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Kia Sedona problems

kialoverkialover Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Kia
Hi All,

This is my first post. I have a difficult with my Sedona. When I am parked at my house facing uphill it is sometimes difficult to move from Park to Reverse. Does anybody else havbe this problem? What is the answer?

Thank You.


  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    This is a common issue on all transmissions. When you park on a hill apply the parking brake before you put the vehicle in park. this way the weight of the vehicle is on the brake rather than the transmission. this will solve the issue
  • I simply have a tough time moving the gear shift from park down to drive smoothly. I can rarely bring it straight down in one movement. Usually it goes past to 1 and then I have to push it back up, and I usually miss drive again and have to push it back down again. My thumb is permanently sore from the pressure of pushing the button in and yanking the gear shift up or down.
  • I had problems hitting the drive first time around too. After a year with the van either I, or it, adjusted and have no problems anymore.
  • I was led to believe by my salesman and the sales manager that the second row bench seat and the third row split bench seats on my 2002 LX were interchangeable. I wanted to move the 3rd row to the 2nd row position and leave out the bench entirely. This cannot be done. The locking rails are different widths. The sales manager says he will "work something out" with me but the only solution I can see is to exchange the 2nd row bench for two captain chair buckets. I will let you all know what happens.
  • JRush, I've got an LX also. If you look at the chair anchors in the 2nd row, I do not believe they are appropriately spaced to support two captains chairs. Although there are 4 anchors, I believe they are spaced so that you can move the bench to be flush on one side or the other ... I don't think they support buckets. Please let me know.
  • I returned to the Dealership and talked to the sales manager regarding the switching of the 2nd and 3rd row seats. He admitted that both he and my salesman had agreed that these seats were interchangeable which they are not. The sales manager said that he would try to have the second row bench traded in for two captains chairs at no cost to me. Evidently the seat anchors will accept the captain chairs. It would seem that having separate designs for 2nd row bench seat anchors and captains chairs in the LX & EX would not be a cost effective design by KIA. I will let you know how things work out.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am shopping for minivan. Just lost faith in Odyssey. Does anyone experience any probelms with this Sedona rather the seating, like transmission, etc?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Not too many common problems so far, but Sedona has been available only for a year or so. Naturally, you won't hear as many Sedona problems as you will Odyssey problems or Caravan problems.

    Why did you lose faith in Odyssey? It's an excellent van.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    One dealer told the problem that they have heard was the fan belt shredding. I hope to see there is no major problem before I make my decision. I agree the Odyssey is the great van. But it just gave me a bad imagine on it. I don't want to bring my van for unscheduled services like the folks (including my relative) who had problems with the transmission, power sliding doors, Check Engine & TCS lights, and few more. Not to mention Honda is still playing supply & demand game during the fifth year of production. I mean, people feel they have won the lottery when they have their Odys few hundred dollars off MSRP.
  • bvolksbvolks Posts: 10
    I too was looking at the Odyssey and was willing to accept the fact that I would be looking at MSRP. The story takes place about the middle of September....
    I arrived Saturday morning with my family in toll and let the salesman know that I was interested in the Odyssey but was uncertain about the EX vs LX line. Before making a determination, I requested the trade-in value for my car. I was quoted $12,000 (2001 Passat V6 GLS with luxury package, moonsoon system, CD, all weather mats, 22K mileage). As I still owe on the vehicle, I told the salesman that we would consider trading in the other vehicle (97 Honda CRV--payed for). While we were there, the salesman showed me a black Odyssey EX-L with DVD. He said that someone ordered it but changed their mind and that the customer was probably mentally ill. He indicated at that time, that he would take $500.00 dollars off of the price (all of this occurred while my Passat was being evaluated for a trade-in). Later that same afternoon, my wife returned with our 97 CRV. The salesman passed by her and would not acknowledge her. She waited an hour and a half to get the CRV appraised. The appraisal was $6,200. The salesman/salesmanager would not budge from that appraisal. Furthermore, They said that if she ordered the vehicle that they could not honor any appraisal during that wait time (about 2 months). When she told them she was interested in the black Odyssey on the lot, my wife was first told that they would not take $500.00 off as promised earlier in the day. When my wife begrudgingly agreed to MSRP, she was told that they had sold the black EX-L earlier in the day.
    We then looked at Kia. We were treated decently with no pressure. Our CRV appraised for $8000.00, my Passat: $16,800. When they didn't have what we wanted on the lot, they special ordered one (that was a week ago). It is tentatively scheduled to be in tomorrow. They also came down about $800.00 off of MSRP.
    I too had reservations about the Odyssey based on all of the postings regarding transmissions, and sliding door failures. Conversely, The Sedona experience (posted so far) has largely been favorable with fact mechanical difficulties associated with the vehicle. After my kia experience there really was no other choice.
    For my hard earned dollar, I want value, and safety and a vehicle I am happy with. I feel the Sedona is that vehicle for me. Aside from the Honda experience, I just plain like the Sedona and do not view it as a compromised after first driving it twice. The question essentially becomes, why pay 5 to my case, 6 to 10K more for a tarnished name plate?
    I realize that vehicle selection is subjective. I would however suggest you give the Kia Sedona a serious look.
    Good luck with your search.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    volks - I agree with you. I am now looking at the Sedona after months of looking at the Odyssey. Are you driving the Sedona? I looked the picture with the 3rd seats up. Can they fold down or at least removable?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    We do have a Sedona - Comparision topic already :-)

