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Mazda Protegé



  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    What kind of freestyle? Latin, or more old-school (like mid-80's?)
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    chikoo: that is a pretty weird thing i have to say. maybe some bad fuel clogged the fuel pump, i don;t know...

    chipro: well of the albums that i mentionned

    freestyle frenzy vol. 1-4

    has the old stuff (debbie deb, tka, vita, etc...) and new stuff (racquel, stevie b., elissa, intonation and joee, etc..)

    i'm not sure what "latin freestyle" would be. what is it according to you?

    we have here in toronto a radio dj (tony monaco) and this guy produces a lot of euro and freestyle mixes and the songs chosen are great!...

    you can check

    to see what i listen to. most of those albums i have them. he's great at making compilations.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Thanks for the offer, afraid I couldn't handle a full-time cooking job. ;)

    The ham came out great and the lady next door was really happy to get it. It was still hot when I delivered it. Maybe I should go into the sugar baked ham business. Here, there are Honey Baked Ham stores, very expensive.

    The preparation of the small ham is how we use to bake Country hams...hams you bought from farmers, sugar cured or from smoke houses. Those were the great hams; not Smithfield, the Virginia commercial producer.

    Looks like ice is on its way, deffinately an EVENT. And another big storm coming Thursday. dinu01, think I will move to Canada where it never snows. LOL

    Snowbirds from T.O. are probably shivering in Florida tonight.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    thought of the compact sports wagon first? Mazda brought out the Protegé5, then Lexus brought out their version, and Toyota has the Matrix. Now Subaru has one on the way. And there's the Pontiac model, etc. A shootout will be interesting in the car mags.

  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    Tom: I somehow missed seeing your #6640 posting until now. Thanks for your comments. How have your RE92s been on ice and in snow? I previously had five Cavaliers in a row and always got 45-50,000 miles on OEM tires (even Firestones!) before 2/32nds inch treadwear was reached. I'm still confused on why RE92s are listed on all web sites as having a 260 treadwear rating, but my 2002 Pro RE92s have a 160 treadwear rating!! And there does now seem to be a number of 195/55-15 tires on the market specifically designed for longer treadwear. Maybe the customer should be allowed a choice between a "racing" tire and a "touring" tire?

    I "hear" way too much rage in those deriding "left-hand lane abusers". Well, cool out a little please and consider the following: I have driven over a half-million miles, over a period exceeding 50 years, without an accident or a moving violation (except when a car came out from between two parking lanes and T-boned me in a mall parking lot). I usually drive about 10-15 mph above the posted limit. When I am passing and using the left lane I will not be intimidated by someone rushing up behind me and honking or flashing lights, or whatever. I will move to the right only when I am sure I can make a totally safe move in that direction. When the vehicle behind "tailgates" me (particularly SUV's) it is very difficult to see what is coming up in the right lane, and I will not move over until I am sure it is safe to do so. So, maybe I'm getting a little steamed myself about drivers who are greatly exceeding the speed limit, and then seemingly want to give me a "driving lesson" by crowding me from behind. That is not the way to safe driving believe me!
  • fowler: I want Moon Discs (I wonder if they would fit a 15" wheel??

    I had a 1967 BMW 1600 4-door (6 volt, long tail-lights, not the round targets). Great car, blue with grey leatherette. One of 7 imported. Found that out after it was hauled away.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    "I usually drive about 10-15 mph above the posted limit."

    Alternator thinks the posted speed limit is a typo!

    Although most drivers do drive at higher speeds than posted, usually at the safety limits of the roads they are traveling on.

    Bondobob, the original VW Beetles had 15 inch wheels. Maybe you can find them in catalogs. Though those were called "baby moons" and did not cover the entire wheel. The steel wheels had a ridge they clamped onto and, they were real chrome plated. Even shiny grilles today are Mylar, sort of aluminum foil glued on transparent plastic. A true chrome grille was a mark of quality because they were expensive to make -- triple chrome plated on copper plated to cast white metal.

