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Chevy Traverse Stabilitrak/Traction Control problems

jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
edited July 2015 in Chevrolet
Has anyone experienced your 2011 Traverse having a sudden loss of power and loss of acceleration followed by error messages for both the traction control and stabilitrak systems?? This is the 4th trip to the dealer when for my car lossing all power following by the above error messages. There is no warning only ding.ding..ding and loss of power!! The dealer has said it was a sensor problem, then tried taking out the transmission and working on its sensors, and today they say it is a throttle body issue. Help! Has anyone else had this issue and what finally fixed your car?? Thank you for your help! My car has been having this issue for the past 8 months and has about 65,000 miles. Prior to this there were no big issues or problems with the car.

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  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    If you haven't already contacted Customer Service on this issue, please email us at socialmedia@gm.com with more details (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation). We'd be happy to follow upon this with your dealership.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • sgowanssgowans Member Posts: 3
    The same thing has happended twice now in two days with my 2011 traverse with 49,000 miles. My wife was driving to work on the freeway when the error message for the traction control/stabilitrak came on, along with a message for reduced engine power. The vehicle then would not go over 25mph on the freeway. She pulled to the side of the road and shut the vehicle off. The error message reset and then it was fine until the next day when it repeated the problem, again on the freeway. I took it to the dealer where the service guy suggested a throttle body issue, guess we'll see. Now she doesnt want to drive the vehicle.
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    edited January 2013
    This past week was my 4th trip to the dealer and this time they suggested it was also a throttle body issue. However, they have also fixed sensors, taken out my transmission and diagnosed timing issues. All the fixes have briefly stopped the problem but it eventually keeps happening again without warning. Since last Friday's fix, I have not had the traction control/stabilitrak error but for some reason I keep getting a parking assist blocked error while driving but it is not causing the reduced power. In a search of the problem on the Internet, it seems this is also a problem in the Equinox. I do feel the same as your wife. I feel unsafe in my 1 1/2 year old car. I have always had Chevy cars and never experienced a problem of this nature. If GM, is aware that their cars are having this issue, they need to inform the public and get a fix out quick as the reduced power without warning is dangerous!!!
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    I have also found an interesting thread on Traverseforum.com titled Service stabilitrac/service traction control. Once you read all the posts the problem is the same. ( It just doesnt mention reduced power until further down in the posts.) My dealer dismissed it and if I get the error again, Im going to strongly encourage the suggested fixes be completed. I also called GM corporate complaint offices in Detroit to start a claim. 1-313-556-5000. They will make you call Chevrolet first at 1-800-222-1020. Once you get a file #( that starts with #71), you can call corporate back and they will get involved in your case with the dealer. I think it is important to report it as it will show that it is happening to a number of people. Hope this helps!
  • sgowanssgowans Member Posts: 3
    ***update*** the dealer said all the codes pointed to the throttle body which was replaced under warranty. but interesting you mentioned the parking assist error because that has also shown up. I just attributed it to snow and salt on the sensors on the rear bumper, which goes away when I clear the bumper. Maybe its not the snow. Anyway well see it the throttle body replacement does the trick.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Keep us posted on whether the throttle body replacement resolves the issue, sgowans! Hopefully the Stabilitrak and traction control issues are behind you.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    Check out the Chevy Impala forums. There you may find some guidance. This is a common problem with the Impala. Good luck.
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    Thank you for the suggestion. I will try anything to get this issue to stop.
  • sgowanssgowans Member Posts: 3
    ***update*** well it's been about two weeks and about 500 miles since the throttle body replacement, after the traction control issue, and I'm happy to report there have been no problems. I went back and talked with the service guy who said there was a lot of carbon buildup on the backside butterfly valve and it would not open or close properly. They removed and tried to clean it first, but it still threw codes. The throttle body was then replaced and didn't throw codes. It seems to have worked.
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    sgowans- that is good news! Im also keeping my fingers crossed that my issues have been fixed and I have not had any reduced power problems or stabiltrak/ traction control errors since my throttle body replacement. It has been about two or three weeks for me as well. Thanks for the update! Let's hope it stays this way!
