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    Actually Nicely Equipped will run about $4,900 in options. The $2500 X1 Pkg has just about everything you could want for the car as far as lux goodies. The $1,200 weather pkg is a nice touch in the northern tier, and the $1,200 premium sound is pretty sweet.

    Now if you want every possible factory installed option you could spend an extra $11,225, but that's another story.
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    Yup... many of our members have balked at following through with their
    orders for the X-Type because of the higher than expected prices. And
    many of our European members are taking ownership within the next week
    or so. I look forward to their feedback on ( )
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    I test drove a 330xi yesterday. I don't like it feels not so stable once it runs over 120km/h and I hate the overpowerd steering wheel. I have no idea why they fixed the 325xi's steering wheel but not the 330xi. ( that's what my dealer told me) So I am thinking " Would X-type be better? " Anyone test drove one yet?
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    I am looking at this same comparison. At this point I am leaning to the BMW, due to its quicker availability and concerns about first year problems with the x-type. I thought the 330xi was a great car and the leasing numbers are good. (last two cars are Lexus ES300 and M-B CLK320)

    Any word on lease financing for the X-type?

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    I too am becoming "potentially interested" in the X-type, and I'm sure like many others, I've checked out the initial road tests. I was disappointed with the review in "Automobile" - who took much time to make the obvious comparisons to the BMW 3-series (and who appear to think that BMW can do no wrong). Among the anti-Jag bias was a remark about how a full-boat 3.0 X-type Sport would be in the $44-45K price range - "Ouch!" according to them. They made some bogus implications at price comparisons to the BMW 330i, and only once grudgingly admitted, parenthetically, that the 330xi (the TRUE comparison) was actually a little pricier.

    Without yet knowing any special financing, money back, or lease deals for the Jag, it is tough to make a true comparison at this point. I suspect Jaguar will have to get a bit aggressive in this area. But apart from that, unless I am losing my ability to price-compare using the manufacturers' web sites, it seems to me that a comparably equipped 330xi consistently runs about $1K more than the Jag.

    So I mistrust some of the advance press on the Jag. "Automobile's" styling analysis also called the X-type "a mess" and criticized it, among other things, for being a pastiche of past Jag styling themes/motifs. Well, I don't see them criticizing BMW for incessantly doing much of the same thing.... they have yet to bemoan another version of the twin-kidney grille! Obviously, styling is pretty subjective, and I don't agree with every line and curve I see in the X-type, but I think most objective people would agree that it's a pretty credible styling exercise.
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  • ojcojc Member Posts: 31
    Sure, it is based on the Mondeo, but why did they put so much Taurus into the rear end. I cannot see paying $40K for a car that looks Ford on the outside and Is Ford on the inside...
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    This was posted on the JagTalk Board:

    Posted by Tim D (Profile) on June 15, 2001 at 12:46:48:

    I called my dealer today as their continual line that "your car could be here
    any time from tomorrow until mid July" is pathetic, and indicative of a company
    that is not in control....

    I have been told (amazingly)
    1. Jaguar have a problem with the company that will be transporting the cars
    from the factory to the dealers, and the transport company is apparently
    "holding some cars"
    2. Production of the factory is behind - it is supposed to be producing 500 cars
    a week, but is only producing 200
    3. The workers are refusing to work Saturdays to increase production
    4. The workers are refusing to work in the traditional two-week summer shut-down
    5. They tried to call the factory to get an update. Apparently they can get
    updates on the progress of S-type and other models because they "know people in
    the production line area". As they don't "know anyone" on the X-type line at
    Halewood, they can't find out progress.

    I guess that this information is potentially sensitive. I write it here for
    information purposes to JagTalk folks. If you must pass it on to others, please
    don't attribute it directly to me - I don't have any desire to get the chap at
    the dealership into trouble.
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    In most of the British magazines' comparison tests, the X-type did come out on top. One may accused them being biased too.

    I think only "Top Gear" ranks BMW330iSE better than X-type 3.0 V6 Sport. BM wins for better handling, refinement and performance (6.3 Vs 7.1 in 0-60).

    However, for those not-so hard core sports saloon fans, Jaguar is a more well balance, one of a kind car.

    BTW May issue of "Car" magazine has a 64 pgs special report on the X-type.
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    I'm sorry but I am so sick of hearing that line. If people did not know that Ford owned Jaguar they would never say such a foolish thing. If anything the rear deck resembles the XK8 as far as tail light shape and decklid shape.
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    Since Ford does own Jaguar, does that mean Z-Plan pricing applies also? If so, I'd really like to know how much i could get one with a z-plan price. might even make me consider one!
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    A/Z plan pricing does apply to the X-Type, though there may be a 6-month (or so) delay after the introduction of the vehicle.
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    I had my first opportunity to be in an X-Type today. At a Polo charity even up here in Toronto, one major sponsor was a Jaguar dealership. They brought standard issue S-Type, XJ, XK and two new X-Types, a 2.5L and a 3.0L with a stick.

