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2013 Nissan Pathfinder

Let's start a thread on 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. Nissan USA site has good bit of info on this new model.


  • In regards to the look of the 2013, it's very disappointing. This was one of the last tough, boxy SUVs left and it has finally sold out and become a crossover. It makes me love my 2010 even more!
  • scottyt24scottyt24 Posts: 24
    Does anyone know when the new pathfinder will be available for sale?
  • shaolinshaolin Posts: 12
    I think it will be out in the fall. I'm surprised pricing hasn't been released yet. Perhaps they are waiting to see how its cousin the Infiniti JX is doing.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2012
    "At a media preview here for the 2013 Pathfinder coming this fall, Nissan North America officials confirmed fuel economy figures for the new-generation crossover and said its 20 mpg city/26 mpg highway/22 combined rating will lead the segment. The Pathfinder is one of the last large SUVs to make the conversion from body-on-frame architecture to a lighter unibody structure."

    2013 Nissan Pathfinder Fuel Economy Leaps 30 Percent, Leads Class (Inside Line)

  • Anyone know when this will be released? It's becoming like the Ford Fusion - pics but no date and it's becoming somewhat stale.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683 still says "this fall." Maybe they are stockpiling some so they can push a bunch out to the dealers close to the same time.

    Don't see any in a quick search in CA using our Search Inventory tool under the New Cars tab above.
  • our dealership here in st louis is getting one next week for training purposes. the salesman tells me to expect them in October!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Well, that's still "fall". Barely. :D

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited October 2012
    "Nearly as Nice as the Infiniti

    As in the Infiniti, materials quality is high and although the attractively grained dash isn't soft to the touch, this is no great disappointment in the Nissan version. The center stack controls are a bit different from the JX's buttons and dials, but they feel equally sturdy and all the functionality is there — well, all except for the Plasmacluster cabin ionizer and its grape polyphenol air filter.

    Pricing is competitive, too, as our fully loaded Platinum model undercuts similarly equipped versions of the Explorer, Flex, and Traverse. The CX-9 and Pilot are less expensive options, but you'd have to give up a few of the Pathfinder's amenities.

    If you live in a non-minivan household and you're shopping for a family mobile, go ahead and put the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder on your list. Even if you don't love driving it, your family is probably going to like riding in it." (Inside Line)
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    Local dealer called me Saturday morning and had received their first 2013 Pathfinder. My wife and I went down and checked it out. Very impressive in person. Its was a Platinum with 4 wheel drive and Premium fully loaded. We have looked at the Highlander Limited and Pilot Touring and were waiting for this to drop so we could compare. Here are my thoughts.
    I will start with interior.

    1. Interior room is fantastic. The third row access is super easy and the 3rd row even reclines.
    2. Quality of leather is above the Highlander and Pilot.
    3. Controls look daunting at first but after test driving it, they are very easy to learn and use. Much easier thatn Pilot but not as simple as the Highlander.
    4. Lots of sq. ft of plastic on the dash, but I have never cared since I don't sit or rub the dash for long periods of time.
    5. Console storage is ample and there are more than enough smaller storage areas like cupholders available.
    6. Headroom and legroom were comfortable for me being 6'2. I am confident people that are taller will have no issues.
    7. FOlding seats flat for moving something big is a snap and the rear storage compartment is large enough to carry some small items like shoes, small boxes, purses.
    8. Panaromaic roof is cool. We have one in our Venza and it does brighten up the interior.

    1. So much better in person than online. The lines of the rig flow very nicely.
    2. There is a nice balance or metal, chrome, and plastic.
    3. The wheels on the platinum look good!
    4. Power liftgate is adjustable....meaning you can set it to only go up so far if you have limited garage access.
    5. The all around view camera is a trip! Will take some getting used to when look at all different sides of the car. The rear view camera is cool in the fact that as you turn the wheel, the lines on the display move with it to show you where you will be backing up to.
    6. Step in height is perfect...not too high for a avg. sized person.
    7. Visibility was decent. I thought the highlander was a bit better, but I think this is similar to the Pilot.