    Keep in mind that nothing is suppose to extend beyond the fenders and domed baby moons might do that.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    You both have eclectic and varied musical tastes. To be honest, I only recognized or was familiar with about half the artist on your lists. Nonetheless, I will do my best to learn more about the musicians and musical styles, you two recommended. Geeze, I usually listen to Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley in my beloved Protege in the winter. Why???, to remember the summer weather and my trips to visit my Dad in Key West! Don't get me wrong, I also feel my musical tastes are a bit eclectic. I listen to and enjoy; Frank Sinatra, The Ramones, U2, Martina Mcbride and lots of classic 60's & 70's rock. Geeze, Freestyle Frenzy, P M Dawn & Planet Freestyle; I'm lost guys? However, the Cuban Latin Music would go great with the rest of my island themed music. Dinu, I think I've heard of a Cuban band called the Buena Vista Social Club. Their music was discovered and produced by Ry Cooder.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    This week the Los Angeles Automobile Show is in full swing and that show will be followed by the Detroit International Automobile Show next week. Many new models will be featured. Hopefully, they will have new Mazda's on display.

    Jim, thanks for the heads up! I would love to see some new pictures of the Mazda 6. If you find any good stuff, please post the links. :-)

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Sorry, to here about your "Check Engine Light" issue. Sounds like a trip to the Pacifico Mazda service department is needed. Where is Malt B., when we need him?

  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Larry: Warning! Don't buy any PM Dawn if you don't like rap. True, it's mellow rap, but rap nonetheless. Yes, your musical tastes are pretty varied, as well. Sinatra AND the Ramones :) (Actually got to see the Ramones live when I was in college...not exactly what I would listen to all the time, but definitely an experience).

    I'm not sure if you would like freestyle, given your other musical tastes...I'll let Dinu describe it for you.

    Dinu: Given that I'm a Chicago native, I'm more of a house music fan if I'm going to listen to dance music. (Chicago was the birthplace of house back in the 80's). Right now, I'm listening to the latest Basement Jaxx album (actually rated #3 for 2001 by Spin magazine). Do you like other kinds of dance music, or are you strictly freestyle?

    Sorry, the above was woefully off-topic. Um...boy, does my Protege need a bath!
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Larry: The Latin CD I have has more of a dance influence than of typical Cuban music. It's great at parties regardless of age. Most songs are in similar to Azul Azul - La Bomba. Try downloading it and if you like it, I can make you a copy if the whole CD and send it to you. My email is [email protected] As far as Freestyle goes, try getting anything by Intonation/Stevie B/Elissa off the web.

    ChiPro: I LOVE EuroDance a lot too. Of course some trance is good, but I can't stand it non-stop :)

    Mazda6: Coming to the Detroit Auto Show soon! Wasn't featured in LA a few weeks ago.

  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    In my #6809 posting I short changed myself. On further reflection I realize that I have easily driven over one million miles.

    To Fowler: I'm sorry I was misunderstood. I meant to say that I drive 10-15 mph over the posted speed limit on the open highway (not in the city), and only when that higher speed is the prevailing speed of most other vehicles (I was trying to indicate that I am not a driver apt to be hindering the normal flow of traffic).

    I believe that anyone driving over the speed limit has the total responsibilty for the safety of others. Speeding left lane users have no right to expect others to dash out of their path. In most cases overly aggressive driving does not improve travel times at all, but is a hazard to everyone.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I agree with alternator. I admit I'm probably driving at the 80th percentile (usually not the fastest, but up there) most of the time, but I try to respect other drivers' space. I never initiate tailgating, but I will tailgate anyone who rides up my tailpipe and tries to bully me over when it's obviously not safe to do so (like when there are cars aplenty in the next lane).

