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Mazda Protegé



  • The intent of taking it easy for the first 600 miles is to allow the rings to properly seat on the cylinder walls. All of the other reciprocating parts (cam shafts and crank) need to wear-in properly as well. That is best achieved by widely varying the engine RPM which sort of "hones" things into a nice fit. Just driving in normal traffic is great for this. There is no magic to proper break-in. Just use common sense and don't thrash the engine too hard for awhile. Then change the oil at the recommended interval. That's all there is to it!
  • What about the rumor ( and that is all it is ) that you should not drive at 70 or 80 miles per hour.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Haven't we seen enough posts on this?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Break-In Period

    No Special break in is necessary, but a few precautions in the first 1000km(600 miles) may add to the performance, economy and life of your Mazda.

    * Don't race the engine.

    *Don't maintain one constant speed for long.

    * Don't drive constantly at full-throttle or high engine RPM for extended periods of time.

    * Avoid unnecessary hard stops.

    * Avoid full-throttle starts.

    Verbatim from page 4-6
    Hmmm, nothing about 80 mph there, maybe it was the Hyundai manual.
  • That is what my manual says. I just want someone to show me (REAL PROOF) that going 70 - 80mph will have any log term problems. I have yet to see any proof. Just a bunch of rumors. And what exactly is
    considered to be HIGH RPM's.. they need to provide more detail. If anyone car provide me with proof, I will gladly agree.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    I don't think going 70-80 during break in will hurt the engine. After all, going 70 is about 3.5k on my 99ES auto. I think they meant that you should floor it too often (reach 5-6k rpm.) In other words, don't push the engine too hard.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I am a new guy posting here. I have been reasearching small sporty 4 doors and these posts convinved me. I just ordered my 2001 2.0 ES from the dealer. I paid $15,400 and they have to locate the car that I want. I ordered a sunlight silver 2.0 ES with no other options. Got the 0% financing too. I am pretty happy with the deal even though I am sure there are some on this board who paid less than me. Have fun driving your pros, I can't wait till I get mine. I will find out when I get it on monday.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Does $15,400 include the freight ($480) but exclude TTL? The S-Plan is $14,307+$480+TTL.
  • ed110ed110 Posts: 2
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    1. Why did you need to use all caps?
    2. $170 each? That's why I suggested Tire Rack. That's More selection and cheaper.
    3. One-inch larger in diameter in this case means about a 4% under-reporting of your car's speed and mileage.
    4. No auto manufacturer in its right mind would recommend a substitute of 195/60-15 or 185/65-15 for the OEM size of 195/55-15.
    5. While the two sizes you suggested are not acceptable, you can use 185/65-14 which are standard on the LX (not 2.0). This means buying new steel wheels and covers or alloy wheels.
    6. My suggestion: Stick with the 195/55-15.
  • Here's the question-
    does anyone know whether the new protege automatics have a high incidence of failure. I remember that the 626's had big problems a few years ago. Also, is this automatic a Mazda design or a Ford design?
  • The new protege has really no relation to the 626. The engine is 100% japan and so is the tranny. The car is also put together in JAPAN. The protege has a great track record and is not in anyway like the 626 4 cyl engine ( that had tranny problems ). The New 2.0 engine is laos much more powerful than its competition. The protege has a great track record that has yet to be broken.
  • NOPE!! That is why I keep coming back here! The top reason we are leaning toward the 626 is that the back seats are more comfortable- they seem less stiff and the extra width helps out with the kids, nice little cup holder inbetween to give them the feeling of his space, her space. My daughter is 8.5 and my son is 4- they are not each others favorite people on longer trips. My daughter is especially vocal about the seats in the Protege, but we are not sure how much is melodrama at this point ;)! The difference is noticeable to us adlults too but we wouldn't have to live with it. In every other way I would prefer the Protege for the drive and for the money, I think. We will go drive both again today. The other thing may be availability. The dealer has located the 626 I would want and it could be here this week if I say the word. The Proteges tend to get snapped up pretty quick and they aren't doing to many dealer trades on those. We are counting on the 0% financing and a local autoshow rebate which both expire and my old Honda is really a champ but needs a new home soon. I think I just keep talking myself in circles but I sure appreciate everyone on this board (and the 626 board- maltb/hkchan that is you twice!) who has given me info and support!
  • I do not think that a back seat is even a concern. I think that your kids just like one car over the other...and you also seem to be very confused. The protege is a much better investment. I also hope that you are getting the 6 cyl 626. The 4 cyl is NO GOOD....the 4 cyl is very under powered and weak. I also know that the 626 is not built in japan ( like the protege ). Stop changing your mind and just choose one. Your kids should not be the ones that decide what is and what is not good.
  • You may be right that the tranny is different, however, I believe that both the 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre engines are derivitives of the 626 engine which is not a bad thing.
  • The protege engine may be similar, but not same.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Lynn, the auto buying process can become very stress full, it is a VERY big commitment of cash. If you have some time,... take a little time. You already are doing a great job, with your research by visiting Edmunds Town Hall. Taking a little extra time to make your final choice will help in two ways.
    1. With the arrival of extra shoppers in the dealerships during the income tax rebate season, there is the possibility that new car dealers will be less likely to give DEEP discounts right now on a low supply high demand 2001 Protege. If you decide on a Mazda Protege you will probably benefit on waiting several weeks for the inventory of 2001's to build up, as more arrive at the dealerships.

