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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    I just bought a 2007 ML 350 from Pembroke Pines Mercedes last month. They were very good to deal with. I would highly recommend my sales person if you want a name. Here are the details of my purchase. I don't think there are any 2007's left. Your deal sounds pretty fair to me.
    I love the car.

    Premium 1 Pkg
    DVD Navigation
    6 CD changer
    Heated Front Seats

    MSRP: $49,745
    Invoice : $46,316
    My Price $44,495 + TTT+ $600 Dealer fee.
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    "Any suggestions or tips (especially on how to handle dealers)?"

    IMO, the best way is to make an offer and be prepared to walk.

    They will eventually just say yes or no. Be prepared to walk out is the key. If they don't counter with a lower quote then it's in your court to buy or not.
  • That's a good deal, 5k off is what I'm looking for from my local dealer on a 2008 ML350 Edition 10 while a distant dealer is willing to give 6k off.
  • Hey,

    I just did a price check on your exact car on Edmunds and it shows the MSRP to be $49,045 and the Invoice ar $45,665. I was wondering whether you paid the $775 destination charge and how you got the dealer to do $2,000 below invoice?

    If there are no 2007's left that means i'd have to get a 2008, and the price has gone up on those over 2007. However, I think the DVD navigation and the P1 package are now integrated. The dealer I spoke with was called Lance Shetrompf and he was pretty persistent. Couple things came up so I haven't gotten back to him yet about it. Did you deal with him?

    Also, what is TTT?
  • TTT = tax, title, and tag
    (I'm almost certain this is what it means)
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    Yes I paid the $775. My invoice was 49,745.

    TTT = Tax, Tag, Title

    You are correct, in 2007 model Premium Package 1 did not include the Navigation system which I paid separately for.

    I specifically wanted to buy one of the last 2007's that was left. I went to 3 other South Fl Mercedes dealers and there were no 2007's left. I'm sure that was a big motivating factor for me getting it 2K under invoice.
    I also traded in a 2004 CLK 320 convertible. I'm sure they got me for a few dollars there.

    I dealt with Ariel.
  • Okay thanks for that guys! I'll keep looking and keep you updated!
  • If there's anyone in the NJ area looking for an ML350 Edition 10 or even a regular ML350, ML550 etc. shoot me an email [email protected] I'll put you in contact with the right guys...

    I bought mine locally and payed a little more in return for better service, loaners and more importantly a peace of mind for the duration of my ownership (which usually runs 10 years)

    ...I got about a good deal off MSRP from my local guy while I was getting more off from the farther dealer which I passed on (mind you both quotes were on a New 08 Black ML350 Edition 10 with MSRP of $52,705)...

    Let me know if anyone in the NJ area is looking for one immediately ;)
  • tedmtedm Posts: 2
    2008 ml350 Editon 10

    I was quoted MSRP $52,500 w/ prem option 1 & bixeon lights
    Dealer willing to sell for $50,900 in S. E. Pa
    I think that is still to high.
    What should I expect to pay?

  • raiteeraitee Posts: 1
    I live in northern jersey, just started to look for either a ML 350 of 550, what is "Edition 10"?
  • Edition 10 is a limited 10 anniversary edition ML, only available in the 350. There are only 1000 of them being made for the US and can be bought in only Artic white or Obsidian black. They feature some unqiue touches etc along with a nice set of options. Here's an article with pictures etc. about the car - ml

    Send me an email at [email protected] if you're interested in the car. Assuming the it's still available from my guy, I can get it for you under invoice from the dealer I know in North Jersey, I passed on the offer because he was too far from me and bought locally.
  • agwagonagwagon NJPosts: 11
    This reply is less than timely, but I thought I should chime in here. I bought a 2008 diesel ML at the end of August, and I don't think comparing deals or discounts on the diesel vs. the gasser is appropriate, so don't let anyone tell you to hold out on the basis of what their being quoted on a ML350.

    Diesel is great in an SUV, which is why I wanted one, but it stll hasn't caught on in a big way in the U.S. That means MB dealers generally have 1 CDI in inventory for every 5-10 gassers, and the supply/demand dynamic is totally different between the two.

