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Mazda Protegé



  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    Have a great time on your vacation!! And don't zoom-zoom too much (unless, of course, you come across another Mercedes...)
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    a Millennum Red 01 LX 2.0 Pro, I'm picking it up Wed. Red was a tough color to find, but found it calling a dealer 100 miles away. I hardly ever see any red pros on the road. I'm getting 0% for 48, auto, no charge moonroof and alloys, Lx comfort pkg, rear spoiler and Moonroof def. I really wanted a 5 speed, but my left knee has been acting up. This will be the first automatic I've ever owned.

    This will be my third Pro(91DX & 96DX )and my Wife bought a 01 MPV last April. Thanks for everyone's posts, it's been helpful.

    Pete......another one
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I must say that your garage will be a blessed place to be. Now if I could just talk my wife into liking the P5, I'd join you on that one.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I was sitting in the parking lot of a supermarket in Baltimore, Md. tonight, waiting out the heavy rain we had so I could go in without getting drenched. A black Protege5 with fender-mounted marker lights (looked neat too) passed me by. Then about a minute later, here comes a late-01 (body-color mirrors) ES in Sandrift. I was in amazement. Two 2001 Proteges in less than 5 mins. in the same place. Well mine made 3.
  • Meade: If you don't mind me asking what happened to your dad at Carmax?

    vocus: Carmax does not pay as much as other places but alot of value lies in their scheduling for me, especially since I am in school, and their benefits/car discounts. And since I have been with them for 3 years, have had multiple raises, and have a very good shot at being promoted again in the near future, I can't really complain too much about the pay.

    I do agree though that on some cars Carmax is overpriced. However, you don't have to play the 5-6 hour haggling games and there is no other dealer out there who will just make you a cash offer for ANY car and acutally buy it. Also, factor in the guarantee against any frame damage or even more than 2 consecutive panels of paintwork , and the inexperienced buyer who does not know what to look for would be much better off buying at Carmax vs. another used car dealer.

    Resale and insurance costs for Protege ES are not segment leaders, however, I'm comfortable with them.

  • Hi all. Hope everyone is well. I have not posted here in a long time, but I do check the boards every couple of days. 15,000 on the 00 ES. She still purrs.

    Anyway, driving home last evening on the interstate. Four lane wide stretch. Going 70 mph. Boxed in by cars to the left and right. Quickly notice a large plastic waste can in the expressway, and a late model Olds Cutless heading right for it. (Everything now turns to slow motion.) Olds hits can head on 100' in front of me and in the lane to my right. Can becomes airborn. Being that I had a fairly productive week at work my mind is sharp. The instant calculation is numbing. It is backed up by the sight of the can heading directly at the pristine front of my beloved ES. Now the amazing part. The person to my right and behind brakes heavily and allows me to change lanes in an instant.

    We exchange brief smiles. They exit soon after. Will we ever meet?

    Zooming in NY,
    Mark :)
  • Wow!! Must have been Jimmy Vassar to your right and behind. Some really heads up driving on his part.
  • On a recent trip my friend in a BMW 325i who was following me said I was doing 95-105mph by his reading. BUT the strange things is that I never was over 85-90mph according to my reading. Thats a 10-15mph difference in readouts!!! I know that BMW reads a little high but a 15mph difference? Most of the time I had curise set at 85mph and he claims I was at close to 100mph. No way I was close to 100mph unless everyone else (very few people on overnight drives) on the road was doing 90mph. Something strange is going on. I have the stock Dunlop SP5000s and I was running 37psi on that trip. Is the Protege calibrated for the LX and its slightly higher profile tires? That still does not explain the huge difference.
    1) his is reading high by 5-7mph AND mine is reading low by 5-7mph.
    2) his is a full 10mph fast and the rest is profile error.
    3) mine is a full 10mph slow+the error from the tireprofile .
    There are others.....
    Anybody know? This is the second person that has told me I'm driving faster than I think. The car is so stable its really hard to tell. I dont want to wait to get nailed for speeding to find out exactly what the error is.