    2. The extra time you take, will allow youself to be SURE about your choice. No confusion. When you are sure, the new car buying experience becomes fun and you can't wait to pick up your new car. No buyers remorse for you, Lynn!

    I feel your pain, my wife and I have a great child! Our 5 year old son is our pride and joy and we include him in a lot of our decisions. For practical reasons (you can never find a baby sitter when you need one), he went with us on several of our test drives. Somewhere during the process we test drove a vehicle with a rear cup holder, yikes! Thats ALL he cared about, we could of purchased a 1992 Ford Tempo, and if it had a rear cupholder......,hehe you surely know where I am going with this! However, as Dr. Laura say's; I AM my son's father and in the end I purchased a Mazda Protege because it was the best choice for our family! Lynn, go with your instincts, they have served you well to this point.

    One final note! The Mazda Protege and the Mazda 626 are not really comparable. The Protege, is VERY roomy for a small sedan, nonetheless it is still a compact. The 626 is considered a mid-size car. My 2 cents. If I was shopping for my family:

    In the small sedan class, test drive the following:
    Mazda Protege
    Honda Civic

    *The Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla are too cramped in the rear cabin to work for a growing family. The Ford Focus is a pig. It is almost criminal what Ford has done to so many young people, a real shame.

    In the mid-size class, test drive the following:
    Honda Accord
    Toyota Camry

    * The Mazda 626 is a nice car. However the build quality and design of the Camry/Accord's are top box.

  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    Yeah I have to agree, when it comes reliability.. you can't beat camry or accord.
    The 626 is also very underpowered. The v6 version only comes in 165hp and 161ft-lbs. Pretty low for a v6 engine for today's standards.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    "The Ford Focus is a pig. It is almost criminal what Ford has done to so many young people, a real shame."
    What's that supposed to mean?
  • The focus is big and is also made with crappy parts. Ford has nothing but recalls!!!
  • mhgsxmhgsx Posts: 1
    According to Car and Driver, the 2.0L is the same as that from the 626. However, I'm new to Mazda, so I don't really know squat.

    'jumpmom' ....are you located in the Chicagoland area? Judging by the autoshow coupon you mentioned, I'm guessing. But I just bought a '01 prot ES on Mon (car just got off their truck Sat) and got a really good deal from Wilkins Mazda out in Villa Park. They agreed to the price I wanted ($300 over invoice, plus the Autoshow coupon of $500, plus the new gradincentive of $400, plus the 0% financing for 4 years.) You should price them out.

    concerning the statement someone made about the 2.0L being 'more powerful than the competitions' " , the 2.0L sentra comes w/ 145hp.

    concerning the statement that the sentra's rear seat is too cramped.....I remember my 2K sentra as having essentially the same room back there as the '01 protege.

    if you're looking at mid-sized cars, don't overlook the Maxima. This is my primary car and I absolutely love it. The cabin room is huge. V6 is standard, not to mention the most powerful in it's class.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    "I remember my 2K sentra as having essentially the same room back there as the '01 Protege."
    Not true if you're talking about leg room.
  • mhgsx- The engines are similar (design) but not the same.

