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Chevy Silverado - Continued XVIII



  • Just enjoy the vette like I'm doing.

    Traded a 99 BMW 5 Series on a 2001 Vette
    in month wise was only a year, 7000 mile.
    Pre ordered the 2001 in 2000, and worked
    off MSRP. BMW lost $15,000. Chevy told
    me should try to sell because they didn't
    want the car since people coming into a
    chevy dealership weren't looking for that
    class of car. I looked at as no hassle
    expense - over and done with.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    pickups at about 5% per year (about $1500 on a $30K truck) but I think those days are gone for 2 reasons: 1) pickups have more competition from SUVs, 2) sales of all vehicles are slow. After 6 months of ownership and 6,000 miles on my stripper, my dealer would offer me $12K on the truck I paid $16K for on GMS. Anymore, I think you can count on 20% loss when you drive any vehicle off the dealers lot. Dealers can't move the new pickups, so they really don't need any used pickups either. The best plan is to trade in every year if you have the money, or keep the vehicle 10+ years if you get a good one.
  • lwittorflwittorf Posts: 96
    You better grab that 20500 and run as that is high for a 99 I just had GM buy back my y2k with 19000 on it and all they would go was 22000 and that was with all the extra's I had on it. That inc visor,penstripe.stainless rocker&wheel well,wood grain dash and other misc. I tried to get them to go higher but with the formula the BBB uses and the blue book that is where it stayed. I could have backed out but the pu was a piece of junk from day one. I now have a 01 and love it. msrp was just about the same as yours.
  • I've narrowed my truck selections to two very similar vehicles. Both are 2001 2wd Silverado 1500 LS extended cab with a 5.3L, 4 spd auto, same color, interior. They differ by the rear differential: one has a 3.73 locking differential but no tow package; the other has a 3.42 non-locking differential with a tow package. I would like to dress up the truck in the future with a 3-4" lift and larger diameter tires (30 or 31"). I intend to drive the truck daily, a 60 mile round trip mostly 50 to 75 mph unloaded. Most of my "hauling" wil be of the Home Depot/CostCo variety with a rare trip to the dump. Rare tow of a 5000 lb. boat and trailer if the Suburban isn't available.
    I'm looking for advice on the gear ratio choices and whether the tow package is a must (for the trans cooler). If this has been debated in the past (and I'm sure I'm not the first to wonder out loud) please point me into the abyss of archived discussions.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Your paying how much for your truck?

    whats another $285 for the tow pkg. Get it save you headaches down the road from having one put on.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Thanks for the feedback guys:

    Michgndr - regarding selling it privately, I gave that up years ago. After 31 vehicles, it gets pretty old if you know what I mean. I expect to lose some money on each exchange, I just don't like losing a LOT of money on each.

    smart99 - Corvette has been my dream car since I was 10 years old. I can finally afford to have a new one now. Why do you call it "queer"? You don't have to be a drug dealin pimp to enjoy them. If you ever get a chance to drive a new C5, you'll know what I mean. Since the stock market is going in the tank, I decided to put my equity to something real, and enjoy it as it drops, rather than worrying about the rise and fall of a piece of paper.

    I'll be getting another truck in fall (since we have real winters here), I'm just not sure what that is going to be yet. (2500 CC? Avalanche? C3?...) Something I'll have to think about while I'm driving my Vette this summer.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    If you plan to put larger tires on in the future go with the lower gears (3.73's). The larger tire raises your overall gear ratio.

    Look at it another way - adding a tranny cooler is much easier (and cheaper) that changing out the rear end. Have the dealer do it before you take delivery. Should add about $200.

    I have a 98 Tahoe with the 3.42 rear end - put 31 10.5 tires on the 1st day - stock tire was 235 75 15's. I wish I would have gotten the 3.73. When empty it performs good, but when I tow it could use a little bit more punch.

    My 99 Silverado 4x4 has the 3.73 rear end. It feels much faster (although that could be because of the 270 hp 5.3L Vs 255 hp 5.7L)
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    I think the only person who would call it a queervette is someone is is jealous??

    Go for it!

    although now is the time to hold shares or buy more...but to each his own.

    When it makes sense...and I don't have other things to do...I plan on buying a Convertable Vette as well. We have real I'd need something else as well. The dealer always has a nice one or two in the showroom. Had an awesome Red metallic (don't know the color) in the showroom. Salesman always says "when you gonna buy one?"...I always tell him.."if you sell cars long enough will sell me one someday"

    He had some 19 year old kid come in...and want to test drive it...he said we don't do test drives on Vettes..(figuring kid was a they really don't do test drives on vettes!)..kid said well what if I put 20 grand down on one?...he ended up selling him that car..

    Good Choice....enjoy the only True American sportscar.

    - Tim
  • smart99smart99 Posts: 48
    You're right I'm jealous, I'm 6'5" and and can't fit in one of those rockets. Consequently I drive a big rig.
  • Hello Silverado owners.
    I just bought a 2001 LS Ex Cab 4.8L Silverado. The paint is Victory Red. I intend to Zaino it, but don't know if I have clear coat paint. I looked through the owner's manual and the Chevrolet web site and there is no mention of the type of paint. Forgive me if this was covered in previous threads, but I couldn't find any posts on the subject.

