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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kim532kim532 Posts: 19
edited February 2014 in Hyundai
I had been looking at Santa Fe's and had decided I wanted one, but to make sure it was what I wanted, I decided to go for another test drive round in the competitors. So I told my Hyundai salesman I would more than likely be in on Saturday to put in my order(he quoted a 1.5-2month wait).

That Friday my 90 Mustang broke down and I thought it was a fatal blow, so I frantically started calling all area Hyundai dealers to see if they had what I wanted, and of course they didn't, but this other dealer promised me he could easily get me what I wanted in 2 weeks. I thought great. I could handle a 2 week wait. I went and signed the paper work. (MSRP+gold package trim(that I didn't really want for extra $500)

3 days later I called and the story had changed to 3 weeks. Now only 5 days after the contract they are saying by the end of Feb. The good news is I got My Mustang fixed for $200 and don't have to have a rental car.

I guess what this all boils down to is I feel like I got taken in at a dealership not convienant to my house and paid for a stupid Gold trim package that I didn't want. So be leery of salesman promising less than a month delivery time if they don't already have your vehicle on the lot.

If anyone knows any loop holes for me to get out of my contract let me know (email [email protected]). My 72 hours deadline is up. I just have to hope now that they don't deliver in time so I can break the contract that way and go to the dealer I want with the price I want.



  • This is a bit odd as I'm normally the type of person who would prefer a root canal over buying a new car any day.
    But since buying the Santa Fe LX a week or so back I haven't seen the bloody thing! The wife is always out with it.
    Also I received a nice note from the Hyundai dealer I bought the car from, a gift from the saleman in the form of a coffee mug ( Yes sure, it has the Hyundia Logo on it but it was filled with candy and a big gold bow. I also recieved a coupon book and preffered customed card good for all manner of neat things from the normal oil change to discounts for parts and accessories.
    This is something I haven't gotten from new cars dealers that I have bought new cars from that costmore than twice as much. My new Mercedes didin't even get me a thank you note nor my Corvette.
    Anyone else get this stuff? I think it's a big step in the right direction for Hyundai and this dealer if nothing else.
    Or is Hyundai just going the extra mile for everyone who buys one? Whatever it is all very much a part of the expierience and make me at least "think" that they care about us.

    Gotta give them five stars for trying at least.

  • to richardr4, Yes I received a booklet stuffed with coupons etc. from Hyundai and my dealer sent a lot of stuff including a tape about their services and hours . I have only been in to the service center to have my plates put on. I don"t have 3000 miles on my SF yet, but soon. I'll let you know how the service in Houston is. I bought a Nissian pickup six years ago and got nothing. Their service is great, but customer follow up is nil.
  • Hi lshirley2

    Thanks for the reply. Nice to hear that other's are having the sameor similar expieriences with Hyundai. The only other dealer that came close to Hyundai was Jeep / Eagle. I swore when I bought my last car it would be the last NEW vehicle I paid that much money for.
    MY first choice was the Pontiac Aztec but they wouldn't budge on the ugly things. So I checked the net and looked at all the forums and found this one. Then test drove the Santa Fe. The rest as they say, is history. Not a Jaguar by any means but certainly a great value. Even if the resale doesn't hold up it's not a big deal. I'll drive it after the wife gest tired of it and buys a new one? I HATE diriving her old Eagle TSi !

    Thanks again for the feed back. I've noticed that for most part everythting has been very positive.
    I take that as a very good sign. Check out some of the other boards and see what I mean.

  • lshirley2

    Hi I'm also looking at Santa Fes in Houston. Could you tell me what dealership you got yours from, how they treated, what model you have and how much it cost you?

  • Hall4, I contacted Autonation on the internet and they sent me to Charlie Thomas on the Gulf freeway, near Almea mall. The Salesman was really great. I went for a test drive, told them to write it up and in an hour I drove out. The total drive out for a 2001 GLS fwd sandstone, was $20,555. I really love driving this car.
  • kim532kim532 Posts: 19
    I had posted previously my experience. And how I thought my salesman was trying to get my sale by giving me a delivery time which was unrealistic. I guess I am going to concede a little. I talked to the sales manager last night and they have my Pewter V6 GLS FWD on the way and I should have it the week of Feb. 19. Only about 1 week longer than what was promised. I'll keep you posted if that happens.

