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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I purchased a new 2008 Highlander 4WD Limited Silver from Hamer Toyota in Mission Hills, CA.

    - Rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 9-inch display, rear-seat audio and two wireless headphones [11] (includes 115V power outlet and RCA jacks) [12] (EY)
    - 50 state emissions (FE)
    - CFC-free rear automatic digital climate control system with integrated multi-function display and air filter [5] (QR)
    - Carpet/cargo mat - 3 row seating (CT)
    - Color-keyed sport-styled rear spoiler with LED center high-mount stop lamp (CHMSL) (RF)
    - Multi-stage heated front seats (HD)
    - Power rear door with jam protection (PB)
    - Power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade (SR)
    - Towing Prep Package [3]-includes 5000-lb. towing capacity, heavy-duty radiator with engine oil cooler, 200-watt fan coupling, transmission oil cooler with water cooler, 150-amp alternator and prewired harness (TO)
    - Voice-activated DVD navigation system[8] with JBL® AM/FM 4-disc in-dash CD changer, satellite radio capability [6], MP3/WMA playback capability, hands-free phone capability via Bluetooth® [7] wireless technology and nine speakers including subwoofer in seven locations (NV).

    I Got it for .75K above Invoice.
    No Trade-In.

    Very Very Happy with the price & Dealer.
    I'm sure that I was able to make such a deal because it was the end of the month and the first Limited that they had sold. They wanted to have it seen.

    Also Car sales were way down for the month of July.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Did you say 75k over invoice? :) Didn't you also buy a Sienna before?
  • No, I said Dot75K or $750.00 Over Invoice.
    No, My other cars are Lexus RX350 & SC430
  • Nice deal. Is destination included in your invoice cost? May have to go to LA to get this car, we are in Walnut Creek.
  • MSRP 30,619 including
    FE 50 state emissions
    PE power seats driver/manual passenger
    VQ value pkg 6
    CF Cargo mats

    Invoice 27,228
    Paid 23,900 after 2,500 rebate, OTD 26350

    In my area (San Francisco), the 2007 are selling fast and colors/options are becoming very limited. Don't wait!
  • Bought a base model 4x4 in Greensboro NC (no real competition, so hard to deal too much); upgraded audio, rear AC and towing

    MSRP 31270

    $29,800 negotiated price
    30,800 OTD

    13.5K for 03 Highlander tradein

    Good thing is no SET BS charges other than $276.00 floormats, no TOYOGuard (biggest ripoff EVER)

    So far, it is very nice, drives well. Much bigger than the old Highlander, but still drives car like. Overall, we are very satisfied, who knows if we paid too much.
  • I got good deal going through Costco. 08 Highlander Sport 4x4 with following Options: Moonroof, JBL/Bluetooth 6CD, Homelink, Tow Pkg, cold weather pkg, manual rear air. MSRP $34,355 my cost $31,200. The deal Costco has is $800 over invoice for Sport Model and $1600 over invoice for Limited. No haggling or surprises. Very pleasnt experience. Also, $50 Costco Gift card included if you are an Executive member when deal is closed.
  • avuavu Posts: 6
    Just got a great deal for 2008 Highlander at DARCARS Toyota in Frederick, MD. 4WD SPORTS with Leather, JBL 6-disc changer with blue-tooth, moonroof, towing prep package, cold weather package, dual climate control...for less than $300 over invoice (including destination charge and no trade-in.) The salesman and manager were reasonable and pleasant to deal with.

    Then found on ebay an ad for base 2008 Highlanders by Ganley Toyota in Akron, Ohio for $25,138 ($100 over invoice.) Pretty unbelievable. Check it out and see you guys think?
  • Hello all. I'm from Moscow, Russia.
    I have height of me about 6' 7" (200 cm).
    Now I use HL 2003 with moonroof and can't take good position in driver chair - height of cabin is not enough.
    Please answer me, if you can:
    1. HL 2008 have more space in Front Head Room then HL 2003-2006 (i think more)?
    2. It's possible to get (order) HL 2008 Limited without moonroof (SR option)?

    I want to by this car in US and then ship it to Moscow.
    No other SUV in the world have this size, character and price (RAV4 2008 maybe, but RAV is smaller)...
    P.S. Thank you for cooperation.
  • Check out this link:
    It should have all the info you need.

