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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • lucnoellucnoel Posts: 31
    Post 269 make a comment about the 88-89 having the worst quality of the XJ 40.

    I have, beside my 74 Roadster and 2001 XJR, a 1988 with 115000 miles on it.
    I have been very happy with it and the problems on it have been minimal and not very costly.

    Bulb faillure module Rebuilt $ 49
    Rack and pinion Rebuilt $ 300
    2 rear shocks New $ 500

    That's it and the car run perfect.
    You also have to remember that by now, most of the problems will have been fixed by the owner.

    I did a lot of trim modifications/upgrade on it.

    Heated front seats
    Black front vanes
    Fog lights
    Headlamp Powerwash
    VDP/Daimler rear lights
    Lighted,leather sunvisors
    Rear headrest
    Rear console extention
    Rear blinds
    Wood trim on roof console
    VDP wood glove box
    Dayton Wire Wheels,(I know that some peoples don't like them,but I think that,especialy on a black car, they look good)
    New headliner. (had to remove windshield to fit)

    I will never sell this car because, for the money I could get for it,it is not worth it.

    For me the 88 have a great feature that later models,up to air bag cars,don't have.
    I am talking about regular seat belts, not thoses stupid front motorized seat belts.

    Do anyone have some experiences/feed back on changing the crankshaft pulley on the XJR to boost pressure on the supercharger?

  • grantshadygrantshady Posts: 7
    Hey Bill...

    1. What size are the 95-97 Turbine wheels?

    2. What is IIRC?

    3. Never seen your 95. Would like to though.

    4. Are you sure the 98 etc. XJR wheels are 18"? I have a picture of a 98 XJ6 (or maybe XJ8) with those wheels on.

    5. What are my wheel options for a 95 VDP as far nice chromed ones like the Turbines or XJRs? 17" would be ideal.

    Thanks a lot Bill!
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    For pictures of wheels, check out:


    My '97 VDP is great! Only 31K miles on it so far (I put the last 2K on it). Runs great, looks great. It's loaded with everything except the H-K sound system.

    I have the 20-spoke alloy wheels. I think they look classy!

  • csmason1csmason1 Posts: 10
    I'm updating my post #208, in which I said that I'd soon be receiving my new 93 XJ6.

    It's here, and it's great. Runs very well, and all the comfort I expected from a Jaguar. It really turns heads, and my women friends give me grief about having a new "babe magnet" for a car. It's nice that they told me now, since I'll soon be parting w/ my great 95 Saturn SL1, which was evidently NOT a babe magnet (especially in LIGHT PLUM exterior--yes I know, but it was a 2 year-old car w/ only 5K miles for under $10K in 97!). The proceeds (over $5K--talk about holding value!) will go directly to my Jag loan! Trading up is a wonderful thing.

    The Jag dealer in town said that the A/C evap is leaking, and that it needs an alignment (an evident problem w/ vibration -- thanks to 97vdpguy for post # 148) and a few seals should be replaced, but they fixed the broken glovebox and replaced the antenna mast (+ the inspection) for about $250. Add the cost of a new key and keyless entry/alarm transmitter, and my out-of-pocket costs so far are about $400 over the $7,799 I paid for the car.

    I do have a question, though: I've heard that an Alpine CD changer can be "plugged in" to the trunk very easily if I wanted to add one. Does anyone have info about how the 93's are wired in the trunk, and how easy is it to add the changer?

    93 XJ40 81K (after a 1.1K trip from Houston!)
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I think you got very lucky.

    We had an 88 in the family. Dorchester Grey with Burgandy leather. Beautiful car bought new in May of '87. One of the very first in the country.

    UGH! At least 8 door handles broke, severe electrical problems, serious A/C problems, water leaks, keyless entry issues, rear diff and head gasket both blew before 60K miles, you name it...

    Over $10,000 in warranty work was done on that car alone.

    Now, if you find one that's got a new diff, updated door handles, converted rear suspension..etc..

    It can be a great car. However, for what 88-89s are going for, you can go to a 91 or so and get a much better car without the goofy gauges and without the slower 3.6L engine.

    For your XJR.. go to

    I've seen what their stuff can do firsthand :))


  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    94+ XJ Wheels, except XJRs and the 99+ Supercharged Vanden Plas, are all 16" and the US cars use 225-60ZR16 Pirellis. P4000Es until 00, and P6000s since.

    95-97 XJRs use 17" Wheels and 255-45ZR17 Pirelli P-Zeros and the 98+ XJRs use 18"s with 255-40ZR18 Pirelli P-Zeros.. 99+ Vanden Plas S/Cs use very attractive 17" Wheels with 235-50ZR17 Pirelli P6000s. Those would look VERY nice on an earlier VDP if you can find a set.