    My deal was very close to what you were offered and I think it was pretty good. My dealer even made it clear to me that we could be doing a below-invoice deal if I wanted to go with a ML350. But unlike the gas ML350, the diesel version doesn't really have any competitors (yet), so MB dealers can sit back and wait for people like us who want them. Aside from the $1,000 invoice premium, you should expect to pay a little more because of that smaller discount.

    My $0.02.
  • I am close to buying an ML320 with 58,000 miles on it and it appears to be in excellent shape. It has a clear carfax and was owned in a very affluent community.
    The one problem is, I am frightened by some of the negative reviews posted for this vehicle in terms of cas mileage, cost of repairs and, almost unvierally, the cup holders.
    Should I but the thing or run fast?
  • What year is it? The older ML's did have their problems, if anything I'd suggest going with a certified pre-owned BMW X5 3.0, if there are any in similar mileage/year/price.

    The gas mileage isn't bad for an SUV...I get 21-22mpg driving mostly highway on my 98 ML320
  • Its not too late afterall, since we are heading into the dealership tomorrow and probably going to close a deal on Sunday. You guys have been a big help so thanks for that!

    I was going to go to the Pembroke Pines dealer but he seemed somewhat aggressive to me. The Ft. Lauderdale dealer was much nicer and he seemed fair. I've read up on all the tricks and i'll be sure to look out for them, though he was pretty straight forward and didn't pressure us or anything. We also can't be too flexible as Mercedes-Benz hit up my dad's credit score at 7 different institutions and that definitely lowered his score by a large margin, and he has only now recovered (it's been 9 months since we first looked when we arrived back in the US). They said they'd probably do another credit check at the other dealers whereas this guy already has our financing approved (is that true?).

    Either way, my options came to $48,771 including destination charge.

    Options are:

    Premium II
    6-CD Changer
    Wheel Locks

    We're not too sure whether to go with the heated seats as we're moving to Massachusetts next year and cud use them, but it costs another $600-1200, what do you guys think? Is it worth it?
  • They'll probably do another credit check because as you said 9months have passed. Regarding the heated seats, I have them in my ML350 Edition 10 as it came as part of the whole car package. I never use the heated seats here in the Northeast and don't think its worth the $700 they charge but there are people who use the very often in the winter, I just don't
  • Curious how you fared with your deal. Would say the seat heater is a personal pref but admittedly a nice option. Not in a rush here but also looking at the 2008 ML320 ((though poised to execute the right deal). Straight off the bat was offered $2K off one on the lot or on an order. The other dealers have so far remained too close to MSRP.
  • I'm looking at 2008 ML350 with P1 pkg, heated front seats, and iPod integration. MSRP is $49970 ($3444 above invoice).

    Dealer is telling me that my invoice price does not reflect the $400 advertising fee that gets that legit?

    I'm trying to get $3000 off of invoice ($444 dealer profit; plus $1000 lease cash which goes to dealer I'm assuming).

    Is that a good deal?
  • It's a pretty good deal but not anything really spectacular

    the $400 advertising is legit BUT they can easily eat the cost by using money MB gives them for each car sale...I'd aim to get the car at invoice and not a penny more

    ...shoot me an email @ [email protected] and if you want to discuss more in detail
  • Si if I could get the car at invoice, $46,526, which is $3444 below MSRP, would that be a good deal?
  • I don't know where you are, but a friend in SoCal bought an '08 ML350 with Premium II for $1500 under invoice last week - he sent out emails to the various dealers in the area, and when he spoke with the sales rep that was basically the offer - he didn't really have to negotiate for it.
  • Yes you're right SoCal = discounts SUV's more then the east coast which is where he and I are located...this is mostly due to winters here resulting in more demand while dealers are having their ML's sit on the west coast in the warm areas etc.