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    Stabilitrac and traction control error along with engine power reduced hit me today for the 2nd time this week, got it to the dealership and they wanna charge $90 to diagnose but can't get me in till Monday. I have a 2011 traverse ltz with 55,000 miles. Can anyone tell me if the extended warranty will help with this or is it still covered under gm warranty. Any advice would be appreciated
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    My extended GM powertran warrenty usually covered most of the work. After I called corporate and they got involved my issues were fixed free of charge.
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    I did purchase the extended warranties with the vehicle, how could I address this with the corporate office, would that be thru the phone number that was stated earlier in this thread.
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    Yes. The numbers previously mentioned were very helpful. You will need to call Chevrolet corporte first to get a file number that starts with #71 and then you can go directly to GM corporate offices once you have a file started. Hope this helps!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    We can also set up a Service Request (71-**********) if you would prefer to work via email. Contact us at socialmedia@gm.com with more details (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    Thank you Sarah, an email was sent to the address you provided along with the info you requested. Look forward to hearing back from you soon. Clyde
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    ************Update- 2/27/13. Unfortunately, I spoke to soon. I got the stabilitrak error and traction control error again this morning. Its back at the dealer and we are waiting to see what they say it is this time!! :lemon:
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    Well that's not good to hear. I just got mine to the dealer this morning, got a call from the service manager and was told that they were replacing the throttle body on my traverse. Just got the call that all work had been completed and that no codes came up after the test drive and that everything should be good.
    Please keep us updated, I will do the same on my side. Hopefully something gets figured out soon, I have a long road trip planned this summer.
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    Well after another $1700 trip to the dealer. the diagnosis this time is rack n pinnion steering needed replacement, axel seal leak and car out of allignment supposedly caused the error messages this time. I am officially filing a complaint with my state for the Lemon Law and have complained to every agency I could today for this car. If nothing gets accomplished through that pursuit , I plan to go to Carmax to see if I can get enough to pay off my loan and get rid of this headache of a car! It seems as if everytime someone "fixes" something, 10 more go wrong! As a lifelong Chevy owner, I will never buy another GM car again. This issues with the Traction Control/Stabilitrak errors are not only problems in Traverse, they are all over the Impalla, Saturn, Equinox, GMC etc. I am convinced GM simply does not care about how dangerous this issue is. :lemon:
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    Sorry to hear the bad news, i did report to my service manager that my steering felt shaky and had knocking sound at slow speeds. I asked them to check the rack and pinion, tie rod ends and ball joints. I kinda thought that the vibrations might effect the wheel sensors and cause all the t/c and stabilitrak issue. After i picked up the vehical they said only the throttle body needed to be replace because the throttle position sensor had failed and that they could not reproduce the knocking or vebrations that i had reported. I guess i at least have it documented that the rack and pinion felt funny in case i ever have to take it back. :confuse:
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    Jlg7, did your warranty help cover any costs. gm did nothing on my side, thank god for my extended bumper to bumper warranty. Now I think I might trade mine in before something else happens... I hear Nissan has some good rebates on the armada right now... :shades:
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    No, it was all out of pocket expenses for us and GM didnt even return my call from yesterday. Im gonna check these forums for sure before we purchase anything again. Im looking forward to getting rid of this car!
  • amm240amm240 Member Posts: 4
    I hate to have to write this. The same thing happened to me. All the same problems. Long story short...I paid around $700 for the new throttle body module at my local mechanic's shop. It was closest place I knew to take it and I have had terrible customer service with our local Chevy dealer (surprise, surprise). After going back and forth a bunch of times with Chevy and GM, the outcome was they would not pay for it, onlt because I took it to a third-party mechanic instead of a Chevy dealer. It's juts an excuse and has again shown their AWFUL customer service. The car seems fine now, which is really the important thing, since I have three children under 6 frequently riding in it. I am hoping nothing else goes wrong (well, actually I kind of am, because my husband and I agreed three strikes and you're out...time for a new vehicle), but I will NEVER buy another GM vehicle again. It just really frustrates me that this was a recalled issue in 2010 models, but they won't cover it in our 2011 models, when CLEARLY the problem still exists.