    1. Stereo is top notch. Similar to the top of the line system in the Highlander and definitely better than the Pilot Touring system.
    2. The tri zone enterntainment system is a nice feature vs the one screen overhead systems in the pilot and highlander, but to be honest we don't really care. Our kids use ipads or other stuff to entertain themselves on longer trips, but you can't get the Panoramic roof on the Platinum without getting this system. We didn't get a chance to actually use it on the test drive though.
    3. Like above the around view monitor is very useful feature and the programmable remote key fob is nice feature. Remote start, setting of climate controls, and even the heated/cooled seats can be programmed and then you can remote start the rig.
    4. It has both backup camera and rear sensors. The Pilot Touring does too, but highlander does not.
    5. The toughscreen display is very clear...similar to Toyota but easier to touch and access vs the Pilot.
    6. The driver info screen between the speedo and tachometer is handy of instant info. Reminds me of a similar screen at the top of the dash in the Highlander and Venza. Same function with trip and mileage info, but Pathfinder shows more items like 4x4 drive status and tire pressures.

    1. Drives wonderfully! The CVT that some were skeptical when it comes to performance and noise under acceleration were not apparent on our drive. It was very smooth and noise was no more than any other crossover rigs I have driven.
    2. Felt very stable in cornering and brakes had little fade.
    3. Doesn't feel as big when you are behind the wheel.
    4. More driver feedback vs. the Highlander and the very numb pilot. Meaning you felt like you were really involved and engaged driving the pathfinder. More car-like feel and performance. The Highlander is similar but still not as fun. The Pilot felt very spartan and somewhat boring to drive...even spirited driving the pilot felt like it was a chore.

    Overall impression
    We are definitely interested in it. They only had the one and it was white with black leather. We don't want white so when more start to roll in, we will most likely buy one. The white wants the Platinum, fully loaded.

    The highlander is a close second based on price and overall quality, but if really feels small and light...which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Had the pathfinder not been re-done, I would buy a Highlander today.

    The Pilot, although the touring is fantastic just doesn't measure up. I really like it though. I htink the styling, albeit a bit boxy is fine. But the interior doesn't have the finish and feel of the Toyota and Nissan. And real world MPG can't compare to the Pathfinder.

    I think the Pathfinder compares more to an Acura MDX, but with MUCH better mpg.

    If you are on the fence about a crossover, thrid seat mini-suv...go check it out. It's worth a look.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,969
    It sounds nice. You'll probably want to wait a few months until inventory builds up and prices come down. Incidentally, I believe new Highlander and Pilot models are due for 2014. May come out sometime in 2013. Don't know anything about them other than the Pilot is supposed to move away from the boxy look and the Highlander is thought to get a bit bigger inside.
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    I have a good friend that is sales manager at my local dealer that has already given me a great price on new Pathfinder. I don't see the 2014 Highlander being too much of a departure from current model. Even if it is a bit bigger, that doesnt sway me enough, and Toyota won't drastically change the vehicle that may infringe on Forerunner sales. And the Pilot would have to be very different for me to even consider it. I would think they wouldn't want to make it too nice that would bite into the MDX. Would rather have an MDX before a Pilot.
  • Sounds just as great as I heard about. I am waiting for my local dealer to let me know when they have one to look at. I'm in the Cincinnati area.

    Where are you located that the dealer has received one.
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    I am up in the Seattle area. There are a few dealers that have one in stock. But I would think it would be a few weeks until they get a decent stock of colors and trim levels. Nissan really did a nice job. I have never been a buyer of Nissan products but after seeing this a few months ago on the internet, we had to check it out when looking for the crossover type of third row vehicle.

    It is head and shoulders above anything domestic. The fit and finish are top notch. I have looked at everything in this category and although the GMC Arcadi Denali looks great and the interior is nice, the ride is rougher and the MPG is awful and its more money for less stuff.

    Once they get the color I am looking for in, I am going to take it for the weekend and get a real world MPG on it for the type of driving we do. I am hoping that will be around 22-23.

