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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • steveqvssteveqvs Posts: 1
    I have always liked jags. I have now decided to look for an older (1980's) jag convertible, maybe even a project convertible. Problem is I have not seen many 2+2's. With 4 butts in my family I really need the extra seats for the kids. Any help on sites on details of Jags or sites of jags for sale would be welcomed.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    First I don't like the sound of one part ofyour post:

    "maybe a project car"

    Bad idea on an XJS. Would be MUCH easier to simply burn a pile of $100 bills.

    As far as have to go with a 1994 or newer car, and they are very well made and reliable.

  • treymtreym Posts: 1
    Anyone know anything about the 1993 xj6 model. Cannot seem to find much information. I am looking at buying one. I am concerned because of 131k on mileage. Looks to be in good condition. I have always wanted one, just not sure I should risk it on this model year with high mileage. Comments appreciated.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    OK... First...

    How much? It's got a sunroof I hope...

    Miles may not be a bad thing for the car, but they do hurt its' value a lot.

    What to look for? 2 Big things on that car would be the head gasket (Have a mechanic,preferably a Jag one do a compression test, a leak-down compressiontest on the engine) and the A/C Evaporator. But if that's bad no cool air will come out!

    Also check the door handles.

    Overall a very very good car though

    95 Vanden Plas 126,000 beat-the-hell-out-of-it miles
  • sbbsbb Posts: 10
    Where do i go to find advice on xj-s buying? I am looking at a 95-96 convertible with the 6 cyl engine, 50k miles.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Whatcha need to know? We can help!

    GREAT cars btw...

  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    I just received my "Road and Track" for June, 2001. It, too, has an article on the new Jag. "X". Although brief, it sheds further light on the design and engineering relationships between Ford of Dearborn and Jaguar of Coventry.
    (Please refer to my note above in which I reference "Motor Trend" for June, 2001, which has a review article also.)

    Happy reading and, for some at least, yearning !
  • sho3sho3 Posts: 28
    I looking to purchase a usedXJ series sedan my budget is about $20,000.
    Would I be better off purchasing a high mileage 98XJ8 or a lower mileage
    96/97 XJ6 ? What about maintenance cost between the two ? I live in
    Michigan and I notice on the internet the pricing in other states are a
    lot cheaper, what are the pitfalls of purchasing a car out of state. Has
    anyone purchase a Jag from Texas Mustang Sales ?

    PS Thanks in advance.
  • jagularjagular Posts: 1
    Hi all, I have been amused, surprised, and amazed at the loyalty most of you have for your cars. I have just joined the ranks of Cat owners with the purchase of a 93 XJ6 with 81K miles and apparent incredible condition. Unfortunately I am suffering from the pre-owned bugs syndrome and have had a few problems like new brakes, Check Engine Light, New door latch, Check Engine Light again. And just when disgust enters the mind, I get out, walk away, look over my shoulder, and then stop to admire it again. I believe I have been bitten...Any advice for XJ40 owners out there regarding "routine maintenance" to keep the Cat purring would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...Jagular
  • lucnoellucnoel Posts: 31
    I just bought a 2001 JR,Anthracite (black) with Warm Charcoal interior.
    What a great car!
    I am not new to Jaguar since I own a 88 XJ6 with 115000 miles on it and a fully restored 74 V 12 E -type Roadster,British racing Green with Biscuit interior.

    The few things that I don't like on the JR are the followings:

    No oil pressure gauge
    No voltage/battery gauge
    Too much Ambla (vinyl).

    Nothing can be done for the gauges but, I already replaced the full console, rear console extension,cup holders with an Autolux Warm Charcoal leather.
    Much,much nicer,and better smell!!
    I also added rear blinds,Chrome caps on the assist handles and a Burl Walnut wood piece to replace the cheap plastic piece around the roof console.
    There is no doubt that it is a fantastic car but, I feel hats since ford bought Jaguar, some of the interior materials look/fell cheaper than on my 1988 for example.

    New versus used.
    I bought it new because, as a business owner, I lease it and can deduct the expense fully and paid it with before taxes money.
    Also, I decided, for the same reasons to have high monthly payment($1300 for 36 months)to lower the residual value.
    The residual now is $ 31000 and I can buy it and resale it for way more.(in 3 years).

    So the new/used question have a lot to do with personal taxes situation.
    Also, a new car is well, NEW!!!!!!
    Msrp was $ 71 250 and I only paid $ 67 500 for it. there is always room for price negotiation.

    I agree fully that what make a Jaguar different compared to any other car is it's style and personality.
    A Jaguar is not a collection of parts like a Mercedes or other, it is alive and part of the family.