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    Reply to amm240...Im so shocked by your comments that this was a recall for the 2010 vehicles?? I had no idea. Makes the issue even more maddening for me as the dealer has done so much to my car!!!! Ugh!!! :lemon:
  • amm240amm240 Member Posts: 4
    Yes, it was a private recall, so not released publically but they'd fix it for you for nothing for 2010 models. This of course, added to my outrage as well. I had the throttle body replaced...so did you, right? Then it still did the Satbilitrack error and loss of power after that? It's just scary because I have three little girls and we travel frequently to grandparents house about 2 hours away, at least once a month if not more. I don't feel safe in it and GM apparently could give a crap...
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    Yes, I had a throttle body replacement too. I did have the error one more time but without the loss of power this time. However, you get so conditioned that you are about to lose power that it still was a frightening experience when the error chimed as you never know what is about to occur. They blamed this last time on my car being out of alignment. So maybe the throttle body replacement will help, however I have read other boards that it didnt so really its a wait and see kind of thing. I dont feel safe either and Im furious that the 2010 had a recall. The dealership I went to claimed they never heard of such problems before and the things they did to my car before they actually got to the conclusion that it was the throttle body is maddening!!! Total waste of time and money . Ugh- so done with GM!!! Never again and Im a lifelong Gm buyer.
  • amm240amm240 Member Posts: 4
    The only reason I know it was a recall is because our mechanic just fixed the issue a few weeks ago in a 2010 model and Chevy covered it due to the recall. He couldn't beleive they wouldn't cover ours.
  • cmartinez22cmartinez22 Member Posts: 7
    How many miles were on your traverse, mine had 56,000. Extended warranties covered all bit a $100 deductible on a $490 bill. Also came with a 12month 12,000 mile warranty.
  • amm240amm240 Member Posts: 4
    mine had about 45,000 on it.
    no extended warranties.
  • soccermom1234soccermom1234 Member Posts: 1
    I just had the problem of my stabilitrak, traction control off and reduced engine power happen. We took it to the dealership and were told the throttle body needs replacing. I spent 103 for the car to be diagnosed and then 383 for the repair. Now it's about 2 weeks later and all of a sudden the same warnings happen again. I called GM and they got the fee to redignose my car waived, so I've got to wait and see what the dealership says Monday. My uncle said he has the same issue and it was a traction control sensor and it cost about $800 to fix.
  • 4kidmom4kidmom Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 chevy traverse LT with 48000 miles. Last week while driving my kids to school the "traction control off, service stabilitrac, service traction control" message appeared on the DIC and the car went into "reduced engine power" mode and would only drive 15 MPH! I live in the country with no cell service so I limped it home (thank goodness not too far away yet). Tried to turn it off and wait then restart as manual suggests but it didn't help, the message reappeared. Several hours later, went to drive it to nearest shop and it was fine! I took it in to see what codes it threw and everything pointed to TPS/throttle body but it was acting fine so no parts were thrown at it. Chevy dealership said "probably just fluke, hopefully won't happen again"! Not a good answer for me because I drive around with 4 kids in my car and dropping down to 15 mph at random is not safe! 1 week later it displayed the message and did it again! The dealership says its most likely not covered under the factory powertrain warranty, if it is the throttle body, and it is an expensive fix! It sounds like this is a common problem and I don't know how to proceed. This should be covered by Chevy! I don't feel safe in my traverse and can't afford to throw parts at it. Any suggestions?
  • 4kidmom4kidmom Member Posts: 2
    Where do I find out about the recall? I have 2010 traverse.
  • mike0915mike0915 Member Posts: 1
    Just had the samething happen on 2010 traverse LT at shop now waiting on what they say
  • jlg7jlg7 Member Posts: 16
    I am fairly certain for many previous posts about this issue that the 2010 models had a recall on this so it should be covered. However if you are still meet with resistance from the dealer look at the earlier posts with the #800 number to Chevy. They will work with you can call the dealer. This should be a covered repair. I called both Chevy and GM and have to say I was happy with the customer service I received.
  • runnergirl5runnergirl5 Member Posts: 1
    Same thing just happened on our 2009 Traverse. I called Chevy to find out if there were any recalls and they said no but that there is a recall on your water pump shaft seal. Like several other posters we too have had this car in more than any care we ever owned. Love the car but feel like we should have waited and not bought it the first year it came out. We just hit 60,000 miles on it. I will be taking it in next week. If I learn anything new with the issue I will post it.
  • nukstrnukstr Member Posts: 4





