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2013 Civic/Accord Battery Drain

jjconejjcone Posts: 1
edited September 23 in Honda
Could any 2013 Accord owner post how long your battery lasts without driving?
My brand new Accord lasts 5 days. I hope this is not "normal" as I would never have purchased such a vehicle.


  • Ahh.... You may need a new battery or your car may have short somewhere. My neighbor has a 2013 civic and was gone (military) for 2 weeks. He had no problems starting his vehicle when he returned. Hope this helps.
  • Today my Honda Accord 2013 did not start. I gave it a jump start and took it to the dealership. They replaced the battery and told me it had a dead cell and failed the battery test. I only bought my Honda 6 month ago!! and left it 2 days without driving!!...did not expect this from a Honda..!!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I only bought my Honda 6 month ago!! and left it 2 days without driving!!...did not expect this from a Honda..!!

    Um, I'm not sure it's a Honda problem inasmuch as it is a battery problem. Use a different manufacturer. Honda didn't make the battery. It is odd, though.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Honda approved the battery to put in their car, so ultimately the blame is theirs.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Do we know for sure an interior light wasn't left on? (Sorry, I missed some earlier posts). I'm certainly no Honda apologist. I've owned two. One great, one decent. I currently drive a car from a different manufacturer and like it.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Not sure about interior lights.

    I have a 2012 Honda Civic and went 4 days without driving it. It started with no problem.
  • fairgirlfairgirl Posts: 2
    I had a problem with something draining the battery on my car. A friend of mine did some research and found a service bulletin #12-041 that came out around Nov. 2012 pertaining to Civics. The fix is simple - the dealership has to upgrade the car's software with PGM-FI software.
    The software helps the car determine your driving habits and makes adjustments so the alternator continues to charge the battery.

    The dealership had my car almost four days and was about to give it back to me saying nothing was wrong. I told them about this bulletin and the software. They told me there was no such software for my car. A few minutes later it was being installed and took less than a half hour. It's odd they had it there and readily available but for almost four days did nothing.

    Another employee told me this service bulletin will probably be a future recall. I lost confidence in Honda and the dealership. I drove out and traded the car for a Toyota. Now I don't have to say a prayer hoping every time I turn the key the car will start.

    I also called Honda Corp. and I was told to call the dealership's service department and TELL them how to fix my car, what to check, etc. If I had that type of knowledge, I could fix it myself. What a joke they turned out to be - no help.

    I hope this information helps a lot of people. Don't give up.
  • fairgirlfairgirl Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with the battery dying. I had the car towed to the dealership. They kept it for four days. I went to pick it up because I got tired of waiting for someone to call me. They said after driving it, letting it stand without starting it, etc, they couldn't find anything wrong.

    A friend of mine researched the problem and found a service bulletin #12-041 that said in order to fix the problem, the car software would have to be upgraded with software program PGM-FI. I gave this information to the service dept. and they told me there was no such software for my car. A few minutes later, I was told the software was being installed and it took less than a half hour. A half hour job turned into not having my car for four days.

    I can't believe Honda had no knowledge of this service bulletin that came out around Nov. 2012 and how to fix the problem. Apparently, the upgraded software lets the alternator give juice to the battery regardless of your driving habits.

    I lost faith and confidence in Honda. I left the lot and drove to a Toyota dealer. I now own a Toyota.

    I called Honda Corp. and they told me because I was the owner that it was my responsibility to call the service dept. and tell them exactly what I wanted them to check, how to check it, etc. If I had that knowledge, I could have fixed the car myself. They did not help. They weren't surprised when they heard what my complaint was about.

    While I was at the dealership, another employee said this service bulletin will probably be a future recall.

    I hope this helps everyone out there who are being told it's their driving habit because it isn't. It's Honda's responsibility and they are not stepping up to the plate; instead, they are blaming the consumer.
  • I bought a 2013 Honda Accord back in august and the first cold weather BELOW ZERO DAYS my battery died, took it to dealership and they said its fine. So brought it home and 3 days later the battery was dead again, so once again I took it back to the dealership spent 2 hours and they said it just needed charged the very next day it died again this time it finally it showed battery was dead. So battery was replaced. So now battery is dead again and weather here is -6 ° so I'm at a loss of what to do. So the weather is below zero again and my battery is dead again.

