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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    It does sound like you got a real good deal. If I may be so bold what was the MSRP on your Highlander?
  • $34754-$1540(Extra Value Package MSRP Discount)=$33214
  • Watch the dealer fee for tag and title at Miller Toyota in Manassas. They wanted to charge me $269 when Fitzgerald auto only charged $99 and let me opt out of that to do it myself. I should have let them do it though.
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    It sounds like a very good deal to me. With you getting nearly 5K off MSRP on a 2007 if my math serves me correctly.
    I have seen people do that on 06s but nearly 5K off on an 07 is excellent. Let's hope that I can do that good when I pick up my 07 in a couple months.
  • V6 2x2 with the following options for $27,995(excl tags/title/taxes:
    value pack 5
    6 disk CD
    heated seats
    power driver
    running lights
    extra mile option A
    upgraded mirror
    extended life tires :confuse:
  • I see that the Factory Rebate has gone to $1,500 from 1K today on the 07 Highlander. Don't suppose that there is any connection to this higher rebate and the unveiling of the 08 Highlander in Chicago on the 7th do you?
  • jc7098jc7098 Posts: 17
    Just an FYI. I was at Toyota of Orlando yesterday and they had many 2007 Highlanders, 4 cyl, no 3rd row seat, with Value Package One, for just $21,995. Seems to be the cheapest price on this forum that I've seen. MSRP on those cars was over $27,000. We're probably going to go back this morning and grab one. Dealer won't come off that price though which put me off initially.
  • The Dealers around here, CA, are also dumping the 07, 4 cylinders for around 5K off MSRP. Anytime you can get 5K off MSRP that is generally about as good as you are going to do.

    Looking for a "6" myself but they are only offering $1,500 off MSRP. Although I'll bet that I could get them to up the anty. However, I am not quite ready yet.
  • Anyone interested. Queensboro Toyota Dealer is selling the 2007 Limited for 30K.

    I am still contemplating the purchase, but 30K is as low as I have seen it.
  • At Miller Toyota outside of the Washington DC area, I paid 33,300 OUT THE DOOR for a 2007 Limited with everything including Navigation and that was Jan 7 which only had a 500 should be able to get one for 32,300 out the door.
  • Just bought a 07 Highlander Base V6 AWD Silver with:

    EH - heated power outside mirrors, windshield wiper de-icer grid
    VQ - value package #6 alloy wheels (including alloy spare),
    moon roof, rear spoiler, homelink remote, fog lamps, mudguards, etc.
    BE - Side Airbags
    CF - Cargo mats
    CQ - Remote locks, illuminated entry
    DL - Daytime Running lights
    DR - Roof Rack
    GN - Cargo Net
    PE - Power Seat (driver)
    SK - Center console

    MSRP 32254 include destination fee and 485 advertisement fee

    - 1050 (package discount)
    - 1000 (toyota rebate)

    dealer list Price: 30204

    paid : 26400 plus TTL

    Dealership: Oakbrook Toyota, Westmont, IL (west Chicago)

  • Out the door, does that mean including taxes and DMV fees?
  • We are away from home right now so I can't check my paperwork but 99% sure because we only discussed out the door so I am positive it was. One thing I might have pushed a bit harder on was the dealer prep...theirs was $300 and others (Koons I think) is $99. When you are talking out the door - it is all in the same pot though so perhaps just another card in the deck. I had found an earlier posting about a 2007 Limited in this blog for $31500 w/out Navigation which was our starting point with the Salesman that works with internet sales. I found Miller Toyota in Manassas to be as fair as any and their followup has been excellent. The other dealership that we would consider is Koons Toyota in Tysons.
    Good Luck !
  • I paid cash for my Highlander. I do not know whether you can combine cash rebate($1000) with dealer financing.

    Yes, the rear side and back windows are tinted.