    The first thing that struck me about the car is how little it is. I know it is a compact car, but the pics make it look so much bigger. I think they tried to cram too much Jaguar cues into the car, and yet it still looks a little Mondeoish. That's not a bad thing, but different for jaguar.

    The interior design is very nice, but the materials feel a little cheap. Nice soft touch surfaces, but the centre console is hard black plastic and the buttons are hard too. The leather was pitiful. It felt very fake, and when you tested the bolsters on the sport model, you could tell the foam is not going to last. That was what I am most dissapointed with. The wood is great and as I said, the design is nice.

    All in all, I think it is going to be a home-run for jaguar. I don't know if it will steal too many customers from BMW and Audi, but definately from MB and the C-Class. We'll see~ A.R.
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    Why would the X-type not steal customers from BMW or Audi but steal them from the C-Class??
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    All X-Types currently on tour around the country are pre-production proto-types so of course the interior materials, fit, and finish are not up to the standards of the final production model.

    As far as size goes, the car is down to the inch almost the same siz einside as the 3 series except for the trunk which is 6 cubic feet larger.
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    Not so much Audi, but the BMW 3 is a true enthusiasts car. MB and Jaguar are going for the same person- someone who wants brand cache, lots of luxury and a little sport. Yes, the Jag is AWD so that makes little difference, but not a huge one. I would take the Jag over the C-Class myself, but not over a 330. The BMW is the benchmark for the class because it offers tremendous performance in an affordable package that is still luxurious. As I said, the BMW is an enthusiast car and BMW owners aren't likely to give up their ultimate driving machine for a new beautiful cat, no matter how good it is. All in my opinion~ A.R.
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    I guess I don't agree. I see the BMW 3 series and MB C class being in one group, that being defined by focused rwd platforms. Whereas the Jag X type and Audi A4 being shared FWD / AWD platforms.
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    Guys... GUYS.

    Why not wait until you DRIVE an X-Type?

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    With a base of $29,950, what is NOT included in the X-TYPE (a/c, hubcaps, steering wheel)?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Member Posts: 4,883
    Stuff that's not included in the base MSRP of a 325i, A4 or IS300.

    Leather, Moonroof, Sport Wheels, Zenons, Automatic(except the IS).

    What is included? Cruise, Power windows, locks, etc.. The basics.

  • mvargo1mvargo1 Member Posts: 298

    Does include leather and AWD in the X-Type unlike the base A4 2.8 and BMW 330i.

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    I'd rather have a car with a Taurus rear end than the same BMW styling from 1992...

    I have read magazine articles, done my best to keep up here, I guess there will be no FWD version of this car. But if Ford isn't going to sell this version of the Mondeo here, why not offer a FWD version, maybe for $25,995, to entice those who would normally buy a Sebring LXi or high-end Malibu/Alero? Might even turn some Accord EX/Camry XLE heads Jaguars's way? Want to steal more Passat sales? Hmm...

    I can't wait to see the resale on these. If it's as bad as the older Jags, I might be able to afford one of these in 8-10 years...
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    Heck, if they're going to do that, they might as well slap the leaping kitty on the hood of a Crown Victoria and call it an XJ8! Maybe rebadge the Taurus as an S-Type, and call a gussied up Cougar an XK8. Why not put a Jag hood ornament on an F-150, and call it the XT-Series? Jag version of the Windstar anybody? XV6?
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    Well, I am waiting for my first test drive. All-in-all, it looks like it will be a hit. Alot of features standard, but....some of the more common options which are becoming standard on some other models are indeed ala-carte with the x-type.( moonroof/xenons/fold-down rear seat/rear seat heat ducks. I am looking at the 3.0, but by the time you ad-ons plan on plan on spending $40!! I am still trying to figure out how they got 16c ft. in the trunk!!! best in class I believe.
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    I've seen posts indicating that the only X-Types on the lots will be ones that are loaded. Does anyone have a basis for this, or true inside knowledge? One of the reasons I'm considering the X-Type 2.5 over the BMW 325i is that the X-Type comes with leather, an armrest, power seats, interior lighting, wood veneer -- all standard. On the 325, the minimal packages to get those basics (in a car of this class) add up to $4000. Sure, I would end up with a moonroof and electrochromic mirror on the 325 (with the PP), but those aren't real high priorities. Will Jaguar have a way to order-to-build? If so, I just might get a base 2.5 in BRG, manual trans, and ivory connelly leather!

