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Mazda Protege Accessories and Modifications

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited October 2014 in Mazda
What have you done, or wish to do, in the way of accessories and/or modifications on your Protege?

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  • I haven't received my Protege yet, but its coming! I was just curious what kind of modifications others out there have done to get more performance from the engine. Headers, exhaust, etc. What about modifications to the exterior? Anyone add side skirts, better headlights?
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    well for lights, get some PIAA lights. there are Superplasmas and superwhites that simulate HID lights.

    there is a site that has a body kit for us.

  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    I'm not your normal teenager modification freak, but I do like to modify things a bit. Here's what I've done so far:
    - PIAA Platinum white H4 bulbs 80w/80w actual (equivalent to 100w/130w halogen)
    - J-Spec Clear corner lamps
    - K&N Replacement air filter
    - Bosch Platinum +4 plugs (isn't it funny how the "Platinum" theme has become so common for cars?)
    - Factory mudguards, all four wheels
    - Factory nosemask
    - Factory cargo net
    - Factory foglights
    - J-Spec Sport20 Strut tie bar
    - Tinted windows 35% in front/18% rears
    - Dashmat (a necessity in Arizona)
    - Additional carpeting to cover the EXPENSIVE factory floormats and in the trunk. I used rubber-backed all-weather carpeting in a dark gray color. It looks great!

    Future mods:
    - 17" rims and tires
    - Thicker sway bars
    - Upgrade the factory speakers/add subwoofer

    Or I may just trade in my 2000 ES for a 2001 MP3 when it comes out. It depends on how well my new job pans out. :-)

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the mods, I posted some about the strut bar in the Mazda Protege topic. It's not a mod for the "faint of heart".


  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    awww right... 17"ers.... cool.

    Was the jspec strut bar one you didn't need to modify to fit around the Cruise control or something? I am starting to get confused with the Alty board. someone needed some mod'ing.
  • All I have...

    Clear corners
    Plasma Blue lights- looking to get the green.
    Viper 550 alarm system with encrypted remote start/lights/doors
    Custom brushed alluminum pedals
    FuelMax (haven't put it on yet, we'll see if it works)

    I want to get and am searching for advice/information on...

    Those European Tail light sets
    Performance Ignition Wires
    Performance Spark Plugs
    Strut bar
    Performance exhaust
    Fog lamps

    I was looking for factory fog lamps. Any idea where to get them, how much and how difficult/Easy to install?

    The Platinum plugs... I've heard good and bad things about replacing your factory plugs with afetr market ones. What are your thoughts on that? Also what about ignition wires. I was thinking that would be my next upgrade.

    Anyone have tips on tinting?
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    those jspec clear corner lamps speedypt mentioned, is there anywhere else on the web i can get them beside or ebay? I keep getting outbidded by people willing to pay more than what procarparts sell them for. Also, are those lamps the exact same ones as they use in japanese version of the protege(aka Familia), meaning they're OEM parts directly from Mazda, or are they aftermarket parts from a 3rd party manufacturer.

    just curious

  • They are not OEM and they are not DOT approved. I haven't seen them elsewhere than
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    I guess what I'm trying to ask is, if I get stopped by police, in theory, will they be able to fine me for having non-DOT approved signal lights on my car?

    and also, how are the qualities of these clear lamps, same as the original yellow lamps or a little more flimsy?


  • Heres just a little mod I did to my car and although it's simple, it does look a little cool.

    Unscrew the two plastic covers that are in the front of the vehicle where the fog lamps should go.
    Wash them so they are really clean.
    Lay out a few newspapers on the ground in a well-ventilated area
    Use Chrome Enamel or Acrylic car spray paint (for bumpers & trim) and spray into a newspaper until you have a small amount of liquid paint coating a large enough amount of the newspaper. (not too much- you don’t want dripping).
    Lay the face of the plastic covering that has the XX fence pattern down in the paint for a few seconds. Then lift. Too much paint will make the paint drip when you turn it over, so use small amounts of paint and go for a second coat when the first one dries.
    The effect you are going for hear is that the XX pattern on your plastic cover will be silver or chrome on the very edged, and will look like metal grating. It’s a cool effect if you don’t have fog lights.
  • If you are being profiled then you may get stopped, but the chances of the cops doing that are slim. In most states (probably all) front turn signals must be orange in color- when ON & OFF. If you get the clear corners they are only orange when on. So technically if a cop is looking for an excuse, and knows the law... you could be taken off the road. I'm betting against it though.

    They are more flimsey, but not by much. They are both plastic. The factory orange ones have a clearer plastic (doesn't refract as much light). I have noticed that the clear ones don't fit as well. They go in just fine- nice and snug, but don't fill out the space as much as the factory
    ones did.

    I had to swap out my factory bulb sockets and water seals to get them installed. Very easy to do.
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    thanks for all the info. I'll try my luck again tonight on ebay, if I can't get it there I'll just get it from

    I just have another little request... may be asking too much given all the advices I have received from everyone... but can anyone that does have the clear lamps installed post a 'after' picture of the headlight+clear lamp. REALLY appreciated if anyone can do this.

    many thanks in advance

    (btw it's a slow day at work today)
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Strut-bar. I DID have to modify (ie: cut off part of) the cruise control bracket, but the way I mounted the mounting plate, it's just as sturdy after installing it. I did get the J-Spec Sport20 strut bar. (It's the actual Japanese Mazda factory part.)