    I am conceding a little because I called dealers in the Chicago area and they thought I was nuts. One guy said he would be surprised if I got my 2WD V6 before May since they are so rare. I hope I prove him wrong.

  • kim532kim532 Posts: 19
    I may have been unclear in previous post. I have on order 2WD V6 GLS in Pewter. I entitled it LAUGHING AT ME because out of the 5 dealers I called in the Chicago area 4 told me I would not be able to find what I want and 1 actually laughed at me( the guy who said I wouldn't get my SF till May)

  • sofsofsofsof Posts: 23
  • This being my first new car ever (I am 31) I was nervous about buying one but I did a lot of research and went to a few dealers who had a take it or leave it attitude.

    I went home and read some more.. then i went on the offensive, I walked into a dealer... told him what I wanted in the car and what I would pay for it. I had my numbers in hand to back me up and the deal was done.

    I got it for $900(something) under MSRP plus they threw in pinstiping (because the striped it without asking me) and they axed the dealer prep.

    Informed buyers have power. No wait for delivery, they had the Sandstone GLS with pkg 11 right in the showroom.

    Now we are LOVING it. Hopefully the love will last.

  • that deal would not have happened anywhere in the country.
  • <<that deal would not have happened anywhere in the country. >>

    Wanna Bet? I did about the same on my wife's Santa Fe.

    Know what you want, have the numbers in hand and don't back down. They can take it or leave it and there are a lot of good dealers out there who know that they will still make a decent profit on the car at that price AND more than likely have a very satisfied customer who will return for service regularly.
    Customer good will goes along way towards future sales. Not everyone will be as well informed but they will still come back to buy from that dealer. Why? Because someone recommended them HIGHLY!
    Finding a good car dealership is like winning the lottery. But once you win you you tend to be damn happy and you tell people. That equals increased sales and a bigger profits.
    Sell one or two for a bit over invoice, keep the 3% or 2% that Hyundai gives them and the rest shall follow.
    Larger dealerships are more apt to do this than smaller ones. But it does happen, and it has happened. Worry not, they never lose money. The dealer I bought from had more than twenty Santa Fe's on his lot when I bought mine. Went back yesterday and he had none. Good sales I'd say. But when the ship comes in he will get a lot more of them than he had the last time.

    My two cents and take it or leave it. I'd be careful in the future about basically calling someone a liar.

  • I believe the pricing. I bought my first Santa Fe for $99.00 over dealer involce. The first dealer I visited would not budge from MSRP. The second dealer wanted $2,000 over MSRP for "extras". The third dealer had many more on the lot and without much pushing went to $99.00 over invoice. I imagine it depends on where you live and how much competition dealers have. By just traveling 25 miles I saved thousands. Will I have my service done there even though it is a longer drive? Yes. Will I recommend this dealer to friends? I already have. Best of all, I am so happy with the dealer and the Santa Fe that I returned a month later and bought a second. Keith, I hope you enjoy your Santa Fe, you did well.
  • Hi everyone in Santa Fe land. I have read all the messages here at this website but no one has comment about the CD Player having skipping. I just want to check out to see if anyone having their SF CD Player skipping on them too. The problem I have is that I live here in NE Wisconsin and we have the cold temp here. I often leaved my CDs in the car and when I drive the car and listened to the CD, the songs is skipping on me. I'm not sure if the CD Player is bad or because of the cold weather we have here cause it to skipping. I just got this Santa Fe LX 2wd about a week now. This is my first car that have CD Player too. So I don't know if it is suppose to skip like this or not. Please help, and comments will be greatly appreciate it. thank you all.
  • If they sold it to you for that than scan your finance contract or purchase agreement. those of you "ordering" hyundai's. You can't. The are allocated to dealers from hyundai. If they told you that they lied. They might try to locate you one or have one allocated already. but other than that they are just hoping.
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    We can't help u!
    But U can help yourself by

    1st check your CD to make sure there is no defects (Having scratches) on it.
    If the problem is not on the CD. Then simply show it to Hyundai dealership to get it fix or replace.

    Is your problem solved?

    PS. My Candian Version come with Clarion CD & radio Player w/detachable face, never encounter any problem the sound quality is great but the buttons is very tiny. First is very difficult to use but now I get use to it already. (Just like u changing using a Palm computer from a desktop computer.)
    I like it better than the Hyundai's one(in US version). That looks very old fashion to me.
  • no shame in my game...

    i will scan my purchase agreement and post it on my website.

    go to

    price a GLS v6 4wd with a package 11.