    When I come up on someone, I leave what I think is sufficient following space (at least 2 seconds' worth). If I think they can move over, I give them a few seconds to move over. Then I flash them, in case they didn't see me (believe me, some drivers around here are extremely oblivious to the traffic around them). They usually move over. If they don't move, I pass on the right.

    If traffic is so crowded that I can't get around them, I figure it's too crowded to be driving that much faster than everyone else, so I put on some tunes and chill. :)
  • Anyone know where I can get four 15" stock Protege wheels for the 1999-2000 Proteges? Also, I've got some dirt on the ceiling behind the sun roof, it looks like lint or dust from the outside. I tried wiping it away, but that seems to embed it deeper in the ceiling material. Any suggestions?
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    If you don't have the moonroof deflecter it's probably road grime. Use a damp cloth, not wet,and gently wipe or dab the area. The ceiling material seems to be a molded fiberboard which can't take a lot of cleaners. Try a small area first and wipe with the pattern in the ceiling.

    Alternator, I was just kidding. You will catch on to the attitude on this board the more times you post. Personally, I like to drive at 60mph, so I hang right most of the time. If I do need to get around slower drivers I'll squirt it up to whatever it takes, then drop back in the right lane again.

    As you get older you drive at your reflex level. I feel higher speeds,especially 70mph or higher require reflexes I nolonger have when something ahead happens suddenly. In local driving I make sure I am in the lane I need to be in, when making a right turn or exit, several miles ahead. As long as it doesn't impede other drivers. That way, I don't have to jocky lane-to-lane in rush hour traffic.

    Knowing how locals drive, I have adapted my driving habits to avoid their hazardous cuttings in and out.

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008

    The check engine light turned out to be due to bad spark plug wires. Will take 2 days for Pacifico mazda to change them(not in stock) I have a loaner corolla base model ;)


    After hearing a lot of snow and rain warnings, I deicied to change my tires(my RE-92 spin easily on rain after 35,000 miles and 1/2 tread wear - no sipes left)

    I changed over to 205/55/VR15 tires, "BFGoodrich Touring T/A VR4 M+S", to be precise.

    Quiet when compared to the RE-92 on rough concrete roads. A Tad more comfortable than the RE-92, especially by not letting me feel the tiny irregularities on the road. It soaks them pretty good.

    But surprisingly they still retain the driving & Handling characteristics of the car.

    All these for just $83.94 per tire installed with lifetime flat repairs, rotation and balancing.

    Why did not go with yokohama avid? well they are not good in snow - they are not M+S rated.

    And all the reviews lead me to believe that that they are as quiet&comfortable as the yokohama Avid V4.

    check this out

    or read this:


    I am looking for a replacement tire that is not as hard riding and noisy(plus the excellent ability to hydroplane!!)

    as the Bridgestone RE92 195/55/VR15. My choices are:

    1. BF goodrich Touring T/A VR4 (205/55/VR15)

    2. Yokohama Avid T4(195/55/TR15)

    3. Yokohama Avid V4(205/55/VR15).

    Which of the three provides:

    1. A comforatable ride (quiet&soft)

    2. good Hydroplaning resistance

    Thanks for your time,


    Reply:TechGuy Administrator Posts: 354

    Registered: Nov 2000 posted 01-03-2002 11:07 AM


    You don't want to drop to a T-rated tire from a V-rated tire, so skip the AVID T4.

    The other two are pretty similar with the B.F.G being a bit more quiet and comfortable. Either of them will be a significant upgrade from your RE92.


    thanks techguy.

    But again, which is a better choice in wet handling and road noise between the yokohama avid V4 and BFG touring T/A VR4?

    Want to make the right decision this time since once I get them, I have to stay with them for the next couple of years come snowy winter or dry summer or rainy fall here in philly.

    thanks again.

    REPLY:TechGuy Administrator Posts: 354 Registered: Nov 2000 posted 01-04-2002 05:15 PM


    The B.F.G. will be slightly more quiet and comfortable, as well as giving a slight advantage in wet and snow traction. There isn't a big difference, but it is the better tire in these conditions.

