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Mazda Protegé



  • Sorry to hear about that. If you were driving a '99 or '00 Protege with the 1.8L, you may have stood a better chance... Unfortunately, the Protege gained some weight during the 2001 refinement and the new 2.0L is less willing to rev compared to the 1.8L. Was that '93 Civic a coupe? The coupe's lighter weight gives it an advantage. Next time, lure that little Civic into a nice twisty road. There, the Protege's superior suspension geometry and higher torque will give you the advantage. But, you can always start shopping at CorkSport and the next time you see that Civic, it won't know what hit it!!
  • Thanks for all of the info. I will definitely check out Kings Mazda when I get ready to purchase.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    my 99 ES turned 30,000 miles.
    got trany fluid changed, engine oil changed (both 100% synthetic). also changed spark plugs.

    but I sort of feel that the car's gotten sluggish between 0-2500 RPM. Doesn't feel as peppy. feels fine above 2500 RPM....revs freely.

    any ideas on what could be causing this?
  • Yea, you are getting too old to drive a Protege ES properly. I suggest you attend the "SPEEDY PETE PROTEGE DRIVING SCHOOL" in Chi-Town or the "JERRY STANDEFER SPEED ZONE PERFORMANCE DRIVING SCHOOL" in Southern Cally to brush up on your Zoom Zoom Zoom basic Protege skills! HEHE!!! LOL! BTW, why can't you come to the MAPP #2 picnic? Please, NO excuse's,... about your wife won't let you come. You can meet me in Lancaster and follow me down. Come on Chikoo, life is short my friend!
    Respectfully(I think?),
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Is your car an automatic? That seems funny that you have been beaten by a Civic like that. I myself have beaten a 5sp Civic EX of that vintage.

    Chikoo, get a new fuel filter too. What kind of plugs did you use?
  • Many people feel the PRO-ES styling is very similar to the Audi A-4. IMHO, I think the 1999 or newer Protege's are hands down the best looking econo-sport sedans. I love it, when people ask me "what kinda car is that?"!!!

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    Larry, what is the date and time for the MAPP2? (I would really like to make it)

    Newcar1, i used std. OEM NGK sparkplugs (made in Japan).

    where is the fuel filter located?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I don't know where its located, I have never looked. I am guessing its either under the hood or underneath the car. I hope its not in the fuel tank. Just follow the fuel lines from the engine to the gas tank, the filter has to be there somewhere. If you used standard plugs and gapped them correctly, I don't see how that could affect your performance. Since there is no cap and rotor to replace on these cars, I don't know what else to tell you. The plug wires should not be worn out yet and I am sure you have already replaced the air filter.
  • Looks like your posts about a beautiful little car is a little too close knit for me. It seems that there are about ten or so of you that post regularly but you typically ignore us once-in-a-while guys. I will check back to see your reactions. Can anyone suggest another place for wanting and sharing info/happenings on the Protege?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    if we ignored you. That is absolutely never the intention of anybody on this forum.

    could you kindly repeat your query?
    (or the post no)
  • Came up with 37.0 mpg. This was all highway, cruise at 60, no towns passed through. Point A to Point B and back to point A which should have negated any headwind component that might have been present. Still seems high but oh Lord if its even close to accurate.. The only thing might have been that the trip was only 79.4 miles/2.142gal. I suppose it could be argued that it wasn't long enough to be valid. I topped off before and after at the same station.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm sure no one meant to ignore your question - is this the post you meant: grubbs1 Sep 2, 2001 5:52pm?

    This is one of the busier discussions on the Sedans board, and sometimes things get lost. It is always okay to repost your question if you haven't gotten an answer. (Or you can do what I just did - right click on the post number (which is actually a link) of your original post, choose "copy link" (or whatever your browser presents you) and then paste it into a new post. That makes it easy for someone to find your original post.)

    On the other hand, it could be that no one who has seen your post so far knows what to suggest for you.