    Clear corners: They ARE LEGAL in Arizona and Illinois for sure. Think about this...Accords and the new Protege have clear corner lamps from the factory with orange bulbs inside. Why wouldn't it be legal to install clear lenses and orange bulbs on the Pro? Since I have the brighter headlights and clear corners, I had a police officer friend of mine check out my car and he stated that the orange color requirement is only for when the bulb is blinking, not when it's off. The running lights (front turn signal) IS ORANGE when the signal isn't flashing and therefore meets the LEGAL requirement for color. I did not get the aftermarket clear corners available on, I got the original OEM Japanese Mazda parts from They are more expensive, but fit EXACTLY THE SAME as the original orange signal. I did have to use my original bulb socket with an orange bulb, but it fits PERFECTLY and I'd recommend it to anyone. I will try to get a picture of the installation later today and post the pic soon.

    (I'm not upset, I just want to be clear) :-)


  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Conheady...thos eeuropean light sets you mention are the Altezzas.

    And here is a pic of a HEAVILY modded Protege.

    The first shows clear corners, if you can stomach it( from rest of the car I mean.)

    and the second shows the altezza lights.


    and if a cop stops you and cites you for the clear corners, he's just petty and getting a quota. Most places allow it as long as you have a yellow bulb.
  • Sure that isn't a close up of a Hot Wheel Car!?

    Any info on getting (besides "fleabay") and installing those lights?

    About the clear corners. I called the NYS DMV a while back when I was thinking about getting them... they said that turn signals (not parking lights - which coulb be seperate in some cars) have to have orange when ON or OFF. I think some car manufacturers get around this by offering a clear lense and then another orange lense in front of the bulb. I believe the new Protege's have that.

    I agree though... if a cop stops you, it's because he needs to find something- which will never happen. Then you just paint them b!tches orange with a hilighter when he's not looking.
  • Yeah, those clear corners are actually clear, while the ones I have are clear, but have a pattern of thickness in the plastic so you can't see the bulb as clearly.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    that car IS ugly though isn't it.. I wonder how someone could do that to a poor Protege.
  • I guess they were going for the "White Trash Racing" theme.
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    I love the rims and Altezza tail lights, but that paint!!! It's really well applied, but it is SHOCKING!!!


  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    thanks speedypt and nikecar for the info. But man those OEM corner lights are more than twice the cost of the's. But i think it's worth my money. I'll start saving some money now....

    silly question, the price they listed there is for the pair, not each, correct?

    many thanks again

  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Yes. $106 plus shipping for the pair. Manufactured by Stanley (same as stock) for the Japanese Protege (also the German model).


  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200




    You can see the orange bulb from straight-on. You can also see the fit is exact. I love the way they look!


  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200



    You can see how well the strut bar fits. In the second picture you can see where I cut the cruise control bracket just above the black mounting plates that stiffen the strut towers and provide a mounting surface for the strut bar, rather than just use two of the strut mounting bolts to attach a strut bar. IMHO it's a much better system, but requires some modification. The third picture shows the driver's side strut tower that did NOT require any modification. If you look closely, you can see some red paint coming through on the bar. It came with beautiful red paint that I decided to cover over with cheap silver/chrome paint. I will refinish it once I get to Chicago to fix that!

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    those corner lights look phat, definitely getting them now.

    btw, is it me or is this one of the best discussion board I've ever seen on

    kudos to everyone

  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Those corners are off the hook!!! damn.. I might have to get them for the wife's car.. right after I take the car from her!!! image

    and yes this is the best discussion here.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Found this in another board (nissan actually) about part makers with parts for the Protege's.

    I don't know what parts they are, but at least we know the companies...

    Makers with protege parts
    1. Jackson Racing Miata Supercharger (fits 1.8 liter ES protege)
    2. Erebuni Body kit
    3. Intrax
    4. Suspension Techniques
    5. Weapon R
    6. Tenzo R
    7. Arospeed
    8. NOS (makes for everybody)
    9. Pacesetter
    10. corksport
    11. J-spec
    12. Mazdaspeed
    13. Eibach
    14. Sprint
    15. HKS
    16. Unorthodox Racing
    17. indoxine
    18. APC (altezza tail lights for 1999 and up protege's in 2001)
  • Hey those look just like the ones I bought!
    Only difference- the horizontile molding lines. I don't have those. Otherwize, I would say they are identical.

    I think you ahave convinced me to do a strut mod- when it gets a bit warmer around here. I see you have the K&H sticker on the air filter box too. :)
    Any thoughts on going for a custom intake system?

    I have yet to put on the FuelMax fuel saver. The EPS put out some interesting numbers on how well it cleans up the emmissions (a result of greater fuel efficiency). If have some idea where to attack it, but want to make sure I get it in the right place. If you know where the inbound fuel line is, could you snap that?

    EVERYONE. Keep an eye out for custom parts, accessories and mods for the Pro. If you see any deals or sites that carry parts, please post for the rest of us. If you make a modification (no matter how stupid) let us know- snap a picture- write a short guide on how to do it yourself.
  • Those are factory fog lamps too! How much did those set you back? I'm thinking those will be my next upgrade. Now only if I can get them cheap without importing them from Japan!
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Thanks for the compliments. I LUV my Pro, can you tell?

    No plans for custom intake. Nor can I help with the fuel line location. Best bet is to get the front of your car up on ramps and trace it forward from the fuel tank.

    I like having the K&N air filter, even if just for the reusability factor.

    Fog lamps were added at the dealer as part of my purchase, but the kit costs about $195 here in Phoenix. Wait til your dealer sends you a parts coupon for 10-20% off "do it yourself" type parts. Kbaer on the Prototech website installed his own. I didn't have to do that though.


  • I'll ask my dealer about the fog lamps. I'd pay upward of $250 for them installed. Hope I can get it at that.

    Looks like your windows have some nice tint. Can you share any ideas for someone who knows nothing about tinting?
  • I think I'm begining to love your pro too.
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