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    How many miles do you have on your Pro? The reason why I ask is because I have never had to replace spark plug wires. If I ever replaced them on a car, I replaced them because I was bored, I've never had to replace them because of failure.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Had to replace them on a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville I bought my mother back in July of 2000. The car had 67K miles on it then. Also, this is the second instance where the plug wires had to be replaced that I read about in here I think. There was a post in Maintenance/Repair about it a couple posts back, wasn't there? Someone else with a 2000 ES. I thought there was, but no time to check for sure right now.
  • According to Edmunds, the TMV of a ProES is affected by the paint color in my zip code as follows:

    Black: -$22
    Emerald: +$37
    Sandalwood: +$52
    Red: +$51
    White: -$59
    Silver: -$41

    Just thought it was interesting enough to post.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    It's the same for all zip codes. I never understood that either. I would assume black would be worth less in Texas, but aside from that it makes little sense to me.
  • Even though I zoom-zoom around in a mica blue MP3, I am old enough to not only remember the VW Beetle but to have owned at least a half dozen of them over the 43 years I've been taking up space!

    The bug needed a road wheel that had the bumps to hold on the hubcap. None available on the MPV rims I'm using. Great tires BTW. (Semperit Direction-Grip M&S 195/60R-15 to save everyone from needing to scroll.) No I want the full Moon aluminum discs (brain access: Bonneville Salt Flats and any picture of racing vehicle there).

    Even finding a set of chrome (or black) center caps to cover the middle of the wheel on the MP3 would look less "home-brewed". Maybe I should paint the car primer black!
  • My car's too new to think of such things, but since I just had an oxygen sensor go out on one of my Fords and after having been quoted $500 by the dealer to have one installed, I found NAPA parts are a whole lot cheaper. Any feedback on Pro parts costs and whether it is just as good to get NAPA parts in such a situation. I mean, the dealer said that he wouldn't put a NAPA part in because he can't warranty it. But both the dealer and NAPA offer the same 12 month warranty. 'SHow me the warranty'
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Speaking of "home brewed" you could paint the edges Laser Blue and blend it into the Silver. ;) But that would require spinning the wheel as you spray the paint -- gets kind of messy.

    Hope you find the full Moon covers. Then all you will need are real long lugs.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Now that SC has the lottory better start playing to make some money for parts. ;)

  • actually i am planning to play, how else can I retire early? or retire at all. This Ford (an Aspire - Kia) had only 3 problems in the last 97K but each cost over $400 due to parts cost. By the way, there's going to be a big cost-cutting announcement by Ford this Friday. Wonder what happens to Mazda. Sounds like they (Ford) are in trouble. Serves the SOB's right, they should never have sold me the junk they did. I must have put the hex on them.
  • Chikoo, the person who responded to your post on the tire forum mentioned you never want to drop from a V to a T rated tire. Seems to me that is personal preference and nothing else. Am I wrong?

    I am still planning on getting the T4's this week as I think they fill the bill for me since driving in snow is not a concern.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The higher-speed rated the tire, the better the handling. I guess it would be personal preference then.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    I believe this is due to the fact that OEM tires are V-rated and NOBODY will advise you to change the OEM specs, because then your car will not be what the deisgners had in mind......That must be the reason.

    But anyway, 1-day of driving the BFGoodrich in near freezing rain has given me a lot of good feedback. These tires are WAAY more comfortable & quiet than the potenza RE-92 and still handle as good.

    actually 3 reason made me go for it:

    1. M+S rated
    2. As quiet as Yokohama(even tirerack guy said so)
    2. Beautiful deal from BJ's wholesale, saved 150 bucks If I had it from Tirerack or Avellinos
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Just for some perspective on the issue:

    V rating - 149 MPH
    T rating - 118 MPH

    What's the top speed of the protoge? Fuel governor limited? Vocus, didn't you hit the limiter when you owned one? ;-)
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Chikoo ... Since you changed widths without changing aspect ratios, your speedometer now is indicating a speed that is slower than you're actually moving. I did some quick math and found that while the stock RE92s are 23.4 inches in diameter, your replacement 205-series BFGs are almost 23.9 inches in diameter. Your tires are now almost exactly 1/2-inch larger in diameter and turning 845 turns per mile in comparison to 862 for the Potenzas. Were you advised that your speedometer is now in error?