    I am not sure about the moonroof. Most of the ones I see have the moonroof. There is way more room, you will like it.
  • Test drove a 2008 Highlander Sport tonite and really liked it. After 3 back and forths with the dealer (in PA) we were ready to ink the deal ($500 over invoice) and saw the following on the bottom of the estimate:
    TDA $500
    Gasoline $10
    Dealer Holdback $628
    Whsl. Financial Reserve $314
    for an additional cost of $1452
    (the $685 destination fee was also listed as an additional cost)
    The dealer told us these are set Toyota costs. We were
    skeptical so we walked out.
    I've been following these forums since June and know the Edmunds invoice pricing as well as the TMV pricing and this is the first I've ever seen these costs? Does anyone know anything about this?
    Any input would be appreciated.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    I think you were correct for being skeptical!

    I'm not sure what "TDA" means? If I had to take a guess, I think "TDA" might involve advertising fees, possibly something like Toyota Dealership Advertising? If I understand correctly, some dealerships have to pay costs for community/local advertisements. For instance, do you ever see/hear any advertisements that include "Visit your local Toyota Dealer...", where it appears the advertisement was done at the corporate level for several dealerships, rather than just one dealership? This fee is supposedly how those ads are funded. Again, I'm not an expert, and I share some skepticism, but I've been informed by more than one dealer of how they need to pay an advertising fee for each car sold. Not all dealers "need" to charge this fee, and so I'm not certain of its legitimacy. Even if legitimate, $500 seems very high. I would expect it to be half of that.

    However, I am more confident the added Dealer Holdback and the "Whsl. Financial Reserve" are nothing but additional dealer profit. If I had negotiated a price of $500 over invoice, and then they attempted to add both of these charges to the invoice, I would also walk out! The dealer should already be receiving some holdback from Toyota whenever they sell a car. It's income, not a fee! Just say "no" to those two fees!
  • If you are talking with a dealer and negotiating a price so much over invoice, does invoice usually include destination or not? Or is this is a point that should always be clarified with the saleperson?
  • sdlstevesdlsteve Posts: 11
    Invoice does not include destination charge (as it is probably the only non-negotiable thing on a car). However, ALWAYS clarify the OTD price. If you want to pay $30000 total then you need to be specific that you've included the destination. It's basically a game of words.
  • Okay I am looking at a Lmtd AWD.
    By looking at the Toyota site and Edmunds I have figured out that the difference between invoice and MSRP is 11%. 34150 - 30393 = 3757.
    On the Toyota site with:
    Option package C; Cargo net; Body side molding; all weather floor mats (for the kids); Remote Start; XM is priced out for 42586 before dest.
    So 11% off that comes to 37901.54 for invoice for this vehicle, yes I assumed 11% for the options. Does this seem reasonable?

    Okay now to add in the hold back, and I have no idea where that is now, so 1% = 341.5; 2% = 683 and 3% = 1024.5
    So this makes the cost:
    37560.05 w/1% Holdback
    37218.05 w/2% Holdback
    36877.05 w/3% Holdback

    What holdback is right? Ahh the question that can only be answered across the table when the other guy blinks.

    Anybody have some insight :shades:
  • steveayzsteveayz Posts: 28
    Isn't $25,138 a more then $100 over invoice for the base 4x2 model with 2 rows? Edmunds lists invoice plus destination at $24,390.
  • avuavu Posts: 6
    I think you are right! It is a probably $300-500 above the invoice. If you add destination charge ($685) and carget floor mats (about $230), and take away 3rd row seat (-$600 to $700--depending whether you use the invoice price.)

    It looks like you don't have to pay for dealer fee, though--that is another $100-300 saved depending on where you live.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    Picked up 2008 base HL with 4WD, 3 seat rows, floor mats, and winter package for $26K. On top of that paid $250 doc fee, $25 tags, and sales tax. This is at Toyota Motorcars in Cleveland Hts, OH. Negotiated car over internet and the phone. Buying experience was very good. Highly recommend this dealership.
  • avuavu Posts: 6
    That sounds like a very good deal. Wonder what a 4WD Sport model would cost?
  • I put a deposit down on an 08 LTD AWD with all options , including preferred accessory package, EXCEPT for nav and rear DVD for $34950 + tax and tags. This price included $500 advertising, $680 holdback and $325 financial reserve (which in total they called their invoice) PLUS $500 over invoice for the grand total of $34950. Good deal? I basically beat the price to death with 8 dealers and nobody would go lower. The color is magnetic gray metallic with ash interior. This was in long island, NY.
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    Need numbers (mf & res.) for both the Highlander Sport and Limited editions;

    -36 mo.
    -15K miles /year

    I've been to three Toyota dealers and have been given different numbers at all three...