  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    All Jaguar owners who are looking for a great wax polish, may I suggest Autoglym. Having used it personally over the 23 yrs ownership of my Series II Jaguar, I can attest to the quality of the product. The leather also requires attention periodically, especially in warm climates. The Connolly leather care kit kept my leather in topnotch condition. Applied regularly, both products will keep the cat in showroom appearance. Brentwoodvolvo is right on target with using Castrol lubricants and fluids. These were designed specifically for British cars and have endured the test of time. These are available from Classic Motoring Accessories, Ltd. in Tampa, FL E-mail
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Welcome to the "new car" Jaguar world.

    There is nothing like a new car.
    There is such pleasure being the first to sit behind the wheel and peel off the new car stickers.

    I recall a real pleasure I had when I was at the dealer when my "new baby" arrived on the truck. I recall watching as it was driven down from the carrier and parked in the sun. It gleamed and "beamed" as if to say: "Here I am... take me home and I am going to be a great friend".
    I thought as I admired "her" that it was the most beautiful automobile I had ever seen... she was!
    All this is a fond memory, as you can see.

    The point for most of us is that buying back a year or so can result in a great cash outlay savings advantage. The first year or so depreciation has already been peeled off and thus factored in. Moreover, there are so many great Jags now on the market, because of leasing, at "reasonable prices" it just seems the most cost effective way to go, not withstanding your comments about "business tax advantages of leasing" to which I concur.

    But, for those who wish to buy, I still recommend a 1998 or newer XJ8 or XJR.
    I prefer to purchase one which has fairly low miles and has been given the dealer "Select Edition" certification. This raises the price over the "used car lot" models because it has undergone, perhaps, the best scrutiny and restoration on the market. In my opinion it is worth every "British Pound".
    After "Select Edition" 100 or so point treatment it really almost is a "new car" again. As a result, Jag feels no hesitation in extending its "new car" warrenty way out. On these cars, as on any expensive Euro with "pricy parts and labor", an extended warrenty is a good deal.... particularly this one.

    Happy Jaguar motoring..... you have bought a great automobile.
    Your XJR with your "upgrades" is no doubt spectacular and you, or someone else, will have a great car at lease end.

  • grantshadygrantshady Posts: 7
    Hey guys, I am in love with the black on tan 1995-96 XJ6. I am only 20 and looking for the most bang for my buck. No one has anything but nice things to say about their value/reliability and I have always thought they look incredible. I have been reading everything I can get ahold of on the Internet about them, and I have gained a ton of knowledge but I still have a few questions:

    1. What exactly is the difference between the normal and Vanden Plas trims in both the 95 and 96 years?

    2. What are the options on those cars? I have read conflicting information.

    3. What changed for both the Vanden Plas and normal trim from 95 to 96?

    4. I have read here that miles do not hurt a Jag, but is it truly safe to buy one with 90-110K miles after having it checked out by a reputable Jag shop?

    5. Is there really no glove box on the 95? What about the 96? If no box where does all the "stuff" go?

    6. Was the wood shift knob a factory option on these cars? Was the wood steering wheel an option on either trim or only on the Vanden Plas? What about wheels?

    7. Was there a premium sound package? I may have read of a Harmon Kardon one. I know of the Alpine CD Changer.

    By the way, I sure like the chrome grill better than the black one that began in 97. Thanks!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    lucnoel: Congrats! I also have an XJR and I am in love with it. There's nothing like it on the road. Nice work with the interior too, good choice and I think that they ought to do that fromthe factory myself.

    netranger: It is great stuff.... used on all of the London Motor Show cars!

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Here's yer answers!

    1) Really just trim. Scroll up 20-40...maybe 60 messages or so and I gave a total breakdown on the exact differences... but it's just trim on the 95s, and trim and a 4.9" Wheelbase stretch on the 96s.

    2) The only options were: Sunroof/Convienience Package (On 95 XJ6s) Which included Power Sunroof, HomeLink, Power Steering column, auto-dimming mirror and memory seats. This was also an option on 97s, but the sunroof was totally standard across the range from 96+. It was only optional in the US on 95 XJ6s. Other options were CD Changer (Standard on 95-96VDPs, and an Alpine CHMS620 plugs right into any 91-97 Jag anyways), harmon/kardon Premium Sound (Includes a CD Changer) which is a very nice option to have. If the car has it, it'll say "harmon/kardon" on the door panels and have a subwoofer on the rear deck, and an amplifier next to the CD Changer in the trunk. This was $1,800MSRP new. The other option was the "Weather Package" which included electronic traction control and heated seats. This was $2,000 MSRP new. On most years, it's heated front seats only (Such as '95) But it varies depending on production in the 96s. I've seen 96 VDPs with and without heated rear seats, they got the rear seat heaters later in the 96 Production run. All 97s have heated front and rear seats.