  • sandy3858sandy3858 Posts: 2
    edited February 2014

    Similar problem as dawnsride on January 29. 2013 Accord EX would not start a week ago. Jumped by AAA and tech told me battery would not hold a charge. Car driven to dealer who checked out the problem and found no problem, but allegedly installed some software to prevent the non-existent problem. Service advisor mentioned an "eco" battery and suggested driving the vehicle regularly (at least every 2-3 days) to keep battery charged. If not driving that often, buying a trickle charger was suggested. A trickle charger?? Unbelievable. It's a 2013 model, not a 1913. Incredible. I paid 20K for a "dependable" Accord that was a Consumer Report top pick? Oh, by the way, one week and 100 miles later, my top rated Accord EX didn't start last night and it's going back to the dealer today. Stay tuned, Accord owners.

  • UPDATE: Dealer checked the car out again and this time replaced the battery claiming similar Accord issues were due to "a bad batch of batteries." By the way, there is a great article in 8/21/2012 issue of The Globe and Mail online newspaper re new cars and batteries. Nevertheless, the consumer needs to expect the manufacturer to provide a dependable battery regardless of the vehicle's bells and whistles.

  • Dawnsride hit this on the head. Purchased in summer and always slow to turn over. Come cold weather and started every few days it would act like it was dead but eventually start. But let it set 2 weeks or more and dead battery. Mine was delivered with a dead battery......salesman tried to tell me that "Honda delivers new cars from the factory with half-charged battery". Yes, sadly he is still selling cars. After being towed from a funeral, it has died 6 times total. Checked 3 times and told 'no dead cells' - no parasitic draw on the electrical system. Service manager was not going to replace just a few days ago, but I demanded he call Honda District manager. He declined. Dealership put new battery in at their cost. Sounds like Honda has a battery problem...........ARE YOU LISTENING HONDA?????????

  • flyoneflyone Posts: 1

    I just bought a new Honda Accord EX on 6/4/2014. I didn't drive it for 2 weeks and the battery is not working. I had it jump start and drove it for 20 minutes on 6/18/2014. Then, the next day the battery is not working again. I gotta go back to the dealership this Saturday to check it out.

  • vd500vd500 Posts: 2

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T S

    I am having the same problem as the previous guys. They updated the software, changed for the stronger battery. Has been in the shop four times about twenty five days. The third time they had to admit the problem because I caught my dead car right at the service when they called me to pick it up. Today I picked up the car after ten days and lied that it never lost the charge. They try to blame it on my after market auto starter but it happened three times before the installation and one time after they totally uninstalled it. I was told to drive it 30 miles every day. If it never died on them within ten days /the same miles in and out/ why would they suggest I should drive it every day? Total nonsense!

    In my sixty years I have never been the car's slave. Take the trips to nowhere just to keep it charged? The most ridiculous suggestion ever!!! They claim that so much electronics require longer rides. Well, why don't you say to customers that the car is for long commuters when you are selling it? My daughter bought new Audi which is more loaded and drives only locally and has no such a problem. At this point they don't know what they are doing so just keep telling lies and I am thinking to call the car lemon. At this point I am saying a prayer every time I go to drive. Please contact me if you have any suggestions. Thank you

  • vd500vd500 Posts: 2

    I forgot to mention that this is Honda Accord 2013 bought new and presently has 2750 miles.

  • I have had this happen with my 2014 Accord Sport since I bought it at the end of last year. They replaced the battery and also a multiplexer harness. It would only take 3-5 days to die (December to February timeframe). I was pleased when it didn't have any problems after a long 2-week trip, but that was at a different (warmer) time of year. Today, we had temps of about 20 deg F during the day, and my car was very slow to start after just 9 hrs in the lot at work. I'm now convinced that it is truly tied to temperature, and that there's a very, very sudden drop in life when we go below freezing. Just having it be "cold" is not enough to do it.

    As far as I've been told, there are no software updates for 2014 Accords, and I'm reluctant to just settle for a replacement battery (a more heavy-duty one, either at my own cost, or the dealer's) in case there is some sort of other underlying issue that I'd be masking.