    Please keep checking back. I'm sure if anyone here has any helpful suggestions, they will let you know. This really is a great group of people - give them a chance - you are very welcome here.

    Meanwhile, you may want to look into some of the exterior care discussions going on over on our Maintenance and Repair Board. You may find some ideas there that you could bounce off the folks here.

    Either way, let us know how it turns out. We *all* know how it feels to confront that sort of scratch, and you have our utmost empathy.

    Sedans Message Board
  • If you really did get 37 mpg congrats. You probably have a stick. My auto, in my estimation will top out at 32. Anyway I don't think a 2 gal fill up qualifies for an estimate unless you actually observed the gas level in the filler spout or filled it till it ran over a bit.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    to my post? It didn't appear?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I think the WebX Town Hall server went down just a few minutes ago - you may be able to retrieve your post by using the back button in your browser - copy it, then use the forward button to get back here and paste it into the post box.

    I hope that works!

    Sedans Message Board
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Sorry, I thought maybe you had read back to the touch up paint discussion we had last week.

    Ask your dealer's parts department to order (if they don't have it onhand) touch up paint for your car. It usually comes in a small bottle with a brush that is too stiff and too large. Don't use the included brush.

    Go to a hobby shop, or art supplies store, and buy a small, pointed brush for painting plastic models. Use this brush to apply the touch up paint, a little at a time. Do not overlap on to the rest of the paint, just fill the scratch. Fortunately, it's down low.

    One member also suggested using the end of a paper match, they come in books with folded flaps. Not many around since smokers use disposable lighters. Soften the paper end and dip into the paint. You might also try a wood tooth pick using just the tip to hold a tiny bit of paint and slowly fill the scratch.

    Your main objective is to prevent rust and to hide the scratch. If you have to choose between filling the scratch completly and simply hiding it, try the latter first. If it looks OK leave it. It's very difficult to match the level of the paint finish and not make a blob that casts a shadow. Two dobs, or layers, should do it, let it dry before applying the second one.

    Hope this helps you.

  • (my message apparently didn't post either, so I'm resending it. Apologies if this eventually comes out a double post)


    Very interesting. I've encountered a similar problem (speedometer reading lower than true speed)and I wonder if its common (maybe even universal?) among 01 ES's. When I first got my car and cruised the freeways at my usual speed, it felt faster than I was used to, and it seemed I was passing other cars faster than normal. I convinced myself that it was just the stiffer suspension and shorter wheelbase which made the little bumps a bit more abrupt giving the impression of more speed.

    But then I paced my Pro against my wife's VW Passat and found the gauges read almost exactly 5mph different. I was quite surprised that the difference was this big. I don't know for sure which one is accurate, but next time I'm out on a long trip with open roads, I'll pop on the cruise and pull out the stopwatch and find out.

    Now I haven't experienced any 15 mph differences like you have, but perhaps these can be attributed to:

    a.) I've got the same tires, but keep my tire pressure at the recommended 32psi, so your tires will be *slightly* larger.

    b.) The BMW reads even a little higher than my VW (Hmmm, I notice both the comparison cars are german, maybe they can't convert kph to mph??? ;)

    c.) Your speedometer reads even lower than mine.

    d.) Measurement error. My measurements were done specifically to check the speedometers with cruise controls on over quite a few miles. I'd guess mine are good to + or - 1 mph for the relative speed between the two cars. I imagine when somebody wants to comment on how fast you were going, there is a tendency to exaggerate a bit. If he was reading 97, I can see how one would be tempted to say "Dude, did you know you were going 100 out there?" And since your speeds varied quite a bit over the trip, you may not be talking about the same instant in time. Maybe your speed creeped up when you weren't looking, but your buddy was looking. These things could account for at least a few mph (though definitely not the whole 15 mph).