    GLS V6 Four Wheel Drive $20,799.00)
    4-Speed SHIFTRONIC Automatic
    2.7-liter 24-valve DOHC V6
    Package 11 $595.00)

    Destination & Handling $495.00)
    Total $21,889.00

    I flat out told the guy i would pay 21 even.
    he went to the manager with a price even lower than that.
    he came back and said the manager didnt go for the lower price... so i said... just go back and tell him what i offered you in the 1st place... 21,000. also, since the car is on the showroom floor already... i didn't feel i should have to pay dealer prep of $349. salesman agreed and got that knocked off the price.

    THEN. the day i showed up to pick up the car, it turned out that during the week, the pinstriper came in and pinstriped ALL the cars on the showroom floor. i didn't ask for pinstriping so i wasn't made to pay the $195 charge for that....

    so add it all up and i actually got over $1000 of the car including dealer options...

    oh, i didnt mention that my car came with the $80 floor mats...

    do yourself a favor... don't be mad if you paid more than you should have and know what you are talking about when you try to call someone a liar.

  • Thanks billtung, I know you or anyone can not help me out unless I help myself, that's true but your comments and suggestions certianly help me out.I know it can not be my CD disks. Because I just got these CD new and beside that when I listened to it at my stereo inside the house it sound pefect and no skipping at all. It happened to all of my CD disks. So it can't be it. But as I wiped the CD disk and warm up the car, the problems seem to go away but sometime it came back. That's y it is hard to determine that if its the CD Player bad or is its the cold weather causing it. Not sure... I guess I will try to call the dealer up. Thank you all...
  • Hi Keith,

    I think I said about the same thing back at post number 12. Some people just love to rattle your
    cojones don't they?

    Enjoy your car. I know that there are deals out there and if you take the time you can and do find them. You and I did and I really don't care if anyone believes me or not. We have the cars and we're happy with it.

    What's with the pinstriping though? That would be some sort of crap that goes on over the clear coat wouldn't it? $195.00 for something that's going to peel off in a few months seems a bit much to me. Good for you for not paying for it!

  • scan go ahead
  • lshirley2lshirley2 Posts: 14
    Well, I finally got 3000 miles on the SF so I took it in for the oil change. It was a rainy, Saturday and the place was packed. The service manager was very cool and professional and I was out in 45 minutes. I was impressed with the Charlie Thomas dealership in Houston when I bought the car and I am still impressed with the service. I have seen 2 other SF on the street here.
  • Hello everyone, by any chance does anyone know the status of 2001's coming in anymore? I'm extremely interested in this vehicle, my wife and I took a weekend and looked at car after car and finally came to Hyundai (who I've had great luck with, dating back to when they rebuilt my past warranty engine after my negligence blew it up.. For FREE). I sat in the Santa Fe, and loved it, even the back seat had room once I adjusted the driver seat to accomidate me (6'1" and 210 pounds), I don't care much for the 4 cylinder version or the manual, I'd much rather have the V6 model. I'm having a terrible time with this, and unfortunately timing is a BIG thing for me. I'll reinlist in the Navy this October, unfortunately I'll be on my way to San Diego with my ship, thus after that is over, I'll return to VA and pick up my new (hopefully) vehicle. Anyone have any advice? Money isn't a huge deal, gotta love those high reinlistment bonuses, I'll be buying the vehicle cash, so most likely I should make a whopper of a deal. Any help would be appreciated.
  • hunter36hunter36 Posts: 29
    Sounds as though some of you got exceptional prices - congratulations!

    Here are my two cents worth that most of you will probably agree with - or not.

    Everything is relative, what's a good price in one locale is shafted in another. Buying a car is a supply/demand(popularity) issue. In some areas, a take it or leave it offer gets you a great deal, in others it means you're not driving a SF.

    Sure, in a given geographic area, some dealers will be more willing to 'deal' than others but if they've got 6 people waiting to buy the SF you have your eye one there ain't no way you are taking it home for a grand under MSRP. Conversely, if you're the first one in a week that's even looked at the car then you can probably work out a good deal.
    When I got my SF I paid $500 under MSRP when other dealers wouldn't budge off of MSRP. Now, the dealer I purchased my car from is charging $1500 over MSRP and still can't get enough cars. Could I have gotten my SF for 5 bills under MSRP today? Not likely without marrying the owners daughter.