    Of course, the X-Type also has looks over the 325 (and most cars on the road). Oddly enough, the 325 is not available with that awesome chrome leaper. ;^)
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    From what I saw the other weekend, don't expect REAL connelly leather. They aren't using the same cows for the X-Type as they are for the S-Type, XJ and XK's!~ A.R.
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    When I looked at the X-type, I asked the salesperson the same question about the leather. For what it's worth, he said the leather is the same as in the higher Jag models, but on the X only the part that touches you is leather--that is , the seat and seat back. On the higher models more leather is used, for example, on the door trim panels, console, etc.
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    Mh: You can specifically order a Jaguar. Actually, the dealer will usually just change their next unit scheduled for production. As far as equipment, some sticks will be out there I bet, but most will be somewhat well-equipped (Roof, Zenons, sound..etc..).

    When I was with a Jag dealer, I'd have no problem special ordering a car, I'd just ask for a deposit ahead of time.

    As far as leather.. It is on the seating services. Same as the XJ8, XJR and XKs.

    Only the VDP has a "full" leather interior.

  • arcoatesarcoates Member Posts: 221
    Well, in my opinion the leather felt like crap. Maybe that's because it was a preproduction model or something, but it felt like cheap vinyl.~ A.R.
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    All these comments about styling looking like this and leather feeling like crap are all minute. I want everyone to look at what they're typing and ask yourself...what the hell does this remind me of? I'll tell ya. It reminds me of the 1999 Acura TL restyling and Acuras new packaging tatic. It took them 3 years to get that car right w/ the Type S in my opinion.

    But what was said about it by the Journalists when it first came you remember?
    -cheap leather
    -Honda Accord styling
    -no fog lights
    -4 speed-auto shifter when comp. was offering 5
    -no side airbag, etc.

    The next year...Acura did a total switch, added bags, better quality control, more powerful transmission, etc.
    With all that criticism..The TL was selling like hot cakes. Then you had people trading in their 1 year old Tl's for the updated 2000 Tl.

    My point: the X-type is gonna do the same and for those in doubt, sit out for a year or two and observe. Of course, I plan on purchasing in 2-3 years because I never buy the first year of a redesign/makeover because of past experience. I think car companies too often use that first year for customers to sniff out problems.

    I bet 2004 they'll have a supercharged X-type with all type of goodies. Can't wait!!!!!
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    But the difference is that the X-type is being made by a company with a proud heritage while Acura is the smart young upstart. Most likely the other posters here are as excited as you and I about the X-type debut. But there excitement is tempered by memories of other exciting Jaguars and the hope the X-type will be a contiuation of and not a departure from what makes people go crazy for the brand.
  • arcoatesarcoates Member Posts: 221
    Don't get me wrong, I really like the X-Type. It is going to be a hit regardless if the leather isn't as good or it's AWD rather than RWD. In today's market, people are looking for something that will get them there in style, with a luxurious interior, an affordable price tag and no hassles. The Jaguar offers this in spades. It will take a huge market share, from day one. It is a very worthy alternative to a C-Class, A4, and even the BMW.~ A.R.
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    Do any of you think that the Infiniti RWD G35 will steal any sales from the Jag? It's yet another 3-series BMW fighter. I have seen only one picture and no pricing. The engine is a 3.5 V-6. Not certain if it is a 2002 or 2003.
  • logic1logic1 Member Posts: 2,433
    perhaps not so much steal sales as help, along with all the other competitors in this segment, keep the prices honest.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Member Posts: 298
    The G35 is more likely to steal sales from the 3 series and the IS300 than the Jag due to differing target markets. The Infiniti is more of a performance and less of a luxury product. The Jag is more of a luxury product.

    The G35 is a 2003 model and will appear in early 2002. If it does steal from the Jag I don't care because I sell both.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Member Posts: 298
    I apologize about going off topic, but the G35 is going to be a 260HP Rear Wheel drive compact sport sedan that will eventually be offered in coupe and convertable forms (mabye even a sport wagon), It has been designed to compete against the 3-series, C-class, IS300, and other vehicles in this class. It will offer world class performance and handleing. Infiniti will no longer compete in the low to mid $20,000 market when the current G20 reaches the end of its lifespan.

    The X-Type on the other hand offers the same sort of world class performance and handleing with the advantage of AWD and the heratige of Jaguar. The Jag draws a slightly different buyer than the Infiniti. Just as the C-Class draws a slightly different buyer than the 3-series.
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    Let's see if Infiniti learned anything from Lexus' IS300 mistake and offers a manual tranny...