    Judging by early posts, not too many problems are cropping up. That's good!

    Steve, Host
  • See post #6 in this thread for seat interchangability. The second row bench in the LX is removable. The second row captain chairs in the EX are removable. The third row split bench seats in both the LX and EX are removable either one or both. The third row split bench seats tilt forward and strap up at an angle. This position gives more room but not a whole lot. None of the seats fold completely away like the Honda.
  • I hate to be picky here, but I'm always hearing about people mentioning how many hundreds/thousands of posts there are for the "Honda Odyssey Problems" discussion board. I'd hate to see this one filled up with hundreds of comments not really relevant to "Problems", if you get my drift. Maybe we can move this conversation to another thread? Thanks.
  • bvolksbvolks Posts: 10
    Lok888, my Sedona may be in tomorrow. I'll follow thru and post any Sedona problems. To the message board, I'm sorry about posting #12 here. I was compelled to respond to Lok888's experience.
  • I am new to this forum, so be patient ok! I made out a list of vans to look at. This list included the Mazda MPV, the Kia Sedona, both at the top of the list. I looked the the MPV first. My wife is not crazy about the shape of the van. I test drove an LX. it looked like a 2002, but the salesman said it was a 2003. Either way, I just did not like the look of it. i have three kids and the MPZ is a little tight for space. Now, I know that this van has magic seats that disappear into the back deck, it is still tight.

    Next, we drove to the Kia dealership. I was looking at the Lx, but settled on an Ex. to make a long story short, it has sall the things that I was looking for in a van, power, captains seats (4), a sun roof, and a TV with Vcr. The test drive left me wanting this van. But the thing that sealed the deal was the price. Now, even with these features, and with financing, the total price was one thousand less then a base mazda Mpv. So far, its been 3 days since I have had the van. the pickup is pretty good and lively and the ride is very comfortable from start to finish. the seats are comfortable. All I can say is that the buying experience was a very good experience, very diferent from my past experiences. I would say to any one looking for family transportation, to check out the Kia Sedona minivan.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Congrats, but this is the Problems board. Sounds like you're having no problems :-). Welcome to Town Hall!

    Steve, Host
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    is that they cannot leave the dealer's lot. What did they sell.... 5 or 6 last month?

    This does allow Kia salesmen extra time to log onto townhall and post about there superior products.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Seems like you made the shill claim once or twice before -- soliciting is a violation of the Member's Agreement, so if you know something amiss, email the hosts.

    Meanwhile, Korean car sales jump (Forbes) and Kia Sales Keep Pace to Meet Yearly Goal (Yahoo News).

    Steve, Host

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    What's the point of your last post?

    Personally, I don't care if a manufacturer sells very few as long as they are good.

    Aside from that, I believe the Sedona's sales numbers have actually been quite good for a first-year vehicle with fairly low target numbers. My personal experience fell in line with this as well.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Why is it that Kia sells is among the slowest selling cars in every class yet has so many posts on these boards? It seems very, very odd to me.