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    (STABILITRAK CLUNK NOISE): http://chevroletforum.com/forum/silverado-fullsize-pick-ups-21/2010-silverado-stabilitrak-question-47580/
    (AFM)-Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Fuel_Management
    (ETHANOL): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_ethanol_fuel_mixtures
    (GAS STATIONS WITHOUT ETHANOL): http://pure-gas.org/index.jsp

  • kgardner29kgardner29 Member Posts: 1

    I seem to be having the same issue as everyone else. My stabilitrack and traction control went out. I finally got it into the dealership and they say its the throttle body causing the problem. Its a near $600 repair. I want to know why GM knows this is a reoccurring issue in the traverse and have not notified owners and sent out a factory recall.

  • proudmom4proudmom4 Member Posts: 2

    Stabilitrak light comes on and traction control shuts off on 2009 Traverse. I called Chevy to find out if there were any recalls and they said no but that there is a recall on your water pump shaft seal. Took Traverse in on 12-6-13 to have a diagnostic run. Get call later that afternoon that the part they need to fix it is on backorder. My response was ok can you order it and we will bring car back in to get it fixed. I am told that the car is not safe to drive and that they will order the part get in on Sat and car should be ready on Monday. Today is 1-5-14 and we still do not have our Traverse back. We are told there is a national parts back order on the part. We were issued a rental. Got a call yesterday that said Chevy was only going to cover up to $532 of the cost of the rental. We are obviously well over that cost now and never told we might be responsible for the cost of a rental. The part that is on national back-order is 20833157 F-harness. We reached out to corporate late Friday after we got the call from the local dealership. We are supposed to hear back from the local dealer and corporate tomorrow. Not sure how there can be a national back order on a piece yet there is no recall. This entire situation is completely unacceptable. We have been extremely patient through this process but are just about at the end of our rope.

  • proudmom4proudmom4 Member Posts: 2

    I need to give credit where credit is due. I did get a call from GM yesterday and they reached out to the local dealer and they are going to take care of the rental. Still no word on the back-ordered piece that we have been waiting on for a month now :( Still asking questions like how is there not a recall on a piece that is on national back order.

  • rlrzilbarrlrzilbar Member Posts: 1

    I hvae just experienced this same issue. I live by chicago and my traction control went out on me on Christmas Day with 4 little girls in my 2011 Chevy Traverse driving back from my moms house out in Dekalb. After taking it to Advantage Chevrolet in Bolingbrook Illinois, the outcome was a throttle body. After seeing all these issues with the same thing I'm blown away at GM... When does the manufactorer take ownership and actually want repeat business? Wonder why people start buying Hondas?? I have already replaced the window solvent motors in the truck and now this.. For a truck thats three years old is utterly ridiculous... I will contact the numbers I saw on here, but with all the help the dealership has been i doubt anyone at GM really cares... Just cash that check!!!!

  • jennyjojennyjo Member Posts: 1

    I am having the same issues. I have had nothing but problems with my 2011 Traverse. I'm ready to trade it!

  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165

    Honestly, that vehicle has been out since 2007 as a Buick, GMC, Chevy or Saturn. How can it still have all these problems? That goes way beyond "teething" issues. Sounds like either faulty engineering or low quality parts to me. If you're thinking about trading it, you should probably move now while it still has some decent trade value left. I learned long ago that a vehicle that has a lot of problems is just a constant thorn in your side. Get rid of the aggravation and buy something reliable. Dump it - down the road you'll be glad you did.

  • momo2000momo2000 Member Posts: 1

    I followed this advice and it worked! We started with Chevy, got a claim number and then called GM corporate (#s below). After a little back-and-forth, our rep (we worked with one agent all the way through - very cool) arranged for us to have the diagnostic appointment for free. While we were there, the dealer just replaced the throttle body at not charge.