    Has anyone had this issue and been completely convinced of it being resolved 100%?
  • In 2014, my 2009 Honda Accord, when left idle for 4 days, drains the battery enough to where it would not start. After much research and discussion with knowledgeable people, the problem was resolved by installing an on-off switch on the minus battery terminal. When leaving the car idle for any extended period, I simply turn the switch off which prevents any drain. The switch is easy to install and can be found at any auto parts store for about $25. Trying to troubleshoot the problem down to the component that is causing the drain is a loser.
  • Purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot and have had it for only a few months. It's now on its 3rd battery - the one that came in it and 2 new ones - that the dealer told me each developed a BAD CELL? They can't seem to find what is killing the batteries? I'm NOT SURE Honda knows what it is doing? (So actually it will be on its 4th one - it's still at the dealer but they are trying to get a heavy duty battery.)
  • I have a 2013 civic and I have had electrical issues and it has stalled out along with transmission issues. I don't know if this is related to your battery issue in your accord but maybe its a Honda thing? It could've just been a bad battery too so who knows but makes you wonder
  • I will never buy another honda after the experience with my civic
  • Purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot and have had it for only a few months. It's now on its 3rd battery - the one that came in it and 2 new ones - that the dealer told me each developed a BAD CELL? They can't seem to find what is killing the batteries? I'm NOT SURE Honda knows what it is doing? (So actually it will be on its 4th one - it's still at the dealer but they are trying to get a heavy duty battery.)

    all of the used car lots I've seen have pilots. Their all over. So the resale value must be really crappy. Its amazing how Hondas have taken a down turn overall. Their not made like they used to be

  • We have a 2014 Honda Civic. Our car will not start after it has been sitting for 3 weeks or more. Honda acknowledges that the sleep mode of the car still drains the battery at .018AMP/Hr. So doing the math, this will drain the battery sufficiently that it will not start somewhere around 3 weeks. Honda does not consider this as a problem that needs to be corrected.
  • Replace the air conditioning compressor relay.  It sticks internally and causes the Ac compressor to stay engaged and it drains the battery
  • Have a 2013 Accord EX-L Navi which would not start after 1 week of not being used. Took it to dealer, Ciocca Honda in Harrisburg, PA, where we purchased, and told it was just a dead battery and to drive it every 3 days to keep it charged. I told them that it is ridiculous to have to do that. Told me to buy a trickle charger. They refused to replace battery. Took the vehicle home and let it sit in my garage for 6 days and after that; it wouldn't start. Took it back to dealer and battery replaced at my cost. I had owned it for 5 months and purchased as a Certified Used Vehicle and they refused to cover the cost of a battery that lasted only 5 months after our purchase. I am going to let it sit in my garage for 1 week and see what happens. The Service Rep continues to tell me that this is normal for these vehicles to have to be run at least weekly to maintain their charge. What a joke after spending $22,000 for a supposedly reliable vehicle.
  • My 2013 Civic with 8,000 miles on it has started having battery failing problems. My dealer says that the remote starter is always "on line" so will draw the battery down if not driven for a few days. It has been below zero for several days and not started for two so they may have a point. Will get it tested and see what shakes out. Under warranty for another six months but I'm not going to pay through the nose for labor to have it
    replaced. We shall see.
  • aggie89aggie89 Posts: 1
    I bought a new 2013 Honda Accord EX-L in October 2013 and even though it had no noticeable issues at first it wasn't long before a rebberband effect appeared. The car does not accelerate properly; a period of time after stepping on the accelerator it then responds with a noise and slight movement that is followed by the type of acceleration it should have had seconds earlier. This is a safety hazard that Honda knew about yet did not back its $30k product.

    On top of that a rapid battery drain problem has come up. The car has 11,000 miles in mid-2016 and the 2.5 year-old battery lost all power when the car was parked and unused for a numbers of days. I replaced it with a new one and in a few days the new battery has been drained. This is another safety hazard considering I have a disabled family member who cannot afford to be left stranded. I have noticed that many owners of 2013 Accords and Civics have this problem. Honda needs to recall this vehicle but probably won't. It's my fourth Honda and definitely my very last!!! This car might as well have "made in China" on the sticker.
  • I have the same problem with 2012 Honda Civic it doesn't start if left for 2-3 days without driving . I am going to replace a 2 new battery out of pocket. Although I had a comprehensive coverage at that time. Got all the maintainence done from Honda. Just 45000 kms driven. Any permanent solution for that?
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