    Of course I don't have access to the proof, but I'm sure you guys have the ability to see how many of the posts are coming from where.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    If you're going to make the claims, best have some back up source material. Maybe Sedona owners just like to post?

    The Odyssey folks sure post way more percentage-wise than Caravan owners, and Caravans outsell Odys what, 3 to 1? See the Why is the Odyssey So Over Represented in these topics discussion for example.

    (I've outed my fair share of shills on Town Hall too ),

    Steve, Host
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    What are you implying with your previous post? Would you please do us all a favor and, whatever it is, come right out and say it. My wife will attest that I'm not good at reading between the lines. I'm quite curious to hear what your last post means. I'm not baiting you - I really don't know what you are getting at.

    Do you think many posts are from Kia employees or Kia dealer employees? Or from Kia owners who are trying to flood the boards with positive comments about their vehicles? I just don't get it.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Please. These boards are full of opinions. Do you challenge all posters to back up there opinions? Hondas, Kias, Dodges and Yugos are great or suck?

    The last time I sniffed something stinky, a diligent editor found several shills and many posters went away. But that is in your court, not mine. I cannot do it. You can.

    Honda vs. Dodge. Point well taken except thatlots of Honda posts are anti-posts--people who drove the car once and rail on it incessantly due to lack of armrests or being too expensive. (Both very good points, IMO.)

    There are lotsa Dodge folks on the board, but they don't tend to hand around. Their pattern is typically the same. Post about how much better there product is for about 6 months, then disappear when the engine or tranny blows. Remember Carleton? I cannot remember any other longterm Dodge poster but him. However, regularly, people get on here and brag about their new Caravan and how the salesman says they've fixed the tranny problems....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Well I can smell a shill a mile away but I still miss some. I haven't smelled any in here, but if think I'm missing some, email me.

    Let's get back to the Sedona, shall we?

    Steve, Host
  • I do not usually post on this board because I do not have a Kia but I do follow it to see how they are doing. I am posting because I am a Dodge owner and my reasons for not posting much anymore have nothing to do with my engine or tranny blowing. It has to do with the fact that the Honda vs. DC board eventually degenerated to kindergarten name calling which is where the Honda vs. Kia board appears to be headed. The lower mentality die hards eventually take over the board and because they have no new information to offer they just start bashing each other. Hopefully your cheap shot of Dodge owners is not an indication that you will one of the last left on the board.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    You still haven't explained your post #23. What are you implying?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Why don't we give it a rest and just get back to the Sedona instead?

    Steve, Host
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    but I don't like it when people make broad accusations and don't explain what they mean. mrnimmo seemed to be insulting Sedona owners in some way that I didn't understand, and as a Sedona owner I was curious to find out what he meant. Clearly he's not interested in explaining himself, as he has elected not to address the issue even though I've raised it twice.
  • mur2mur2 Posts: 3
    My wife and I have had our Sedona since March and the rattle coming from the 3rd row seat is getting progressively worse. It sounds as though it's coming from the passenger side though I haven't been able to pinpoint it. Has anyone else experiences this.
  • xafxaf Posts: 37
    If you have removed the seats and not reinstalled them properly, they will rattle. I suggest you remove and replace them, it is much easier to do with the head rest removed when reinstalling.

    Hope this helps
  • Yes,i had a rattle in my third row seat also,i have partly removed the seat and reinstalled it again,and the rattle is gone.
  • It's been awhile since I visited any Sedona message boards and it's nice to see a new board for Sedona problems.

    Here are some items I've experienced (I have a 2002 EX):

    1. The CD player would cut out the right speakers after 10+ minutes. Switching over to the radio did not have the same problem. The dealer replaced the entire CD/radio and said there was an internal fault in the system.

    2. Left armrest in the middle row seat was loose and replaced by the dealer.

    3. The two-tone cladding is coming undone in one spot. The dealer ordered new cladding.

    4. I can not get the fuel tank to fill up even close to full unless I try to "top off" (not recommended - I'm an engineer with an oil company). When using a hold-open latch, it cuts off well below the F mark on the dashboard gas indicator.