    3) 95-96? Only visible change on a 96 is the deletion of an outside door lock on the passenger's side. All 96s have gloveboxes, and 96 VDPs got the 4.9" Wheelbase stretch. Also, the VDP got new (And MUCH more attractive IMHO) wheels. Also, some minor color changes.

    4) Yes, IF it's checked out by a Jaguar mechanic properly and has had proper service and IF you buy it cheaply. 95 XJ6 with 110K miles? Dont pay more than $12-13K MAX. 96 VDP with 100K? $15-16K MAX retail.

    5) Center console in early 95s is where you throw the stuff! Later production 95s got a glovebox. All 96s have it. My 95 VDP does have one.

    6) Wood shift knob was standard on XJ12s and XJRs (But the XJRs use a much darker bird's eye maple wood... ). I think that one from a dealer is $50-75 or so. I have one on my VDP and XJR. I added the one to the VDP (Well...we got this 94 XJ12 lease return in at the dealership... and it had a creme interior... and it was going to the auction I swapped it :)))) The wood steering wheel is a VDP/XJ12/XJR item. It can be added as a dealer acessory to any X300/X330. (X300=95-97 XJ, X330=96-97 Long Wheelbase XJ) Figure on $500 or so installed. Dont even THINK of doing it yourself with the airbag and sensitive electronics in the steering column.

    7) Yup! Base stereo is sorta sucky if you like to crank your tunes like me. See options. Base is 80 watt, h-k is 280.

    Hope this helps!

    95 VDP 126K miles No trouble.
    97 XJ6 59K
    99 XJR
    2 old ones
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Your signature says you have "2 old ones." Are either of these Series 3 XJ's? I've been looking at the S3 for a while, but I'm getting tempted by the prices some of the X300's are dropping to. What's the comparison between these two?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    The older ones?

    59 XK150 Roadster and a '65 XKE OTS (Open Two Seater).... :)

    Some of my "babies".

    S3s? I've had them. Rolling artwork, but.. umm... they're somewhat high maintinence and finding A) a nice one and B) a nice one at a realistic price is a very difficult task.

    An X300 is MUCH MUCH MUCH better as a regular driver.

  • kevinmac1kevinmac1 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 that was originally registered in Canada.
    The headlights come on automatically when the car is running. From
    reading the owner's manual, this is normal--presumably a safety feature.
    Does anyone know if there there is any way to prevent the lights from
    oing on automatically or to turn them off once they are on?
    Kevin M.
  • grantshadygrantshady Posts: 7
    Wow thanks for all the info Bill! So does the 95,96 Vanden Plas just come with all the options then? Also, I was looking at a black Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas on and noticed a couple things. It has a beige pin stripe down its side, and I was wondering if that is standard on the Vanden Plas or some type of an option. Also that same car has "solid chrome wheels" that I think are MUCH more attractive than the standard wheels I always see on this car. I was hoping someone could take a look at the ad and tell me if you recognize them from another type of Jag or if they an option on the 95,96 XJ6 (I don't think they are). Do they have a name or do they just belong to a specific Jag? The ad on priced the car at $19,900, and it was a black XJ6 Vanden Plas. Should be very easy to spot. Thanks again!
  • grantshadygrantshady Posts: 7
    Here are a couple things I forgot to add:
    1. I noticed that lists both Black and Black Crystal Metallic as colors for the 95,96 XJ6. What is the difference and which is better (in your opinion(s))?
    2. Is the keyless entry and alarm standard on the 95,96 XJ6?
    3. Are floormats standard?
    4. Has anyone ever tried to replace the orange reflector on the side panels of a 95,96 with a Jaguar emblem from a 98 or so? Would that work?
    5. Lastly, where exactly does it say Harmon Kardon on the outside of the 95,96 when it has the premium sound option?

    Thanks a lot! I look forward to your response(s)!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Not sure. I'd ask the dealer.. there is a way but I don't remember how I'm afraid.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Crystal Black vs Black? Hmm.. I just remember there being a solid black back then...

    2 and 3: Yes.

    4: Yeah I could be done but it's going to be a lot of trouble to do "right".

    5) h/k cars say "harmon/kardon" on the door speaker grilles, the have tweeters in the front windshield posts, and a visible subwoofer onthe rear deck that also says "harmon/kardon" on it.

    As far as the VDP goes... $19,900 for a Black What? Miles? Year? Have you seen the car? Price is not a safe way to shop...

    Chrome wheels could be ordered from the factory for $1,100 and are a different style.

    Pinstripes would be done by the dealer, not available from the factory on US Market cars.

    where ya located? I know of some places I can refer you to.