    Never-ever give any credence to what someone says they paid if they had a trade-in. Chances are if they got a super deal on the new car they got cheated on their trade-in (that's just the way it works folks)..but they'll never admit it even if they know it.

    Bottom line, whatever you pay for your car is a reflection of the demand for the car in YOUR area (Fargo is another story); your acquired knowledge from places like Edmunds; your negotiating skills; greed level and integrity of the dealership as opposed to other dealers in the vacinity.

    Remember, car dealers play this game 7 days a week
    so whatever you end up paying is probably not the lowest they would have gone!
  • If anyone is looking for SFs in the Northern Virginia area.... Jerry's Hyundai in Leesburg, Va has between 4 & 6 of them in stock now. I can't say which models they have, but they are still there. They just remodeled the show room and Hyundai sent them 6!

    I bought mine Feb. 12th. I've had no major problems with it, other than a small nick on the hood. (ordered touch-up paint-$6.95 give or take)

    I've only seen a handful on the road around here. Guess they haven't caught on yet... Oh well, I love mine!
  • Hello all,
    I am going to buy a SF through the costco program, and was quoted a great price - $750 below msrp for a Pewter 4x4 LX model with all the extras -exactly what I want-but without ABS. My husband wants one with ABS and doesn't want to budge. But I'm in a quandry - I don't want to wait forever for Hyundai to ship to this dealership (so I can get the costco price) and am wondering if I need ABS at all. I'm in Portland, Oregon, and it doesn't get too icy here at all. It is hard to find any color SF with ABS in this area.
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Welcome to join our SaFe team.

    Hope to hear u again here in & Aso hope u guys enjoy this good value SUV & see who is the winner to reach 100,000 miles finish line(under US warrenty)!

  • thanks for the greeting
    got a call from my dealer (to be, I hope) and he told me that they can install, in one day, ABS for $500. It will not void Hyundai's warranty and the warranty on the brakes will be 100,000 miles. Sounds good to me - now I need to talk my husband into it.
  • ralph289ralph289 Posts: 2
    Got my GEL 2WD today and LOVE IT !!
    I've been an auto mechanic for 30 years and this car impresses me. Well made NOT what I expected.
    Some advise SHOP AROUND !!
    Went to Rick Case in Ft. Lauderdale, they must have thought I just fell off the turnip truck. They wouldn't go under $3000 over MSRP !! Since the crash test I think dealer are taking advantage.
    Got mine at William Legman Hyundai, and they were great, FAIR price, little over MSRP but mine also had AS brakes. If you would like the name of my salesman mail me. Buy one you won't be sorry.
  • rbnatorrbnator Posts: 14
    Just took mine in for 7.5 K service to Stevens Creek Hyundai in San Jose. I made an appointment for 7:30a and by 3p they had still not touched it. I also noticed that paint appeared to be peeling from the cladding (grey area) in some places. They told me at the dealership that I would have to call Hyundai directly and set up an appointment with the area service rep as they were unable to authorize repairs. I called the 800 number and they said the service department should have called them and not require the customer to make the call. The representative apologized for the dealership and said someone would contact me. The rep was really nice. I hope this problem will be covered under warrenty. Will let you know.
  • bfh1bfh1 Posts: 14
    I ordered paint going on 4 weeks ago. They told me it would be 7-10 days.I stopped in after 2 weeks & they said it's not in yet, it's coming from "far away".No word yet.
  • rbnatorrbnator Posts: 14
    The service manager phoned back today and was given authorization to repaint that area which was peeling. This response was much faster then anticipated. Hyundai is showing it can compete with the big boys when it comes to keeping customers happy.
  • Rbnator, I agree with you that Hyundai Warranty and customer service is good and that what makes it bad is how the dealership handles the customer. Obviously, it is not the customer's responsibility to call Hyundai to authorize a repair, and it was good to know that Hyundai customer service rep pointed it out to you.
    I also have a not so pleasant experience with the dealership/service manager where I took my SF for warranty repair. I don't know, maybe because I didn't bought my car there.
    I'm just glad that HMA get customer feedback after a service where you rate your experience with the dealership. I made sure Hyundai would easily see that I was not satisfied with the dealership at all.
  • vini4vini4 Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    Can anyone help me to negotiate with dealer for the best price of Santa Fe Lx 2002 4WD in tristate area as I am thinking to buy it soon.....
  • gls2003gls2003 Posts: 3
    Hi Vini4,
    I bought my Sante Fe GLS AWD at Giuffre Hyundai in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY (89st/5ave). My sales person was Evan Engel. Say Russ sent you. His internet quote was a little less than Edmunds' TMV. No hassle. Paid car + freight + tax + dmv. No prep fees, no etc bogus ad fees.. Got my GLS AWD + ABS/Traction in Pewter w/mud guards, floor mats, cross roof rail for $21K. Then add the tax,freight,dmv, comes out $23,3xx.xx

