Chevy Traverse Stabilitrak/Traction Control problems



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    I don't know what is the issue with this vehicle? First I had to replace the whole engine due to the timing chain exploding at 100k miles (which is a well known issue with these apparently)... now the stabilitrak issue. I've read so many things on this issue, and there are so many things it could be! Where do I even start? I haven't seen this from the posts though. Mine started the day I put some fuel injection cleaner in my gas tank. It happened for a week or so, then went away. And of course now that it's 20 degrees out out came back on, and way worse! I recently had my cv boots repaired due to a grinding sound that I assumed was a warped rotor. The brakes were in great shape but the rubber boots were shredded. This did not fix the grinding issue. So maybe it's the throttle body and the sensor? What an amazing mess this vehicle is! I WILL NEVER BUY GM AGAIN! good luck to the rest of you though.

    PS. GM's corporate complaint department is 100% worthless. I registered a complaint on the timing chain, and when I went to follow up on it they had no record of it. This happened twice. Then they said it was not a known issue and they couldn't do anything about it. The internet is full of complaints about that issue. They all need to be fired.

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    @jlg7 said:
    Has anyone experienced your 2011 Traverse having a sudden loss of power and loss of acceleration followed by error messages for both the traction control and stabilitrak systems?? This is the 4th trip to the dealer when for my car lossing all power following by the above error messages. There is no warning only ding.ding..ding and loss of power!! The dealer has said it was a sensor problem, then tried taking out the transmission and working on its sensors, and today they say it is a throttle body issue. Help! Has anyone else had this issue and what finally fixed your car?? Thank you for your help! My car has been having this issue for the past 8 months and has about 65,000 miles. Prior to this there were no big issues or problems with the car.

    See also: GM StabiliTrak Problems Troubleshooting Guide

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    Had the same at 115K on my 2010. Replaced the throttle body with a Bosch brand. Second day - no issues. Cost only $180 from Advance Auto Parts

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    I have a 2012 Chevy Traverse and the same issues! However my car has 120,000+ miles. Been to the mechanic several times. They check the history for the errors, said a tune up should fix it.. IT DIDN'T! It's still happening. I have been hoping someone would be able to tell me how to get this issue fixed. It just happened this morning too! I also noticed that afterwards when my vehicle shifts down when I am braking its a rough transition to the next gear. The light for the engine flashes for about 30 seconds then goes off and the traction control turns back on but during that my engine feels like it is stuttering and I am not able to accelerate much. Can anyone help?
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