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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • byumbyum Posts: 13
    I'm about to pick up on this deal. I think it's decent.

    2009 ML350
    P2, Lighting, Heated Seats

    MSRP: 54895
    Selling Price: 48250

    33 Mo. Lease
    3,000 drive off

    $650/month including Tax
  • Hi I am looking for 2009 ML350 with P1 package, Leather package. Does anyone know what's the best deal I can find for this car? How much are they willing to go under MSRP for the new 2009 model?

  • kotskots Posts: 1
    Hey - did you find anything on this ? I am looking for something similar and not getting anything better than 599 + tax lease for 33 months on 2009 ml 350 with P1 priced around 52k
  • stjstj Posts: 4
    did any one get 2009 ML350. I saw on benzworld, someone get 7000 off MSRP, i thought it was really great deal.
    I am trying to buy one. Do you guys think this is a good timing? :P
  • Hello,

    I am planning to buy 2009 ML350 class with Premium package 1 option. I had a test drive and really liked this SUV. One dealer offered me $50,500 for 2009 ML350. But I have read and heard some great deals on 2008 models. Can any one please let me know what the best deal and price will be for 2009 models? I would really appreciate for sharing your recent 2009 ML350 buying experience.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dealer is asking $32,900 for a 07 ML350 Pkg 1 w/nav. Has 19,300 miles. The dealer dropped from $38,500 to $32,900 without any haggling. Tried to negotiate the price down further, but dealer is not moving. Deal or no deal.
  • janoojanoo Posts: 15
    I just had sold traded my ML 350 2007 for $29,000. The price that you are getting sounds fair esp. if it is certified. Maybe you can push him to an even $32,000. But I think that you are getting a decend deal. How much is the tax on top of that?
  • bwaybway Posts: 12
    Which dealer did you use and would you recommend them?

    I could not get FJ to quote me anything over the phone, did that happen to you?
  • Currently negotiating a 36 month 10k miles lease - 3k out the door and $559/month for a 320 Bluetec with P1 and heated seats. The closest I could get with other dealers for same 3k out the door is $659/month and that was after considerable negotiating. I am hoping to get this done tomorrow and will let you know where it ends up. Hope this helps.
  • where r u located? Trying to work a similar deal Boston area but Herb Chambers is a nightmare....
  • took delivery yesterday - P1 package plus heated seats package. ended up with $3600 at closing, with 549/month they are cutting me a check back for $549 and making first $549 payment so net out of pocket will end up at $2502. I didn't exactly follow why they had to structure it that way but i felt like it was a great deal so didn't care too much. they said something about having to use an employee discount of some sort (we are not employees and do not know anyone at the dealership).
  • byumbyum Posts: 13
    I just picked this lease up.

    2009 ML350
    P2 Package
    Running Boards
    Lighting Package
    Front Heated Seats
    Tow Package
    Chrome Handle Inserts
    Entertainment Pre-Wiring

    MSRP 57660
    Selling Price: 49438

    3k Drive-Off (including 1st month)
    33mo lease

  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    Byum, I thought you leased back in October--did you decide to wait for the newer model? Still loving my 08. Looked at Audi Q7 and the seats are so uncomfortable-feel like wooden boards compared to ML. Now we are between another ML which may be odd or an E. The dealership we use in NJ has been super accomodating and apparently they offer a few of those "employee deals" if MB corporate allows them to each month. I guess in these economic times, they are doing what needs to be done to keep selling. Good luck with your new deal.
  • asa2... I am in NJ and am attempting to find a decent dealership (ready to negotiate). Tried Globe and Prestige but have found both of them less than eager to sell vehicles for competitive prices. Any help out there? Thanks.
  • Hi, we have a nice buying experience with Intercar in Newton, NJ. If you want more specific info, please e-mail us.