    Oh, Chrome is bad if youhave to drive in the snow unless you clean them DAILY and THOROUGHLY.

    Oh, my 95...


    IIRC=If I Remember Correctly


  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Well, if you're in Orlando/Central FL I know a GREAT technician...

    I'd shop that evap leak. In the meantime, Cans of R134a are $2.99...

    It's a pricey job.

    As far as the CD Changers go, they mount just above the battery in a 93. Underneath the panel that's behind the rear window.

    There's a plug behind that piece of carpet that covers the gas tank that plugs DIRECTLY into an Alpine CD CHanger if it's one of the following models:


    $300 or so is the max you ought to pay for one.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I forgot...

    You want to ideally stick with Jaguar OEM WHeels. I have yet to see a set of aftermarket wheels truly fit these cars properly with some very rare and very expensive exceptions.

  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    What would your purchasing advice be on the following:

    1999 XJL with 30,000 miles, color topaz and in immaculate condition

    (A) What would a good buying price be for this car?

    (I) Since it is still under the new car warranty,
    50,000 miles / 4 years would you run out the warranty and than add an extended one? Or would you add one now? Which one?

    (I) Any special considerations with this automobile?

    A Jaguar Lover,
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Have you seen the car yet?

    Also, I'd like everyone in hereto read the following webpage (If I haven't posted it yet)

    (delete the paintwork.html and you go to my Vauxhall Cresta page..)

    OK, back to the XJ8L...

    It's the right color combo for the car, and if it's clean.. Hmm...I'd say that current wholesale on it is about $29-30K or so, so noncertified retail is something like.. hmm... $32-33K.. $34-35K if certified.

    As far as an aftermarket extended warranty... I'm not fond of them on Jags simply because they get VERY expensive.

    Only consideration I can think of is to look for paintwork... if it's had a bunch of it you can whack those above numbers by 10% easily.


  • csmason1csmason1 Posts: 10
    I will look for the plug this afternoon. I found a website that sells the CD changer (CHM-S620) in question for $199 + shipping.

    The next project is replacing the nearly 8 year-old speakers, and putting in my 400-watt amp and box in the trunk. (No, I'm not a bass-kicker, but I think an independent subwoofer is an important part of any stereo system).

    I'll keep you updated as to my progress, and thanks again to Bill for ALL your great advice!

    93 XJ6 81K
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    WHoa on the speakers and amp.

    FIRST! Find a shop who's torn into a Jaguar BEFORE.

    Also, due to the location of the fuel tank, sub boxes dont work well and are not easy to mount in these cars.

    Get a line-level input amp with something like 50 watts RMS per channel.

    Then get a set of super-high quality speaker components (Separate tweeters) either MB Quart, Boston Acoustics..etc.. 4"ers will fit.

    Try that first.

  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    I purchased a 1998 XJ8L (14,000 miles) 2 weeks ago. I brought it in to the dealer to check it out. They kept it a week (replaced brakes, oil change, overall inspection). I drove the car 1 week and it stalled getting off an exit. I brought it back to the dealer. They checked the throttle and said nothing was blocked. Told me to drive it a few more days and then bring it back.
    I drove it on the highway and it stalled again when I was traveling 60mph!! Brought it back to the dealer immediately, where it is currently.
    My question to this forum is: Has anyone else had this problem? What was the solution? Is Jaguar aware of this problem? (It is easy to get killed especially the way the highways are in Atlanta - 4 to 6 lanes across. I was lucky to be in the right lane).

    My problem is that this has been my dream car for the last 30 years. I finally achieved that dream and now I'm afraid to drive it! Help!!!
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    My 20-spoke wheels have exposed lug nuts. A few of them can be "wiggled" with my fingers, but only slightly. It almost feels like the actual nut has an external "shell" on it and it's the shell that I'm wiggling. The lug nuts are awful shiny too and don't have any visible marks, further leading me to believe that these might just be coverings.

    If they are coverings, how do you remove them to get to the actual lug nut?

    Bill, I looked at your photo a few posts up. Do you have wire wheels on your VDP?
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Thanks Bill, for the advice on the 1999 XJL.

    This car appears to be immaculate.
    It is an off - lease vehicle and it seems that the paint, body and interior is first class all the way. The maintance records are all there and the "owner" was scrupulas.

    How does the mileage sound to you?

    Since it is from a private dealer it will not have had the "select edition" certified treatment. So what would "a new owner" have to expect to repair or have checked right "out of the gate"?

    Do you like this car and would you consider it an excellent buy if it can be "picked up" at "the right price"?

    I will let you know more after my friend has a chance to check the mechanics, but an answer to the above questions would be helpful.