    Thanks very much,

  • avuavu Posts: 6
    Considering it is a redesigned vehicle just released a month ago, it is a LTD model, and in NY market, $500 over invoice is very decent.

    Is it the best deal out there? probably not but I think it is a darn good deal at this time. I don't know if this is a correct way to do this, but I use as a point of reference. That deal beats
  • heffneilheffneil Posts: 16
    I looked on and they sell the car for $625 over their listed invoice rate. I don't know if their invoice is accurate but here is what I found with your config:

    MSRP Price: $37,160
    Invoice Price: $33,656
    CarsDirect Price: $34,281

    That looks like a decent price to me. I haven't decided on this car yet so I haven't tried to negotiate. I was looking at MDX's in my area (Naples Florida) and their price was pretty lousy at $1500 above invoice for an '07. I need to drive both cars and the Pilot actually before we know which is for us. It just difficult with two little children. We actually need a babysitter for the test drive :)

  • Neil,

    The MSRP of the car I put a deposit down on was $38,560 including preferred accessory package Z2. You seem to be missing something from your tally. I was able to acquire it for $34,950 + tax and tags only. No other fees. The price is $37,480 with all options except for nav and rear DVD entertainment.
  • mzlawmzlaw Posts: 3
    Where do you all come up with invoice. Edmunds has it at $31,713 for a 2wd limited with 3 rows and power rear door, rear ac, heated seats, jbl radio w/bluetooth, spoiler and prem paint. In Fl have to add apprently dist fee of $699 for roadside assist, 1 oil change, and rental when in service. ( I think that fee is nonsense) However, the best I have done is $34300 + tax and tag. This would be $2000 over edmunds invoice. Several have said they have paid $500 over invoice. Are we talking about the same invoice?
  • We just drove our 2008 Highlander Sport 4x4 home last night and it is perfect for our family. We got the following:
    Magnetic Gray, black cloth interior with FE, EJ, EH, CC, QR, SR, TO, MF, DK, CT and paid $31,700,
    less a $2000 trade-in for a final out the door (incl. taxes, tags and destination)of $31,600. We did negotiate back and forth but all in all it was a pretty good purchase experience and we are happy. We bought it at a big Toyota dealer in Norristown PA.

    I have to say that this forum as well as the "2008 Highlander" Forum was a tremendous help in doing all of the research prior to our purchase. I utilized the mulitiple dealer price quote function with Edmunds, the MSRP, Invoice and TMV pricing info. I learned about purchasing cars online and used and for benchmark pricing during negotiations -(these dealers BTW had very good prices, too).

    I have read thru all of the test drive comments and honestly love everything about the car. I do not feel "the float" as some posters noted. I am, however, what some of you call "a soccer mom who wants the function of a minivan with the look of an SUV". I guess I am the epitome of Toyota's Highlander target market (except that I am a football mom).
    I love the versitility of the stow-n-go, and the fold down third row seat, which is certainly big enough for my 5'10" son. The interior of the car is very roomy.
    Finally I love how it looks on the outside too (the RAV 4's big brother)and the quiet, comfortable ride. We plan to keep this Highlander for a long, long time.

    Thanks to all the posters for the great information!I will highly recommend Edmunds to anyone interested in a new car purchase.
  • wc1wc1 Posts: 11
    To those of you in FL and the Southeast: Just say NO to Southeast Toyota! DRIVE to Tennessee or Virginia to get your Toyota. I used to live in Alabama and bought my vehicle in TN since I refused to pay Southeast Toyota prices (FL, GA, AL, NC, SC). You will save at least $1500 and you will have a more "genuine" vehicle without a bunch of non-standard add-ons which are not available nationally.
  • Why in the world pay an advertising fee and holdback and financial reserve. These last 2 are monies that the auto maker provides to the dealer, so why pay these. As for the advertising fee well that is the cost of doing business you can either accept to pay it or not. Or am I missing something?
  • mzlawmzlaw Posts: 3
    What non standard items are you refering to? Also I thought the FL dist fee was $699 including the roadside assit, rental car with service and 1st oil change. I still think it should be included but where are you getting the $1500 figure?
  • Bought a 08 Highlander Base model 2WD with lots of option.

    MSRP: $29,780 (destination charge included)
    Paid: $27,000 plus tax and fees

    Is that a good deal?
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