    Anyway, it would be interesting to find out if others are experiencing the same thing. If so is it restricted to the '01's? the ES's? those with dunlop's? And I be interested if anyone has paced their Pro over a known length route at a fixed speed to determine in an absolute sense (my measurements are only relative) whether the speedometer is reading low
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    read slower than the car is actually going. They vary from car to car, but usually about 5mph. All cars have had this for decades. Since it is difficult to make all speedometers accurate without increasing costs, manufacturers settled on slow being preferable to reading faster than you are going.

    Ever notice the specs on other devices saying, "Plus or minus 2% or 3%". Same thing. Tolerances.

    To get an absolutely correct speedometer reading go to a State police station and ask them to calibrate your speedometer for you. That is, check it and give you the amount of correction needed. Then go to your dealer and have them correct it using the police figure. ;)

    They use to do this, but maybe in some states catching speeders takes more of their time.

    The other way is to drive on highways that have mile posts. Start your check at the first post at 60mph, note the time, and note the time at the second mile post. Calculate the difference. Use the car clock so you don't miss the second mile post looking at your wristwatch.

    With mile posts you aren't comparing two variables, as between two cars, which is much more difficult since both are probably wrong.

    In some states I have seen mile posts with signs stating that for the next five miles the posts are measured accurately. It's one of the reasons they put them there. Where no signs exist, but mile posts do, they are approximate distances between exits and provide more accurate locations for reporting accidents on Interstates and limited access highways.

  • If true I found this speedo error post a little alarming. Given the numbers stated its an invitation to talking to a badge on the side of the road when you think you're sorta legal. (I always set cruise 5 over) I'd like to see this thing resolved one way or another but have nothing to contribute. Any expertise lurking out there?

    edmund2460; mpg..Sadly I need an auto trans. For consistency I always run the pump at full capacity and don't add beyond the initial shut off. I suppose if one let it shut off twice at full capacity every time consistency wouldn't be any different. A while back I got ?35mpg? on a trip of around 180 miles (in one direction only) and thought it must have been a fluke. This was before I put in Mobil 1 at the initial oil change. But then I've always been doubtful about seeing any discernible increase in mpg due to syn oil. Then I don't know enough about it to have an informed opinion. Any thoughts on any of this fowler3 or jstandefer?

    Motor Trend TV just had blurbs about the '02 Nissan Sentra w/optional 180 hp I4 about the same price as the '02 MP3 which they showed along with the P5. Gotta get Mazda to hire away the person who choses engines at Nissan. :o)
  • I guess that would be the bullet proof way to calibrate but I wonder how willing they'd be to do it. As regards the mile markers I have a cheap electronic stop watch which I'll have to try next time I'm on the I-State.
    Didn't know speedos could be adjusted. How do they do it?
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Speedometers use to be mechanical like tachometers, but I think they are electronic these days. So maybe it can be done with a chip.

    Before, when doing it using the mile post method, you either had it adjusted or allowed for it on trips. Since mechanical things wear in time, adjusting it might not have been the best answer.

    Just heard on the news that a couple was attacked by a shark on the North Carolina Outerbanks. The man died and the 22-year-old woman was flown to the same hospital in Virginia where the 10-year-old boy was taken Saturday.

    I HOPE they aren't Meade and wife!! They were headed to the Outerbanks this weekend.

  • I also noticed this when I changed my spark plugs at 25,000 miles. What type of plugs did you use? I put in the Bosch Platinum +4's and I will not spend that much on spark plugs again. Absolutely no difference in smoothness, performance, or mileage. I think this just may be typical of this engine with new spark plugs. I remember how the new Protege's drove: a little slow in the low rpm's but great when the tach swung upwards. Mine was the same way when new, but seemed to "loosen" up with mileage. Putting the new plugs in seemed to "tighten" the engine up, but now it is back to "loose." I am rapidly approaching the 50,000 mile mark and am about to embark on a week trip to northern California, so it will probably break 50,000 on the way back and it will be time for new spark plugs (and the end of the warranty... time to start worrying).
  • Off topic but.. I don't ever recall hearing of such a rash of attacks, much less with such tragic results! Though it pales in comparison it must be putting a real dent in tourism. Gotta wonder how long this will go on.
  • Meade, is way to big for a shark to eat. Good thing for the shark too! A shark does not want to mess with Meadeball. Have you seen that Red Lobster commercial? Where the life guard screams "SHARK!!!" and all the folks charge the water, screaming "SEAFOOD!!!"? Trust me on this, some people take sun tan lotion to the beach, well Meadeball, takes tartar sauce and a lemon wedge. Those sharks better get on there way or Meade will make quick work of them. I heard Meade once closed a Long John Silver Restaurant down in one afternoon. They ran out of food and had to 86 the whole menu!