    Any one know of websites/ stores that sell Hyundai accessories/ parts? Dealerships always charge alot.
  • tidefantidefan Posts: 3
    Bought in Alabama, includes mats:
    Sticker $31,580
    Rebate -$1,000
    Negotiated Price $28,457
    Tax $866
    Doc Fees $299
    Filing $16
    OTD Price $29,639
  • vrmvrm Posts: 309
    I am looking for a good price on a new Santa Fe GLS in Northern Virginia.

    Any recommendation(s) or buying experience would be appreciated.

  • teleman2teleman2 Posts: 2
    Picked up a 2wd gls 3.5, 6 cd, sunroof,roof racks cross rails, mud guards. paid 20150 after rebate. guess I got a decent deal, always hard to tell. I just don't like the whole dealer thing.

  • s2003s2003 Posts: 1
    Got a GLS 2WD, 2.7, with roof racks and dealer thru in Pro Package (pin strip, door guards & wheel well guards) for $19,400.00 ($1,469 below MSRP of 20,869)plus tax & tags (didn't get the 1,000 rebate, did the 0% finance for 3 yrs)
  • noddynoddy Posts: 5
    First post so please go easy on me.....I'm in NJ and am just about to buy a 2003 LX 4WD no extras, the best price I have found is $22,200 (after the rebate) this a good price ?

    Thanks in advance
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    That's about the same price I paid for my 2WD LX. Yeah, I'd say that is a very good price.
  • 007up007up Posts: 5
    Great $ price $22.2k
  • 007up007up Posts: 5
    Hi Noddy, Congrats! on your new ride. I think you got a great price($22.2k after-rebate)for your brand new Hyundai '03 Santa Fe Lx 4WD in NJ[Edmunds-TMV in NJ for '03 SF Lx AWD=$25,369]. I had been lookin at all small SUV's(Toyota,Ford-Mazda,Honda & Jeep)none of these Sport-Ute can't beat the Hyundai $price when LOADED, Yes I did my homework . I'm also in Jz & lookin to buy a '03 Santy LX AWD or 2WD Fall-2003 w/no extras, but I definitely need the New 3.5L engine! I test drove SF Lx both engines 2.7L V6 & 3.5L V6(3.5liter was impressive!) What & where is the dealership( saleperson name)of '03 SF Lx AWD?
    Again Congrats! Have Fun & Safe Drivin
  • noddynoddy Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply&#146;s, 007Up I picked up my 03 SF LX 4WD yesterday from Maxon Hyundai in Union, NJ fro the price of $22,200 after rebate. So far I&#146;m very happy with my purchase. Thanks again as this board helped me mind up my mind and made sure I was getting a good deal
  • 007up007up Posts: 5
    I plan to get '03 Santa Fe 3.5L Lx AWD or 2WD no extras like Noddy! Hey Noddy, Thx. for NJ-dealer info response. My sister purchased '02 Sonata Lx loaded from Maxon Hyundai Union,Nu-Jz and still enjoy her ride that she call her Jagnata. Hopefully there's still a good surplus of '03 SF before '04 Santy crowd showroom floors. Also read that Hyundai will redesign 2005 Santa-Fe and bring over BIG brother SUV TERRAN to our states. Well enjoy :) your '03 Santy and will keep you & all posted of how I do my SUV window website-shopping latter-day of 2003
  • klh13klh13 Posts: 2
    Hello. I'm looking to buy the GLS 2wd version of the Sante Fe.So far the price range has been from $22,500 to $ 24,850. I am still searching but would love to hear if anyone recommends a dealer in S. Fla, mostly anywhere from Delray to Miami. I am willing to travel a little to get a good deal from the right dealer. Thanks ahead of time for your info.
  • jaybabjaybab Posts: 5
    Hi Guys, This is my first post, but definitely would like feedback from your experiences. I have been looking at the Santa Fe and got a chance to test drive one this past weekend. I wasn't thrilled with it and didn't love the car. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. I drove a base model, standard, and just wasn't wowed. It had no extras and the material seemed a little cheap.