  • colintcolint Posts: 2
    I'm considering buying a 95 XJ6 here in Canada. What sort of fuel consumption can I expect in city driving? All comments much appreciated. Thx.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I do like... 17 or so city... 22-23 highway.

    US EPA Estimates for the 96-97s were 17 City, 23 Highway.

    In L/100km, when I've driven in Canada (I recently took my 95 VDP up there to pick up my Vauxhall Velox) and I set the trip odometer to metric... I dont remember ever being below 10.2-10.5L/100kms or so..

  • grantshadygrantshady Posts: 7
    Make that URL

    Check it out, and let me know if you can identify the wheels on that 95 VDP! Thanks!

  • slapdog14slapdog14 Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 1989 XJ6. Cosmetically, it is in pretty good condition with a few small dents perhaps from other car doors but overall is pretty sharp. The paint/finish remains fairly glossy/sharp. The interior has minor cracks in the leather in a couple of places. It has 106,000 miles, and the owner is asking $6,000.
    I have yet to test drive the vehicle and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice as to a reasonable sales price, problems with this year and model, etc. I have been told that the engine runs well, brakes are good, and that it was only driven in the summer months (I live in near Chicago, Illinois), however, I cannot verify this information having not yet driven it.
    It's a very cool car but I know very little about Jaguars so any advice would be much appreciated before I check it out more thoroughly by driving it and taking it to my mechanic.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Those are factory options for the 95=97s, also were available in Silver or Chrome as an acessory.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    You want a Jag. Great! $6,000 is your budget? Nooo Problem!

    You want an '89? <WHACK> ! Don't go there. Sorry if I offend anyone... but those cars are best avoided.

    The 88-89 XJ6s were, sorry to say, probably the worst cars qualitywise that Jaguar ever produced. For not much more you can go to a 91+ car wich has far less trouble spots than the 88-89s.

    For more info,

    I was the webmaster there... But I have relinuished my throne and it may well have changed..


  • grantshadygrantshady Posts: 7
    1. A couple guys on the mailing list seemed to think the wheels at that URL I posted are 2000 Jaguar "Turbine" wheels. Where can I see another image of what you say these are? I don't think I've seen any chromed-out wheels like that on an X300 before.

    2. Bill, how do you like the boxwood outlines in the wood on your VDP? I don't really like the way it looks in pictures I've seen, but I'm hoping it looks better in person. The wood itself looks nice, but the boxwood outlines seem to ruin it.

    3. I looked back over your list of the differences between a standard and VDP 97 XJ6 about 50 posts back, and I was wondering if you would add to, subtract from, or change that list with regards to the 95 model year. Here's your list:
    *Rear Cigar lighter.
    *Rear Picnic Tables
    *Chrome trim along the sides
    *20-spoke Diamond-Turned Alloys with exposed lugnuts versus the "Dimple" style wheels on the XJ6
    *Autolux Premium Conolly Leather. (Softer.. actually a bit less durable) with contrasting piping.
    *Rear Picnic Tables
    *Convienience Package standard (HomeLink garage door opener, power steering column, memory seats, auto-dim rear-view mirror.But the vast majority of XJ6 and XJ6Ls have this)
    *Chrome door handles and side rear-view mirror outer finishers
    *rear trunk plinth and front grille are fluted.
    *Wood hasa tighter burl to it and has inlaid boxwood strips.
    *Lambswool floor mats.

    4. Would the 98 XJR or XJ8 wheels fit a 95 XJ6? Which post-97 wheels will fit on a 95?

    5. Was there an in-dash CD player option in 95?

    6. Lastly, would I be OK as far as reliability goes buying a 95 VDP with like 70-90K miles on it? How many miles do those cars last for?

    Thanks once again Bill!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    1) BS. Nope, those are turbine wheels, but they were 95-97 factory option wheels. I remember selling new 96s and 97s with those wheels :) $1,000 IIRC.

    2) I like it. I think it really looks nice "furniturey" You do have to see it in person tho.

    3) Same really. Except that 95 VDPs (You have seen the pic of mine I take it) have what's called an "Aero" style wheel. They're used on 94-95 VDPs.

    4) Yup and any of em except I'm not certain on S-Type wheels. Why would you want 18" Wheels tho? The car's suspension calibrations clash with that combo. Better to buy an XJR from the get-go.

    5) Nope. Only on 2000+ S-Types. Unless you put an aftermarket head unit in and because of the slope of the console they look lousy.

    6) If it's wellmaintained.. sure! Mine runs like new at 127,000 and I have yet to really have trouble with it. Make sure you can document the car's service history though.

    Glad to help!

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