    Time will tell.
  • stakf01stakf01 Member Posts: 3
    I haven't read anything about a g35 but I have read about an infinti I35 which will share the same engine as the 2002 nissan maxima with 10 more horsepower I believe. I think I read it in last months or this months Car&Driver magazine. wouldn't make any sense for Nissan to offer one engine in 3 different vechiles making the same exact horsepower. Where are you getting your info?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    We have an active discussion at this link: Infinity G35 - New for 2003 that might interest some of you. And there is Infiniti I35 - New for 2002 that may also be of interest.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
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    Does anyone know if a-plan or x-plan is available to Ford hourly employees? I received a benefits brochure from my Dad (Ford Hourly) and it states everything but Jag. Has anyone used it?
  • icdchessicdchess Member Posts: 83
    I think initially there won't be any X-Types except the
    fully loaded ones. However, many people like myself
    and dozens of others on the board may
    be reconsidering getting the 3.0 because it comes
    with a $6000 premium over the 2.5, and according to one
    of the members at who is in
    the UK and now actually owns one, there may not be
    a need for the 3.0 because the 2.5 has plenty of pick-up.
    Buyers may be able to get some of the canceled cars.
  • stakf01stakf01 Member Posts: 3
    Your assuming that Jag will follow the pattern that BMW has taken. I'm not to sure about that. There have no been a lot of magazine testing yet for the two different engines yet, therefore the general public has no clue as to the performance of each engine. I believe a year from now...there will be more incentive to purchas a 3.0

    But not out of a new launch of the X type. Expect pricing to be on par with engine size...not engine popularity just yet!
  • giowagiowa Member Posts: 599
    6/25/01 issue has a nice, if short, article on the G35. Claims it is based on the Nissan Skyline platform. Doesn't say if it will have manual tranny available or any pricing data. At least it is RWD!
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    Does anyone have data on the size of the speakers in the audio system(s) including the sub-woofer?
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    I live between Dallas and Ft. Worth, so I have a choice of Overseas Motors in Dallas and Autobahn in Ft. Worth. I suppose one of them will get my business in the spring of next year. Have any of you had good or bad experience with them? Thaink y'all (as we say in Texas.)
  • jonty12jonty12 Member Posts: 101
    If you live in DFW, don't forget Millenium Motors in Plano. I visited Overseas and Millenium this afternoon. Have yet to get out to Autobahn. Both of the ones I went to should be getting demo cars next week (end of next week), and first delivery in late July/early August. Haven't heard much about the reputations. I know Overseas is also a Rolls Royce dealer, so I assume their customer service is very customer oriented. Not all cars that are in the first shipment are accounted for (less than half). Overseas is getting 3.0 autos, and all manual 2.5's have been sold. Millenium has a couple of 3.0 manuals available, and a few of each of the others.
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    Do any of you think that the Infiniti RWD G35 will steal any sales from the Jag? It's yet another 3-series BMW fighter.

    Don't forget that Ford is suppose to release a new 2004 Lincoln LS and a "Baby LS" , plus Mazda will release the 2003 RX-Evolv(sedan) and RX-7(coupe) which will be Mazda answer to the 3-series plus the Nissan Z. So that makes the X-type, Baby LS, RX-7, and RX-Evolv as 3-series fighters and the full-size LS as a 5-series fighter(kinda).
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Member Posts: 1,007
    AFAIK, an RX-8 is going to be released (a non-supercharged version of the rotaries found on the erstwhile RX-7s) which still develops about 250hp. And the RX-Evolv is the name of the concept car on which the RX-8 is based. Take a look at

    Given the unique looks (super low-profile, no B-pillar and backward opening rear doors), comfortable seating for 4, and an engine that revs to 9000 RPMS or more (the Rx-7 rotaries are the sweetest sounding engines on the roda, IMHO), this will be one serious competitor and should bring Mazda back into the fold of sport-luxury car-makers! I can't wait! Oh, and imagine modifying it with turbo or supercharger (not my cup of tea, but people will want to do this, given the availability of lots of modes for the rotaries in the RX-7)!

    That said, I went out and picked up a brochure for the Jag X-Type today, and it looks impressive! Although most of the goodies are packaged together forcing large add-on prices! Will go out and test-drive it when the local dealership gets their demos (in a couple of weeks, they expect)
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    Your list of upcoming changes(#297) sounds like nothing but good news for RWD lovers. Is the LS you mention a 2004 model year? If it is then it should be out in fall 2003.
  • himomerhimomer Member Posts: 59
    If Ford acutally follows through with the plan, they are slotted for the 2004 model year, so late 2003 early 2004, and oh yeah I forgot to mention the V-10 5-series.
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