  • I am planning on buying a 2001 Silverado EX cab 2WD. I was wondering if the 4.3 V6 would be enough engine for me if I were to do some light towing and mainly city driving. Or if i should go for the 4.8 V8. Thanks
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Test drive them both before you decide.

    Personally i would not get a v-6 in a full size truck. My moms blazer with the 4.3 seems underpowered. Going from the 5.3 to a 4.3 and back is a huge difference.

    Drive em both and see what you like.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    OK...but being tall doesn't make the car queer?

    Vettes Rock....only true American sports car made....and what a statement they make....and compete with European sports cars to boot!

    - Tim
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Hey guys, long time no post. I remember reading here a year or two ago about a website that lists the changes (equipment, colors, etc.) for the next model year. I have spent hours scanning old threads with no luck. Anyone here have that link? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • smart99smart99 Posts: 48
    you're right cars can't be queer. Although when my dealer buddy pulled up in a lemon yellow mustang some may have begged to differ....
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You have clear coated paint on your truck. Order the Z1, Z2, Z5, Z6, and Z7. Well most people order these as a minimum for the Zaino effect.

    What color are you ordering. The color
    mgdvhman is talking about is called
    "Magnetic Red" its under special allocation
    number right now due to demand.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    Magnetic Red....and OHhh so nice it was.

    smart99...well I kinda agree....Wife has a yellow Stang...which is OK for girls...but guys..uhhh...well...errr...

    something about dudes in those yellow Rams too that just don't look right...

    - Tim
  • Magnetic Red is a special paint process,
    was told it has gold type base has to be
    run through the paint process twice. I
    was going to order but Torch Red leather
    was top on my list and the 2 don't mix.
    Most go with oak and grey.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Red is a chick color too hehe

    Get black or blue a real mans color
  • 87lion87lion Posts: 166
    manly men mount there own step bars. Not mentioning any names here.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    Anyone know if the 1500 hd will be offered in an extended cab 2wd? Same as 99 2500 with 6.0?
  • vince4vince4 Posts: 1,272
    Go for the small V8 for sure. It's better to own and has much better resale. Several (but not all) folks with the V6 comment that it is weak in this size truck and are sorry they bought it. On the other hand, I haven't read any negative comments on the 4.8, but have read some very impressive mpg figures (~20) which aren't much worse than a V6 I expect.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    Obviously you have no clue what color we are talking about....I'd take that color over any color GM makes on any vehicle if I could....must be seen in person. I like Reds.


    - Tim
  • bugsplatbugsplat Posts: 30
    I'm one of the few who have the X Cab V-6 and think the power is adequate, though I have not done any towing yet. I have the 3.73 rear vs. the 3.42 which does make a difference, so if you like the V-6, see if you can find one with the 3.73. Despite being pleased with the power of my V-6, I must agree with others that you must test drive and see. If after driving you any still have any concerns about the V-6 power, go with the V-8. Whether the V-6 is truly adequate or not, buying a new pickup and then not being satisfied with the power sort of kills the enjoyment of driving/owning a new truck.
  • All GM vehicles are clear-coated.

    4.3L is NOT enough for any kind of towing in a full sized pickup.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Geezuz H. Christ! Thanks a lot guys! First I'm queer, and now I'm being called a girl, and I have to pay extra for it to boot!

    Long story but, I originally went in wanting Red (big surprise), but the closest they had on the lot to what I wanted in options, etc was a Millenium Yellow one, which they gave me for a test drive. (Yes, they actually let you drive them when they know you are serious and have the cash burning a hole in your pocket). This dealer had 17 brand new 01 Vettes on the lot last week, but most of them were Auto (ick!).

    You know what, this Yellow 6 spd really grew on me quick. I have to admit that Yellow and Green were at the bottom of my list initially, but a Vette is one of the few cars that make yellow look good. It makes you take notice of every line the car has. Now, I love Black, and most things I drive are black, but real dark colors like the black does not do a corvette any justice because it hides too much of what a Vette is all about.

    It costs $600 extra for the Yellow because they add a yellow tint to the clearcoat, and they have to reset the paint machines each time to go back to the original clearcoat for the rest of the colors (other than Magnetic Red, which also gets its own tint).

    whitevette01 - yes, corvetteforum has a lot of great info, sometimes scary, when they talk about how the resale slide is starting to affect these as well. Oh well, who cares, I'm buying brand new because I want to know that nobody has had a chance to abuse the car that I'm going to keep for a very long time.
  • punjabpunjab Posts: 102
    Maybe you can add some black fender flares to that yellow know, to dress it up some...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    perhaps a Vette would be the only new car that could be yellow?.....Yellow looks good in a well as Older Camaros.....but new mustangs....Dodge rams.....they scream girl!

    - Tim
  • bcobco Posts: 756

    "manly men mount there own step bars. Not mentioning any names here."


    babs...he nailed ya on that one! LOL!

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