over their 4 step/10 step process.

    The 4 stage process refers to a 4 layer/4 bake process, typically Electrocoat, Primer 1, Primer 2 and Color. In Ford's eyes this is the process at Jaguar. Technically, 5 layers of paint are applied to the vehicle as after Color a Clear coat layer is applied. Ford plants run a 3 or 4 stage process with a 3 stage being without the Primer 2 coat.

    The 10 stage process refers to the pre-treatment process and the various stations used to condition the metal prior to any paint application e.g. cleaner dip, rinse 1, rinse 2, conditioner, phosphate, rinse 3..... etc. In truth at Jaguar an 11 stage pre-treatment process is used, but again in Ford's eyes it is only 10.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Had my '03, 2.5, X-Type for two weeks now. Only problem was the alignment came off the assembly line askew and the front paint started to chip. Jaguar fixed these issues without question and gave me an XK coupe loaner. Now, I am hooked on that rocket. That is another post in itself.

    The 2.5 is not that much different than the 3.0. The finish is far superior to the Japanese. The styling is no comparison. A Jag is a Jag and a Japanese car, well, is just another Japanese car.

    A new 240 hp Honda Accord tried to race me on the highway. Below 40 mph, the Accord did better. Above 40 mph, the Jag simply left the Honda standing still. I could tell the Honda driver was a little upset and he was NOT holding back.

    For those comparing the Jag to a Honda, stick with a Honda and leave us alone. Honda service is not Jaguar service and I have both brands.

    For the person who posted the radio settings, thank you very much. I find much better reception on the European setting.

    Caution: Jaguar dealers are now telling customers to change the oil every 10,000 miles during the "free servicing periods." I asked several objective mechanics about this. Under no circumstances should you listen to Jaguar. Change the oil AT LEAST every 5,000 miles. 3,000 mile intervals are still recommended.

    There are numerous posts regarding keeping the leather seats clean. My dealer recommends a good leather cleaner and to NOT to wear black or brown leather jackers as the jacket die bleeds into the white/sand leather Jaguar seats.

    For the person asking about lease prices: I am paying $491/month with the 2.5, Sunroof, Heated Seats, CD Player, Split fold-down seats, free hand washes every two weeks and rear park sensors. No money down and no security deposit. Jaguar made the first payment. Others I know are paying more, so you can use my price as a guage.

    Hope this helps.
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