    There are a few good videos of road tests online that show the performance both on and off road. I won't take it out in deep mud (I have a truck for that) but I would feel good about being in snow or driving on unpaved roads.
  • Thank you for the information. I am looking for about the same thing you are. I definitely want the around view cameras but don't want the entertainment system that has the monitors in the front head rests.

    Did you get any feel for an asking price other than MSRP??

  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 44
    I am looking at paying close to invoice for it but a good friend is also one of the sales managers. I have no idea what they will sell for in terms of actual price. I did see a few dealers on autotrader listing them for almost $3000 under MSRP.

    Nissan (and its dealers) will have to decide whether to:

    1) try to keep inventory tight to keep selling prices strong but risk low sales on a new model which isn't good considering how many pathfinders they sold in 2012 OR

    2) keep inventory moving and sell for a more aggresive price to help move up the number of units sold which would be good for business overall.

    I don't really want the entertainment system either but it comes standard if you want the panaromic sunroof that comes with the premium package on the Platinum model. I wish that Nissan would have made the sunroof a stand alone option so you wouldn't be obligated to buy the extra entertainment system.
  • I agree it would be nice for Nissan to offer the moonroof without any other items. If I read the brochure correctly, you will get a small moonroof without the entertainment package big rear roof.

    I saw the first TV commercial for the 2013 Pathfinder on local station last night. Hope this means that the cars will be arriving at the dealers soon.

    I'll keep you informed as to how I do.
  • The moonroof is only available with the Premium package. I don't see anywhere in my brochure about it being a standard feature on any of the models. Would be nice if it was though!

    Keep us posted.
  • samny1samny1 Posts: 94
    Hi Steve,

    When you are able to find out the November numbers for a 2013 Pathfinder SL Premium and Pathfinder Platinum could you please post them for 36 months and 10K or 12k. All would be for top tier credit? NYC metropolitan area, Westchester county.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I don't keep up with the numbers but Kyfdx and Car_Man (and other potential buyers) do over on the Prices Paid - Buying & Leasing Experiences boards.

    Don't see any recent Pathy leasing posts but try asking over there.
  • samny1samny1 Posts: 94
    Thank you. Will do.

  • I looked at the brochure again and could not find anywhere that said the small moonroof over the driver could be available separately. I don't know how I came up with that idea. Maybe on another brand of car.

    Anyway, I'm still waiting for the llocal dealers to get a Pathfinder in so I can go look at it.
  • There is a local dealer that has a silver one advertised today on autotrader. Its a Platinum AWD with Premium package for $41,437. MSRP is $44, a discount of almost $3400. That might be pretty close to invoice. That would be a good bargaining ad for someone local looking for one.

    Wish my local dealer would get a blue or red with black interior to be delivered! I would be all over it. The more road tests I read the better it sounds. And I agree with most of the reviews that it is a solid effort by Nissan.
  • I just ran the numbers on the one I saw for sale. It is Silver with black interior. 4WD Platinum with Premium. Also comes with roof rails, splash guards (standard upgrade up here in PNW), illuminated sill plates, and 4 piece floormats. MSRP is $44,820 including destination and the Invoice is $40,837. So they are asking exactly $600 over invoice. That is a pretty good deal.

    I would think if I went in tomorrow with my financing all ready to go through my CU, they would knock another $600-800 off just to sell it. If they are willing to discount $3400 off the top already, what's another $600 or more? I hope all dealers are ready to sell these instead of holding out for top dollar.....
  • Can you or anyone tell me if the recommended gas is premium on the new 2013 Pathfinder. I thought I saw that written somewhere. And if thats the case, it kind of outweighs the benefit of the very good mpg its reported to have. Please let me know if you guys have any info or link to where I can find it. Have been searching to no avail.
  • The new Pathfinder takes regular 87 octane and JX35 takes premium.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you are a parent of young children (at least one under 12 years old) who owns a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder, a reporter would like for you to fill out a survey, due by December 1, 2012, for use in a print publication. Please email no later than Friday, November 30, 2012 for a copy of the survey.