    Newcar ... I have a 2000 ES also. Mazda recommends changing the plug wires every 30,000 miles. And believe me, after owning a '92, you need to do this! The reason: The wires pass through a grommet and go down into the cylinder head a few inches to reach the plugs. Over time, the wires can (due to moisture, dirt, vibration, etc.) develop shorts straight to the metal tube they're in, resulting in rough running or stalling. I was running late for my 30,000-mile service with my '92 Protege -- and at 36,000 miles, I started the car one rainy day and it acted like it was running on only three cylinders! I sputtered over to my dealer, and sure 'nuf, a plug wire had shorted out! Forty bucks and some change and I was running like new again.

  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    111mph, measured for car transporting driver + 2 passengers + tone of camping gears on the moderate windy day. It's electronically limited.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Meade: Did you get new tires yet? How about your 30K service? Was just wondering.

    Dsm: Funny. :) I only got the 2001 ES up to 105 mph, and it felt a little scary at that point. So I didn't go any further.
  • Thanks folks. Good info. I just got a call from my tire shop and the Yoko T4's have arrived. I'll get them put on Thursday. Meade, I'll keep you posted since I know you are leaning that way as well. I think I'll be fine with the T rating since I rarely go over 80. My tire guy said it was usually best to go with the OEM size, although he did say the Potenzas were probably a little overkill for a car like ours.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    ..."By the way, there's going to be a big cost-cutting
    announcement by Ford this Friday."

    Didn't Ford annnounce at the North American Auto Show in Detroit they are going to layoff 20,000 employees?

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    No Paul, I haven't gotten around to replacing my tires or doing my 30K-mile service yet. I have about 30,700 miles on the Protege.


    I just visited and found NEW TIRE CHOICES for the 1999 and 2000 ES! In addition to the ones everybody's seen at TireRack (like Kumho Ecsta 712s, Bridgestone Poortenza RE92s, etc.), they also sell the following in the dreaded 195/55-15 size (and all are V-rated):

    Dunlop Sport W-10 (200AA) $72
    Nankang Sport NS-1 (340AA) $58
    Falken Ziex ZE502 (300AA) $71

    Anybody checked out or purchased any of these? Now I have an even tougher decision, since my Yoko AVID T4s that I've been so avid about (bad pun, sorry) are $61 at TireRack. Also, have any of you dealt with Discount Tire Direct? Are they comparable to TireRack?


    P.S. Thanks for remembering me, Marty! With over 30,000 miles on my stock Poortenzas, I'm starting to get really scared when I have to drive in the rain. Whatever tire I go with (and it'll probably be the AVIDs since I've done so much research on them), I'm going to do it in the next few weeks. I can't wait to hear your review.

    P.P.S. I compared the "survey" ratings on the AVID and the BFGs at TireRack and interestingly enough, the AVID scored higher in every area but one (and costs $21 less per tire). Interestingly, the
    AVID scored almost a whole point out of 10 higher for snow traction, and got higher marks than the BFG in wet traction and ride comfort/noise as well. I was a little concerned to read, in the customer survey section on the BFG tire, several of the 16 customers complain about the tire breaking into a slide while cornering.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I just did some more arithmetic and found that when your speedometer says 70 mph, you'll really be going 71.4 mph. Of course the slower you go, the difference will be even less. I guess I could live with that. But now I'm still interested in hearing how Marty's Yokos perform, since they're cheaper and rate better (at least at TireRack).

