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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi VGX & BriClvr,

    What kind of front headlights are on the ML 350 if I do not go with the bi-xenon curving headlights. If I do not go with the curvy lights the price is 2k less. I mean, do the regular lights still show xenon or are they like some ordinary bulbs emitting a yellow (phosporous?) sedan kind of a light? Thanks
  • If you choose not to get the package with the bi-xenon then you will have halogen headlights. They will emit a yellow phosphorous light. I think that the Halogen lights will still do a reasonably good job of illuminating the road.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I have an 07 ML with the regular lights. They work fine, using the fog lamps helps even more. I've had xenons before (not on an MB) and I find them a mixed bag. Sometimes the light/beam appears to shake over harsh roads and I find the regular lights pick up deer eyes better - a real prob in my area.

    These days MBs regular lights are whiter, plus they use clear lenses now, different from the past. It really comes down to what is pleasing to your eyes at night. Go to the dealer at night and ask for a demo comparo.
  • Thanks all. I just got back after purcchasing m ML 350 2008, black on black from American Service Center in DC area. Paid 45,600 + TTP.......P2 package and heated seats!!
  • Just picked up a 2007 ML 350

    Premium 1 Pkg
    DVD Navigation
    6 CD changer
    Heated Front Seats

    MSRP: $49,745
    Invoice : $46,316
    My Price $44,495 + TTT+ $600 Dealer fee.

    With the '08's here I was able to get car for under invoice.
  • dngo1dngo1 Posts: 1
    just got a 2008 ML350!!!

    Prem. 2
    Ipod Connector
    6 discs
    Running Boards
    Interior package (alantara and alum. inserts)

    46800 + Tax, title, etc.

    i think i got a fairly good deal, any opinions?
  • dngo1, what was the total MSRP? (Not including tax, title, etc.) Also, what dealer did you go to? Thanks!
  • What is the best price people are getting on 2008 ML350's? So far, I've been offered $2,500 off an MSRP of $51K. Wondering if I could do better? Thanks!
  • I've ordered a fully loaded ML320cdi(MSRP just over $60,000 from the Beaumont, Texas dealer) for 5% under MSRP. The Houston dealers wouldn't go below 4%. But, again, this is on the diesel, not 350. You might be able to do a little better than 5%.
  • Thanks for the info callmeh!
  • Just purchased 2008 ML350
    Premium 1
    Heated front seats
    6 disc CD

    MSRP $50,045
    Purchased for $45,897 + Tax,Title,License
  • Wow. Great deal infiniti5. What dealer did you purchase from?
  • Wow that seems like a really good price, what was the MSRP on the car ? and did it require a lot of haggling etc ?
  • Hey, where are you located ? I'm in the Northeast, if you're nearby could you please let me know which dealer you purchased from and any other info I should know. Thanks
  • jwushjwush Posts: 5
    Will you sell the 2008 ML350 for US$49,000
  • jwush, where are you located? Maybe I can help you get a good deal as I'm trying to do as well
  • I've been offered 6k off MSRP on the Limited edition 2008 ML350 Edition 10. If anyone is interested let me know.
  • jwushjwush Posts: 5
    I am in Richmond Virginia, and I am looking for ML
    2008 with Package 2, black Interior with Alcantara Seats, and Iridium Silver or Pewter Metallic Exterior color. I need one in 48hrs.

  • jwushjwush Posts: 5
    I am in Richmond Virginia, and I am looking for ML350
    2008 with Package 2, black Interior with Alcantara Seats, and Iridium Silver or Pewter Metallic Exterior color. I need one in 48hrs.
  • jwushjwush Posts: 5
    How much is the MSRP and what would the invoice price be.

  • MSRP is 52k Invoice is probably around 48-49k

    So for them to be selling for 6k under MSRP at $46k (2-3k under invoice) there must be some back end money that they're getting from MB.
  • MSRP for the car you spec'd out is around 52k so the invoice is around 48-49k, the same as the one I got quoted on (the Edition 10) which had the Edition pkg and only you should be able to get the car for around 46k

    I know there's another member that got 5k off MSRP from American Service Center in Ballston (Arlington, Virginia). You should definitely try getting the extra 1k off if you can.