  • Definitely interested in dealing with Intercar... they are actually close to me than Globe. I am unsure of how to PM/email you... can you post? Or help out a newbie? Thanks!
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    Sorry I just saw this-I had the same exact impression as you on the other dealerships. The best by far was the guy I dealt with at Contemporary in Monmouth County (exit 109) . I was referred by a friend who bought there and said I had to call this guy before signing anywhere else and now I am a true devotee. I dealt with Joe. Met owners and everyone is very friendly, eager to please. I would highly recommend him-the best car buying experience I ever had. Didn't feel like a game, etc. Good luck---are you getting an ML? I got the 08 and LOVE IT-had a BMW X5 and a Range Rover-ML scores big against both for me. They say the 09 is even better but I'll have to wait til 2011 unless we get one for my wife, but that's a little weird. Definitely sticking with Benz though from here on out. Best of luck again-
  • you can email us at
  • Thanks for the heads up Asa. I took your advice and agree, what a pleasure and welcome change. We cannot wait to return our X5 now. Thanks again-cheers!
  • det1det1 Posts: 1
    I had Looked at ML 350 and at the 2009 Lexus and like the ML better becuse I did not want the DVD navigation in the Lexus. The 2010 has a hard drive Navigation as does the ML. Any thoughts on either car as as both are nice.
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    Det1, in my opinion, no comparison-go with the ML. I've had X5 4.4 and Range Rover recently but have to say, without a doubt, love the ML best. I have the 08 and have found it to be the most comfortable, pleasure to drive vehicle we've owned. I don't know where you live but the 4MATIC performance was fantastic in ice/snow. My neighbor has the Lexus and while they may seem similar, they are very different. Lexus was sliding/fishtailing on same road as mine. The MB cars almost feel as if they "know" the road and adjust gears, grip intuitively. It's not a car where you take your foot off the gas and it keeps cruising-it will know and you will feel the difference.

    I also feel the interior of the Lexus comes off sort of cheap as well-looks sort of cheap and "plastic-y". Also, and this is just totally a pet peeve of mine, I can't justify paying more money for the Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, etc. brands because I feel at heart they are Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, etc.

    IMO, Benz cars drive better, are safer and more solidly built. The Lexus do seem to be very maintenance friendly, but in the long run, I'm a fan of Mercedes Benz more than any other and can't see myself leaving the brand for anything else. Have you driven both yet? I notice a difference even in the way the doors close, etc. Just a more solid vehicle overall but that's just my opinion. Good luck either way--
  • Have an uncle selling MB and with the family discount can get 6% off Invoice on an 09 ML350 ... anyone done better than that on an '09 purchase? Live in Dallas and am looking at the P2 package, running boards, appearance package. Thinking I'll stick with MBTex rather than leather as I have 2 small kids and hear MB Tex wears well. MSRP is 55,670, Invoice is 51,834 and the price he's giving is $48,720... basically 7K off MSRP.

    Also, currently drive a Lexus GS300 that I have loved- loved the service (sewell), the car, etc. And am considering the GX. I prefer the ML from a style perspective but having no experience with the dealer am concerned about service and reliability compared to the Lexus. Anyone have good/bad experiences with switching from Lexus to MB?
  • Not sure about the % off 'invoice' but here's the comparison of my proposed lease to your purchase figures based on MSRP... my lease money factor = 1.7% interest rate, so I am not being taken on the MF.

    2009 ML350 w/P1, heated seats, blah, blah
    MSRP $52,695
    Price $44,616
    $8079 off MSRP = 15% off MSRP

    Your proposed deal:
    MSRP: $55,670
    Price: $48,720
    $6950 off MSRP = 12% off MSRP

    Just my thoughts...
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    Are you leasing or buying? I asked my rep and he said in all fairness to other dealership, he couldn't say without more information and particulars of the deal. One thing he did mention is they (corporate) recently slowed production on ML's and GL's so there will be more of a premium on them now. He used to go behind invoice occasionally but they are much less likely to do it now because the vehicles will be getting scarce. More difficult to swap from other dealers, etc. (glad I'm looking at sedans/coupes now!)

    As for MB Tex vs. leather-I'm a HUGE tex fan. It is very comfortable and wears really well. (I have kids too) I have the black but know friends with macademia (tan)---black of course holds up best with grass stains from cleats, etc.
    I definitely would go for the ML-I have the 08 and wish I had the time to wait for the 09 but had to turn in another car. 09 is great from all reports. I will definitely stick with the M line and am looking for another MB after next lease turn in. I haven't really had any huge issues service wise, but when I had a problem with a tire, my dealership got us right in, loaner and out. Can't speak for other dealerships/other states. Regardless, best of luck to you--
  • Just wanted to post a price level for the ML. My wife and I just drove one off the lot yesterday (we leased). Black on black. The P01 and P02 trims were ~3,300 and 6,600 extra, respectively. We chose the BluTech, turbo diesel. It had more torque and punch vs the regular V6. But both are good.