    This was remarkable because not only had I not bought the car with this dealer, but when I first called them, they said it was not covered under the power train warranty for vehicles after 2009 (we had 48k on our 2011 Traverse). I verified this with a second dealer and expected a $300-$600 bill (depending on the dealer).

    @jlg7 said:
    I have also found an interesting thread on Traverseforum.com titled Service stabilitrac/service traction control. Once you read all the posts the problem is the same. ( It just doesnt mention reduced power until further down in the posts.) My dealer dismissed it and if I get the error again, Im going to strongly encourage the suggested fixes be completed. I also called GM corporate complaint offices in Detroit to start a claim. 1-313-556-5000. They will make you call Chevrolet first at 1-800-222-1020. Once you get a file #( that starts with #71), you can call corporate back and they will get involved in your case with the dealer. I think it is important to report it as it will show that it is happening to a number of people. Hope this helps!

  • jennconnerjennconner Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2014

    Add my 2010 Traverse to the no good list. Does everything everybody has already mentioned. We've had it for a year and put 35k on it. I am so disappointed. Stopped at the dealer this afternoon and the service guy clearly didn't want to deal with us.

  • jennconnerjennconner Member Posts: 2
    At dealer now...says the throttle position sensor needs replaced. Other threads, people have said that its covered under powertrain warranty. anybody really know? Looking at 500+
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496

    GM has had a lot of problems with the Stabilitrak/Traction Control on a wide range of vehicles (e.g. Chevy Impala) dating back to the 2007/2008 model years. If you check the Impala forums, you'll see GM covered this problem under the powertrain warranty for several years (I think up to 2009) and then changed their warranty coverage to exclude it (I'm guessing that GM processed so many claims that they decided customers should foot the bill.) I recently traded in a 2007 Chevy Uplander (it did not have Stabilitrak) and did not even consider another GM vehicle because of the Stabilitrak issues and engine problems with the 2.4 and 3.6 engines. Good luck with your vehicle.

  • knollbergknollberg Member Posts: 1

    service stabilitrak / reduced engine / traction control off/ parking assist off

    We have a 2010 Traverse LT my wife loves this car it has about 76000 miles on and we started getting this error message [service stabilitrak / reduced engine / traction control off/ parking assist off]. The first time we took it to the dealer they had said something about a wiring harness under the pasanger seat that was not fully inserted or something. The error went away for awhile and now it is back. Took it back to the dealer today they said something about a communication error between the throttle body and the EBCM saying they want to replace the EBCM for around 950$ the car is still under power train warranty but now they are telling me that this isnt a power train issue? Its a communication/electrical problem? Dealer said they were getting codes co561 and co242. After reading these forums I am tending to think that the problem is the throttle body. Also I am thinking about dumping in high octain to really clean it out. Thoughts?

  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496

    If you check out the Impala forums, then you'll see the reduced engine power problem is not limited to the Traverse (in fact many GM models have this problem). Failure of the Stabilitrak (GM's electronic stability control system) was covered by the powertrain warranty (5 years or 100k miles) up to 2008 or 2009. I guess GM saw all the warranty claims and then decided to exclude the problem from warranty coverage. Unfortunately, you will have to pay to get it fixed. The price of $950 seems excessive. I would review the Impala forums and check to see how much the repair typically cost. Good luck.

  • timothy4458timothy4458 Member Posts: 1

    amm240, who was the dealership that mentioned the warranty? I was told by my dealer that they knew nothing about it. Thanks!

  • dscott180dscott180 Member Posts: 1

    Similar to others, the "Service Stabilitrak/Reduced Engine Power" issue happened with my 2011 Traverse. I read this forum and the TraverseForum.com. After reading similar stories over and over again, I found a unique pattern.

    When the Stabilitrak Error occurs at the same time as the Parking Assist Error, then it is most likely a wheel sensor problem that is easily corrected with a good cleaning. I took the car to the local car wash and gave it a good washing, including washing away all dirt and muck from the wheel wells. Now the traction control system is working fine and the error messages have gone away.

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