    By the way, regardless of the exact speed I was going, I still got 24mpg on the way out and 25mpg on the way back. Thats just amazing to me. I did the same trip in my wifes Outback and got 18mpg both directions driving the same way. The engine does not seem to care that I had it 3k-4k rpm for 3-4 hours a pop. It seemed really happy. Radar detectors only went off 2 times(both false alarms).....weeknights are the best time to travel.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Had to do an allignment on my 01 ES (from Canada too) after 1 week after picking it up. The mechanic did it (I watched) and everything seems OK for a few weeks, but now I noticed during last week's trip to Montreal (from Toronto) that it pulls to the left on the HWY and at about 60km/h to the right in the city. What's up with that? Anyone else had these issues. My onlt concern is not to wear out the tires unevenly and then have to pay $100x4 or so for a new set of tires out of my own pocket. Also, how are the Potenzas (15') in the snow? They look fine for rain, but don't seem to have too much thread for 10cm of snow, let alone the usual 20-30cm for a snowstorm.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    It could be the crown in the road that is causing that.
  • I'm new here, but have been reading what you guys have to say about your Pros for some time now (and finding it to be very helpful, I might add...). I bought a silver ES '01 5 spd on August 1st, with the free Moon Roof, 0% 48 months deal, not 1 penny down, and got a 90 day deferred payment on top of all that - 1st payment due on 10/29/01. It's 1200+ miles young, and I've been averaging 30-31 mpg - took it up to Fenway Park a couple of times to see the Sox lose, etc. I'm curious about one thing though - I had charcoal leather seats and door trim installed NOT at the dealer where I purchased the car but at "a shop they do business with which is close by..." Anyway, I never found out where the job was done, but they embroidered the Mazda logo on each of the front seats in silver thread, and it looks absolutely spectacular! I also have a leather pocket behind each of the two front seats, so that my kids can throw all their garbage into them when we go an a trip. The thing is, I got them to include the price of this "option" ($1180) into the zero financing deal. Don't get me wrong - I think that's great - but has anybody heard of this type of thing before? I was thinking that they would require me to pay for leather seperately, when I told them I was interested. BTW, I've had 5 people - 2 total strangers - tell me how sharp the car looks. I have to admit, I totally agree with them!!! My wife even loves the car, and we sometimes talk in the morning about which one of us gets to drive it into work that day. ZOOM ZOOM!!!
  • VB is the world's most popular application development tool with several hundred million users and is shortly to be released in it's seventh version. You build applications in VB (software) to meet specific needs. So it's not a file format.
  • Nematode... Each trim level is specifically calibrated for the tires/wheels that are on the car. Even if they weren't, the diameters of the DX, LX, LX 2.0, ES 2.0, and MP3 are extremely close:

    DX 1.6 185/65R14 = 23.47"

    LX 1.6 185/65R14 = 23.47"

    LX 2.0 195/55R15 = 23.44"

    ES 2.0 195/50R16 = 23.68"

    MP3 205/45R17 = 24.26"

    If your ES 2.0 was calibrated for the LX 2.0 wheels and tires, your speedometer would read 79.2 mph if you were travelling a true 80 mph. If your ES 2.0 was calibrated for the LX 1.6 wheels and tires, your speedometer would read 79.3 mph if you were travelling a true 80 mph. If your ES 2.0 was calibrated for the MP3 wheels and tires, your speedometer would read 81.9 mph if you were travelling a true 80 mph. Also, most Protege ES models with a manual transmission will read an rpm of 4,000 at 80mph. I don't know what the automatic reads, but I'm sure automatic owners will pipe in. However, if you are really concerned about it (I would be, imagine the speeding ticket potential!), take it the dealership and have them test and, if needed, adjust the speedometer. It's all under warranty! Good luck!

    dinu01... If your alignment is bad, the car would pull only in a single direction. It will not pull in two different directions. Like newcar31 said, the road is probably crowned and/or not quite level, causing the car to travel to towards the lower section of the road.

    ctzoomguy... Congratulations on your Protege! The leather sounds gorgeous, especially with the Mazda logo emroidered in them!! I have been looking into putting leather in mine, but I may be trading it in next year on a 2002 turbo MP3 or 2003 Mazda Antheon (626 replacement, click for picture). To your question... it is perfectly normal to roll extra accessories such as spoilers, extended warranties, leather, etc. into the financing. It is much more convenient for the customer and cheaper to; it's easier for the dealership to make more money, in other words. But, you absolutely must take pictures of your Protege, especially the interior, and post it or e-mail it to us!! I am sure I am not the only person that would love to see what a leather-lined Protege looks like!! :-)