    We choose the base package (P00). This trim still leaves you with a great car. We weren't too concerned with DVD screens, running boards, heated seats among other things. With the base package, the price of the car was well under the X5's and comparable to the Volvo XC90 V8.

    We looked at the XC90. Overall it was nice and good for the price. Our issue was the V6. It seemed too hollow from the sounds when you gave it some gas. It was worked too hard just to get enough speed to enter the highway. We take lots of trips to the mountain for skiing so a little more under the hood is reassuring in the higher elevations.

    The new X5 is a nice looking car but just not worth the big price tag in our opinion. We are turning in our X3 shortly. The X3 was a nice vehicle but with our newborn, there just wasn't enough room (I'm 6'4" and leg room is a necessity). The ML has plenty of space, especially in the trunk.

    We looked at the Touareg. Really liked the design and look. However the consumer report ratings were surprisingly low. We didn't even test drive.

    Our experience was good at the dealership. The negotiations went smoother than I expected. There was some back-and-forth but not too bad. Below is the initial deal our salesman pitched to me followed to the deal I got:

    2009 - ML320 BlueTEC 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl Turbodiesel 7A)

    MSRP: ~49,600 (I'm rounding here)
    Their current "special", no negotiation:
    Monthly lease payment: $579/mo
    Lease factor: 2.14 or .0009
    Dealer Discount: $1,600 off MSRP
    3 year/36 month lease
    10,000 miles a year. $0.25/mile afterward
    ~4,200 down (roughly. I dont remember the exact $ amount)
    This deal comes out to $1,200 over invoice/dealer cost

    After negotiations:
    Lease factor: 1.80 (versus the 2.14 in the initial offere). Their cost is 1.44 so their profit was 70 basis points before negotiations. I said I would split the difference, which is how I received the 1.80. Might have gotten it lower but I wanted to focus on the price of the vehicle to get the bulk of my savings.
    Ultimate/Final Price: $100 over invoice of ~46,600
    Lease Term: same, 3 years
    At this point the lease payment was ~615/month, give or take. I told him at $600 even we have a deal. They said yes.
    Note: We increased the mileage to 15,000/year which increased the payment ~70/month. If we left if at 10,000, the payment would have been in the low $500's.

    I suggest you first lock in a lower Lease Factor and set the miles/per. Then ask for the invoice. ALWAYS negotiate from the invoice. In my case, there was a $1,200 difference. I would chipping away from the bottom up which in the end helps you out and reduced their negotiating power.

    They still made an ok profit as I left a little meat on the bone. There was more room to go but I didn't have enough info for a strong argument. The dealership receives factory rebates and volume discounts after they sell a vehicle so in my case their profit was more than the $100 over invoice. Another point: They get taxed on vehicles that remain on the lot at the end of each month so you can make the point that your saving them $ by taking it off their hands.

    Last point (I know this is a long post). They had a ton of cars there, which is good from a buyers perspective and made the negotiations a little less painless. Feel free to ask me any follow up questions.
  • sounds like you got a great deal. How much did you have to put down?
  • the down increased (surprise) to $5,000 even. A big check to write, even with the initial offer, but I was powerless with that piece of the puzzle. Taking that into account, the monthly is even greater, but most folks don't look at it this way, which is fine with me. It's a premium car so you have to pay for that one way or another.
  • Not a bad price. See my last post (it's long). Did you ask for the invoice and lease factor? Those are two areas with plenty of wiggle room. Shoot for $100 over invoice or even less, they get rebates and incentives (sizable too, at least $1,000) for moving the cars off the lot, especially if it's a big dealership. You'll have to dig around to find these numbers but it's worth the effort.
  • hey guys, i just bought a new 09 ML 350 yesterday, P1 package, heated seats, running board and pre wire entertainment. MSRP was 53345, i paid 47500, i know it's not that great of a steal. The saleman showed me the invoice, it was 50,000, the invoice here at edmund is 49672....close enough. I think they have a 2000 dealer holdback. So i felt 47500, 2grand below invoice was a decent deal. But after reading the above posts, i wasn't aware of the family discouts or dealer incentive, so now i am not sure if this is a good deal anymore. I went to 2 dealers in long island, rallye and helms brothers, both dealer didn't even have an ML to sell to me, Mercedes did stop production for 1 month, so I bought mine in NJ. i could probably have been more aggressive, and get them to take another grand off but i guess i just suck at negotiating,let me know if this is a good deal, appreciate it.
  • that's a great deal. especially considering the P1 package. Nice work!
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