    One further but different question.
    What is your opinion of the S Type.
    What could you expect to pick one up for.. both engine configurations, 6 and 8 ?
    What mileage and price would you look for in a 2000 model?

    Thanks, again for your continuing good advice!

    A proud member of the Jaguar family!
  • csmason1csmason1 Posts: 10
    I'll look into replacing the spkrs instead of putting my big amp and box in the trunk.

    One question: I found an unattached plug yesterday, just above the battery and to the right. Looking at the connection plug, it has two thin sockets running side-by-side, then centered below those sockets another similar-looking socket. I think this is the CD changer connection, as it seems that's the only loose plug near the battery as Bill mentioned; if anyone knows for sure (has added a changer), I'd appreciate the help.

    Also, thanks Bill for the good link on "how to spot paintwork" in msg. 282.

    93 XJ6 81K
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    No, this is obviously not nrmal and it's not something that I have heard of before. Also, your car has a very complex electronic engine management system that should be storing codes when this stuff happens.

    What did the dealer say? Also, what dealer are you taking it to? There's 2 in Atlanta... the one with the Italian name is not the one to go to from what I understand.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    That no sound normal either. Possible they have somekind of aluminum caps on them. Maybe the PO (Previous owner) lost a couple... OEM Jag ones are VERY expensive.. Like $8 a piece. Not a lot of cash but a lot for lugnuts. If they are coverings they ought to just pop off

    Wire wheels? Not on your life! I'd sooner put a chevy small block in the car and I'm not about to do that! yick....

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    If the car is clean and free of body paintwork... Then I'd say go for it. 30K miles is OK for a 99. Not low, not that high.

    But for a car with 20K you'll pay more.. so its' a toss-up. And this car is Topaz/Oatmeal. It's THE Color combo.

    Is it a good buy? Well original MSRP was $60,330 with destination... plus options.. Cars typically sold for about.. ohh... $56K or so...

    So to save over $20,000 it is a good buy.

    Right out of the gate it won't need much. Tranny and diff are sealed for life, plugs need it at 100K, coolant is at 50K or 60K.. I'd guess that if it doesnt need them now that the tires, if original, are nearing the end of the road. Vor Z rated only. I suggest Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloces as replacements. Hmm... maybe brake pads... oil change? Icant think of much.

    As far as S-types go.. Right now I'm buying clean 00 3.0s (I like to buy em with around 17K on the clock, mainly ex-Budget Rent-A-Car units. The 6-8K mile cars go for too much, and even though they're now really 2 years old, I dont like 1 model year old cars with 25K on them)...

    Hmm.. if it's a good color I'm paying $30,500-31Kish...$29K or so for a "weak" color like BRG or Black.

    On the 4.0s, they also hold residuals like the 3.0s... For, again, 15K or so mile 00s I'm paying about $33-34K for nice ones in a good color. But a loaded one with Deluxe Communication..Sport Package..etc.. In Say, Silver, Sapphire, etc.. that's a $35-36K car if the right buyers are there.

    IMO, The 4.0 is the way to go. Similar economy and a real stormer with that engine.

    Bear in mind that that 3.0 that I'm paying $31K for had a $39K or so original invoice. Thats not bad at all. Wholesale on the car has dropped $8K in almost 2 years. That's up there with a Lexus. 2000 Lexus GS300s, which invoiced at about $36K are doing $30K or so, a $6K loss and those GSs are the kings of resale. Jaguars are known for having terrible resale value, so the cars are firming up quite a bit. In 98, a 97 Vanden Plas was worth $38K or so wholesale..although they would settle down after the initial drop.

    Always glad to help!

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Glad the article helped!

    I'll take a pic of the plug and post it...

  • csmason1csmason1 Posts: 10
    I'll look into replacing the spkrs instead of putting my big amp and box in the trunk.

    One question: I found an unattached plug yesterday, just above the battery and to the right. Looking at the connection plug, it has two thin sockets running side-by-side, then centered below those sockets another similar-looking socket. I think this is the CD changer connection, as it seems that's the only loose plug near the battery as Bill mentioned; if anyone knows for sure (has added a changer), I'd appreciate the help.

    Also, thanks Bill for the good link on "how to spot paintwork" in msg. 282.