  • I was in getting gas today and saw a silver P5 pull up and park while his old lady went in the store.Really sharp and although I like silver on certain cars I really didn't care for it on that. Anyway I went up and started talking. It was an '02. I've gotta say I'd have expected more enthusiasm from the proud new owner of a used Ford Pinto. Not likely we'll see him here!
  • re:Antheon pic...Lookin' good!! Aside from the color that is. How many trim levels? Any idea if its offered with suspension comparable to the Pro ES? Any idea what the engine options are?
  • Well, Antheon is just the name that's being tossed around right now. We probably won't know the official name until the Tokyo Auto Show coming up. It will be another world name like Tribute (in other words, the Tribute is sold as the Tribute in every market, unlike the Protege which also goes as the 323, Familia, and Protege). I have no further details except that their will be a late spring introduction and the engine choices will be a 2.3L DOHC Duratec 4-cyl with about 145-150hp and a 3.0L DOHC Duratec S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing) V6 with 215-220hp. It is supposed to start yet another "rebirth" for Mazda with an evolution of the Contrast in Harmony design theme along with a totally new interior theme that will set the pace of all new Mazda models after that. All I know is that Mazda has said: "The new models will have beautiful interior themes - unlike anything you've seen previously from Mazda," says Phil Martins, Managing Director, Mazda. "And the craftsmanship that you will see on the interior of these cars will be far, far greater than you've ever seen on Mazda vehicles. "
  • Mark:
    Close call my friend! :-0
    Glad to here you and your Protege are doing well!

    Welcome to the discussion, please post often. The leather sounds awesome, good deal also!

    Thank you for all the great info!

  • I know I'm on the protege board, but getting no response on the Tribute board.

    My wife is looking to replace her SuperCrew, too big, too thirsty. Have been looking at the Tribute. No local dealers "metro Louisville area" are willing to accept S plan price, they wont come off of sticker. I'm willing to travel if I have to.

    By the way I have a 1 month old silver Protege ES and love it. It has approx 1500 miles, I am getting 25mpg in mixed driving, should I expect this mpg or should I be getting more? btw I don't have a heavy foot.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    try King's Mazda in Cincinnati, I'm picking up my 01 Protege LX 2.0 Wednesday. I couldn't find the color I wanted in Columbus and called King's and they were able to locate exactly what I wanted. Dealing with Don Gary, very straight forward and very helpful. Maybe he can work something out for you. They are closed till Tuesday, due to the holiday weekend. Tell Don, Pete from Columbus sent you.

    Good Luck,
  • My 01 silver LX is a week old today and I can't say enough about it. The only negative, and it is minor but still a nuisance, is that there is some discoloration/hazing on my steering wheel cap. I don't know what type of cleaner to try. I am leery of Armor All as I dont like that shiny look or the smell. Can I take to any Mazda dealership as the one I bought it from is two hours away.

    Any input would be great. Thanks alot.
  • If you don't like any of the various cleaners available on the market, some mild soap and water should clean it right up. Mix a very mild solution of soap and water and use a rag that has been dipped into the solution and wring it out so that it is damp. Lightly rub the area until clean. Then, use a rag dipped into clean water and wipe the area to remove the soap from the surface.

    draymond2... You should expect your ES to get slightly better mileage over the next few thousand miles. However, 25 mpg in mixed driving isn't that bad, but could be better. How much traffic do you sit in? Remember, if the engine is on but you are not moving, you are getting 0 mpg.

    The Mazda Tribute is still a fairly hot vehicle on the market and most dealers won't take the S-Plan on it. However, I am sure there are some that do, it is just a matter of finding them. If not, I am sure Ford dealerships take the S-Plan on the less-than-popular Escape. I know, I know... I would rather pay full sticker to get the Tribute rather than drive an Escape...
  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Hey, all--

    Was encouraged by another member to quit lurking and start talking.