  • If you buy a Toyota from a dealer, can you buy the waranty from another Toyota dealer? Does it apply if you purchase a waranty from another state? Thanks for the info.
  • You can buy a Toyota warranty from any dealer in any state and it is good anywhere. Google online. I did this, and then used the price as bargaining power when I bought mine. :)
  • Just bought a 2007 Limited from Michaels Toyota in Bellevue WA

    2007 Toyota Highlander 4ED V6 Limited
    Extra Value package #7
    Heated driver and front passenger seats
    Limited Package
    Towing Prep Package


    Also got a very fair trade
  • 2007 Highlander AWD V6 MSRP 27,340. Add Extra Value package 1,175 and PE-8 way drivers seat 410.00. Total MSRP 29,570. Invoice 26,362. What do you think the lowest over invoice is good? Would 25,400 before TTL and doc fee be a good price.That includes the 1,250 rebate in my area(NJ). Please give input. Thanks.
  • That sounds like a good price. However, I must be kind of dense, what is "4ED"?
  • Perhaps I misunderstand your post. You note invoice is $26,362 and your price is $25,400. And then you ask what is the lowest price over invoice? Aren't you already below invoice?

    Also keep in mind that "invoice' is not Dealer's cost. The "invoice" still includes fund that are paid to the Dealer by the manufacturer and even the Dealer's Prep Fee that they try to indicate is not negotiable, is.
  • Well, what I figured is 300.00 under invoice first then I subtracted the rebate.The negotiated price should have nothing to do with rebate. Toyotagal, please give me a price based on my #'s that would be a good deal before TTL and doc fee. Thanks
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Sounds like a great deal. Congrat's and welcome.
  • Hi, I'm in NYC. I was just talking with a salesman who told me that the base model 4cyl, 4x2, with a 3rd row has been discontinued? Is that correct? I got a price of 24,100 for the base 6cyl 4x2 with a third row. Pretty good, but I was looking for the 4 cyl. It's still offered on for around 23,000, I left my rep a message and i'm waiting to hear back from them. thanks.
  • Purchased in Cincinnati for $25,600 including dealer fees ($275). MSRP $30,719. Still have KY tax to pay. Vehicle options included: Val Pkg 6, pwr seat, cold weather pkg, Tow Prep, daytime running lights, floor mats.
  • jslyjsly Posts: 4
    I am also in the Seattle/Bellevue area. And I am in the market for a HL V6 AWD Limited . $32k with package #7 seems to be pretty good price. Does it include $1500 rebate?
  • toyotagaltoyotagal Posts: 215
    I went on to the Edmunds car buying site today and I couldn't believe the responses I got. There were 4 dealers in the area that received my request.

    In my request I asked for E-mail rather than phone calls. You guessed it, the phone calls rolled in from some.

    And some would give me no Internet price and asked me to call them or called me.

    Not at all what I expected from Edmunds. What they were talking about was quoting me an Internet price for the vehicle specs noted.

    That did not happen except for 2 vehicles which weren't close to my specs.

    It is beginning to look like shopping on the Internet is not the pleasing experience I had hoped for.
  • lawnmowerlawnmower Posts: 35
    The Highlander I'm interested has a MSRP of 29,540 and the invoice is 26,296 as posted on Edmunds. The dealer invoice is 26,700. WHY???? Also he wants to sell me vehicle at 3% over invoice. Seems like a lot. What is the norm for purchasing over invoice.
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    I can not answer why the difference of invoice prices. I would suggest that you print out the invoice from Edmunds and show it to the dealer and ask them to help you understand the difference. The 3% over invoice based on $26,700 = $801 not really so bad (IMO). I know when I purchased our two Highlanders we paid $500 over invoice on one and $600 over invoice on the other.

    Good luck with your purchase.

  • lawnmowerlawnmower Posts: 35
    Why are the invoices for the same Highlander different on cars direct than Edmunds. Cars direct are higher because the web site claims that the dealer advertising fee are included. Can anybody confirm this or explain the differences. Thanks
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    your specs may not be how the Highlanders are coming, how can they quote you a price on a vehicel that doesn't exist?

    I get quote request all the time for models that are not built that way, Corolla's with Navagation, 4runners with Manual transmissions, etc. Until I can comminucate with them either by email or phone I have nothing to go on. Some people send email requeats in then don't open their emails for weeks after, thats why I always call and tell them I recieved their email and have questions about what they are looking for. When I do give them a quote 75% of the time they end up asking if it includes other options that they have never asked about.
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