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    Yokohama AVID V4 V/s BFG touring T/A VR4

    PRICE $83 | $77
    HANDLING RATING 7.80 | 7.80
    DRY TRACTION 8 | 8.2
    WET TRACTION 7.6 | 7.3
    SNOW TRACTION 4.9 | 5.5
    RIDE COMFORT 7.5 | 7.7
    NOISE COMFORT 7.3 | 7.8
    WEAR 6.8 | 7.4
    TREADWEAR RATING 360 | 360

    meade, I am not fighting with you ;) just sharing observations.

    BTW, according to my calculations, my BFG Touring T/A VR4 205/55/15will run slower by 1.81% compared to OEM RE-92 195/55/15
    So at speed of 100mph, BFG will show 98.2mph.

    or at 65mph it will show 63.8mph.

    acceptable by my QC person at the Mazda dealer.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't wanna hear anyone complaining about tire prices ever! I just found out the stock tires for my new Jetta (225/45/17 Michelin Pilot) are $212 EACH from! :(
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    this tire size also looks great on the car.....195/55/15 looked a bit small when you look at the car on the highway.....

    my perception....

    another added advantage is that since 205/55/15 has more sidewall, it actually has more flexing available to absorb small road irregularities...this is what I percieved and also observe when I changed over.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    First of all, you compared the wrong tires. I'm talking about the Yokohama AVID T4, not the V4. Interestingly, even though the AVID T4 is a T-rated tire, here's the comparison you should have made:

    Yoko AVID T4 / BFG Touring T/A VR4

    PRICE $61 | $77
    HANDLING RATING 7.5 | 7.8
    DRY TRACTION 8.2 | 8.2
    WET TRACTION 7.6 | 7.3
    SNOW TRACTION 6.2 | 5.5
    RIDE COMFORT 8.1 | 7.7
    NOISE COMFORT 8.2 | 7.8
    WEAR 7.4 | 7.4
    TREADWEAR RATING 420 | 360

    Slightly different results when you compare your tire with this one, right? The only area where mine comes in slightly lower is in the handling rating. But look at the difference in snow, wet and dry traction, and ride & noise! All this for $244 a set as opposed to $308! And my speedometer stays accurate!

    Which brings me to your next error. Think about it. Your tires have a larger diameter, so they travel farther per revolution -- and your engine makes fewer turns to go the same distance as it did with the stock 195/55s. Your car is now traveling 106 feet farther per mile, even though your front axle is making exactly the same number of revolutions as it did before. Therefore your speedometer, which calculates speed based on engine speed, will read 70 when you're going about a mile and a half faster than that.

    Here's a link you can use that will prove my point:


    P.S. I'm not fighting either! I'm debating! ;-)
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    No one here talked you into buying that Jetta! Hee hee, a whole set of four tires for my Protege for just a few bucks more than ONE tire for your car ...

    As a former European car owner (Saab), let me prepare you for more shock and abhorrence: Wait until you price parts when your car's warranty ends!


    P.S. BTW Paul ... TireRack sells the Michelin Pilot XGT H4 in your car's size for $149. Still not cheap, but a lot cheaper than $212. It has the same UTQG rating of 400AA as yours. Sure, it's H-rated ... but do you really see yourself going faster than 130? Ooops, wrong question to ask you ... ;-)
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Here's a quick expensive story to share. Happened Sunday night. Snowy residential streets, ice underneath as I found out, the curb and the PRO.

    ACT I

    Making a right hand turn from a "connecting street" (not a major thoroughfare, but not a small residential street either) into a small res. street, going slowly, the PRO slid right into the turn as soon as I turned the steering wheel and hit the curb (sidewalk). In those seconds I made the decision to just let it slide until it hits the curb as there were no cars around. My other choice was to make the wheels perpendicular to the curb and jump it, but since there was a tree nearby, I went for the slide. BIG impact. The PRO seemed ok so I drove off into a right hander (all ok). Drove off a few hundred meters to my cousin's house and parked it. The wheel cover was barely hanging on and I noticed the rim was bend inwards. I guess the tire absorbed the shock and the rim stopped the car. After I left I noticed it was undriveable above 50 km/h (25-30 mph); steering wheel shaking violently and the car was bouncing all over the place.

