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Jaguar X-Type



  • I heard there will be a super charged model coming out that will run with the m3. What has anyone heard about this?
  • Autolover2, the vehicle you probably heard about is Jaguars 2003 S-type R/Sport which is aimed at the BMW M5. The current 2002 sport has the interior/exterior/suspension upgrades, but the R/Sport will carry the new Jaguar 425hp 4.2L V8 and will best the XJR for 0-60 bragging rights.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    I don't think anything has been announced yet but it's a safe bet that the X-type will eventually get a SC model (or R model in Jag jargon), probably 3 years down the road. The SC S-type is due out next year but unless they change the suspension it won't be hunting down any M5s, and the price won't be any cheaper either. Now if they put the SC on the Lincoln LS with 18" wheels with a few other tweaks it might have a shot - for $10K less than the BMW.
  • KKSOD,

    your dealer let you get the 2100 off in a x2 (sport package)
    my dealer said its only for x1 prem pack with the 3.0 only, no sports allowed.

    i wonder if he is lieing?
    do you know when the 2100 dealer cash expires?
  • My wife had a GS 300 that did that, and they replaced the computer chip. My S-Type has never done that, and on the board ( ) there has never been any mention of that problem and there are several dozen X-Type owners there.

  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Got a chance to testdrive a 3.0 two wks ago. I shiftted to "4" while the car was going aroung 20-30 mhp... then the orange light came on and said "Gearbox Fault." I pulled over and restarted the car. The same message was still there. Do you guys think that it was a computer problem... or I broke the transmission? =P
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    That's not your fault. It's a problem with the car.

  • rayh3rayh3 Posts: 38
    The incentive if for ANY 3.0 X-Type with the X1 premium package, irregardless of other options. It is important to remember that the 2100 is Dealer Cash not a consumer rebate, on a limited production sport package car the dealer may not be willing to give up any of it and since it is his money he is not required to. What part of the country do you live in? email me if you have any questions.
  • thanks for the information
    i live on the east coast.
    i think its more the dealer doesent want to sell under A-plan a car thats in short supply
    do you know when the incentive expires? is it 1/2/02 like the special lease?

  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    Ford has changed the x-plan for jaguar this year. there is no longer an "x-plan" there is now a "jaguar preferred" program offering cash back. the following is directly from the site that was recently updated to give details:

    Jaguar does not have an X-Plan pricing program. Jaguar customers negotiate their
    purchase price with the dealer and are eligible for a customer cash allowance
    that varies by model. This customer cash allowance can be used to reduce the
    purchase price of the vehicle or the customer can elect to receive this
    allowance in the form of a check. All 2002 model year Jaguars are eligible for
    the Jaguar Preferred Program.

    The following cash allowance will be applied to your agreed upon vehicle price:

    Eligible Vehicles 2002 MY Customer Cash Allowance
    X-TYPE $500
    S-TYPE $500
    XJ8 / XJ Sport $1,000
    Vanden Plas $1,500
    Super V8 $1,500
    XJR $1,500
    XK8 / XKR $1,500
  • rayh3rayh3 Posts: 38
    Looks like it expires at the end of the month, but don't be surprised if it gets extended. I'll let you all know as soon as I hear. Too bad you don't live here in sunny Southern California. I have tons of cars going out under A/X/Z plans since we are so close to corporate.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    The 3.0L incentive will probably be gone by next year as Jaguar shifts production from 50/50 2.5/3.0 to 70/30 2.5/3.0
  • orkinporkinp Posts: 15
    Please read #659. My car went back to the dealer, who could not find anything wrong. The computer keeps a log, but the ID's pointed to no particular area, I was told. On my way home from work, in the middle of an intersection with cars coming at me at high speed, the computer lights went on again, and the car slowed to 5 mph-gas or no gas pedal! I was nearly killed! Can you people really discuss "discounts" to purchase this car? I am very frustrated, and scared to drive this car again. This is my first, and my last Jaguar. Yes, the engine is great, handling etc., but not if you die in it.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    ...after over two months of ownership has been nothing but pleasure. There have been no malfunctions and the car is as tight as I got it with no squeaks or rattles. Moreover, it remains fun to drive.


    (2002 Adriatic blue 3.0)
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Call NHTSA. The dealer and Jag/Ford will get very nervous if you bring them in. Push them for a new car, just let then take this one off your hands.
  • I don't blame you for being nervous about that particular car, that sort of failure could have catastrophic consequences, but on the sites I've been visiting, the articles I've read and my own personal experiences, there has been no indication of power loss by other Jag owners.
    NYCA offered some very good advice, push Jag for a replacement car, or ask for a refund. Whether those opportunities are available to you in the States and whether you dealer will cooperate may be a different matter. Good Luck!
  • I just bought an X-type 2.5 with automatic, and the car makes a high pitched noise like a tuning fork at certain speeds. It seems to happen at about 35 and 70 mph. Other than that, I really like the car.
    Has anyone else encountered this type of problem???
  • I'm getting an X-Type 3.0 Sport (17 inch wheels) and am curious as to what owners of that model have found to be the optimum front and rear tire pressures.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    where is it coming from? driver's side? front? Is it loud or subtle?
  • your right i wish i was closer to you

    im only 20 miles from the NJ jaguar headquarters here in north jersey. the EX president used to live about 5 miles from me.

    i hope they extend the 2100 deal, and the local dealers start giving it to A-plan customers.
    i really want the 3.0 but i have a problem paying an extra 4 grand,. the 2100 would cut that in 1/2.
    i plan to order a car in the next couple of weeks, since i want specific color, and options.
  • Try talking to Paul DeBlois at Montclair Jaguar. Nice guy.

  • thanks for the information

    is paul a salesman???
  • Yeah.

    But very nontypical. Nice guy, knows his stuff, straight shooter. Guy retired from being an executive for years.. Not the typical salesman.

  • Shoot me a call..

    Eyeballed something at Central FL AA today that's in the cyberlot. 3,911 miles, Platinum/Ivory.. 3.0.. Loaded..etc.. MSO car so available to you franchise boys.

    Worth a look!

  • Does the 3.0 X-Type Sport run OK on regular gas or is a higher octane needed?
  • well i finally found my X-type sport, i called every dealer within 200 miles and found one in CT. Adrdaic blue, 3.0 sport, x1,x2,x3,Prem sound. when they gave me the A-plan price, they included 300.00 Advertising charge for the region. is this soposed to be passed along to A-plan customers? also does anyone know about any special leasing plan for A-plan? Im picking up the car next week.
  • when you got your aplan price did the dealer show you that nunber somwhere, or did he just quote it to you? factoring out that i didnt get the Xeons, my price is 300.00 higher than yours.
  • Good deal sounds like!

    A-Plan pricing is fixed. If there's a regional advertising charge, its reflected in the A=Plan price.

  • i havent seen the invoice yet, since the dealer is up in CT. everything has been over the phone. is the Aplan price on the invoice do you know. on the Aplan rules website it says that its not showen for jaguar.
  • alok2alok2 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a X type 2.5 sport with auto. On the way home from the dealership on the first day, it stalled on the highway at 60mph. I barely got out alive after changing 5 lanes. Called the dealer form my cell, was told, 'these cars have computer problems all the time, re start the car and go home'. The car stalled 4 more times that day even at speeds of 10mph. The accelerator pedal would go dead and all the lights would come on. Next morning after many frantic calls to the dealership, it was finally towed and after spending 4 hours on the car they 'accidentally' discovered a loose wire causing the problems. Now it has been 2 days and running fine as yet. God knows what will happen next. Should I bring the NHTSA in?
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