  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Since mine was the very next post after yours, I feel slightly responsible for your question being ignored. Not having a clue about how to handle paint scratches (although I'm certainly sympathetic), I didn't even acknowledge your issue in my long, rambly, out-in-left-field post. Still getting the hang of this aspect of netiquette.

    So for consistency's sake, I guess that means I should say something about Larry's last post. Larry, you sound hungry. Are you sure you ate dinner tonight?
  • The 93 Civic was a coupe 5-speed and I have a Protege 5-speed. I had the advantage up until about 30 MPH when the Civic probably hit the upper rev range which is where the Civic started pulling away from me. Maybe it was a bad night... since the Civic was driven by my fiance I will try again one night in the near future and let you know how it goes.

    On the plus side, I love the way the car drives and I am getting great gas mileage. I just wish I had a few more horses under the hood and cheaper insurance, then I would be in car heaven.
  • I guy feels at home communicating with people of similar interests. When I told my wife that I was frustrated with the lack of responses to my different posts, she couldn't believe that grown men (and women) would 'waste' their time discussing cars, let alone discussing the Protege specifically. Anywho, what does she know about driving fun and having a passion for a machine made of metal, plastic and glass. I'm 40 and this is only my third new car. My first was a predecessor to the Protege, a 1989 Mercury Tracer (a re-badged 323 hatchback). I just sold it last year with over 140k miles and it was still driving strong. The interior was nearly perfect, too. It had had no major mechanical problems. Odly enough, it was the first car to come out of a new plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. That same plant now builds the (out of) Focus. Regarding my scratch, as it is very deep, should I use a primer of some type before applying the paint? I will also get suggestions from the dealer. I'm here to stay Pat. I can't go more that a day or so without reading your posts, thanks.
  • I wish I were living back in Dubuque, Iowa. The Protege would be a blast to drive in some of the beautiful back roads around eastern Iowa. I suggest you go there for the fall. Just tell your spouse that you want to take them to see the fall colors or to go antique hunting. The roads are in generally good condition. If you stick near the Mississippi river, you will hit most of the twisties due to the bluffs. You might even see a bald eagle or two. Take your camera.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    come to think of it......YES. The engine did tighten up after my Tranny fluid change / NGK(made in Japan -OEM) spark plugs.

    I have to rule out:
    1. Bad Fuel filter -> High RPM perf. would suck
    2. Bad Air filter -> again...high RPM is great

    Question is:
    I did not adjust the GAP on the spark plugs as they were MAZDA OEM NGK spark plugs(it had japanese lettering all over the box) for PRO ES.
    I believe they should have been adjusted at the factory and be ready to use out-of-the-box.
    So. Did i make a mistake?

    I opened my air filter and surprisingly, there is less dirt in there(in 2.5 years) than what my vaccuum cleaner collects in day.
    But again the filter color is kinda orange color. Is that normal color?

    Another thing I observed: it makes a booming sound during the 1500-2500 RPM range if I push the gas pedal from dead start....not If I allow it to roll a bit and then push the gas pedal.

    Jerry....why don't you get the Mazda Extended warranty? At invoice price of 600/- or so(for next 4 years), it's cheaper than AAA roadside towing assistance only which cost 65/- per year.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Anybody know where the Mazda RA is located?

    Reading the Audi posts forum one poster said he called roadside assistance and got a number in Canada. What if he had been in Key West, Florida? LOL!

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