    The back seat leg room is not even comparable. The protege has much more legroom.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Don't forget the Nissan Altima.. I've fit 4 adults in the back with no complaints. It has the same options as the Camry and Accord for thousands less.

    And if you wait until April 4th I think, the new pics of the next 2002 model Altima will be out. It will be based on a Nissan Maxima platform and have a V6 option with 230+ HP.

    As it stands now, the Altima has the largest engine in the 4cylinder engines. I bought our Altima after test driving a 626. (I had my heart set on a 626 but the 626 was standing still compared to the Altima. I've had no problems in almost 30K, except alignment hassles, but no wierd noises or rattles or hesitation, etc...
  • It was August 1999 when I proudly drove off the lot in my brand spanking new Emerald Mica Mazda Protege LX. My first car, she was wonderful, faithful and reliable. And it was a sunny winter day (2001) on I-78 when she lost her life, crushed and written off as a total loss. A semi took her life, thank God she preserved mine.

    If you are looking for a great small sedan the Protege is the way to go. My car held up pretty well in a car accident. The truck slammed into the side of my car, slammed me into the concrete girder, sent me into a spin and I slammed into the opposite concrete girder. My 'ge did not flip over, nor did anything intrude into the cabin. I was shaken up a bit, and have extensive soft tissue injuries, but no bruises or broken bones.

    The seat belt held me firmly in place!

    Now, since my 'ge is dead, her internal organs salvaged -- I'm moving on to a different car. I want to maintain the memories of my first car so I will not purchase another Protege. I've been looking at the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, and the Mitsubishi Galant. Anyone ever own one of these cars? I'd appreciate your input, especially since you are a Protege driver.

  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    sorry to hear about your loss. and glad to hear you made it alive...

    as for your questions, when I bought my Altima, I looked at the Galant too (not the Accord since it was too much $$$).

    My top choice would have been the Galant. I loved the styling, but it too was too much and didn't have any rebates at the time. I settled on the Altima because it had the most power of the lot (Jetta, 626). It comes loaded with features (now you have to buy the VOP to get it all which is a given now). Its roomy, I've fit 4 adults in the back with no complaints and have taken several long distance trips without any problems in 30K miles.

    So if you are looking at a car that is thousands of $ cheaper than the Galant and Accord, take the Altima.. just beware, you won't get the mileage the Protege gets now.
  • My wife and I finally got a chance to test drive a Protege (2.0 ES) and Civic (EX). We are looking to replace her 1988 323. We test drove the Protege first and here are a few observations: first, I think that Mazda made a mistake by not making the spoiler an option as opposed to a standard accessory on the ES. My wife REALLY dislikes the spoiler; I'm more ambivalent, although my pet peeves are with the interior styling--the cloth is way too dark for my taste, the faux chrome trim is a little tacky, and I really don't care for the white face gauges (what is the attraction with them???). Second, them there rear seats are damn hard! I first noticed this when I sat in the car at a local auto show and my impression wasn't changed. Our kids are in infant/booster seats right now, but I don't envy them having to sit in the back for any length of time. Third, the car handles very well... accelerates nicely and steers true.

    Re. the Civic: I was very surprised that my wife liked the car. She has never really felt comfortable in our Accord and I thought that this was symptomatic of Honda design. Apparently not. The Civic's engine seemed more buzz in comparison to the Protege's and is like the VTEC engine in our Accord--NO low end torque. You really have to fire up the RPM for the torque to come on strong. The improved rear leg room in the 2001 model is quite impressive and the seats were much more comfortable than the Protege's (at least those in the rear; the front seats seemed a little small and I had a little more difficulty getting comfortable). The estimated gas mileage of the Civic is also must better than the there definitely is an economy/handling trade off.

    I guess we'll mull over our options and decide between the two...

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