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Jaguar X-Type



  • bwmbwm Posts: 11
    I received an e-mail message from one of my local dealers today stating they were going to begin to offer a $2,000 rebate on 3.0 with X-1 package. Too bad I already have mine.
  • Why is there such a huge difference in pricing of the 2.5 vs. the 3.0 ($6,000). There isn't that much of a jump in the 3.0 vs. the 4.0 in the S-Type and you are adding 2 additional cylinders and other standard items, Ouch ....somebody please shed some light on this one please!
  • denkdenk Posts: 75
    Greed and stupid product pricing would be my guess. I've read in one of the motor magazines that there is very little difference in manufacturing cost between the 2.5 and the 3.0 engines
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Well, it's been about 15 years since i've read it myself.

    I noticed the back door opening was a bit shallow too.. I had a hard time getting in the back, between that and the bottom sill being a bit high.

    It was hard to get the car i would have wanted due to options.. I wanted no sunroof ( headroom issues ) , and that ruled out some things i REALLY would have desired ( i forget, it was a package thing ).

  • I understand your dilemma about the limited rear door openings but my wife and I think we can solve that problem for you.

    Don't go back there! We've found the front seats are where all the neat stuff is anyway.
  • BWM - Is there a rebate on the 3.0 X-type or is it that the dealer you have been talking to is offering $2000 off the sticker of a 3.0 w/X1 package?
  • BMW does the same thing with their 2.5 vs. 3.0 engines, although the difference isn't quite so bad ~$3.5-4K, with a slight difference in standard equipment. The 2.5 powered 3- and 5-series versions try to have base prices closer to the competition. As far as engine differences, in the BMW case, the only engine difference that I can identify is a slightly longer stroke. This should result in an insignificant cost difference. Both Jag and BMW are counting on their customers coming through the door for the base price model, then upgrading to the more competitively sized engine.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    My parents ordered one today: X 2.5, X1, in dash CD, auto transmission, got the new Quartz color (you guys were right, Titanium is history). That had a new S in Quartz on the lot, it's a very nice color. Price $33,875, about $1K off sticker. Dealer is on Long Island. They still have a Titanium 2.5 unsold on the lot, with X1 and the CD changer. A couple of other 2.5s also.
  • rayh3rayh3 Posts: 38
    Our dealer just got a shipment in of 25 new X-Types. We're finally starting to see some base model cars coming in. My personal favorite is a British Racing Green 2.5 auto/sport package with no other options. Great looking car for about 33.8k.
  • BMW is that a 2,000 rebate, or a discount off of sticker?
    im going to purchase under the A-plan so a discount doesent help me, but a rebate does...
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    picked up my 3.0 sport last week. Under A plan got 12% discount and an additional 2100 dealer incentive, which is mandatory for A plan, but dealer discression with others. also 5.9% financing. the 2100 additional discount is on 3.0 with premium(x1), and started on 11/9.
  • What is the "A" Plan referred to by kssod in message #641 dated 11/19/01? I also ordered 3.0 Sport.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    Ford employee pricing.
  • Is the $2,100 discount on the 3.0 with the premium package an advertised factory discount?
    If it isn't how do Ford expect to get the Jags moving off the lots and get a portion of the luxury sedans that MB and BMW have? I don't believe that the X-Types are rolling off the lots in Missouri like I read that they are in other states. I also hear that ford has a discount for friends of Ford employees, do anybody know if this is true and if so how much off an X-Type 3.0 with the premium pkg and upgraded stereo? Thanks in advance for the info and everyone have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day and weekend.
  • The message board ( ) has had several members report that local dealers are saying that Jaguar is offering a $2000 rebate on the 3.0 X-Type with X-1 option. If only one reported this, I would say it was the dealer's promo, but with dealers in different parts of the country saying the same thing, I am guessing that the dealers are telling the truth.