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  • maxgqmaxgq Posts: 2
    As a family guy, I need a 7 passenger vehicle that is not a mini van. I can’t stand the look or the thought of driving a mini van around town or on any trip. So, I was first attracted to the new 2013 pathfinder because of the 7 seater and the new ez latch system. Then I was researching more about it and found the 26mpg and the revamped styling to impress me.
    I basically look for a non hybrid but fuel efficient 7 seater. This ruled out a lot of options along with the Infiniti cousin. The mpg is more than 10% difference and the grill on the JX is just… ah.. more different than I want to drive coming from a guy who owns and been driving the Lexus Rx350 the past few years.
    So, here is my test drive and what I thought from a Lexus guy.
    First thing I did was to operate the ez latch to get to the third row. Yes, this is before I walked around the whole vehicle. The latch system is nice which allow me, a 6 feet 200lb guy to easily climb to the back and sit in the third row. The padding of the leather seat is nice (this was an SL version, they did not have any Platinum version for me to try; all sold out..) the width was very good. Definitely can fit 2 of me there. I then ask my friend who is 5 ft 11 to sit in the second row directly in front of me. Made sure he had space; the 2nd row seat definitely moves back allowing about 1 inch left before it touches my knees. My legs are comfortably apart and not together. My knees would bump up against the 2nd row seat if I did have it together. The front is also seated another 6 footer. So there you have it, it was very nicely spaced and more than comfortable for 1-2 hour drive before the need to stretch those legs or change seats.
    Getting in and out was also very easy. Unless you are elderly and less nimble, I think the ez seats allows for easy access to the third row. This should be the best out there in terms of access. I did notice that the plastic is harder, the finish is also a bit more raw when compare to my Lexus. But this is not meant to compete with my lexus.
    Once the trunk gate is open, one can easily put down the 3rd row seats. It takes 1 tug of the strap to put down the head rest and a latch pull to put the seat flat. Nice. The tail lamps are big and they seem nice and well built. I noticed that the cross bars are fixed on the roof rails. On the lexus is movable; but this is not a big deal.
    I sat in the driver’s seat and looked around, it is very nice. It does not seem cheap at all. The overall feel was very good. I like the knobs and the buttons. I like the leather. I like the way the steering wheel feel. The only complaint is the massive about of hard plastic from the upper dash going along the side of the center console to the ground. This makes the feel hard. I drive with my right leg leaning of the outer wall of the center console. I can imagine this to hurt after a long time. The good thing is that I noticed this seat to be much wider than my lexus and surely sit more up/higher. This allows go a good view outside when driving.

    The engine was so quite after its started. I was so surprised. I think it maybe even quieter than my lexus at engine startup. You can hear the engine when you step on the gas. Its comparable, maybe a little louder than the lexus. But it droved very good. Good response on when I step on and off the gas. I am not use to the Nissan steering as its too powered even compare to my lexus. But, over all, I was very impressed. I think stopping power is definitely better than my lexus.
    Overall, I am very happy with it and am thinking about a Platinum Premium model. The only missing items are..
    HID head lights
    Side blinkers
    Auto folding side mirrors

    I did not test or had the opportunity to see the platinum model as they were all sold. I didn’t get to see these features which are a must for me: Navigation, entertainment system and the 20 inch rims. But, beside that, I like the following and find all this pluses…
    Easy access and comfortable 7 seater
    19/25 or 20/26 on regular gas
    Quiet and smooth
    Available Nav + entertainment system
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    I posted my experience of the pathfinder on the price paid and buying experience section. Much better drive than infiniti JX. I drove a pl;atinum edition with mocha exterior. Highly recommend this vehicle. I initially was interested in the SL, but found out no navigation system. Saw the exterior and interior of the SL, platinum, and platinum premium. Go for the platinum edition +/- the premium package. I hope as December roles around more inventory will be available. This vehicle is high on my list as a replacement for my current vehicle.
  • Has anyone actually bought one? What prices are you seeing?
    I'm looking at the loaded Platinum and have seen 41,800 as a price via a car buying website I subscribe to. Any thoughts???
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