    I got mine for invoice so the cost of shipping it from Cali to NJ would be about $1000 so a $500 savings by buying cross country wouldn't be in most people's interest especially not being able to go over the car etc before delivery
  • Did he lease? I'm wondering if the price of $1500 below included the $1000 lease cash. Either way, $500 below is still a killer deal!
  • Hi!
    I'm a car buying newbie (haven't purchased one in near 15 years!) and am considering a used 2003 ML320 I just happened upon. (I currently have a small compact car w/172,000 miles on it.) My MIL had an ML320, liked it. I was able to drive hers a bit so I am familiar with the feel.
    This ML320 I'm checking out has low miles (21,000), price is $20k (excl. tax/license), very clean, no dings, A+ history report, from a dealer, not private party. (So. Calif.) Also, an extended warranty is also available (they start at $899-$2,500).
    Anyone have any thoughts? Does this seem like a good idea/deal or should I keep looking around and if so, at what? New or used? I'm wanting a mid-sized SUV. Have seen Honda Pilots, Toyota Highlanders, etc. I'm not wanting a mammoth SUV I can't handle. I really like the visibility & drive of the Mercedes SUV and the reputation, but heard they're sometimes $$$ to repair.
    Thank you in advance for your help! I do need it!!
  • No, it was a straight purchase, all cash (it was a surprise gift for his boss's wife). He was surprised because the Edmunds TMV said they were going for MSRP in SoCal, it wasn't even close. The dealer was pretty co-operative. I think the initial offer was invoice - $1500, and he just said yes, didn't try to push for more of a discount.
  • That's low miles for the year. Based on what I've seen, it's not a bad deal. It sounds like you're familiar with the ML from your MIL's experience, so you know what to expect. If you haven't already, you may want to test drive the Pilot, Highlander, etc. that you're looking at - they'll both probably be more reliable, but not quite as safe or as good offroad (doesn't sound like that matters). Also, have you considered a smaller crossover SUV, like a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4, would one of them meet your needs? Both would get better mileage, be more reliable, and be cheaper. Also, do some research on the provider of the extended warranty, and pay attention to what's included (and just as important, what's excluded) in the coverage.
  • Thanks for the reply! Yes, I have already test driven the Highlander (07 & 08) & Pilot (07 & 08). Highlander 07 was OK, I wanted to REALLY wanted to like it & make it work due to Toyota rep of reliability & such, but I was disappointed in the lack of room & couldn't get over it. Highlander 08 I did NOT like. Bigger but not a whole lot more room. Blind spots, etc etc etc. So I move onto Honda & their reputation, looking at the Pilot which I found to be much more roomier. Test drove it, liked the ride and so I went around comparing it to all the other mid-sized SUVs out there. (ie, BMW X5 (again, lack of room the issue). Didn't really find another I liked. Then looking at the Pilot's price, I wavered a bit (was considering the Pilot EX-L). I was just about settled on it but then ran across this ML320 deal. Never considered a Mercedes SUV until I remembered my MIL had an ML320 a few years ago. (Again, I'm looking for a mid-sized SUV for me, my husband (6'3), toddler & 12 yr old + our "stuff," so the CR-V & RAV4 would be too small.) We don't do off-roading, just city/highway driving & small weekend trips.

    I know the ML320 is a bit smaller than the Pilot and I am also comparing a used versus new car....I'm set to check out and test drive the ML320 this week so we'll see how it goes. I just thought the price + mileage seemed like a good deal. I will definitely inquire about the extended warranty plus what's included. Again, I haven't purchased a car in nearly 15 years and my current car has 179,000+ miles on it, so I drive cars to last (but treat them well)! I'm hoping if I end up w/this ML320 I can drive it that long....

    Anyway, if you have any more thoughts, please feel free to post. Thanks again for the reply & info! Happy Holidays!!! :)
  • nktankta Posts: 8
    ursamajor, can you send me the name of the dealership? email address is
    n, underscore, ta at hotmail dot com. Thanks for your assist.
  • viggieviggie Posts: 16
    Looking at a 2008 ML 320 Premium Package 2, Keyless entry, Heated Front seats, Trailer Hitch, ipod.

    $50780 for $49138 so $1642 over invoice. I live in Massachusetts. Thank you for your help.
  • Diesels aren't seeing much of discount, that being said, I would try for invoice if not $500 over invoice would be a good deal as dealers can definitely do the price.
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