  • bwmbwm Posts: 11
    The e-mail I received stated it was a rebate but I have not confirmed it, I bought mine about 3 weeks ago. The Jagtalk board has reported this from several dealers in different parts of the country so is seems thay have some kind of discuont/rebate on 3.0 with X-1. You should call a couple of dealers and ask them directly.
  • I have heard that Jaguar offers a 2% or 2.2% holdback to its' dealers. Those that mentioned this have not been able to tell me where they got this information. Even right here at Edmunds, "No Holdback" is listed. Does anybody know for sure? To afford one of these babies I need all the help I can get! (<;

  • kksod,

    you got 12% off of sticker?
    a-plan is usually 4% off of dealer invoice.
    what did u get in your x-type sport and what was your cost?
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    When I researched the X-Type, I checked here at Edmunds also and saw that there was no holdback. When I went to purchase my car, I asked the salesman about it and he said that they get incentive money back from Jaguar depending on the results of the customer survey sent after the sale. BMW also uses this method to encourage good customer service. In theory, this is a good idea, but in practice, it leaves something to be desired.
  • A-Plan on a Jaguar is Invoice, less Holdback, less any applicable incentives (Dealer or customer) that are in effect at the time.

    X-Plan is 104% of A-Plan.

    Pricing is a touch different on Jags, Range/Land-Rovers, Volvos..than Ford/Lincoln/Mercury products. Any FoMoCo product, except an Aston-Martin, is purchaseable under the A-Plan. However it is up to the dealer's discretion to do the deal or not.

    Some cars, such as T-Birds, Jaguar XKRs, etc.. generally cant be bought under the A-Plan as it makes zero business sense to do so.

    Holdback.. When I was with Jaguar it was 2%. There's also lots of other programs on them, but I'm not sure what it is now. I know the margins on them are a bit lower now, but I think they have more bonuses based on CSI and AOR (Area Of Responsibility.. Selling in your territory and not giving cars away to people outside your territory, Jaguar frowns upon that in a big way) Sort of a moot point though.. I spent 4 years selling Jaguars and only saw one EVER sell into Holdback. So, the chances of buying on into it I'd say are probably quite slim.

    And that was a Demo 1997 XJ6 without traction (This was in NJ) in like mid-January 1998.
    The $2,100 is a dealer incentive, NOT a rebate on X1 Equipped 3.0 X-Types.
  • I am of the mind that of course a dealer must make a profit, (and the better dealers don't provide great service for free - they must be paid), I just like to know all details going into a deal so I do not have to ever wonder afterwards!
  • Glad to help! But.. it all depends where you are and what you want.

    Right now, a good deal on a base 2.5 is pretty close to MSRP.

    An X1 3.0 can be had for about invoice (A la the 2100 trunk money).

  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    Someone told me that Ford has a Plan B and that he is eligible. It also includes the Premier group, he said. Would a reader be so kind as to spell out what you get on the B plan? Thanks.
  • Maybe you mean the Ford X-Plan?

    That's 104% of A-Plan price. Technically it's for Ford Suppliers..etc..

    But members of the Experimental Aircraft Association ( are also eligible to a degree.

    I know that eaa members (Last time I checked) are only eligible for Volvos and Jaguar S-Types. I'd imagine that you can become eligible for X-Types as well, but I dont think XK or XJs are available under eaa's program.

  • denkdenk Posts: 75
    Would you please clarify "a la the 2100 trunk money". Thanks.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    A plan price is for ford salaried employees or their blood relatives. The A plan price is invoice price. Go to edmunds new car and you can calculate the A plan price, simply by adding up the invoice prices. My x type(3.0 x1,x2,x3,alpine,xenons) stickered for 44120.00, and purchase price under A plan was 39321.00 then an additional 2100 was taken off for the 3.0 with x1 discount. Overall a very sweet deal.
  • orkinporkinp Posts: 15
    Hi: My Jag X-type 3.0 has about 500 miles on it. It suddenly stalled out in the middle of traffic. On restart, the computer indicated most systems (gearbox etc.) have failed,and engine barely idled...very high at abt. 1200 rpm. On another restart, everything went back to normal, the engine light eventually went out. Anyone else have a situation like this? Thanks, Peter
  • At about 200 kms, the "check transmission" light came on but did not affect performance. This happened on two separate occasions. The first time I "solved" the problem by immediately re-starting the engine. The second time, a quick re-start did not do the trick, but a short drive/re-start did. This was reported to the dealer, who inspected the vehicle but found no obvious problem. After 2,800 kilometers, this issue has not resurfaced.
  • Trunk $$=Dealer incentive. The $2,100 is not a rebate guys.. dealer cash..

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