    93 XJ6 81K
  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    Bill, you may have never heard of this problem, but Jaguar has. I contacted a few individuals who had posted on other boards. Seems this problem is hard to diagnose. One person ended up trading it in for a Lexus. Two others are still bringing their cars back after they were told it was fixed. Has to do with the AJ26 engine. Jaguar changed to AJ27. A relay or sensor may be the cause. Problem is finding it. In the meantime....
  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    Forgot to tell you that I bring the car to Nalley Jaguar (used to be Troncalli - that Italian name!)
  • sikorski1sikorski1 Posts: 6
    I leased a "98" XJ8 yesterday 6/2/2001 from a Used Car dealer in Illinois. They had 10 to choose from and I bought a Sapphire one with Ivory interior with 31,000 miles on it. The body has (had) a few minor paint blemishes, nothing major.
    Here is the nightmare; I live in Indiana where we do not have front license plates. While I was in sighing the papers, they were "cleaning buffing and waxing" my new car. When I got home I noticed that they mounted a cheap, plastic, cracked, "license plate mounting bracket" and put a advetising plate in it. Upon closer examination and removal I found that they drilled right through my bumper a couple of times on each side of the plate bracket to get this plate bracket to to stay attached (for the mean time) to my bumper. I'm just sick about it. I love the car but my initial reaction was take it back on Monday. My wife wants to keep it and so do I. The sale/lease price was $28,000.00 is that a good price?
    CAN A BODY MAN FILL THE HOLES IN THE PLASTIC? IF SO, WHAT SHOULD THAT COST? Please help us with info, we want to keep this car. Feel free to e-mail me at
  • To Leslie:

    I have just recently purchased a 98 VDP. We picked the car up and as my wife was driving the car it stalled in the freeway at 65 MPH. Fortunately she got it to the side of the road. I took it to the Jag dealer in Houston. They cleaned the throttle body assembly. They told me that the car will stall if this sticks open. The dealer removed the throttle body and cleaned it under warranty and we have had not seen any more stalling. Now it purrs like a kitten.
  • tvolvotvolvo Posts: 1
    Any advice on the Security system for my '96 XJ6. Car was just purchased from a used car dealer here in Colorado. Everything is fine except for the annoying car alarm going off at all hours of the night! I didn't have any problems the first night. But all of a sudden the car alarm keeps going off every few hours or so. I hate to leave the car unlocked(don't have a garage to keep it in) The only thing that has changed since yesterday is that fact that it is raining now. Possible link?? Also, the car sits on a slight incline-could it be that the tilt sensing is getting tripped? Lastly, the car needs new front wheel bearings... are they sealed or can they be "re packed"? Any advice on this annoyance is greatly appreciated!!!
    A reformed Volvo owner
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I'll check into the stalling. Come to think of it I have heard of a fix...

    I'll see what I can't find out today.

    As far as that plate bracket goes... Jag dealers sell em for $30 each or so. Heck, I have one lying around you can have but I'm in FL.

    The car most likely had one originally though, and they do crack pretty often. It's not a big deal really. If you want the holes filled and painted.. figure $200 or so but its' likely that the car had those holes drilled to begin with is my guess. I can take a pic of an OEM one andpost it if you'd like.

    Troncalli: They seriously PO'd me once when I had a minor problem whilein Atlanta. REALLY PO'd me... Henessey was excellent.

    Craig: I'll snag a pic of the CD Cable when it stops raining!

    tvolvo: Probably a bad incline sensor or trunk switch. Is that trunk properly closed? Wheel bearings bad? Ouch. Not normal, and they are sealed. try: or for parts.

  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    If you have access, check into Service Action S474, and Tech Bulletin 303-43. Thanks.
  • Does anyone know where I can see a clean picture of the 1995 (or so) Jaguar Turbine style wheels? It would be even cooler to get a clean look at them on a Jag. Thanks!
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    To those who have had engine stalling.

    I have experienced two such incidents and had a friend who, likewise, has experienced the same.

    First, about, 12 years ago, in the depths of winder (10 degrees above zero) on a skiing trip, the engine stalled at 65 mph.

    It turned out that a "main electrical power fuse from the alternator" blew do to what the mechanic thought was "melted snow" which had blown (somehow) into the wiring coupling (read Lucus electrical.... which says it all !) while parked several days in a high wind drifted ski resort parking lot.
    Who knows, but the fuse link was replaced and I never had the problem again.

    The second incident was several months ago, in a 1995, while traveling along the interstate at 75 mph. All of a sudden, the engine quit. This time, it was a failed fuel pump, which, after being towed, the dealer replaced swiftly and ably.

    Finally, one friend, had an engine failure in a 1999 when on the interstate the car went into "limp mode". After driving at 35 mph for 50-75 nervous miles,the problem was diagnosed as a failed electronic sensor. It was repaired under warranty. They have not had a problem with their Jag for the two years since.

    These problems were experienced as one of a kind in otherwise very trouble free years of motoring.

    One further note, in all cases the dealers were terrific.
    They handled every detail with professionalism and a extrodinary degree of courtesy.

    Keep on Jagin!
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