    Please share your test drive experiences!!!
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    You really owe it to yourself to test the GLS with a 2.7L or 3.5L engine. The 3.5L, despite being just a little bit larger than the 2.7L, has quite a bit of 'oomph' in it. The 5 speed automatic transmission help on gas mileage also.

    I was also dissappointed when I drove the base model, but liked the Lx model enough to buy one. Not to sell you anything, but Hyundai really does give you a lot for your money, more so than domestic models. They have come a long way since the 199X models.

    You may also want to check out Kia's offerings. Same company owners, but different manufacturer. If you have any questions about Hyundai, ask away.
  • I just bought an LX. I also tested a smaller engined GLS, but was not thrilled. I took the LX up some pretty steep hills and gave it a really good run around sharp turns. It handled well. The 3.5L engine has plenty of giddyup and it drives very smooth, like a car. I didn't feel like I was in a jacked up box in the air, like some SUVs feel. If you are going to go with a Sante Fe, go for the LX. It is worth it. I got the Merlot color, leather interior, tow package, 4WD. I am very satisfied, I absolutely love it. I saw a Mazda tribute in the parking lot the other day with the same color scheme as my Sante Fe. I looked in the windows to see the differences, and the interior of the Tribute was not as appealing to me as the Sante Fe. I did not like the exterior styling as much either. Plus the Tribute, with the same package, is more.
  • Ok, I've been negotiating on a 2003 Santa Fe, AWD, GLS model with a sunroof/moonroof (no ABS). I'm told the best they can do is $22k even not including tax, etc. There is a $1000 cash back to go with this but I'm a bit upside down on my tradein (I owe about $1400 more than it's worth; they are giving me fair trade value on the trade-in). Am I just a sucker or is the $22000 a good price? The GLS, according to what I saw on the lot and at Edmunds, is pretty much loaded with stuff and is AWD. I'm planning on putting down a small down payment this in next couple days so anything feedback would be appreciated asap. Thanks!
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I've read of better deals had by others. It is also coming up on the end of the model year, so that buys you some leverage. Wait until the next to last day of the month (just before they have to report their monthly sales) and dangle a carrot in front of them. Offer something low (say $20,000 before the rebate) and let them come down from their price. Make sure they stick with their original offer for your trade, that they don't "accidentally" slip the rebate into their offer and be prepared to walk out once, twice or even three times. Give them your home phone number. They'll call.

    Another bargaining tool: Offer to get any additional dealer-installed equipment thrown in for free as part of the deal. Their cost is about 60% less than what you would pay out of your pocket on most of it. For instance, I got cab step-up bars, mud flaps and cross rails thrown in for free. I would have paid about $550 for these options, but it only cost the dealer about $300 out of his pocket to make the sale. And I guarantee you this: If the salesman starts crying about not making any money, he/she is lying. They can sell the car for under their invoice price and still make money. Remind them of all the money they will make from you as a service customer (oil changes, etc.). Then ask the salesperson point blank if he is willing to give up the whole deal for X dollars. But you MUST be prepared to walk away from the table and go to another dealer or put off buying for a few weeks for this to work.
  • jaybabjaybab Posts: 5
    Hey Guys!
    Well I took some advice and test drove a GLX last night after having a terrible test drive in a base GL model. I was definitely impressed! It was fully loaded and had power and handled pretty well.
    I don't feel the need to have 4WD, but what is the real difference between 2WD and AWD? Is AWD more $$$? Is it worth it?
    The dealer I went to in suburban Boston was very nice, no pressure sales and said that could get a GLS, 3.5, V6 including some options for $21 and change. He said he could get a GLX for just a little more, if not the same (as they didn't have a GLS on the lot) Which was before I even began negotiating. Good price to start from? Can you ask to see the invoice?

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