    Any one else have similar problems?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Mikeymike01, sounds like your dealer is taking pretty good care of you. Do you experience the fill problem at different stations/pumps? Have you tried not sticking the nozzle in "all the way"?

    And, since you work in the industry, do you have a preference for dead dino or synthetic?

    Steve, Host
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Fellow 'hallers:

    I finally got a straight answer that two tones only colors available for EX's in 2003 MY from Paul S. @ KIA National customer service. Several dealers didn't know. Wife dislikes two tones, but likes the van so will press on.

    Sent out a blind address e-mail (other addressees blocked) last night to most dealers in extended local area for 2003 EX with ABS quote. Asked for one shot, best deal.

    Oyster Point Kia in Newport News, VA came back immediately offering a demonstrator 2002 with 6k miles for $22, 500 plus some outrageous doc/tax fees. More than most here pay for zero mile vans, and certainly not one dealer has already been able to depreciate.

    Make of it what you will if you want to shop there...his one shot drew a blank with me. Not only NOT responding with what I asked for, but by providing an insulting quote. Had corresponded with this guy previously, too.

    Thought I had that "stupid" tatoo covered by my ball cap! ;-))

    Will keep you posted on the search if anyone is interested. JC
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554

    You're 100% right - that is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, that salesperson just shot himself in the foot. With a very large gun. That truly is an insulting price.

    Please do keep us posted on your search, including general geography. I'm working hard to convince my parents to buy a Sedona - they really like ours but would prefer something with all-wheel drive (gets pretty snowy on west side of Michigan).
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I've noticed our Sedona gas gauge seems to take a few miles after fill-up before it actually displays a full tank. Just thought I'd mention this - are you sure the problem is not enough gas in the tank, or might it be the gauge not displaying the fuel level properly?

    That said, I have had occasional problems with a pump shutting off before the tank is full, but nothing more common than on other vehicles. However, I am usually able to continue with the fill-up until the tank is full.
  • I bought a Sedona EX in late August of this year. I did research and looked at the Odyssey, MPV, Sienna, Caravan and the Villager. When looking at all the vans the one I truly loved was the Odyssey but the one I wanted would not be available until 3 months later. I admit I did fall in love with the Sedona (didn't help Honda that I had the most obnoxious salesman ever either) I purchased it brand new a few miles on it for a grand total of 19,755.00 (Fabulous deal huh?) One would think. It only has 2,400 miles on it now and I am thinking I made a huge mistake. Three weeks ago the air bag light came on and I took it in and its on again Also, I hit a tiny little bump in the road and the entire radio, CD player has went on the blink. I get absolutely nothing, If that wasn't bad enough, the tires on the car (all four) keep requiring air and there is no leaks according to the dealer. Last but not least, the brakes grunt and squeal as if I have had this car for years. Before purchasing the Sedona, I owned a 2000 Ford Expediton that I bought new, I loved it and hated it and was upset it depreciated so badly and I did not like how inconvenient the seating was since I have 4 children.

    Has anyone experienced any of my issues?
  • I have an EX-2002 Sedona , two tone black and silver. I purchased the mud-flaps and was going to install them myself, but they do not appear to fit. The dealer tells me that they gave me the right part number and checked it twice, but the flaps indicate that they are for the RIO (maybe the same part #). They are part #'s KL000-51-840 and KL000-51-870. On the two tone the front appears to have molded mud-flap as part of the side and there does not appear to be a place for the mud-flap and neither part seems to fit the back.

    Anyone else had this problem or have advice regarding this problem?
  • I've had (and continue to have) the problem with the Air bag light. It's been to the dealer once (shortly after my purchase in late August) ... it was off until I hit a pretty large bump at which time it came back on ... I have not yet brought it back in yet. My tires came under inflated from the dealer but seem to hold air just fine (I have the Hankooks).
  • Thanks for the suggestions on the fuel fill-ups.

    Steve: I don't work in the auto oil sector, I help design the electrical systems for convenience stores. Sorry I don't have a call one way or the oil on your oil versus synthetic.