    ACT II

    Today at Mazda:

    Rim replaced (bend inwards AND not circular any longer)
    Allignment required
    Wheel cover cracked alongh the edges (did not replace)

    Service guy said "at least the suspension is fine", meaning that if I was to jump the curve the suspension might have been damaged and most likely so would the tree.


    To be continued when I get the MC bill.

    Lesson to learn:

    1. There could be ice underneath that fluffy white snow.
    2. The Potenzas can stick to snow ok, but do nothing on ice.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't see myself going above 120, so maybe the 130 would work. But I don't wanna alter the handling of the car any, as I like it alot.

    And as far as the price of the parts when the car goes outta warranty, I have 50K miles of warranty. That should be at least 2 years. I have never kept a car long enough to use the warranty though... :)
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Except I did it in 1982 to my dad's 1980 Pontiac Grand LeMans. Same thing -- on the ice, covered with snow, right into a curb with the left wheel, going about 20. WHAM! Same thing -- bent wheel and damaged (slightly) wheel cover. I drove the car about a mile but the wheel was so bent it began to play out. I leaned out the window and the front left wheel was wobbling really bad! Somehow I made it to a service station where they SOMEHOW had another wheel on hand! That and an alignment and I was back on the road ... after getting the "talk" from Dad, however.

    BTW, be glad you don't have an ES. They charge BEAUCOUP DE BUCKS for those alloy wheels. I think I read here that somebody priced them at their dealer for $240. Each. Ouch. Talk about price gouging!

    BTW -- I fully agree with you on the Poortenzas' performance on ice. We have a curve near our house that's banked to the left only enough to make it comfortable at 45 mph. Thursday, when we had our ice/snow storm, I was going to work and had to fight really hard to keep the car from sliding sideways into the oncoming lane when taking that curve at 20. Hair-raising experience to say the least!

    I read in your profile that you have a 2001, and it must be a DX or LX since you have wheel covers. How'd you wind up with Potenzas? I thought they only put them on the 2000 and earlier ES models.


    Paul ... those Pilot XGTs are still extremely good tires. In the same theme that I don't believe our Proteges need V-rated tires, I'm a little humored that VW thinks your Jetta needs Z-rated ones, for crying out loud!!!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The earlier 2001 Protege LX 2.0s had the Potenza tires (195/55VR15) and wheel covers. One of my friend's neighbors has one like that, without the alloy wheels and power moonroof. Maybe that's what Dinu has.

    I don't think I need Z-rated tires either, but I want the handling to be the exact same as it is right now. And I also think the lower-profile tires help the cornering and stability too. Not sure about the whole thing though.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I heard the ES wheels are like $425 each, not $240.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    I do have a 2001 ES, but in Canada unless you want to spend another $3000 on the GT Package, you don't get alloys, a spoiler and a sunroof. I just added a spoiler to mine. So yes I do have the Poortenzas RE92's. The rim costs $160 CDN (was $185, but the svc guy discounted it). They had no used rims in stock and getting non-Mazda rims costs a minimum of $50/rim x 4 = $200 and it wouldn't be the original equipment either, so I didn't have much choice.

    So right now I just pray for summer (or no more below 0 weather).
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    " And I also think the lower-profile tires help the cornering and stability too." >> Didn't help me this time around. With more sidewall length the impact could have been absorbed by the tires, not the rim. But of course I prefer it like that since when it's dry, the handling is great!
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    That's precisely why I run cheap steelies in winter (with winter rubber). If I crush one in a slide, I'd rather replace a $40. steel wheel then a $300+ alloy.
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