    I'm located in NJ so I doubt you'd want to come around here or north of here to get your car for an extra 1k off.

    Let me know if you need any other help.
  • I just bought a 2007 ML350 Iridium Silver P1 with 6 disc CD changer for my wife in Texas.

    MSRP $47,395
    Invoce $44,131
    Price Paid $41,131 Paid Cash

    Great deal. Great service, No BS whatsoever.

    I also pruchased a 2008 BLk/Blk Sport E350 for myself with $6,680 off MSRP the same day (see E class forum).

    I hope this helps someone.

  • jwushjwush Posts: 5
    I am looking for ML350 2008 with Package 2, black Interior with Alcantara Seats, and Iridium Silver or Pewter Metallic Exterior color. I need one in 48hrs. I dont mind if its under 500 miles.

    Can you help???
  • Call American Service Center Mercedes Benz in Arlington, VA...another memeber on this board got 5k off MSRP from them. You should definitely try getting the extra 1k off if you can.

    The link below is their website

    email me at [email protected] if you need any further assistance
  • I hesitate to give specifics on where I purchased in Texas because I feel that I developed a working relationship with the salesperson and hope to use them in the future. I don't want someone elso to walk in with my post printed out with their dealerships name on it and demand to get the same deal. I will say that sometimes (it seems) that some of the large metro area dealerships are artifidially high (at least in my area). I think people are used to or willing to pay more. I went to a smaller nearby market and did most of the negotiating on the phone and it turned out perfectly. Look and call around. There are only so many mercedes dealerships in Texas.
  • Hey guys!

    I am looking to buy a Black 2007 or 2008 Mercedes ML320 CDI for my dad. He's less knowledgable with cars so he's left it up to me to get a good deal on one. I live in South Florida and had contact with Pembroke Pines and Ft. Lauderdale Mercedes dealerships and the Pembroke Pines dealership was quoting me $500 over invoice and options on top. I was wondering whether this is a good deal and what others are paying for it, because I don't particularly trust the TMV ratings on Edmunds or KBB.

    The options i'm seeking are as follows (invoice prices):

    2008 ML320 CDI Invoice: $41,524
    P01 Premium Package 1: $3,488
    318 Leather Seating Surfaces Package: $1,837
    323 Heating Package: $1,274
    819 6-Disk CD Changer: $419
    Destination Charge: $775
    Dealer Offer: $500 over Invoice

    This brings the total invoice price to $49,817.
    Edmunds states that others pay $52,565 which I find hard to believe. I want to know if this is a good deal and if I can get em to go lower, or what they are paying so I can haggle. We plan to move to Massachusetts next year so we need the heating package.

    What are you guys paying for it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  • It's not a BAD deal but it most certainly isn't a GREAT deal. It all depends on the market in your area, some parts of the country with a lot of competition and other factors allow for people to get really good deals.

    I'm in the tri-state (NJ/NY/CT) area and have been offered $6k off MSRP on an 08 ML350 Edition 10 by one dealer while the others are easily willing to do invoice/possibly better then invoice but no where near the 6k off that the one offered.

    And NEVER trust KBB/EDMUNDS "TMV" pricing its almost never correct unless the car really is going for MSRP (which they rarely are)

    if you have any questions etc. my email is [email protected] ;)
  • Thanks i'll keep that in mind about Edmunds/KBB. I think they're definitely being influenced by marketing to a certain extent.

    I'm not exactly sure what the market is like down here actually. We only moved here a few months ago from England so i'm not quite sure how it goes with demand. All I know is there are a number of older ML-class SUVs driving around and a bit less of the newer models, with dealerships pretty full of them (at least the gas models that is).

    $6,000 below invoice would be about $46,970 unless I am mistaken, but i've never seen a dealer go that far below a set price. The MSRP on that 49k invoice would be $52,970. I don't know if I could get a dealer to go that far down, and I know that if I could that he'd definitely try to make it back through financing.

    Any suggestions or tips (especially on how to handle dealers)?
  • I'd say try shopping around and getting quotes from all the dealers and then try getting one of them to go lower then the other's invoice quote, it's possible that it could get you a better price.
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