    Got my white '00 ES in January of this year; approx. 4600 trouble-free miles so far. Actually, there were a couple of troubles, but due more to the perils of city-living than anything else (a couple of grand in bodywork in the first six months...ugh. And if anybody in the area knows of a body place that is actually familiar with Mazdas, PLEASE let me know. These jokers near my house put my car back together upside-down. Fortunately, they were very nice about re-fixing it, once they figured out what they had done wrong).

    My first Protege, actually my first car, ever. As a city-dweller, I never really was anxious to drive. Finally broke down and got a license eight days before I visited the dealership. Considered Mazda because family members out east had been loyal owners over the years. VERY happy with my choice.

    I would encourage other owners in these parts who may be lurking to check out speedypt's post (#4206) about a Chicago Area Protege Picnic.

    We're not going to let those Mid-Atlantic folks show us up, are we??
  • I have a pair of 2000 PRO-ES's with the 1.8L engines, my wife and I average 28.5 mpg in the summer and slightly less in the winter. I guess, in the cold weather; we let the car warm up before getting in... sometimes, hehe. I checked, at my local Mazda Dealer. No S-Plan deals on Tributes, however they are NOT selling at MSRP any more(Unless, it's silver or an ES).

  • Welcome my friend! Don't lurk, just post, LOL!!! Glad you enjoy your PRO. BTW, we will come to your picnic, if we want too, hehe!

  • I was checking my oil and tire pressure outside just a few minutes ago, and I noticed something strange. The left rear of the car is substantially lower than the rest of the car. I measured it with the length of my tire pressure guage and I'm estimating that it's about 2 inches lower than the right rear. I parked on a dirt ground but it's pretty level, but just to make sure, I backed the car up and turned it around. Measured it again, and it's still about 2 inches lower than the rest of the car. I will measure it again tomorrow at work so I can have some level ground to check it on. What could this be? Bad shock/spring?
  • My wife and I went to Denny's for brunch. As I walked from the car I notice what I thought was a white paint mark below the passenger door. It turned out to be a deep scratch! It is about one inch long but it is very deep, about 1/16" (too deep to buff out). It is on the lower part of the door where the finish is 'lumpy' looking - I guess due to some type of coating. My Protege is only two weeks old! Can anyone suggest how to fix this? BTW, it is black (very cool).
  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Okay, people, you're going to be sorry you ever encouraged me to you're not going to be able to shut me up.

    I'm curious to know what cars other people have mistaken your Protege's for. I see MAYBE a handful of other Pro's per seems like folks around here just aren't that familiar with them.

    Consequently, I've heard the following comments from friends/co-workers:

    "Oh, that's your new car?
    Whadja get, a Mercedes?"
    [this person was dead serious, so I tried not to laugh]

    "Oh, that's your new car?
    Whadja get, a Corolla?"
    [a little irksome, but I have to admit, there are still times I find myself wandering towards white Corollas before I remember to look at the side mirrors]

    And the most absolutely infuriating comment to date:

    "Oh, that's your new car?
    Whadja get, a Daewoo?"

    Thanks for the greeting...that's some beautiful country you live in. Must make for some great zoom zooming. I'm sure you're more than welcome to come to our CAPP...are you volunteering to bring all the food? :)
  • jus' damn (as my fiance would say). Anybody wanna buy a slightly used Protege?

    All joking aside I was a little surprised that a 93 Civic EX with a 1.6L was able to beat my 01 2.0L Protege. Especially when I think that the Civic costs $3,000 vs. $15,000. Oh well, guess I will keep this car till I am out of negative and then it's back to Hondas. Not new Hondas, but maybe a nice 96-98 Civic.
  • Hmmphh! There I was, trying to find '01 models, thinking there would be plenty left since they only came out back in January and not last September. My Dad wants to get a second car for use in the city, so naturally I suggested the Protege. Went looking around only to be told by the four Mazda dealerships in the area that they were (basically) sold out and that the '02s were supposed to be released in about three weeks time. No big changes, maybe the colour-keyed mirrors and different option/convenience packages for the mid-level model. All the dealers said they would have pricing info by the end of this week, so we'll see.
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