    Bluedevils, Steve: Bluedevils - My Sedona does take awhile before the meter goes up after a fill-up just like yours. My other two vehicles (Acura Integra and Pontiac Grand Am) don't have similar problems with fueling to the full level like I experience with our Sedona. I do try to stick the dispenser nozzle into the fuel tank as far as it will go. But I notice that the hold-open latch disengages well above the full level. I am usually able to pump another 1/2 gallon to gallon into the tank before it tops off. When I do this, the meter eventually goes to the F mark.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Maybe try just sticking the nozzle in "half way" as an experiment next fill?

    Steve, Host
  • andrdandrd Posts: 13
    I found the RA07 Hankook tires very slippery in wet snow mixed with calcium; I almost had an accident yesterday when the van started skidding in a small curve on my street at 50 km/h; I had a hard time to keep it on the road. That`s the first time I lost control of a vehicule on that curve in 15 years, my 2 previous vans came with Goodyear 4 seasons tires which had better traction in the snow. I`ll buy 4 wheels and install 4 snow tires.
    The original wiper blades seems to be very cheap, once the temperature goes below the freezing point they don`t clean the windshield properly; the ice stick to the blades; when I sold my 97 Voyager in April the original blades where doing a better job than the ones on the Sedona; I`ll have to buy winter blades now, I hope these are the only parts on the Sedona that are of such poor quality.
    Is anybody else found that the Hankook tires and wiper blades are to cheap for our winter climate?.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    You said "That`s the first time I lost control of a vehicule on that curve in 15 years, my 2 previous vans came with Goodyear 4 seasons tires which had better traction in the snow." This is a very helpful comment. Your experience may be explained by the van itself, but the more likely factor is the tires. In southeast Michigan, we don't get as much snow as most of Canada but we do get a decent amount. We bought our Sedona in late February so it and its Hankook tires haven't seen much snow action.

    I will keep a close eye on snow performance and give serious consideration to a set of snow tires and wheels.
  • When I purchased our 2002 Sedona, I immediately replaced those tires. I had Yokahoma Avid Touring installed. They are rated A for traction and A for temperature. They are wonderful in the rain and I would guess they will be good for the snow. Check out and do a comparison. You will not be disappointed.
  • bvolksbvolks Posts: 10
    I agree with Bornzo64. I have a 2003 Kia Sedona originally with the Kuhmo 798 tires. I swapped them out for the Yokahoma Avid Touring tires. Although they are S rated, I don't intend to drive more than 112 mph. They actually have a higher maximal load rating than the Kuhmo tires that were on my van(1620 vs 1598lbs). I couldn't find spec. information on the Hankook tires (from tire rack or on Hankook's web site). The Kuhmo tire for the Sedona has a Uniform Tire Quality Grade of 400 vs 700 for the Yokahoma Avid Touring. I suspect the Hankook is similar in this regard. Another tire that I would consider (I almost got them) are the Bridgestone Turanza LS-T. On the tire rack site, they are highly rated across the board, especially for snow. I went with the Yokahoma's as they have been around longer with more owner input, and I am in Indiana (not so much snow here). The web site for tirerack:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    There's also a Tire Rack ad hotlinked at the bottom left of the page.

    Steve, Host
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    There's plenty of specs right on the sidewall. Off the top of my head, I think they are rated 440 treadwear, A traction, B temp, and H speed. These are pretty good specs for a minivan tire, in my book. That doesn't mean they actually perform well, though.
  • xafxaf Posts: 37

    I read on another chat board about some wires being pinched during assembly. The owner told of the same symptoms you had with the CD player (and teddielex with his CD and airbag). When the wiring harness was replaced all was good again.


    My mother in law had the same problem with the tires on her GC. She took it to a tire specialist, and they removed the tires and used some goop?(I'm not sure what it was) and since then she has had no leaks on her tires. It had something to do with the tires not being properly seated when initially installed on her aluminum rims.


    If you use the wiper defroster on the van, it keeps the wipers clear of ice. I didn't have any problems at all during the 6 inches of snow last week. There was some ice on the wipers in the morning, but the defroster cleaned it up real quick.
    The tires do feel loose in snow and on gravel, but I have trouble beleiving that a Quebecer was actually driving that slow. Or maybe its just the Montrealers that drive like maniacs.
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